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"In Cloisters Dim"
Harper, Henry Howard,

"Random Verses"


Le Rossignal, James Edward,

"Little Stories of Quebec"
Lynn Margaret,

"Collection of Eighteenth Century Verse"
Mason, Walt,

"Horse Sense"
Maule, Mary K.

"For Mamsie's Sake"
Maupin, Will M.

Miles, N.H.

"Cragg's Roost"
Miller, Mrs. Lucile B.

"Moods and Memories"
Miller, Schuyler W.

"A Gallery of Farmer Girls"
Morris, James Walter,

"The Old Trail"
} lunger, Mrs. Dell H.

"Wind Before the Dawn"
Neihardt, John G.

"Strarger at the Gates"
Patterson, Ada and Edison,

"Love's Lightning, a play"
Pound, Louise,

"Folk Songs of Nebraska and the Central West"
Richey, Isabel Grimes,

"When Love is King"
Robbins, Leonard H.

"Jersey Jingles"
Saunders, Anna M.

"Golden Rod"
Schwartz, Julia Augusta,

"Beatrice Leigh at College"
Shedd, G. C.

"Lady of Mystery House"
Sheldon, Addison Erwin,

"Poems and Sketches of Nebraska"


Sherman, Lucius Adelno,

"What is Shakespeare?"
Skinner, J. B.

"A Book of Poems"
Smith, George Albert,

"Evening Bells"
Sorensem Grace,

"Home Made Jingles"
Sullivan, Elizabeth Higgins,

"Out of the West"
Swenson, Mrs. Miranda Powers,

"Spice and Rose Leaves"
Titterington, Mrs. Sophia Bronson,

"Little Pilgrim Series"
Voorhies, Frank Corey,

"Story of Lizzie McQuire"
Wallace, C. W.

"Globe Theatre Apparel"

Selected from "A Provisional List of Nebraska


Treatment of the State in American Literature.

"The state of Nebraska has a folklore separate and
distinct from any other, more interesting than the story
of lo, more authentic and more remote than that of Cap-
tain John Smith's escapade in the Indian Village." From
"Quivera Legends," No. 5, 1900.


Notes on State Literature.

Some of the old voyages up the Missouri river, the
Oregon Trail, the Trail of the Loup and Indian Legends
are interesting facts in the history of Nebraska. Some In-
dian Legends have been published by the Historical Soci-
ety among which we may mention "Niobrara's Love
Story" and "The Wanagi Olowan Kin." "The Ghost
Songs of the Dakotas" published in "Proceedings and


Collections of the Historical Society, January I, 1895, is
a very interesting Historical Paper. Nebraska has pro-
duced many authors of essays, especially of critical and int-
ellectual essays, as Professor Roscoe Pound, now at Har-
vard University. Many members of the faculty of the
State University have written books of various kinds.
Notes from State Historical Collections.



Clarence S. Paine, Lincoln


Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

No monograph about the literature of Nevada has
ever been written but the so-called histories which are
largely biographical each have a chapter about the state

"History of Nevada." Myron Angel. Thompson
& West, Oakland, Calif., 1881. Pp. 291-332.

"Pacific Slope History." H. H. Bancroft. Chap-
ter XXV, "History of Nevada, Colorado, and Wyom-
ing." San Francisco, 1890. Pp. 305-9.

"History of Nevada." Thomas Wren. Leu-is Pub-
lishing Co., Chicago, 1904. Pp. 311-12.

"History of Nevada." Sam P. Davis. Ehno Pub-
lishing Company, Los Angeles, Volume I, Pp. 459-502.



Adams, Andy. Columbia

(One of the best known of the authors of Nevada)

"Reed Anthony"
Clark, Samuel. Illinois, later Tonopah, Nevada

"Dust from the Desert"

Cresson, W. Penn. Elko

One of the best known authors of Nevada


Gibson, Samuel Carroll. Missouri, later Reno

Author of several medical monographs
Means, Thomas Herbert. Virginia, later Fa! Ion

Author of several departmental agricultural publi-
cations on soils
Selected from Histories oi Nevada.



Jeanne Elizabeth Wier, Reno

Use in State Schools.

"No special provision for using her own authors'
works is made, but teachers use them in their discretion."
John Edwards Bray, State Superintendent of Schools.


Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

" Poets of New Hampshire." Selections and brief
biographies of more than 300. Published at Claremont,
N. H., 1882.



Aldrich, Thomas Bailey. March, Charles W.

Andrews, Christopher, C. Martyn, Sarah T.

Bartlett, Samuel C. Mead, Edwin D.

Bell, Charles H. Moore, George H.

Blake, John L. Moore, Jacob B.

Blunt, Edmund M. Morrison, John H.

Bouton, John B. Morrison, Leonard A.

Bristol, Augusta C. Neal, Joseph C.

Burnap, George W. Nichols, Ichabod,

Burnham, Samuel, Oliver, Peter,

Burton, Warren, Parker, Joel,

Butler, Benjamin F. Pearson, Jonathan,



Butler, Caleb,
Carter, Nathaniel H.
Cass, Lewis,
Clarke, James Freeman,
Coffin, Charles Carlton,
Cogswell, William,
Coues. Elliott
Dana, Charles A.
Davis, Caroline E.
Dearborn, Henry A. S.
Dix, John A.
Drake, Francis S.
Drake, Samuel G.
Durell, Edward H.
Elwyn, Alfred L.
Ellsworth, Mary W.
Fessenden, Thomas G.
Fields, James T.
Flanders, Henry,
Gould, Augustus A.
Greeley, Horace,
Green, Nathaniel,
Hale, Salma,
Hale, Sarah J.
Haven, Nathaniel A.
Hoyt, Albert H.
Kelley, Hall J.
Kelly, John,
Kendall, George W.
Kidder, Frederic,
Kimball, Joseph H.
Kimball, Richard B.
Knox, Thomas W.
Lee, Eliza B.
Livermore, Abiel A.
Lord, John,
Magoon, Elias L.
Mann, Cyrus,

Potter, Chandler E.
Powers, Grant,
Prescott, George B.
Proctor, Edna D.
Proctor, Lucien B.
Quint, Alonzo H.
Rankin, Jeremiah E.
Rogers, Nathaniel P.
Rollins, Ellen C.
Stabine, Lorenzo,
Sanborn, Franklin B.
Sanborn, Katherine A.
Savage, Edward H.
Sherburne, John H.
Sherwood, Mary E.
Shillaber, Benjamin P.
Smith, Jerome Van C.
Smith, Nathan R.
Spaulding, Lyman,
Stark, Caleb,
Stearns, John G.
Stow, Baron,
Tenney, Tabitha,
Treat, John H.
Upham, Francis W.
Upham, Thomas C.
Walker, James P.
Walker, Toseph B.
Wells, Walter,
Willey, Benjamin G.
Wilson, Henry,
Wilson, William D
Wood, Alphonso,
Woolson, Constance F.
Worcester, Joseph E.
Worcester, Noah,
Wright, Carroll D.


2. Poets of New Hampshire.

Adams, Ezra E. Odiorne, Thomas,

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, Plumer, William,

Bostwick, Helen L. Proctor, Edna D.

Bristol, Augusta C. Roberts, Sarah,

Dinsmoor, Rohert, Robinson, Annie D.

Fessenden, Thomas G. Sherburne, John H.

Fields, James T. Stark, William,

Kimball, Harriet M. Thaxter, Celia,

Knight, Frederick, Thornton, Eliza B.
Laighton, Albert,
Lowe, Martha A.

List furnished by Otis G. Hammond, Superinten-
dent New Hampshire Historical Society.


Notes on State Literature.

Although Sylvanus Cobb, Jr., was a native of
Maine, still the scenes of "Forest Sketches" were laid
largely in the region of the White Mountains, and many
incidents and stories were taken from the people and his-
tory of New Hampshire. Thomas Currier, Clara Augus-
ta Jones, and Col. Arthur L. Meserve won their first
recognition in New Hampshire. Many literary associa-
tions are connected with the Merrimac River. Mr. Na-
thaniel Berry, in his "Last of the Penacooks," wrote of
the valley and its people. Professor Hitchcock, Samuel
D. Lord, and William E. Lord added scientific knowl-
edge to the natural features of the river. A poem, "At
the Falls of Namoskeag," by Allen Eastman Cross, pays
a noble tribute to this river. Thoreau is the author of
"A Week upon the Concord and Merrimac Rivers."
Emerson also wrote of the Merrimac. Mrs. Rebecca I.
Davis wrote "Gleanings of the Merrimac Valley." Writ-
tier wrote "The Bridal of Pennacook." Star King made
the "White Hills" immortal in literature. Mr. Francis


B. Eaton has written the "Story of Lake Massabesic."
Mrs. Harriet Prescott Spofford has laid the scenes of
one of her most famous stories upon its shores and the
poetess, Mrs. Clara B. Heath, has written some beauti-
ful verse connected with this lake. Notes from "State
Historical Collections."


Otis G. Hammond, Concord


Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"Ballads of New Jersey in the Revolution." Charles
D. Platt. 1901.

Bibliography of New Jersey Bibliographies,"
Maud E. Johnson. "Proceedings of New Jersey Histor-
ical Society," April, 1915.

"List of Authors Born in New Jersey." Free Pub-
lic Library, Newark.

Newark, New Jersey, Committee of One Hun-
dred "Newark Anniversary Poems."

New Jersey Scrap Book of Women Writers,"
Margaret T. Yardley. 1893.

"New Jersey Stories and Authors," Newark Even-
mg News, July 16, 1904.

"New Jersey's Literary Life During the Revolu-
tion." Chapter XVIII in "New Jersey as a Colony and
a State."

"Patriotic Poems of New Jersey." William C.

"Suggestions for a New Jersey Bibliography." Wil-
liam Nelson.




Andrew, Harriet W. F., Trenton

"A Woman's World Trip in a Motor"
Baldwin, James, East Orange

"The Sampo"
Beach, Rex, Lake Hopatcong

"The Spoilers"
Black, Alexander, Orange

"The Girl and the Guardsman"
Brigham, Sarah Jeanette, East Orange

"The Pleasant Land of Play"
Brown, Helen Dawes, Mount clair

"Little Jean"
Brown, Robert Carl ton, Ridgefield

"What Happened to Mary"
Channon, Frank E., Vineland

"An American Boy at Henley"
Chittenden, William Lawrence, Mountclair

"Ranch Verses"
Clemens, William Montgomery, Hackensack

"The Guilded Lady"
Creevey, Caroline A. S., Elizabeth

"Daughter of the Puritans"
Crowley, Mary C., Ridgewood

"A Daughter of New France"
Crowell, Katherine R., East Orange

"The Call of the Waters"
Cutting, Mary S., Orange

"The Heart of Lynn"
Darlymple, Leona, Passaic

"When the Yule Log Burns"
Dawson, Coingsby, Newark

"The Worker"

Delano, Edith B., East Orange

"The White Pearl"


Empey, Arthur G., Jersey City

"Over the Tep"
Faulks, Theodosia, Elizabeth

"The Joy o' Life"
Field, Roswell Martin, Morristown

"Little Miss Dee"
Fitzhugh, Percy Keese, Hackensack

"Tom Slade on the River"
Ford, Nixola G., Orange

"Writer of Poems and Prose"
Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins, Metuchen

"Winning Lady"
Frothingham, Jessie P., Princeton

"Sea Wolves of Seven Shores"
Fuller, Caroline Macomber, Lake Wood

"The Bramble Bush"
Garris, Howard Poyer, Newark

"The White Crystals"
Gerould, Katherine F., Princeton

"Vain Oblations"
Goss, Warren L., Rutherford

"Jack Alden"
Habberton, John Westwood

"Caleb Wright"
Herford, Oliver, Lake Wood

"Kitten's Garden of Verses"
Heyliger, William, Ridgefield Park

"Captain Fair and Square"
Hopkins, Alphonso Alva, Cliff side

Ives, Sarah Noble, Hackensack

"Key to Betsy's Heart"
Krause, Lyda Farrington, Princeton

"A Young Savage"
Kussy, Nathan, Newark

"The Abyss"

Larned, Augusta, Sumit

"In Woods and Fields"


Lincoln, Joseph Crosby Hackensack

"Cape Cod Ballads"
Mabie, Louise- Kennedy, Mountclair

"The Wings of Pride"
Me Mahon, John Robert, Little Falls

"The House that Junk Built"
Mills, Weymer J., Englewood

"Caroline of Courtland Street"
Newell, Peter, Leonia

"A Shadow Show"
Norris, Mary Harriott, Morristown

"The Gray House of the Quarries"
Norton, Roy, Landing

"The Toll of the Sea"
O 'Higgins, Harvey J., Martinsville

Pahlow, Gertrude Curtis B., Lawrenceville

"The Guilded Chrysalis"
Paton, William A., Princeton

"Home Rule Ballads"
Paugborn, Georgia W., Caldwell

"Roman Biznet"
Perry Lawrence, Glen Ridge

"Holton of the Navy"
Rathbone, St. George, Bloomfield

"A Wizard of the Moors"
Robbins, Leonard H., Newark

"Jersey Jingles"
Sage, Agnes, Hackensack

"A Little Daughter of the Revolution"
Smith, Marion C., Orange

"The Road of Life"
Stoddard, William O., Jr., Newark

"Captain of the Cat's Paw"
Stoddard, William Osborn, Madison

"Boys of the Bunker Academy"

Stratemeyer, Edward Newark

"Frontier Series"


Sutphen, William Gilbert Van Tassel Morristown

"The Gates of Chance"
Sweetser, Kate D., East Orange

"Book of Indian Braves"
Terhune, Albert P., Pampton Lakes

"The Fighter"
Thompson, John Stuart, Jersey City

Tomilson, Paul G., Elizabeth

"The Strange Gray Canoe"
Tomlinson, Everett T., Elizabeth

"Winning His Degree"
Townsend, Edward, Waterman

"A Daughter of the Tenements"
Traubel, Horace, Camden

Van Dyke, Henry, Princeton

"The Grand Canyon"
Von Gottschalck, Oscar H., Hackensack

"Historical Sense and Nonsense"
Wayne, Charles S., Point Pleasant

"Anthony Kent"
Wells, Carolyn, Rathway

West, Kenyon, Mont Clair

"Easter Morning"
Williams, Clara A., New Providence

"The Indian Wigwam"
Willsie, Mrs. Honore, Cranford

"The Heart of the Desert"
Wheeler, Mary S., Ocean Grove

"Poems for the Fireside"
Wooley, Edward M., Passaic

"The Castle of Gloom"

Wooley, Mrs. Lazelle, F., Passaic

"Faith Palmer at the Oaks"


Wood, Edith E., Cape May Court House

"Her Provincial Cousin"
Selected from "Who's Who" 1918-1919

Treatment of the State in American Literature.

William Nelson, in his article entitled "Suggestions
for a New Jersey Bibliography," says: "We in New
Jersey hear so much about our wonderful manufactures
and other matters of economic and financial in-
terest that the high standing of New Jersey in the field
of literature is too often overlooked. Do you know that

we are distinguished as the "Mother of Poets?" Of

course you know we have had and have any number of
New Jersey authors. Some of them have been widely
distinguished in the field of literature."

Notes on State Literature.

New Jersey during the colonial period presented a
barren literary field, with the exception of three names:
John Woolman, the Quaker preacher; Samuel Smith,
the historian; and Nathaniel Evans, the poet-missionary
at Gloucester. During the cycle of years from 1783-
1883, New Jersey had an increased literary activity in
various lines of work. Governor William Livingston
was a newspaper worker and a poet. Some early novel-
ists are: A. S. Roe, author of "James Mountjoy" Mrs.
Sidney Harris, author of "Louie's Last Term at School" ;
and Henry B. Marford, author of "The Spur of Mon-
mouth." "Berkley Hall" was the first New Jersey novel.
Some early poets are Tobias Erick Biorck, who wrote
'"Dissertatio Gradualis," and David Chandler, the au-
thor of "Miscellaneous Works." The two poets of whom
New Jersey is especially proud are Philip Freneau, who
poured out his soul for American democracy, and Walt

Notes from "Writings of William Nelson," State
Historical Collections."



Mr. John Cotton Dana, Newark

Mr. William Nelson, Newark


Use in State Schools.

"New Jersey uses some works of her own authors
in the teaching of high school English." A. B. Meredith,
Assistant Commissioner of Education.


Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"Catalogue of Books in English" of the "Historical
Collections," No. 15, 1910.



Cleveland, Agnes Morley.
Cook, Grace MacGowan.
Corbyn, Clara A. B. 1904.

"La Gran Inivira, a musical mystery"
Cushing, Frank Hamilton.

Zuni Folk Tales, recorded and translated, 1901
Horton, Marcus.
Hough, Emerson.
Janvier, Thomas.
Lewis, Alfred Henry.
Lummis, Charles F.

"Land of Poco Triumpo"
Newcomb, Cyrus.

The Book of Algoonach, a comic account of the

Mound Builders
Pike, Albert,

"Prose Sketches and Poems"


Poston, Charles D.

"Apache Land, a poetical narrative. 1878"
Renehan, Alois B.

"Songs from the Black Mesa, 1901"
Spiegelberg, Mrs. Willie,

"Grandma Flora's Animal Stories for Little Ones"
List furnished by (i) Miss Ethel Hickey of the
State University, (2) State Historical Collections.

Treatment of the State in American Literature.

A professor in the State University at Albuquerque,
in speaking of the literature of New Mexico, says: "I
doubt if any state in the union has really contributed
more material to literature in various forms than has
New Mexico."

Notes on State Literature.

The "Historical Society of New Mexico," at Santa
Fe, has published about twenty numbers of its publica-
tions. The Spanish element is one interesting phase of
New Mexican literature. In 1904 two Biennial Reports
were given, one in English and one in Spanish. Publi-
cation No. 1 6, 1911, is entitled "The Spanish Language
in Mexico and Southern Colorado," by Aurelio M. Espi-
nosa. At a meeting of the New Mexico Historical So-
ciety in 1912 an address was given in Spanish by Hon.
Antonio Lucero, Secretary of State. In the Historical
Library we find many works on the Pueblo Indians.
The Bureau of Ethnology Reports treat exhaustively of
New Mexico Indians. A. F. Boudelier is the author of
many novels of ancient Indian life. As for discovery
and travel, there is a long list of books from Coronado
down to Frederick Remington. Notes from "Catalogue
of Books in English."



Miss Ethel A. Hickey, Albuquerque

Henry Woodruff, Santa Fe




Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"Book of New York Verse." H. F. Armstrong, Put-
nam, '17.

"Literary New York. Its Landmarks and Associa-
tions." Charles Hemstreet.

"Writers of Knickerbocker New York." Grolier
Club, 29 East Thirty-second St., New York, $8.00.



Abdullah, Achnied, New York

"The Red Stain"
Adams, Samuel H., Ensenore

"Little Miss Grouch "
Allen, James L., New York

"The Kentucky Cardinal"
Altsheler, Joseph A., New York

"The Eyes of the Woods"
Andrews, Mary R. S., Syracuse

"The Perfect Tribute"
Arnold, Winifred, Rochester

"The Twins Pro and Con"
Ashmun, Margaret E., New York

"Stevens' Last Chance"
Atherton, Gertrude F., New York

"Tower of Ivery"
Austin, Mary H., New York

"The Woman of Genius"
Bacon, Josephine D. D., Pleasantville

"Smith College Stories"
Bacon, Mary S. H., Sheepshead Bay

"The Soul of a Woman"

Bailey, Carolyn, S. New York

"Songs of Happiness"


Bain, , George G., New York

"Short Story Writer"
Baker, Etta I. A., New Brighton

"Miss Mystery"
Baker, Elsa, New York

"The Book of Love"
Barr, Amelia E., Richmond Hill

"An Orkney Maid"
Barron, Elwyn A., New York

Bartley, Nalbra, Buffalo

"Paradise Auction"
Bates, Josephine W., New York

"Bunch Grass Stories"
Bates, Margaret H., New York

Bell, Raley H., New York

"Words of the Wood"
Benet, William R., New York

"Merchants from Cathay"
Benough, Elisa A., Kiamesha

"The Very Young Man and the Angel Child"
Betts, Craven L., Great Hills

"The Promise"
Biggers, Earl D., Pelham

"Love Insurance"
Bingham, Edfrid A., New York

"The Heart of Thunder Mountain"
Black, Alexander, New York

"The Girl and the Guardsman"
Blossom, Henry M., Jr., New York

"The Only Girl"
Bonner, Geraldinee, New York

"The Black Eagle Mystery"
Boughton, Martha A., . Brooklyn

"The Quest of a Soul"

Brainerd, Eleanor H., New York



Braley, Berton, New York

"Sonnetts of a Freshman"
Brubaker, Howard, New York

Bullard, Arthur, New York

"Comrade Yetta"
Burnett, Frances H., Plandome

"Little Lord Fauntleroy"
Butler, Ellis P., Flushing

"Pigs is Pigs"
Byrne, Doun, Larchmont

"Stories Without Women"
Cahan, Abraham, New York

"Yekl, A Tale of the New York Ghetto"
Camp, Charles W., New York

"The Abandoned Room"
Candee, Helen C., New York

"An Oklahoma Romance"
Canfield, William W., Utica

"Legends of the Iroquois"
Carpenter, Edward C., New York

"The Pipes of Pan"
Case, Frances P., Wainscott

"Old Mr. Davenant's Money"
Cather, Willa S., New York

"The Song of the Lark"
Chambers, Julius, New York

"Lovers Four and Maidens Five"
Chambers, Robert W., New York

"The Firing Line"
Chambers, Stephen, Saranac Lake

"The Trail of a Tenderfoot"
Chapin, Anna A., New York

"The Spirit of the Sea"
Chapman, John J., New York

"Homeric Scenes"

Cheney, Anne C., New York

"By the Sea"


Chester, George R., New York

"A Tale of Red Roses"
Clark, Kate U., Brooklyn

"Up the Witch Brook Road"
Clark, Imogen, New York

"We Four and Two More"
Cobb, Irvin S., Ossining

"Roughing It De Luxe
Cole, Patience B., Forest Hills

"Dave's Daughter"
Colton, Arthur, New York

"The Cruise of the Violetta
Colum, Padraic New York

"Wild Earth"
Comstock, Harriet T., Flatbush

"Molly the Drummer"
Connelly, Emma M., New York

"Story of Kentucky"
Cooper, Courtney R., New York

"Us Kids"
Cooper, Elizabeth, Riverdale

"The Heart of O Sono San"
Croy, Hamer, Forest Hills

"When to Lock the Stable"
Daulton, Agnes, Zena

"The Marooning of Peggy"
Davis, Charles B., New York

"Her Own Sort"
Day, Richard E., Albany

"Lines in the Sand"
De Jeans, Elizabeth, New York

The House of Thane"
De Koven, Anna F., New York

"By the Waters of Babylon"
DeVoore, Ann, Mamaroneck

"The Kentucky Heiress"

Dimock, Anthony W., Peekamose

"Dick in the Everglades"



Dixon, Thomas, New York

"The Clansman"
Dodge, Henry I., New York

"Skinner's Baby"
Doubleday, Russell, Garden City

"Cattle Ranch to College"
Dreiser, Theodore, New York

"Sister Carrie"
Dreiscoll, Louise, Cat skill

"The Metal Cheeks"
Du Bois, Mary C., New York

"The League of the Signet Ring"
Dunne, Finley P., New York

"Mr. Dooley's Philosophy"
Dutton, Louise, New York

"The Wishing Moon"
Dwyer, James F., New York

"Breath of the Jungle"
Empey, Arthur G., Brooklyn

"Over the Top"
Ferber, Edna, New York

"Buttered Side Down"
Ford, James L., New York

"The Third Alarm"
Forman, Henry J., New York

"The Captain of His Soul"
Foster, Maxmillion, New York

"Corrie Who?"
Foster, David S., Syracuse

"Elinor Fenton"
Foster, Thecdosia T., Verona

"Lewis Elmore Crusader"
Frost, Walter A., Scarsdale

"The Man Between"
Gates, Ellen M. H., New York

"Treasurers of Kurium"

Gates, Eleanor New York

"The Poor Little Rich Girl"


Garland, Hamlin, New York

"The Long Trail"
Gilbert, Nelson R., Little Falls

"The Affair at Pine Court"
Gillmore, Rufus, New York

"The Opal Pin"
Glass, Montague, New Rochelle

"Abe and Mawruss"
Gleason, Arthur H., New York

"Young Hilda at the Wars"
Glentworth, Marguerite L., New York

"The Tenth Commandment"
Goldsmith, Milton, New York

"Max Geller Student"
Goodrich, Arthur, New York

"The Lady Without Jewels"
Goodwin, Wilder, New York

"The Up Grade"
Grant, Ethel W. M., Sands Point

"Indian Adventure Stories"
Grey, Zane, Middleton

"Rainbow Trail"
Grinnell, George B., New York

"Pawnee Hero Stories and Folk Tales"
Guiterman, Arthur, New York

"The Laughing Muse"
Gregor, Elmer R., New York

"The Hundred Love Songs of Kamal"
Hall, Ruth, Gatskill

"The Black Gown"
Halsey, Rena I., Brooklyn

"Blue Robin the Girl Pioneer"
Hapgood, Neith B., Hastings on Hudson

"Two Sons"
Harben, Will N., New York

"Paul Rundel"

Harding, John W., New York

"A Conjurer of Phantoms"


Harrington, John W., New York

"Juvenile and Short Story Writer"
Harris, Miriam C, New York

Harris, Frank New York

"Great Days"
Hawley, Graham, Arrochar

"A Freshman Scout at College"
Hawthorne, Hildegrade, New York

"A Country Interlude"
Hellman, George S., New York

" The Hudson"
Henry, Stuart, New York

"A Romance of a French Salon"
Hepburn, Elizabeth N., New York

"Fiction and Verse Writer"
Hodges, Arthur, New York

"Pincus Hood"
Holley, Marietta, Pierrepont Manor

"Samantha at the Centennial"
Hopkins, Pauline B., New York

"The Voice of the Desert"
Hotchkiss, Chauncey C., Brooklyn

"A 'Prisoner of the Sea"
Horton, Marcus, Averill Park

"Bred of the Desert"
How, Louis, New York

"The Penitentes"
Howell, William D., New York

"Their Silver Wedding Journey"
Huntington, Helen, New York

"The Moon Lady"
Hurst, Fannie, New York

"Every Soul Hath Its Song"
Ide, Fannie O., Brooklyn

"His Little Royal Highness"

Irvin, Wallace, New York

"Love Sonnets of a Hoodlum"


Irving, William H., New York

"The House of Mystery"
Jackson, Margaret D., Lake Placid

"When Love is King
Jackson, Gabriel E., New York

"An Annapolis Co-ed
Jenks, Tudor, Bronxville

'Truthless Tales"
Jewell, Louis P., Pe conic

"The Great Adventure"
Johnson, Margaret, Mount Vernor

"A Bunch of Keys"
Johnson, Owen, New York

"Stover at Yale"
Johnson, Rossitor, New York

"Phaeton Rogers"
Johnson, William S., New York

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