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"Azile," a story
Franklin, Willie, Later of Texas

"Al Lannnee," a Poem
French, Mrs. L. Virginia,

"Legends of the South," a Book of Poems
Gilchrist, Mrs. Annie S.


Gillespie, Mrs. Helen, Later of Texas

"Tennyson's Picture," a Poem


Graves, Mrs. Adelia C.

"Ruined Lives," a Prose Tale
Halloway, Mrs. Elizabeth,

"Crag and Pine"
Harris, George W.

"Sut Lovingood's Yarns," A Humorous Book
Helms, Rev. W. T.

"Moses Registered"
Hermes, Thomas W.

"Local Mountaineers of Tennessee"
Ketchum, Mrs. Annie Chambers,

''Lotus Flowers"
Law, Miss Annie E. Later of California

"Memories," a Poem
Mack, Rev. Robert,

"Kyle Stuart"
Martin, Rev. Joseph H.

"Smith and Pocahontas," a poem
McAdoo, Mrs. W. G.

Meriweather, Mrs. Bettie,

"The Master of Redleaf
Murfree, Fannie D.

Nelson, Hon. T. A. R.

"East Tennessee," a Poem
Pope, Mrs. Mary E.

"The Gift of Song"
Smith, Miss Zoda G.

Todd, Mr.

"Woodville," a novel of East Tennessee Life
Selected from (i) "Southern Literature," (2) "His-
tory of Tennessee."


Treatment of the State in American Literature.

"The list of Tennessean authors found in works de-


voted to that subject is not so large as that of other South-
ern States. It has been said: "The fame of a great man
needs time to give it perspective/ This is essentially true
of authors, and it remains for the future biographer, after
time has done its work in giving due perspective to the
great minds of our state, to do justice to the merits and
work of Tennessee's eminent literary laborers. Notes
from "History of Tennessee."


Notes on State Literature.

The early writings of Tennessee were of an histor-
ical, biographical or religious character. Some early his-
torians are: Judge John Haywood, Dr. J. M. M. Ram-
sey, and A. Waldo Putnam. Miss Mary M. Murfree,
whose pseudonym is Charles Egbert Craddock, was one
of the best known of Tennessean women writers, of whom
it is said that her first publication entitled her to the front
rank among novelists. Mrs. L. Virginia French was a
literary worker and a poet of ability. Notes from "His-
tory of Tennessee."


Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"Lone Star Ballads." Allen. 1874.

"Poets and Poetry of Texas." Dixon.

"Texas Literature Reader," '16. D. F. Eagleton,
Southern Publishing Co., Dallas, Texas.

"Women Writers of Texas." Mrs. Taylor.

"Writers and Writings of Texas." David Foute
Eagleton. Broadway Publishing Company, New York.



Adams, Andy,

"The Texas Flag"


Allan, Francis D. Galveston

"Lone Star Ballads"
Allison, Dr. J. T. Gladewater

"Delia Dome," a Poem
Archer, Dr. G. W.

"Tales of Texas"
Bacon, Miss Julia B. Georgia, later Texas

"Looking for the Fairies"
Badger, Mrs. Elizabeth M. W. Florida, later Gonzales


"Silent Influence," a Poem
Baker, Mrs. Karle Wilson, Arkansas, later Nacogoches,


"The Heart Knoweth"
Barr, Mrs. Amelia Edith H. Texas, later New York City


"Remember the Alamo"
Barrett, Rev. Robert, Kentucky, later Texas

"In the Land of the Sunrise"
Barton, William, Austin

"The Texan's Song of Liberty"
Beach, Miss Katie Luling,

"Christmas on the Frontier"
Bedford, Mrs. Lou S. Kentucky, later Texas

"A Vision," and Other Poems
Billings, Mrs. Mary C. Hico

"The Wonderful Christmas Tree"
Blount, Edward A. Nacogdoches

Bremond, Mrs. Paul, Houston

"Lillian's Promise," a Drama
Brown, Mrs. Jennie H. El Campo

"Volume of Poems"
Cave, E. W.

"Saint Allan's Lone Star Ballads"

Crowell, Chester T. Ohio, later Austin

"Short Story Writer


Daffan, Miss Katie, Austin

"Texas Hero Stories"
Donnelly, Mrs. Elizabeth O., Georgia, later Texas

Dargan, Mrs. Fannie Baker, Alabama, later Texas

"Grandmother's Baby/' a Poem
Dargan, Mrs. Olive T. Missouri, later Texas

"Lords and Lovers"
Davis, Mrs. Mollie M. Alabama, later Texas

"Minding the Gap"
Dixon, Sam H.

"Poets and Poetry of Texas"
Duval, John C. Kentucky, later Texas

"Uncle Seth's Bear Hunt"
Elliott, Col. John F. Dallas

"Avenged," a Poem
Fontaine, Lamar, Texas, later Georgia

"All Quiet Along the Potomac"
Fonte, Mrs. Laura Bibb, Alabama, later Texas

"Ruse D'Amour"
Gerald, Miss Florence M. Mississippi, later Texas

"The Lays of the Republic"
Gorham, Miss lona Oakley, Galveston

"Naval Cadet Carlyle's Grove," a Novel
Gorham, Mrs. H. C. L. Fort Worth

"Afternoon Stories"
Guilot, Miss May Eugenia, Dallas

"Origin of the Willow Tree"
Harby, Mrs. Lee Cohen, South Carolina, later Texas

"Christmas before the War"
Holland, S. J. Austin

"Heart to Heart Poems"
Jackson, Pearl Cashel, Austin

"The Legend of the Poinsettia"
Jobe, Mrs. Eugenia Lockhart,

"The Cowboy's Bride"

Lawhon, Luther, poet, Austin

"A Wreath of Immortelles"


Leslie, Leila Maud, poet,

"Mother's Grave"
Lessing, Mrs. Edith, poet, Waco

"Beautiful Hands"
Lomax, John Avery, Mississippi, later Texas

"Cowboy Songs and Frontier Ballads''
Lyne, Monroe,

"Grito: From the Alamo to San Jacinto," a Novel"
McClellan, Mn.. Frank, Bovvden, now Lincoln, Nebr.

"The Tread of Marching Feet"
McNealus, Mrs. Virginia I. G.

"Women of Song and Story"
Nelson, Harve Preston, Alabama, later Greenville,


"Because You Love Me"
Orgain, Mrs. Kate Alma, Temple

"Southern Authors in Poetry and Prose"
Porter, Sydney ("O. Henry"), Texas, later New York

"The Trimmed Lamp"
Piner, Howell Lake, Kentucky, later Denison, Texas

"Ruth," a Romance of the Civil War
Raines, C. W. Georgia, later Austin, Texas

"Bibliography of Texas"
Reed, Opie, novelist.

"In the Alamo"
Reid, Captain, Mayne,

"The Lone Ranch," a Tale of the Staked Plains
Rosser, John C. Georgia, later Texas

Short Story Writer
Shepherd, Seth,

"Siege and Fall of the Alamo"
Shortridge, Mrs. Bell Hunt, Terrell

"Lone Star Lights," Poems
Simcox, French, Virginia, later Halletsville, Texas

"A Study of Nature and Other Poems"

Taylor, Mrs. Bride Neill, Austin

"Woman Writers of Texas"


Townsend, Mrs. Ashley, New York, later Galveston

"The Bather and the Wind"
Welborn* Drummond,

"An American Epic and Other Poems"
West, Mrs. Florence Duval, Florida, later Austin, Texas

"The Land of the Lotus Eaters"

Whitten, Mrs. Martha E. H. Austin

"Texas Garlands"

Selected from "Writers and Writings of Texas."

Treatment of the State in American Literature.

"The freshness, joy, and insouciance of the body of

Texas literature is most delightful England, France,

Canada, besides New England and the Great West, are
bearing enthusiastic testimony to the worth and interest
of the literary output of Texas in the present time."
David Fonte Eagleton.


Notes on State Literature.

The literary history of Texas may be divided ac-
cording to very irregular lines of social life thus: the times
of the pioneer, a period of exploration and settlement to
1836; a formative or constructive period to 1869; and an
industrial and cultural period to the present. The lit-
erature of Texas has always been a reflection of the life
of the people and is unique in that it has never had an in-
fantile period. There are six hundred writers, either
living within the state or writing about it. Sam Houston,
David Crockett, Mrs. Ray, and Mrs. Rally were some
very early Texas writers. Augusta Evans, Amelia Barr,
Capt. Mayne Reid, Sidney Laniei, Opie Reed, Octave
Thanet, and Harry Flash are among those who have vis-
ited Texas and have written of it. Notes from "Writers
and Writings of Texas."



Mrs. Larry Chittenden, Anson

Miss Katie Daffan, Austin

David Fonte Eagleton, Sherman

H. L. Finer, Denison

John Sijolander, Cedar Bayou

Use in State Schools.

"The Writers and Writings of Texas" was pro-
duced partly that it might be used as a textbook in the
schools of the state. "Payne's Southern Literature Read-
ings" are used to some extent in the public schools of
Texas." W. F. Dougherty, Texas State Superintendent.



Bancroft, H. H.

"History of Utah"
Curtis, Mrs. Orilla.
"Utah, a poem read at the Federation of Women's Clubs

in Utah in 1896"
Dunn, James,

"A Tooelean Poet"
Fales, William E. S.

"Wasataka Springs"
Stenhouse, T. B. H.

"Rocky Mountain Saints"
Wood, H. L.

"A Surfeit and More"
Selected from "A History of Utah."

Notes on State Literature.

In Utah we come upon a series of interesting social
phenomena, where the founding of the state grew out of


the founding of a new religion. Mormonism has given
a peculiar touch to much of her literature. In early
history we have the fables of the Baron la Houtan, writ-
ten in 1869, to which some refer for the first information
of the Great Salt Lake. Susa Young Gates is probably
the best known Utahian author. Notes from "Journal
of History" a quarterly publication in Iowa on Mormon-
ism, 1910.


Susa Young Gates, Salt Lake City

Professor O. J. P. Widstoe, Salt Lake City


Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"Bibliography of Vermont." A list of books and
pamphlets relating in any way to the state. M. D. Gil-
man, Published by Free Press Association, Burlington,


"Green Mountain Poets." A. J. Sanborn. Lee &
Shepherd, Claremont, New Hampshire.

"Poets and Poetry of Vermont." Abbey Maria
Hemenway. Geo. A. Turtle & Co., Rutland, 1859.



Allen, John Johnson, 1887-

"Post Prandial Poem"
Arnold, Josias Lyndon,

"Poems. 1790"
Bartholomew, Samuel,

"Poems." 1800
Briggs, F. J.

"Song of Moses and the Lamb. 1835"


Buck, J. S.

"Milwaukee's Early Days, an Historical poem. 1874"
Buckham, James,

"Lora, a romance in verse. 1881"
Campbell, Edward R.

"The Heroine of Scutari. 1857"
Cutts, Mary,

"The Autobiography of a Clock, a poem. 1852"
Dana, Mrs. Eliza A.

"Gathered Leaves. 1864"
Davis, Miss Mary E.

"Glenorie, a poem. 1877"
Davis, Miss Minnie S.

"The Harvest of Love, a story. 1859"
Dorr, Mrs. Julia C. R.

"Farmnidale, a novel. 1854"
Dow, Ann Elizabeth,

"Life and Adventures of Ann Elizabeth Dow. 1845"
Dow, Peggy,

"A Collection of Poetry. 1818"
Eaton, Mrs. Marcia Jane,

"Poems. 1876"
Elliot, James,
"The Poetical and Miscellaneous Works of James Elliot.


Fessenden, T. G.

"The Ladies' Monitor. 1815"
Goldsmith, Olive,

"The Deserted Village. 1819"
Gridley, Selah,

"Mill of the Muses. 1830
Hungerford, Rev. Edward,

"The Migration of Fairies, a story. 1859"
Humting, George Field,

"Vim, a poem. 1875"
Jackson, Daniel,

"Aionzo and Melissa. 1824"


Jilson, Clark,

"Inklings of Song. 1851"
Lane, Gilbert Cooke,

Land, Mrs. Rebecca,

"Miscellaneous Poems. 1820"
Luce, Samuel S. and Hannah G.

"Poems. 1876"
Marsh, Mrs. George P.

"Wolfe of the Knoll. 1860"
McKeen, Miss Phebe F.

"Theodora. 1875"
Moore, H. L. B.

"Poetical Precepts. 1863"
Morehouse, Mrs. Carrie Warner,

"The Legend of Psyche. 1887"
Peck, John,

"A Poem in Opposition to the Doctrine of Universal Sal-
vation. 1805"
Perkins, Norman C.

"The June Training. 1878"
Perrin, Rev. William,

"The Accident. 1815"
Phillips, Charles,

"The Emerald Isle. 1815"
Robinson, Rowland E.

"Uncle LishaVShop. 1887"
Rowson, Susanna,

"Charlotte Temple. 1815"
Saxe, John Godfrey,

"Poems of John Godfrew Saxe. 1873
Scott, Mrs. O. W.

"The Gilead Guards. 1891"
Scott, Thomas,

"The Force of Truth. 1819"
Seaver, Miss Emily,

"Poems. 1878"


Selden, Almira,

"Effusions of the Heart. 1820"
Simmons, James,

"The Early Settler, a poem. 1874"
Spencer G. D.

"A Poem on the Hubbardton Raid. 1880"
Sprague, Miss Achsa,

"The Poet and Other Poems. 1864"
Steele, Zadock,

"The Indian Captive. 1818"
Thompson, Daniel P.

"The Green Mountain Boys. 1840"
Thorn, Leonard C.

"Our Mountain Vale. 1854"
Torry, Mary C.

"America, a dramatic poem. 1863"
Walker, Jesse,

"Poems. 1854"
Walter, Rowland,

"A Volume of Poems on the Welch Language. 1872"
Washington, Mrs. Lucy H.

"Echoes of Song. 1878"
Watrons, Miss Sophia,

"The Gift. 1841"
Whitney, Hiram Rawson,

"Heart Lyrics. 1868"
Whittier, John G.

"The Song of the Vermonteers. 1779"
Wing, Joseph A.

"Pluck. 1878"
Woodworth, Samuel,

"The Battle of Plattsburgh. 1815"
Wright, N, H.

"The Fall of Plymyra. 1817"
Selected from "Bibliography of Vermont. v



I. Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"A Partial List of Virginia Authors and Their
Works." Mrs. Katherine S. G. Paul. 1892.

"Arcade Echoes." Poems selected from the Virgin-
ia University Magazine." Thomas L. Wood. Lippin-
cott, Philadelphia, 1890.

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er, in "Southern Literary Messenger," Volume IV, 1838.

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ginia Writers," a thesis presented to the University of
Virginia for part requirements of a Degree of Doctor of
Philosophy, in 1903, by Carol Montgomery Newman.
Published by Smith Bros., Pulaski, Virginia.

"Virginia Women in Literature," a partial list.
Ella Marshall Thomas. B. T. Johnson Publishing Com-
pany, Richmond, Virginia, 1902.



Allmond* Marcus Blakely,

"Estelle, an idyl of old Virginia. 1896"
Anthony, Matilda,

"Poems by Matilda. 1851"
Astrop, Robert Francis,

"Original Poems. 1835"
Boissean, Sterling,

"Scenes of Childhood, a poem. 1909"


Boone, Henry Burnharn,

"Eastover Court House, a novel. 1901"
Bosher, Kate Langley,

"How It Happened. 1914"
Bowers, Charles William,

"Newspaper Wastebasket. 1906"
Boyd, Mrs. Lavinia,

"The Sorrows of Nancy. 1899"
Branch, William, Jr.

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Broaddus, Annie Maude,

Brock, Sallie A.

"The Southern Amaranth. 1869"
Bryce, Clarence Archibald,

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Burgwyn, Collinson Pierrepont Edwards,
"The Huguenot Lovers, a tale of the Old Dominion.

Caplon, Millon,

"Some Class, humorous"
Capplemann, Josie Franzee,

"Heart Songs. 1899"
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"A Confederate Spy. 1892"
Conway, Moncare Daniel,

"Pine and Palm. 1887"


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"Beatrice Hallam"
Gotten, Sallie Southall,

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Dubney, Richard,

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Davis, John,

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Davis, Mary Dinguid,

"She waited Patiently. 1900"
Davis, Varnice Anne Jefferson,

"A Romance of Summer Seas. 1898"
Ewell, Alice Maude,

"The Heart of Old Virginia. 1907"
Figg, Royall W.

"Where Men Only Dare to Go. 1885"
Fowlkes, Miss Hyde,

"Poems. 1911"
Fox, John,

"The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come"
Frith, Gilbert R.

"Ode to Virginia. 1885"
Goodwin, Mrs. Maud,

"White Aprons, a romance of Bacon's Rebellion, Vir-
ginia. 1676"
Gordon, James Lindsay,

"Ballads of the Sunlit Years. 1904"
Gordon, Arminstead Churchill,

"Befo 5 de War"
Gordon, W. F.

"The Secession of Virginia, a poem. 1897"
Goss, Warren Lee,

"Recollections of a Private. 1890"
Hall, Granville Davison,

"Daughter of the Elm. 1907"
Hargrave, Will Lofton,

"Wallannah. 1902"


Harrison, Mrs. Burton,

"Flower de Hundred, story of a Virginia Plantation.

Hatchett, Mamie Lamkin,

"Myra, a novel. 1884"
Haw, Mary Jane,

"The Beechwood Tragedy. 1899"
Heath, James Ewell,

"Edge-hill, a novel. 1828"
Hewitt, John H.

"War, a poem. 1862"
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Ives, Mrs. Cora Semnees,
"The Princess of the Moon, a Confederate fairy story

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La Selle, E. P.

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Lee, James Hampton,

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Lewis, John,

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Littleford, Mrs.

"The Wreath. 1838"
Lomax, Judith, (A native of Virginia.)

"The Notes of an American Lyre. 1813"
Lippincote, J. B.

"The Aviator's Hymn. Widely used in Services iof

McDanies, H. Pleasants,

"War Poems. 1861-65"
McMechen. James H.

"Legends of the Valley. 1877"


Margruder, Julia,

"Miss Ayr of Virginia. 1896"'
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Manly, Louise,

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Marr, Fannie H.

"Virginia and Other Poems. 1881"
Mary, Gertrude,

"Philip Randolph," a tale of Virginia. 1854"
Mayo, Joseph,
"Woodbourne," a novel of the Revolutionary Period in

Virginia. 1884.
Morrison, Daniel S.

"The Sea-Chief's Daughters" 1902
Neale, Walter,

"The Betrayal," a novel. 1910
Nelson, James Poyntz,

"Bella and Other Virginia Stories" 1914
Odell, Edison Kenny,

"The Romance of Pocahontas" a poem. 1912
Page, J. W.

"Uncle Robin in His Cabin in Virginia and Tom With-
out One in Boston. 1853"
Page, Thomas Nelson,

"Marse Chon," a Tale of Old Virginia. 1885
Price, James H. (A Virginian.)

"Don Poez," a poem. 1847
Robertson, J.

"Virginia," a metrical romance. 1825
Robins, Sally Nelson,

"A Man's Reach"
Ryals, J. V.
"Yankee Doodle Dixie," illustrating Virginia life and love

in a country home. 1890
Terhune, Mrs. Mary Virginia ("Harland").
"In Our Country," stories of Old Virginia Life. 1901


Thompson, John Reuben,

"Virginia," a poem. 1856
Thurstan, Lucy Mecham,

"A Girl of Virginia" 1902
Tyler, Robert, "(A Virginian).

"Ahasuerus," a poem. 1842
Wharton, John,

"The Virginia Wreath" 1814
Selected from "Bibliography of Virginia." Later
names furnished by W. G. Stanard of the Virginia His-
torical Society.

Notes on State Literature.

Early literature in Virginia was influenced by her
aristocratic population. The negro had his place in Vir-
ginian literature. The poetical beginnings in the early
colonial period began in translations. "Hearts of Oak,"
written by David Garrick in 1766, was the first literary
work of importance composed in America. During the
Revolutionary Period her literature was mostly a war
literature and many of her authors were soldiers. The
novels of the period before the Civil War were historical
narratives that hardly ever had any critical spirit. Dur-
ing the Ante-bellum Period political aggressiveness and
sectional pride can be seen in her literature. Notes from
Histories of American Literature.

V .


Earl G. Swem, Richmond

Use in State Schools.

"Especial attention is paid in the public schools to
the works of Mary Johnson, John Esten Cooke, and
Thomas Nelson Page."

E. R. Chesterman, Secretary State Board of Edu-



Biographies and Histories of Literature.

"Hundred and Sixty Books by Washington Au-
thors," '16. S. W. Hassell, Everett, Washington.

Mrs. S. W. Hassell, of Everett, Washington, as
chairman of one of the "Federation Clubs of Women
of Washington," has written for this Club a paper en-
titled "Washington Authorship." As far as is known,
this is the only attempt to do this by Women's Clubs in
any state. ,

The Seattle Public Library has a printed list of all
books by Washington authors.



Anderson, Mrs. Ida Woodruff,

"The Rim of the Desert"
Beaton, Welford,

"The City That Built Itself"
Beaton, Kenneth C., Now of California

"Ye Towne Gossip"
Best Mrs. J. B., juvenile writer.

"Yankee Doodle Book"
Buskett, Nancy,

"Fingers That See"
Crawford, Minnie Leola, Tacoma

"Seven Weeks in the Orient"
Fisher, Sophie M. C. Seattle

Fitch-Brewer, Mrs. Annette,

"The Story of a Mother- Love"
Corner, Mrs. Cornelia, Seattle

"Seth Mills and the Sacred Fire"

Goodwin, Sara Byrne, Seattle

"Magazine Writer"


Harriman, Alice,

"Poet and Short Story Writer''
Haskins, Jessie, and Mrs. Ella Hally, Spokane

"The Man With the Scar"
Hassell, Mrs. R. B. Everett

"Club Stories"
Higginson, Mrs. Ella R. Bellingham

"Mariella: of Out West"
Himmelwright, A. L. Artman,

"In the Heart of Bitter-root Mountains"
Judson, Katharine Berry, Seattle

"Myths and Legends of the Pacific Northwest"
Lyman, Professor W. D. Walla Walla

"Columbia River"
Meany, Professor, Seattle

"Pioneer Days on Puget Sound"
Padelford, Professor, Seattle

Roberson, Harriette D. Spokane

"Mary of Magdale"
Strahorn, Carrie Adel, Spokane

"Fifteen Thousand Miles by Stage"
Tooker, Gertrude F. Marysville

"Every Child, a drama"
Williams, John H.

"Yosemite and the High Sierras"
Woodbridge, T. W. Tacoma

"That Something"

Selected from a paper entitled "Washington Au-
thorship." Mrs. R. B. Hassell.



Mrs. R. B. Hassell, Everett

Professor Meany, University of Washington



Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"Bibliography of the Literature of West Virginia,"
in Virgil A. Lewis' Third Biennial Report of the De-
partment of Archives and History of the State of West

"The Development of Literature in West Virginia,"
Mary Meek Atkeson in "Semi-Centenial History of West
Virginia," 1913.

"West Virginia Writers," 1 669-119 13, Mary Meek
Atkeson. A Master's thesis, giving a complete biblio-



Atkison, Geo. W.

"Among the Moonshiners. 1881"
Barbe, Waitman, Morgantown

"Ashes and Incense"
Benedict, Frank Lee, St. Albans

"My Daughter Elinor"
Bland, Frances Moore, Weston

"Twilight Reveries. 1900"
Blennerhassett, Margaret Agnew,

"The Widow of the Rock. 1823"
Brown, William Perry, Glenville

"A Sea Island Romance. r888"
Cooke, Philip Pendleton, Martinsburg

"Froissart Ballads and Other Poems. 1847"
Cornwell, Marshall S.

"Wheat and Chaff. 1899"
Davis, Rebecca Harding, Wheeling

"Life in the Iron Mills. 1861"
"Logan the Last of the Race of Shibellemus. 1823"


English, Thomas Dunn,

"American Ballads. 1882"
Fearnow, Martin Luther,

"A Modern Crusade. 1899"
French, Minnie Reed, Bluefield

"A Little Court of Yesterday. 1900"
Haddox, Ella Maxwell* Charleston

Poems of Sentiment 1912"
Hall, Granville Davisson,

"The Daughter of the Elm. 1899"
Harrison, Henry Sydnor. Charleston

' "Queed. 1911"
Harvey, William H.

"Coins' Financial School. 1892"
Johnson, Lena Leota,

"Nonie, a novel. 1898"'
Jones, Col. Buehring H. Leivisburg

"Prison Prose and Poetry. 1868"
Jones, Sarah J. Buffalo

Writer of Sunday School Stories
Jones, J. McHenry,

"Hearts of Gold" 1896
Kenny, Edward B. Charleston

"Lyrics of the Hills" 1902
Kenny, Patrick,

"Wayside Thoughts" 1903
Lees, Thomas J. Wheeling

"Musings of a Carol"
Leighton, Wm., Jr. Wheeling

"The Price of the Present Paid by the Past" 1881
Lewis, John,

"The Rescue" 1845
Lucas, Daniel Bedinger, Charleston

"The Land Where We Were Drawing" 1865
Lucas, Virginia, Charleston

"Wild Flowers"
MacRae, Duncan,

"The Quaint Family of Three" 1902


Magill* Mary Tucker,

Maxwell; Hu,

"Idyls of the Golden Shote." 1889
Miller, Mrs. Alexander McVeigh, Anderson

"The Bride of the Tomb." 1881
Montague, Margaret Prescott,

"The Poet, Miss Kate and I" 1906
Morton, Oren F.

"Winning or Losing" 1901
Oldham, Gallic Bruce, Moundsville

"Down South in Dixie"
Pollock, Bernice McCally,

"Hortense" 1902
Post, Melville Davisson,

"Dwellers in the Hills" 1901
Siviter, Anna Pierpont, Fairmount

"Nehe" 1901
Smart, Frank Preston, Parkersburg

"Poet and Contributor to Magazines"
Swisher, How r ard L.

"Briar Blossoms" 1899
Wertz, W. W.

"Malinda" 1907
Whisner, Will C.

"Mark Ellis" 1899
Withers, Emma, Glenville

"Wildwood Chimes" 1891
Woods, Katherine, Wheeling

"Metgeratt Shoemaker"

Selected from "Development of Literature in
West Virginia." Mary Meek Atkeson.


Treatment of the State in American Literature.

"Altogether, West Virginia has reason to be proud

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