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this period he purchased a farm, which he subsequently traded for his present farm
in Delmar, on which he has since lived. Mr. Playfoot was married Pebmary 13,
1843, to Susan A. Chapin, who has borne him the following children: David, who
died while a soldier in the Eebellion; Mary, who lives with her mother in Wellsboro;
Annie, deceased; Edward J., of Delmar; William, a minister residing in Monroe
county; George J., of Delmar; Charles, deceased, and Sarah, who lives in Wells-



boro. Mr. Playfoot resides with his son Edward J., while his wife makes her home
m Wellsboro with her two daughters. Both are members of the Baptist church,
and in politics, he is a Eepublican.

Edward J. Playfoot was bom on November 24, 1849, a son of James and
Susan A. Playfoot, and has made farming his life vocation. He worked in the
lumber woods during the winter seasons from 1869 to 1879, since which time he has
devoted his whole attention to the home farm. On April 17, 1879, he married
Emma Grosjean, a daughter of Edward Grosjeaja, of Delmar, and has two children.
Earl W. and Viva M. Mr. and Mrs. Playfoot and their son. Earl W., are members
of the Baptist church, and also of the Patrons of Husbandry. In politics, he is a

Cteus Heath, bom in Cayuga county, New York, in 1785, came to Tioga
county in about 1840 and purchased a farm in Chatham township, where he followed
farming and lumbering until his death, in 1857. He married Pradence Pierce, who
bore him two children, Levi P. and Mary A., wife of William T. Hardin, of Wells-
boro. Mrs. Heath died in 1866, aged seventy-five years.

Levi P. Heath, only son of Cyrus Heath, was bom in Cayuga county. New
York, in 1823, and was eighteen years old 'when the family came to Tioga county.
He found employment in the lumber woods on Pine creek, which business he fol-
lowed two years. He then bought a farm in Chatham townshi'p, which he later
traded for one in Delmar. This he afterwards sold and moved to Wellsboro, where
he died in 1878. He married Harriet Amelia Humphrey, a daughter of James V.
and Harriet Humphrey, of Chenango county. New York, who bore him three chil-
dren, viz: Georgianna, wife of William Avery, of Delmar; Thomas J. and Frank P.,
both residents of the same township. Mr. Heath was an ardent Democrat, and
always gave his support to that party. His widow, who was bom June 2, 1833, re^
sides with her son. Prank P., in Delmar township.

Peank p. Heath, youngest child of Levi P. Heath, was bom in Delmar town-
ship, Tioga county, January 30, 1869. He was reared on a farm, and was educated in
the district schools of his native township and at Wellsboro High School. Since
his father's death he has cared for and supported his mother, working on a farm
and in the lumber woods until November, 1893, when he settled on his present
farm in Delmar township. Mr. Heath was married November 15, 1893, to Miss
Stella M. Bernauer, a daughter of Samuel Bernauer, of Delmar township, and has
one daughter. Hazel Gertrude. In politics, he is a Eepublican.

Augustus Baktle, a native of Chenango county. New York, born June 19,
1796, was a son of John Bartle, a native of Massachusetts, and the father of seventeen
children, of whom Augustus was the fourth child and oldest son. He learned the
stone cutter's, trade in boyhood, and followed it until 1841. In that year he came
to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, and purchased the farm now owned by his son,
Jacob C. He married Cynthia Buckley, a daughter of John Buckley, of Oxford,
'New York, who bore him ten children, viz: Augustus C, who died in 1890, in
Texas; John, deceased; Jacob C, of Delmar township; Peter W., a resident of
Arkansas; Hannah L., wife of George W. Williams, of Arkansas; Mary J., wife of
Emanuel Impson, of Potter county; William V., who died in early youth; Emily E.,
widow of J. C. Wheeler, of Wellsboro; Ann A., wife of Lewis P. Hastings, and Amy


C, wife of Floyd Taylor, both, residents of Dehnar township. Mr. Baitle died ia
1875, and his wife, in 1891, aged ninety years.

Jacob C. Baetle was born in Oxford, Chenango county, New York, June 39, ¬ї
1825, and lived in his native county until 1843, when he came to Tioga county,
whither his father had preceded him some two years. He labored at farm work
in the summer and in the lumber woods during the winter seasons, for six years.
In 1849 he purchased 240 acres of land in Delmar township, but subsequently sold
the greater portion of it, retaining seventy-two acres, upon which he has since lived.
He operated a grist-mill on the place for twelve years, when it was burned. He
then ran a mill in Charleston township for three years, at the end of which time he
erected a mill upon the old site, conducted it four years, when it was again burned,
and he has since devoted his whole attention to farming. Mr. Bartle was married
April 6, 1848, to Eunice Bacon, a daughter of Oliver Bacon. She was born January
15, 1828, and bore him a family of seven children, viz: Henrietta H., who has been
twice married, first to P. G-. Lyon, by whom she had four children, and afterwards
to J. T. "Wortendyke, of Delmar township; Clara J., who died April 9, 1890; Eli,
a resident of Shippen township; Adaline, wife of Henry J. Mitchell, of Delmar;
Nellie E., wife of Wilbur P. West, of Delmar; Lottie T., wife of Charles L. Miller,
of Addison, New York, and Eloise, wife of Clinton West, of Delmar township. Mrs.
Bartle died September 7, 1890, aged sixty-two years. The family are adherents of
the Presbyterian church, and in politics, Eepublicans. Mr. Bartle has been a school
director for three years, and is a member of the Patrons of Husbandry.

William Tatloh, born in Chenango county. New York, June 29, 1807, was
a son of Andrew and Julia (Stephens) Taylor. His father was a native of Scotland,
and his mother the first white female child born in Otsego county, New York.
They were the parents of five children: William, Andrew, James, Cornelia and
Martha, all of whom are dead. William was reared upon a farm, and married
Caroline Webb, a daughter of James Webb, of Chenango county. New York, who
bore him two children: William A., of Delmar township, and Julia A., wife of W.
S. Moore, of the same township. In 1844 Mr. Taylor and family came to Tioga
county, Pennsylvania, where he purchased the farm in Delmar township now owned
by his son, William A. Here he resided until his death, June 19, 1877. His widow
resides with William A. upon the old homestead.

William A. Tatloe, only son of William and Caroline Taylor, was bom in
Chenango county. New York, August 23, 1833, and was eleven years old when his
parents settled in Delmar township. He attended the public schools, and also the
Deerfield and Wellsboro Academies, and has since devoted his attention to agri-
culture, inheriting the farm purchased by his father in 1844. He commenced
teaching school when nineteen years of age, and taught for twenty winters, seven-
teen of them in Delmar township. The Taylor homestead contains 150 acres, and is
located one mile north of Olmsville. Mr. Taylor was married January 20, 1868, to
Sarah M. Horton, a daughter of George and Harriet (Plagg) Horton. She was bom
June 21, 1843, and is the mother of four children, viz: Edith E., William E., Caro-
line H. and George L. Mrs. Taylor is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church.
In politics, Mr. Taylor is a Eepublican, and is also a member of the I. 0. 0. F. and
the K. of G. E. societies.

LoEON Nobles, retired farmer, was bom in Westfield, Massachusetts, February


11, 1813, a son of Elijah and Martha (Drake) Nobles. He was reared in his native
town, and when eighteen years of age began work in a cigar factory, where he re-
mained two years. For tlie succeedtag five years he found employment in a brick-
yard, and afterwards worked two years in a butt factory. He worked five years
in an ax factory, and for a short time as a farm hand. In 1844 he removed from
Massachusetts to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, and purchased a farm of ninety-two
acres in Delmar township, which he disposed of six years later and bought 100 acres
in the same township. He sold the latter in 1887, and purchased his present farm,
some five miles west of Wellsboro. On July 13, 1836, Mr. Nobles married Jane C.
Eussell, to which union were born the following children: Mary J., wife of Ira C.
"Wilson, of Delmar; William and George A., who enlisted in Company A, One Hun-
dred and Forty-ninth Pennsylvania Volunteers, and died in the service; Ella, wife
of William M. Wilson, of Delmar; Daniel L., of Tioga; Julia, wife of George W.
Balfour, of Antrim, and Ferdinand E., a fanner of Delmar. In politics, Mr. Nobles
is a Eepublican, and both he and wife are members of the Baptist church, and also
of the Patrons of Husbandry.

Feedinand E. Nobles, youngest child of Loron and Jane C. Nobles, was bom
in Delmar township, Tioga county, July 28, 1859, and obtained a common school
education. When eighteen years of age he rented a farm, which he cultivated one
year, and then went to Michigan and worked in the lumber woods for eighteen
months. At the end of this time he opened a boarding house, which he carried on
for a year and a half, and then returned to Tioga county. He worked for his father
a short time, then purchased fifty acres of land from the latter, and has since been
engaged in agricultural pursuits. In the spring of 1894 he opened a small grocery
store, which he conducts in connection with his farm. Mr. Nobles was married
February 19, 1890, to Lida Boyden, a daughter of Charles F. Boyden, of Delmar, and
has four children: Jesse L., Bessie J., Zorado Mildred and Clara Lydia. Mrs.
Nobles is a member of the Baptist church. He is connected with the P. of H., and
politically, is a Eepublican.

Geoege Valsing was born in Germany, July 32, 1835, a son of Martin and
Anna Valsing, who immigrated from Germany to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, with
their family, consisting of three children, George, Walter and Veronia, and located
on the present Valsing farm in Delmar township, Here Mr. Valsing died May 14,
1855, aged forty-nine years. His wife died May 17, 1870, aged sixty years, after
an illness of four years. George was seven years old when the family came to this
county, and grew to manhood on the homestead farm. On Noyember 35, 1868, he
married Clara Dartt, a daughter of Eussell Dartt, of Delmar township, to which
union were bom four children, viz: Walter, bom September 1, 1873; Nellie J.,
March 4, 1875, a graduate of the State Normal School at Lock Haven, and a teacher
by profession; Hattie, October 34, 1878, and Eussell, March 30, 1881, all of whom
reside with their mother on the old homestead. Mr. Valsing died January 3, 1883.
He was an ardent Eepublican, and an adherent of the Methodist Episcopal church.
The family attended that church, and Mrs. Valsing and her two oldest children axe
members of the Patrons of Husbandry. Walter has chaxge of the farm, and has
proven himself a good son, and an energetic farmer.

Feedinaitd T. Stuemee was born in Prussia, Germany, January 10, 1803, there


learned the harness mater's trade, which he followed in his native laad up to 1836.
In that year he immigrated to New York City, worked at his trade there for a short
time, and then came to Manchester, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, where he found
employment in saw-miUs for eight years. At the end of this time he purchased
eighty acres of land in Delmar township, and devoted his attention to farming in
the summer seasons and working at his trade in Wellsboro during the winter. In
1844 he married Diana Bernauer, who became the mother of five children, viz:
George, of Delmar; Mary L., deceased wife of Walter Wetherbee; Maria A., deceased
wife of Edward D. Fisher; Frances, wife of Eobert L. Wilson, of Delmar, and Fer-
dinand, who died at the age of twenty. Mr. Sturmer died February 5, 1873, and his
wife, December 13, 1887.

Geoege Stuemee, eldest child of Ferdinand T. Sturmer, was bom in Shippen
township, Tioga county, December 36, 1845. He was reared on a farm, attended
the district school in boyhood, and worked for his parents until he was thirty-one
years old. He then purchased the homestead farm from the other heirs, and operated
it until 1886, when he sold the property and purchased his present farm of eighty-
seven acres in Delmar township. He also owns fifty-three acres of timber land in
Shippen. On June 13, 1877, Mr. Sturmer married Eliza Boot, a daughter of George
and Polly (Wilson) Eoot, of Liberty township. They are the parents of four chil-
dren, viz: Eay V., deceased; Eank V., Eoss M. and George E. He is a member of
the P. of H., and politically, a Eepublican.

Daniel Fishee was born in Germany, in 1815, a son of Peter and Elizabeth
(Lininger) Fisher. He grew to manhood in his native land, and in 1837 immigrated
to the United States and found employment on a farm in New Jersey for three years.
He subsequently clerked in a grocery store in Few York City for several months,
and then removed to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, where he spent one year. The
following year he lived in Susquehanna county, on a farm, and then came to Tioga
county. After working one year as a farm hand, he purchased 100 acres of land
in Delmar township, located upon it, and has since been engaged in farming and
lumbering. In 1843, he married Catherine Sticklin, a daughter of Henry and Mar-
garet (Grosjean) Sticklin, to which union have been born nine children, viz: Mar-
garet, wife of James English, of Kansas; Edward D., of Wellsboro; Adelia, wife of
Nelson Wedge, of Kansas; Carrie, deceased; Mary, wife of Frank Parks, of Delmar;
Henry, who lives with his parents; Annie, wife of Lewis Deane, of Delaware county,
New York; John, a farmer of Shippen township, and Albert C, at home. Mrs.
Fisher is a member of the Protestant Episcopal church. In politics, Mr. Fisher is a
Democrat, and has filled the ofiice of school director.

Edwaed D. Fishee, eldest son of Daniel Fisher, was born in Delmar township,
Tioga county, January 18, 1845, was reared on the homestead and obtained a com-
mon school education. At the age of eighteen he began working in the lumber
woods in Delmar township, which business he continued for eighteen years. He
then purchased a farm in Delmar, cultivated it for eight years, and then sold it and
bought his present farm of 106 acres within the borough limits. Mr. Fisher was mar-
ried March 30, 1876, to Maria A. Sturmer, a daughter of Ferdinand T. and Diana
(Bernauer) Sturmer, of Delmar. She died May 33, 1879, aged thirty-two years.
He was again married March 5, 1883, to Corrinne West, a daughter of Luther and


Eosalthe (Keeney) West, of Middlebury township. They have an adopted son,
Harry, born June 39, 1878. Mrs. Fisher is a member of the Christian church. In
politics, Mr. Fisher is a Democrat, and has served as supervisor of Delmar and as-
sessor of Wellsboro.

Ira D. Hotchkiss was born in Harpersfield, Delaware county. New York, Oc-
tober 16, 1825, and is the youngest in a family of six children born to Joseph and
Lydia (Davenport) Hotchkiss, only two of whom are living. The father died in
1831, aged forty-one years, and his wife, in 1875, aged eighty-three. Ira D. was
reared on a farm, and obtained his education in the public school of his native town.
In 1845 he came to Knoxville, Tioga county, where he was engaged as a clerk in a
general store for five and a half years. He then went to Hornellsville, New York,
and followed clerking for three years, at the end of which time he opened a store in
Jasper, New York, where he carried on merchandising for six and a half years.
Selling out he returned to Tioga county and rented a farm in Deerfield township,
which he worked for six years, and then located on his father-in-law's farm in
Delmar township. At the end of one year he moved to Bath, New York, to take
charge of the Davenport Orphan Girls' Home fajm, his wife serving as matron of
that institution. They occupied these respective positions for six and a half years,
and in 1873 again returned to Tioga county and purchased his present farm of
sixty-seven acres, a short distance south of Wellsboro. Mr. Hotchkiss was married
in 1854, to Sarah Bulkley, a daughter of George Bulkley, of Deerfield township, and
has two children by that marriage: Lucy, wife of E. J. Tuttle, of Delmar, and Carrie,
wife of Orrin Penfield, of Delaware county. New York. Mrs. Hotchkiss died in
1859, aged twenty-seven years. In 1864, he married Lucy Moore, a daughter of
Eiehard Moore, of Delmar township. She is a member of the Protestant Episcopal
church, and both she and her husband belong to the Patrons of Husbandry. In
politics, Mr. Hotchkiss is a Eepublican, and has filled the ofiices of assessor and
auditor of Delmar township.

Daeius B. Foed, a native of Smithfield township, Bradford county, Pennsyl-
vania, bom July 8, 1837, came to Tioga county in 1845, and purchased the present
Ford farm in Delmar township. He cleared and improved this property, and de-
voted the balance of his life to farming and lumbering. Mr. Ford was married May
5, 1850, to Sarah A. Symonds, bom on January 39, 1831. Six children were the
fruits of this union, named as follows: Laurena M., Caroline G., wife of Charles W.
Fuller, of Charleston township; Emeline L., wife of Hiram Tomb, of Delmar;
Cassius M. and Elmer E., both residents of Delmar, and Clara S., wife of Lee
English, of the same township. Mrs. Ford died March 15, 1883, and her husband,
November 7, 1889.

Cassitjs M. Foed, second son of Darius B. Ford, was born in Delmar town-
ship, Tioga county, April 16, 1859, and has spent his entire life upon the home-
stead farm, where he has devoted his attention to agriculture. He married Addie
Dibble, a daughter of Calvin Dibble, October 27, 1877. Mr. Ford is a Eepublican,
in politics, and is a member of the I. 0. 0. F. and the Patrons of Husbandry.

Vine Baldwin was bom near Athens, Bradford county, Pennsylvania, in 1784,
the first white male child born in that locality. He was a son of Thomas and a grand-
son of Isaac Baldwin, pioneers of Bradford county. He married Sarah Burt, of


Chemung county, New York, who bore him seven children, as follows: Thomas,
a resident of Troy, Bradford county; Vine H. and Eobert C, both deceased;
Mrs. Martha Kress, deceased;' Mrs. Mary Pickering, deceased; Miles
C, of Chemung county. New York, and Morgan. In 1834 Mr. Baldwin came to
Tioga county, Pennsylvania, and bought a large tract of land on the "Big Marsh,"
now the site of Stokesdale, but after a few years' residence here he moved
to Chemung county, New York, where he died in 1872.

Vine H. Baldvfin was born in Eidgebury township, Bradford county, Penn-
sylvania, in 1815, second son of Vine Baldwin. He was reared on a farm, and ob-
tained a common school education. In 1847 he came to Tioga county and purchased
eighty acres of land in Delmar township, to which he subsequently added by other
purchases until he owned 365 acres. On May 37, 1853, Mr. Baldwin married
Cynthia D. Boyden, a daughter of Addison Boyden, of Canada, to which marriage
were born five children, viz:' Thomas, a farmer of Delmar township; Charlotte,
who died Novemiber 17, 1883; Eosette, wife of Eugene English, of Shippen; Alfred
M., of Delmar, and Charles V., of the same township. Mr. Baldwin filled the offices
of overseer of the poor and supervisor, and in politics, was a Eepublican. He died
May 3 1887, and his wife, November 9, 1890.

Alfeed M. Baldvtin was born upon the present homestead farm, in Delmar
township, Tioga county, July 4, 1864, a son of Vine H. Baldwin. He attended the
district school, and when twenty-one years of age took charge of a farm in Delmar
township given him by his father, where he has since lived. On December 17, 1887,
he married Ella Ainsley, a daughter of Marvin Ainsley, of Potter county. In
polities, Mr. Baldwin is a Eepublican.

Joseph Mitchell was bom in Yorkshire, England, December 24, 1833, a son
of James and Martha (Driver) Mitchell, natives of Scotland and England,
respectively. James Mitchell was a miner by occupation, and was a foreman of
itiines in England and Nova Scotia during the greater portion of his life. He was
the father of the following children: Eobert, William, Jeremiah, James S. and
Charles, all of whom are dead; Henry, a retired mine owner of Nova Scotia; Grace
and Thomas, both deceased, and Joseph, of Delmar. Mr. Mitchell died in Nova
Scotia, aged fifty years. His widow came to the United States with her three sons,
Henry, Thomas and Joseph, and located in Schuylkill county, Pennsylvania, whence
they removed one year later to Blossburg, Tioga county, where the sons found
employment in the mines. She died at the home of her son Joseph, in Delmar town-
ship, aged ninety-three years. The subject of this sketch was fifteen years old
when his mother came to Pennsylvania. He worked in the mines near Blossburg
four years, and later five years in the mines at Morris Eun. He then moved to
Liberty township, purchased a farm, and lived upon it ten years. Selling out, he
bought coal lands in Morris township, now known as the "Mitchell Mines," and
operated them for twelve years, at the end of which time he sold the property and
bought his present farm in Delmar township, on which he has since resided. Mr.
Mitchell was married July 15, 1854, to Sarah Langwith, a daughter of Henry Lang-
with, of Nova Scotia, who has borne him seven children, viz: Henry J., of Delmar
township; Martha, who died at the age of four years; Grace, wife of Ford Kings-
bury, of Hoytville; Jennie, wife of "William Shaw, of Elmira, New York; Annie,


Sadie and Elizabeth, all of whom live with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and
their three youngest daughters, are members of the Patrons of Husbandry, and in
politics, the family is strongly Eepublican.

Heney J. Mitchell, eldest child of Joseph Mitchell, was born in Morris Eun,
Tioga county. May 4, 1855, and was reared beneath the parental roof. From the age
of twelve years he worked in his father's mines in Morris township, at which business
he continued until he was twenty-four. He later conducted a hotel at Sand Eun,
Tioga county, for two years, and then purchased a farm on East Hill, Delmar town-
ship, which he cultivated five years. At the end of this time he sold out and bought
his present farm, which originally embraced 173 acres, off which he has since sold
seventy-two acres, leaving 100 acres of well-improved land, to which he has recently
added thirty-one acres. He makes a specialty of dairy farming, keeping about six-
teen cows. Mr. Mitchell was married July 29, 1879, to Adaline Bartle, a daughter
of J. C. Bartle, of Delmar township, and has three children, viz: Martha, Harry B.
and Eunice. Mrs. Mitchell is a member of the Presbyterian church. In politics,
Mr. Mitchell is an ardent Eepublican, and has been assistant assessor of Delmar
one term. He is a member of the I. 0. 0. P., and he and his wife are members of
the Daughters of Eebekah, and also of Stony Fork Grange, 'No. 1033, P. of H. They
have always taken a deep interest in the growth and progress of Pomona Grange.

AuGTJSTTis P. AND Chaeles Keeislee were natives of Bremen, Germany. The
former came to the United States alone and located in Tioga county, Pennsylvania,
purchasing the present Kreisler farm in Delmar township. Charles came out a few
years later to visit his brother, and concluded to remain here. He married Martha
Putman, a daughter of John Putman. She was born August 33, 1838, and became
the mother of six children, as follows: William A., a lumberman on Marsh creek;
Andrew J., a farmer in Nebraska; Eliza, deceased; Elias E., of Delmar; Nettie M.,
wife of William Vandergrift, and Franklin L. Charles Kreisler died in 1867, and
his widow married his brother, Augustus P., who died April 6, 1884. Mrs. Kreisler
lives with her son, Elias E., on the old homestead.

Elias E. Keeislee was bom in Delmar township, Tioga county, September 10,
1854, a son of Charles and Martha Kreisler. He was reared on the farm, and attended
the common schools of his district. Since the death of his step-father, Augustus P.
Kreisler, he has owned and cultivated the homestead, which embraces eighty-seven
acres. On October 38, 1885, he married Mary J. Bartle, a daughter of Eansford D..
and Cordelia Bartle, and has two children, Delia A. and Otto E. Mr. and Mrs.
Kreisler are members of the Patrons of Husbandry, and he is also connected with the

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