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I. 0. 0. P. In politics he is a Democrat.

William Statts was born in Darmstadt, Germany, June 31, 1799, there grew
to manhood and married Maria Doahvengen. In 1841 he immigrated with his
family to Baltimore, Maryland, where he worked as a laborer seven or eight years, at.
the end of which period he came to Shippen township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania,
and worked in the saw-mills for about fifteen years. He then removed to Delmar
township, and made his home with his children until his death. May 3, 1870. To
William and Maria Statts were born the following children: Johann, a resident of
Eichmond, Virginia; Margaret, deceased; John, of Delmar township; Henry W., of


the same township; Anna K., and James, both deceased. Mrs. Statts died November
7, 1885, aged eighty-six years.

John Statts, eldest son of William Statts, was bom in Germany, February 28,
1825, and came with his parents to Tioga county. He worked in saw-mills for
fifteen years, during which time he bought his present farm of ninety-two acres,
four miles west of Wellsboro. The land was then covered by the primitive forest,
but by hard and diligent labor he has converted it into a fertile farm. In 1852 Mr.
Statts married Mary Smith, and has reared three children, viz: Margaret, de-
ceased wife of Charles Balfour; William A., who lives on the home farm, and Mary,
wife of Joseph E. Fishier, of Delmar. Mr. Statts is a member of the Presbyterian
church, while his wife is an adherent of the Catholic church. Politically, he is a

William A. Statts, only son of John Statts, and grandson of William Statts,
was bom in Shippen township, Tioga county. May 6, 1854. He attended the com-
mon schools of this county, and has spent his entire life with his parents on the home
farm. He was married September 28, 1875, to Anna Eosette Fisehler, a daughter
of John Fisehler, of Delmar township. Six children have blessed this union, viz:
Laura M., John W., Edward Lloyd, William Leon, deceased; Albert Joseph and
Leo Leonard. The family are members of the Catholic church. In politics, Mr.
Statts is a Democrat, and has served as clerk of Delmar for three terms.

Henet W. Statts was bom in Germany, March 29, 1831, and came to Balti-
more, Maryland, with his parents when about nine years old, and subsequently to
Shippen township, Tioga county, where he worked in the saw-mills of that locality
for eight years. He afterwards came to Delmar township, bought twenty acres of
land on the Pine Creek road, and began farming. In 1884 he purchased his present
farm of sixty-seven acres, on the Stowell road, four miles west of Wellsboro. Mr.
Statts was married October 15, 1853, to Maria E. Kiphart, who has borne him four
children, viz: Annie I., who died June 13, 1862; Carrie Viola, wife of M. W.
Carpenter, of Cedar Eun, Lycoming county; Eose who died in infancy, and Maud
Ellen, a student at Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, Lima, ISI'ew York. Mr. and Mrs.
Statts are members of the Presbyterian church, and in politics he is a Democrat.

Allen Webstee, a native of Massachusetts, bom November 22, 1805, came to
Tioga county, Pennsylvania, about 1825, and purchased a farm in Sullivan township,
where he resided until his death. He was twice married. His first wife. Thanks
Norton, was bom September 5, 1806, and bore him six children, viz: Alvin N., of
Delmar township; Solomon, deceased; James D., a farmer in Shippen township;
Triphena, wife of Noah Bradway, of Eichmond township; William, a farmer of Sul-
livan, and Ellen, deceased. His second wife was Laura Tinkham, who became the
mother of three children, viz: Ehoda, Orso and Berdett, all residents of Sullivan
township. Mrs. Webster died upon the homestead in that township.

Alvin N. Webstee, eldest child of Allen and Thanks (Norton) Webster, was
bom in Sullivan township, Tioga county, April 5, 1829, was reared on a farm, and
educated in the common schools. At the age of twenty-one he began working out
as a farm hand and in the lumber woods, which he followed one year. In 1851 he
purchased his present farm in Delmar township, of 103 acres, then covered with
the primitive forest, which he has since cleared and improved, devoting his entire

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attention to agriculture. On July 8, 1856, he married Esther M. Woo&ter, a
daughter of Moses Wooster, of Chenango county, New York. She was bom March
8, 1832, and is the mother of four children, viz: Ellen E., deceased; Violetta, wife
of Luther Walbridge, of Delmar; Carrie M., wife of Arthur Stratton, of Niles Valley,
and Sarah L., wife of William F. Gitchell. Mr. Webster and wife are members of
the Baptist church, and politically, he is a Eepublican.

James Olmstead, a native of Ireland, came to the United States in early man-
hood, and learned the blacksmith's trade, in which business he became quite pro-
ficient. He worked for many years at Milltown, near Wftverly, New York, and
came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1865. He purchased a farm near Wellsboro,
upon which he passed the remaining years of his life. Mr. Olmstead was the father
of five children, viz: Henry, a resident of Great Bend, New York; Stephen, deceased;
Ashmond, a resident of Sayre, Bradford county; Jane, widow of George Ayres, of
Sayre, and Clement P. He also reared two adopted daughters, viz: Mrs. Kate
Denmark, of Wellsboro, and Mrs. Sarah Eussell, of Delmar.

Clement P. Olmstead was bom at Milltown, near Waverly, New York, in
1834, there grew to manhood, and in 1852 purchased the present Olmstead farm of
120 acres in Delmar township, Tioga county, upon which he settled the same year.
Some years later he lost his mind, and in 1876 wandered away from home and never
returned. It is supposed that he died in the dense forest then covering this portion
of the county. He married Sarah J. Townsend, who reared three children, Jacob
E., Francis H. and Charles E., all farmers of Delmar township. Mrs. Olmstead
resides with her son, Jacob E., on the old homestead.

Jacob E. Olmstead, eldest child of Clement P. and Sarah J. Olmstead. was
bom in Delmar township, Tioga county, September 24, 1855. From the age of
seven to fourteen years he worked out for his board and clothes, and had very little
advantage to obtain an education. When fourteen years old, he commenced working
as a farm hand in summer and in the lumber woods during the winter seasons, which
he followed until 1881. He then rented a farm, which he cultivated four years. In
1885 he and his brother, Charles E., bought his present farm, but in 1889 he pur-
chased his brother's interest. This is the same property owned by his father, which
had passed out of the family's possession. Mr. Olmstead was married February 2,
1887, to Olive V. Stradley, a daughter of Archibald T. Stradley, of Lycoming county.
They have four children, Lealon C, Cleovia J., and Gail A. and Gladys L., twins.
Politically, Mr. Olmstead is a Eepublican.

Eanseoed D. Babtle was bom in Chenango coimty, New York, February 20,
1832, a son of John W. and Arvilla (Hill) Bartle. His father was born in Che-
nango county, January 28, 1804, a son of David Bartle, and married Arvilla Hill, a
daughter of Chauncey Hill, in 1831. They were the parents of five children, as
follows: Eansford D., of Delmar township; Erwin D., who resided on the old home-
stead in Chenango county, until his death, January 29, 1896; John S., deceased;
David W., who died at Oxford, New York, February 3, 1897, and Newton D., a resi-
dent of Guilford, Chenango county. The father died November 7, 1871, and the
mother, October 14, 1890, aged seventy-eight years. Eansford D. was reared on a
farm, and worked at home until he was twenty years old. In 1852 he came to
Tioga county, Pennsylvania, purchased a farm in Covington township, and culti-



vated it eight years. He then sold it and came tO' Delmar township, where he pur-
chased his present farm of 156 acres, on which he has since resided. Mr. Bartle
was married June 22, 1854, to Cordelia Allen, a daughter of Thomas and Deborah
(Walker) Allen, of Cazenovia, New York. Ten children have been bom to this
union, viz: Sophia A., wife of Edwin Campbell, of Delmar; Saxah Phinnie, wife of
William Campbell, of the same township; Carrie D., deceased wife of William B.
Eberenz; Thomas W., a miller at Stony Pork; Mary J., wife of Elias Kreisler, of
Delmar; Alanson P., Birdie A., Arthur S., who maxried Isabel Copestick, a daughter
of Charles Copestick, and Earl L., all of whom reside at home, and Lewis V., who died
Pebruary 2, 1892, in his twelfth year. Mr. Bartle is a stanch Democrat, and one
of the progressive farmers of Delmar.

Lewis P. Hastings was born in Smithville, Chenango county, New York, May
2, 1833, a son of William P. and Diana (Johnson) Hastings. He is the youngest in
the family of seven children, named as follows: Sarah A., Clarinda and John S., all
of whom are dead; Elizabeth, widow of Lucius Campbell, of Stony Pork; Edward,
deceased; Catherine, wife of C. E. Whitman, of Oswego, New York, and Lewis P.
The subject of this sketch obtained a good common school education, and came to
Tioga county, Pennsylvania, when nineteen years of age. After working nine years
as a farm hand, he bought his present farm of eighty acres in Delmar township,
where he has since devoted his attention to farming. Mr. Hastings married Ann
Augusta Bartle, a daughter of Angus Bartle, of Delmar township, and has three
children, viz: Elva D., Fred B. and Charles L., all residents of Delmar. In politics,
Mr. Hastings is a Democrat, and is also a member of the Patrons of Husbandry.

Patrick H. Scanlin was born in Bradford county, Pennsylvania, September
15, 1832, a son of Thomas and Mary (Hennessy) Scanlin, natives of Ireland.
Patrick is the third in a family of five children, viz: John, a resident of Bradford
county; Annie, who died when six years old; Patrick H., of Delmar township;
Thomas, who lives in Bradford county, and Mary, wife of James Hyde, of Sullivan
county. Both the parents are deceased. The subject of this sketch was reaxed on
a farm, attended the public schools of his native county, and when twenty-one years
of age came to Tioga county and worked in the lumber woods five years. He then
purchased his present farm of 160 acres in Delmar township, on which he has since
lived. Mr. Scanlin was married Pebruary 1, 1861, to Ellen Johnson, a daughter
of Abraham and Maryett Johnson, of Delmar township. Six children are the fruits
of this marriage, named as follows: Charles, who married Dela Marshall, and lives
in Wellsboro; Thomas, Mary, Annie, John, who died March 17, 1895, and Daniel,
the last two being twins. Mr. Scanlin is a stanch Eepublican, and one of the sub-
stantial farmers of his township.

Stlvanus Mooke was born in McDonough, Chenango county, New York,
June 7, 1812, a son of Sylvanus Moore, a native of Connecticut, who came to Che-
nango county itfearly manhood, where he followed farming and was also agent for the
Ludlow Land Company. He was twice jnarried, and reared quite a large family,
only five of whom are living. The parents died in New York state. The subject
of this sketch was reared on a farm, and attended the common schools of his native
county. He followed farming and Itimbering there until 1854, when he cam.e to
Tioga county, Pennsylvania, and purchased the farm in Delmar township on which


his son, William S., now resides. He married Mary D. Wilcox, a daughter of Simon
and Anna Wilcox, to which union were born eight children, viz: Charlotte, widow
of J. S. Coles; Henry, deceased; William S., of Delmar; Louisa, wife of Fra.nk
Dodge, of Elmer, Potter county; Uriah B., deceased; Adelbert, of Delmar; Emeline,
deceased, and Herman S., a resident of Elmer, Potter county. Mrs. Moore died
July 24, 1878, aged sixty-nine years. Her husband died March 27, 1895, in Outa-
gamie county, Wisconsin.

William S. Moore was bom in McDonough, Chenango county. New York,
April 18, 1838, was reared upon the farm in his native county, and received his
education in the common schools. He was sixteen years old when his parents located
in Delmar township, Tioga county, and he remained at home assisting in the duties
of the farm until his majority. He then began working in a saw-mill on Pine creek,
but at the end of six months took a lumber job and rafted the lumber down
Pine creek and the Susquehanna to Columbia, which business he followed
two years. He then purchased 400 acres of timber land in Delmar town-
ship, and devoted four years to clearing and improving it, still continuing
in the lumber business. In 1867 he moved on his present farm, once
owned by his father, on which he has since resided. In 1865 he mar-
ried Julia Adelaide Taylor, a daughter of William and Caroline (Webb) Taylor,
of Delmar, and has two children, viz: Wilburn T., bom December 26, 1867, who
married Hulda Devowl, and has four children: Carl, Asyrius, Cleris aud an in-
fant daughter; and Marian, who married Alfred Walbridge, had two children,
Marian and Florence, and died May 3, 1892. Mr. Moore and son are members of
the I. 0. 0. P., and in politics, adherents of the Eepublican party.

John Pischler was bom in Germany, in 1832, a son of Joseph and Margaret
(Hoagg) Pischler. He attended the public schools of his native land, and in 1854,
when twenty-two years old, immigrated to the United States, coming soon after-
wards to Wellsboro, Tioga county, Pennsylvania. He worked on a farm for Samuel
Dickinson one season, and then went to Charleston township, where he worked for
James Kelley seven years. In 1862 he purchased his present farm of 112 acres,
four miles west of Wellsboro, which he cleared and improved and upon which he
has since lived. In 1856 Mr. Pischler married Wilhelmina Kohler, who is the
mother of the following children: Anna K., wife of W. A. Statts, of Delmar; Lena,
wife- of Lewis B. Smith, of Delmar; Joseph E., a farmer in the same township;
Louisa, wife of Joseph Glass, of Wellsboro; Sarali, wife of Daniel McCarty, of the
same place; Maggie, wife of Otto Martz, also a resident of Wellsboro; Samuel and
Maiy, both living at home. The family are members of the Catholic church, and
in polities, adherents of the Democratic party.

Avert Kennedy, a son of Alexander and Catherine (Brown) Kennedy, was
born in Vermont, in 1800. He was reared on a farm, and made farming his life vo-
cation, first locating in Springfield township, Bradford county, Pennsylvania,
whence he came to Tioga county about 1856. He purchased a farm in Delmar
township, upon which he resided until his death, in 1870. He was a local preacher
in the Free Will Baptist church, and preached the gospel in Bradford and Tioga
counties. Mr. Kennedy was twice married. His first wife, Julia A. Wilcox, was the
mother of seven children, viz: Philura and Mary A., both deceased; Avery J., of


Delmar; Daniel and Evelyn, both deceased; Alexander A., a resident of Minnesota,
and Samuel W., of Delmar. His second wife was Axey Hugg, who bore him eight
ohildren, viz: Stephen F., of Wellsboro; Eussell, of Middlebury; Olive, wife of
Eobert Francis, of Shippen; William, deceased; Lydia, wife of Dickison Francis,
of Delmar; Hosea, of the same township; Jennie, wife of Thomas Ashley, and
Letitia, wife of Frank Kennedy, both residents of Delmar.

Samuel W. Kennedy, youngest child of Avery and Julia A. (Wilcox) Kennedy,
was bom in Springfield township, Bradford county, Pennsylvania, February 28,
ihoi. He followed farming in his native county until the removal of the family to
Delmar township, Tioga county, where he subsequently purchased his present farm
of 133 acres, upon which he located in 1866. In 1855 he married Emma E. Wright,
a daughter of James Wright, of Eutland township, Tioga county. She was bom
January 20, 1838, and is the mother of five children, viz: Charles E., a farmer of
Shippen township; Amanda F., wife of Willard Ashley, of Shippen; Fannie M.,
wife of Isaac B. Horton, of Delmar; Lewis W., who was bora July 31, 1862, pur-
chased the homestead from his father in 1893, and has since cultivated it, and
Delia M., who lives at home. Mrs. Kennedy is a member of the Methodist Episcopal
church, and both she and husband, also their son, Lewis W., are connected with the
Patrons of Husbandry. In politics, the family are adherents of the Democratic

Chaelbs Goodeeau was bom in St. Hyacinthe, Canada, March 22, 1818, a son
of Charles and Mary (Labeaux) Goodreau, and the eldest of a family of five children.
When nineteen years of age he went to Saratoga county, New York, and followed
farming some fifteen years. He then removed to Lycoming county, Pennsylvania,
where he was engaged in the lumber business some years, and afterwards operated
a tannery at Canton, Bradford county, from 1849 to 1852. In 1856 he came to
Tioga county and located at Wellsboro, but three years later bought his present
farm in Delmar township, where he has since devoted his attention to agricultxire,
with the exception of a short time that he owned and operated a saw-mill at Stony
Fork. Mr. Goodreau was married June 9, 1875, to Maggie Kennedy, a daughter of
George W. Kennedy, of Delmar. Five children are the fruits of this union, viz:
William L., bom October 6, 1876; Mary L., September 9, 1878; Charles L., Sep-
tember 13, 1880; Mortimer E., November 19, 1882, and Eex E., February 9, 1886.
Mrs. Goodreau and children are connected with the Baptist church, and also with
the Patrons of Husbandry. Politically, the family is Democratic.

Simon Geoss, a native of Connecticut, bom in 1782, came from Chenango
county. New York, to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1840. He was a shoemaker,
but followed farming in this county for two years, then removed to Potter county,
purchased a farm, and was accidentally killed in 1848. He married Clarissa Starkey,
who bore him nine children, viz: Abraham, Lucy, Currency, Morilla, Loduskey,
Angeline (all of whom are dead), California, Ersula and William S. Mrs.Gross died
in 1839, aged sixty years, and he subsequently married Julia E. Taylor, but had no
issue by this marriage.

William S. Geoss was born in Oxford, Chenango county. New York, May 11,
1825, and was fifteen years old when his parents came to Tioga county. Two years
later he went with them to Potter county, where he followed farming up to 1857,


when he sold his property and bought a farm in Shippen township, Tioga county,
on which he hved three years. He then sold it and purchased his present home-
stead in Delmar township, where he has devoted his attention to farming and the
carpenter's trade, which he learned in early manhood. In 1847 he married Martha
Taylor, who bore him three children, viz: William D., a blacksmith and farmer
of Delmar; John D., a merchant, and Martha C. Mrs. Gross died in April, 1862,
aged thirty-three years. In September, 1863, he married Julia E. Kennedy, and
has two children by this union: Hiram A., of Delmar, and Emma, wife of Avery
Francis, of Delmar. Mr. and Mrs. Gross are members of the Free Will Baptist
church, and in politics, he is a Eepubliean.

William D. Geoss was bom in Potter county, Peimsylvania, March 9, 1850,
and followed farming until he was twenty-five years of age. He then learned the
blacksmith's trade, to which he devotes his principal attention, though he also gives
some attention to agriculture. He is the owner of two farms in Delmar township.

HiHAM A. Gross was born in Shippen township, Tioga county, September 4,
1863, a son of William S. and Julia E. Gross. He has followed farming and lum-
bering the greater portion of his life. On September 28, 1885, he married Eosa
Francis, a daughter of Eobert Francis, of Shippen township, and has two children,
Samuel L. and Eobert W. Mrs. Gross is a member of the Methodist Episcopal
church. In politics, Mr. Gross is a Eepubliean, and is also a member of the K. of
G. E. He resides on the old homestead with his parents.

Lucius L. EussELL was born in Hector, Tompkins county. New York, August
14, 1819, a son of Elijah and Esther (Austin) Eussell. He obtained a common
school education, and learned the carpenter's trade with his father, which he fol-
lowed in New York until 1858. In that year he came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania,
and purchased 100 acres of land two miles west of Wellsboro, upon which he settled
and resided until his death, November 11, 1873. He followed his trade in connec-
tion with agriculture throughout his residence in this county. Prior to his settle-
ment in Tioga county, he was superintendent of the public schools in Catlin, Che-
mung county. New York. Mr. Eussell was married October 23, 1845, to Ann E.
Morse, a daughter of Barak Morse, of Broome county. New York. She was bom
January 20, 1825, in TuUy, Onondaga county. New York, and is the mother of
seven children, viz: William 0., of Wellsboro; Alice A., wife of Thomas D. Marsh,
of the same borough; Kate E., wife of Henry Grosjean, of Stokesdale Junction;
John M., of Delmar; Hattie U., wife of Edwin Matson, Jr., of Marsh Creek; Lucius
L., of Delmar, and George M., of the same township. Mr. Eussell was a member
of the Presbyterian church, to which denomination his widow also belongs. She
resides in Wellsboro.

John- M. Eussell, son of Lucius L. Eussell, was born in Catlin, Chemung
county, New York, July 17, 1853, received a common school education, and grew to
manhood on the homestead farm. When twenty years of age he began working in
the lumber woods on Marsh creek, at which he continued five years. He then bought
two tracts of timber land on Heise run, and was in the lumber business up to 1889,
when he rented the Edwin Matson, Sr., farm, and has since cultivated it. On April
25, 1877, Mr. Eussell married Marian C. Derbyshire, a daughter of William T.
Derbyshire, of Delmar township, to which union have been bom four children, viz:


' Harry H., Kate E., Charles F. and Lura D. Mr. and Mrs. Eussell are members of
the Protestant Episcopal church. In politics, he is a Eepublican, and is connected
with the I. 0. 0. F.

RoBEKT Oee, a native of Wigtonshire, Scotland, bom in 1807, and a son of
James and Catherine (Kenmnre) Orr, was reared and educated in his native land,
and there learned the weaver's trade. In 1828 he immigrated to New York City,
where he worked at his trade a few years, and then removed to Onondaga county,
New York. He continued working at his trade in that county up to 1849, in which
year he removed to Wyoming county, where he spent ten years, only part of the time
following his trade. In 1859 he came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, and rented a
farm one mile south of Wellsboro, in Delmar township, which he cultivated for
two years. He then bought a farm adjoining that now owned by Thomas J. Orr,
on which he passed the remaining years of his life, dying in September, 1891. He
married Delia Cook, and to them were born four children, viz: Catherine, wife
of W. E. Tyler, of Minnesota; Thomas J., of Delmar; Eobert S., who was killed
before Petersburg, September 9, 1864, while serving in the Union army, and Alice,
deceased wife of A. C. Mack. Mrs. Orr died in 1887, aged seventy-nine years.

Thomas J. Ore, only living son of Eobert Orr, was bom in Onondaga county.
New York, May 3, 1843, and was educated in that county and Wyoming county.
When seventeen years old he came to Tioga county with his parents, and worked
on the homestead farm up to 1885, when he purchased his present property of 217
acres, a short distance northwest of Stony Fork, where he makes a specialty of
dairy farming, usually keeping twenty-five cows. Mr. Orr was married March 8,
1864, to Euth Willard, a daughter of Joseph Willard, of Delmar township, and has
three children, viz: Eobert J., Kate E. and Neva A. A daughter of his deceased
sister Mrs. Mack, Laura D., also lives with them. Mr. Orr is a stanch Democrat,
is a member of the K. of G. E., and both he and wife are connected with the
Patrons of Husbandry. He is one of the substantial and progressive farmers of his

Eeuben Heeeington, a native of Owego, Tioga county. New York, bom in
1785, came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1821, and located on Pine creek, in
what is now Shippen township, where he followed lumbering and farming. He
married Eunice Ellis, who bore him nine children, five of whom are living, viz:
Jacob, a resident of Potter county; Sally A., wife of C. L. Carsaifr; Charles, of
Delmar; Deroy, who lives upon the old homestead in Shippen township, and Har-

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