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board the United States man-of-war Boston. (This vessel was lost with all on board,
off Key West, on the next voyage). On his return from this voyage, which lasted
three and a half years, he went to Chenango county. New York, where he worked
on a farm for a period. In 1845 he came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, and found
employment ia the lumber woods, and later worked a year on a farm in Middlebury.
In 1847 he bought eighty-eight acres of timber land north of Holiday, and some
years later purchased 112 acres more, on which he passed the remainder of his life,
engaged in agriculture pursuits. His wife, Hannah, was a daughter of William
Spaulding, of Chatham Valley. She was bom in Windham county, Vermont, March
5, 1829, and reared one son, Poleman E. Mr. Brown died December 16, 1894. His
widow resides on the old homestead. By his own energy and industry, he created
one of the finest farms in Middlebury township. An upright. Christian man, he was
for years a deacon in the First Baptist church at Holiday, and a very liberal con-
tributor towards that society. He was an active member of the Eepublican party,
and filled the offices of supervisor, school director and collector at different periods.

PoLEMAsr E. Brown, only child of James B. Brown, was born on his present
homestead in Middlebury township, Tioga county, March 20, 1849, and has spent
his entire life on the home farm. He was married September 24, 1872, to Alice
Potter, youngest child of Henry H. Potter. She was born at Middlebury Center,
September 23, 1850, and is the mother of six children, viz: Eoy, who died at the age
of five years, Shirley A., James C, Earl H., Eoss E. and Mary E. Mr. and Mrs.
Brown are members of the First Baptist church, and also of the P. of H. He belongs
to the I. 0. 0. F., and in politics, is an adherent of the Eepublican party.

Aevine Claeke was bom near Bennington, Vermont, July 7, 1791, and re-


moved with his parents to Chenango coimty, New York, in 1805. His father was in
the battle of Bunker Hill, and served with Ethan Alien and Benedict Arnold at the
capture of Fort Ticonderoga. Early in life he became interested in the lumber busi-
ness, and in 1840 lumbered extensively on the Chemung river and its branches,
extending his operations to the lands and mills on Crooked creek, near Tioga, known
as the "Bill Willard" property, during which period he lived in Elmira. About 1848
he came to Tioga, becoming interested in several tracts of timber land, and built
the first steam saw-mill in the county, on Crooked creek, near Hammond. He died
in 1858 at the home of his son-in-law, H. M. Johnson, then president of Dickinson
College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Mr. Clarke married Eliza Higgins Clarke, of
Chenango county. New York. She was born April 23, l'i'89, and died August 26,
1877, and is buried beside her husband at Milford, New York. They were the
parents of ten children, eight of whom grew to maturity, as follows: Clarissa Ann,
widow of Timothy Eose; Lucena Eliza, who married H. M. Johnson, D. D., LL. D.,
and died March 4, 1890; Mary Euth, who married Dr. Isaac Sullivan, of Mississippi,
and died January 29, 1860; Sarah Mariah, widow of Hon. John Eddy; David
Arvine, who died in Middlebury township; Hairiet Calista, wife of L. D. McCabe,
D. D., LL. D., vice-president of the Ohio Wesleyan University; William Edgar, a
minister of the Methodist Episcopal church, and Marvin Emory, a resident of Phila-

David Aevine Clahke was born at Sidney Plains, New York, March 7, 1833,
and received a college preparatory education at Elmira, and Cazenovia Seminary.
After coming to Tioga county, he embarked in the lumber business with his father,
and also engaged in merchandising for a short time. In 1850 he bought the farm
in Middlebury township on which his son, John E., now resides, and devoted a part
of his time to agriculture. He was one of the well-known citizens of the com-
munity, and at his death, April 39, 1894, left a large circle of friends. He married
Martha J. Lockwood, of Horseheads, New York, to whom were bom five children,
viz: John E., of Middlebury; Sarah P., a school teacher in Scranton; Milbum A.,
deceased; Mary E., a trained nurse residing in Philadelphia, and Anna C, a phy-
sician of Scranton, with whom Mrs. Clarke resides.

John E. Clabke, eldest child of David A. and Martha J. Clarke, and grandson
of Arvine Clarke, was bom in Middlebury township, Tioga county, November 9,
1853. He attended the common schools of his district, and subsequently the normal
school at Cortland, New York, and has since devoted his attention to agricultural
pursuits in Middlebury township. On April 4, 1882, he married Sarah J., a daughter
of D. N. Lawrence, of Bradford county, where she was bom July 2, 1854. They
have three children: Arvine N., Daniel M. and Martha J. Mrs. Clarke is a member
of the Methodist Episcopal church. Politically, Mr. Clarke is a Eepublican, and is
also a member of the Grange.

William Gee, a native of New York state, came to Tioga county, Pennsyl-
vania, about 1824, and purchased a farm in Parmington township. Here both
he and wife spent the balance of their lives. He died in 1838, and his wife in
1843. They were the parents of eight children, named as follows: Joshua, Thomas,
Joseph, Daniel, John, Jane, Pattie and Sally, all of whom are dead.

Joseph Gee, second son of William Gee, was born in Orange county. New York,


in 1808, and was sixteen years of age when he and an elder brother came to Tioga
county ahead of their parents and made the iirst clearings upon the old homestead
in Farmington township, which he afterwards purchased. He was educated in
the district schools, and after attaining his majority devoted his attention to farm-
ing, and was also engaged in lumbering on the Cowanesque river. He married
Lavina Culver, who bore him eleven children, viz: Mary, wife of C. W. Barlow,
of Wisconsin; Ephraim, Charles F. and Sallie, all deceased; Hannah, wife of Thomas
Roe, of Middlebury; Joseph, deceased; Amasa, a resident of Delmar; Sabra, wife
of Ali Briggs, of Middlebury, now deceased; Leander, of Middlebury; Walter, de^
ceased, and Clark, a farmer of Middlebury township. Mr. Gee was burned to death
in 1868, while attempting to rescue valuables from his burning house in Middlebury.
His widow resides with her son, Leander, in that township.

Leandeb Gee was born in Farmington township, Tioga county, December 12,
1847, a son of Joseph Gee, and grandson of William Gee. He obtained a common
school education, and has made farming his life vocation, now owning the home-
stead in Middlebury, which embraces 160 acres of well-improved land, located a short
distance northeast of Keeneyville. He has devoted some attention to buying and
selling live stock and wagons. April 34, 1873, Mr. Gee married Delia Leonard,
a daughter of Justus and Nancy (Young) Leonard, of Farmington township. She
was born May 26, 1855, and is the mother of two children, Leander L. and Ephraim
S. They have also an adopted son, Frank Hoyt, whom they took when less than
three years old, and legally adopted in July, 1895. Mrs. Gee and children are
members of the Methodist Episcopal church. In politics, the family are Eepubli-
cans, and are also connected with the Patrons of Husbandry. Mr. Gee has served
one term as school director, and is one of the prominent and successful farmers of

Kewbuet Cloos, youngest son of Newbury Cloos, St., was born in Deerfield
township, Tioga county, in 1837. He received a good common school education,
and taught during his early manhood. He subsequently purchased a farm in Mid-
dlebury township, and for many years was one of the prominent and successful
farmers of that locality. He married Cynthia Church, to which union were born
eight children, viz: Amarilla, wife of Henry J. ShaflE, of Middlebury township;
Ehoda, wife of Hiram Kilbourne, of Wellsboro; Esther and Sophia, both deceased;
Jane, widow of C. K. Palmer, of Middlebury; D. Wilmot and Julia, both deceased,
and Luther N., a well-known physician of Keeneyville. Mr. Cloos died on his farm
in Middlebury, February 23, 1875.

Lutheb Newbttby Cloos, physician and surgeon, Keeneyville, wa^ bom in
Middlebury township, Tioga county. May 5, 1860, and is the youngest child of
Newbury and Cynthia Cloos, and grandson of Newbury Cloos, Sr. He received his
primary education in the district schools of his native township, and later attended
the State Normal School, at Mansfield, where he completed his studies. He read
medicine under Dr. Augustus Niles, and graduated at the Baltimore Medical Collegft
in the spring of 1893. He soon afterwards purchased the residence and practice
of his preceptor, and enjoys a large and lucrative business. Dr. Cloos makes a
specialty of the diseases of women and of the eye and ear, in which he has been
highly successful. On May 1, 1884, he married Cora L. Hazlett, a daughter of


Amariah Hazlett, of Middlebury Center, and has one son, David Wilmot. Mrs.
Cloos is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. In politics. Dr. Cloos is a
Democrat, and is also a member of the I. 0. 0. F., the K. 0. T. M., and the L. 0. T.
M., for all of which he is the local medical examiner.

Isaac Beyant, a native of Pennsylvania, came to Tioga county ia 1850. His
father, David Bryant, was one of the early settlers of the county. Isaac purchased
the property in Middlebury township where his widow and son, James H., now reside,
and followed farming up to September, 1863. He then enlisted in Company K,
One Hundred and Forty-ninth Pennsylvania Volunteers, the famous Bucktail regi-
ment. He was a brave and gallant soldier, was taken prisoner at the battle of the
Wilderness, and died in Andersonville prison. His wife, Mary A., was a daughter
of Henry Eogers, of Seneca county, New York. She was born October 7, 1819,
and became the mother of six children, viz: Alonzo H., a farmer in Middlebury,
who served in the Civil War; Melissa A., deceased; Albert T., also a soldier in the
Rebellion, who died in Salisbury prison. South Carolina; Henry E., who served in
the Union army, and has since died; Lizette J., who died in infancy, and James
H., who cultivates the old homestead. Mrs. Bryant is a member of the Methodist
Episcopal church, and one of the intelligent, helpful women of her neighborhood.
She is very active in good works, and is well preserved for a person of her advanced
years. Her husband and three of her sons went out in defense of the flag, and two
of the four laid down their lives that this free government might live.

Geoegb Westbeook, a native of Chemung county, Wew York, born in 1808,
came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1848, and settled on a farm near Tioga.
Three years later he purchased a large farm in Middlebury township, a portion of
which is now owned by the widow of Horace P. Westbrook. In 1867 he traded for
a farm on Crooked creek, a half mile below Holiday, and later moved to Middle-
bury Center, thence to Wellsboro, and finally to Chatham township, where he died.
He married Lovisa B. Taylor, bom in Windsor county, Vermont, in 1808, who bore
him a family of fifteen children, eight of whom grew to maturity, as follows:
Polly, widow of Baitman Monroe, of Addison; Horace P., deceased; Ephraim, a
resident of Mansfield; Jane, wife of Jason Prutsinan, of Elmira; Stella, wife of
Samuel Love, of Little Marsh; Benjamin, who lives in Mansfield; Hattie, wife of
George Curran, of Knoxville, and James T., deceased. Mrs. Westbrook died Octo-
ber 18, 1887, aged seventy-nine years.

HoEACE Feeeland Westbeook was born in Chemung county, Wew York, No-
vember 27, 1829, eldest son of George Westbrook. He lived with his parents until
the family removed to Tioga county, when he purchased a half interest in the farm
bought by his father in Middlebury township, where he was engaged in farming
until the autumn of 1861. He then enlisted in Company F, Fifty-seventh Penn-
sylvania Volunteers, and went to the front with the rank of orderly sergeant. He
fought in every battle in which his regiment was engaged up to Malvern Hill, where
he was killed, July 1, 1862. He married Eachel M. Prutsman, a daughter of
Abram and Maria Prutsman, at Tioga, Tioga county, September 30, 1856. She
was bom at Tioga village, October 17, 1833, and bore him three children, viz: Wil-
lis H., who lives in Tioga; Edgar L., of Middlebury, and Ada B., wife' of Otis L.


Coolidge, of Morris. Mrs. Westbrook resides on the old homestead. She is a
member of the Presbyterian church.

Edgae L. Westbbook, youngest son of Horace F. Westbrook, was born in
Middlebury township, Tioga county, August 29, 1859, and obtained his education
in the district schools and the Soldiers' Orphan School, at Mansfield. He has re-
mained on the home farm, assisting his mother in its cultivation. On November
3, 1881, he married Helen H. Johnson, a daughter of Dennis and Hester (Bates)
Johnson, of Sullivan county, New York, to which union have been bom three chil-
dren, viz: Mamie A., Nida L., and Clarence J., the last deceased. Mr. Westbrook
is an independent voter and is a member of the I. 0. 0. F., and the K. 0. T. M.


James E. Andrews, a native of Cayuga county, New York, and a son of Obed
Andrews, was bom Febraarj- 16, 1799. His father was a native of the same county,
and a well-to-do faraier. James E. was the oldest in a family of nine children, viz:
James, Parmelia, Lansing, Ephraim, Hulda, Harrison, Sarah, Serena and Obed.
He obtained a common school education, and followed farming in his native county
up to 1855, in which year he came to Tioga county and purchased the present An-
drews farm in Middlebury township. Here he resided until his death, September
22, 1871. He married Clarissa Weeks, February 7, 1822. She was born in Cayuga
county. New York, Febraary 7, 1802, and bore him eight children, viz: Gardner
K., who died in September, 1892, aged sixty-eight years; Sarah J., who died on
April 14, 1877, aged fifty-two years; Eliza E., who died on August 22, 1858, aged
thirty-one years; Matthias A., who died in California in May, 1871, aged forty-two
years; Dennis, a farmer in Middlebury township; Obed H., who died while a soldier
in the Union army, November 19, 1861, aged twenty-eight years; Alfred A., a
resident of Middlebury, and Liscomb L., who resides in the west. All of this family
except Dennis and Liscomb were school teachers. Mrs. Andrews died September
7, 1880, She was a! member of the Methodist church.

Dennis Andrews, a son of James E. Andrews, was born in Venice, Cayuga
county. New York, April 10, 1831, and received a common school education. When
eighteen years old he commenced learning the carpenter's trade, which he followed
in his native county until the removal of the family to this county in 1855. He
joined his father in the purchase of the present homestead, off whieb he sold 100
acres in January, 1896, retaining seventy-five acres, and has since devoted his
attention to farming and lumbering in connection with his trade. Mr. Andrews
was married June 21, 1857, to Charlotte M. Cady, a daughter of Samuel A. Cady,
who has borne him six children, viz: Francis S., a carpenter of Wellsboro; Gardner
L., who also follows that trade in Wellsboro; Eddie P., and Flora A., both of whom
died in infancy; Eobert S., who lives on the home farm, and Grace L., at home.
In politics, Mr. Andrews is a Democrat, and has filled the oflaee of township assessor.
He, wife and daughter, Grace, are members of the Patrons of Husbandry. His sons,
Gardner L. and Eobert S., are members of the K. 0. T. M.

Hiram Wahren Avas born in Eoxbury, Massachusetts. He was a descendant
of the brother of General Warren of Eevolutionary fame, and his father was a soldier
in the Continental army, and was wounded at Bunker Hill. Hiram Warren was
reared in Herkimer county. New York, and came to Tioga county about 1838,


locating in Charleston township. He was a shoemaker, and followed his trade until
his death. His wife, Maiy, was a daughter of Ludwig Hart, of Charleston town-
ship, and bore him ten children, viz: James, a farmer of Nelson township; Majy,
wife of Coleman Furmaji, of Wellsboro; Sylvester, who died in infancy; Nancy,
deceased wife of Andrew Teachman; Elijah, a resident of Charleston township;
Philo S., a farmer of Middlehury; Solon S., who lives in Wellsboro; Martha, who
died at the age of seven years; Alonzo, a farmer of Chatham, and George, a resident
of Delmar.

Philo S. "Waeeen, son of Hiram Warren, was born in Herkimer county. New
York, September 30, 1835, and was three years old when his paients came to Tioga
county. He was reared in Charleston township, and worked as a farm hand until
he was twenty-one years old, when he moved on a farm in Chatham township
owned by his wife, a part of his present property. In 1865 he purchased the land
adjoining, which he now owns, and has devoted his attention to farming. He worked
in the lumber woods during the winter seasons for many years, with the exception of
four months that he was employed by the United States government in a construction
corps during the Eebellion. On February 10, 1856, he married Anna M. Chamber-
lain, a daughter of Simon S. and Mercy (Keeney) Chamberlain. She was bom
December 6, 1833, and is the onJy living descendant of the Chamberlain family in
Tioga county. Two children have been born to this union, viz: Jasper C, a Free
Will Baptist minister, located at Keeneyville, and Bion S. Mr. and Mrs. Warren
are members of the Methodist Episcopal church, and in politics, he is a Kepublican.

BioN Snydee Waeeen was born in Middlebury township, Tioga county, De-
cember 25, 1859, and was educated in the district schools and the State Normal
at Mansfield. He has remained upon the homestead farm, assisting in its cultiva-
tion. On July 13, 1881, he married Sarah J. Stewart, a daughter of Eobert and
Hannah (Ellison) Stewart, of Farmington township, and has three children. Earl
M., Eppa M. and Pearl M. The family are members of the Methodist Episcopal
church. Mr. Warren is a stanch Eepublican, and is connected with the I. 0. 0. F.

Simon Snydee Chamberlain was born in Belfast, Allegany county. New
York, in 1804, a son of Calvin and Isabel (Ives) Chamberlain, and was reared there
and in the Cowanesque valley. His father was bom in Eoxbury, Massachusetts, in
1771, the third son of Simon Chamberlain, one of three brothers who came from
England to Eoxburj', where he married a Miss Dodge and reared a family of four
sons and five daughters. His mother was a daughter of Ambrose Ives, and a sister
of Timothy, Titus and Benajah Ives, early settlers of Tioga. To Calvin and Isabel
Chamberlain were born four children, viz: Chandler, Simon S., Ives and Deborah.
The father came to the Cowanesque valley early in the century and spent the re-
maining years of his life in this part of the State, and New York state, dying in
Middlebury township, at the home of his son, Simon S., in 1859, aged eighty-eight
years. His wife died in Farmington to^^^lship in 1834, aged seventy-one years.
Simon S. came to Middlebury in 1824 and settled on Crooked creek, on land" pur-
chased from the Bingham estate. He married Mercy Keeney, a daughter of Deacon
Thomas Keeney, a soldier of the War of 1812. Mr. Keeney settled in Middlebury
m 1815. He married Anna Parshall, a daughter of Israel and Euth Parshall of


Chemung county, New York. They were charter members of the First Baptist
church of Tioga, organized in 1816. To Simon S. and Mercy Chamberlain were
born two children, viz: Anna M., wife of Philo S. Warren, and Snyder K., de-
ceased. Mrs. Chamberlain died July 29, 1889, and her husband, March 14, 1891.

DwiGHT CuMMiNGS, a natiTB of Cayuga county. New York, born July 37, 1818,
is a son of Gurdon and Abigail (Pettis) Cummings, natives of Connecticut, of
Scotch-Irish extraction. He came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1856, and
for one year rented a farm in Chatham township and the following two years
worked a rented farm in Middlebury. He then purchased seventy acres of land in
Middlebiiry, to which he has added until he now owns 250 acres of well-improved
land. On November 6, 1845,'he married Sally Wormer, who was bom July 15, 1827.
Five children were the fruits of this imion, viz: Frances B., wife of John Hagen-
camp, of Deerfield; Charles Giu-don, of Middlebury; Ellen J., wife of David French,
of the same township; Burdett C, also a resident of Middlebury, and Abram W.,
a physician of Oswayo, Potter county. Mrs. Cummings died Augu-st 6, 1881. Po-
litically, Mr. Cummings is a Eepublican, and is also a member of the Patrons of

Chaeles Guedon Cummings, eldest son of Dwight Cummings, was bom in
Cayuga county. New York, December 16, 1847. Coming to this county with his
parents when about ten years of age, he worked on the homestead farm until his
majority, and then began working in the lumber woods in the winter seasons, and
on farms in summer time, which he followed six years. At the end of this period
he rented a farm in Chatham township, stayed there one year, and then moved to
the farm in Middlebury township which he now owns. He worked it on shares
for five years, and in August, 1880, bought the property, which embraces 116 acres.
He has since purchased 349 acres more in Middlebury, and thus owns 465 acres of
land. He erected his present fine home in 1888, and is one of the successful farmers
of his township. Mr. Cummings married Emma J. Button, a daughter of Ralph
Button, of Middlebury, November 15, 1874. Eight children have been bom to
this union, viz: Claude G., Earl D., George B., Roy E., Ella J., Lee "W., Kate M.,
and William C, the last of whom died in infancy. In politics, the family affiliates
with the Republicans, and Mr. Cummings is a member of the Patrons of Husbandry.
He is a good example of what energy and perseverance can accomplish. Twenty
years ago he was working as a farm hand, while to-day he is one of the largest prop-
erty owners and most substantial citizens of Middlebury township.

Amos E. Rowley, inventor and cabinet maker, was born at Southampton,
Massachusetts, January 4, 1825, a son of Chester and Rispa (Barnes) Rowley, natives
of Massachusetts. His parents reared the following children: Horace, deceased;
Mary, wife of Moses Thorpe, of Cahfomia; Hayden, of Saginaw City, Michigan;
Amos E., of Middlebury township; Elvira, wife of Henry Wells, of New Haven,
Connecticut; Gensie, Lewis, Benjamin and James, all of whom reside in Connecti-
cut. Amos E. learned the cabinet maker's trade in Massachusetts, and followed that
business in the East up to^ 1859, when he came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania. He
settled at Keeneyville, and has since followed his trade in this county, with the
exception of ten years spent in Wellsville, Coming and Sandy Hill, New York. He
retired from active work in 1894, while a resident of Wellsboro, removing to his


farm in Middlebury township, where he devotes his attention to inventing, a business
that has received a large portion of his time from early manhood. Among his
principal inventions are the Eowley Car Coupler, the Eowley Power Mortising
Chisel, which removes its own chips, the Eowley Bosom Board, the Eowley Weight
Power, and the Eowley Eotating Churn Dash, all of which have been fairly success-
ful. In 1844 he was married at AYaterville, l^'ew York, to Ellen Tower, who bore
him seven children, four of whom are living, viz: Alice, wife of Eev. Bain, of Edmes-
ton, IsTew York; Frank, a Methodist Episcopal minister, of Troupsburg, New York;
Charles, a pattern maker of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Eose, wife of James Shaff,
of Middlebury toAvnship. Mr. Eowley's second wife was Mrs. Mills, and his present
wife, Mrs. Mary Brown, nee Shaff. In polities, he is an ardent Eepublican.

Sylvester E. Adamy, a son of Daniel and Catherine (Brink) Adamy, was
bom in Schuyler county, New York, and came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, about
1853. He located near Tioga, where he worked in a saw-mill three years, and then
removed to Wisconsin. Five years later he returned to Tioga county and purchased
a farm near Keeneyville, but continued working in saw-mills imtil his death, in
1873. He married Eoxina Brown, a daughter of Nathaniel Brown. Eight children
were the fruits of this union, viz: George E., a merchant of Niles Valley; Almira,
wife of Abram Lyon; Daniel, a train dispatcher at St. Paul, Minnesota; Dewitt,
deceased; Clara B., wife of Henry Sweet, of Middlebury; Catherine A., wife of

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