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army at Valley Forge, and served in Sullivan's Expedition against the Indians of the
Genesee valley in 1779. His father and the other members of the family were in
the fort at "Wyoming during the massacre, but escaped unhurt. His command was
on its way to the valley at the time and stopped the night before at Shoup's
Tavern, Northampton county, Pennsylvania. In 1787 he removed to Newtown, now
Elmira, New York, where he remained until March, 1811, when he came to Tioga
county and settled at Elkland, on a tract of land the original warrant for which was
issued to Dr. Henry Lattimer, of "Wilmington, Delaware. Here he remained until
his death, September 7, 1841. Mr. Tubbs married Sarah Susannah Dorrance,
eldest child of Lieut. Col. George and Mary ("Wilson) Dorrance. Colonel Dorrance
was killed in the "Wyoming Massacre. Mrs. Tubbs was born in 1760, and died Au-
gust 16, 1838. She was the mother of eleven children, as follows: A son born in
1778, who died in childhood; Eobert, born March 34, 1780, married Clara Hoyt, and
died August 9, 1865; Cynthia, bom May 11, 1782, married Samuel Jenkins, and


died Maxch 6, 1860; Betsey, born in 1786, married Jonathan Jenkins, and died
Maxch 28, 1817; Polly, born September 15, 1789, married David Hammond, ajid
died January 21, 1867; George, born in 1790, and died in 1792; Susannah, bom
January 10, 1794, married John Eyon, Jr., and died March 5, 1881; Samuel, born
December 15, 1794, married Permelia Taylor, and died May 15, 1870; Benjamin,
bom December 19, 1796, maxried Polly Taylor, and died August 19, 1873; James,
bom in January, 1800, married Sally Coates, and died November 20, 1823, and
Hannah, bom December 35, 1802, married Martin Stevens, and died May 24, 1850.

Samuel Tubes, Jb., son of Samuel Tubbs, Sr., was bom at Newtown, New
York, December 15, 1794, and was ia his seventeenth year when his parents located
at Elkland. In 1815 he maxried Permelia Taylor, a daughter of Capt. Ebenezer and*
Polly (Cook) Taylor, to which union were bom six children, viz: Polly, who mar-
ried Benson Tubbs; James, of Osceola; Clara, who lives with her youngest brother,
George; Sally, who married Lyman P. Hoyt; Philip, whose first wife was Sarepta
Crandall, and second wife, Betsey Spencer, and George, who married Jane Campbell.
Mr. Tubbs lived nearly all his life in Osceola. In 1840 he built the house now oc-
cupied by Morgan Seely, and died at the home of his son, George; May 15, 1870. His
wife died on July 21, 1851.

James Tubes, eldest son of Samuel Tubbs, Jr., was bom in Osceola, Tioga
county, February 12, 1818, there grew to maturity, and made farming his principal
vocation. In early manhood he taught school in Elkland and other places in the
Cowanesque valley. He was married May 9, 1841, to Anna Gleason, bom December
19, 1819, a daughter of Paul and Judith (Warren) Gleason, to .which union were
bom two children, viz: Charles and Henry, both residents of Osceola. Mrs. Tubbs
died April 29, 1879, and her husband makes his home with his son, Charles. He
was a captain of militia from 1841 to 1850, a school director for thirty years, a
supervisor for fifteen years, and has also served as burgess of Osceola. In politics,
he is a Eepublican.

George Tubes was bom in Osceola, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, January 12,
1829, and is a son of Samuel and Permelia (Taylor) Tubbs. With the exception of
three years that he lived in Elkland, he has spent his entire life in his native town-
ship. He attended the common schools in boyhood, and has since been engaged in
farming, having assisted in clearing several farms, including a part of the old home-
stead. On April 10, 1852, he married Jane Campbell, a daughter of Joseph and
Anna (Clinch) Campbell, of Nelson township, and has three children, viz: Prank,
Ann, wife of 0. A. Van Dusen, and Minnie, wife of W. H. Clark. Mr. Tubbs is a
stanch Eepublican, and has held various local ofiBees, such as supervisor and col-
lector, and has been a school director of Osceola ten years. He is a member of the
Patrons of Husbandry, and takes a deep interest in the growth and progress of that

John Tubbs, son of Eobert and Clara (Hoyt) Tubbs, was bom and reared in
Osceola, Tioga county. He cleared a, farm of 150 acres, now owned by his son, Ed-
ward E., and was also extensively engaged in the lumber business. His wife,
Eebecca, was a daughter of James and Nancy (Eobb) Atherton, of Elkland, and
bore him two children, Edward E., and Lizzie A., wife of Eussell Wentworth. Mr.
Tubbs was a member of the Presbyterian chui-ch, also of the Masonic order, and


in politics, a KepuUican. He died January 9, 1893. His wife died June 3, 1873,
at the age of thirty-seven years.

Edwakd E. Tubes, only son of John and Eebecca Tubbs, was born in Osceola,
Tioga county, July 19, 1857, attended the public schools of his township in boy-
hood, and later the State Normal School, at Mansfield. He has always been a
resident of Osceola, and is engaged in farming and in buying and shipping live
stock for the New York markets. Mr. Tubbs has been twice married. His first
wife was Mrs. Delia 6. Pratt, a daughter of Philip Fridley, of Seneca county. New
York, who bore him one son, John E. His second wife was Alice Perry, a daughter
of Albert and Fannie (Coykendall) Perry, of Steuben county. In politics, Mr.
Tubbs is a EepubHcan, and is a member of the Masonic order.

Nathaniel Seelt was a native of Southport, Chemung county. New York,
bom November 30, 1788, a son of Nathaniel Seely, Sr. He settled in what is now
Osceola, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1813, where he engaged in farming up to
1830, also kept an inn for the accommodation of travelers, and for twenty years was
a justice of the peace. He was married February 16, 1809, to Lucy Kelsey, a daugh-
ter of Abner and Ann (Eaton) Kelsey, who became the mother of thirteen children,
only seven of whom grew to maturity, viz: Jonas B., George G., Morgan, Henry,
Jane E., who married Eussell Crandall; Ann K., who married A. W. Lugg, and Allen.
Mrs. Seely was bom August 31, 1791. Both she and her husband were members
of the Methodist Episcopal church. He died at his home in Osceola, October 15,
1866. His wife survived him until September 15, 1873.

MoKGAN Seelt, banker, was bom in Osceola, Tioga county. May 15, 1816, and
is a son of Nathaniel and Lucy Seely. He was reared to manhood in his native
town, and completed his education at Wellsboro Academy. He commenced his bus-
iness career as a clerk in the store of the late Joel Parkhurst, of Elkland, with whom
he remained several years. In 1845 he embarked in the mercantile business at
Elkland, where he carried on merchandising one year. He subsequently conducted
the same line of business at Nelson and Osceola, his mercantile career extending over
a period of thirty years. In 1869, as a member of the firm of Seely, Coates & Com-
pany, he established a bank at Knoxville, which existed for eight years. In 1877
he founded a bank at Osceola, which he has carried on successfully up to the
present. In 1885, as a member of the firm of Tucker & Seely, he established the
Farmers' and Traders' Bank, of Westfield. This partnership existed until November,
1892, when he was succeeded by his son, Frank J. Mr. Seely was married in Feb-
ruary, 1847, to Harriet Beebe, a daughter of Anson and 'Lucy (Lincoln) Beebe, of
Lawrenceville, Tioga county, and is the father of four children, viz: Mrs. Stella
A. Taylor, Ida V., deceased wife of Dr. C. H. Bosworth; Frank J., and Ed. M.
Politically, Mr. Seely is a EepubHcan, and in religion, a member of the Presbyterian

Peank J. Seelt was bom. in Osceola, Tioga county, November 14, 1854, and is
the third child and eldest son of Morgan Seely. He was reared in Osceola, and ob-
tained his education in the public schools of his native town and Wellsboro High
School. In 1875 he engaged in merchandising at Nelson, where he continued in
business until 1884. He then entered the banking house of his father, at Osceola,
and filled the ofl&ce of cashier until November, 1893, when he removed to Westfield


to accept the same position in the Farmers' and Traders' Bank^ succeeding his
father as a member of the firm of Tucker & Seely. He is also a member of C. W.
Morgan & Company, wholesale dealers in hay, grain, etc., established at Osceola in
1889, to which place he returned in the spring of 1897. On October 30, 1880, he
married Maria Augusta Phelps, a daughter of Volcut C. and Diantha (Smith)
Phelps, of Osceola, and has two children, Gertrude and Sara. Mr. Seely is an ardent
Eepublican, is a member of the Presbyterian church, and is connected with the P. &
A. M., and K. & L. of H.

Ed. M. Seely, youngest son of Morgan Seely, was bom in Osceola, Tioga
county. May 15, 1861. He obtained his education at the public schools and at the
State Normal School, Mansfield, and received a preliminary banking training in
New York, and in 1880 entered his father's bank in Osceola. He was cashier of that
institution from 1882 to 1885. November 1, 1885, he was transferred to the
Farmers' and Traders' Bank, of "Westfield, of which he was cashier until November,
1892, when he returned to Osceola and resumed his old position as cashier of his
father's bank, which he still retains. Mr. Seely was married July 4, 1893, to
Kittie M. Strawn, a daughter of Samuel and Ann (Curran) Strawn, of Chatham
township. He and wife are members of the Presbyterian church, and in politics, he
is a Eepublican.

Andeew Bosaed, one of the early settlers of Osceola, Tioga county, Pennsyl-
vania, was born on the old Bosard homestead, in Monroe county, Pennsylvania,
February 14, 1780. His grandfather, Johan Philip Bossert, immigrated from Alsace,
Germany, in 1729 and settled at Bossardsville, Monroe county, immediately below
the Delaware Water Gap, in 1745, where he purchased a tract of land from the
sons of William Penn. Andrew there gxew to manhood, and learned the trade of
cabinet-making. On February 32, 1804, he married Nancy Hammond, a sister of
the late John Hammond, of Elkland, and settled upon a farm about two miles from
Bossardsville, where he remained until 1809, when he removed to Chemung county.
New York, locating near Elmira. In 1813 he came to the Cowanesque valley and
settled on the Bosard homestead, in Osceola, where he practiced the arts of hus-
bandry for many years. In 1814, during the War of 1812, he enlisted in the army,
but was never mustered into actual service. He died in Osceola on August 30,
1858. His wife, Nancy Hammond, was born in Litchfield, Connecticut, April 4,
1784, and died in Osceola on November 24, 1839. Their children were as follows:
James Huntington, Alvers, Emma, Maria, Arthur F., Andrew Keller, Melchior De
Pui, Nancy and Peter. Alvers Bosard succeeded to the homestead, and his widow
and daughter now occupy the same. James Huntington, Emma and Nancy died
in 1834, 1831 and 1836, respectively. Maria married Henry C. Bosworth, in 1843
and lived for some lime at Smithfield, Pennsylvania, bub removed to Osceola about
1853, and resided there until her death, in 1870.

Andeew Kellee Bosaed was bom in Osceola, Tioga county, December 27
1819, a son of Andrew and Nancy Bosard. He was educated in the common schools
and at the TV ellsboro Academy, which he attended for a short time. He leamed the
trades of a cabinet-maker and carpenter, aud also taught school four or five years
m early manhood, subsequently devoting his attention to working on his farm and
at his trade. In October, 1843, he married Hetty CiUy, a daughter of John and


Marcia (Goodwin) Cilly, of Osceola. His wife died November 23, 1865, and in 1867
he married Anne Sherman. He resided at Osceola until his death, which occurred
March 12, 1877. His second wife survived imtil 1882. Mr. Bosard reared a family
of ten children, seven by his first wife and three by his second, as follows: James
Huntington, bom in 1845, a lawyer of Grand Forks, North Dakota; George Leroy,
bom in 1847, a carpenter and farmer, who married Mary Beagle, a daughter of the
late Cornelius Beagle, of Elkland, and died in 1878; Jerome Leon, bom in 1849, a
carpenter residing in Nelson; Florence Hortense, bom in 1851, who married WilUs
K. Bierly, of Williamsport, in 1872, and died in that city in 1873; Sara Louise,
bom in 1853, who married Willis E. Bierly, in 1874, and resides at Grand Forks,
North Dakota, where her husband is a newspaper man; Willie Bums, who married
Carrie Fical, in 1878, and in 1880 removed to North Dakota, and now resides at
Emerado; Maria, bom in 1859, wife of Herbert B. Mitchell, of Eock Island, Illinois,
a son of Judge John I. Mitchell, of Wellsboro; Emma, born in 1867, wife of J. B.
Eedfield, of Farmington; Stella M., bom in 1869, wife of Fred Allison, of Mills,
Potter county, and Lizzie, born in 1874, wife of Jesse 0. Treat. In the days of the
State Militia, before the war, Mr. Bosard was colonel of his regiment, and was active
on muster days at military encampments. During the Eebellion he was employed
by the township as recruiting agent, and represented Osceola at Williamsport, Har-
risburg and Carlisle. In polities, he was first a Whig of the Henry Clay school, and
was one of the first to join the ranks of the Eepublican party at its organization.
True to the instinct and teaching of his mother, he was a member of the Presby-
terian church, and lived and died in that faith. He was also connected with the
I. 0. 0. P. and the F. & A. M., in which societies he always manifested a deep

Stennett Ceandall was bom in Ehode Island, November 1, 1767, resided in
Madison county. New York, for many years, whence he removed to what is now
Osceola, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1823, settling on the farm originally occu-
pied by David Jay. He engaged in farming, and also worked at the shoemaker's
trade, having his shop in his dwelling house. His wife, Caty Greenman, bom June
10, 1773, bore him a family of eleven children, viz: Silas, Joel, Ehoda, who' married
Stephen Card; Tmman, Jairas, Bamey, Stanton, William, Henry, Eussell, and one
that died in infaacy. Mrs. Crandall died August 17, 1837, and her husband No-
vember 13, 1853.

Eussell Chandall was bom in Cazenovia, Madison county. New York, Au-
gust 9, 1817, and is the youngest son of Stennett Crandall. He was about six years
old when his parents located at Osceola, where he attended the pioneer schools of
the neighborhood, obtaining but a limited education. At the age of seventeen he
commenced life for himself, as a farm hand, working in that capacity eight years.
In 1841 he engaged iif general merchandising at Osceola, which he followed suc-
cessfully up to 1890, a period of nearly fifty years, when he retired. Mr. Crandall
was twice man-ied. His first marriage occurred March 12, 1844, to Jane Seely, a
daughter of Nathaniel and Lucy (Kelsey) Seely, pioneers of Osceola. Of the f Jur
children bom to this union, three grew to maturity, viz: Francis M., deceased;
Vine and Albert; S. His second wife was Mrs. Julia Scott, nee Carr, of Milesburg
Pennsylvania. Mr. Crandall is one of the leading citizens of Osceola, with which bor-


oiigh he has been prominently connected for more than half a century. He took
an active part in establishing the Osceola High School, in 1860, served as a school
director for twenty-five years, and was treasurer for nearly as long. In politics, he
is a Republican.

Fhancis Marion Cbandall, eldest son of Russell and Jane Crandall, was a
native of Osceola, where he followed the mercantile business from 1868 until 1880,
when he removed to^ Grand Forks, Forth Dakota. He there continued merchandis-
ing until his death, which occurred in 1881. His wife was Orcelia C, a daughter of
Charles and Maria (Eng) Toles, of Tioga county, who bore him one son, Charles L.
During Lee's invasion, in 1863, he served three months with the Emergency Men.
In politics, he was a Republican, and was connected with the Masonic order.

Vine Ceandall, second son of Russell and Jane Crandall, was born at
Osceola, Tioga countj', SeptenAer 17, 1846, and obtained a good education in the
Osceola High School. In 1866 he entered the general mercantile business with
Philetus Crandall, under the firm name of P. Crandall & Company, in which he con-
tinued until 1869. He then located at Knoxville, where, as a member of the firm
of Seely, Coates & Company, he was engaged in the banking business a number of
years. In 1878 he returned to Osceola, where he has since devoted his attention to
lumbering. Mr. Crandall was married December 15, 1869, to Sarah A. Kinney, a
daughter of Rev. Chester D. and Eliza (jSTorthrup) Kinney, of Osceola, and has one
son, Henry K., bom April 15, 1879. In politics, Mr. Crandall is a Republican, is a
member of the F. & A. M., and is a trustee in the Presbyterian church. He is one of
the most progressive and enterprising citizens of Osceola.

Thuman Ceandall, third son of Stennett Crandall, was born in Rensselaer
county. New York, February 5, 1796, and settled in what is now Osceola township,
Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1822, taking up 130 acres of land, which he cleared
aad improved. In 1850, he embarked in the general mercantile business at Osceola,
in which he was engaged for many years. He married Nancy Card, a daughter of
Judge Card, of Madison county. New York. She died November 12, 1863. To
this union were bom seven children, named as follows: Philetus, Saropta, who
married Philip Tubbs; Lydia, who married Henry Seely; Silas G., Phoebe, Charles
and Rebecca. Mr. Crandall died March 23, 1882, in his eighty-seventh year.

Silas G. Ceandall, son of Truman and Nancy Crandall, was bom in what
is now Osceola township, Tioga county. May 12, 1827, was reared upon the old
homestead, and obtained a limited education in the public schools. He followed
farming until 1850, and then engaged in the mercantile business at Osceola with
his father aad brother, under the firm name of P. Crandall & Brother. He also
built, in connection with others, a tannery at Osceola, which he operated for several
years. In 1859 he removed to Nelson, where he was engaged in farming up to 1883.
In that year he located at Kno.xville, which has since been his home, where he con-
ducted the hardware business for a number of years. Mr. Crandall was married
January 24, 1858, to Mary Weeks, a daughter of William and Lovina (Taylor)
Weeks, of Osceola township, and has two children: Eva G., wife of James C Good-
speed, and Lettie, wife of George W. Bottum. In politics, Mr. Crandall is a Re-
publican, and is a member of the E. A. U.

James Woeks, a native of Exeter, New Hampshire, settled in what is now


Osceola, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1813. In 1814 he removed to what is
known as the Ouderldrk farm, in Farmington township, and thence to Troupsburg,
New York, where he died and was buried. His first wife was Eachel Cass, of Exeter,
New Hampshire, who bore him six children, viz: James F., Matilda, who married
Hosea Aldrich; Loncy, who married George Champlin; Sally, who married a Mr.
Clark; Jane, who married a Mr. Brooks, and Asa. His second wife was a Miss
Whitaker, to which union was bom one son, Leonidas.

James F. "Wokks was bom in Exeter, New Hampshire, February 13, 1808, and
removed with his parents, James and Eachel Works, to Tioga county when about
five years old. He was reared by the Bulkl'ey family, of Osceola, vri.th whom he
lived twenty-eight years, and obtained a limited common school education. In
1841 he purchased seventy-five acres of land on Holden creek, in Osceola township,
upon which he resided until his death, which occurred December 33, 1894, in his
eighty-seventh year. His wife, Jane, was a daughter of Selas and Elizabeth (Horton)
Taylor, of Osceola, and bore him three children, viz: Esther M., wife of A. L. Brant;
Benjamin, deceased, and Justus M. E. Mr. Works was of a retiring disposition,
temperate in all'things, and was one of the last of the original settlers in this section
of the county to pass to the great beyond. In politics, he was a stanch Democrat,
but never took any active interest in public affairs.

Justus M. E. Woeks, son of James F. and Jane Works, was bom in Osceola,
Tioga county, August 13, 1860. He obtained his education in the public schools
and Woodhull Academy, and has made farming his vocation, having spent his en-
tire life upon the old homestead, where he was born and reared. In politics, he is
a Democrat, has held various local oifices in Osceola borough, and is at present a
school director.

John Hazlett, Se., son of Eobert Hazlett, was bom in the North of Ireland,
and immigrated to the United States in 1810. The same year he settled in Nelson
township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, where he cleared and improved the farm now
occupied by his descendants, upon which he died. On April 11, 1811, he mar-
ried Jane Campbell, a daughter of Joseph Campbell, of Nelson township, and their
children were as follows: Eachel, who married James Cook; Mary, who married
John FHnt; Samuel, who married Catherine Knapp; Archibald, Jane, John, Eliza
Ann, who married William Merritt; Sally J., who married Charles Horsley, and
Maria, wife of Washington Eichardson.

John Hazlett, son of John and Jane Hazlett, was bom on the home&tead
farm in Nelson township, Tioga county, and spent his entire life there, engaged in
agricultural pursuits. He was married March 35, 1855, to Lucy Dunham, a daughter
of James and Nancy (Brown) Dunham, of Farmington township. Six children were
bom to this marriage, viz: Frank E., Nancy, wife of William Pepper; Edward,
Ella, deceased; Fannie, wife of William Monroe, and Herbert. Mr. Hazlett died
March 15, 1893. He was a member of the I. 0. 0. F., and an adherent of the Ee-
publican party.

Feank E. Hazlett was born in Nelson township, Tioga county, April 3, 1856,
and is the eldest son of John and Lucy Hazldtt. He was reared in his native
township, and completed his education in the Coming High School. He began his
business career as a clerk in the largest grocery house in Ithaca, New York, and f ol-


lowed that occupation five years. He was subsequently in the employ of the Fall
Brook Eailroad Company at Academy Corners for eleven months. In 1885 he
embarked in general merchandising at Osceola, which business he has since
continued, and by judicious management and strict attention to the details of his
business he has built up one of the largest trades in the Cowanesque valley, though
he conducts his establishment on a strictly cash basis. In 1894 he built a store in
Elmira Heights which is conducted by Hazlett, Monroe & Company. On December
23, 1888, Mr. Hazlett married Eula M. Taylor, a daughter of Hiram Taylor, of
Osceola, and has three children: Clinton E., John H. and E. Blaine. Politically,
he is a Republican, and is now serving as a justice of the peace. He is a member
of the Presbyterian church, and is also connected with the K. of H., the K. & L.
of H., and the K. 0. T. M.

Henky C. Boswokth, M. D., was bom in Vernon, New York, March 8, 1811,
and was a son of Reed and Amarilla (Peck) Bosworth. He was reared in Bradford
county, Pennsylvania, and in 1837 was graduated from Geneva Medical' College, New
York. For thirteen years he practiced his profession at Smithfield, Bradford county.
In 1850 he removed to Deerfield, Tioga county, where he engaged in farming for two
years, and also in general merchandising at Academy Comers. In 1853 he re-
moved to Osceola, where he continued the mercantile, business up to his death,
December 5, 1870. His wife, Maria, was a daughter of Andrew and Nancy (Ham-
mond) Bosard, pioneers of Osceola, and bore him three children: Edward E.. Ur-
bane A. and Charles H. Dr. Bosworth was a man of genial disposition and pos-
sessed hosts of friends. He was a member of the Presbyterian church. In poli-
tics, a Republican, he served as postmaster of Osceola from. 1861 to his death.

Chahles H. Boswoeth, physician and surgeon, was born in Deerfield town-
ship, Tioga county, November 22, 1851, and is the youngest child of Dr. Henry C.
and Maria Bosworth. He was educated at Union and Woodhull Academies, com-
menced reading medicine in 1879, and was graduated from the College of Physicians
and Surgeons, Baltimore, Maryland, in 1881. From 1870 to 1890, he was engaged
in general merchandising at Osceola, and was postmaster of that borough from 1879
to 1886. He began the active practice of his profession at Osceola in 1890, to

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