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manently located in 1877. Since the fall of 1893 he has been a resident of West-
field borough. On October 20, 1869, he married Sophena Cottrell, a daughter of
Dr. W. S. Cottrell, of Whitesville, New York, and has four living children, viz:
William, Celestia, wife of Ira Sherwood; Albert E. and Nina May. On August 18,
1864, Mr. Eushmore enlisted in Company D, Two Hundred and Seventh Pennsyl-
vania Volunteers, and was in the battles of Hallett House Battery, Hatcher's Eun,
Fort Steadman, Stony Creek, and Petersburg. He was wounded in the last men-
tioned engagement, April 2, 1865, and was honorably discharged. May 27, follow-
ing. Mr. Eushmore is a member of the Baptist church, and is connected with the
K. of H., the Orange, and the G. A. E. In politics, he is an ardent supporter of
the Eepublican party.

Joseph M. Deckee, a native of New York state, was a son of Henry Decker,
and was reared in Chemung county. He learned the carpenter's trade, followed
it in Breesport, New York, and in 1870 settled in Eutland township, Tioga county,
Pennsylvania, where he continued working at his trade in connection with farming.
In 1882 he removed to Westfield township, and resided there until his death,
which occurred on January 25, 1892, in his sixtieth year. Mr. Decker was thrice
mamed. His first wife was Jane Benson, who bore him one son, John. His
second wife was Minerva Wood, a daughter of Stephen H. Wood, of Eutland town-
ship, to which union were born three children, viz: Addie J., wife of Edgar Smith;
Charles P., and Anna, deceased. His third wife was Eliza A. Ackley, of Westfield
township. Mr. Decker was a member of the I. 0. 0. P., and in politics, a stanch

Chaeles F. Deckee, son of Joseph M. and Minerva (Wood) Decker, was born
in Chemung county, New York, April 30, 1862, and was ten years old when his
parents came to Tioga county. He attended the common schools, and also Mans-
field Business College, and has been a farmer since attaining his majority. He
wns a farm in Eutland township, but has resided in Westfield township since 1885.
He married Hattie Ackley, a daughter of Henry C. and Eliza (Sweazy) Ackley, of
Westfield, to which union have been bom three children: Maude, Charles H. and
Joseph Walter. Mr. Decker is an adherent of the Eepublican party.

Waltee C. Kendall was bom at Altay, Schuyler county. New York, October
<!^, 1858, a son of Merritt and Adeline (Carmichael) Kendall, and is of New England
and Scotch descent. He was reared in his native county, and educated in the public


scliools. He engaged in merchandising in 1877, at Kendall Station, Chemimg
county, New York, where he carried on business two years, and then removed to
Moreland, Schuyler county, where he continued as a merchant three years. In
1882, he located at Potter Brook, in general merchandising, where he has since
successfully carried on business, having to-day one of the finest stores in the county.
From 1883 to 1889 he was also extensively engaged in lumbering, and for five years
has been a member of the firm of Kendall & Wyckoff, proprietors of the Kendall
House at Potter Brook. In January, 1886, he married Maude Derr, a daughter
of David and Alice (Schrayer) Derr, of Hector, Potter county, and has two sons:
Clarence and Arthur. Mr. Kendall is a Democrat, in politics, and has been post-
master of Potter Brook since June, 1894. He is a member of the K. of H., and is
recognized as one of the enterprising citizens of the county.

Chaeles D. Mahkham was bom in Knoxville, Tioga county, Pennsylvania,
January 31, 1854, a son of William and Betsey Markham, a sketch of whom will
be found in this chapter. The subject of this sketch was reared in Knox-
ville, and obtained a common school education. He began his business career as
a clerk in a drug store at KnoxvUle, in which he served three years, when he
purchased the business of his employer and carried it on four years. The year
1882 he spent in the South, and in 1883 he located at Potter Brook, Tioga county,
where he has since carried on general merchandising. In 1879 Mr. Markham
married Emma J. Martin, a daughter of William and Mary A. (Johnson) Martin, of
Knoxville, and has one son, Carl W. Mr. Marldiam is a member of the Christian
church, and also of Cowanesque Lodge, No. 351, P. & A. M. In politics, he is
a Eepublican, and served as postmaster of Potter Brook five years.

Matthevt Eugene MgNinch was bom in Conesus, Livingston county. New
York, March 5, 1851, and is a son of John and Clarissa (Cruger) McNinch. He
grew to manhood in his native county, and there received a common school educa-
tion. In 1876 he located in Clymer township, Tioga county, where he was en-
gaged in farming until 1883, in which year he removed tO' Westfield township,
where he has continued in agricultural pursuits, and also conducted a milk route
in Westfield borough. Mr. McNinch was married January 1, 1874, to Amanda A.
Brownell, a daughter of Rev. Veranus Brownell, of Livingston county. New York,
and has one daughter, Ada Louise, wife of Delos Cooper. In politics, he is a Ee-
publican, and is one of the enterprising young farmers of the township.

William Champlain, a son of George and Loncy (Works) Champlain, was a
native of Potter county, Pennsylvania, but in early life removed to Westfield town-
ship, Tioga county, where he spent the remaining years of his life engaged in agri-
cultural pursuits. His wife was Nancy Verguson, and they were the parents of
two sons, George and Robert.

RoBEHT Champlain, youngest son of William and Nancy Champlain, was bom
in Westfield township, Tioga county, September 2, 1846, and lived in his native
township until his death, September 24, 1879, caused by being accidentally shot'
while cutting com on his farm. He dwelt on a part of the old homestead, and also
owned a farm on Broughton hill, which he cleared and improved. His wife,Helen
Eliza, was a daughter of Hiram and Catherine Graves, of Otsego county. New York,


and bore him two children, Joseph and Einmett. The widow of Eobert Champlain
married I. P. Van Zile, and now resides in. Osceola.

Joseph Champlain, eldest son of Robert and Helen E. Champlain, was bom
in Westfield township, Tioga county, October 1, 1867, and attended the public schools
of Westfield and Osceola in boyhood. He served an apprenticeship of four years
at the blacksmith's trade, and has worked as a journeyman since 1885. He is a
member of the K. 0. T. M., and in politics, an adherent of the Republican party.


William Simmons was born April 7, 1804, in Delaware county. New York, and
removed to Brookfield township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1816. In 1819
he married Mary A. Brown, a daughter of John H. Brown, a Revolutionary soldier,
and one of the first settlers in Brookfield township. The following children were
born to this marriage: John, Ebenezer, Lucinda, who married Rev. William Gr.
Eaymondj Elizabeth, who married Joseph Montague; Andrew J., and Mary, wife
of William Bullock. Mr. Simmons first settled on the farm now owned by John
Dougherty, made a small clearing there, and later removed to the fai-m now owned
by his son, Andrew J., which, with the assistance of his sons, he cleared and im-
proved. He died upon the homestead January 17, 1880, aged nearly seventy-six
years. He kept a general store for many years, and for fifteen yeaxs filled the
office of justice of the peace. He was one of the leading Republicans of his town-
ship, and a very worthy citizen.

Andrew J. Simmons, youngest son of William Simmons, was born upon his
present homestead in Brookfield township, Tioga county, December 13, 1835. He
attended the common schools of his neighborhood, and later Union Academy, at
Academy Comers. He owns and occupies the old homestead, and since 1858 has been
engaged in farming, though he also conducted a general store in Brookfield for
twenty years, and held the office of postmaster for the same period. December 9,
1858, Mr. Simmons married Martha Hunt, a daughter of Richard and Phoebe Hunt,
of Brookfield township. They are the parents of eight children, viz: Gaylord B.,
Fred C, Rose, wife of G. A. Kelley; Mary, wife of Eark Perry; George W., Amanda,
wife of Schuyler Lozier; Willie, and Lena, wife of P. E. Parker. Mr. Simmons is
the possessor of a valuable relic, consisting of a hollow pewter tube, with a plunger
or rod for compressing air, which was used by his grandfather, John H. Brown,
during the Revolution, for lighting punk with which to build fires. In politics, he
is an independent voter, and is an active member of the Farmers' Alliance.

Daniel Schoonovee, a son of Richard and Mima (Bailey) Schoonover, was
one of the early settlers of Brookfield township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania. His
father was a native of Massachusetts, whence he removed to Lower Canada and
later to Troupsburg, New York, where he died at the age of eighty-seven years.
In 1814 Daniel settled on a piece of forest land in Brookfield, which he cleared
and improved. It is now owned by Jonas G. Kilbum. In 1865 he removed to
McKean county, where he died in 1867. His first wife was Minerva Seely, a daughter
of Cornelius and Sally Seely, and bore him three children: Anson, Benjamin and
Richard. His second wife was Dama Warner, to which union were born three
children, viz: Ezra, Charlotte, who married Joseph Fairbanks, and Daniel.


EiCHAKD ScHOONOVEEj youiigest son of Daniel and Minerva Schoonover, was
bom in Brookfield township, Tioga county, August 6, 1826, there grew to ma-
turity, and obtained a common school education. He began his business life as a
jobber in lumber, but in 1847 looated on a farm in Steuben county. New York, and
engaged in farming. He returned to Brookfield township in 1875, since which
time he has occupied the farm upon which he now lives. For many years he dealt
in agricultural implements, beginning in New York state, and has also been engaged
in merchandising at Austinburg for several years in company with his son, Eichard
P. Nearly all his life he has been more or less engaged ia lumbering, which busi-
ness he has found congenial. In April, 1848, he married Sophronia Schoonover,
a daughter of Christopher and Chloe (Pemberton) Schoonovea:, of Clymer town-
ship. They have reared five children, viz: Chloe, deceased; Eichard P., Lucina,
deceased wife of John D. George; Hiram B., deceased, and Elizabeth. In politics,
he is an independent Democrat, and has held various local offices in Brookfield.

ErcHAED P. ScHOONOVEH, SOU of Eichard and Sophronia Schoonover, was bom
in Troupsburg, New York, February 8, 1854, and was reared to manhood in his
native county, receiving a common school education. In 1880 he located in Brook-
field township, Tioga county, where he followed farming until 1893, when he em-
barked in merchandising at Austinburg, in which business he still continues. Mr.
Schoonover was married February 26, 1873, to Eliza Lurvey, a daughter of Ben-
jamin and Eliza (George) Lurvey, of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and has three children:
Albertus, Hiram and Teresa. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church;
also, of the K. 0. T. M., and the P. of H. In politics, a Democrat, he has served
as clerk of Brookfield township three terms, and has been postmaster at Austin-
burg since 1893.

Darius W. Nobles was born in Brookfield township, Tioga county, Pennsyl-
vania, August 5, 1833, a son of Asahel and Hannah (Joseph) Nobles. His father,
and grandfather, Azel Nobles, both settled in Brookfield township in 1816, locat-
ing on the farm now the home of W. S. Hubbard, which was cleared and improved
by Asahel Nobles, and on which Asahel and Darius W. lived and died. Azel, grand-
father of Darius W., lived on the homestead but a short time. He removed to
Parmington township, and there died. Five generations of the family have lived
on the homestead, the wife of W. S. Hubbard being the fourth, and their son, Forrest
L., the fifth. Asahel Nobles was the father of two children, viz: Hannah, who
married John E. Coffin, and Darius W. The latter was bom, reared and died on the
old homestead. His wife was Cornelia Leonard, a daughter of Eev. Stephen A. and
Peninah U. (Darrow) Leonard, of Westfield. She was the mother of four children,
as follows: George E., Walter L., Emma P., wife of W. S. Hubbard, and Cora S.,
wife of Gaylord B. Simmons. Mr. Nobles died March 11, 1894. He was a stanch
Eepublican, filled various local offices in his township, and was recognized as
one of its most prominent citizens.

WiNFiELD Scott Hubbahd was bom in Troupsburg, Steuben county, New
York, April 38, 1855, and is a son of Noah B. and Jemima (Cady) Hubbard. He
was reared in his native town, and educated in the common schools. Since 1876 he
has resided in Brookfield township, Tioga county, where he has been engaged in
farming. August 28, 1881, he married Emma P. Nobles, a daughter of Darius W.


and Cornelia Nobles, of Brookfield township, and has one son, Forrest L. Mr.
Hubbard is a member of the K. 0. T. M.; is a Eepublican, in polities, and has held
various local of&ces in the township.

LovEL Plank, Sb., a native of Pomfret, Connecticut, born April 84, 1795, was
a son of William and Olive J. (Holmes) Plank, and a grandson of Ebenezer and
Jedidah Plank, who were of English descent. Lovel was the youngest in a family
of six children, named as follows: Matilda, Waldo, Elijah, Elisha, Elizabeth and
Lovel. In 1831 he settled in Brookfield township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania,
on the farm now owned by his grandson, W. L. Plank, where he resided until his
death, October 1, 1864, in his seventieth year. His wife was Mehitabel Metcalf, who
died December 28, 1857, aged sixty-six years. She bore him six children, viz:
Sylvester L., who married Permelia Stanton; Daniel L., who married Eliza White;
Olive J., who married Samuel Robinson; Isaac, Charles H., who married Lurania
Beebe, and Laura L., who married John George. Mr. Plank was a deacon in the
First Baptist church of Brookfield for many years, and also took an active part
in public affairs.

Chables H. Plank, fourth son of Lovel Plank, Sr., was born in Paris, Oneida
county, New York, January 19, 1820, and was eleven years old when his parents
settled in Brookfield township, Tioga county. He assisted in clearing the old home-
stead, upon which he spent the remaining years of his life, dying November 17,
1891, in his seventy-second year. His wife was Lurania Beebe, a daughter of
Harry and Martha (Foote) Beebe, of Harrison township, Potter county. She bore
him two sons, Spencer B., deceased, and Welcome L. Mr. Plank was a member of
the Baptist church, and an adherent of the Eepublican party.

Spencee B. Plank, eldest son of Charles H. and Lurania Plank, was born on
the old homestead in Brookfield township, June 35, 1851; was educated in his
native county and in Woodhull, New York, and made farming his life vocation. He
married Martha Pierce, a daughter of Zenas and Hannah (VanWinkel) Pierce.
Mr. Plank died in Westfield township, April 14, 1893. He was a member of the
Masonic order, and in politics, a Eepublican.

Welcome L. Plank was bom in Brookfield township, Tioga county, August
31, 1854, and is the only surviving child of Charles H. and Lurania Plank. He has
lived upon the old homestead all his life, and has followed farming as a vocation.
On December 31, 1872, he married Jane Ackley, a daughter of George and Susan
(Yale) Ackley, of Clymer township, and is the father of the following children:
Charles W., Arthur L., deceased; John S., Anna E., George H. and Ethel M. Mr.
Plank is a member of the Baptist church, and a E. A. M. in the Masonic order. In
politics, he is a Eepublican, and is recognized as a successful and enterprising

Stephen Lane, a son of Joseph and Susannah (Ives) Lane, was born in Dan-
ville, New York, February 29, 1812. His father died in 1814, and his mother, who
was a daughter of Titus Ives, one of the first settlers of Brookfield township, Tioga
county, Pennsylvania, returned to that township after her husband's death. There
our subject was reared to manhood, and soon after settled on the farm now owned
by his son, William G., cleared and improved it, and died April 1, 1874. He
married Jane George, a daughter of John and Olive (Gardner) George, of Brook-


field township, who had two children by this union, viz: Juliette, wife of G. J.
Davis, and William G. Mr. Lane was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church,
and an adherent of the Eepublican party.

William G. Lane was bom on the Lane homestead in Brookfield township,
Tioga county, June 20, 1850, and is the only son of Stephen Lane. He has always
resided upon the home farm, and obtained a common school education in the district
schools. On January 1, 1879, he married Ida Davis, a daughter of James and Jane
(Finkner) Davis, of Westfield, and has two children, Bessie and Arthur. Politically,
Mr. Laae is a Republican.

Geoege W. Hunt was born in Connecticut, in 1771, a son of George and Mary
(Herrington) Hunt. His father was a soldier in the French and Indian war, while
he served in the War of 1812 for three months. He was married in Dutchess county.
New York, to Mary Brown, a daughter of John Brown, a Eevolutionaxy soldier.
He removed to Delaware county, New York, and in 1844 settled in Brookfield
township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania. He was a blacksmith and worked at
his trade up to 1857. He died in 1859, at the age of eighty-eight years. To
George W. and Mary Hunt were bom eleven children, ten of whom grew to maturity,
as follows: Charles, Elizabeth, who married Eri Baker; John, Eichard, George,
Jane, who married William Millard; Sally, who married William Coffin; Jackson,
Eobert and Adam.

EiCHAED Hunt, third son of George W. Hunt, was bom in Middletown, Dela-
ware county, New York, April 6, 1813, and was there reared and educated. He
worked on a farm, and also as a carpenter and joiner until 1844, when he removed
to Brookfield township, Tioga county, and cleared a part of the farm settled by
his grandfather, John Brown. He made all the improvements in buildings, but
sold out in 1866 and purchased the farm where he now resides. In 1838 he married
Phoebe Van Dusen, a daughter of Lawrence and Peggy (Turner) Van Dusen, of
Delaware county. New York. He has reared seven children, as follows: Martha,
who married Andrew J. Simmons; Sylvester, who died in 1863, while serving
in the Union army; Marietta, wife of Seth Kelly; George, Eoxanna, wife of S. P.
Chase; Violetta J., wife of Edgar McLean, and Lester B. The last mentioned is a
native of Brookfield township, was there reared and educated, and has made farm-
ing his life vocation. He married Eosetta Moore, a daughter of Samuel Moore,
and has four children living, viz: Lettie, Eea, Ina and Eichard E. He is a Ee-
publican, and has held several local offices of Brookfield township. Eichard Hunt is
proud of the fact that he has thirty-seven grandchildren and eight great-grand-
children living. In religious belief, he is a Tlniversalist. He is an adherent of the
Eepublican party, and filled the office of treasurer of Brookfield township for one

Petee Kilbuen, a native of Montreal, Canada, came from Vermont to Farm-
ington township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1854, whence he removed to Wood-
hull, New York, and in 1857 settled in Brookfield township, Tioga county. He
cleared and improved a farm in this township, and died at Austinburg, in 1889, at
the ripe age of eighty-four years. His wife was Sophia Burch, and their children
were as follows: Sarah, wife of John B. Bush; Jonas G., Serena, wife of Jackson
Bush; Solomon P., and Jane, wife of Joseph Bush.

<^.:f ^iia-.



Jonas G. Kilbukn, eldest son of Peter and Sophia Kilbum, was born in Or-
well, Franklin county, Vermont, May 11, 1843, and came with his parents to Tioga
conaty in 1854. Since attaining hiB majority he has deYoted his attention to farm-
ing. On September 17, 1861, he enlisted in Company P, Forty-fifth Pennsylvania
Volunteers, and held the ranks of corporal and sergeant during his term of service.
He took part in the battles of James Island, South Mountain, Antietam, Predricks-
burg, Chancellorsville, Knoxville, Jackson, Vicksburg, the Wildeimess, and many
other engagements. He was wounded in the left knee at the Wilderness, May 6,

1864, and laid in the woods three days before being picked up. He re-enlisted
in December, 1863, and was honorably discharged from the service, July 17, 1865,
having served nearly four years. In 1871 he married Libbie Wakley, a daughter
of John B. and Mary (Woodward) Waldey, of Deerfield township, and has four
children, viz: Walter J., Lola, Madge and Eena M. For some years Mr. Kilbum
was a breeder of Hambletonian horses, and among other valuable animals, he bred
"Kilbum Jim," with a record of 2.23, which he sold for the sum of $5,300. Mr.
Kilbum is an ardent Eepublican, and is one of the representative and progressive
farmers of his township.

Stephen P. Chase was born in 'Sew Bedford, Massa,chusetts, IsTovember 29,
1840, a son of Benjamin and Betsey T. (Payne) Chase, both of whom are dead.
He came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1854, and on September 7, 1861, he en-
listed in Company H, Eighty-sixth New York Volunteers. He was enrolled as a
private, and was promoted to corporal, sergeant, color-sergeant and color-bearer, sue-
sessively. In March, 1862, he was taken sick with typhoid fever, and was confined
in the regimental hospital near Good Hope, Virginia, for two months. On May
13, 1864, he was appointed color-bearer of the regiment, and at the battle of North
Anna, by a conspicuous act of bravery, he rallied the regiment, which resulted in
the capture of a line of rebel earthworks. Mr. Chase was honorably discharged at
Brandy Station, Virginia, December 30, 1863, and re-enlisted the following day in
his old company and regiment. He received a gun-shot wound in the left side of
head, at Petersburg, June 18, 1864, and was in hospital at Washington, D. C, and
Philadelphia, for five months. He has now in possession the bullet extracted from
his head, and prizes it as a precious relic. The wound soon broke out, and on
October 30, 1864, he was sent to City Point Hospital, where he was under treat-
ment for nine weeks. During his service he took part in the battles of Second Bull
Run, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Wapping Heights, Mine Run,
Wilderness, Po River, Spottsylvania, North Anna, South Anna, Cold Harbor, Siege
of Petersburg, and the final assault on the lines in front of Petersburg, April 2,
1865. He was finally mustered out of the service near Washington, D. C, June 27,

1865. Mr. Chase had two brothers in the service, Vincent, from Rhode Island,
and Charles W., who was a member of Company A, One Hundred and Thirty-sixth
Pennsylvania Volunteers. A brother of Mrs. Chase served in Company H, Eighty-
sixth New York Volunteers, and died in the service. On November 21, 1867, Mr.
Chase was married at Jasper, New York, to Roxanna S. Hunt, a daughter of Richard
and Phoebe (Van Dusen) Hunt, of Brookfield township. Mrs. Chase was bom
January 21, 1848, and is the mother of the following children: Ina A., Cora B.,
Charlie W., Phoebe A., Maud and Lucy M. Mr. Chase has been superintendent of



the Methodist Episcopal Sunday school at Brookfield most of the time since the
war. He is a member of the E. P. Babcock Post, No. 258, G. A. E., of Westfield.
He is a Eepublican, and has held the offices of justice of the peace, constable and
collector of Brookfield township. He has made farming his life vocation, and is
one of the most respected citizens in the community.

William Austin was bom in Carroll, Chautauqua county, New York, April
3, 1840, a son of James P. and Sally (Cook) Austin. In 1859 he located in Steuben
county, New York, where he followed farming until 1861. In September of that
year, he enlisted in Company H, Eighty-sixth New York Volunteers. He partici-
pated in the battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and other
minor engagements. He held the ranks of corporal and sergeant successively, and
was honorably discharged February 7, 186-4, on a surgeon's certificate of disability.
He was slightly wounded at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863, but never reported it and
continued in active duty. On his return to Steuben county, he continued farming
until 1866, when he returned to Chautauqua county. In 1871 he located at what ia

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