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the office of trustee. He has been a Republican since the organization of that party,
and is one of the well-known and highly respected citizens of the county.

EzEA G. Beach was -bom in Clymer township, Tioga county, June 21, 1855,
a son of Jefferson B. and Catherine (Douglas) Beach. He was educated in the com-
mon schools of his township, and on attaining his majority went into the lumber
woods jobbing for tanneries, principally for H. H. Crary & Company, of Westfield.
He has also been largely connected with lumber operations, and has given employ-
ment to a large number of woodsmen. He has followed this business successfully
for about twenty-four years, until the forests in his vicinity have been stripped of
their best timber. On July 6, 1888, Mr. Beach married Louisa Putman, a daughter
of Wilham and Harriet (Campbell) Putman, of Sunderlinville, Potter county, who
has borne him two children, viz: Mabel, who died February 26, 1891, and Grace
May, who died April 24, 1893. In 1894 Mr. Beach located on the old William
Furman farm, on Pine creek, which has since been his home. He is a member of
Middlebury Lodge, No. 844, I. 0. 0. P., of Keeneyville; also of Gaines Encamp-
ment, No. 314, of Gaines. In politics, he is a Eepublican.

Orein Stebbins, Sh., a native of Connecticut, came from Madison county.


Kew York, to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1837, and located on the site of
Sabinsville, Clymer township, which was at that time covered with forest. Prior
to his settlement in this county he had married Nancy Hancock, who bore him
three children, viz: Nancy Lorena, born July 3, 1827, and died September 8, fal-
lowing; BUjah H., bom August 6, 1839, who died December 18, 1880, and Orrin,
born December 11, 1833, who died October 12, 1880. Mr. Stebbins cleared and
improved a farm in Clymer township, upon which he spent the remaining years
of his life, dying December 5, 1874. His wife survived until July 7, 1S84.

Elijah H. Stebbins was born in Lebanon, Madison county, New York,
August 6, 1829, and came with his parents to Clymer township, Tioga county,
when about eight yeajs of age. He attended the district schools of his neighbor-
hood, and followed farming and lumbering after attaining manhood, up to 1872,
when his father's property was divided and he received as his share a general store
and a part of the homestead farm. In 1875 he formed a partnership with his
brother-in-law, George Eoberts, and built a steam grist and saw-miU, which was
burned in 1877. In the autumn of that year he rebuilt the saw-mill, which he
continued to operate until his death, December 18, 1880. Mr. Stebbins married
Lydia A. Eoberts, a daughter of D. D. and Mary A. Eoberts, of Clymer township,
and reared three children, viz: Milford H., of Wellsboro; George A., of Sabins-
ville, and Cora I., who resides with her mother on the old homestead. He was
a charter member of Westfield Lodge, No. 477, P. & A. M.

Alonzo Giles Sabins was bom in Lebanon, Madison county. New York,
August 28, 1812, and settled in Clymer township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in
1838, on the farm now occupied by his widow and son, Luman E. At the time
of his settlement Clymer township was an almost unbroken Avildemess, with an
occasional clearing here and there, and he resided upon his land until his death,
which occurred October 30, 1886. He taught school the first winter after his
arrival, and was one of the first teachers in his locality. Mr. Sabins was married
September 15, 1838, in Lebanon, New York, to Phoebe F. Eisk, a daughter of John
and Millie (Stevens) Eisk. On the maternal side Mrs. Sabins is a grand-daughter
of Gaylord Stevens, of Lebanon, New York. On the day succeeding their mar-
riage, the young couple took their wedding trip to theii' new home in the forest
of Clymer township, and settled down to house-keeping. They became the parents
of two children, John M., deceased, and Luman E. Mr. Sabins was an attendant
of the TJniversalist church. In politics, he was a Democrat, and filled the office
of township auditor for a period. He was a thrifty and progressive man, and the
village of Sabinsville was named in his honor.

Luman- E. Sabins, only surviving child of Alonzo G. Sabins, was bom on the
homestead in Clymer township, Tioga county, August 15, 1845, and has spent his
entire life upon the home farm. On October 1, 1882, he married Flora Hewitt,
a daughter of George and Martha (Jewett) Hewitt, of Waterville, Oneida county.
New York, and has two children, John L. and Bessie A. Politically, Mr. Sabins
is a Democrat, has been tax collector, and is now serving his second term as constable
of Clymer township. He is a member of "Westfield Lodge, No. 477, F. & A. M.,
and also of the K. 0. T. M. and the Grange.

EiLET BuEDic came with his parents, Jesse Bnrdic and wife, to Clymer town-


ship, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1837, where his father died at the age of
seventy-eight years, and his mother aged eighty years. They reared a large family,
and one of their sons served in the War of 1812. Eiley was mai-ried on Addison
HUl, Tnscarora township, Steuben county. New York, June 4, 1830, to Miss
Schoonover, a daughter of Jonas and Elsie (Strait) Schoonover. She became the
mother of six children, viz: Hiram, George, Sally Mariah, who married Wesley
ISrewton; William K., Emma, wife of John Jenkins, and Peleg. Mr. Burdic owned
a farm of 140 acres of land, upon which he resided until his death. In politics, he
was a Eepublican, and in religion, a member of the Free Will Baptist church.
His widow resides with her son, William E., in Clymer township, at the ripe age
of eighty-four years.

William E. Buedic was bom on the old homestead in Clymer township,
Tioga coimty, January 5, 1842, and was reared beneath the parental roof. In
August, 1864, he enlisted in Company D, Two Hundred and Seventh Pennsylvania
Volunteers, and served until the close of the war, participating in the Siege of
Petersburg and the charge on Port Steadman. After the war he returned to the
home farm, where he has since resided. In politics, Mr. Burdic is a Eepublican,
and is a member of the Grange and the G. A. E.

Feeeman Wilcox, a native of New York state, and a son of Hazzard Wilcox,
was born in 1810, and grew to manhood in his native State. About 1840 he came
to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, and soon after purchased 100 acres of land, which
he cleared and improved, and upon which he resided until his death, in 1884, aged
seventy-four years. On March 19, 1843, he married Sophronia Hancock, a daugh-
ter of Lyman and Ehoda (Ide) Hancock, pioneers of Clymer township. She bore
him three children, two of whom survive, Frank L. and William W. Mr. Wilcox
was a quiet, unobtnisive man, and was respected by his neighbors.

William W. Wilcox, youngest son of Freeman and Sophronia Wilcox, was
born on the old Wilcox homestead in Clymer township, Tioga county, January 11,
1849, and has always lived upon the same farm, which he now owns. He received
a common school education, and has made agriculture his life vocation. On April
9, 1871, he married Mary Sutton, a daughter of Isaac and Huldah (SeeJy) Sutton,
of Deerfield township. They have three children living, viz: Joseph D., Eoba
and Arlington. Mr. Wilcox is a Eepublican, and has been supervisor of Clymer
township three years.

Thomas Eldeidge, a native of Vermont, and a son of John Eldridge, came
to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1847. He settled in Clymer township, and with
the assistance of his son, John, cleared and improved the farm now owned by the
latter, where he died in 1867. His wife was Elizabeth Graham, of Washington
county. New York. She bore him a family of eight children, viz: Joshua, Martha,
who married Abner Harding; Thomas, Horace, James, John, Edwin and Hiram.
Of these, Martha, John and Edwin are living. Mr. Eldridge was a soldier in the
War of 1812, and his father was a veteran of the Eevolution.

John Eldeidge was bom in Hartford, Washington county, New York, March
22, 1830, and came with his parents, Thomas and Elizabeth Eldridge, to Saratoga
and Tompkins counties. New York, where he was reared and educated. The family
settled in Clymer township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1847, where John


remained one winter. For the nine succeeding years lie lived at Groton, New
York, where he was employed in buying material for a firkin factory. In 1857
he returned to Tioga county, and lived two years on his father's homestead, and in
1860 embarked in the hotel business at Sandy Hill, New York. In 1861 he sold
out and enlisted in a New York regiment, and served three months, when he was
honorably discharged. He then returned to Clymer township, Tioga county,
where he has since resided, with the exception of three years that he spent in the
hotel business at Addison, New York. In 1865, Mr. Eldridge married Almira
Morse, a daughter of Solomon Morse, of Moravia, New York, and has one daughter,
Ella E., wife of Charles Brewster. Politically, Mr. Eldridge is independent, votiag
for the best man, regardless of party creed.

EoswELL AcKLET was bom in Groton, New York, March 14, 1805, and was
a descendant of one of four brothers who came to America with Lafayette during
the Eevolution. In 1848 he settled in Clymer township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania,
on the farm, now occupied by his son. Chancy C, which he cleared and improved
with the assistance of his sons, while at the same time he worked at the carpenter's
trade. His wife, Almira, was a daughter of Beriah Southworth, and bore him eight
children, viz: George M., Sally A., wife of Aaron Yale; John, Beriah S., Lovinus
B., Henry C, Chancy C, and Mary A., wife of Alvin Sweazey. All of Mr. Ackley's
sons, except John, were soldiers in the Union army during the Eebellion. He and
wife were members of the Methodist Episcopal church. In politics, he was a Ee-
publiean from the organization of the party, but he east his first presidential vote
for Andrew Jackson, under whose administration he was postmaster of Groton
City, New York, though later he became a Whig. He filled several minor offices
in Clymer township, among them Justice of the peace. Mr. Ackley died May 31,

Chancy C. Ackley, son of Eoswell Ackley, was born in Groton City, New
York, September 6, 1840, and was eight years old when his parents came to Tioga
county. He was educated in the common schools and Union Academy and com-
menced life as a teacher, which vocation he followed for three years. He then
engaged in farming, buying and selling stock, and various other occupations at
different periods. On August 34, 1861, he enlisted in Company F, Eleventh Penn-
sylvania Cavalry, entering the service as a sergeant. In December, 186,3, he was
honorably discharged. In the fall of 1863, he assisted in raising an independent
battery of 180 men, which, however, was afterward disbanded, by order of Adjtitant-
General Eussell. In August, 1864, he recruited forty men for Company D, Two
Hundred and Seventh Pennsylvania Volunteers, and was commissioned second
lieutenant of said company September 3, 1864. He was mustered out of the ser-
vice May 31, 1865. During his first term he participated in all the battles of the Pen-
insular Campaign, as a member of the Eleventh Cavalry, and thence to Norfolk,
Virginia, and through to North Carolina. During his second term of service, he was
in command of the picket-line along the James river, and received the thanks of
his general for giving warning of an expected attack by the rebels in front of
Owlett House battery. He was also in the battles of Stony Creek, Hatcher's Eun,
and Fort Steadman. In the last battle he charged ahead of his compajiy, and took
five prisoners himself. He was severely wounded in the head, back and right arm


at Petersburg, from the eilects of which wounds he still suffers. Mr. Ackley was
married January 3, 1895, to Mary A. Higgins, a daughter of Thomas Higgins, of
Clymer township. He is a member of H. C. Ackley Post, No. 469, G. A. E., of
Sabinsville, and in politics, an ardent Kepublican.

Capt. Keuben Pish was born July 11, 1780, and was a son of Capt. Ebenezer
Pish, a Eevolutionary soldier. He spent nearly all his life in Cortland county, New
York, and was captain of a company during the War of 1812. His wife, Betsey,
was a daughter of Benjamin Cleveland, and was of the same ancestry as President
Cleveland. Their children were as follows: Parmelia, who married Jared Davis;
Ephraim C, and Ephraim (2d); Ebenezer D., Stephen P., Sally, who married
Holland Wood; Mary, who married Hendrick Nash; Perlina, who married John
Luce; Betsey, who married William Rexford; Lydia, John P., Jane, who married
Enos Campbell, and Eeuben. Many of the descendants of Capt. Eeuben Fish are
now residents of Tioga county.

Jaeed Davis was born in Ehode Island, September 25, 1795, a son of Daniel
and Deborah (Talbot) Davis. He was reared in the town of Butternuts, Otsego
county. New York, and spent his early manhood in Cortland county. New York,
where he married Parmelia Pish, a daughter of Capt. Eeuben and Betsey (Cleve-
land) Fish. In 1840 he removed to Knoxville, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, where
he spent one year, and then returned to Cortland county. In 1846 he located in
Gaines township, Tioga county, and engaged in lumbering until 1858, when he
removed to Clymer township, where he cleared the land now the site of Davis
Station, on the Addison and Pennsylvania railroad, which was named in his honor.
He resided there until his death, November 22, 1883. His children were as follows:
Wilson, Julia, wife of V. E. Gee; Eeuben F., Fanny, wife of Eufus Eice; J-ired, John,
Betsey, wife of Benjamin Eldridge, and Silas B. Mr. Davis was a veteran of the
War of 1812, and in politics, a stanch Democrat.

Eeuben F. Davis was born in Cincinattus, Cortland county. New York, Feb-
ruary 3, 1824, and is a son of Jared and Parmelia Davis. He was reared in his native
county, and obtained a common school education. In 1848 he came to Tioga county,
Pennsylvania, and located in Gaines township, where he followed lumbering for ten
years. He then exchanged his business for a farm, located in Clymer and Hector
townships, in Tioga and Potter counties, respectively, which he cleared and im-
proved. He resided upon it until 1884, then removed to Sabinsville, where he lived
until the spring of 1895, when he returned to the old homestead. On March 25,
1846, Mr. Davis married Betsey Hickox, a daughter of Luther and Eunice (White)
Hiekox, of Cortland county. New York. They are the parents of three children, viz:
Helen, wife of C. S. Eushmore; Charles M., and Ida, wife of Myron Barber. Mr.
Davis is a stanch Democrat, in politics, and in religion, a member of the Methodist
Episcopal church.

Chaeles M. Davis was bom in Gaines township, Tioga county, December 31,
1851, and is the only son of Eeuben F. Davis. He was reared upon the homestead
farm, and was educated in the Westfield High School and Union Academy. Since
attaining his majority, he taught school and followed agricultural pursuits up
to 1891, in Hector township. Potter county. In the latter year he removed to Sabins-
TiUe, Tioga county, where he has since been engaged in merchandising, and has


filled the office of postmaster since May, 1894. Mr. Davis was married September
26, 1875, to Francelia, a daughter of Benjamin and Lavina (Miller) Bldridge, of
Clymer township, and has three children: Bert E., Bessie L., and Mary H. He is a
member of the Methodist Episcopal church, the E. A. U., and K. of H., and politi-
cally, an ardent Democrat.

JoHH Davis, son of Jared Davis, was bom in Cortland county. New York,
September 24, 1831. He came with his parents to Gaines township, Tioga county,
in 1846, and for a time was in business at Pike Mills, Potter county, where he was
appointed postmaster when but twenty years of age. In 1856 he located in Clymer
township, Tioga county, where he has since been engaged in farming and lumber-
ing. Since 1882 he has also carried on the mercantile business. He was instru-
mental in establishing the postoffice of Lansing, located at Davis Station, on the
Addison and Pennsylvania railroad. He was postmaster at Pike Mills from 1851
to 1856, and has filled the same office at Lansing from 1856 up to the present. He
has been postmaster ever since he was twenty years old. Mr. Davis was married
April 15, 1859, to Parmelia Larrison, a daughter of "William and Sarah (Stryker)
Larrison, of Clymer township, and has one daughter, Sarah L., wife of William A.
Eitter. Politically, he is a Democrat, has held the office of assessor of Clymer town-
ship for many years, and is now serving his first term as justice of the peace. He is
a charter member of Westfield Lodge, No. 477, P. & A. M.

Chaeles N. Butts was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, March 30, 1851,
a son of Michael and Eliza (McCaslin) Butts, and is of English, French and Irish
ancestry. He was reared in his native city, and obtained a limited education in the
public schools. In boyhood, he drove mules on the canal, and was iaured to habits
of rigid industry. In the fall of 1864, he enlisted in Company C, Forty-eighth Penn-
sylvania Volunteers, and participated in the battles of Five Forks, Petersburg, and
Farmersville, and was present at the surrender of Lee at Appomattox. He was hon-
orably discharged from the service in July, 1865, and then returned to his home in
Williamsport. He commenced learning the mason's trade, which he worked at up
to fifteen years ago, and then embarked in business for himself as a contractor, for
the erection of bridge abutments and all kinds of stone and brick work, excavating,
etc. He has an enviable record for first-class work in his line, and has carried on
quite a successful business. He has lived at SabinsviUe, Tioga county, since 1872.
On July 3, of that year, he married Adelia Newton, a daughter of Wesley and Sarah
M. (Burdic) Newton, of SabinsviUe. They have five children living, viz: Marcena,
Hattie, wife of Wallace Burrell, Charles L., Michael and Eena. In politics, Mr.
Butts is a Eepublican, and is connected with the G. A. E., the K. of H., the K. 0.
T. M., and the I. 0. 0. F. societies.

Thomas A. Bate, physician and surgeon, was bom in Mt. Pleasant township,
Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, May 21, 1848, a son of Jonathan and Harriet
(Brinker) Bair, and is of Holland Dutch and German extraction. His parents were
natives of Westmoreland county. His paternal grandfather, Adam Bair, was a
Eevolutionary soldier, and settled in Westmoreland county in 1783, receiving the
deed for his land from John Penn, the elder, and John Penn, the younger. His wife
was Catherine Eeichard. The matemal grandfather of our subject, Henry Brinker,
was also a pioneer of Westmoreland county. Thomas A. was educated in the com-


mon schools and at Sewiekley Academy. In 1875 he commenced the study of medi-
cine, and graduated at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in March, 1879.
He practiced at Holton, Jackson county, Kansas, for a year and a half, and in De-
cemher, 1880, located at Sabinsville, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, where he has
since been engaged in the active duties of his profession. JDr. Bair has been twice
married. His first wife was Sarah J. Steele, of Westmoi-eland county, Pennsylvania.
His present wife was Ellen Eexford, a daughter of William and Betsey (Fish) Eex-
f ord, of Clymer township, Tioga county. She is the mother of one son, E. Eexford.
In politics. Dr. Bair is a Democrat, and is a member of Westfield Lodge, No. 477,
F. & A. M.; also of the K. 0. T. M. and the Empire State Degree of Honor. He
is medical examiner for the K. 0. T. M. and the L. 0. T. M.; also for the New York
Mutual Life, New York Life, Aetna, Penn Mutual, New England Mutual and other
insurance companies.

Feank L. Seaes was bom in Groton, New York, August 4, 1840, a son of Frank
and Caroline (Eowland) Sears. He was reared in his native county, and educated
in the public schools, and since sixteen years of age he has been dependent upon
his own energies and resources. In 1861 he came to Wellsboro, Tioga county, where
for two years he was employed in a foundry. He then purchased a half interest in the
same, and for four years carried on the business, as a member of the firm of Sears &
Blather. Eetuming to Groton, New York, he purchased a farm, lived there five
years, and later spent one year in Wellsboro, Tioga county. In 1880 he located at
Sabinsville, Tioga county, where he has since been successfully engaged in general
merchandising. Mr. Sears was married September 15, 1869, to Josephine, a daughter
of Joseph and Mary (Doumaux) Eiberolle, both natives of France. Her father
settled in Wellsboro, Tioga county, in 1848, and died there in August, 1893. He
carried on a tannery in Wellsboro for thirty years, and is one of its well-remembered
citizens. Mr. Eiberolle was married three times. His second wife was Mrs. Nancy
Taylor, nee Brickley, and his third wife, Betsey Titus, who died in Wellsboro, No-
vember 9, 1896. Mr. and Mrs. Sears are the parents of two children: Walter J. and
Eddie E., both of whom are dead. They are members of the K. of H., and in politics,
he is a Eepublican.

Edwin B. Schott was bom in Waterloo, Seneca county. New York, April 9,
1838, a son of Frederick and Miranda (Bellis) Schott, and is of German and Scotch
descent. He was reared in his native town, and educated in the Union schools. In
1858 he went to California, where he spent twelve years in mining and ranching.
In 1870 he returned to Waterloo, New York, where he engaged in the grocery busi-
ness. In 1876 he came to Tioga coxiatj, Pennsylvania, remained in Elkland six
months, and then removed to Westfield, where he was engaged in the manufacture
of cigars and other pursuits until 1884. In that year he located at Sabinsville,
purchasing the Samuel Goodell mill property, which he has since operated as a saw
and feed-mill, and also carried on a cheese factory, with a capacity for using the
product of 600 cows. Since coming into the possession of this property, Mr. Schott
has practically rebuilt and remodeled the mill, and is doing a good business. He was
married July 16, 1884, to Flora 0. Gill, a daughter of Charles and Eliza (Winchester)
Grill, of Westfield. They have four children, viz: Miranda, Frederick, Walter and


Ellen. Mr. Schott is a member of the F. & A. M., and the P. of H.; and is a stanch
adherent of the Democratic party.

Elihu H. Fatjlknee was bom ia Orange county, New York, January- 15, 1814,
and was a son of John Faulkner, his mother's maiden name being Horton. About
1845 he located on Pine creek, in Gaines township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania,
where he was engaged in lumbering some twelve years. He then commenced farm-
ing in the same township, and cleared and improved the farm now the home of his
widow, where he resided until his death, July 33, 1885. His wife, Anna A., was a
daughter of John and Mary Elizabeth (Alberta) Benn, of Gaines township. Her
father was the first settler of Gaines village, cleared the land whereon it stands, and
resided in the township until his death. Mr. and Mrs. Faulkner were the parents
of five children, viz: John W., Leonard S., Lemuel M., Amanda E., wife of Edgar
Hurlbut, and Pasco N.

Lemuel M. Paulknek was born on the old homestead in Gaines township,
Tioga county, August 18, 1861, and is a son of Elihu H. Faulkner. He was reared
upon the farm, and attended the common schools of the district. On attaining man-
hood he engaged in fanning in Clymer township, on a farm adjoining his father's
place, which he still owns. In 1891 he removed to his present home, upon which
he has since resided. Besides farming, Mr. Faulkner has been more or less engaged
in the lumber business. He married Ida Briggs, a daughter of Eobert W. and Eliza
(Baker) Briggs, of Clymer township, December 25, 1884, and has two children:
Lottie A. and Duleie D. Mr. FaxUkner is a stanch Eepublican, is connected with
the P. of H., and is one of the progressive and enterprising farmers of his township.
Andkew Bbimegin was bom in County Clare, Ireland, November 30, 1844, a
son of John and Ellen (Halland) Brimegin, natives of the same place. His parents
had two children, Patrick and Andrew. The father died in Ireland, and the family
immigrated to the United States in 1846 and settled in Steuben county. New York.
Here the children grew to maturity and obtained a common school education.

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