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Markham, of Eiceville; Edward E., a merchant at Brownville, Iowa, and Prank A.,
a merchant of Osage, Iowa. The father died in April, 1890, aged eighty-one years.
His widow resides at Osage, Iowa, aged seventy-six years. John B. obtained his early
education in the public schools of his native county, read medicine under Dr.
Shannon, of Savona, New York, and Dr. Harrington, of Coming, attended lectures
at the University of Buffalo, and graduated from that institution. He commenced
practice at Hornby, New York, where he remained for eighteen years. In 1885
he located in Lawrenceville, Tioga county, and has since built up a lucrative practice.
Dr. Smith married Lenora Chapman, a daughter of Samuel Chapman, of Law-


renceville, and has two sons, Lawrence C. and Hugh M. He is a member of the
F. & A. M., and the Eoyal Arcanum; also of the Elmira Academy of Medicine; the
Steuben County Medical Society, and the Tioga County Medical Society. In poli-
tics, he is a Eepublican.

Peleg B. Sandfoed, retired grocer, was born near Newark, New Jersey, De-
cember 8, 1814, a son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Back) Sandford, natives of New
Jersey and Connecticftt, respectively. He attended the public schools of New York
City in boyhood, and when fifteen years of age became a clerk in the grocery house
of James H. Cook, of New York, with whom he remained eleven years. He then
formed a partnership with Edmund Driggs, and opened a grocery store at the comer
of Twelfth and Broadway, where they continued in business two years, and then
removed to the comer of Houston and Eldridge streets, continuing the business
there up to 1856. In that year Mr. Sandford sold out and removed to Kidgebury
township, Bradford county, Pennsylvania, and purchased a farm, upon which he
lived up to 1879, when he sold a part of it and located at Somer's Lane, in Lawrence
township, Tioga county, where he erected a store and carried on the mercantile
business until 1891, when he sold out and retired to Lawrenceville, which has since
been his home. On October 3, 1841, he married Keziah Maleomb, who bore him
six children, viz: Susan A., widow of Samuel Wilson, of Clifton, New Jersey; Peleg,
a resident of Caton, New York; Isabella, who resides at home; Catherine E., who
died in infancy, and Francis and Clara J., twins, the former of whom died in in-
fancy, and the latter the wife of P. L. Califf, of Lawrenceville. Mrs. Sandford died
in 1873, aged fifty years. In politics, Mr. Sandford is a Democrat.

Heney Kibkland was born in England, August 25, 1824, and came to New
York with his parents when ten years of age, settling in Utica. After attaining
manhood, he married Amanda Hutchins, who became the mother of one son, William
Henry, now a resident of Goodyears, New York. Mrs. Kirkland died in July, 1851,
and March 27, 1853, he married Mrs. Jane Ann Denton, widow of Lorenzo D.
Denton. She is the mother of one son by her first marriage, namely: James H.
Denton, a resident of Sayre, Pennsylvania. The children of her second marriage
are named as follows: George, a resident of Sayre, Bradford county; Harriet
Amanda, wife of Leroy Smith, of Smithboro, New York; Lorenzo D., who died in
1889; Francis G., of Lawrenceville, and Elmer, who lives in Elmira. In 1865 Mr.
Kirkland removed from Painted Post, New York, to Blossburg, Pennsylvania, and
became associated with Thomas J. Mooers in the Blossburg foundry, the firm being
Mooers & Kirkland. In the spring of 1868 he sold his interest in the business,
because of failing health, and died July 27, 1868. On February 5, 1872, Mrs. Kirk-
land married John Hicks, of Cayuta, Schuyler county. New York, who died April
27, 1875. During the past seven years Mrs. Hicks has made her home with her son
in Lawrenceville.

Feancis G. KiEKLjiND, proprietor of the Hotel Kirkland, of Lawrenceville,
was bom in Blossburg, Tioga county, December 5, 1865, a son of Henry and Jane
Ann Kirkland. When he was not quite three years old his father died, and his
mother removed to Painted Post, New York, where he received a common school
education. In July, 1882, he came to Lawrenceville and began clerking in the
Daggett House. During the succeeding seven years he clerked in stores in Com-


ing, Freeville, Elmira and Havana, New York, and for Wing & Bostwick, of Law-
renceyille; and also in the hotel at Lawrenceville, and the Wilcox House, Wellsboro.
In February, 1890, he leased the hotel at Lawrenceville, and in January, 1894,
purchased the property and changed the name to the Hotel Kirkland. Under his
management the house has prospered, and is recognized as one of the best hotels
iu Tioga county. Mr. Kirkland is a Eepublican, in politics, and is now serving his
second term as a member of the borough council. He is connected with both the
lodge and encampment of the I. 0. 0. F., and in religion, is an adherent of the
Protestant Episcopal church.

Leon A. Chuhch, editor of the Lawrenceville Herald, was born April 30, 1860,
in Deerfield township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, and is a son of Theodore C.
and Julia (Dailey) Church, residents of Deerfield. His father is a son of Daniel D.
Church, who came from Troupsburg, New York, at an early day and settled in Deer-
field, and his mother is a daughter of Willis B. Dailey, a pioneer of Charleston
township. Leon A. was educated in the common schools and at the Mansfield State
Normal School, and began teaching in 1877, which occupation he continued for
thirteen years. In 1883 he entered the office of the Knoxville Courier, with the in-
tention of learning the printing trade, and during the next two years he worked in
Knoxville, Westfield and Elkland, when not engaged in teaching. On February 1,
1892, he became associated with W. P. Eyon, of Lawrenceville, in the publication of
the Herald, which partnership still continues. Mr. Church was married September
28, 1880, to Eleanor C. Corwin, a daughter of Daniel and Martha Corwin, of Deer-
field, and has three children: Myrtie E., Mabel I. and Herold E. In politics, Mr.
Church is a Eepublican, and in religion, an adherent of the Methodist Episcopal
church. He has served as township clerk and inspector of elections in Deerfield,
and is now filling his third term as clerk of Lawrenceville borough.

Eleazeb Baldwin, a native of Connecticut, came to Tioga county, Pennsyl-
vania, in March, 1806, and located in Lawrencie township, on the farm now owned
by John Irvin. A few years later he purchased and moved to the property now
owned by the widow of his son, Moses S. Baldwin. He married Betsey Stevens,
February 3, 1803, who bore him five children, viz: Buell, Eleazer, Eunice, Moses
S. and Thomas L. Mr. Baldwin died on the homestead, August 6, 1831, in the
sixty-second year of his age.

Moses S. Baldwiist was bom on the Baldwin homestead in Lawrence
township, Tioga county, September 22, 1815, attended the pioneer schools of his
neighborhood, and endured the hardships and privations of those early days. He
made lumbering and farming his principal business through life, and was an ener-
getic, progressive man. He married Millicent H. Wylie, a daughter of Daniel B.
and Betsey Wylie, July 26, 1846. She was bom in Susquehanna county, Penn-
sylvania, November 5, 1825. Eight children were the fruits of this union, viz:
Mary E., a physiciaji of Newport, Ehode Island; Buell, and another son, both of
whom died in infancy; Mose S., of Lawrence township; Kate W., a physician of
Philadelphia; Daniel W., a well-known laivyer of Westfield; Lucy D., and Lemuel
6., & physician of Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Baldwin died December 13, 1867.
In politics, he was a Eepublican, filled all the township offices at different periods,
and took a very active interest in public affairs.


MosE S. Baldwin" was bom on the Baldwin farm in Lawrence township,
Tioga county, September 28, 1852, and is the oldest living son of Moses S.
Baldwin. He was educated in the public schools and the State Normal School,
at Mansfield, and has followed agriculture on the home farm up to the present.
He married Miss Eose Osbom. In politics, he is a Eepublican, and has filled the
offices of township clerk and school director.

Epheaim Thomas was born in Ireland, in 1788, immigrated to the United
States about 1805, and finally located on the present Thomas farm in Lawrence
township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania. His wife, Sally, bore him six children,
viz: Sally, who married John Mourhess; Betsey, who married Luman Peck; Wil-
liam, Ephraim, Mary, who first married George Madison, and for her second hus-
band, a Mr. MeClure, and Ezekiel, a farmer of Farmington township. Mr. Thomas
was a carpenter, and followed that trade in connection with farming. He was also.
a local Methodist preacher, and died on September 8, 1852.

William Thomas, eldest son of Ephraim Thomas, was bom in Lawrence
township, Tioga county, April 15, 1818, was reared on the homestead, and fol-
lowed farming during his lifetime. He purchased additional land to that taken
up by his father, and was quite a prosperous man. His wife, Mary Ann, was a
daughter of John and Caroline Crippen, of Farmington township. They were
married September 22, 1844, and had one son, William E. Mrs. Thomas died
August 10, 1866, and her husband, February 17, 1892. In early life Mr. Thomas
was a Democrat, but later united with the Eepublican pai-ty.

De. William E. Thomas, only child of William Thomas, was bom on the
homestead faim in Lawrence township, Tioga county, February 28, 1858, attended
the district schools in boyhood, and has spent his entire life on the place of his
birth. He married Flora J., a daughter of Amos and Harriet Wingate, the young-
est in a family of five children. She was bom February 11, 1858, and is the mother
of four children, viz: William E., Cai-oline C, Charles E. and Walter E. In 1881
Dr. Thomas began the study of medicine with Dr. Lewis Darling, of Lawrenee-
ville, and the following year entered the Medical Department of the University
of Michigan at Ann Arbor. The next three years he spent at the University of Buf-
falo, where he graduated in 1886. He practiced successfully for five years, when
failing health compelled him to abandon his profession. Dr. Thomas and wife are
members of the Methodist Episcopal church, and in politics, he is a Eepublican.
He is also connected with the I. 0. 0. F., both lodge and encampment. He is one
of the substantial farmers of his native township, where he owns a well-improved
farm of 185 acres.

Julius Tebmainb was bom in Steuben county, New York, October 4, 1814,
and was the second son of Lyman Tremaine. He was reared in his native county,
and followed lumbering and farming the greater portion of his life. He came with
his father to Lawrence township, Tioga county, where the family settled on the
present Tremaine farm. He majried Anna Eoff, a daughter of Henry Eoff. She
was bom September 30, 1814, and became the mother of seven children, as fol-
lows: Susan A., wife of W. M. Winter, of Lawrence township; Sarah J., wife of
Allen T. Porter, of the same township; Charles H., a farmer of Lawrence; George
M., a resident of Troupsburg, Few York; William B., who lives in Lawrenceville;


Levi J., a resident of La-wrence township, and Mary E., widow of E. J. Grant. Mr.
Tremaine was an upright, Christian man, a successful farmer, and a prominent
Democrat. He died December 39, 1883. His widow survived him over nine years,
dying January 31, 1893.

Charles H. Tremaine, eldest son of Julius Tremaine, and grandson of Ly-
man Tremaine, was born on the homestead farm in Lawrence township, Tioga
county, February 4, 1841, and has spent his entire life upon the same place. He
obtained a common school education, and worked with his father in the lumber
business until the death of the latter, when he bought out the other heirs and con-
tinued the business alone. On November 21, 1865, he married Thyrza M. Guile,
a daughter of Joseph Guile. She was bom December 18, 1841, and has two chil-
dren: Frank B., a farmer on the old homestead, who married Maria Kelts, a daugh-
ter of Delos and Maria Kelts, of Lawrence township, and has two chidren, Charles
D. and Gilbert E.; and Julius E., who resides at home. The family are members of
the Protestant Episcopal church, and in politics, adherents of the Democratic party.
Mr. Tremaine is a member of the F. & A. M., and of the I. 0. 0. F., both lodge and
encampment. He has served as a school director, and township supervisor, and
is one of the well-known citizens of the township.

Thomas Knapp was bom in Connecticut, in 1801, and the following year his
parents, Elijah and Currance (Barnes) Knapp, removed from Connecticut to Lind-
ley, New York. Thomas was the eldest in a family of eleven children, viz:
Thomas, Seldon, Frederick, Abraham, Jacob, Shadrack, Derrick, Betsey, Polly,
Sally and Lemiza. The father was killed by a rolling log, about 1838. The sub-
ject of this sketch was reared in New York state, living there until 1832, in which
year he removed to Tioga county. He married Emily Cady, a daughter of John
and Amelia Cady, who bore him the following children: George, deceased; Mary,
wife of J. W. Jackson, of Wyoming county. New York; Thomas C, of Lawrence
township; Ira B., a carpenter of Steuben county. New York; John C. and Lewis
J., both deceased; Andrew M., a resident of Caton, New York; Theresa P., wife of
Daniel Stoddard, of Steuben county, and Martha, widow of Abraham Knapp. Mrs.
Knapp died April 15, 1875, and her husband, September 24, 1889.

Thomas C. Knapp, oldest living son of Thomas Knapp, was born in Lindley,
New York, June 37, 1831, and grew to manhood in this county. In 1850 he pur-
chased twenty-five acres of land in Lawrence township, and an additional tract of
fifty acres in 1861, on which he has been engaged in farming up to the present. In
1855 he married Julie Cady, a daughter of Samuel and Diantha Cady, of Lawrence
township, who bore him one son, Thomas, who died in infancy. In September,
1864, Mr. Knapp enlisted in the First New York Cavalry, and was later transferred
to the Second New York Cavalry. He participated in the battles of Cedar Creek,
Warm Springs, the capture of Early's command at Bladenburg, and Five Forks,
and was discharged from the service on June 5, 1865. Eeturning home, he re-
sumed his duties on the farm. Mr. Knapp is a member of the 6. A. R., and in poli-
ties, a stanch Democrat. He has filled the offices of supervisor, constable and col-
lector of Lawrence township.

Samuel Rockwell, retired farmer, was bom in Tariffville, Hartford county,
Connecticut, May 21, 1816, a son of John T. and Amanda (Cowles) Rockwell, na-


tives of that State. Samuel is the eldest in a family of six children, and the only
survivor. He received a common school education in Connecticut and New York,
his parents removing to Southport, New York, when he was about nine years old.
He learned the ehairmaker's trade, and in February, 1839, located in Lawrence-
ville, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, where he followed his trade eleven years. He
then bought his present farm four miles east of Lawrenceville, on which he set-
tled, continuing to work at his trade for about twenty years, at the end of which
period he gave up that business and devoted his entire attention to farming. In
September, 1839, he married Johanna Hunt, a daughter of Hosea Hunt, to which
union were born ten children, as follows: Hosea H., a lawyer of Elmira; Edward
E., a farmer of Lawrence township; Anna, wife of George Mitchell, of Jackson town-
ship; John P., a resident of Minneapolis; Julia M., wife of Charles Seely, of Caton,
New York; Sarah J., wife of D. L. Mulford, of St. Paul; Joseph W. and Josephine,
twins, the former a resident of Lawrence township, and the latter died in infancy;
Nellie M., wife of Chester Blanchaxd, of Farmington township, and Gertrude A.,
wife of E. W. Clark, of California. Joseph "W. was bom November 2, 1851, was
educated in the district schools and the State Normal School, at Mansfield, and
taught for seventeen terms, since which time he has followed farming. He was mar-
ried September 19, 1883, to Mrs. Lucy Chase, widow of William H. Chase, and
daughter of William W. Warren. He has served as constable and collector of the
' township for seven years, and is the present township clerk. The mother of these
children died March 23, 1884, aged sixty-nine years. Mr. Eockwell is a member of
the Lawrenceville Presbyterian church, of which he has been ruling elder since June,
1840. Politically, he is a Eepublican, and has been a school director for fifteen
years, secretary of the school board for twelve years, and township assessor four

Edwakd B. Eockwell, second son of Samuel Eockwell, was bom in Lawrence-
ville, Tioga county, September 4, 1841. He attended the district schools in boy-
hood, and when nineteen years of age went tO' Cameron county and worked one
year in the lumber woods. He then enlisted in Company K, Twenty-third New
York Volunteers, and served in General Pope's campaign, participating in the bat-
tle of Second Bull Eun, and also at South Mountain, Antietam and Fredericks-
burg. He was honorably discharged in May, 1868. Eeturning home, he followed
lumbering up to 1870, when he purchased his present farm of eighty acres, four
miles east of Lawrenceville, and has since been engaged in fanning. Mr. Eock-
well married Martha Tilford, a daughter of Charles Tilford, of Lawrence township,
November 15, 1865. They are the parents of two children, viz: Frank A., who
was accidentally killed while attending school at Homellsville, New York, and
Charles S., a fanner of Lawrence. Politically, a Eepublican, Mr. Eockwell has been
a school director for twelve years, and is now serving his third term as township
assessor. Like most old soldiers, he is a member of the G. A. E. He is a member
of the Bast Lawrence Christian church and has been Sunday-school superintend-
ent twelve successive years.

William H. Evans, a native of New Hampshire, came to Tioga county in
1836 and located in Blkland, where he was engaged in merchandising four years.
He then purchased a farm in Lawrence township, and died there in 1846. He max-


lied Sallie Parkhurst, who bore him five children, viz: Maria, deceased wife of
Dr. E. P. Brown, of Addison, New York; Allison H., deceased; Martha, wife of
Thomas J. Lake, of Baxto, Florida; William M., a farmer at Amherst Court House,
Virginia, and Curtis P., a carpenter of Elkland.

Allison H. Evans was born in Springfield township, Bradford county, Penn-
sylvania, May 4, 1831, and was fifteen years old when his parents came to Elkland,
Tioga county. He was employed as a clerk ia his father's store in that town, where
he also worked for a time in a distillery. In 1840 the family located in Lawrence
township, where Allison H. was engaged in agricultural pursuits to the time of his
death, March 16, 1881. In 1846 he married Abigail Haven, who bore him one
daughter, Allena, who married J. M. Harrison, deceased, and is now the wife of
Marcus Nye, of Whitesville, New York. Mrs. Evans died in 1848, and in 1849 he
mamed Laura M. Haven, a sister of his first wife. Five children were bom to this
union, as follows: Alton C, of Lawrence township; Edgar F., a contractor and
builder of Elmira; Hattie E., wife of E. G. Haven, of the same city; Nettie L., wife
of Dr. M. E. Pritchard, of Haxrison Valley, and Nellie H., deceased. Mrs. Evans
died November 19, 1882, aged fifty-three years.

Alton C. Evans, oldest child of Allison H. and Laura M. Evans, was bom in
Lawrence township, Tioga county, March 9, 1853. He received a common school
education, and worked on the home farm until twenty-three years of age, when he
purchased a farm in Lawrence township, but sold it four years later and moved to
Farmington township. He cultivated rented farms ia that township eight years,
and then returning to Lawrence township, bought his present farm of sixty acres,
five miles west of Lawrenceville, on which he has since lived. Mr. Evans married
Phebe D. Lugg, a daughter of Eobert and Eebecca Lugg, of Nelson. She was born
August 6, 1859, and has two children: Leah E., a teacher, and DoUie. The family
are members of the Presbyterian church, and politically, Mr. Evans is a Democrat.
Joseph Guile, a native of Vermont, bom July 33, 1813, was a son of Leonard
Guile, who was born in the same State September 34, 1793. Joseph was reared in
Vermont, and came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1840, locating on Lamb's
creek, where he operated a saw-mill for about seven years. He then removed to Mid-
dlebury township and purchased 300 acres of timber land, from which he cleared
a farm of 150 acres. He next removed to Lawrence township, rented a saw-mill,
and followed lumbering there for five years, at the end of which time he removed
to Tioga township, leased the DePui saw and grist-mills, and carried on a large
and lucrative business for five years. Becoming a member of the firm of Tubbs,
Eansom & Guile, he engaged extensively in the lumber business in Lawrence town-
ship and vicinity for upwards of ten years, then sold his interest to his partners and
purchased a farm at Somer's Lane, where he also built a store and carried on the
mercantile business up to the time of his death, July 34, 1885. Mr. Guile married
Susan Leonard, a daughter of Ebenezer Leonard. She was born on February 15,
1813, and bore him a family of eleven children, viz: Marietta, bom February 15,
1831, and died October 7, 1889; John E., bom January 5, 1833, and died Febmary
14, 1854; Martha J., bom January 23, 1835, and died March 27, 1842; Curtis C,
bom April 17, 1837, a farmer just across the line in New York state; Adeline E.,
bom July 9, 1839, and died in August, 1885; Thyrza M., born December 18, 1841,


wife of Charles Tremaine, of Lawrence township; Wyat S., bom November 35,
1843, and died December 16, 1853; Norman L., bom October 20, 1845, a farmer at
Crown Point, New York; Leonard J., bom July 23, 1848, a farmer in Lawrence
township; Quincy M., bom January 19, 1853, a conductor on the Fall Brook rail-
road, residing at Coming, and Charles E., bom Decembr 10, 1857, a conductor on
the Erie railroad, living at Cameron, New York. Mrs. Guile died on the old home
stead October 17, 1875.

Leonaed J. Guile, son of Joseph Guile, was bom in Lawrence township,
Tioga county, July 33, 1848, attended the common schools in boyhood, and when
nineteen years of age began working the home farm on shares. Two years later he
entered his father's store, in which he clerked two years, next spent two years in
Jackson township in the lumber business, and then found employment on the Tioga
railroad. At the end of one year he began working for the Fall Brook railroad,
where he remained five years. He next spent a year in tobacco growing, and then
went to Lyons, New York, and carried on a restaurant there for a couple of years, at the
end of which period he purchased his present farm of seventy-seven acres south
of Lawrenceville, on which he has since resided. On July 11, 1868, he married
Sarah A. Warren, a daughter of Elijah and Mary (Edison) Warren, who was born
on Atigust 8, 1844. Mr. Guile is one of the progressive farmers of Lawrence, and
in polities, a stanch Eepubliean.

Nelvin H. Beant was bom in Delhi, Delaware county. New York, in 1812,
a son of Hamilton Brant, a native of Massachusetts. He followed farming in his
native State up to 1857, in which year he purchased a farm in Lawrence township,
Tioga county, where the remaining years of his life were passed. His wife, Jerusha,
was a daughter of Jeremiah Mulford, of Steuben county. New York, and bore him
nine children, as follows: Albert and Bruce, both of whom were drowned in boy-
hood; Legrand G., of Lawrence township; Anna J., wife of James Loop, of Blmira;
Eoss M., who died at the age of twenty; Charles P., a carpenter at Coming; Bruce
N., who lives on the old homestead; Mrs. Ella S. Wells, of Elmira, and Jennie.
Mr. Brant died on September 3, 1865, and his wife, November 7, 1882, surviving
him over seventeen years.

Legeand G. Beant, oldest living child of Nelvin H. Brant, was bom in Lind-
ley, New York, March 20, 1848, and came with his parents to this county. On .Janu-
ary 14, 1864, when in his sixteenth year, he enlisted in Company G, One Hun-
dred and Sixty-first New York Volunteers, and participated in the following en-
gagements: Sabine Cross Eoad, Pleasant Hill, Cane Eiver Crossing, Ovalooses

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