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Prairie, Yellow Bayou, Siege of Fort Morgan, and the Siege of Spanish Fort and
Port Blakely. He was transferred to Battalion One Hundred and Sixty-first New
York regiment, September 20, 1865, and promoted to corporal of Company B. He
was discharged at Tallahasse, Florida, November 12, 1865, and retuming home had
charge of the homestead farm for ten years. In 1866 he purchased a tract of land
in Lawrence township, to which he subsequently added, until he now owns 160
acres. In the spring of 1882 he located on this property, and is making a
specialty of sheep growing. Mr. Brant married Ella M. Horton, a daughter of Hiram
and Hannah Horton, of Lawrence, October 11, 1876. She is the youngest in a family


of eight children, and was born January 1, 1850. Seven children are the fruits of
this union, viz: Arthur G., Floyd H., Cora M., "Walter S., Morton C, Frank and
Jennie L. Mrs. Brant is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. In poli-
tics, Mr. Brant is a Republican, has served as supervisor and school director, and is
a member of the G. A. E., and the P. of H. societies.

Lyman Huelbut was a lineal descendant of Thomas Hurlbut, who came
from England in 1635 and helped to establish the Saybrook colony, in Connecti-
cut. He was bom in the Wyoming valley, Pennsylvania, May 2, 1797, a son of Nap-
thali Hurlbut, a native of Groton, Connecticut, born August 13, 1767. His father
was married in Hanover, Luzerne county, Pennsylvania, July 25, 1793, to Olive
Smith, a native of Lyme, Connecticut, and a daughter of Dr. William Hooker
Smith, of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Their children were as follows: Asenath,
Lyman, Esther Eliza, who married Abel Hoyt, of Osceola, and died in that borough;
Mary Ann, Amos Avery, William Hooker, and John Randolph, a resident of Osceola.
The father never lived in this county, and died in Bums, ISTew York, March 38, 1844.
When a young man, Lyman left his home in the Wyoming valley and entered the
mercantile house of Philip Hone, of New York City. After a varied experience
in New York, he returned to the Wyoming valley and became one of the leading
contractors of his time. He built a large portion of the North Branch canal, from
Wilkes-Barre to Towanda, several bridges across the Susquehanna, and employed
several hundred men for a number of years. In the spring of 1856 he came with his
family to Tioga county, and purchased what was then known as the Newbury
Cloos farm, on the Cowanesque river, in Deerfield township. In the spring of 1861
he sold this place and bought the Thomas Eichardson farm, four miles west of
Lawrenceville, in Lawrence township, where he lived until his wife's death, after
which he made his home with his youngest daughter, Mrs. Dewitt Baxter, in Nel-
son, and died on May 20, 1876, aged seventy-nine years. Mr. Hurlbut married
Caroline Scovill, July 17, 1823, to which union were bom eight children, as fol-
lows: George Lyman, John Scovill, Maria G., wife of James Hancock; William
N., a resident of Westfield; Esther Olive, wife of Eeuben Close; Caroline Scovill,
wife of Luke Gibson; Sarah Myers, wife of Dewitt Baxter, and Charles Fuller, a real
estate agent of Elmira, New York. Mr. Hurlbut was a man of strong personality,
striking physique, large-hearted and liberal in his views, and a consistent Christian.
George Lyman Hurlbut, eldest child of Lyman Hurlbut, was bom in Exeter,
Luzerne county, Pennsylvania, December 35, 1827. He received a good education,
graduating from the Wyoming Seminary, and taught a few terms of school In
1851 he went to California, where he spent about four years. Eeturning home, he
came with his parents to Deerfield township, Tioga county, in the spring of 1856,
where he became interested in the tanning business. Five years later the family
removed to Lawrence township. On August 9, 1862, Mr. Hurlbut enlisted in Com-
pany B, One Hundred and Thirty-sixth Pennsylvania Volunteers, and participated
in the battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and many other minor engage-
ments. He was honorably discharged at Harrisburg, May 29, 1863, and returned
to his home in Lawrence township. Here he followed agriculture up to his death,
November 12, 1893, leaving to his family a good farm of 200 acres. He was mar-
ried November 13, 1861, to Jane E. Blanchard, a daughter of Charles Blanchard,


of Lawrence township, who bore him five children, as follows: Came L., a teacher
in Detroit; Emma, Marion, Charles L., who was drowned in the Cowanesque, at
Nelson, when about eighteen years old, and John, who manages the old home-
stead. Mr. Hurlbut was a member of the G. A. R., and I. 0. 0. F. In politics, a
Eepublican, he filled the offices of school director and assessor, and was one of the
prominent citizens of Lawrence township.

Heney p. Kiekendall, a native of New Jersey, was married in Tompkins
county, New York, and subsequently located in the town of Barton, Tioga county^
New York, where he followed farming until his removal to Lawrenceville, Tioga
county, Pennsylvania. Here he engaged in the lumber business, and later bought,
a farm at gamer's Lane, where he spent the remaining years of his life. His family
were as follows: Mrs. Louisa T. Eeep, Julius B., deceased; Samuel E., a lawyer of
Millerton; Erastus, who lives on the old homestead; John K., and William H.,
both deceased; Mary J., wife of Daniel Higgins, of Rockland, Illinois; James, Henry
P., Leonard E., and Martha, who died in infancy. Mr. Kirkendall was actively
interested in educational matters, axid always took a prominent part in school work.

Vine D. Patchin was bom in Paulding, Dutchess county. New York, in 1803,
a son of John and Jerusha (Cook) Patchin, and grandson of Andrew Patchin, a
native of New England, and a soldier in the Eevolution, who died at White Plains
during that struggle for liberty. Andrew married Mary Mallory, who bore him
two children, John, and a daughter who married a Mr. Vinegar. John Patchin
was bom in Dutchess county. New York, maorried Jerusha Cook, and reared three
children, viz: Vine D., Levi M. and Sally, all of whom are dead. Vine D. re-
ceived a common school education, followed farming for a livelihood, and came to
Tioga county in April, 1843, locating in Eichmond township, where he purchased
a farm on which he resided up to his death, in 1880. He married Maria H. David-
son, a daughter of James Davidson, to which union were bom three children, viz:
Andrew J., of Lawrence township; Orville M. and Arvine, the last two being de-
ceased. Mrs. Patchin died in 1885.

Andhew J. Patchin, only living child of Vine D. Patchin, was bom in Chen-
ango county. New York, May 25, 1830, and was twelve years old when his parents
came to Tioga county. When fifteen years of age he commenced working in the
lumber woods, and fifteen years later purchased a farm in Eichmond township,
which he cultivated five years, then sold it and went to work in the Amot mines.
In 1870 he bought his present farm, which now comprises 300 acres, in Lawrence
township, three miles south of Lawrenceville, where he has since resided. In 1852
he married Jane Pratt, a daughter of Eobert Pratt, who bore him two children,
viz: Vine D., bom December 14, 1866, who was killed by the cars October 1, 1892,
while filling the position of conductor, and Mart K., bom November 19, 1872,
who was married November 1, 1894, to Hattie J., daughter of Almeron Perry, of
Eichmond township, and has charge of the homestead farm. Politically, the family
are Eepublicans. Mr. Patchin has been a school director two terms, supervisor two
terms, and auditor for three terms. He is a member of the F. & A. M., and the I. 0.
0. P., while his son. Mart K., is also a member of the latter society.

Allen T. Poetee was bom in Troy, Bradford county, Pennsylvania, Jixly 8,
1837, a son of Uel Porter, a native of Bethlehem, Albany county. New York, bom.


December 15, 1805. His father was the youngest of three children born to Thomas
and Hannah Porter, viz: John, Betsey and Uel. His grandparents located at
Troy, Pennsylvania, in 1814, where Thomas died July 19, 1834, and his wife. May
23, 1840. IJel Porter was married February 27, 1825, to Eliza A. Purman, of Co-
lumbia township, Bradford county, who was born in Delaware county. New York,
August 25, 1807. They became the parents of nine children, as follows: Rensse-
laer, born July 14, 1826, and died October 26, 1853; John F., born April 27, 1828,
and died in 1894; James, born April 22, 1831, is a farmer at Canton, Bradford
county; Lydia, deceased, who was bom April 2, 1833; Elizabeth, born February
14, 1835, wife of P. A. Palmer, of Chicago; Allen T., now residing in Lawrence
township; Ezra E., bom August 5, 1843, and died May 9, 1844; Eliza H., bom Janu-
ary 30, 1847, who is the wife of J. N. Chilson, of Chicago, and Alvin, bom De-
cember 22, 1849, now a carpenter and builder of Elma, Chehalis county, Wash-
ington. The parents both died in Troy, Bradford county. The subject of this
sketch remained with his parents until twenty-one years of age. He enlisted Febru-
ary 24, 1864, in Company M, One Hundred and Twelfth regijnent. Second Penn-
sylvania Heavy Artillery. His regiment was first stationed at Fort Ethan Allen
and Fort Marcy. He was engaged in the battle of Cold Harbor and in front of
Petersburg, where he was taken sick and sent to the hospital. He remained in
hospital almost a year, and was detailed for duty when discharged from the ser-
vice at the close of the war. Returning to Troy, Bradford county, he soon after
went to Fall Brook, Tioga county, where he was employed by the Fall Brook
Coal Company until the spring of 1866. Three years later he located at Lawrenee-
ville, but after a short stay in that borough moved to Mansfield, where he lived two
years. In the spring of 1874 he purchased his present farm of 127 acres two miles
west of Lawrenceville, where he has since devoted his attention to farming. Mr. Por-
ter has been twice married. On December 24, 1856, he married Wealthy Johnson, a
daughter of Dr. P. A. Johnson, of Troy, who bore him two children, viz: Edward E.,
a merchant tailor of Denver, Colorado, and Carrie M., wife of H. B. Milligan, of Lake
Charles, Louisiana. His second marriage occurred June 30, 1867, to Sarah J., a
daughter of Julius and Anna Tremaine, of Lawrence township. Mr. Porter
is one of the prosperous and progressive farmers of his township. He is a member
of the I. 0. 0. F., the G. A. R., and the Farmers' Industrial Union, and was on
the state committee of the Farmers' Alliance and Agricultural School. In poli-
tics, Mr. Porter is a stanch adherent of the Democratic party.

John McAvot was born in Queens county, Ireland, June 24, 1830, a son of
Samuel and Maria (Burke) McAvoy, natives of Ireland. His father was a ser-
geant and master-tailor In the British army, and had two children, Julia, widow of
Edward Hinds, who resides in Wisconsin, and John. The latter attended the pub-
lic schools of his native land, and worked on a farm until his ninteenth year, when
he immigrated to the United States and found employment in a bottling works
in Albany, New York, where he spent two years. He then removed to Coming,
but two months later located in Richmond township, Tioga county, Pennsyl-
vania, and for thirty-four years was in the employ of the Tioga Railroad Com-
pany, as a foreman, with the exception of eight months, in 1868, when he worked
on the Kansas Pacific railroad, in Kansas. In the spring of 1879 he moved to his


present farm, which, he had purchased two years before, consisting of seventy-
five acres, three miles south of Lawrenceville, on the Tioga river. Here he has
since devoted his whole attention to agriculture. Mr. McAvoy was married May
31, 1865, to Ann O'Co'nnor, who was born in Dublin, Ireland, May 23, 1825, a
daughter of John O'Connor. Three children have blessed this union, viz: Thomas
M., a train despatcher on the Fall Brook railroad at Corning, New York; Julia, wife
of Hugh Weiscot, of Rochester, New York, and Simon, telegraph operator for the
Fall Brook railroad at Lawrenceville during the past eighteen years. The family
are members of the Catholic church, and ardent supporters of the Democratic

Miletus Beown was born in Cayuga county, New York, there grew to man-
hood, and came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, purchasing a farm in Chatham town-
ship. He married Paulina Warner, who died on January 2, 1879. She was the
mother of eight children, named as follows: Burton, who was killed in a collision
on board the steamer West Point, August 18, 1862; Merrit B., of Lawrence town-
ship; George, a resident of Middlebury Center; Elizabeth, wife of J. D. Carpen-
ter, of the same place; Prudence, wife of Curtis Brewer, of Deerfield; John B., of
Mansfield; Charles, deceased, and Stella, wife of Charles Carpenter, of Middlebury
Center. Mr. Brown died in Chatham township, February 24, 1897, aged seventy-
seven years.

Meekit * B. Beown was bom in Cayuga county, New York, March 11, 1843,
and is the eldest living child of Miletus Brown. He received a good common school
education, and when fifteen years of age began working as a farm hand, which he
followed several years, and then purchased a few teams and hauled lumber for
some years. He later acted as agent for the Shakers, on a large broom-com farm,
and after this rented farm lands for several years, until he settled on his present
farm, which he finally purchased, and has since been engaged in general farming
and tobacco growing. Mr. Brown was married January 1, 1874, to Catherine, a
daughter of James Paddock, of Chatham township, and has one son, Dewitt A.,
bom November 27, 1877. Mrs. Brown is a member of the Baptist church. In poli-
tics, Mr. Brown is a Republican, and has filled the oflSce of township auditor two

JoHK McCallum, a native of Scotland, is claimed to have been the fifth set-
tler of Farmington township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, where he located early
in the present century. He married Sarah Gee, a daughter of William Gee, of
Orange county. New York. Twelve children were bom to this union, nine of
whom grew to maturity, viz: William, a resident of Wisconsin; Joseph, Betsey
and Jane, all deceased; Charles, who lives in Wisconsin; John, deceased; Thomas,
a resident of Elmira; Joshua G., of Farmington township, and Maria, who lives
in Illinois. Mr. McCallum lived on the farm in Farmington township, now the
home of his son, Joshua 6., up to his death, in 1862. He cleared this property
from the original forest, and endured all the privations of pioneer life. He was
a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and in politics, a Republican.

Joseph McCallum, a native of New York state, bom in 1814, came to Tioga
county with his parents, and subsequently settled on an adjoining tract of land to
the one taken up by his father, where he followed farming the remaining years


of Ms life, and died in April, 1880. He married Mercy A. ColegroTe, a daugh-
ter of William Colegrove, of Middlebury, to which union were bom the following
children: William H., of Lawrence township; Susanna P., wife of Lawrence Wat-
son, di Parmington; Sophia L., wife of Darius Gee, of Lindley, New York; Benja-
min P., deceased; Joseph B., who died while a soldier in the Union army during
the Eehellion; Celestia, deceased; Emma Jane, wife of Euclid E. White, of Gale-
ton; Adaline E., wife of P. D. Pierce, of Parmington; Elsie E., wife of C. H.
Buckbee, of Nelson; Olin E. and Pranklin, both deceased; Ada A., of Eochester;
Arthur L., who lives in Corning, and James B., a resident of Parmington township.
Mrs. McCallum died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Pierce, in Parmington town-
ship, October 1, 1896.

William H. McCallum was born in Parmington township, Tioga county,
March 30, 1836, oldest son of Joseph McCallum, and worked on the homestead
until 1862, when he purchased a farm in the same township. In August, 1863,
he was drafted, and assigned to Company A, One Hundred and Porty-ninth regi-
ment. He was wounded at Spottsylyania Court House, and was mustered out of
the service at Elmira, New York, at the close of the war. Eetuming home he
resumed his duties on the farm, and continued to live in Parmington township
until 1886. He then purchased 150 acres of land three miles southwest of Law-
reneeville, on which he has since resided. Mr. McCallum was married November
25, 1855, to Eachel Gee, a daughter of Daniel and Mary A. Gee, who bore him
three children, viz: Edgar L., who died at the age of twelve years; May B., wife
of Eugene Hammond, of Wellsboro, and Ployd E. Mrs. McCallum died in Sep-
tember, 1889, aged fifty-three years. He was again married November 1, 1890,
to Mrs. W. H. Sink, a step-daughter of J. W. Gilson, of Bradford. Politically,
Mr. McCallum is a Eepublican, served as constable and collector of Parmington
two years each, three years as auditor of Lawrence township, and six years as school
director. He is a member of the G. A. E., and also of the Grange.


Gaehet Millek was the first white settler of what is now Jackson township,
Tioga coimty, Pennsylvania. In 1793 he came from Orange county, New York,
cutting a road through the unbroken forest, up Seely creek from Newtown, now a
part of Elmira, to a point near the State line, a short distance north of the site
of Millerton, where he erected a rude log cabin. Our authority for placing the
date of his settlement as 1793, is an inscription on the headstone of his son, Capt.
Samuel Miller, in Millerton cemetery, who died in 1850, which says the latter "Ee-
sided here for 57 years." Mr. Miller and wife, Mary, were the parents of
six sons and five daughters, named as follows: Samuel, Joshua, Garret, Nathan,
James, George, Patience, Sally, Betsey, Peggy and Mary. Soon after coming to
this county they removed to a tract farther south, building their second cabin on
the site of Millerton. Here Mr. Miller followed farming up to his death. May 2,
1824. His wife died nine days later. The family were the first settlers on the site of
the village of Millerton, which was named in honor of the pioneer.

James Miller was bom in Jackson township, Tioga county, a son of Garret
Miller. He was reared amidst the scenes of pioneer life, and married Eebecea



Kinner, wlio became the mother of twelve children, viz: Hector L., Mary E., Henry
F., Lydia, Julia, J. H., Benjamin, Amanda, Celestia, Susan, J. B., and Waxren.
Politically, Mr. Miller was a Democrat, and served as a justice of the peace for many
years. He was a prominent member of the Methodist Episcopal church, which he
assisted in organizing in Jackson township.

J. H. MiLLEE, a son of James Miller, and grandson of Garret Miller, was bom
in Millerton, Tioga county, in 1834, there grew to manhood and obtained his educa-
tion in the common schools. In 1856 he married Martha Dunham, and has two
surviving children, viz: Lena, wife of Jesse W. Miller, and J. H., a student at Mans-
field State Normal School. For a few years aiter his marriage Mr. Miller followed
agriculture, but in 1866 he embarked in merchandising at Millerton, which busi-
ness he has successfully continued up to the present. The family is connected with
the Methodist Episcopal church, in which society Mr. Miller takes an active interest.
Though not a seeker after office, he has always taken a commendable interest in
public affairs and has been honored by his party as a delegate to state conventions.
He is one of the substantial and prosperous business men of the county.

William Gaeeisoit, a son of Justus and Phoebe (Barber) Garrison, was bom
November 8, 1808, and was one of the early settlers of Jackson township, Tioga
county, Pennsylvania, coming here a single man in 1833, where he later purchased a
farm of 166 acres, and passed the remainder of his life in that township. He com-
menced in early manhood working at farm labor for $8.00 a month, by which means
he saved sufficient to make his first payment on his land. Through the passing
years he accumulated considerable property in Jackson and Eutland townships, and
was one of the prosperous farmers of the county. His wife, Harriet, was a daughter
of Poster Updyke, of Jackson township, and bore him the following children: Nel-
son W., a farmer of Jackson township; Foster, a farmer of Sullivan township;
Angeline, wife of E. D. Shepard, of Mansfield; Eansom E., deceased; William H.,
ex-county commissioner; Louisa, wife of William B. Eipley, of Eichmond town-
ship; Nancy H., deceased; Chester, a resident of Jackson township; Eeuben, a
farmer of Jackson, and Ansall E., a resident of Eutland township. Mr. Garrison
died upon his farm in Jackson township, in October, 1875. His wife survived until
December, 1893.

William H. Gaeeison was born upon the homestead farm in Jackson town-
ship, Tioga county, May 11, 1843, and is a son of William Garrison. He was reared
in his native township, there attended the public schools, and later entered the State
Normal School at Mansfield. On September 10, 1863, he enlisted in Company
D, Sixteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry, and participated in the battles of Gettysburg,
Wilderness, Cold Harbor, and other engagements, serving until the close of the war.
He was discharged June 17, 1865, returned home and resumed work upon his
father's farm. He has since devoted his principal attention to agriculture, and is
one of the leading farmers of his native township. Mr. Garrison was married
January 3, 1869, to Amelia N. Sturdevant, a daughter of William B. Sturdevant, of
Jackson township, to which union have been bom four children, three of whom
survive, viz: Freeman C, who married Ada, daughter of Henry French, of
Bradford county, has one child, Cecil, and lives upon his father's farm in Jackson;
Alta L., and W. Ernest. Mrs. Garrison is a member of the Methodist Episcopal


cliuich. In polities, Mr. Garrison is an ardent Eepublican, and has filled the offices
of supervisor of Jackson township three years, assessor ten years, school director
six years, and treasurer for two years. In the autumn of 1893 he was elected a county
commissioner, which office he filled until the close of 1896. Mr. Garrison is a
member of Seely Creek Lodge, I. 0. 0. ¥.; Charleg W. Deming Post, G. A. E.;
the Union Veteran Legion, and the Patrons of Husbandry, in all of which he takes
an active interest.

Stephen Moeeill, Se., was a native of Maine, where he followed the carpen-
ter's trade until late in Ufe. He then removed to Madison county, New York, and
about 1833 came to Jackson township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, where he passed
the remainder of his life. He was a veteran of the Eevolution, and reared a family
of eight children, as follows: Stephen, Asa, Jane, Mary, Bertha, Hiram, JefEerson
and William, all of whom are dead.

Stephen Moeeill, Je., oldest son of Stephen Morrill, Sr., was born in Maine,
September 38, 1796, and there grew to maturity. He served in the War of 1813.
About 1834 he married Sophronia !Frost, a daughter of Asa and Mary Frost, who
bore him two children, George J. and Sophronia, both of whom are dead. Mrs.
Morrill died about 1829, and he was again married to Sophronia Jackson, to which
union were bom ten children, as follows: Mary Ann, wife of Charles Hamilton, of
Elmira; A. Jackson, of Chemung county, New York; Margaretta A., wife of W.
R. Boyd, of Eddieville, Iowa; Lot W., of Jackson township; Jane, deceased; Jose-
phine, wife of A. E. Ballard, of Denver, Colorado; Sophronia, wife of W. C. Ma-
hurin, of Boston; William E., deceased; Orville B., and Charles S. About 1833 Mr.
Morrill came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, and located on the farm in Jackson
township now owned by his son. Lot W., cutting the first stick of timber on the place.
Here he lived and reared his large family, giving them such educational advantages
as the country then aiforded. He became quite a prosperous farmer and accumulated
considerable property, which enabled him to live a quiet, retired life in his declining
years. Mr. Morrill was a Jacksonian Democrat, but never sought or would accept
public office. During his business life he followed merchandising for a time, and
also owned and ran a boat on the Erie canal. He died in 1881, one of the respected
pioneers of the community, and is kindly remembered by the older citizens of the

Lot W. Moeeill, a son of Stephen and Sophronia (Jackson) Morrill, and
grandson of Stephen Morrill, Sr., was bom in Jackson township, Tioga county, in

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