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May 19, 1897.

Altin B. Austin was born in Chenango county, New York, in 1800, and fol-
lowed the occupations of farmer and mason. In 1820 he came to Sullivan town-
ship, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, locating at what is now Maineshurg. On January
8, 1824, he married Sally D. Eumsey, a daughter of Noa.h Eumsey, Sr., a pioneer of
Sullivan. Seven children were born to this marriage, viz: Mrs. Ameda Shelton,
deceased; Aaron, who resides in Nevada; Luther, a resident of Bradford county; Le-
ander E., deceased; Daniel B., who lives in California; Joseph B., deceased, and Jesse
W., a resident of Maineshurg. Mr. Austin and family were adherents of the Metho-
dist Episcopal church, and in polities, he was first a Whig and afterwards a Eepubli-
can. Mrs. Austin died March 11, 1878, and her husband, December 21, 1881.

Leandee E. Austin was born in Sullivan township, Tioga county, on the site
of the Maineshurg church, June 28, 1831, and was the third son of Alvin B. and Sally
D. Austin. With the exception of a short period that he clerked for his uncle, L.
D. Eumsey, in a store, he followed agriculture until 1876, when he embarked in
merchandising at Maineshurg, in partnership with Baldwin Parkhurst. In 1880
they dissolved partnership, and in 1882 he purchased H. E. Bartlett's dry goods and
grocery store, which he sold to E. W. Eose in 1884. On June 26, 1884, he bought
the drug store of Dr. I. N. Wright, and converting it into a grocery and hardware
store, he formed a partnership with Capt. Homer J. Eipley. In 1886 he sold his in-
terest to Captain Eipley, and in 1888 he entered the employ of the Keystone View
Company as salesman, in which capacity he acted until 1890 when he became a
partner in the business and so continued until his death, October 9, 1893. Mr.
Austin was twice married. His first marriage occurred in 1857, to Eebecea Brown,
of Covington, who died in 1876. On February 20, 1878, he married Mittie E., a
daughter of P. P. Smith, of Sullivan township, who bore him one daughter, Ethel L.,
born February 10, 1892. L. Emory Austin, third son of Jesse W. Austin, became a
member of the family of Leander E. and Mittie E. Austin April 10, 1880, and March
5, 1890, he married Miss Minnie Eumsey. They have one daughter, Leai. Graice,
bom August 1, 1895. Mr. Austin was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church
of Maineshurg, and also of Maineshurg Lodge, No. 754, 1. 0. 0. F.

Joshua Smith came from Tompkins county, New York, to Sullivan township,
Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1824. Shortly before, he married Lydia Clark, of
the first-named State and county, and they came to Sullivan township together and


commenced pioneer life in Tioga county. Seven children were bom to them in this
county, named as follows: Dennis, deceased; Philetus P., Ephraim C, Burinthia, who
was scalded to death; Joshua, who was burned to death in a coal fire when an infant;
Mrs. Olive Squires, aad Mrs. Diantha Watkins. Mrs. Smith died in 1840, and he
was again married in 1842, to Diadama Eoblyer, who became the mother of one
daughter, Lydia, since deceased. Mr. Smith was an ardent Eepublican, and both
he and wife were members of Mainesburg Methodist Episcopal church. He died in
1859, and his wife, December 1, 1846.

Philetus P. Smith was born in Sullivan township, Tioga county, January 13,
1835, and is the eldest living child of Joshua and Lydia Smith. He obtained a good
common school education, and subsequently taught for fifteen years in Sullivan town-
ship, during the wiater seasons, with the exception of one term in Eutland. In
the summer months he followed farming, ajad since giving up teaching he has made
farming his occupation. He married Eoxie E. Scouten, of Sullivan township, and is
the father of eight children, viz: Mrs. Elizabeth Eumsey, Mrs. Frankie Leiby, Mrs.
Mittie E. Austin, Mrs. Florrie E. Maynard, Mrs. Jennie Bartlett, Mrs. Vinie L. Smith,
H. P., and one that died in early youth. Mr. Smith is an active Prohibitionist, has
been a school director for twenty-four years, and has also filled the office of town-
ship auditor. He and family are members of Mainesburg Methodist Episcopal
church, in which he has been a class leader, steward and trustee for about twenty-five
years. Some years ago he was a member of Mainesburg Lodge, No. 754, I. 0. 0. P.
Mr. Smith is recognized as one of the intelligent and progressive farmers of his native

Abad Smith came from New York state to Sullivan township, Tioga county,
Pennsylvania, about 1824, bringing with him his young wife to share the hardships
and trials of pioneer life. He was married in New York, in April, 1822, to Margery
Ganoung, who became the mother of six children, as follows: Charles G-., Mrs. Phoebe
Palmer, Levi, deceased; Mrs. Sally Chandler, deceased; Albert, and Mrs. Loiuisa Nash,
deceased. Mr. Smith settled in the midst of the primitive forest, erected a log
cabin, and went to work bravely to make for himself and family a home, in which un-
dertaking he was successful. In politics, he was a Jeffersonian Democrat, and m re-
ligion, a member of the Methodist Episcopal church at Elk Eun. He did not be-
lieve in secret societies, consequently never became a member of any of them. Mr.
Smith died in Mansfield, November 4, 1889, surviving his wife more than seven
years, her death occurring January 1, 1882.

Chaeles G. Smith, eldest child of Arad Smith, was born in New York state.
May 4, 1823, and was in his second year when his parents settled in Sullivan town-
ship, Tioga county. Here he grew to manhood, inured to the hardships of pioneer
days, and has made farming his life vocation. In September, 1843, he married
Sallie Chandler, of Sullivan township, to which union were bom four children, viz:
Mrs. Margery Eichmond, .Byron C, Mrs. Julia Tanner, deceased, and Fred I., who is
now studying for the ministry. Mrs. Smith died April 9, 1872, and he was again
married October 8, 1873, to Emeline Brundage, who died April 7, 1879. Mr. Smith's
third marriage occurred November 19, 1879, with Eosilla Perry, a daughter of
Marvin Perry. Her father was a son of Jonathan Perry, and married Laura Gay-
lord, of Vermont, who bore him a family of six children. Marvin Perry died Feb-


ruary 25, 1863, aged sixty-one years, and his wife, October 17, 1873. Mr. Smith and
wife are members of Elk Kun Methodist Episcopal chtirch, and in politics, he is a
Prohibitionist. He is also connected with East Sullivan Grange, No. 831, P. of H.
Mr. Smith began his business life comparatively poor, but is to-day one of the pros-
perous citizens of the township.

Jacob Httlslandee came from Tompkins county, New York, to Sullivan town-
ship, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, about 1831. He was married in Tompkins county,
in May 1805, to Elizabeth Bell, who bore him a family of ten children, viz. John,
Isaac, David, Peter, "William, Ezekiel, Jacob, Mrs. Susan Sweet, Mrs. Eliza Stewart
and Maria, all of whom are dead except William, who lives in Steuben county. New
York. Mr. Hulslander was a soldier in the War of 1813, while his father served in the
Eevolution. In politics, he was a life-long Democrat, and in religious faith, a
Presbyterian. He died upon his farm in Sullivan township, in May, 1849. His
wife survived him until June, 1853.

Petee Httlslandee, fourth son of Jacob Hulslander, was bom in Orange county.
New York, April 17, 1813, and came with his parents to Sullivan township, Tioga
county, when about eighteen years of age. He was bom and reared on a farm, aad
made farming his life vocation. On October 16, 1834, he married Amanda Soper,
a daughter of Eoger Soper, of Bradford county, Pennsylvania. Ten children were
bom to this union, as follows: Elijah, a resident of Bradford county; William, de;-
ceased; Mrs. Mary Benedict, of East Charleston; Mrs. Ellen Benedict, of Bradford
county; Prof. George F., of Boston; C. B., of Sullivan township; Mrs. Melinda Furge-
son, of Liberty township; Winfield S., who lives in Scranton; Mrs. Charlotte Bobbins
and Mrs. Emma Colgrove, of Detroit, Michigan. William, George F. and C. B. were
soldiers in the Union army during the Eebellion. Mr. Hulslander was first a Whig
and later a Republican. He died in March, 1891, his wife having preceded him, Feb-
ruary 6, 1886.

C. B. Httlslandee was bom on the old homestead in Sullivan township, Tioga
county, June 19, 1847, and is a son of Peter Hulslander. In August, 1864, when but
seventeen years of age, he enlisted in Company A, Two Hundred and Seventh Penn-
sylvania Volunteers, and served in the battles of Fort Steadman, Petersburg, and
several other minor engagements. He was honorably discharged in June, 1865.
Mr. Hulslander was married November 31, 1869, to Janette Ferguson, a daughter of
Uriah Ferguson, of Bradford county. Nine children have been bom to this marriage,
viz: Fred and Eva, both deceased; Nellie, Thomas, Harry, Vera, Fannie, Burt and
Morton. In politics, Mr. Hulslander is a Eepublican, and is a member of Eoseville
Post, No. 616, G. A. E.

Joshua Shaw was bom in Abington, Massachusetts, in 1764, there grew to man-
hood and married Sarah Hawes, of the same place. In 1810 he came on foot to Tioga
county, Pennsylvania, in company with Noah Nash, and purchased 106 acres of land
from Elijah Clark, located in Tioga valley, between Lamb's Creek and Mansfield. Ee-
tuming to his native State, he brought his family to his new home in Tioga county
in 1811, and began the life of a pioneer. He was a carpenter, but followed farming the
greater portion of his life. To Joshua and Sarah Shaw, were bom seven children,
viz: Mrs. Ehoda Burley, subsequently Barnes; Mrs. Sallie Eipley, Vardis, Mrs. Polly
Cleveland, Eodney C, Deborah and Daniel M., all of whom are dead. The family


were adherents of the Baptist church, and Mr. Shaw was one of the organizers of
that society in Sullivan, township, the first services being held at the house of Peleg
Doud, eight miles distant, whither they traveled through the forest on horseback.
In politics, Mr. Shaw was an enthusiastic Whig.' He died May 34, 1843, a^ed
seventy-eight years. His wife survived him eight years, dying May 13, 1850, in the
eighty-third year of her age.

Daniel M. Shaw was bom in Massachusetts, in 1808, and came with his
parents to Tioga coimty, Pennsylvania, when about three years old. He grew to
manhood upon the homestead farm, assisting his parents in the home duties, and at-
tending at intervals the pioneer schools of the neighborhood. On January 33j 1835,
he married Jane Seaman, a daughter of Gardner and Mercy Seaman, of Bradford
county. She was born in that county December 8, 1811, and became the mother of
eleven children, one of whom died in infancy. The others were named as follows:
Charles Milton, Byron M., who enlisted in 1861, in Company B, One Hundred and
Fifst Pennsylvania Volunteers, and died in the rebel prison at Florence, South Caro-
lina, in 1865; Claudia and Flavius J., both deceased. Freeman, a resident of Sullivan
township; S. G., who lives in Bradford county; Martha A., widow of E. H. Brodrick,
and mother of two children, C. Eay and Eobert M.; Mary, deceased; Mrs. SElrah.M.
Hagar, of Eiehmond township, and Mortimer, deceased. After Mr. Shaw's marriage,
he purchased ninety acres of land in Sullivan township, to which he subsequently
added until he owned 235 acres of as fine land as lays in Sullivan township. He was
originally a Whig, but cast his fortunes with the Eepublican party in 1856, and re-
mained so until his death. He served for many years as a school director, and was
one of the useful citizens of the community. He was a member of the Universalist
church, of Mansfield, and also of the Good Templars' society^ of Mainesburg. He
died April 30, 1884. His widow resides upon the old homestead, now the property of
her son. Freeman, and Mrs. Martha A. Brodrick, and at the ripe old age of eighty-
five years, confidently awaits the call to eternal life.

Feeeman Shaw was born in Sullivan township, Tioga county, November 28,
1843, and is a son of Daniel M. and Jane Shaw. After completing a common school
course, he settled down to work upon his father's farm, and has since devoted his at-
tention to agricultural pursuits. He makes a specialty of dairying, and is one of
the most successful and substantial citizens of the township. In polities, he is an
active worker in the Eepublican party, but refuses to accept or hold office of any
kind. He is a member of Mainesburg Lodge, 'No. 754, 1. 0. 0. F.; also of Maines-
burg Grange, Ko. 84, P. of H., and is one of the enterprising farmers of his native

Charies Milton Shaw, eldest son of Daniel M. and Jane Shaw, was bom in
Eiehmond township, Tioga county, July 24, 1836, and was reared to manhood upon
his father's farm. In 1855 he started on a trip west, by way of the Great Lakes, and
located in Marquette county, Wisconsin. He remained in that section of the country
three years, and then returned home, via the Mississippi and Ohio rivers to Pittsburg,
and thence overland. He settled down to farming, which occupation he has since
followed. He now makes a specialty of dairying, having at all times from fifteen to
twenty head of cattle on his farm. On December 29, 1859, Mr. Shaw married
Melissa E. Mabie, a daughter of Levi Mabie, of Sullivan township. Her father was


a captain in the Seventieth New York regiment in the War of 1812. Eight children
were horn to this union, viz: Nettie E., hom April 23, 1861, who married S. A.
Smith, of Middlebiiry, November 22, 1882, and has two children, Maude E. and
Kalph M.; Bertha A., bom April 10, 1863, who married Fred Bryan, January 1, 1884,
and has one child, Eoss E.; Charles M., bom Febraary 22, 1866, who married Ada
Dewey, June 8, 1887, and has one child, Mabel; Elmer M., born May 14, 1870, who
married Florence Tiers, Jiine 17, 1891, and has two children, Archie N. and Oscax;
Archie E., bom November 15, 1872, and died January 15, 1881; Nellie E., bom
July 11, 1876, and died January 5, 1881; Leon G., born November 7, 1880, and
Homer E., October 28, 1883. Mr. Shaw and family attend the TJniversalist church,
and in politics, he is a stanch Eepublican. He is a charter member and one of the'
oldest living Past Grands of Mainesburg Lodge, No. 754, 1. 0. 0. F., and is Worthy
Master of Sullivan Grange, No. 84, P. of H., to which Mrs. Shaw also belongs.

NoETHEOP Smith was bom in Fairfield county, Connecticut, May 4, 1819, and
was a son of Eufus and Eunice (Wilson) Smith, early settlers of Sullivan townshiu
Tioga county. The Smith genealogy runs as follows: John Smith came from
England and settled in Eidgefield, Connecticut. His sons were Ebenezer, Samml
and Thomas. The children of the last mentioned were Jonah, Hannafi, Jabes^,
Gideon, Isaac, Thomas and David. Deacon Thomas Smith, son of Thomas, was tlje
father of Gideon Smith, who married Sarah Benedict, and died February 7, 179&.
Their son Elijah, bom December 29, 1735, married Elizabeth Benedict, and reartd
seven children, viz: Elizabeth, Elijah, Elnathan, Timothy, Isaiah, Phoebe and MSt-
thew. The last was bom October 30, 1775, and married Abigail Benedict, who be-
came the mother of seven children, viz: Samuel B., Eufus, Polly, Phoebe A., Norto.-
rop, Timothy and Nancy. Eufus was born May 10, 1799, married Eunice Wilson,
and reared the following children: Northrop, Sarah, Abigail, Thomas, Amandk,
Solomon, Elizabeth, Nancy, Mary A., Timothy, Matthew and Eube. Eufus was for
many years a justice of the peace in Sullivan township, Tioga county. Northrop
Smith came to this county with his parents and became a prosperous farmer and mer-
chant. He was twice married. His first wife was Hannah J. Eoblyer. His second
wife was Sally A. Eoblyer, a daughter of Hiram Eoblyer. She was bom July 29,
1822, in Warwick, New York, and is the mother of nine children, viz: Lorena and
Diadama, both deceased; Mary E., Clarence A., Augusta, deceased; E. Bell, Joseph
N., Augustus B. and Mark S. Of these, Mary E., E. Bell, Joseph N. and Augustus
B. are physicians. In religion, Mr. Smith was a Methodist, and in politics, a Eepub-
lican. He served several terms as justice of the peace, and died on the old homestead
in Sullivan township.

Clabence a. Smith, eldest son of Northrop Smith, was born in Sullivan town-
ship, Tioga county, December 7, 1852, and there obtained a common school educa-
tion. He followed farming in Sullivan until 1880, when he engaged in the manufac-
ture of lumber, at Elk Bun, Tioga county, in which business he still continues.
He is a mechanic and also a millwright by occupation. Mr. Smith was married
November 38, 1875, to Edith Smith, a daughter of A. G. Smith, and has six children,
viz: Louis N., Fred, Dana, Atchsee Marie, Helena and Joseph. In politics, Mr.
Smith is a Eepublican, has filled a number of local offices, and taies an active part


in public affairs. He and family are connected with the Methodist Episcopal church
at Elk Eun.

Joseph E. Beadford came from Bristol, Ehode Island, to Smithfield, Brad-
ford county, Pennsylvania, in 1822, and three years later removed to Columbia,
Bradford county, where he remained until 1830, when he settled in Eutland town-
ship, Tioga county. Subsequently returning to Columbia, he lived there until 1836,
when he located in Sullivan township. He passed the remaining years of his life
upon his farm in that township, dying in June, 1867. In May, 1822, Mr. Bradford
married Mary Monroe, of Portsmouth, Ehode Island, who bore him four children,
viz: Levi D., deceased; Mrs. Mary A. Smith, Daniel, a resident of Bradford county,
and Leonard J., a physician of Sullivan township. Mrs. Bradford died in February,
1842, and her husband remarried April 16, 1844, to Mary Merrill, of Bradford
county, who became the mother of two children: Mrs. Harriet E. Ashley, deceased,
dnd William H., who lives at Wayne, Nebraska. The mother died in June, 1855, and
Mr. Bradford subsequently married Harriet Gaylord, of Covington, Tioga county,
who is now a resident of Wellsboro. In politics, he was first a Whig and later a Ee-
publican. In religion, he was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church.

Leonard J. Bradford, physician and surgeon, was born in Eutland town-
ship, Tioga county, October 12, 1833. After obtaining a common school education,
he attended Troy Academy, and later entered Hahnemann Medical Institute, of Phil-
adelphia. In November, 1862, he enlisted in Company A, One Hundred and Seventy-
first Pennsylvania Volunteers, and was detailed to service in the Hospital Corps,
because of his knowledge of medicine. He was discharged in June, 1863, and then
entered Penn Medical College, Philadelphia, from which he graduated in 1865. The
same year he located in practice at Austinville, remaining there two years, and came
to Sullivan township, Tioga county, in 1867, where he has since been engaged in the
active duties of his profession. On September 1, 1875, Dr. Bradford married Alice
I. Dartt, of East Charleston, Tioga county, and has five children, named as follows:
Bayard G., Carl M., Leonard J., Joseph D. and Chauncey, all of whom axe living.
In politics, the Doctor is an unswerving Eepublican, and has served as school di-
rector several terms. He is a member of Trojan Lodge, No. 306, P. & A. M., of
Troy, also of the I. 0. 0. F., and both he and family are connected with the Methodist
Episcopal church, of Elk Eun. Dr. Bradford enjoys quite a lucrative practice, to
which he devotes his principal attention, but is also the owner of one of the finest
dairy farms in the county.

Marcus Strange was bom in Freetown, Massachusetts, December 24, 1798,
and was a son of Capt. Charles Strange. His grandfather, John Strange, Jr., was a
son of John Strange, Sr., a gTandson of Lot Strange, and a great-grandson of James
Strange, who came from Wales to Portsmouth, Ehode Island, in 1694, and the fol-
lowing year married Alice Sherman, of that place. Marcus was reared in his
native county, and in 1828 married Hannah Burt, of Berkeley, Massachusetts, who
bore him nine children, as follows: Esther, deceased; Mrs. Joanna Adams, deceased;
Marcus, a resident of Bradford county; Charles, deceased; Ezekiel, of Bradford
county; Mrs. Hannah Eichmond, of Mansfield; Joseph, of Sullivan township; Mrs.
Julia Eockwell, of Burlington, and Mrs. Ellen Burley, who resides in Bradford
county. In 1838 Mr. Strange and family located in Sullivan township, Tioga county.


Pennsylvania, where he purchased the farm now owned by his son Joseph. Here he
spent the remaining years of his life, dying May 20, 1852. His widow survived him
until November 27, 1889. Mr. Strange was a Democrat in polities, and in religion,
a member of the Baptist church.

Joseph Stkange was. born on the homestead farm in Sullivan township, Tioga
county, January 3, 1841, and is the fourth son of Marcus Strange. He attended the
public schools of his district during his boyhood years, and then settled down to
fanning, which business he has followed up to the present. He makes a specialty of
dairying, and keeps about twenty-iive head of cows. He owns a fine farm in Gray's
valley, and takes great pride in keeping it in the highest state of cultivation.
In politics, Mr. Strange is a Democrat, and is recognized as one of the substantial
farmers of his towliship.

Chaeles Sthange, second son of Marcus and Hannah Strange, wasborn in Free-
town, Massachusetts, March 9, 1835, and was about three yeajs old when his parents
came to Tioga county. He grew to manhood upon his father's farm in Sullivan town-
ship, attending the district schools until he was sixteen years of age, after which he
devoted his whole attention to farm work, which became his life vocation. Mr.
Strange was married to Marietta Cooley, a daughter of Norman Cooley, of Spring-
field, Bradford county, November 24, 1864. Seven children were the fruits of this
union, named as follows: Nellie D., born December 13, 1865, and died February
13, 1883; Mary E., born June 30, 1869, who married M. F. Eose, of Mansfield, August
6, 1889; Joseph N., born February 18, 1871, who married Jane Eose, October 17,
1893; Charles H., bom July 13, 1873; John C, May 28, 1875; Laura E., October
28, 1881, and Julia H., October 12, 1883. Mr. Strange was a member of the State
Eoad Baptist church, and also a "Worthy Past Master of Sullivan Grange, P. of
H. In politics, a stanch Eepublican, he served as justice of the peace for ten years,
and held several other minor offices. He died February 11, 1892. His widow is
living on the old homestead in Sullivan township.

Chaeles H. Steange, second son ot Charles Strange, was bom July 13, 1873,
on the homestead farm in Sullivan township. After completing a common school
education in his native township, he attended the State Normal School at Mansfield,
and later the Elmira Business College, since which time he has devoted his attention
to farming. He is an enthusiastic Eepublican; a member of the State Eoad Baptist
church, and is connected with Mainesburg Lodge, No. 754, 1. 0. 0. F.

Bateman Moneoe was bom in Portsmouth, Ehode Island, March 2, 1815, and
from the age of thirteen until he was twenty-five, followed the occupation of market
gardener in Newport, Rhode Island. When twenty-five years old he left Ehode
Island and came to Sullivan township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, and settled upon
his present farm in 1840. At that time the land was covered with forest, but to-day
it is one of the finest farms in Sullivan township, made so through the energy and
untiring industry of Mr. Monroe. He has been married four times; In December,
1836, he married Hannah Dyer, of Newport, Ehode Island, who lived but ten months,
dying in October, 1837. In December, 1838, he married Jane Lay, of Columbia
county. New York, who became the mother of one daughter, now Mrs. Charlotte J.
Besley, of Bradford county. Mrs. Monroe died March 18, 1863, and July 30th
following, he married Susan Besley, of Troy, Bradford county, who survived until


October 26, 1885. Mr. Monroe was again married September 30, 1886, to Eliza
Ayers, a daughter of Abijali Ayers, of Mansfield, Tioga county. She died July 3,
1896. In polities, Mr. Monroe was a Democrat until 1856, when he became a Ee-
publican, since which time he has been an active supporter of that paxty. He has
served about thirty years as a school director, and twenty years as supervisor. He
is now the only living charter member of Troy Protestant Episcopal church, and

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