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of the C. K. of A., of Blossburg.


Matthew A. Blaie, son of Walter and Elizabeth (Allen) Blair, was bom in
Cumbernauld, Scotland, March 13, 1855, and is one of eight children, three of whom
are living. James, the fourth bom, is a physician in Groton, New York, and Wal-
ter, the youngest, is a clerk in the employ of the Bl'ossburg Coal Company at Amot,
Tioga county. The others died in early youth. In 1869, Matthew A. and his
father came to Pennsylvania and settled in Amot, Tioga county, where they found
employment in the mines. In 1870 his mother, with the remainder of the family,
joined them. His father died in October, 1876, aged forty-five years, but his mother
is still living. Mr. Blair received a common school education in. Scotland. At
eleven years of age he went to work in the mines, and followed coal' mining until
September, 1884, when he entered the store of the Blossburg Coal Company, in
Amot, as a clerk, which position he filled until 1888.^ He was then placed in
charge of the company's store at Landrus, where he remained until August, 1893,
when he returned to Amot, and, with Mack Scudder, took charge as manager of
the stores of the W. W. Bradbury Company. Mr. Blair was married January 11,
1884, to Nettie Mitchell, daughter of James 6. and Mary Mitchell, of Amot, to
which union have been born five children, viz: Walter, James, Nellie, Ethel and
Mary. In politics, Mr. Blair is a Republican. During his residence in Landrus
he served as postmaster, and also filled the offices of town clerk and school director.
He is a member of the Presbyterian church, and also of Bloss Lodge, No. 350, P. &
A. M., and of Arbon Lodge, No. 489, I. 0. 0. P. As the result of a practical ex-
perience of nearly thirty years, Mr. Blair is thoroughly acquainted with all the details
of coal mining, and by industry and an intelligent discharge of the responsible duties
of his various positions, has merited his successive promotions.

D. C. Watees, physician and surgeon, was born in Cortland county. New York,
April 26, 1842, and is a son of Aretus and Caroline Waters. His parents had a
family of twelve children, named as follows: Eunice and Sarah, both of whom died
in infancy; Alexander, a resident of Cortland county. New York; Merton, who
died May 22, 1894; Albertus, a resident of Nebraska; Oscar, who resides at Lan-
sing, Michigan; Orson, who lives in Truxton, New York; Alvah D., who died May
21, 1870; Henry, a resident of Cuyler, New York; D. C, a physician of Amot;
George, who lives in Australia, and Emily, wife of James Blanchard, of Baltimore,
Maryland. The father died November 17, 1869, aged eighty-seyen years, and the
mother. May 30, 1876, aged eighty-seven years. The subject of this sketch was
educated in the common schools and at the State Normal School, Cortland, New
York. In the winter of 1859-60 he attended lectures at the Medical College, George-
town, D. C. On May 9, 1861, he enlisted in Company H, Twelfth New York Vol-
unteers, and on December 9, of the same year, he was transferred to Mt. Pleasant
Hospital, Washington, D. C, where he filled the position of hospital steward until
August 1, 1862, when he joined Company E, One Hundred and Pifty-seventh New
York Volunteers. The following December he was again transferred to Mt. Pleas-
ant Hospital, where he filled the position of acting assistant surgeon until discharged,
August 28, 1865. He soon after resumed his medical studies, and attended George-
town College, from which he graduated March 4, 1867. Sixteen days later he began
practice in Scott, Cortland county. New York, where he continued until November
21, 1870, when he removed to Amot, Tioga county, I'ennsylvania, where he has


since resided and practiced medicine. Dr. Waters was married November 1, 1868,
at Knoxville, Tioga county, to Miss Sue Brown, a daughter of Eev. J. W. Brown.
They are the parents of the following children: Nellie, wife of Seth Palmer, of
Baltimore, Maryland; Blanche, who died October 33, 1890; John W., Montgomery,
Gladys and Happy, all of whom are dead. In politics. Dr. Waters is a Eepublican,
and is now serving his fifth term as justice of the peace. He has also filled the office
of school director. The family are members of the Presbyterian church, and he is
connected with the K. of P., of Amot; Bloss Lodge, No. 350, F. & A. M.; Winter-
view Castle, No. 220, K. of G. E., of Amot, and Brown Post, G. A. E., of Bloss-
burg. Dr. Waters has built up a good practice and ranks among the skillful phy-
sicians of the county. He enjoys the respect and esteem of the people of Amot,
among whom he has lived and practiced his profession for a quarter of a century.

J. W. Jackson, son of Charles and Elizabeth Jackson, was born in Cornwall,
England, September 17, 1859. In 1868 his parents came to Pennsylvania and
settled in Burlington, Bradford county, remaining there until 1870, when they
removed to Blossbiirg, Tioga county, where they now reside. The subject of this
sketch is the eldest of four brothers. Charles E., resides in Binghamton, New
York; David E., in Elmira, and Alfred T., in Blossburg. Mr. Jackson received
a common school education, and learned the trade of a painter and paper hanger,
under his father. He later entered the drug store of Dr. Williams, of Blossburg,
and remained with him and his successor, Stewart Brothers, between one and two
years. He also clerked in the drug store of Ingram & Palmer and their successors
for several years. In 1880 he embarked in the drug business for himself, in the
store now occupied by Sehofield & Babcock, of Blossburg. He next went to Spring-
field, Illinois, where he followed painting until 1882, then returned to Blossburg,
and bought out Stincoman & Company, painters and paper hangers. In 1884 he
took charge of the drug store of the late Stephen Bowen, remaining until February,
1886, when he went to Amot to take charge of the drug department of the Bloss-
burg Coal Company's store, now the store of the W. W. Bradbury Company, which
position he has since occupied, and has discharged the duties thereof in a capable
and efficient manner. Mr. Jackson was married April 9, 1883, to Minnie M.
George, a daughter of Griffith George, of Springfield, Illinois, to which union have
been bom four children, viz: Percy H., Eoy W., Edward G. and Alfred J. In
politics, Mr. Jackson is a Eepublican, and has served as a member and treasurer of
the school board. He is P. N. G. of Arbon Lodge, No. 489, I. 0. 0. F. of Bloss-
burg; also P. H. P. of Enterprise Encampment, and a member of Bloss Lodge, No.
350, P. & A. M., of the same place.

Feank H. Welch, son of Jefferson and Lucy Ann (Palmer) Welch, was bom
in Sullivan township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, July 18, 1852, and is a de-
scendant of pioneer families of the county. He is one of eight children, his brothers
and sisters being named as follows: Jane, deceased wife of Horace Scott; Mary,
wife of Horace Welch, of Windfall, Bradford county; Stephen, Lanson and Charles,
all deceased; Bert, a resident of Blossburg, and Willis, who resides in Mansfield.
The father died in April, 1889, in his sixty-ninth year. His widow, who was born
November 25, 1821, resides near Mansfield, Tioga county. Frank H. was reared in
Sullivan township and attended the common schools of his district. He remained


on the farm until he was twenty-four years of age, when he entered the employ of
the Blossburg Coal Compajiy, as a woodsman, and later clerked in the company's
store at Amot. In 1889 he took charge of the Amot Hotel, and in September, 1892,
bought out the livery stable and undertaking business at that place, both of which
he now carries on in connection with his hotel. Mr. Welsh was married December
13, 1876, to Anna E. Months, a daughter of John Months, and a native of Dajiville,
New York, who bore him one son, Clyde. She died November 7, 1896, aged forty-
seven years. In politics, Mr. Welch is a Democrat, and is a member of the K. of
P., of Amot, and of Arbon Lodge, No. 489, 1. 0. 0. F., of Blossburg; also of Enter-
prise Encampment. Mr. Welch is a genial, affable gentleman, and is well liked
both as a business man and a citizen.

Geoege Watson, son of Peter and Catherine (Eogers) Watson, was bom in
Middleton, Orange county, New York, May 27, 1853, and is the oldest of six chil-
dren, the other members being as follows: Maggie, wife of Elias Sehultz, of Avoca,
New York; Kate, deceased; Andrew, a resident of Sayre, Pennsylvania; Agnes,
who resides with her mother in Waverly, New York, and Peter, a conductor on the
Lehigh Valley railroad, who resides in Sayre. The father died February 20, 1867.
Mr. Watson has followed lumbering since arriving at manhood. In 1883 he came
to Amot, Tioga county, and entered the employ of the Blossburg Coal Company.
Two years later he was made foreman of the companjr's saw-mill at Landrus, a posi-
tion he has since filled. On October 8, 1873, Mr. Watson wa^ married to Annie
Clark, a daughter of Patrick Clark, of Addison, New York, to which union have
been bom nine children, viz: John, Peter, Edward, Mary, Albert, Bessie, George,
Nellie and Curtis. In politics, Mr. Watson is a Democrat, and has served as town-
ship supervisor one term. He has also represented his party as a delegate to county
conventions. In religion, he is a member of the Catholic church. Years of ex-
perience in the woods and in the mill, have given Mr. Watson a thorough knowledge
of the lumber business, and has thoroughly equipped him for the discharge of the
duties of his present position. He has proven himself capable and competent, and
is popular with the men associated with him.

Mace Scuddee was bom in Prattsville, Greene county. New York, May 22,
1842. His parents, Daniel and Irene (Tole) Scudder, were natives of Delaware
county. New York. In 1848 the family removed to Equinunk, Wayne county, Penn-
sylvania, where his father built a tannery, which he operated until 1859, and then
removed to Middlebury Center, Tioga county, Pennsylvania. In 1863 he settled
in Elmira, New York, where he died in March, 1886, aged seventy-six years. His
wife died in July, 1873, aged fifty-four years. The subject of this sketch was one
of eleven children, six of whom grew to maturity, as follows: Sarah A., widow of
Col. J. S. Bates, of IClmira; Aaron A., a resident of New York City; M. E., widow
of Solomon Bennett, of Elmira; George P., who was first lieutenant of Company
F, Forty-fifth Pennsylvania Volunteers, and was killed at the battle of Cold
Harbor, and Charles T., deceased. In his youth Mr. Scudder received a common
school education, supplemented by a course at Knoxville Academy. He acquired
a practical knowledge of business as a clerk in Equinunk, where he served behind
the counter three and one-half years. He afterwards clerked in Elmira, a portion
of which time he was employed by a lumber firm as inspector and accountant. From


187j0 to 1873, he was employed in Mclntyre's store at Ealston, Lycoming coimty,
and then until the fall of 1876, with Col. J. S. Bates, of Driftwood, Cameron county,
in the mercantile business. In the autumn of 1876 he became yardmaster of the
Tioga division of the Erie railroad, at Elmira. On June 19, 1893, he became man-
ager of the W. W. Bradbury Company's store at Amot, Tioga county, as the suc-
cessor of W. W. Bradbury, deceased, which position he held until August 1, 1896.
Mr. Scudder was married December 30, 1866, to Maria L. Lord, a daughter of Free-
man A. and Abbie Lord, of Hancock, Delaware county, ISTew York. Eight children
have been born to this union, viz: Sarah Libbie, a graduate of the public schools
of Elmira; A. Irene, a graduate of the public schools of Elmira, and of the State
Normal School, at Cortland, New York; Maria Lord, a graduate of the public
schools of Elmira and the Elmira College; Joseph M., employed in the electric
plant at Landrus, Tioga county; Daniel P., a clerk in the ofSce of the Blossburg
Coal Company, at Amot; Theodore, Georgia and Wheeler. In polities, Mr. Scud-
der is a Eepublican, and in religion, a member of the Protestant Episcopal church.
He is also a charter member of Driftwood Lodge, F. & A. M., of Driftwood, Penn-
sylvania, having been made a Mason of Hancock Lodge, Hancock, Delaware county,
New York, in 1865.

Thomas Deiscoll was born in Ireland, and came to Canada in 1837, locating
near Toronto, where he followed the occupation of a laborer. He married EUen
Connelly, also a native of Ireland, to which union were bom eight children, viz:
Michael and Patrick, residents of Morris Eun; Dennis and Thomas, both deceased;
Mary, a sister in St. Joseph's Catholic Hospital, at Erie, Pennsylvania; James; who
resides in Morris Eun; John, a resident of Blossburg, and Ellen, wife of Daniel
Duggan, of Morris Eun. In the fall of 1838 Mr. Driscoll removed to Mt. Morris,
New York, and two years later to Corning, where he lived four years. He next
located at Blossburg, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, where he was employed as a coal
miner until 1854, when the mines at Morris Eun were opened up and he removed
to that place. He continued coal mining until 1861, then bought a farm in Ward
township, upon which he passed the remainder of his life, dying February 9, 1893,
aged eighty-six years. His widow resides in Morris Eun, with her son-ia-law, Daniel
Duggan, and is now in her eighty-third year.

Michael Deiscoll, eldest son of Thomas Driscoll, was bom near Toronto,
Canada, July 17, 1838. He received a common school education, and early became
an employe in the mines at Blossburg and Morris Eun. He has worked in Morris
Eun since the opening of the mines ia 1854. In 1879 he was made foreman of
the Jones miae, a position he still holds. It is one of much responsibility, which
he has filled to the satisfaction of the company, and at the same time has made him-
self popular with the men under him. He is regarded as one of the best practical
miners in this section of the State. Mr. Driscoll was married October 17, 1865, to
Mary Duggan, a daughter of John and Mary Duggan, of Morris Eun, and has nine
children, viz: Ella, Mary, Thomas, Hannah, Kate, Anna, Alice, Elizabeth and John.
In politics, Mr. Driscoll is a Democrat, and has served four years as township assessor,
three as constable, and a number of terms as school director. In religion, he is a
Catholic, and. is a member of Branch, No. 30, C. K. of A., of Blossburg. Mr. Dris-


coll is one of the leading citizens of Morris Eun, and is known as a man of strict
integrity and high character.

Geohge Davis was horn in Old Park, Shropshire, England, and was a son of
Mark Davis. He learned the painter's trade in his native land, and in November,
1863, he came to the United States, being accompanied by his parents and other
members of his family, and located at Bloomsburg, Columbia county, Pennsylvania.
Here he remained two years, during which time his father died. In the fall of 1865
he removed to Morris Eun, Tioga county, and entered the employ of the Morris
Eun Coal Company, working at his trade during the summer and in the mines during
the winter seasons. A few years after his settlement in Morris Eun, his mother
died. For several years he carried the mail betwen Morris Eun and Pall Brook. In
1878 he opened a hotel in Morris Eun, which he carried on until his death, December
17, 1892, aged fifty-three years. Mr. Davis was manied in England, January 37,
1860, to Sarah Ann Tipton, a daughter of Isaac and Susanna Tipton, to which
union eight children were born, viz: Julia, wife of W. C. Fairman; Euth, widow
of A. D. McKenzie; William and Mark, residents of Blossburg; Emma M., deceased;
Bertha M., a graduate of the State Normal School at Mansfield, and now a teacher
in the public schools; Frederick G., a graduate of the same institution, and a stu-
dent in the Philadelphia Dental College, and Ealph T., a student at the State
Normal School, Mansfield. In politics, Mr. Davis was a Eepublican, and served
for a number of years as justice of the peace of Plamilton township. He was a mem-
ber of the I. 0. 0. P., K. of H., and K. of P. lodges of Morris Eun, and of Bloss
Lodge, No. 350, P. & A. M., of Blossburg. Mrs. Davis and her unmarried children
live in Morris Eun, and enjoy a comfortable competence left by a kind husband
and father.

James C. Hadley was born in Dudley, Worcestershire, England, May 26, 1852,
immigrated to Pennsylvania, in September, 1873, and located in Morris Eun, Tioga
county, where he followed the occupation of a coal miner. In July, 1880, he went
west, and for the next three years followed coal mining in Ohio, Iowa, Illinois and
Wyoming. In April, 1883, he returned to Moms Eun, and resumed working in
the mines. On November 7, 1893, he was promoted to mine foreman, a position
which he still holds. He is one of the valued and trusted employes of the com-
pany, and earned his promotion by years of faithful and efficient service. Mr. Had-
ley was married October 16, 1870, to Eoseanna Bennett, a daughter of Isaiah and
Eebeeca Bennett, of Dudley, Worcestershire, England. Twelve children have been
bom to this union, four of whom are living, viz: William, James B., Benjamin E.
and Mary Gertrude. Mrs. Hadley died March 18, 1893, aged forty-two years. In
politics, Mr. Hadley is a Eepublican, and has been secretary of the township school
board six years. He is a member of Morris Eun Lodge, No. 698, 1. 0. 0. P.; Tioga
Lodge, No. 304, K. of P., and Bloss Lodge, No. 350, F. & A. M., of Blossburg. Mr.
Hadley is not only a practical miner, but is well informed on matters of public in-
terest. He has a valuable private library, and is conversant with the standard works
of English literature.

Edgae a. McEntee was born January 4, 1857, in Leroy, Genesee county. New
York, and is a son of Owen and Kate (Hand) McEntee, natives of County Louth,
Ireland. His parents came to Genesee county. New York, in 1851, where his father


followed farming until his death, March 30, 1895, aged seventy-five years. His
mother died August 15, 1891, aged seventy-two. They were the parents of the fol-
lowing children: Mary, deceased wife of Nicholas Clemens; Annie, wife of George
Wilson, of Mansfield; Maggie, wife of Henry Priset, of the same place; William
and Thomas, both deceased; Edward and Edgar A., twins, the former a resident
of Corrunna, Michigan, and the latter a resident of Fall Brook; Frank, who lives
in Montana, and Eugene, who resides in Leroy, New York. The subject of this
sketch received a common school education, and in early manhood engaged in lum-
bering, working four years in different saw-mills in Charleston township, Tioga
county. In April, 1880, he went to Colorado, and continued the same business
between Denver and Leadville. In July, 1886, he went to Arkansas, where he was
employed in saw-mills until September, 1887, when he came to Fall Brook, Tioga
county, and worked in the saw-mill for a time. He then was promoted to the posi-
tion of outside foreman, which he still holds. Mr. McEntee was married June 6,
1888, to Mary Adams, a daughter of Eobert Adams, of Charleston township, and
has three children: Leone and lone, twins, and Edna May. In politics, Mr. Mc-
Entee is an ardent Democrat, and has served in the council of Fall Brook, and
three terms as burgess of that borough. He is a member of Bloss Lodge, No. 350,
F. & A. M., of Blossburg. Mr. McEntee is one of the most popular citizens of Fall
Brook, and a faithful and efiBcient employe of the company.

Stephen H. Wood was bom in Montgomery county. New York, November 33,
1834, a son of Hezekiah and Mary (Adamy) Wood, of that county. He was reared
in his native town, and February 15, 1849, he married Mary Jane Owen, a daughter
of Daniel and Ehoda Owen, of Tompkins county. New York. A year after their
marriage they removed to Granville, Bradford county, Pennsylvania, where they
lived until March, 1852, when they came to Tioga county and settled on the farm in
Bloss township, now the residence of their son, Harvey D. The land was then
covered with the primitive forest, in the midst of which Mr. Wood erected a frame
house, one of the first in that part of the county. Here he lived clearing and tilling
his land until his death, September 7, 1887, leaving one son, Harvey D. Three
daughters, Ehoda, Elmina C. and Clara Adel, died in early youth. He was a good
fanner, owned nearly 300 acres of well-improved land, and was one of the pros-
perous, progressive and leading agriculturists of the county. Mr. Wood was a stanch
Eepublican, in politics, and in religion, a member of the Methodist Episcopal
church. He served nine months in Company A, One Hundred and Seventy-first
Pennsylvania Militia, and was a loyal, patriotic citizen. His widow resides in Mans-

Haevey D. Wood was bom in Bloss township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania,
December 11, 1864, and is a son of Stephen H. and Mary J. (Owen) Wood. He
was educated in the common schools and at the State Normal School, Mansfield,
from which he graduated in 1884, and subsequently taught school a few years.
On August 33, 1888, Mr. Wood married Jennie Callender, of Peekville, Lackawanna
county, Pennsylvania, and has two children, Stephen E. and Harvey Dwight. In
politics, he is a Eepublican, and has served one term as township assessor. Besides
the old homestead on which he resides, he owns a farm of 100 acres across the line
in Charleston township, the two making a valuable property of 386 acres. Mr. Wood


is one of the leading farmers of the township, and is a man of education, enterprise
and public spirit.

Selah Phillips was born in North Wales, October 1, 1836, son of Philip and
Blizabetli Phillips. In 1866 he came to Blossburg, Tioga county, Pennsylvania,
but soon after went to Brookville, Ohio, where he worked as a coal miner for three
years. He then returned to Tioga county and worked in the coal mines at Amot
until 1888, when he moved to his present farm of thirty acres of land in the north-
west part of Bloss township, which he bought in 1878. Here he opened a general
store, which he has since carried on in connection with the cultivation of his land.
Mr. Phillips was married in "Wales, March 5, 1859, to Elizabeth Turner, a daughter
of James and Ann Turner, to which union have been born six children, viz: Blias
and Thomas, who reside at Lemont Furnace, Fayette county, Pennsylvania; Mary
Ann, wife of "Williajn Powell, of Blossburg, Tioga county; Elizabeth, wife of David
Williams, of Edwardsdale, Pennsylvania, and James and David, both of whom reside
at home. Mr. Phillips is a stanch Eepublican, and has served as treasurer of Bloss
township. He is a member of the Baptist church, and also of Arbon Lodge, No.
489, 1. 0. 0. F., of Blossburg. He is a quiet, unassuming man, whose life of industry
and integrity has won for him the respect of all who know him.

John E. Henet was born in Charleston township, Tioga county, Pennsyl-
vania, June 11, 1833, and is a son of James and Nancy Henry. His father was a
native of New Hampshire, and came with his parents to Charleston township, Tioga
county, at an early day, where he died in 1849, aged sixty years. His mother died
in 1871, aged sixty-seven years. They were the parents of the following children:
Lydia J., wife of Jacob Johnson, of Delmar township; Eliza, deceased wife of Venus
Growl, of the same township; Amanda, deceased wife of Tunis Bush, of Gaines
township; John B., Eosalie, deceased, who was twice married, first to James Bush,
and afterwards to James Hakes; Chloe, wife of Ben Carson; James H., a resident
of Prescott, Pierce county, Wisconsin; Orville, deceased, and Eichard, a resident
of Potter county. John E. was reared in Charleston township, and on March 18,
1864, he enlisted in Company A, One Hundred and Eighty-seventh Pennsylvania
Volunteers, and served until May, 1865. His brothers, Orville and Eichard, were
in the same company and regiment. Mr. Henry was married May 10, 1854, to
Hannah Kimball, daughter of Lazell Kimball, of Charleston township, to which
union have been born three children, viz: Geraldine, wife of Charles Patterson, of
Hornellsville, New York; Josephine, who died in infancy, and Charles M., who lives
on an adjoining farm to his father's. In politics, Mr. Henry is a Eepublican, and
has filled the office of school director. He is a member of the Grange at Eound
Top, and of George Cook Post, No. 315, G. A. E., of Wellsboro. Mr. Henry is the

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