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1845, and spent his boyhood days in his native place. During his youth he was
employed on the farm and in his father's brickyard. He received his primary edu-
cation in the common schools of the village, later attended the Wellsboro and Union
Academies, and graduated from the Mansfield State Normal School in 1866. He
taught school a few years, during which time he was principal of the Addison
Academy, and also taught a select school in Osceola. In 1867 he became a law
student in the office of Hon. Mortimer P. Elliott, of Wellsboro, and was admitted
to the bar of Tioga county in August, 1870. Entering into partnership with his
preceptor, he remained with him until 1875, after which he practiced at Wellsboro
by himself for a few years. In 1879 he removed to Grand Forks, North Dakota,
where he still resides and is actively engaged in the duties of his profession. In
1872 Mr. Bosard married Rebecca Merrick Eaulkner, of Erie county, Pennsylvania.

Augustus Redfibld was born November 6, 1826, in the town of Cato, Cayuga
county. New York, and was educated at Moravia in that State. He enlisted and
served through the entire War of the Eebellion. Locating in Wellsboro, he studied
law under the direction of Major George W. Merrick, and was admitted to the bar
August 28, 1871. Settling in Lawrenceville, he became editor of the Herald of
that place. He now resides in Covington. He has served several terms as a Justice
of the peace.

Chaeles L. Peck was born in Earmington township, and received his education
in the common schools and at Union Academy and Osceola High School. He
studied law with Hon. Mortimer P. Elliott, was admitted to the bar and practiced
at Knoxville from 1872 to 1876.

James V. Leach, a member of the bar, founded the Westfield Index April 17,
1873, but owing to poor health he suspended publication July 8, 1874, and died in
the early part of 1875.

Hon-. Hoeace B. Packee is a native of Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, and is the
only living child of Dr. Nelson Packer. He was reared in his native town and
obtained his education in Wellsboro Academy and Alfred University, New York.
He studied law with Wilson & Niles, and was admitted to practice August 26, 1873.
Since his admission to the bar he has continued in the active duties of his profession.
In 1876 he was appointed district attorney, on petition of every member of the bar,
to succeed Hon. William A. Stone, resigned, and in 1877 he was elected as his own
successor, filling the office four years. From early manhood Mr. Packer evinced a
deep interest in politics and for many years he has been one of the leaders of the
EepubHcan party in Tioga county. In the fall of 1884 he was elected to the legisla-
ture and was re-elected in 1886, serving in the sessions of 1885 and 1887. In 1888
he was elected to the Senate, from the Twenty-fifth senatorial district.


composed of the counties of Tioga, Potter and McKean, and sensed in that body
four years. While in the House Mr. Packer was chairman of the congressional
committee and is the author of the present apportionment law. He framed and
introduced the bill, which subsequently became a law, providing for cottage hospitals
in the bituminous coal regions of the State. He is also the author of the civil pro-
cedure bill, which became a law in 1887. During his terms in both the House and
Senate, he took a prominent and active part in behalf of educational matters. In
1894 he was the choice of his party in Tioga and Lycoming counties for Congress,
but after a long struggle and failure of a majority of the conferees to agree on a can-
didate, Mr. Packer withdrew from the contest on behalf of harmony and the good of
his party. In 189G he was again a candidate for Congress and after a hard fight won
the nomination. He was elected by a plurality of 6,391, carrying every county in
the district, his plurality in Tioga being .'J,018 — the largest this county ever gave for
a congressioiiiil candidate. j\Ir. Packer has presided at two state conventions and
is one of the best known Republicans in northern Pennsylvania.

JoHX W'lLLJA.M iM ATHEK was horn in luindce, Yates enunty. New York, Xo-
vember 5, 1847, a son ol' James 11. and Lydia (Dean) Mather, natives of New York,
who came to this county in the Jail of isiio and settled in l^wrcnee\ ille, where the
father was engaged in the manufacture of fanning mills for twenty years. In 1880
he removed to Wellsboro, where he died in July, 188."i. His widow is still a resident
of Wellsboro. The subject of this sketch was educated in the piililic schools of
Lawrenceville and under Rev. Sidney ]\Iills, a private tutor. He later attended the
State Normal School at Mansfield, i,n-a(lunted from tiiat institution in the class of
1871, and subsequently taught school for several terms. Mr. Mather na'l law with
Elliott & Bosard, of Wellslioro, and was admitted to the bar of Tio^a county Anj^ust
86, 1873. In 1878 he was admitcd to [inutiee in the adjciinim,' counties, and in
Jlay, ISSI, to the Supreme Court of tlie State. ^Ir. Mather has sinee been cnga^'ed
in the active duties of his profession and is one of the well-known lawyers of Wells-
boro. He has always given an unwavering; support to the Republican party, and in
1883 he was appointed deputy United States marshal of tlie Western distriet of
Pennsylvania, and served until May, 1885. In 188i'. he was elected district attorney
and filled that office one term. In December, 18'.)v\ I'niteil States Attorney (limral
W. W. Miller appointed him to a position in the department of justice at Washfng-
ton, which he filled until the change of administration. Sinee 1878 Mr. Mather
has been secretary of the Farmers' Agricultural Society of Tioga county, and he is
also a member of the Wellsboro ilanufacturing and Building Company. On October
27, 187."i, he mnrricd Mary Houghton, a daughter of Ferris Houghton, whose father
was one of the pioneers of Delmar township. Four children have been bom to this
union: Claude, Ceor^'e W.. Stella and James H.

KzR.\ r.KS'EniCT YoiNd was born in Springfield township, Bradford county.
Peiinsylvanin. October 21, 18 K!. and was educated in the common schools, the Sus-
quehanna Collegiate Institute, at Towanda. and the State Normal School, at !>fans-
tlold, from which he graduated in 18t;8. .-\fter teaching three years in Bradford
and Juniata counties, he entered the law office of Hon. .Tohn T. Mitchell, of Wells-
boro, as a law student, teaching school in the meantime. In .\pril. 1^7 1, he was


admitted to the bar. He has, however, devoted but little time to practice, being
interested in other business enterprises.

Laueen H. Tuttlb was born in the borough of Tioga, March 29, 1848. He
was educated in the common schools and at Staxkey Seminary, Yates county. New
York. He studied law with Frederick E. Smith and Charles H. Seymour, of Tioga,
and was admitted to the bar in 1874. He opened an office in Tioga and practiced
until about 1885, when he removed to Addison, New York.

P. E. Watkous, son of James and B. A. Watrous, both natives of Connecticut,
was born in Windsor, Broome county. New York, April 4, 1851, and is one of eight
children, viz: John, who died in 1856, aged sixteen years; Henry, a resident of
Gaines township; F. E., the subject of this sketch; Arthur, a resident of Forest
Grove, Oregon; Charles, who died in 1863; Sarah, wife of Jesse Locke, of Wellsboro;
Jennie, deceased wife of J. H. Wood, of Gaines township, and Emma A., wife of H.
M. Foote, an attorney of Washington, D. C. In 1851 Mr. Watrous' parents removed
to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, and settled on Elk run, in Gaines township, where his
father still resides, being now eighty-five years of age. His mother died in 1882,
aged sixty-eight years. Mr. Watrous was reared to manhood in Gaines township, and
was educated in the common schools, the State Normal School at Mansfield and the
commercial college at Poughkeepsie, New York. In 1873 he began the study of law
at Knoxville, under the preceptorship of Hon. Mortimer F. Elliott. The following
year he came to Wellsboro and entered Mr. Elliott's office, where he continued his
studies until his admission to the bar in January, 1876. In 1879 he became a partner
of Mr. Elliott, the firm becoming Elliott & Watrous. This partnership still exists,
although, owing to Mr. Elliott's constant absence from the borough in the discharge
of his duties as attorney for the Standard Oil Company, the business of the firm is
practically attended to by Mr. Watrous. On March 24, 1876, Mr. Watrous married
Fanny Shore, a daughter of Daniel and Eebecca Shore, of Knoxville. They have
an adopted daughter, Margaret. In polities Mr. Watrous is a Eepublican. Though
loyal to and interested in the success of the principles of the party, he has never held
office. He is a member of Ossea Lodge, No. 317, P. & A. M., and of Tyagaghton
Commandery, No. 28, K. T. Mr. Watrous practices in the state and United States
courts. His inclination being in the direction of civil, rather than criminal practice,
he has confined himself to the former, and has achieved a well-earned reputation as
a careful, methodical and painstaking attorney, especially in intricate commercial
cases and in the settlement of estates. Equipped with a good legal mind, he has by
unremitting study and hard work risen to a prominent and honorable place as a mem-
ber of the bar of Tioga county.

Henet M. Foote was bom in Chenango county. New York, in 1846, and was
educated in the common schools and Wellsboro Academy. His father, Dr. Ira A.
Foote, was the first homeopathic physician to locate in Wellsboro, where he practiced
from 1849 to 1851, when he removed to Carpenterville, New York. In 1864, while
a student in the academy, Henry M. enlisted in the One Hundred and Eighty-seventh
Pennsylvania Volunteers at the organization of that regiment, and remained in ser-
vice until the close of the war. On his return home he read law with Hon. John I.
Mitchell and David Cameron, and was admitted to the bar February 1, 1876. He
opened an office in Wellsboro and began the practice of his profession. In 1880 he



was elected district attorney and sen-ed a term of three years with credit. In liis-t
he was elected to the legislature, and was re-elected in lSs6. In ISSO he was ap-
pointed an assistant attorney in the department of justice under Attorney General
Miller and served in that capacity up to ls93. He has since continued to practice
in W'ashington, but retains his residence in Wellsboro.

T. C. Sandebs was bom in the town of Clarksville, Allegheny county, Xew
York. He spent about five years in the university at Alfred in his native county
and graduated in 1861. He served the first two years of the Rebellion in the army,
and when he returned he located at Westfield in 1863. After studying law he was
admitted to the bar of Tioga county February 2, 18T0, and in 1ST9 he entered into
partnership with Hon. Butler B. Strang, and that relation continued until the death
of the latter. Soon after this Mr. Sanders removed to Dakota.

Hen BY W. Roland, deceased, was bom in Delmar township, December 7,
1818, and was reared on a farm. He was educated in the common schools and
Wellsboro Academy. He read law with Hon. William A. Stone and was admitted
at Wellsboro at the August tenn, 1876. In October following he opened a law and
insurance office in Blossburg. He frequently served as boroufjh cliTk, and in 1680
he was appointed United States census marshal.

John Oemerod was a member of the bar in 18.7, and had an office at Knox-
ville. He came from Potter county, but returned to ('uuders]xjrt in 1881, where lie
is still practicing his profession.

John S. Ryon, only son of Harris T. Kynn, was born in Nelson township,
Tioga county, Pennsylvania, January 4, 1847, and was educated in the Osceola
High School and the State Normal School at Manslinld. He began the study of law
in 1875 with Major George W. Merrick, of Wellsboro, and was admitted to tlic Tioga
county bar in the spring of 1877. He located in Klkland, where he has since re-
sided and practiced his profession, being also identified with a number of business
enterprises in that borough. In 1881 he was admitted to the Potter county bar: to
the United Slates court in 1886, and to the Supreme Court of Penn-^vlvania in IS'.IL
On January 13, 1869. lie married Maria Hollis, a daughter of William and Maria
Ilollis, of Steuben county. New York, and has two children, Emma and Harry. Mr.
Ryon is a staunch Democrat, and in 1884 was a candidate for representative and
ran several hundred votes ahead of his ticket. In 188G he was appointed postmaster
of lllkland by President Clovt'lnnd, and held that office three years. He is a member
of the Presbyterian church, and also of the I. 0. 0. F., and is recognized as one
of the progressive citizens of Elkland.

Darius L. Deane, a son of I'rastus P. Deane, was born in Delmar township,
Tioga county, January- 22. IS 10. He was reared upon the homestead farm, and re-
ceived a common school, academical and commercial college education. He afterwards
studied and practiced surveying with his father, also assisted in the farm duties, until
1863, when he enlisted in Company A, First Battalion, Pennsylvania Volunteers,
and later enlisted in Company K, Two Hundred and Seventh Pennsylvania Volun-
teers. He participated in the recapture of I'nrt Steadman and the capture of
Petersburg, where he was severely wounded. After shattering his left arm near
the shoulder, the bullet lodged in the left breast, and amputation of the arm re-



suited. Mr. Deane was honorably discharged June 23, 1865, with the rank of ser-
geant major, and returned to his home in Tioga county. In the fall of 1866 he
was elected register and recorder of the county, was re-elected in 1869, and again
in 1872, filling that position nine consecutive years. In 1876 he commenced the
study of law with Elliott & Watrous, of Wellsboro, and was admitted to the bar of
Tioga county in the fall of 1878, since which time he has practiced his profession
and followed surveying. Mr. Deane was married December 14, 1869, to Barbara L.
Sturrock, a daughter of David and Jane Sturrock, of Wellsboro, and has had one
son, Arthur "W., who died when seven years of age. They afterwards adopted Allen
B., a son of Jerome and Mary Bowers, of Horseheads, New York. Politically, Mr.
Deane is a Eepublican, and besides his three terms as register and recorder, he has
fiUed the ofEces of school director, burgess and assessor one term each, and has
served three terms in the council. He is a member of George Cook Post, No. 315,
G. A. E., and both he and wife are adherents of the Presbyterian church.

S. Fowler Chaknell was born in Canton, Bradford county, Pennsylvania,
November 21, 1848, and is a son of William T. and Sarah J. (Wright) Channell, the
former a native of New Hampshire, and the latter of Bradford county. They reared
a family of five children, named as follows: S. Powler; Mary J., wife of C. 0. Eock-
well, of Eoaring Branch; Dudley B., a physician of Washington; Frank J., of
Canton, Bradford county, and Leon S., a lawyer of Mansfield, Tioga county. The
parents are residents of Canton, Bradford county, where his father is engaged in
farming. The subject of this sketch obtained a good education in the public schools
of Bradford county, later clerked four years in a dry goods store in Canton, and then
spent two years at Lafayette College. In the autumn of 1877 he commenced the
study of law in the ofiice of Hon. Henry Sherwood, of Wellsboro, and was admitted
to the bar in January, 1880. He immediately opened an ofiice in Wellsboro for the
practice of his profession, and continued alone until 1884, when he formed a partner-
ship with H. M. Foote, which existed until the fall of 1889, at which time Mr. Foote
removed to Washington, D. C. Mr. Channell was married September 19, 1888, to
Lizzie M. Fairman, and has one son, Malcolm F. The family attend the Presby-
terian church. In polities, Mr. Channell is one of the most active Eepublicans in
the county. From 1884 to 1887 he was the legal adviser for the county commis-
sioners, and for four years was secretary of the school board, and was president of
the same body for two years. In February, 1897, he was elected burgess of Wells-
boro. He enjoys a good law practice, which he has gradually built up during
the past seventeen years.

H. L. Baldwin was born September 29, 1845, at Medina, Ohio, and was
educated at Franklin Industrial Institute, Cooperstown, New York, and at the State
Normal School at Mansfield. From 1871 to 1878 he taught school at Lawrence-
ville and Tioga. After reading law under the preceptorship of Frederick E.
Smith, of the latter place, he was admitted to the bar in 1880. He located at
Tioga, where he is still practicing his profession.

John T. Gear was born at Pittsford, Monroe county, New York, October 4,
1854, and is a son of John and Mary A. (White) Gear, natives of England. His
parents came to the United States about 1844, and located in Monroe county. New
York, where his father had charge of the hot houses of Daniel lies, a prominent


florist of that county, for several years. He later engaged in farming near Friend-
ship, Allegany county. New York, where he still resides, practically retired, though
overseeing the duties of his farm. The subject of this sketch received an academical
education at Friendship, Xew York. In 1873 he located in Potter county, Penn-
sylvania, where he was engaged four summers in the cheese business, and taught
school during the winter seasons. In 1879 he began the study of law in the office
of L. H. Cobb, Esq., of Coudersport, and was admitted to the Potter county bar in
June, 1881, and to the bar of Tioga county at the December term of the same year.
In 1881 he located at Klnoxville, Tioga county, where he has since been engaged in
the active duties of his profession. Mr. Gear was married St-ptember 14, 1877, to
Eva Darling, a daughter of Thaddeus and Amelia (Nelson) Darling, of Allegln'ny
township, Potter county, Pennsylvania, and has one son, T. Fay. In politiis, Mr.
Gear is a Kepublican, takes an active interest in political affairs, and has held various
local offices in Knoxville, including two terms as burgess of the borough.

EoBEHT Kennedy Young, eldest son of Hon. Hugh Voung, the well-known
bank examiner, was born in Wellsboro, June 1 1, 18G1. lie wa.s educated in the
schools of his native town and at a private school in Concord, Xew Hanijishire.
Eetuming home he read law with Major (Jeorge W. Merriek, and was admitted to
the bar in August, 1884. Soon after his admission he visited Europe and sjient
some time in England, Ireland, Scotland and France, lie remained for a period at
Killyleagh, County Down, Ireland, the birthplace of his father, en^'iij;eil in visiting
relatives. On his return to Wellsboro Mr. Young resumed his jjrofessioual duties
and has since become well known over the county as a member of the law finn of
Merrick & Young. Mr. Young was married October •.':!, IS'.Mi, to Emma Van
Mater, of Eed Bank, New Jersey. In politics he is a Kepuljlican. In October, 1890,
lie was appointed a justice of the peace to fill a vacancy,- and the following spring he
was elected for a full term. He resigned in the spring of 1896, and was subse-
quently chosen as one of the llepublican candidates for the legislature, to which
position he was elected by a handsome majority. Mr. Young was one of the five
original promoters and first directors of the Wellsborough Electric Company and
has acted as counsel and business manager of the enterprise since its inception.

Alfred Jones Siiattuck was born in Corning, Xew York, October .', is.")!", a
son of Levi H. and Sarah (Pack) Shattuck, who came to Tioga county in ls(;t; and
located in Blossburg. After obtaining a common school education, Alfred .1. en-
tered the State Normal School at Mansfield, graduating from that instittition in
1877, and from Lafayette College in 1881. He then accepted a position as pa_\Tna8ter
on the Amot and Pine Creek railroad, which he occupied a year and a half. In the
fall of ISSV' he entered the law office of Elliott & Watrous, of Wellsboro, and after
dilifrent study was admitted to practice August 26, 18S4, and opened his present
office January 1, 1885. Mr. Shattuck is a staunch Republican, and was elected
borougli clerk in Marcli, 1SS9, which position he has filled continuously up to the
present. He has been a notary public since March 11, 188."), and was chairman of
the Republican county committee for the year ISOl. On January 6, 1S86, ^fr.
Shattuck married Emma M. Purjile. a daughter of E. J. and Rachel .\. Purple, and
has one son, Levi H.

Aaron R. Nimcs, eldest son of Gen. .Teromo B. Xiles, was bom in Mi'MMury


township, October 3, 1860. He received his education in the High School of Wells-
boro, and then spent a year at Lafayette College. He read law under the direction
of his father, and was admitted to the bar in 1884. Mr. Niles married a daughter
of the late Gov. Thomas L. Young, of Cincinnati, Ohio. He resides in Wellsboro
and is associated with his father in the practice of his profession. In March, 1897,
Mr. Mies was appointed a member of the board of trustees of the Cottage State Hos-
pital, at Blossburg.

B. M. PoTTEE, a son of Jerome B. Potter, was born at Cherry Plats, Tioga
county, Pennsylvania, April 23, 1862, and was educated in the Wellsboro High
School, from which he graduated in 1876, and Cook Academy, Havana, New York,
graduating in 1879. In 1883 he began studying law under Jerome B. Niles, and
completed his studies with Mitchell & Cameron. He was admitted to practice in
1884. From 1891 to 1894 he resided and practiced in Washington, D. C, since
which time he has pursued his profession in Wellsboro. He was elected a justice of
the peace in February, 1896.

Haetey B. Leach is the only child of Myron and Emeline (Colgrove) Leach,
and was born in Chatham township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania, May 30, 1860. His
paternal grandfather. Dr. Harvey Leach, was one of the early settlers and pioneer
physicians of Chatham township. He located at Shortsville early in the thirties,
and practiced medicine until his death in 1863. His practice was an extensive one,
both in Tioga and Potter counties, and he was recognized as one of the leading phy-
sicians of this section of Pennsylvania. Myron Leach died October 18, 1895. His
widow resides cm the homestead farm in Chatham township. Harvey B. passed the
first twenty years of his life on the old homestead. During this period he received
the rudiments of an English education in the common schools and gained a practical
knowledge of agriculture by assisting in the work of the farm. In the summer of
1880 he went to Monroe county, ISTew York, and worked several months on a farm.
During the winter of 1880-81 he attended the Wellsboro Academy. In September,
1881, he became a student of the State Normal School, at Mansfield, from which he
graduated in the spring of 1883. He taught the graded school at Little Marsh dur-
ing the winter months. In the summer of 1884 he began the study of law in the oflSce
of Henry Sherwood & Son, of AVellsboro. He was admitted to the bar in the spring
of 1886, and immediately began practice by entering into partnership with Harvey
Blackburn, of Wellsboro, the firm being Blackburn & Leach. At the end of six
months the partnership was dissolved by mutual consent, and September 30, 1886,
Mr. Leach removed to Blossburg and began practice for himself. In the interveniag
years, by close application and successful work in the courts, he has built up a lucra-
tive practice, and achieved deserved recognition at the bar of Tioga county. In No-
vember, 1889, he was elected district attorney, and acceptably discharged the duties
of that office for three years. He has also served as a member of Blossburg school
board. In March, 1897, he returned to Wellsboro, where he expects to find a wider
field for the prosecution of his profession. Mr. Leach was married November 16,
1886, to Irene L. Wheeler, a daughter of Julius C. and Emily E. Wheeler, of Wells-
boro. To this union three children have been born, viz: Earl, Myrtle, deceased, and
Walter. In politics Mr. Leach is an ardent Eepublican, and has labored earnestly
for the success of the principles and doctrines of that party.



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