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real estate interests and to the practice of nicdiciine. He died December 17, IH'J2,
aged nearly eighty-four years. Dr. Levi Rose began the practice of medicine in
Miiinesburg in 1835, continuing a few years. From 1835 until 1837, Dr. lienjamin C.
Morris practiced in Liberty. In 1836 Dr. Abel Humphrey, a native of Preston,
Chenango county. New York, located in Tioga, continuing in practice for about
fifty years, when ill health compelled him to retire. From 1836 to 1846 Dr. F. W.
Krause practiced in Liberty, in which place, also, I>r. Jacob Raker, Jr., located in
1838 and practiced until his death in 1842. Dr. Harvey Leach began the practice
of medicine in Chatham township in 1836 or 1837 and continued down to his death
in 1868. His practice extended over a wide area and hr was one of the noted physi-
cians of the early days. In 1838 Dr. II. G. Smytiie located in Mansfield and pursiied
the practice of hia profession there for many years. Richard I. Jmas practiced in
Knoxville from 1837 to 1840.

In 1840 Dr. Albert M. Loop began the practice of medicine in Xelson. where
he still resides and pursues his profession. He is now the oldest living physician in
the county, and the longest in practice. He was bom in Elmira, Xew York, Sep-
tember 12, 181<;, and has been a resident physician of Xelson since 18 to, excepting
during two years — from 1851 to 185(1 — spent at Rock Island, Illinois.

Dr. Nelson I'ncker came to Wellsboro in 18.'i8 and entered upon the practice of
medicine and sur^'cry. He was bom Decemlier S, lsi4. at Xorwich, Chenango
county, Xew York, and was educated at Oxford .\cademy. .\fter leaving school he
studied medicine with Dr. Kenry MitciicU, of Norwich, and was graduated from the


Geneva Medical College in 1838. Capt. James Packer, father of the Doctor, was an
old resident of Norwich, where he had settled early in the century. His ancestors
came from Connecticut, and they were relatives of the family of Hon. Asa Packer,
late of Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania.

When Dr. Packer came to Wellsboro, Dr. Otis L. Gibson was the leading physi-
cian, but as the population of the town and country were increasing, the assistance
of another practitioner was required. From the start Dr. Packer was kindly re-
ceived and through the passing years built up a good practice. In 1847 he was
stricken with a severe illness, which threatened to develop into pulmonary con-
sumption. He became so prostrated with weakness that his friends almost despaired
of his recovery. His brother came from Norwich to look after him, and, seeing
his condition, decided to take him home. It was in the midst of winter and a deep
snow was on the ground. A sleigh was procured, a comfortable bed made therein,
and the patient placed in it. By easy stages the Journey was made and on Christmas
Eve they reached home, but the Doctor was very ill and weak. His illness proved
severe and he did not fully recover before the following June.

With restored health Dr. Packer returned to Wellsboro in the summer of 1848
and resumed his practice. His health continued good and he rapidly built up an ex-
cellent reputation for skill and success in his profession. He became known as the
principal surgeon in the town and he was called to attend all critical cases in the
borough and surrounding country.

Dr. Packer was an ardent Eepublican and always took a commendable interest
in public affairs. He was intensely loyal and patriotic, and throughout the dark
days of Civil strife gave an unswerving support to the government. In 1862 he en-
tered the service as assistant surgeon and was stationed at Chesapeake Hospital,
near Portress Monroe. When the army lay at Harrison Landing, he was ordered
there, and acted as surgeon of a New York regiment. He was soon after prostrated
by malarial fever and jaundice and was obliged to retire from active duty. He
reached home with difficulty, and so severe did his sickness prove that he did not fully
recover for several months.

In 1864 Dr. Packer was appointed United States examining surgeon for Wells-
boro, and when many years later the medical board was organized, he became its
president, and filled the position with satisfaction to all and credit to himself. He
was noted for sociability and geniality of temperament, and was a favorite with all
who enjoyed his acquaintance. Cultured and refined, he was at home in the sick
room, and his presence inspired confidence and hope. He died February 8, 1883, on
the same day of the month in which he was born, in his sixty-ninth year. His loss
was greatly lamented by the community, and all felt that their best friend and bene-
factor had been taken from them.

On the 15th of January, 1849, Dr. Packer married Miss Mary McDougall, of
Lawrenceville, Tioga county. Her ancestors were residents of New York City, and
her parents were early settlers at Lawrenceville. The union was blessed with two
sons. The eldest, James M., was born November 6, 1849, and died January 1, 1869.
The second, Hon. Horace B. Packer, resides with his widowed mother in Wellsboro.
He is a prominent lawyer and politician, and his sketch will be found in the chapter
devoted to the "Bench and Bar."


Dr. Packer was progressive as a physician and surgeon. It was principally
through his efforts that the Tioga County Medical Society was organized, in 1860,
and he served as one of its presidents. When the war broke out the organization was
not kept up. On the restoration of peace, however, he was mainly instrumental in
having it revived, and was active in promoting its interests until the close of his life.
Dr. David S. Roblyer practiced medicine in Roseville from 1841 to 1844 and then
removed to Mainesburg, where he remained until 1850. Dr. Ralph I. Shepherd
practiced at Daggett's Mills from 1841 to 1843; Dr. Orson Grcfrory at Roseville
during 1843 and 1844, and Dr. D. N. Hunt at Roseville from 184.5 to 1850. Dr.
William B. Rich was a practicing physician in Knoxville from 1843 to 1873. In
1843 Dr. Robert H. Archer located in Wellsboro and practiced there until 184T.
He afterwards practiced for several years in ilorris township. In 1845 Dr. Daniel
McNaughton located in Westfield and continued to praciicu medicine there until
his death in 1883. He was appointed postmaster of Westfield in 1861, which position
he filled until the fall of 1871, when he was ekctc-il associate judge and rfsij,Tied as
postmaster. Dr. T'ledurick Reinwald practiced medicine in l.iliirty from 1M"> to
1847, when he was killed by a panther, and iJr. L. K. (iarfield from 1817 to l.s.")(;.
Dr. Joel Rose was a practicing physician in Roseville from 1846 to 18113. Dr. II. H.
Borden came from Steiiben county, New York, in 1842 and located in Tioga. .Vfter
studying with Dr. Abel Humphrey he began practice in 1847, continuing until his
death in 1894.

Dr. Charles V. Elliott, a native of Sheshefluin, Bradford county, Pennsylvania,
began the practice of medicine in Mansfield in 1817. In lS.">t; he removed to Hudson,
Wisconsin, and remained until 1859, when he returned to iliinsfield, resumed prac-
tice and also opened a drug store, which he carried on in connection therewith until
1891, since wliieli time he has been living retired. In 1847 Dr. Nathaniel Smith,
who is still in netive practice, located in Jlillerton. He i,-; a native of Halifax, Wind-
ham county, Vermont, where lie was born January i:). 182.'!.

Dr. Charles K. Thompson was born in Charleston to^vnship April 2'2, 1821, and
died in Wellsboro September 11, 1888. He studied medicine under the direction
of Dr. Otis ],. Gibson and graduated from the Geneva Medical College in IS 16. In
184'<' he married Miss Sarah Gibson and settled down to practice his profession. On
the breaking out of the Civil War, Dr. Thompson entered the uriny as a surgeon and
saw much service. AMien peace was restored he was retained in the service and sta-
tioned for some time, in connection with the Freedmen's Bureau, at Kilisto, South
("nrolinn. On leaving the I'nited States service he returned to Wellsboro, and, ex-
cepting one year spent at Fall Brook, as resident physician for the Fall Brook Coal
Company, lie resided forty years in Wellsboro. In the fall of 1882 he was appointed
one of the three physicians composinp the board of jiension examiners, which oflSce
ho still held at the time of his death. He left one son, Charles 0. Thompson, of
Rochester, New York, and a daughter, Mrs. Emma Snuter, of Williamsport.

Dr. Henry Kilbourn was born in Shrewsbury. Vermont, in 1803. and graduated
from the Vermont Academy of Medicine, Febrxiary 10, 1838. In 1840 he came to
Tioga county ami located in Covin;,'ton, and for over forty-five year- practiced in
that place and Blossburg. residing at different times in each place. He attained a
wide reputation not only as a skillful and successful physician, but a- an eccentric


character and an inimitable story teller. Dr. Coburn located in Gaines in 1848
and practiced there several years.

Dr. William T. Humphrey was born in Bainbridge, Chenango county, New
York, December 22, 1824. In the spring of 1848 he graduated from the Albany
Medical College. From June, 1848, to January, 1849, he practiced in Addison, New
York, and then removed to Elkland, Pennsylvania. Here he practiced until 1857,
when he removed to Osceola, where he still resides and pursues his profession. Dr.
Ira B. Poote, the pioneer homeopathic physician of the county, practiced in Wells-
boro from 1849 to 1851. In 1850 Dr. W. W. Wright began the practice of medicine
in Elkland, where he still resides and pursues his profession. He was bom in Cairo,
Green county. New York, March 31, 1830, and came with his parents to Tioga county
in 1844, settling in Farmington. In 1848 he began reading medicine with Dr.
Nelson Packer, of Wellsboro; attended lectures at Geneva Medical College, Geneva,
New York, and graduated in the class of 1849-50. He has the reputation of being
a successful physician and a skillful surgeon. John C. Bastian located in Liberty in
1850 and practiced there until 1853.

Dr. Jerome B. Knapp located in Knoxville in 1851 and practiced there until
1854. Dr. William F. Weseman began practice in Liberty in 1851 and continued
up to a recent date, when he retired. In 1852 Dr. William M. Barden, the first
homeopathic physician in the Tioga valley, settled in Mansfield, where he built up
a large and lucrative practice. He died September 30, 1884. Dr. J. H. Shearer, a
native of Delaware county, Pennsylvania, and a veteran of the Mexican War, gradu-
ated from what is now Hahnemann College, Philadelphia, in the spring of 1852, and
practiced in Wellsboro imtil 1855, when he removed to Springfield, Illinois. In
1859 he returned to Wellsboro, where he has since practiced his profession. Dr.
Henry C. Bosworth, a native of Vernon, New York, where he was born March 8, 1811,
graduated from Geneva Medical College in 1837, and practiced at Smithfield, Brad-
ford county, until 1850, when he removed to Deerfield, Tioga county, and engaged
in farming and merchandising, as well as the practice of medicine, until his death
at Osceola, December 5, 1870. Dr. Ira W. Bellows practiced medicine in Knoxville
from 1854 to 1870, since which time he has resided on his farm in Deerfield township.

Dr. Wellington W. Webb, a native of Chenango county, New York, received
his medical education in Geneva Medical College, BufEalo Medical College and Cas-
tleton Medical College. In 1854 he began the practice of medicine in Liberty and
continued until 1857, when he removed to Wellsboro and there practiced until his
death in 1889. Dr. William W. Day located in Osceola in 1855 and continued in
practic there until 1867. Charles Voorhees began practice at Daggett's Mills in 1855
and continued until his death a few years ago. In 1856 Dr. E. S. Eobbins located in
Covington, where for the past thirty years he has practiced his profession. Luther
W. Johnson, who was born in Wellsboro, May 4, 1833, graduated from the State
University at Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 185C, and in 1857 began the practice of his
profession in Liberty, continuing there until 1883, when he removed to Blossburg.
Here he practiced with marked success until his death June 29, 1896.

Dr. George D. Maine, a son of the pioneer, John Maine, was bom in Maines-
burg, Sullivan township, July 24, 1826. He graduated from the medieal depart-
ment of the University of BufEalo in 1856, and one year later located in Mainesburg,


where he has since resided and practiced his profession, with the exception of the
time he was in the army. Dr. L. M. Johnson, a native of Steuben county. New York,
located in Wellsboro about 1858 and practiced his profession with skill and success
up to a few years a<,'(>, when he retired to his farm. He has lately resumed practice,
and is now a resident of Wellsboro. Henry Kilhoum, Jr., a son of Dr. Henrj' Kil-
boum, of Covington, practiced in that borough from 1859 until his death in 1 S88.

Dr. James ]\Iasten began the practice of medicine in 1849. Dr. ilasten was bom
in Penn Yan, New York, Jlay 26, 1827. He read medicine with Drs. A. F. 6c W.
Oliver, of that place, and attended lectures at the Buffalo Medical College. From
1849 to 18G0 he practiced at White's Corners, Potter county, Pennsylvania, since
which time he has resided and practiced in Westfield. He has nut only achieved
success in his profession, but is recognized as a prominent and progressive citizen.

Dr. Lewis Darling, .Ir., was born in Lawrenceville, Uctubur 19, 1640, studied
medicine under his father and attended the Medical College of Washington,
D C for one year. He then entered the medical department of the service
as an army surgeon, remaining nnlil the el,.se of the war, after whieh he heeanie a
student in the University of Michigan, at Ann \yhuv, from which he graduated in
lK(i(; After practicing in Cincinnati, Ohio, a few months, he returned to Lawrence-
ville, where he is still in uelive p.aetiee. From LSIil to ISHO Dr. .T. K. Cleveland
practiced medicine in ()K(l>nsl.M,g. In 18(i2 Dr. John M. Tmnlen, a son of l)r.
William iM. Barden, the pioneer homeopathic physician, began i.raetite m i;o>eMlle.
continuing until 1881, when he remove.l to Manslicl.l, where lie practic-.l until is;i.,,
when he again took up his residence at HoseviUe. Ho still attend.'* to his patients in
Mansfield and vicinity.

Dr. ]\lorgan L. Bacon was born in Ciiarlcston township June I'.i, 1837. He
graduated from Union Aeadeniy, at .Veademy Corners, in IS.-, and after teaehing
a short time began the study of medieine under Dr. Nelson I'aeker, of Wellsboro,
continuing until 18(11, when he cnti'red the serviee as a hos|)ital steward. In 1K63
he liegan the practice of medicine in Mansfield, remaining there five years. From
lS(iH to 1870 he practiced in Blosslmrg an<l from ISTO to 1S72 in ^lorris Hun. In
the latter year he removed to AVellsbort>, where for twenty-five years he has continued
in the aetive duties of his profession. He is known as an educated, skillful and sue-
I'essful i.hysieiaii. Dr. William Blackwell, a grandson of the pioneer, Enoch Black-
well, has i.een eiu'ai^'ed in the j.nutiee of medicine at Blackwells since lS(i5. Dr.
Nelson Ingram, a native of Ulster county. New York, graduated from Bellevue Hos-
pital Medical College. New York, March 1, IStl.".. He practiced medicine and car-
rie<l on a drug store in I'.iossburg for a number of years. John S. Fitch practircd
at Stony Fork from 180.". to 1870. Dr. Adclbert .1. Heggie practiced in Oseeola
from ISCC to his death in ISSCi.

Dr. Robert B. Smith, a native of Marathon. Cortland county. New York, where
he was liorn August -':!. IS Id. read medicine under Dr. H. S. French, of Li-le, New
York, and graduated from Long Island College Ilosj.ital in ISCii, in which year he
removed to Tioga, where he has since praetieed with marked >ueres-. He wa.s for
three years president of the Tioga C<uinty Board of Pen^ion Kxaminers, and is one
of the best known physicians in the eounty. Dr. Daniel Bae.m. a native .,f Delmar
townshii). a son of Oliver Baeon and a grandson of the pioneer. Daniil Harvey Baeon,


graduated from the University of Buifalo in 1860 and practiced medicine in Wells-
boro until his death in December, 1888. Dr. H. A. Phillips located in Knoxville
in 1867 and practiced until his death in 1877. Dr. 0. P. Barden, homeopathist, a
son of Dr. William M. Barden, practiced in Mansfield and Tioga from 1868 to 1892,
in which year he died in Tioga. Dr. Alston J. Cole located in Mansfield in 1868 and
practiced there nearly twenty years. Dr. William Caldwell, a native of Ireland,
graduated from the University of Dublin in 1848. About 1867 he located in "Morris
Eun, as the physician of the Morris Eun Coal Company, and practiced there until
1891. Dr. H. Boyer located in Gaines Ln 1869 and practiced for several years.
Dr. John Caldwell located in Arnot in 1870 and practiced there a few years. In
November, 1870, Dr. D. C. Waters also located in Amot, where he is still a resident
physician, his practice being confined almost exclusively to miners and other em-
ployes of the Blossburg Coal Company and their families.

Although the foregoing is not a complete list of all the physicians who practiced
in the county form 1798, the year in which Dr. William Willard settled at Tioga, until
1870, it includes those most prominently identified with the profession. Many
early physicians made but a transient stay, and it has been impossible to secure
definite data concerning them. Others after practicing a number of years left the
county, while still others drifted into farming or into business and gave up practicing
entirely. Since 1870 the records show that nearly 150 physicians have been licensed
in the county, many of whom made but a brief stay, while others taking the places
of deceased or retired physicians have built up for themselves a practice based on
acknowledged skill, personal popularity and a close attention to their professional
duties. A brief mention of a few of the more prominent of these is appropriate here.
A further reference to them will be found in the township and borough chapters.

Dr. Orson C. Cole, now retired, began practice in Union twnship in 1870. Dr.
Frank Smith, a son of Dr. Nathaniel Smith, studied under his father in Millerton,
where he has practiced since 1871. Mrs. Julia A. Furman, wife of Aaron K. Fur-
man, has practiced medicine in Gaines township since 1871. Dr. G. D. Crandall
located in Blossburg in 1873, where he is still in the active practice of his profession.
In 1874 G. A. Smith located in Liberty where he has continued to practice until the
present time. He is a native of Northumberland county and graduated from Jeffer-
son Medical College March 17, 1873. Dr. P. D. Eitter, a native of Herkimer county.
New York, graduated from the University of Buffalo, February 16, 1861. He prac-
ticed in Gaines from 1872 until his death, March 12, 1897. Dr. A. L. Bottum was
born in Nelson township, April 19, 1847, and received his academical education at
Union and Woodhull Academies. He read medicine under Dr. William T. Hum-
phrey, of Osceola; took a course of lectures at the University of Michigan, Ann
Arbor, and graduated from the Detroit Medical College, Detroit Michigan, in 1875,
in the spring of which year he located in Westfield, where he has built up a large
practice. Dr. Benjamin Moody, of Mansfield, a native of Bradford county, Penn-
sylvania, studied medicine with Dr. T. F. Madill, of Wysox, Bradford county;
graduated from Geneva Medical College in 1868, and Jefferson Medical College in
1869. He practiced with his preceptor in Wysox and in Wyalusing until 1875, when
he removed to Eoseville, remaining until 1877, in which year he located in Mansfield.
Dr. Charles A. Eeese is a native of Somerset county, Pennsylvania, where he was




bom August 20, 1841. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. From
1862 to 1874 he practiced in Sinnamahoning, Pennsylvania. In 1875 he located in
Knoxville, where he has since practiced his profession.

Dr. Hugh L. Davis was bom at Summit HiU, Carbon county, Pennsylvania,
December 10, 1851, and came to Charleston township, Tioga county, with his
parents in 1852. In 1870 he began the study of medicine with Dr. Nelson Packer, ot
Wellsboro, and in March, 187.3, graduated from Jefferson Medical College, Phila-
delphia. After practicing a short time each in Knoxville, Arnot, and West Hampton,
Massachusetts, he located in Wellsboro in 1879. Here he soon built up a large
practice and became one of the best known physicians in the county. He died from
cerebral hemorrhage, December 19, 1895. Dr. Augustus Xiles, a native of Tioga
township, graduated from Bennett Medical College, January 21, 1875. He prac-
ticed until 1878 in Nelson, and for fifteen years thereafter in Keeneyville. In 1893
he removed to Wellsboro, where he has built up a large practice. Dr. Widter K.
Francis, a native of Wellsboro, graduated from the University of Buffalo, February
23, 1876, and practiced in Knoxville from 1878 to 1891. Dr. Emery G. Drake, a
native of Granville, Bradford county, Pennsylvania, was graduated from Long
Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, June 25, 1871, and practiced for a number of
years at Blossburg, Fall Brook, Jlorris Run and Antrim. Dr. Nathan W. Mastin,
a native of Cayuga county, New York, graduated from the medical departmint of
the University of the City of New York, February 12, 1879. He began the practice
of his profession in East Charleston, where he continued until 1888, when he
removed to Wellsboro, where he has since been one of the resident physicians.

Dr. Wentworth D. Vedder, a graduate of tlie College of Physicians and Surgeons,
Baltimore, Maryland, located in Mansfield in 1880, where he has continued in
practice until the present time, being recognized as a skillful and successful physi-
cian. Dr. Clarence W. Webb, a son of Dr. \\ellington W. Webb, was born in Liberty
township, September 14, 1855. He received his medical education in the University
of \'ei-mont and the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, graduating
from the latter in 1879. He has since practiced in Wellsboro and is recognized as a
successful and skillful physician. Dr. Henry E. Caldwell graduated from the Ohio
Medical CuUe'^e, Cincinnati, in the spring of 1879. He practiced in Cincinnati until
the siiiniiier of 1880, when he located at Morris Run, as physician for the ^lorris Run
Coal Cimipany. He is still in practice there. Dr. Wilmot (J. Humphrey, a native
of Elkland, graduated from the Collejje of Plivsicinus and Surgeons, at Baltimore,
in 1880, and immediately began practice at Osceola. In 1890 he removed to Elk-
land, wlicve he has since continued to jiractice. Dr. Thomas A. Bair, a native of
Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, graduated from Jeffcr-on
Medical Ciillege, Mardi 1-2, 1879. Since 1880 lie has been a resident physician of
Sabin8%'illc. Dr. lienjainin J. Fulkerson, a graduate of the University of the Citv of
New York, practiced in Little Marsh from 1880 to 189."). when he removed to Tyrone,
Piiinsylvania. Dr. Tiieodore F. Wocster, a native of Leroy, Bradford county. Penn-
sylvania, and a graduate of Kuchanan College, Philadelphia, has practiced at Ogdens-
burg since 18so. Dr. Cliarles Clarence Winsor was bom in Ellery, Chautauqua
county, New York, December 3, 1859. He graduated from Buffalo Medical College,
IVhniary '.'1, 1881, and soon after began the practice of his profession at Amot, re-


maining four years. He then removed to Blossburg, where he continued to practice
until his death, August 3, 1889. Dr. J. B. McCloskey, a native of Clinton county,
graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, March 13, 1874, and practiced at
Morris from 1882 to 1890. Dr. Charles H. Bosworth, son of Dr. Henry C. Bosworth,
and a native of Deerfield township, graduated from the College of Physicians and Sur-
geons, Baltimore, March 1, 1882, and has since practiced his profession at Osceola.
Dr. 0. S. Nye, a native of Schuyler county. New York, graduated from Columbus
Medical College, March 6, 1881. In 1883 he located in Koseville, where he is still a
resident physician. Dr. Charles "W. Hazlett, a native of Addison, New York, grad-
uated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, March 1, 1883. He
is at present 'a resident physician of East Charleston. Dr. Asaph T. Kunkle, a native

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