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Jesse T. Bedell, Henry Brion, David Brion, Ezra Brees, Benjamin Babcock, Wesley

C. Bamhart, Simeon Babcock, Hopkins J. Crosby, Eobert W. Campbell, Lyman Cop-
ley, Charles W. Churchillf , Willis B. Daily, Hiram D. Deming, promoted to hospital
steward, Thomas Eldridge, Jr., C. A. Eilenberger, Enoch Evans, JefEerson Fritz,
William E. Freeman, Ferdinand Fray, Christian Foulkrod, Henry Frockf, William
J. Gamer, John Gleason, Uriah Golden, Daniel Hodge, Orlo J. Hamlin, George
Homing, Charles D. Hart, George W. Hart, Casper Houser, Adam Hart, Jacob Horn-
ing, Eichard W. Ham, Micajah S. Inseho, David Johnson, J. A. Knickerbocker,
Garrett M. Kinner, Henry Kimballf , Gottlieb Krause, Jacob Kissinger, Samuel A.
Kelsey, William Landis, John J. Lutz, John Matthews, Henry Mattison, Silas
Mosier, John Wewfer, Andrew A. Newton, William W. Neal, Horace Odell, John E.
Ostrum, Walter Phelps, Benjamin J. Powers, David Plank, George W. Eicef , Alovin

D. Eobbinsf, Charles Snyder, Martin V. Smith, Nelson C. W. Smith, Washington
Sheffer, James H. Stewart, John H. Schoonover, Henry W. Travis, Ezekiel Thomas,
Charles Tillinghast, Jr., Cornelius Vanorsdale, Stephen H. Wood, Charles Wilson
and Charles Zink.

Company C of this regiment had the following officers and privates from Tioga

Captain: William B. Hall.

Sergeants: A. M. Whittaker and Alexander Mott.

Corporals: Thomas 0. Doud, Samuel D. Cudworth and William H. Palmerf .

Musician: Oscar F. Grady.

Privates: Joseph B. Austin, Jacob H. Allen, Lorenzo M. Doud, Peleg Doud,
Samuel C. Gott, Ira Hakes, John M. Haverly, Sidney T. Lewis, Thomas Lewis, C. S.
Moore, James McConnell, Ephraim McConnell, Eussel Niles, Elisha L. Nash, George

E. Orvis, Charles E. Palmer, Jacob H. Eoblyer, Warren Eobinson, Artemus Eumsey,
Lorenzo D. Eeriek, Asa Slingerland, Eugene L. Sperry, Loren Hpdyke, John B.
Wood, Solomon L. Wood, Stephen Warters, Isaac S. Woodbum, David Welch, Amos
Welch, William W. Westgatef and Isaac I. Yoimg.


A body of troops known as the First Battalion, which had been organized just
previous to the invasion of the State in July, 1863, for six months' service, and which
had performed guard duty at various points in the State, was upon the expiration of
its term reorganized and recruited as a part of this regiment. Pour new companies
were added to it, and the regimental organization was completed in March, 1864, at
Camp Curi;in, with Joseph F. Eamsey lieutenant-colonel, and George W. Merrick

* Killed or mortally wounded. % Wounded. + Died.


Company A had the following officers and men recruited in "Wellsboro, Delmar
and vicinity, for the six months' service:

Captain: George W. Merrick.

First Lieutenant: Cecil A. Deane.

Second Lieutenant: Eobert Young.

Sergeants: William A. Stone, Gerould B. Dennison, Ephraim Smith, David
Dewey, Alonzo C. Mack.

Corporals: Louis Doumaux, Lyman P. Potter, Benjamiu Claus, Samuel

Privates: Tunis Bush, John Blouch, Josiah L. Butler, Thomas J. Butler,
Eugene L. Bowen, Aaron A. Bacon, Washington Boetz, Charles G. Catlin, William
H. Chase, James Carpenter, Edwin Campbell, Truman Chubbuck, John A. Cline,
James W. Donaldson, Chauncey Dartt, John B. Dibble, Darius L. Deane, John
English, Oscar E. Ellis, Charles M. Field, Allen Farnwalt, William Green, William
Gseiuer, Martin Gleason, William H. Harrison, Nathaniel Hart, John E. Henry,
Orville Henry, Richard Henry, Morgan Hart, Amos C. Hartman, Albert Ives,
William D. Jones, George Kimball, Valentine V. Keller, Albert L. Lachey, David
B. Leslie, Casper K. Light, Joseph Morsman, William Moore, Samuel G. Miller,
John Martiu, Edwin Myers, William H. Miller, Adam Naftzer, Benjamin Naftzer,
Thomas Oakum, William W. Patterson, Henry M. Poorman, Joseph Palmer, David
T. Bobbins, Welcome Spellman, John P. Scott, George W. Sneer, Peter D. Snavely,
Charles L. Shumway, Henry Sears, S. Starkweather, Samuel Spotts, Samuel W.
Trull, George Tabor, Benjamin F. Towner, Edwin Webster, Hiram Willard, Oren
West, Michael Walborn, Oziah Webster and Benjamin Williams.

After its reorganization in March, 1864, for the three years' service, the regi-
ment was assigned to the First Brigade, First Division of the Fifth Corps. It
reached the army during the progress of the battle of Cold Harbor. Its next position
was on the north bank of the Chickahominy, at the extreme left of the army. On
June 16, 1864, it took up a position before Petersburg, and on the 18th was en-
gaged in the assault upon the works on the enemy's right, the regiment being led by
Major Merrick. Its loss in killed and wounded was more than one-tenth of its num-
ber, but it held its place in the most gallant manner, winning, by its good conduct,
the special commendation of General Chamberlain, who, himself, received a danger-
ous wound. Major Merrick was in command of the regiment in the desperate assault
on Fort Hell, at Petersburg, Virginia, June 18, 1864, and received a gunshot wound
in the right knee, rendering amputation of the leg necessary. At the funeral ob-
sequies of President Lincoln, in Philadelphia, this regiment was assigned to the head
of the procession, on its way from the Baltimore depot to Independence Hall, and was
left as a guard of honor while the remains lay in state. With the First City Troop,
it was detailed to escort the remains from Independence Hall to the New York
depot, as they were borne away. It was mustered out of service at Harrisburg, Au-
gust 3, 1865.

Company A, as reorganized, for the three years' service, contained less than
twenty of those who were members of the company in the six months' service. The

* Killed or mortally wounded. % Wounded, f Died.



reorganized company was composed of ofacers and men from Tioga county. Its
roster is as follows:

Captains: George "W. MerriekJ, promoted to major May 13, 1864; Morgan Hart

and Kobert Young.

First Lieutenants: Eobert Young and Timothy B. Culver.

Second Lieutenants: Morgan Hart,Gerould B.Dennison, Timothy B. Culver and
WiUiam A. Stone.

Sergeants: Timothy B. Culver, William A. Stone, Daniel P. Dewey, David
Bricker, Orville Henry, Eugene Coolidge and Charles Shumwayf.

Corporals: Orville Henry, Eugene Coolidge, Henry C. Wilson, Edmund A.
Carriel, Chauncey Dimmick, James W. Hancock, John W. English, Henry M. Poote,
Samuel D. Prancis and Albert Ives*.

Musicians: James E. Hess and Henry Hippie.

Privates: Eobert J. Ayres, George Anderson, Otis L. Anderson, John Ash, John
Aylesworth*, Hiram Baker, Almon Butler, L. B. Butler, Leroy S. Butler, Charles
Bockus, Philander Bockus, William Bliss, Joseph W. Brewster, Artemus Borden,
Alonzo Borden, Bela Borden, John L. Boetsman, Norman Bellinger, William J.
Bell, William G. Bower, Leonard W. Boatman*, John Carpenter, Zenas P. Crow,
John B. Caldwell, G. B. Cunningham, William Chestnut, Delanne A. Catlinf , Wil-
liam Chasef, Samuel Clark*, Harris Dartt, Henry M. Dartt, Orlando E. Daily, James
Donovan, William E. Dales, Cyrus Dort*, Eobert Eden, Thomas Everett, Delos
Pield, Eobert Francis, Eichard Fry, George Frece, Ashabel Prostf, George W.
Gwynn, Thomas Goddenf, Andrew Greenef, Benjamin P. Goodwinf , Eichard Henry,
Judson J. Hall, Edward Hanville, John E. Henry, Charles P. Hoover, William Hamp-
ton, Henry P. Hall, Stephen Hedwick, John Jackson, George Kimball, William D.
Kriner, Thomas Lester, Abram Lyon, Edward 0. Lawtonf, Charles W. Mosier, Eich-
ard Morrow, Joseph Meembower, Charles IsT. Moore, Alonzo C. Mack, Prancis Mullen,
John Mannfj-John D. Mortonf, Hugh H. McGrogan, John McGuiref, John Newfer,
William Oberlie*, Andrew J. Putnam, Willis J. Peak, Lyman P. Potter, Charles J.
Potterf, James Phipps*, Daniel W. Euggles, Henry C. Eoot, Daniel Eought, Eobert
H. Steele, Samuel S. Steele, Alvarius Smith, Ephraim N. Smith, Eiley W. Shellman,
Wesley Saxberry, Horace S. Stratton, If. J. Starkweather, James Seisen, Thomas
Stulker, Samuel Simpson, William D. Sturrockf, Oliver Stark, David H. Smith,
Meholas Swerger*, Clifton Tipple, Augustine S. Torpy, Samuel W. Trull, John J.
Travis*, Daniel M. Wilson, Samuel P. Wilcox, Martin C. Wilcox, Samuel Wheeler,
Philip Whetmore, James Wilkinson and James J. Walls.

Company I of this regiment was made up principally of men from Bradford and
Tioga counties. The names of those from Tioga county are as follows:

Captain: Eansford B. Webb.

First Lieutenant: Monroe P. Crosby.

Sergeants: Monroe P. Crosby, George W. Eice and Hiram H. Mckerson.

Corporals: Hiram H. ISTickerson, Stephen V. Martin, Spencer Crittenden, Albert
P. Packard and Oscar P. Gandy.

Privates: Jeremiah Aitcher, Charles W. Best, Albert C. Balfourf, Haley Cole,

* Killed or mortally wounded. X Wounded, f Died.


John C. Chappel, Ira D. Carpenter, Daniel K. Carpenter, Philip T. Christian! , George
W. Dinmiick, Henry Darling, Jerome B. Ford, James C. Ford, Asa B. Forest, Joseph
C. Forest, Eobert London, Eobert G. Sheldon, Dwight F. Stone, Charles E. Smith f,
"William Steele f and Moses Wingate.


This regiment was organized in the field, in Virginia, in March and April, 1864,
from veterans of the First, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth and
Thirteenth Pennsylvania Keserve Corps. It took part in engagements at Peters-
burg, Weldon Eaikoad, Chapel House and Hatcher's Eim. It had officers from
Tioga county as follows: John A. Wolif, major, June 6, 1864; mustered out with
regiment June 28, 1865. Quartermaster, Lucius Trtiman, June 6, 1864; mustered
out with regiment. Assistant surgeon, J. G. Chambers, July 33, 1864; mustered
out with regiment.

Company C, was first commanded by Capt. ISTeri B. Kinsey, June 6, 1864; ap-
pointed brevet major October 1, 1864; honorably discharged March 8, 1865.

Company E had for first lieutenant E. J. Christenot, June 6, 1864; killed in
action June 17, 1864, at Petersburg.


This regiment was organized in the field, in Virginia, in May, 1864, from
veterans of the Second, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth and Tenth regiments, Pennsylvania
Eeserve Corps, and participated in the battles of Petersburg, Weldon Eailroad,
Chapel House and Hatcher's Eun. Col. James Carle, June 6, 1864; appointed
brigadier general March 13, 1865; mustered out with regiment June 28, 1865.

Company B of this regiment had for first lieutenant, Livingston Bogart, June
17, 1864; mustered out with company June 28, 1865.


Companies A, D, H and K, and parts of B, E and G, of this regiment were re-
cruited in Tioga county. Maj. Eobert C. Cox was commissioned by Governor
Curtin to raise the regiment. He succeeded, and, on the organization at Harris-
burg, was promoted from a private in Company B, to colonel. The other officers

Lieutenant Colonel: "William "W. S. Snoddy.

Major: Victor A. Elliott.

Adjutant: George M. BastianJ. Promoted from private Company B, Sep-
tember 29, 1864.

Quartermaster: "William F. "Weseman. Promoted from private Company B,
September 9, 1864.

Quartermaster Sergeant: Darius L. Deane|.

Commissary Sergeant: Chauncey F. Darttt-

Company A's roster was as follows:

Captain: Elmer BackerJ.

First Lieutenant: Joseph M. YoungJ.

* Killed or mortally wounded. J Wounded, t Died.


Second Lieutenant: Thomas 0. Doud.

Sergeant: Eugene Eich*.

Corporal: D. Houselander, Jrf .

Privates: Amando M. Andrus, Damon Allen, James A. Ashcraft, Henry
Avery, Jackson Alexander, Stephen Andrews, Philander Ayres, John B. Austin,
Benjamin Booth, Alonzo B. Baker, Peter Benjamin, A. J. Blakesley, William BaUey,
Eoyal E. BakerJ, Franklin H. Brink, John C. Baker, James Benjamin, 'William
Beardsley, Lewis Barrett, Henry C. BurgessJ, Ebenezer Bronson, Charles H. Card,
Norman D. Cranmer, William Coleman, Henry B. Clink, George Collins, Simon B.
Chesbyf, Watson Cary, James S. Carr, George W. Conley, Orrin E. Campbell*,
Mahlon S. Cleveland J, John Cunningham, David Conable, Daniel Doty J, George

D. Edgerton, Henry Evans, Oren P. Farr, Jason T. Passett, George C. PellbushJ,
John A. Gustin, William Gordon, James GordonJ, John Gordon, Samuel Gott,
Benjamin F. Godshalk, Amos B. Howland, John Haines, Wallace HuntleyJ, Jason
Harris, Henry M. HallJ, Orville C. HortonJ, Charles B. Hulslander, Charles L.
Hiney, Nathaniel Hurst, L-a Knapp, Charles W. Kelly|, George W. Knapp, Denais
G. Keeney, Jacob Kelsey, Abner Knapp, Joseph A. Lott*, John W. Lott, Charles
H. Morgan, John J. Miller, Joseph D. Minturn, John Mansfield, Lyman McClure,
Jonathan Nelson, James W. Northrop, James H. Owens, Asa Osgood, Charles Peter-
baught. Smith Palmer, David H. PhilUpst, Oscar H. Kounsville, Hiram M. Eoblyer,
Wesley B. Eeynolds, A. C. Sturdevant, Benjamin Sherman, John Sutton, Charles

E. Stage, Charles L. Sheppard, N. H. SmithJ, Zenas B. SmithJ, Morris G. Smith,
William H. Smith, John F. Smith, Daniel Smartwood, David W. Stone, Horace
Thorp, Allen J. Tickner, George VanNess, Alfred Wooster, Eugene Wood, Isaac
Woodburn, William Wordon, Warren Wood, Isaac J. Young*, Eeuben Yale.

Company B was made up principally of officers and men from Tioga county,
whose names are as follows:

First Lieutenant: J. H. SchambacherJ.

Sergeants: John H. Miller, Jacob E. Stout and Philander P. Burns.

Corporals: Samuel Compton, Myron B. Haight|, John Fulton, Almond
Baxter and Decatur Ayres.

Privates: 0. M. Bonney, Frank Bodine, J. W. Bonney, George M. Bastian,
Isaac A. Britton, Darius BennettJ, John Burd, William Burd, William Carpenter,
Eobert S. ComptonJ, Sylvester Compton, John Carpenterf, Augustus Compton,
Henry Carpenter, Eobert C. Cox — promoted to colonel September 9, 1864 — Nathan
Doan, Hiram Dunn, Alfred Eddy, Edward EstelJ, Urbane Gregoryf, Harry L.
Haight, James N. Haight, E. W. HoUenbeck, Daniel L. HoUenbeck, Orlando F.
Haight, Charles E. Haight, Daniel L. Horning, Thomas Horning, Thomas Johnson,
Jr., H. L. Johnson, Philip Kohler, Jackson Kulp, Eobert McClarin, Hiram Eussell,
Isaac D. Soper, Thomas SmithJ, Edward Soper, Charles W. Scouten, Charles Stewart,
Mahlon Stevens, David Waters, B. 0. WheelerJ, Thomas Welch, William F. Wese-
man, Andrew P. Welch, Jerry Yetter and Joseph Zuber.

Company D had the following roster:

Captain: Sylvester D. Phillips.

* Killed or mortally wounded. J Wounded, f Died.

-''■•/'^'^^ i(/._


First Lieutenant: Albert B. Cloos. ■
Second Lieutenants: Chancy C. AckleyJ.

Sergeants: James V. Learch, William G. GilkeyJ, Francis A. StrangJ, Andrew-
McCoy and Anson P. Boardman.
Corporal: Fred. D. WoodcockJ.
Musicians: David W. Havens and Frank Wilcox.

Privates: Henry C. Ackley, Beniah S. Ackley, John Brown, James M. Bowers,
William R. Burdic, Peleg Burdic, Joseph A. Bush, Lyman Bliss, George W. Bowman,
Joseph Bliss, Aaron H. Bostwick, Franklin Buck, John W. Brown, James W. Bowell,
Asa P. Bancroft*, John Butler, Joseph P. Brooks, James K. Brooksf, Henry E.
Brown, James F. Carling, Stutley H. Carr J, William Clossen, John C. Dean, Eeuben
F. Davis, L-a P. Douglass, Leander I. Earl, William R. Freeman, Silas A. GriffinJ,
Bartlett Hammond*, Seth W. Harris, Orion G. Hamlin, Lafayette Hill, Charles Hill-
man, George Hawley, Conrad HoUenbaugh, ISTorman I. KJrusen, David 0. Kilbom,
Milton King, David Kilborn, Sylvester Labar, Theodore P. Metcalf f, Peter Minick,
Baston Morse, John Metzgar, E. McGranahan, Samuel Mcodemus, William H.
Mckles, William OwensJ, John A. Pearsol, Lovel Plank, Oliver Pease, Horace Pride*,
Walter Pease, Calvin E. Eobinson, James H. Eichardson*, Amos Eiggs, Sol Eosen-
crans, Watson E. Eushmore, Christian G. Eugaber, A. Bobbins, William Bobbins,
James B. EushmoreJ, Eufus A. Stanton, John Seaman, William Striker, William
Spencer, Joseph Sunderlin, John Sunderlin, 0. J. Sunderlin*, Joseph Smithers,
John Strong, Lyman B. Somers, George W. Sutton, Walter Thompson, Charles
Taftt, Ethan Taft, Henry M. Tiee, Isaac C. Thompson, William Thompson, Orson
A. Tremain, William 0. Wakeley, Lyman Wilcox, Jeremiah Willoughby, M. W. Wil-
kinson, Thomas Wilkinson*, William M. Watrous, Aaron Yale and Henry M.

Company E was composed largely of officers and privates recruited in Tioga
county, whose names are as follows:

Second Lieutenant: William L. Keagle.

Sergeants': Joseph S. Childs, Daniel Brion and George J. Horning*-
Corporals: Elias Merrill, John Harman, Jacob E. Smith and John F. Blanchard.
Privates: Jeremiah Alexander, John Anderson J, Jonathan Black, Edward
Black, Charles Brion, George W. BowerJ, William Clark, Albert E. Comstock, 0.
CartwrightJ, Henry C. Cox, Andrew Dennison*, Charles Everly, Jacob Emick, Nich-
olas Fesslerf , J. E. Famsworth, Alfred Fulkerson, H. L. Farnsworth, Henry Gniver,
Aaron Henry, Amos HenryJ, Cornelius Kimble, Elias C. Kohler, Josiah KohlerJ,
Frantz Katzer, William King, Lewis Krise, Jacob Linck, Cornelius Lefever, Benja-
min Long, Henry* F. Mackey, Charles Morris, Winfield S. Mackey, John Maneval,
Jacob Eibble, Frank Shaffer, William W. Seaman, Frederick Snyder, Franklin
ShefferJ, Theodore J. Sheffer, George A. Thomas, Benjamin Weastf, William P.
Wheelandf , Charles D. Wheeland and George E. Wheeland.

. Company G of this regiment was also composed principally of officers and men
from Tioga county. Their names are as follows:

* Killed or mortally wounded % Wounded, t Died.


First Lieutenant: P. H. BlanchardJ.

Second Lieutenant: Henry G. Stephen.

Sergeant: Charles S. Beach.

Corporals: John P. Blanehard*, Samuel P. King and William D. Lutz.

Privates: Curry Beach, Charles Carpenter, Wesley P. Cady*, George W. Curran,
Samuel M. Craft, Erastus Cooper, William DifEenbaugh, Henry Erway, Wesley Ely,
Hiram D. Ereebom, Daniel G. GephartJ, George A. Gee, Joseph House, Chauncey
Howard, Minor JacksonJ, George Keller, John Kulp, Henry S. Keeney, Wilson
Kingt, Albert Love, Hiram LeonardJ, William Miller, M. B. McBridef, Chaxles Sweet

and Abner E. Sweet.

Company H, also raised in Tioga county, had the following roster :

Captain: Eobert T. WoodJ, promoted to major, and mustered out with regi-
ment with the rank of lieutenant-colonel.

First Lieutenant: John E. Parkhurst.

Second Lieutenants: Amasa C. Culver and Oliver P. BabcockJ.

Sergeants: John H. Carl, Abijah Kiser, , Oliver P. BabcockJ, William Pierce
and James Vandusen*.

Corporals: George BastianJ, Albert D. Kemp, David Hulslander, Jesse Howe,
Miles EglestonJ, Milton Lewis and Hiram Green.

Privates: Henry Avery, M. S. Bostwick, Henry 0. Bliss, Jarvis M. Bamhart,
Luther B. Bradley, Andrew K. BuUint, Alonzo G. BuUin, Olis L. Butts, Louis L.
Bevier, George H. Brown, George W. Bowen, Wilbur BrownJ, John Baker, William
Bastiant, Lewis Barrett, John H. Campbell, Ira Curran, Charles H. Conklin, Uriah
Conklin, Charles Crosby, Samuel Courter, George W. Champlin, James Daily, Joseph
Dailyt, James K. Daily, E. W. Dingmant Theodore Doan, Hugh DerrJ, Samuel D.
Dougherty, Franklin Freeman, Jeremiah Fogleman, William GrahamJ, Solomon S.
Grover, James Grover, C. F. Gee, Vernon Green, Cromwell H. Gridley, Aaron Her-
rington, William Hoyt, Daniel Hayne, Benjamin Henry, Orange G. Johnson, D. C.
Kemp, Gilbert Kiser, Henry Kiser, Henry Kennedy, Willard Lewis, Thomas Lapp*,
H. Lapp, Wilson Mack, Johnson Mack, Andrew J. Mack, L. B. Maynard, H. C. Man-
ning, David Passel, Francis M. Seely, John G. Seely, James H. Seely, Perry Strait,
Nicholas Slyter, Charles Starr, Eugene Sherwood, William K. Springer, Daniel Sun-
derland, A. C. Sturdevant, Orrin M. Taylorf, Andrew Turk*, J. C. Thompsont,
Joseph UphamJ, James Vandusen*, Byron Vandusen, Samuel Vangorder, Ebenezer
Warren, James Wilson, Lawrence Watson and Jonathan F. Yost.

Company K of this regiment was recruited for the most part in Charleston and
Delmar townships. Its roster is as follows:

Captain: John J. Eeese.

First Lieutenant: John Karr.

Second Lieutenants: Thomas D. Elliott and William L. Eeese.

Sergeants: Daniel A. EvansJ, Samuel A. Mack and Edson D. Mitchell*.

Commissary Sergeant: Chauncey F. Dartt.

Corporals: Michael C. Campbell^ and Elijah S. Kelseyf .

Privates: James H. Belling, Simeon Bacon, James H. Bockus, Martin Bennett,

* Killed or mortally wounded. | Wounded, f Died.


Eichard A. Browiij William V. Borden^ Frederick Campbell, Amos Campbell, Henry
U. Cadyt, John Cole, Edwin Campbell, Thomas Cruttenden, Luther S. CollinsJ,
Peter Champaign, James CarpenterJ, Charles L. DimmickJ, Louis Doumaux, Jesse
B. Doane, Hiram G. Davis*, Eeuben Dike, John E. Dibble, Andrew J. Duryea,
Darius L. DeaneJ, (promoted to sergeant major), James B. English, Eichard W.
EUiston, Samuel D. Evans, Edward English, Charles V. Goodwin, William H. Har-
rison*, Charles Houghton, Lyman HartJ, William D.. Jones, Jeremiah G. Jones,
Joseph B. Jaquish, Linas S. Jennings, Orlando P. Jones, David E. Johnson, Eobert
Kelsey, Charles E. Kelsey, Hiram KlockJ, Benjamin P. Kelsey, Lewis Kohler, Fred-
erick J. Moyer, Eli Moyer*, Thomas Morris*, Joseph Horseman, Delos V. Miller,
John Hosier, Elisha McCarty, Edward Osbom, ITathan Palmer*, George M. Potts,
James L. Plumley, Joshua S. Phoenix, George E. Putnam, William Putnam, Arvine
Eeese, James L. Eeese, Charles Stephens, Eobert Satterlee, Alfred SehiefEelin, Abram
M. Sherman, John Snyder, S. Starkweather^, George M. Tabor, Stephen J. ThomasJ,
Charles Venton, Benjamin C. Van Horn, D. P. Whitehead, John Willard, Eoswell I.
Webster, Eobert J. Wilson, H. B. Webster, George P. Wilson, Elijah Warren, Aseph
Wilkinson and K. Wilson.


This regiment was organized at Harrisburg July 4, 1863, and was mustered out
August 7, 1863. It had the following officers from Tioga county:

Lieutenant-Colonel: E. G. Schieffelin.

Quartermaster: Hugh Young.

Assistant Surgeon: W. W. Webb.

Morgan L. Bacon was captain; John S. Murdough, first lieutenant, and Abram
B. DeWitt, second lieutenant of Company E.

William Cole was captain; W. S. Boatman, first lieutenant, and Eobert H.
Steele, second lieutenant, of Company F.

Luman Stevens was captain; Giles Eoberts, first lieutenant, and E. D. Euther-
ford, second lieutenant, of Company G.

Horace S. Johnson was captain; Eomanzo C. Bailey, first lieutenant, and Henry
E. Fish, second lieutenant, of Company K.


In addition to the companies and parts of companies recruited in Tioga county,
a number of her citizens were to be found as individual members of companies raised
in other parts of the State. Many also served in companies raised across the line in
southern ISTew York, while still others found their way into western regiments.
After the lapse of more than thirty years, it has been found impossible to ascertain
the names of all serving in these various miscellaneous commands, though the list
which follows will be found fairly representative.

Thomas E. De Pui, of Tioga, and George E. Harris, of LaT\Tence, served in the
Twenty-ninth regimental band.

* Killed or mortally wounded. } Wounded, f Died.


Dr. p. D. Bitter, late of Gaines, served as assistant sxirgeon of the Fourth Keserve
from June until August, 1863.

Dr. Daniel S. Foster, of Mainesburg, served as corporal in Company A, Fifth
Reserve, until he was discharged by reason of a severe wound received at the battle of
Fredericksburg, December 13, 1863.

Capt. Eobert W. Sturrock, who served in Company K, Fifth Eeserve, from
Bradford county, and was killed at Gaines' Mills, June 37, 1863, began life as a
printer, and was a partner of M. H. Cobb during the earlier years of the Wellsboro
Agitator's existence. In 1860 he removed to Bradford county, and became associated
with E. A. Goodrich, of Towanda, in the publication of the Reporter. D. H. Pitts,
now a prominent merchant of Mansfield, also served in Company K, Fifth Eeserve.

Job and Almon Wetmore, of Charleston township, who enlisted as privates in
Company H, Sixth Eeserve, were assigned to duty as members of the band of the
First brigade, Pennsylvania Eeserves.

The following members of Company C, Twelfth Eeserve, recruited in Bradford
county, were from Tioga county: Sergeants: Lyman Douglas, William Daggett
and Joshua H. Graves. Corporal: Cyrus J. Spencer. Privates: George S. Borden,
Cyrus D. Chapman, George D. Comfort, William A. Corzatt, Timothy Fellon, John
W. Garrison, Joseph W. Inscho, Augustus Land, Volney M. Levalley, James Peters,
Philip Petty, Nelson H. Eobbins, David Short, James Sturdevant, Henry A. Vaughan,

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