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of Martin Stratton. Among the early teachers in this school were Maria Hark-
ness, Mary Lawrence, Charlotte Harkness, Mr. Salone, John Jacobs, Jerusha
Lownsbery and Maria Knowlton. In 1850 a Union school house was erected
on ground given by Hon. Horatio Seymour, which was used for public school
purposes until 1874, when the present building was erected. E. C. Cross,
Clarendon Eathbone, Margaret Yeomans, Myra Horton, William Humphrey and
William A. Gaskill taught in this school. The present graded school building is
centrally located, on the hillside west of the river, and commands a fine view of
the borough and the valley. It is a handsome brick edifice, and cost, with the
building site, $13,000. In 1894 a primary school building, centrally located, was
erected at a cost of about $1,500. A third school building, erected about twenty
years ago, is situated on the west side of the river, on the site of "Peter's
Camp." The schools of the borough have been well conducted, and able and ex-
perienced teachers have been employed from year to year.


Mount Zion Welsh Congregational Church was organized as eaxly as 1840.
Among the original members were Thomas Davis, Jenkin Evans, John Bowen,
John Hughes and others. A small chapel served as a house of worship until
1870, when a church building, costing $3,400, was erected. It was dedicated De-
cember 4, of that year, the services being participated in by Eev. Mr. Evans, of
Hyde Park; Eev. N. L. Eeynolds, pastor of the Baptist church, and Eev. Harvey
Lamkin, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church. This building was burned in
December, 1886, and was uninsured. In 1887 the present house of worship on
Euah street was erected, costing $3,000. The following are the names of the
pastors who have served this church: Eevs. Daniel Lewis, E. Parry, John Davis,
Evan Davis, Philip Peregrine, E. Tilo Evans, J. M. Evans, Abraham Jones, Morgan
Daniels and Caradoek Jones, the present pastor. The church was incorporated No-
vember 37, 1871, William J. Eichards, John M. Evans and Jacob Jones being
named as trustees. The present membership is fifty, with forty pupil's in the
Sunday-school, of which David E. Evans is superintendent.

Christ Protestant Episcopal Church was the name of a church chartered May
2, 1842, a petition for a charter having been filed in the court of common pleas
January 18, 1842. This petition was signed by Miller Pox, Thomas Turner,
Clarendon Eathbone, James H. Gulick, J. Jones Smith, James Jenkinson, Frank-
lin Wright, James A. Van Ness, J. G. Taylor, Jacob G. Scudder, Samuel W. Lord,
Clement H. Smith, John W. Johnson and Charies E. Smith. This church seems


to have had but a brief existence, there being no records showing who were its
pastors or members.

St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal Church was chartered December 5, 1867,
with the following officers: Philip Dykins, senior warden; Isaac E. Eoss, junior
warden; James H. Giiliek, 0. F. Taylor, Samuel H. Thompson, J. C. Evans and
John Adams, vestrymen. The present church edifice, erected in 1867-68, was
consecrated by Bishop Stevens in September of the latter year. The first rector
was Rev. M. L. Kern. His successors have been, Eevs. Benjamin Hartley, J. D.
Eockwell, J. T. Fugette, J. U. Graf, A. E. DeWitt, and Eev. Marcellus Karcher,
the present rector, who came in November, 1894. There are thirty members in
the church and seventy-five pupils in the Sunday-school, of which W. A. Shields
is the superintendent.

St. Andreiv's Roman Catholic Church was organized in 1841, with twenty
members. The first services were held in a public hall, by Eev. John O'Eeilly, of
St. Joseph's, Susquehanna eoimty, Pennsylvania, whose field embraced a circuit of
sixty miles, and who had been appointed by Bishop Kendrick, to attend Blossburg
and other missions. A site for a church was given by Hon. Horatio Seymour,
who, as well as Mr. Calket, of Philadelphia, made other liberal donations. On
October 9, 1851, the foundation trenches were dug by Patrick Bannon, Simon
■Golden, James Mooney and Thomas Dissing. In January, 1851, the comer stone
was laid by Bishop Kendrick, Eev. F. Ahem being in charge at the time. The
contract for the building — a plain, wooden edifice, 30x50 feet, was awarded to
John L. Evans, of Blossburg. Eev. I'rancis Maguire, who also attended at Troy,
Union, and other missions, was the first resident pastor. His successors have been,
Eev. Francis McCarty, 1863 to 1864; Eev. John Laughlin, October, 1864, to -June,
1866; Eev. Michael Murphy, 1866 to 1869; Eev. Gerald McMurray, 1869 to 1873;
Eev. John A. Wynne, pastor, and Eev. J. C. McDermott, assistant, appointed in
1873. Father Wynne died in Blossburg in March, 1879, and was succeeded by
Eev. P. J. Murphy, who served until 1889, when the late pastor, Eev. James A.
Connolly, took charge. He died in July, 1896, and was succeeded by Eev. Dr.
Lucas, the present pastor.

During the pastorate of Eev. Gerald McMurray, an addition of fifty feet was
built to the church and the pastoral residence erected, at a cost of $3,000. The
membership of the church embraces seventy-two families, with seventy-five children
in the Sunday-school.

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church (Polish) was established in 1873, and a
church edifice, costing $3,000, erected in 1873. This church, the parochial school
and the parish residence connected therewith, is situated in the southern part of
the borough, on the hillside, east of the river. The first rector was Eev. A.
Claveter, succeeded by Eevs. B. Gramlewitch, L. Spryszynski, T. Klonowski, and
the present pastor, S. Siedlecki. The membership of this church consists of
sixty families, with about sixty children in the Sunday-school. The parochial
school, the teacher of which is L. Olszewski, was established in 1876. There is
an average attendance of eighty pupils. A new two-story frame school building,
costing $2,000, has recently been erected. Adjoining the church on the south
is the parish residence. Within the past three years over $6,000 has been expended


in repairs to the church and 'the parish residence, and in the erection of the new
parochial school. Father Siedlecki has charge, also, of St. Joseph's church, Morris
Enn. The Polish Catholics of Arnot attend the church in Blossburg.

The First Presbyterian Church of Blosslurg was incorporated October 4, 1849,
soon after its organization. A house of worship was built in 1853, and destroyed
by fire in 1863. James H. Gulick, Hon. Horatio Seymour and others, had con-
tributed towards its erection, the congregation being small and the means of its
members limited. In 1863 the church was rebuilt, but a dispute arising between
the congregation and Mr. Gulick, it was sold to the Baptists, and the society soon
after ceased to exist.

The First Methodist Episcopal Church of Blossburg may be said to be the suc-
cessor of the First Wesleyan Methodist Episcopal church of Blossburg, incorporated
June 3, 1864, with Samuel Kendriek, Elisha L. IN'ash and Joel Saxon as trustees.
In the year 1867, during the pastorate over the latter church of Eev. J. G. Crane,
Eev. Harvey Lamkin, of Mansfield, was called to organize a Methodist Episcopal
church. This he did, Mr. Crane and nearly all the members of his congregation
Joining. The society was duly incorporated December 5, 1867. The following
are the names of the pastors: Eevs. M. S. Kymer, 1867-68; Harvey Lamkin,
1870-74; C. G. Lovell, 1874-76; Charles H. AVright, 1876-79; E. N. Leake, 1879-83;
J. B. Shearer, 1883-84; Eobert Brewster, 1884^-died June 34, 1887; C. S. Carr,
1887-88; B. J. Tracy, 1888-93; E. S. Annable, 1893-96; J. B. Beadle, the present
pastor, who took charge in October, 1896. A church edifice, costing $5,590, was
erected in 1871 by Samuel Gaylord. In the spring and summer of 1895 this
building was repaired, within and without, at a cost of $4,400. A handsome
parsonage, erected in 1888, and costing $3,000, occupies the lot just west of the
church. The church and parsonage, which are situated on the west bank of the
Tioga river. Just north of the Main street bridge, are valued at $10,000. There
are now 175 members, with 170 pupils in the Sunday-school, of which Mrs. M. J.
Brewster is superintendent. There are also ninety-six members in the Epworth
League, made up of the younger members of the church.

The First Baptist Church of Blossburg was formally recognized by a council of
the Baptist churches of the Tioga Association in May, 1867. Its previous history is
as follows: After the rebuilding of the Presbyterian church in 1863, by James H.
Gulick, and his controversy with the Presbyterian congregation, he offered the build-
ing to several denominations in Blossburg. In May, 1865, Eevs. G. P. Watrous and
N. L. Eeynolds were invited by Judge L. B. Smith and Henry Hollands to confer with
them in relation to purchasing it for the use of the Baptist denomination. This was
done, and Eev. IST. L. Eeynolds became the pastor. Henry Hollands was chosen clerk
and deacon, L. B. Smith and Henry Hollands, trustees in behalf of the church,
and A. H. Gaylord for the congregation. Mr. Eeynolds continued as pastor until
1871, during which time the membership increased to sixty-seven. His successors
have been as follows: Eevs. J. A. Baskwell, June, 1871, to September, 1873; E.
S. Mills, December, 1873, to 1878; F. K. Fowler, 1878 to June 30, 1886; Eugene
Eiehl, December 5, 1886, to 1891; W. C. D. Bond, 1891 to July, 1896. Eev. Joseph
Klucker, the present pastor, took charge in September, 1896. In 1889 the present
handsome church building, occupying the old building site, was erected at a cost


of $5,000, and was dedicated February 5, 1890, the building committee being Henry
Hollands, D. H. Stratton, Rev. Eugene Riehl and S. S. F. Landon. This church
has a large membership, and is prosperous. The Sunday-school has 135 teachers
and pupils and is in charge of I. M. Horton, superintendent.

The Second Congregational Cliureh of Blossburg was organized in 1886, and
incorporated rebruaxy 21, 1887. The first pastor, Eev. James Evans, served from
the organization until the end of the year 1887, when he resigned. April 1, 1888,
Eev. James T. Matthews, the present pastor, took charge. This church has a mem-
bership of about 100, a Sunday-school of 150 pupils and a Young People's Christian
Endeavor Society, of which Charles Parker is president, of forty-five active mem-
bers. Isaac Hewitt is the superintendent of the Sunday-school. In the fall of
1886 a church building was erected at a cost of $3,000. It is situated on the west
side of Williamson street, above Lynd street.

The Cemeteries of Blossburg, four in number, are situated in the southern part
of the borough. They are known as Union, Odd Fellows, the English Catholic and
the Polish Catholic cemeteries, and are used as burial places by the people of Bloss-
burg, Amot, Antrim, Fall Brook, Morris Run and Union. Within their inclosure?
lie the remains of many of the earlier settlers in each of those places. The grounds
of each are fenced and well-cared for, and many of the graves are marked by hand-
some granite and marble monuments.


Arhon Lodge, No. 489, 1. 0. 0. P., was organized May 20, 1853. The first ofii-
cers were: John James, N. G.; J. B. Huisted, V. G.; John Lang, S.; Thomas Han-
son, P. S.; Evan Bowen, T. It flourished and met regularly until 1859, when, owing
to decrease of membership, caused by withdrawals and removals, it suspended work.
It was reorganized March 10, 1865. This is the parent of the lodges at Morris Run
and Fall Brook. It now numbers 241 members.

Enterprise Encampment, No. 153, I. 0. 0. F., was organized April 20, 1867.
The first officers were: T. B. Anderson, C. P.; David Harrison, J. W.; Matthew
Waddell, H. P.; John Dunsmore, S. W.; John Evans, S.; David Brown, T.; James
Wighton, F. G.; William Smart, S. G. The encampment now numbers 175 members.

Faith Degree Lodge, No. 9G, Daughters of Rebekah, was instituted October 30,
1874, with thirty-eight charter members. The first officers were: Thomas Trimble,
N". G.; Mrs. Harriet Mayo, V. G.; Mrs. E. M. Doane, S.; Mrs. Lucy Mold, T. This
lodge now numbers forty-nine members.

Bloss Lodge, No. 360, A. Y. M., was organized March 9, 1865, with the following
officers: James P. Taylor, W. M.; Alfred T. James, S. W.; A. L. Bodine, J. W.;
T. B. Anderson, T.; Israel G. Wood, S.; Daniel H. Stratton, S. D.; Rufus Farr,
J. D.; William M. Butler, S. M. of C; L. Auerback, T. The names of the past
masters of this lodge are as follows: James P. Taylor, Rufus Farr, Nathan Clegg,
G. V. Putnam, William P. Parker, George C. Fuller, Alfred T. James, Rufus Farr,
Stephen H. Hollands, Nelson Ingram, Hugh Reynolds, Samuel McDougall, Frank
H. Stratton, Augustus E. Botchford, George D. Clark, W. P. Parker and Howard
H. Roberts. The lodge now numbers ninety-six members.


St. Andrew's C. T. A. & B. Association is made up of the members of the Cath-
olic faith, and is the result of repeated efforts to permanently establish a total ab-
stinence society in Blossburg. The first society, non-sectarian, was organized Jan-
uary 1, 1868. Its officers were William D. Hyde, P.; J. W. Burgen, S.; Daniel
McCarty, T., and Dennis McCarty, Timothy Donoyan and Hugh Kerwan directors..
A temperance brass band was also organized. The membership of this society
soon dwindled. December 26, 1869, the faithful few met and organized a Catholic-
temperance society, the first officers of which were Eev. Gerald McMurray, P.; Ed-
ward Gavigan, V. P.; Dr. Patrick Culnane, T.; Thomas V. Keefe, L., and M.
Clohessy, Thomas Bradley and Dennis McCarty, Jr., directors. This organization
also went out of existence within a year or two. Still persevering, however, a num-
ber of friends of temperance met August 16, 187-i, in the tailor shop of James.
Conlon and organized St. Andrew's Catholic Total Abstinence and Benevolent
Association. Similar societies have since been organized in Arnot, Fall Brook,,
Morris Eun, Antrim and Morris. The first officers were Michael Ely, P.; James
Conlon, T.; Hugh Kerwan, E. & F. S., and Charles H. Bennet, M. This society
now numbers about fifty-five members and is in a flourishing condition.

St. Andrew's Society, No. SO, C. K. of A., was chartered January 3, 1879, with,
the following officers: Edward Gavigan, P.; J. J. McCarty, V. P.; Philip Gold-
meyer, S.; Henry Gilbert, T., and James Leahy and John Haily, members. The
society now numbers twenty-five members.

Division No. J^, A. 0. H., was organized in September, 1890, by M. S. Murray,,
county president, with the following officers: John Lyons, P.; P. J. Donahue, V.
P.; James Cowley, E. S.; W. F. O'Donnell, F. S., and T. J. Golden, T. It has now
forty members. The officers of the county organization are as follows: M. S..
Murray, Blossburg, president; John F. Lynch, Antrim, secretary; Edward P.
Eyan, Arnot, treasurer.

Bhss Lodge, No. 167, K. of H., was organized July 12, 1876. The first officers;
were A. J. Owen, P. D.; A. T. James, D.; Dr. E. G. Drake, V. D.; L. A. Wing, A.
D.; D. H. Stratton, C; J. A. Hadley, G.; A. J. Pollock, E.; J. L. Davis, P. E.j
G. A. Lewis, T.; Eobert Davie, G.; James Vaughan, S.; A. J. Owen, L. A. Wing
and A. M. Ingham, trustees; A. J. Owen, representative to the Grand Lodge, and
Dr. E. G. Drake, medical director. This lodge now numbers ninety-four members.

Lieut. Henry J. Brown Post, No. 171, 0. A. R., was organized March 22, 1882,.
and was named in honor of Li^ut. Henry J. Brown, a second lieutenant in the Sev-
enth Ohio Zouaves, who was killed at the battle of Slaughter Mountain. The first
officers were George H. Brown, C; George Wilson, S. V. C; N. H. Eobbins, 0. D.;:
A. J. Brown, Q. M.; S. W. Patterson, 0. G.; G. W. Sheffer, E. D. E.; P. M. Smith,
Adj't; George Eiehter, C. B.; Eev. E. S. Schenck, C, and Thomas W. Brown, H.
J. Marvin, Edward W. Maynard, A. J. Brown, Miles G. Lee, D. S. Ireland, N. H.
Eobbins, F. M. Smith, D. J. Williams, Samuel Trull, Frank Towner and I. N.
Ingram, M. D., members. Lieutenant Brown, for whom the post was named, was-
a native of Covington. The post now numbers forty-seven members.

Lieut. Henry. J. Brown, W. R. C, No. 127, was organized January 16, 1889.
The first officers were as follows: Mrs. Emily Evans, P.; Mrs. Phoebe Botchford,_
S. V. P.; Mrs. Mattie Marvin, J. V. P.; Mrs. Ina Cook, S.; Mrs. Annie S. Evans,.


T.; Mrs. Maggie Tracy, Ch.; Mrs. May Marvin, C; Mrs. Ruth Trull, G.; Mrs.
Helen Trull, A. C; Mrs. Kate Brown and Mrs. Genie Tracy, A. G. Since its organi-
zation this corps has expended for relief purposes, in money, $150; other than money,
between $900 and $1,000. It now numbers forty-one members.

Tlie Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Blossburg was organized April
21, 1887. The first officers were Mrs. Mary Jennings, P.; Mrs. I. M. Horton, R. S.;
Mrs. D. Botchford, C. S., and Mrs. Henry Sendlinger, T. This tmion maintains a free
reading room.

WasMngto7i Camp, No. 6^4, P- 0. S. of A., was chartered May 13, 1893, with
fifteen members. It meets in the Odd Fellows' building, and has eighty-three


The Blossburg Petroleum Company was chartered June 11, 1877, the incorpora-
tors being A. T. James, T. J. Mooers, William Larkin, N. Ingram, Albert Ward and
J. C. Horton. The company was organized for the purpose of boring for petroleum
oil, and a well was sunk in the southern part of the borough. Although the oil
sand was reached, the well proved a dry one. No attempt has since been made to
sink another well.

The Blossburg Water Company was organized in July, 1891, and incorporated
September 14, 1891, with $60,000 capital stock, divided into 600 shares of $100
each. The incorporators, stockholders and directors were Hon. Lemuel Ammer-
man, president; Hon. Louis A. Watres, vice-president; Robert C. Adams, secretary
and treasurer; John M. Corbett and John F. Murphy. This company was organized
for the purpose of supplying Blossburg with water. Work on the plant was begun
September 1, 1891, and the water turned on January 1, 1893. The gravity system
is used, the water being brought a distance of two and three-fourths miles, the
source of supply being Taylor run and its tributaries, which drain an area of nine
square miles. The storage basin on Taylor run has a capacity of 4,000,000 gallons.
It is 330 feet above the borough level. Frank H. Stratton is the superintendent
of the company in Blossburg.

The Blossburg Beef Company, organized April 4, 1893, is a branch of G. F. &,
E. C. Swift, Chicago. A cold storage building for the reception of fresh meats,
shipped from Chicago in carload lots, was erected and placed in charge of H. E. ,
DePui. A large business is transacted with dealers in Blossburg, Fall Brook, Morris.
Run, Arnot, Covington and other places.

The Blossburg Building, Real Estate and Improvement Company was chartered'
October 3, 1893, the incorporators being R. J. Stillwell, G. M. Hunt, James H.
Mold, A. L. Smith, F. B. Smith, and John L. Davis, treasurer. The capital stock
is $10,000, divided into 300 shares of $50 each. The object of the company is ex-
pressed by its name.

The Miners National Bank is the successor of a private banking house estab-
lished May 1, 1871, by Horace and Samuel W. Pomeroy, of Troy, Pennsylvania, and
W. H. Smith, under the firm name of Pomeroy Brothers & Smith. The first location
was in the Eagle Hotel block, which was destroyed by the fire of March, 1873. The
present building was erected in June of that year. In June, 1880, Mr. Smith sold


his interest to Frederick E. Smith, of Tioga, and the firm became Pomeroy Brothers
& F. E. Smith. Mr. Smith died October 8, 1889. His son, A. L. Smith, who had
entered the bank in 1879, and had filled the position of cashier, became the repre-
sentative of his father's interest. The practical management of the bank, which had
been intrusted to him, was continued, his assistant being J. L. Davis. Under^ his
management the institution prospered, weathering, for twenty-five years, periods
of panic and financial depression, and fully meriting the confidence in its stability
reposed in it by the public. July 1, 1895, the capital stock of $50,000 having been
previously subscribed, and the laws relating to national banks complied with, it
opened as the Miners National Bank of Blossburg, with the following officers and
board of directors: Samuel W. Pomeroy, president; L. W. Eighmey, vice-president;
A. L. Smith, cashier; J. L. Davis, assistant cashier, and S. W. Pomeroy, L. W.
Eighmey, A. L. Smith, F. B. Smith and Charles E. Bullock, directors. Since the
organization as a national bank, the bank building has been remodeled and repaired
throughout. On January 13, 1897, A. L. Smith was elected president, to succeed
S. W. Pomeroy, deceased; L. W. Eighmey, vice-president, and J. L. Davis, cashier.


A hospital for injured persons of the bituminous and semi-bituminous coal
regions of Pennsylvania, was erected in Blossburg during the year 1890, under an act
of the legislature, providing for such institutions, framed and introduced by the
Hon. Horace B. Packer, of Wellsboro. The building is located on the hillside, east
of the river, in the northern part of the borough, the site and grounds embracing
five acres, being elevated, picturesque and healthful. There are two wards, 25x46'
feet each, built of wood, forming north and south wings of a brick administration
building located between them. In the latter is the office, the operating room and
a hall connecting the two wards, the dining room and the kitchen. In the second
story are the pharmacy, the linen room and the sleeping rooms of the matron and
nurses. There is also an annex building or ward separate from the main building,
for the purpose of isolating patients who may develop contagious diseases. In the
main building are thirty-nine beds and in the annex twelve. There is also an ice
house, a bam and open carriage sheds. The building was delivered to the State
October 30, 1890, by David Cameron, and the first patient received ia February,
1891. The first physician was Dr. H. E. Caldwell. His successors have been Dr.
E. M. Haley and Dr. G. D. Crandall, the present physician. Mrs. A. E. Strait, the
matron, is assisted by two nurses, one for the male and one for the female ward.

This hospital is intended principally for the treatment, free of charge, of per-
sons injured in the bituminous coal region, but pay patients, except those suffering
from contagious diseases, are also received and treated. The institution is managed
by a board of trustees, constituted as follows: W. S. bearing, Morris Eun, presi-
dent; Hon. Charles Tubbs, Osceola, vice-president; Henry J. Landrus*, Wellsboro,
secretary; Hugh Cunningham, Arnot, treasurer, and Eichard T. Dodson*, Arnot;

* since this article was compiled, Henry J. Landrus, Richard T. Dodson and John Van Dyke have died.
The vacancies thus created in the board have been filled by the appointment of A. Lee Smith, of Blossburg ;
Frank H. Dartt, of Arnot, and Aaron R. Niles, of Wellsboro. Mr. Innes, of Canton, succeeded Mr. Landrus as
secretary of the board.


Jacob Jones, Blossburg; Daniel Innes, Canton; Hamilton B. Humes, Jersey Shore,
and John Van Dyke*, Canton. The governor of the State, judges of the several
courts of record of the Commonwealth, inspectors of mines and members of the
legislature are ex-officio visitors. The institution is maintained and supported by
legislative appropriations.



Organization— Physical Chabacteeistics— Mineral, Wealth— Streams— Rail-
roads— Population— Justices OF THE Peace — Morris Run Mines and Rail-
road—Coal Minino Companies— The Village of Morris Run— Schools and
Churches — Societies.

HAMILTON township was created December 5, 1871, its territory being taken
from Bloss and Ward townships. It is one of the smaller townships of the
county and contains about fifteen square miles. Its surface is broken and for the
most part mountainous, and was originally covered with a heavy forest growth.
The pine and hemlock have been nearly all cut away, while a large amount of hard-
wood timber is annually used for props, etc., in the coal mines. The elevation
ranges from 1,360 to 1,800 feet above the sea level. Nearly the entire area of the
township is underlaid with coal, iron ore and fire clay. Of the coal, three veins,

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