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John Butler, of Delmar. Mr. Field died May 14, 1888. His widow resides with
her son, Darwin S. The family are adherents of the Methodist Episcopal church,
in which faith Mr. Field lived and died. In politics, he was a Eepubliean, and
filled the office of constable, also collector, in Delmar.

Daewin S. Field, oldest living child of Moses D. Field, was bom in Delmar
township, Tioga county, July 13, 1842. He grew to manhood upon the homestead
farm, and was educated in the common schools and Wellsboro Academy. He
worked on the home farm and in the lumber woods until his majority, and then
continued to cultivate rented farms on shai-es for sixteen years. In the meantime
he had purchased his present fann in Delmar, and settled upon it in the spring of
1883. It is located at the southern limits of Wellsboro, and contains sixty-seven
acres. Mr. Field has operated a threshing machine during the fall seasons for
the past fourteen years, and also runs a hay press and power wood-saw. August
2, 1863, he married Lurania Torpy, a daughter of Joseph and Artemishia (Balch)
Torpy, and has two children, viz: Stella J., wife of Delbert H. Darby, of Hoytville,
and Ella M., wife of Charles Benauer, of Delmar township. Mr. and Mrs. Field
are members of the Patrons of Husbandry, and he is also connected with the I. 0.
0. F., both Lodge and Encampment. In politics, a Eepubliean, he has served as
township supervisor two terms.

Allen Butlee, a native of Vermont, bom May 14, 1771, married Susanna
Borden, of !N"ew Hampshire, and in 1817 came to Tioga count}', Pennsylvania, and
settled on the present Butler farm in Delmar township. Here he resided until his
death, January 9, 1846. His wife died January 15, 1850. They were the parents
of nine children, named as follows: Belinda, Betsey, Allen, Hartford, Wellman,
Eunice, Dolly, Selden and Crete.

Wellman- Butlee was bom in New Hampshire, October 39, 1801, a son of
Allen and Susanna Butler. He was sixteen years old when the family came to this
county, and the balance of his life was spent on the old homestead in Delmar town-
ship, where he devoted his entire attention to agiieulture. In 1823 he married
Nancy Ehoads, a native of New Hampshire, who bore him five children, viz: Well-
man S., a resident of Nebraska; Nancy J., deceased wife of Benjamin Wilcox; John
M., of Delmar township: George F-, a resident of Stokesdale, and I>aniel, who lives
in the west. Mrs. Butler died July 30, 1834, and he was again married Februai;y
23, 1835, to Margaret M. Steel, who bore him two children: Harlon, deceased, and
Margaxet B., wife of Alva Kennedy, a resident of Minnesota. Mr. Butler and wife
were members of the Free Will Baptist church, in which he filled the office of dea-
con. They died upon the old homestead in Delmar township.

John M. Butlee was born upon his present farm in Delmar township, Tioga
county, January 15, 1830, attended the district schools in boyhood, aaid has always
lived upon the same place. In early life he spent his winters in the lumber woods,
and was well known as a pilot on the West Branch of the Susquehanna. With the
exception of that period, he has devoted his whole attention to agricultural pursuits.
The Butler farm contains 144 acres, and he makes dairying a specialty. Mr. But-
ler was married June 10, 1852, to Amanda M. Dewey, an adopted daughter of Moses
D. Field, who has borne him four children, viz: Allen, Amy Adella, who married


Adelbert Warner, of Morris, and has one daughter, Grace; Charles 6., who married
Jennie Ailen, and has had six children. Hazel, .Dewain, Bernice, Ruth, one that died
in infancy, and Fay J.; and Grace, wife of Miles Blackwell, of Blaekwells, Tioga
county, who has one son, Milon E. Mrs. Butler is a member of the Methodist
Episcopal church, and both she and her husband are connected with the Patrons
of Husbandry. Their sons, Allen and Charles G., live upon the home farm and
assist in its cultivation. In polities, the family are supporters of the Republican

Simeon' Houghton, a native of Massachusetts, and by trade a carpenter, came
to Otsego county. New York, where he followed his trade for some years. On
April 10, 1818, he located on the present Houghton farm in Delmax township, Tioga
county, Pennsylvania, which was then covered with the primitive forest. He erected
a cabin and began the work of making a home for himself and family. He had
previously married Rachel Dean, who bore him a family of six children, viz: Cath-
erine, widow of Oliver Bacon, who resides with her son Oliver in Delmar township;
Eerris, Jemima, Jeremiah, Olive and Esther, all of whom are dead. Mr. and Mrs.
Houghton passed the remaining years of their lives in this county.

Jeremiah Houghton, born in Otsego county, New York, April 10, 1813, came
to Tioga county with his parents when five years old. He was reared on the farm
in Delmar, and spent his entire life in this county on the same property, settled by
his father in 1818. He married Susan F. Horton, a daughter of Thomas Horton,
of Delmar, who bore him five children, viz: Charles, a wagonmaker at Tiadaghton;
Sylvester, a wagonmaker in Wellsboro; P]dgar, a resident of Morris; Thomas, of
Delmar, and "William L., who died at the age of twenty-seven years. Mr. Houghton
was an active Republican, in politics, and both he and his wife were members of
the Baptist church. He was a justice of the peace for some twelve years, and died
on Ms farm, April 30, 1886. His widow resides with her son Thomas in that town-

Thomas Houghton, youngest living child of Jeremiah Houghton, was born
on his present homestead in Delmar township, Tioga county, April 33, 1847, there
grew to manhood, and purchased the farm from his father in 1876, since which
time he has devoted his attention to its cultivation. On October 9, 1888, he mar-
ried Mary Vandergrift, a daughter of James Vandergrift, of Delmar, and has two
children, Mazie and Blanche. Mrs. Houghton is a member of the Baptist church.
In politics, Mr. Houghton is a Republican, and has filled the offices of township
clerk and treasurer one term each. He is a member of the I. 0. 0. E., and the P. of
H., in which he takes an active interest.

John Eellows, a native of Connecticut, born in 1774, came to Tioga county,
Pennsylvania, about 1824, and purchased a farm near Wellsboro, where he resided
until his death, in 18.53, aged seventy-nine years. He married Edna Dabold, of
Connecticut, who bore him seven children, viz: Erastus, Asahel, Edwin, Horace,
Hulda, widow of David Heise, Merrit and Eliza. Mrs. Eellows died at the home
of her daughter, Hulda, in 1876, aged ninety-three years.

Asahel Eellows was born in Canaan, Litchfield county, Connecticut, Novem-
ber 23, 1803, and came with his parents to Tioga county, Pennsylvania. He soon
after boxight a farm in Delmar township, upon which he resided until his death.


March 2, 1889. He married Elvira Puller, December 14, 1835. She was bom
JSToYember 26, 1810, and became the mother of six children, as follows: Elijah J.,
who died December 15, 1854, in his twenty-seventh j'ear; Eliza J., wife of Fred
Sticktey, of Wellsboro; Polly M., who died June 37, 1861, in her twenty-fourth year;
George Leroy, of Delmar; Sarali M., wife of Melvin Boyden, and Edna, wife of
Joseph Benauer, both of whom live in Delmar township. Mrs. Fellows died April
5, 1893, in her eighty-third year.

Geohgb Leeoy Fellows was born in Delmar township, Tioga county, Novem-
ber 9, 1839, and on attaining his majority took charge of the homestead farm, upon
which he has spent his entire life, engaged in agricultural pursuits. On November
36, 1863, he married Ehoda Hoag, of Delmar, and has one son, Edwin D., bom
January 38, 1 867. The latter married Carrie Holiday, and has two children, Berniee
and Errick. Mrs. Fellows died November 37, 1896, aged fifty-one years.

Benjamin Fuhman, a native of Pennsylvania, bom May 4, 1771, came from
Northumberland county to Tioga county, about 1833, and located on Pine creek,
at what is now known as Furmantown. Three years later he purchased a farm ia
Delmar township upon which he passed the remaining years af his life. He mar-
ried Jane Wilkinson, who bore him six children, named as follows: Harkley and
Edie, both deceased; Coleman, a resident of Coming, New York; Wilkinson, and
Daniel, both farmers of Delmar, and Jane, deceased. The mother died upon the
old homestead in Delmar.

Wilkinson Fuekan was bom in Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, Sep-
tember 31, 1831, and was about two years old when his parents came to this county.
After attaining his majority, he purchased fifty-three acres a short distance north-
west of Stony Fork, where he has since devoted his attention to farming. Mr.
Furman was married May 11, 1844, to Caroline Morsman, a daughter of Silas Mors-
man, of Charleston township. She was bom September 11, 1834, and is the mother
of three children, viz: George Bertron, bom April 35, 1846, who was killed by the
cars in St. Louis, Missouri, January 16, 1873; Mary J., wife of Thomas Horton,
of Shippen township, and Sarah A., who married Charles A. Buckley, and died
October 20, 1888. In politics, Mr. Furman is a Eepublican, and is also a member
of the Patrons of Husbandry.

William Howe was bom in Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, August
38, 1806, a son of Nathan and Catherine (Furman) Howe, of English and German
ancestry. He was reared and educated in his native coimty, and when twenty-two
years of age came to Tioga county, where he purchased 100 acres of forest land
in Delmar township, now knowm as the Howe farm. He cleared and improved his
property, and resided upon it until his death, June 33, 1887. He married Chloe
Bacon, a daughter of Daniel Bacon, of Delmar township, who bore him five children,
viz: Lydia, wife of W. W. English, of Delmar; John W., who died at the age of
nineteen; Emma E., deceased wife of W. W. English; Morris D., of Delmar, and
Oliver B., who died at the age of eleven years. Mr. Howe was a member of the
Methodist church, and in politics, an ardent Eepublican. Mrs. Howe was a mem-
ber of the Baptist church. She resided with her son, Morris D., on the old home-
stead until her death, December 29, 1894, at the age of eighty-two years.

MoHEis D. Howe, only living son of William Howe, was born upon his present


farm in Delmar township, Tioga county, June 23, 1850, and has spent his entire life
thereon. He attended the public schools of his district, and when twenty-one years
old began -n-orking the farm on shares, which he continued for six years, and then
purchased it from his father. In 1884 he rented a hay press, and in 1886 purchased
one, which he has operated each fall and winter season since. He has also worked at
lumbering more or less for some years. In ] 891, in partnership with J. Bottom &
Company, he purchased a timber tract of 657 acres on Cedar run, and they have
taken the timber off about one-half of it. In 1892 he built a feed-mill, to which
he added a shingle-mill in 1893, both of which he has operated since their erection.
Mr. Howe was married January 26, 1870, to Isabel "Willard, a daughter of Joseph
Willard, of Delmar, to which union have been bom iive children, viz: Euth, Homer
B., Eena B., Fred, and one that died in infancy. Politically, Mr. Howe is a Eepubli-
can, and has been a justice of the peace since 1890. He is a member of Stony
Fork Lodge, No. 564, 1. 0. 0. F.

William Lee Spencee was born in Connecticut, and was a farmer, millwright
and miller. He married Senie Phelps, who bore him three children, all of whom
are dead: Lyman, Orange and James. Mrs. Spencer died, and some years later
he was again married, to which union were born two children, Thomas and Jonathan,
both of whom reside in the west. After his second marriage he came to Tioga
county, Pennsylvania^ where both he and his wife spent the remaining years of
their lives.

Ltman Spencee, eldest child of William Lee and Senie (Phelps) Spencer, came
with his parents to Tioga county. He learned the miller's trade with his father,
and after his marriage located on a rented farm near Mansfield, where he lived a few
years, and later lived on a farm near Stokesdale, until his removal to Van Etten-
ville. New York. Four years afterward he returned to Tioga county, and made his
home with his son, Alenson, until his death, July 16, 1875, in his seventy-ninth
year. Mr. Spencer married Asenath Eumsey, who bore him a family of twelve
children, viz: Carlonas, a resident of Iowa; Massanello, who died in infancy;
Lorenzo D., a resident of Oxford, Teniiessee; Lorensa A., deceased; Loretta, wife
of Argalus Ford, of Mainesburg; Alenson, of Delinar; Asenath, deceased; Can-
sonetta, widow of G-eorge Kress; Blyman A., of Delmar; Britianna, wife of E. B.
Pond, of Wellsboro; Massanello, a resident of Delmar, and James C, of the same
township. Mrs. Spencer died April 11, 1865, in the sixty-seventh year of her age.

Alenson Spencee, millwright and carpenter, was born in Mainesburg, Tioga
county, October 19, 1826, a son of Lyman and Asenath Spencer. He was reared
on a farm, and when twenty-six years old commenced working at the carpenter's
trade, which he followed three years. For the succeeding twenty-four years he
operated a saw and grist-mill in Wellsboro, for John Dickinson. At the end of
this time he removed to his present farm in Delmar, but after four years returned
to Wellsboro, ajid in partnership with Edward C. Dickinson, erected the present
grist-mill, which they operated together three years. He then purchased Mr. Dick-
inson's interest and conducted the mill alone for three years, after which he re-
turned to his farm in the spring of 1891. It contains 237 acres, purchased during
the time he worked for John Dickinson, and is located two miles north of Wellsboro.
Mr. Spencer was married January 2, 1853, to Catherine S. Hiltbold, a daughter of


Henry and Phoebe (Furman) Hiltbold, of Delmar. Eleven children have been bom
to this marriage, viz: A. Edward, who man-ied Ada Leisenring, and operates the
grist-mill in Wellsboro; Samantha V., wife of Horatio Culver, of Delmar; Susan
M., wife of L. M. Fleming, of Wellsboro; Henry L., of Delmar, who married Martha
Fleming; James D., deceased; Lizzie D., wife of George K. Johnson, of Delmar;
Sadie A., deceased; William W., a resident of Wellsboro, who married Anna Leisen-
ring; Lucy May, wife of L. A. Goodwin, of Stony Fork; Eichard E., of Delmar,
who married Mary Powlison, and Fannie D., who married W. F. Dewey, of Wells-
boro. Mr. and Mrs. Spencer are members of the Protestant Episcopal church, and
in politics, he is a Eepublican.

IsEAEL Stone, a native of Massachusetts, born in 1801, came to Tioga county,
Pennsylvania, in 1832, and purchased fifty acres of land in Delmar township, upon
which he passed the remaining years of his life. He was twice married, first to Abbie
Dean, in Massachusetts, who bore him five children, viz: Adaline, wife of Henry
Wilson, of Delmar; Abigail and Dewite, both deceased; Orrin, a resident of Broome
county, 'Rew York, and Eugene Howard, of Delmar. Mrs. Stone died in February,
1844. He was again married, to Amanda A. Howe, who bore him two children, viz:
William A., a prominent lawyer and congressman of Pittsburg, and Israel G., a resi-
dent of Delmar township. In politics, Mr. Stone was originally a Whig and later
a Eepublican. He was assessor of Delmar for several years, also township clerk and
treasurer for a number of terms, a county auditor for three terms, and a school
director for a long period. He was a member of the Congregational church, and
died in that faith, November 9, 1887. Mr. Stone was one of the progressive, enter-
prising and successful citizens of the county, and was highly respected by the com-
munity in which he lived.

Eugene Howaed Stone was born in Delmar township, Tioga county, January
31, 1843, and is the youngest child of Israel and Abbie Stone. He was reared on
the homestead farm, and in August, 1861, when but nineteen years old, he enlisted
in Company E, Forty-second Pennsylvania Volunteers, known as the "Bucktails,"
and participated in the following battles: South Mountain, Antietam and Mechanics-
vUle, where he was taken prisoner, June 37, 1863, and held forty days in Libby
and Belle Isle prisons. He was then exchanged and returned to his regiment, and
served until August 7, 1864, when he was honorably discharged, at Petersburg,
Virginia. Eetuming to his home in Tioga county, he worked on his father's farm
for six years, and subsequently cultivated a farm in Charleston township on shares
two years. He then purchased a farm in Shippen township, but at the end of a
year sold it and went to Pawnee county, Kansas, and took up 160 acres of land.
He remained there some three years, then sold out and returned to the old home-
stead, on which he lived one year. At the end of this time he purchased a farm in
Shippen township, lived upon it four years, and subsequently four years more on
the home farm. Eetuming to his farm in Shippen, he resided there until the spring
of 1893, when he bought his present farm in Delmar, adjoining his Shippen farm,
both embracing 190 acres. Mr. Stone was married November 9, 1864, to Sarah, a
daughter of Ephraim Francis, of Charleston township. They are the parents of
four children, viz: Frederick A., Mary A., wife of George Campbell, of Delmar;
Winifred A., and Sarah E. Politically, Mr. Stone is a Eepublican, and has served


as a school director in Shippen township one term, and supervisor three terms. He
is a member of the F. & A. M., the P. of H., the G. A. E. and the Union Veteran

EoBEET Campbell was bom in Lodi, Seneca county. New York, May 3, 1809,
and was a son of Archibald and Elizabeth (Seely) Campbell. His father was bom
near Cork, Ireland, June 30, 1770, came to the United States after attaining his
majority, and located at Bath, Steuben county, New York. He married Elizabeth
Seely, bom in Newtown, now Elmira, New York, December 19, 1790, and subse-
quently located in Seneca county, where both he and wife died. They were the
parents of fourteen children, named as follows: Margaret, Eobert, James, Caroline,
Marthaline, Jane T., William P., Mary, Elizabeth, Newell T., Maria A., Abraham
M., Norman and Ann E. The subject of this sketch was reared in his native county,
whence he came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, and purchased the farm in Delmar
township now owned by his son William. After a short stay in Tioga county, he
returned to Lodi, New York, where he taught school for two years, then came back
to this county, taught school for four terms, and settled permanently on his farm.
On October 3, 1837, he married Jane S. Knight, a daughter of Luke and Jane
(Siiydam) Knight. She was born April 5, 1815, and became the mother of five
children, viz: Oscar, born January 3, 1839, a farmer in Delmar township; Edwin,
born April 7, 1840, a farmer in the same township; William, of Delmar; Franklia,
born October 1, 1845, and died March 31, 1856, and Maiy, bom August 14, 1848, wife
of Burt Schrader, of Tioga. Mr. Campbell and wife were members of the Presby-
terian church, and in politics, he was a stanch Democrat. He died upon his fajrm
in Delmar, June 11, 1890, and his wife, January 29, 1885.

William Campbell was born upon the homestead farm in Delmar township,
Tioga county, June 30, 1841, and is the third son of Eobert Campbell. He attended
the common schools of the district in boyhood, and has always lived upon the home
farm, which he purchased at his father's death. It contains 150 acres of well-
improved land, and he makes a specialty of dairy farming and sheep growing. On
September 19, 1882, he married Sarah Phinnie Bartle, a daughter of E. D. Bartle,
of Delmar township. They are the parents of four children, viz: Cora B., born
July 31, 1883; Franklin E., January 14, 1886; Harry C, March 16, 1890, and died
August 6, following, and Erwin B., bora October 13, 1893. Mr. Campbell is an
ardent Democrat, and may be safely classed among the leading farmers of his native

James Campbell was born in Lodi, Seneca county, New York, July 33, 1812,
and is the oldest living child of Archibald and Elizabeth (Seely) Campbell. He
was reared upon a farm in his native county, and came to Tioga county, Pennsyl-
vania, in 1833, locating in Delmar township. Three years later he purchased the
farm now owned by his brother, William P., on which he lived a short time engaged
in clearing and improving it. In 1850 he purchased his present farm, but after five
years sold it and bought a farm in Sullivan township. He subsequently traded his
Sullivan farm for the one previously owned in Delmar township, on which he has
since resided. Mr. Campbell was married March 37, 1833, to Emma M. Ely, a
daughter of William and Fannie (Curry) Ely. She was born September 39, 1816,
and became the mother of eight children, viz: William E., born September 7, 1835,


and died November 5, 1837; Elizabeth C, born June 15, 1838, wife of Eugene Mil-
ler, of Slate Eun; I'ranees, born July 13, 1840, wife of Samuel Kendriek, of Stony
Eork; Margaxet, born May 4, 1844, wife of J. B. Wilcox, of Wellsboro; Archibald,
bom March 27, 1847, an insurance agent of New York City; Cornelia, born August
18, 1850, wife of Orrin Williams, of Wellsboro; Edward H., born February 9, 1852,
a resident of Delmar, and Harriet, bom January 16, 1854, wife of Thomas Frost,
of Elmira, New York. Mrs. Campbell died September 5, 1889, in the seventy-fourth
year of her age. Mr. Campbell resides with his son, Edward H., on the old home-
stead, and is one of the oldest citizens of Delmar.

Edward H. Campbell, a son of James Campbell, was born upon the farm
where he now resides, in Delmar township, Tioga county, February 9, 1852, attended
the district schools of his neighborhood, and has devoted his entire attention to
farming. On December 25, 1873, he married Sophia E. Bartle, a daughter of E.
D. Bartle, of Delmar township. They are the parents of four children, viz: Edith
I., born April 29, 1875, and died May 24, 1883; Tracy Elsworth, bom August 18,
1879; Cordelia, bom May 19, 1885, and one that died in infancy. In politics, Mr.
Campbell is a Democrat, and is also a member of the Knights of the Golden Eagle.

Newell T. Campbell, a prominent retired farmer of Delmar township, was
bom in Lodi, Seneca county. New York, June 28, 1837, a son of Archibald and
Elizabeth (Seely) Campbell. He was reared on a farm, and obtained a common
school education in his native county. In 1850 he came to Tioga county, Penn-
sylvania, and purchased a portion of his present farm in Delmar township, to which
he has added by subsequent purchases until he now owns one of the best farms in
this locality. Mr. Campbell was married December 3, 1857, to Angeline Houghton,
a daughter of Ferris H. Houghton, of Delmar, to which union have been born two
children, viz: Norman, who died at the age of twenty-seven, and Estella, who mar-
ried E. W. Toles, of Westfield, Tioga county, and died at the age of thirty-one years,
leaving one daughter, Myrtle. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell attend the Presbyterian
church of Wellsboro, and in politics, he is a stanch Democrat. He has been assistant
assessor of his township, and is recognized as one of the substantial citizens of Del-
mar, where he has lived for nearly half a century.

Simon G. Willcox, a native of Ehode Island, settled in Chenango county. New
York, in early life, and there remained until his eleven children were bom. He
came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 184.3, and lived among his children. He
was twice married. His first wife, Anna Cartwright, a native of Boston, Massa-
chusetts, bore him a family of six children, viz: Phoebe, deceased wife of Aaron
Symonds; Anna, deceased; Job, deceased; Mary D., deceased wife of Sylvanus
Moore, Jr.; Clarissa H., deceased wife of J. F. Townsend, and Simon. Some time
after the death of his first wife, Mr. Willcox married her sister Phoebe, who became
the mother of five sons, viz: Daniel B. and Benjamin C, both deceased; John D., of
Olmsville, Delmar township; Nathan F., deceased, and Ira L., a resident of Kansas.
Mr. Willcox died June 12, 1851, aged seventy-two years, and his wife, Phoebe, July
18, 1849, aged fifty-nine.

Job Willcox was born in Chenango county. New York, in 1807, eldest son of
Simon G. and Annie Willcox. He came to Tioga county in 1833, and purchased
timber lands at Bound Island, now Tiadaghton, where he followed lumbering up

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