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so magnificent that none in the whole world can be com-
pared with it (n. 1 191).

"Prefedlure ((?r government) (p=quddah)" {Isa. Ix. 17) signifies
the kingdom (n. 365^).

By " superintendents {or those placed in charge) (pechah) and
leaders" {^er. li. 23) are signified principles of the false


and of evil (n. 863a ; the authorized version has " captains and
rulers;" the revised version has "governors and deputies").

(See Set over (Praeficere).')

Supendr, Higher {Superior), Above (5a/ra).— The third or inmost
heaven is conjoined with the second or middle through
intermediate angels, called celestial-spiritual and Spiritual-
celestial ang'els. These intermediate angels, together with
the angels of the third or inmost heaven, constitute the
higher heavens ; but the rest of those in the second or
middle heaven, together with those in the first or ultimate
heaven, constitute the lower heavens (n. 322).
In the higher heavens are causes ; and effefts corresponding
to them show themselves in the lower heavens {see more,
n. 682).

In the Word, by "higher," and by "inthe midst," are signi-
fied interior things ; and by " lower " and by "' roundabout "
are meant exterior things (n. 283a) : "above" and " higher"
signify within, and what is interior {see more, n. 595).

"Supra (above, upon,) " represents

MA'AL, Ezek. i. 26 (n. 595) ;
EPi, Apoc. X. I (n. 595).

Supernumerary {Supemumerana). — Angels said that it is impossible
for them to think, from any intention concerning a super-
numerary {or additional) wife or woman, because this
would be to change heaven into hell : wherefore an angel
while he merely thinks of such a thing falls from heaven
(n. 1004).

Supper (Cena), Sup [Cenare), Holy Suppor (Sanaa c««(j:).^" Banquets,"
"feasts," "dinners," and "suppers," in the Word, signify
consociations by love, and hence communion in the enjoy-
ments which are of love (n. 252a).

"To sup (deipneo) " signifies communion in the goods of
heaven (n. 252a).

Heaven and the church are likened to a supper (deipnon) and
to nuptials, because heaven is conjunflion of angels with
the Lord through love, and consociation with each other
by charity, and hence communion in all enjoyments and
felicities; and so, too, the church (n. 252a).

By "the great supper" {Luke xiv. 16) is signified heaven
and the church as to spiritual nourishment or instruflion
(n. 548).

By "the supper of the great God" {Apoc. xix. 17) is signified
instrucflion in truths, and thence perception of good firom
the Lord (n. 355a).


By the supper of the passover was represented the glorifica-
tion of the Human of the Lord (n.^3i4c).

Whereas there is correspondence between spiritual things and
natural, and such correspondence that when bread and
wine are in a man's thought the good of love and the good
of faith are in the thought of angels, and whereas all things
of heaven and of the church have relation to the good of
love and the good of faith, for this reason the Holy Sup-
per was instituted by the Lord ; so that through it there
may be conjunftion of the angels of heaven with the men
of the church (n. 376e).

In the Holy Supper there are bread and wine, in place of the
lamb of the passover (n. 329a).

By "the marriage Supper of the Lamb" {Apoc. xix. 9) is sig-
nified conjun(5lion with the Lord and hence communion
with those who are of the church which is meant by " the
New Jerusalem " (n. 1225).

(See also articles n. 146, 475^, 6171;, 695^, 741a, Zzii, 1082.)

Supreme sense (Sensus supremus). — All things of the Word involve
two internal senses, beside the supreme sense, which is a
third (n. 1012). {See Inmost sense.)

{See Celestial sense, under the head Word.')

Suspend, Hang {Suspmdere). — (See Crucify, Hang.)

By "crucifixion" were signified condemnation and the curse,
on account of the destruftion of good in the church ; and
by "stoning" were signified condemnation and the curse
on account of the destruflion of truth in the church.
"Wood," on which there was suspension, signified good,
and in the opposite sense evil; "a stone," employed in
stoning, signified truth, and in the opposite sense falsity
(n. 655a).

"Suspendere (to suspend, to hang,) " represents

TAUAH, Gen. xl. 19, 22 (n. 655*); xli. 13 (n. 65Sa);

I)eut. xxi. 22 (n. 655a) ;

yos. viii. 29 (n. 655^); x. 26 (n. 6550);

Zam. V. 12 (n. 412^; 655a) ;
Y»QA', Num. XXV. 4 (n. 401^, 055a).

Sustentaiion (Sustentatio). — {See Uphold.)

Sustentation is a perpetual creation, as subsistence is perpetual
existence (n. 12 15).

Swaddling oloihes (Far«W).—" Swaddling clothes" {Luke ii. 12)
signify first truths, which are truths of innocence, and'
which also are truths of divine love (n. 706^).


"Fasciis involutus (wrapped in swaddling clothes) " is the
rendering of

spARGANoo, Luke u. 12 (ti. 7o6^).

Swallow {Hirundo). — By "the swallow (d=ror) " {Ps. Ixxxiv. 3) is sig-
nified natural truth (n. 391^).

Swallow {Degiutire). — " Deglutire (to swallow) " represents

BALA', Jer. li. 34 (n. 714c) :
KATAPiNo, Apoc. xii. i6 (n. 764).

Swallow up. — {See Blot out.)

Swamps. — (See Marshes.)

Swarm (Examen). — "In the carcass of the lion he found a swarm
(•edhah) of bees, and honey" (Judges xiv. 8), signiiies that
after faith separated from charity has been dissipated, in
its place succeeds the good of charity (n. 619c).

Swear {^urare). Oath {juramentum). — "To swear," when said by Je-
hovah, signifies confirmation from Himself, or from His
Divine (n. 608a).

"To swear" signifies asseveration and confirmation, and when
predicated of the Lord it denotes the truth (n. 6o8n).

"To swear by God" signifies to speak the very truth (n.

That "every tongue shall swear" (Isa. xxxiii. 19), signifies
that all shall confess Him who are in good from religion

(n- 4550-

"To swear" (Isa. Ixv. 16) signifies to instrudt oneself in divine
goods and to apply them to life (n. 340«?).

"An oath" in the internal sense signifies confirmation with
man, and convi(5iion that a thing is so (n. 340^).

The ancients who were in the representatives and significa-
tives of the church, were allowed to swear by Jehovah God,
in order to attest the truth : the sons of Jacob were espe-
cially allowed to do this, as they were wholly natural and
external men ; and mere external or natural men wish to
have the truth of a thing confirmed and attested by oaths ;
but internal or spiritual men do not desire this, and indeed
are averse to oaths and shudder at them, especially those in
which God is appealed to, and the holy things of heaven
and the church, and they are content with saying and with
having it said that a thing is true, or that the case is so
(n. 608*).

Whereas swearing does not belong to the internal or spiritual
man, and the Lord when He came into the world taught
men to be internal or spiritual, and for that end afterwards
abrogated the externals of the church and opened its in-


teruals, therefore He also prohibited swearing by God and
by the holy things of heaven and the church (n. 608*).
(See also articles n. 205, 684c.)

"Jurare (to swear) " represents

SHABHA', in all the passages of the Old Testament that are referred

to in these sirticles :
oMNuMi, Luke i. 73 (n. 608a);
Apoc. X. 6 (n. 608a).

" yuramentum (an oath) " represents

SH=BHU'AH, yer. xi. 5 (n. 608a);

Zech. viii. 17 (n. 608*) :
HORKos, Matt. V. 35 (n. 6o8^).


Here are collefled many things made known by Swedenborg, from things
heard and seen in the spiritual world ; also a few brief statements concerning
himself, and the work that the Lord gave him to do.

"Men are enlightened variously, every one according to the
quality of his affedlion and the intelligence from it. Those
who are in spiritual affe<5lion for truth are elevated into
the light of heaven, so as to perceive the enlightenment.
It has been given me to see this, and from it to perceive
distinftly what has come from the Lord and what from
angels ; what has come from the Lord has been wntten,
and what has come from the angels has not been written.
It has, moreover, been given me to speak with angels, as
man with man, and also to see things that are in the
heavens, and that are in the hells. The cause of this has
been, that the end of the present church has come, and
the beginning of a new church is at hand, which will be
the New Jerusalem ; and to this church it is to be revealed
that the Lord rules the universe, both heaven and the
world ; also that there is heaven and that there is hell, and
what is the quality of each ; that men live still as men after
death, in heaven those who have been led of the Lord, in
hell those who have been led of themselves ; that the
Word is the Lord's Divine itself, in the earth ; it is also
to be revealed that the last judgment has been accom-
plished, that man may not be forever expefting it in his
own world ; besides other things that belong to the light
that is now rising after the darkness" (n. 1183).

"As regards myself, I can testify that for fifteen years I have
manifestly perceived that I do not think and will anything
from myself; also that all evil and falsity flow-in from
infernal societies, and all good and truth from the Lord :
certain spirits observing this, said on this account that I
do not live : but it was given me to reply that I live


more than they do, because I am sensible of the influx of
good and truth from the Lord, and see and perceive the
enlightenment ; also that, from the Lord, I perceive the
evils and falsities from hell ; not only that the evils are from
hell, but also from whom they come ; (it has also been given
me to speak with those from whom they come, to rebuke
them, and to rejedl them with their evils and falsities, from
which I have thus been freed ;) it has further been given
me to say that now I know that I live, while before it was
not so. From these things I have been fully convinced
that all evil and falsity are from hell, and all good and
truth, together with the perception of them, are from the
Lord ; and moreover that I have had freedom, and thence
the perception as if from myself. It has also been granted
me to see, with my own eyes, that all evil and falsity are
from hell.. There appear over the hells as it were fires
and smoke ; evils are fires, and falsities are smoke ; these
are continually exhaled and rising up ; and the spirits who
are tarrying in the midst, between heaven and hell, are
affedted by them according to their loves " {see mtichinore,
n. 1 147 ; compare n. 503*, 5180).

"I can also testify before the world that all things of my
thought and will have flowed-in ; goods and truths through
heaven from the Lord, and evils and falsities from hell : it
has been given me to perceive this, for a long time" (n.
1 134; compare n. 86).

"That Jehovah was seen by many, as we learn from the
Word, was because they were then surrounded by a col-
umn of spirits, and so were preserved ; thus also has the
Lord been seen by me, several times" (n. 78).

"In the heavens there appear beautiful animals, and similar
vegetables ; but in the hells noxious animals, and vege-
tables like them : and the angels and the spirits are known
from the appearances of the animals, and in like manner
from the appearances of the vegetables ; there is plenary
concordance with their affeftions, even such that an ani-
mal can be changed into a concordant vegetable, and a
vegetable into a concordant animal. The angels of heaven
know what [element] of affe6Hon is represented in one and
the other ; and I have been told, and have also perdeived,
that it is similar in them both. I have also been enabled
to know manifestly the correspondence not only of the
animals but also of the vegetables with societies of heaven
and with societies of hell, and thus with their aflTeflions ;
for societies and affeflions in the spiritual world make one
thing" (n. 121 2).

"It has been revealed to me that all things which proceed


immediately from the Lord, least as well as greatest, are
in human form" (n. 11 19).
" It has been granted me to see a society consisting of thou-
sands of angels, as one man of medium stature ; also to
see societies consisting of fewer in like manner" (n. 1222).

"When a man's evils and falsities have been removed, then
temptations are completed ; and when these have been
completed, joy flows-in through heaven from the Lord,
and fills his natural mind : this joy is the consolation that
all receive who undergo spiritual temptations; I speak
from experience" (n. 897).

" It has been granted me to see many things in heaven, many
things in the world, and many things in the human body ;
and it has been revealed that every thing in them, both
great and small, was created from use, in use, and for use ;
also that the part in which this last, its being for use,
ceases, is separated as harmful, and is cast out as accursed "
(n. 1194).

" All these things that are seen in the animal kingdom are to
me arguments and proofs of a spiritual influx into natural
things ; and I greatly wonder that they can be used as
arguments and proofs of the operation of Nature alone, as
they are by some who are infatuated with their own intel-
ligence" (n. 1 198).

"All things of man, and every one of them, both of his mind
and his body, are forms of love in wonderful series ; and
the organs of the brain and the face, also the members and
the viscera of the body, are perpetual interlacings, corre-
sponding to the affeflions of heaven, in which its societies
are" (n. 837 ; compare n. 889).

"I can assert positively, from all experience in the matter,
that all things that man thinks and wills are from heaven
or from hell" (n. 86).

"That there is an extension of all things of man's thought
into societies of the spiritual world, and that there can be
no thought apart from this extension, has been so attested
by the experience of many years, that I can assert it, with
all faith " (n. 1092 ; compare n. 837, 889).

" So far as man compels himself, by resisting evils, infernal
societies are removed from him ; and, on the other hand,
if man does not compel himself to resist evils, he remains
in those societies. That it is so has been made known to
me by much experience in the spiritual world " (n. 1151).

" Man is led of the divine providence to such things as do not
mislead, and which serve for eternal life. That the case
is so, may be evident from things that have been seen by •
me in the heavens" (n. 1190).


" Man can be made spiritual, or can receive spiritual life, only
by a life according to religion, from the Lord. That this
is so, I have been assured from angels of the third or in-
most heaven " (see more, n. 902).

That man has communication with societies of heaven by
means of his garments (illustrated by experience, n. 951).

It was revealed from heaven, what was the quality of the men
of the Most Ancient Church ; it was also granted to con-
verse with them, and to be informed (n. T^gi).

It was said from heaven that with the most ancient people
there was a correspondence of families on earth with so-
cieties in the heavens ; and it was said also that at that
time they had an inward horror of adulteries, as for the
abominable things of hell (n. 988).

It was made known from heaven who were meant by " Enoch "
(Gen. V. 24), and what was signified (n. 728). (See

It was shown how Babylon has its beginning and how it ends
(n. 1029a). (See Babylon.)

"I have also heard angels saying that when they are per-
mitted to look upon the church, and see those who be-
lieve themselves to be intelligent from doftrine, they see
mere thick darkness, and those persons as it were deep
under the waves" (n. 235).

Every man after death undergoes preparation for heaven or
for hell ; from the man who is being prepared for heaven
evils are removed ; and from one who is being prepared
for hell goods are removed ; and all the removals are
effedled as if by themselves (n. 971).

All who pass from earth into the spiritual world are recognized
as to their quality from their being able or not being able
to resist evils as from themselves. They who can do so,
are saved ; but they who cannot, are not saved (see much
from experience, n. xiS^).

"It was granted me to converse with some who lived ages
ago ; and they were found to be of similar life to that de-
scribed in the histories about them : it was also granted
me to converse with some who believed that they had faith,
but who did not live the life of faith, which is charity ; and
it was found that they were shut out of heaven. It has
also often been told me from heaven that his life awaits the
man ; and that faith separate from life is nothing " (n.

" They who do not acknowledge the Divine Human of the
Lord, and do not live according to His precepts in the
Word, cannot be in fellowship with angels of heaven ; that
this is so, has been made evident to me by much experi-
ence" (n. 865).


Concerning certain spirits who believed eternal life to .be
merely intromission into heaven (n. 865).

Many were allowed to recall the a6ts of their lives in the world,
and to recount the good things that they then did ; but
when their internal was opened, it was found to be full
of all evil and falsity from it ; and it was then revealed to
them that the good things that they enumerated they did
from themselves, because they did them for the sake of
themselves and the world (n. 794 ; compare n. 8033).

At times he was amazed, when he heard certain spirits; who
were able to think and to reason ; believing that more
than others they could be led to receive faith (n. 650a).

There is not a thought, with a spirit or a man, that does not
communicate with some society by the outgoing sphere
(n. 889 ; compare n. 837, 1092).

" Those skilled in botany, in chemistry, in medicine and in
pharmacy, come after death into a knowledge of spiritual
uses from the plants in the heavens ; and they also riiake
use of this knowledge, and find great delight in it. I have
conversed with them, and have heard from them wonder-
ful things" (n. 1214).

"The ideas of the thought of those who are natural, and
think from scientifics alone, are turned into the forms of
fishes ; from this also, there appear many kinds of fishes
in the seas, which I have often been permitted to see"
(n. 513a).

" I will also relate something from experience. Certain spir-
its, who, while they lived in the world, were regarded by
others as men of erudition, were explored to ascertain
whether they knew what spiritual faith is. They said
that they knew. They were therefore sent to those who
were in that faith ; and when communication with them
was established, they perceived that they had not faith, and
that they knew not what faith is. Wherefore they were
questioned as to their belief in regard to faith alone, on
which the whole dodlrine of their church is founded : but
they were silent with shame" (n. 236*).

Concerning, a certain one, seen in the spiritual world, who
had thought out hundreds of methods of conjoining all
things in faith alone (n. 786).

An idol was made in the spiritual world by certain ones who
separated faith from good works (n. 780a").

In certain places in the spiritual world there are continual
combats of those who are in falsities, with those who are


like and with those who are unlike themselves. It was
seen that the evil conquered by their falsities, and that
falsities have power against those who are in falsities (n

The separation of the good and the evil appears in the spir-
itual world like a net cast into the sea, drawing the fishes
together, and bringing them to the shore (n. 5i3<f).

"It was sometimes granted me to have perception of storms,
and also of the east wind by which the evil were scattered,
and cast into the hells, when the last judgment was in
progress" (n. 419/).

"That a change of the state of the church is signified by
'earthquake,' is plain from many passages in the Word.
That this is the signification of ' earthquake ' comes from
appearances in the spiritual world. In that world there
are lands, valleys, hills, mountains, as in the natural world ;
and societieg of spirits and angels dwell in them. These
places, before the new heaven was formed upon them,
were seen to undergo remarkable changes : some of them
appeared to settle down, some to be shaken and moved,
and some to be rolled together like the roll of a book {or
manuscript), and to be borne away ; and some to be vio-
lently shaken and to tremble as from a great earthquake.
I often saw these things before the new heaven was formed,
and they were always indications that the state of the
church was there greatly changed" (n. 400a).

" That by ' Sodom and Gomorrah ' are meant all evils and
falsities that flow from the love of self, was told me from
heaven ; for when those who are in evils from this love are
perishing (as was the case in the day of the last judgment),
there has been an appearance as it were of brimstone and
fire coming down firom heaven as rain ; I have also seen
this"(n. 653O.

"The idea of God- as Man has been implantedfrom heaven in
every nation in the whole world ; but, what I lament, this
has been lost in Christendom" (n. 1097).

" The idea of the angels respecfting God from eternity draws
nothing from a rise or a beginning, but from state, — that
the state is eternal ; thus that all is eternal which is God,
and which proceeds from God ; thus that the Divine in
itself is eternal. That this is so, it has been given me
to perceive by an elevation above the natural idea into the
spiritual (n. 1130).

In the spiritual world an indeterminate idea of God is no idea
of Him : wherefore an idea is determined to some one,
either sitting on high, or somewhere else, and who gives
answers (n. 954; compare vi.. 1097, 11 15).


" God's omnipotence shines forth from the heaven that is
above or within our visible heaven, and from the orb there
which is inhabited by angels, as ours is by men. There
are stupendous testimonies of divine omnipotence there ;
and because these have been seen by me and revealed, it
is allowable to mention them" (n. 1133).

"Spiritual things which are believed appear in light to those
who are in charity ; I say this from experience" (n. 232).

Many things which have been revealed, and which thus are
known, respecting the influx of higher things into lower
in the spiritual world (n. 702).

" The sense of the letter of the Word is most holy ; indeed it
has power more than its spiritual sense : this has been
made known to me from much experience in the spiritual
world" (n. 816).

" Whatever appears in heaven appears wholly similar to what
exists in our material earth, out of its threefold kingdom.
There appear there animals of the earth, flying things
of the heaven, fishes of the sea, creeping things, and these
of every kind, and so resembling those which are on our
earth that they cannot be distinguished ; I have seen them,
and have been unable to distinguish them " (n. 926).

"It has been given to see how resemblance of state conjoins,
and contradls the extension of space, or distance ; and
how dfssimilitude separates, and produces extension of
space Or distance" (n. 1219).

" In the spiritual world there appear candlesticks (or chande-
liers) of great magnificence, by which .their heaven is
represented ; these I have been permitted to see" (n. 62).

" It has sometimes been given me to see seas [in the lowest
heaven], and also to speak with those who are in them "
{see much more, n. 342^ ; compare n. 5132,^, 6533).

"It has often been shown me that the spiritual things of
heaven, such as those things that the angels think and
speak of, fall into numbers" {see more, n. 429).

Many things, from those that have been heard and seen, con-
cerning the delights and pleasantnesses in love truly conju-
gial, and concerning the marriages of angels in heaven
(n. 992 ; compare n. 1000).

" Divine truth descending from heaven is turned into infer-
nal falsities with the evil, and this conversion gives rise to
many appearances ; there is the appearance as of hail and
fire flowing down, when neverthless these things are not
out of heaven from the Lord, but are from those who are


in the falsities of evil, who turn the influx of divine truth

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