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modern languages ^^ and made the subject of historical
I'csearch/" The dispute of its genuineness by Gratz scarcely
deserves mention/^ This book must not be confounded with
the book dc trihus virtutibm (see above, p. 345), nor with that
published by Mai, de virtutc ejusque partihus (see above, note 10).

4. Uepl irpovoia'i. De providentia. — The title in Euseb.
H. E. i\. 1^. ^ ; Prae'p. evang. vii. 20 fin., viii. 13 fin. The
work is only preserved in Armenian, and has been published
by Aucher with a Latin translation." Two Greek fragments,
a smaller and a very large one in Euseb. Praep. evang. vii. 21

^^ rhiloyivt Jurlaei lib. de virtutihus s. dc Icgatione ad Cajum, imp. gracce
cura, S. F. N. Mori, Lips. 1781. Dahl, Chrestomathia Philoniana, 2 vols.
1800-1802. On a Paris edition of 1626 comp. Fabricius-Harles, iv. 741.
Fiirst, Biblioth. Judaica, iii. 89.

^^ Die Gesandtsclmft an den Cajus, aux dem Griechisclien des Philo,
translated by Jo. Frid. Eckhard, Leipzig 1783. Philo Judaeiis, om Judarnas
fiirfiJljcUe under Flaccus och Legationen till Cajus Caligula, etc., o/versdttn.
med noter och anmerkn., by J. Berggren, Soderk oping 1853. Philon
d'Alcxandrie, e'er /Is historiqupx, influence, luttes et persecutions des juifs
dans le monde 7-omain, by F. Dclaunay, 2nd ed. Paris 1870 (gives a transla-
tion of contra Flaccuni and Leg. ad Caj.). On an older French translation
of d'Andilly, see Fabric. -Harles, iv. 749. On an English one, Fiirst, Bibl.
.Jnd. iii. 91. An English translation by Yonge of Philo's entire works
appeared in 4 vols. London 1851-55. ,

'" Comp. above, § 17^, and the literature there mentioned. Fabricius-
Harles, Biblioth. grace, iv. 740 sq., and the works and articles there
mentioned of Boeder, Tillemont, Ernesti and especially Jo. Christ.
Gottleber, Animadversiones historicae et phdologico-criticae ad Philonvi
hgationem ad Cajum, 4 pts. Meissen 1773-74. Diihne in Ersch and Gruber,
art. "Philon," pp. 439—440. Bloch, Die Quellen des Flavins Josephu.^
(1879), pp. 117-123.

^1 Griitz, Gesch. dcr Juden, 2nd ed. iii. 487-492, abridged in the 3rd ed.
iii. 681. Comp. also Monaatsschr. far Gesch. und Wissensch. des Judenth.
1S77, pp. 97 sqq., 145 sqq.

'2 Aucher, Philonis Judaeisermones trcs, etc. (1822) pp. 1-121. Also in
I,atin in Richter's hand edition (8tli small vol.), and in the Tauclmitr
edition (8th small vol.).


and viii. 14. The Armenian text comprises two looks. Of
these however, the first, though on the whole genuine, has at
all events been preserved in only an abbreviated and in some
parts a touched up form.^^ Eusebius seems to have been
acquainted with only the second, at least both fragments
belong to this book, and are introduced by Eusebius with the
formula eV toJ (Sing.) irepl irpovoia'iJ^ In the Ecclesiastical
History the reading fluctuates between to irepl irpovoia.6'/ui>
^'ficdti. Ibid. p. 100^ (above) : 'ik tcu avrw.

356 § 34. rillLO THE JEWISII nilLOSOPHER.

, . . cItto 7 0V TTpcoTov (Tvyypdfi/naTO'; wv eTriypa-^lrev 'TttoO er i-
Kwv, tvda Tov virep ^lovSaicov &)? 7rpo9 KaTT]yopov

Online LibraryEmil SchürerA history of the Jewish people in the time of Jesus Christ .. (Volume 2 pt.3) → online text (page 36 of 51)