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(for it was very warm in the little cradle he had spun for him-
self), and tucked them all down at his feet, and then lay down
to take a good sleep.

Every time the wind blew and shook the twig, the cradle swung
back and forth, rocking the Caterpillar into a still sounder slum-
ber. After he had been asleep a long, long time, he Avas
awakened one day by a great shaking of his cradle; and, as he
was only half awake, he thought: " Oh, those threads which I
spun must have broken! " After that there came another shake,
and Mother Nature called: " Wake up! Wake up! It is time
to come out! "

And the Caterpillar said: "How shall I get out? It is dark in
here, and I 'm very stiff from being so long in one position."

" Force your way out," answered Mother Nature. So he made
a little round hole right at his head, and pulled himself through.

" I don't call this flying! " said he. " I believe that I 'm just
the same clumsy caterpillar that I was before."

■ioH IN THh child's would.

'' Oh, no, you are not," said Mother Nature.

Then the Caterpilhir opened his eyes very Avide and looked at
his feet and did not know what to say, for they were changed
entirely; and, while he was wondering, he felt something grow-
ing looser and looser all around his body. " Oh! " thought he,
"I'm falling to pieces!'"' and he caught hold of his old cradle
with his feet and hung on quite frightened, shutting his eyes
and shaking all over. After he had hung there for a little while
he grew quieter; and finally he heard Mother Nature saying
gently : ' • My dear Moth ! "

He looked up. " You don't mean me," said he; *' I 'm a

But Mother Nature answered, "No, not now. Do you not
remember? You wanted to fly; so while you were asleep in that
cradle I changed you into a moth. Now you have wings and
can fly! "'

And sure enough he really Jiad wings — beautiful wings! They
had been rolled around his body when he first came out, but
now he began to wave them back and forth, and soon they were
dry and strong.

Then away he flew, fluttering gaily over the green fields; for
now he did not have to crawl about slowly and live upon mul-
berry leaves, but could fly wherever he chose, sipping honey
from the beautiful flowers.

Nettie Fleming.


Silkworm on the mulberry tree,
Spin a silken robe for me;
Draw the threads out line and strong.
Longer yet — and very long;
Longer yet — 'twill not be done
Till a thousand more are spun,
Silkworm, turn this mulberry tree
Into silken threads for me!

All day long, and many a day.
Busy silkworms spin away;
Some are ending, some beginning,
Nothing thinking of but spinningi

IX TJii:; child's would. 439

AVell for them I Like silver Kght,
All the threads are smooth and bright;
Pure as day the silk must be,
Woven from the mulberry tree!

Te are spinning well and fast;
'Twill be finished all at last.
Twenty thousand threads are drawn
Finer than the finest lawn;
And as long, this silken twine.
As the equinoctial line!
What a change ! The mullierry tree
Turneth into silk for me !

Mauy Howitt.


Once upon a time the Chinese people dressed chiefly in the skins
of animals, but these began to grow scarce and the question arose
a£ to what the people should do for clothing.

According to the old stories the answer was found in this way.
Hoangti, the third emperor of China (3600 B. C.), had a wife
named Si Ling Shi, and Si Ling Shi, who must have been a
thoughtful woman, and interested in the welfare of the people,
began to try to tind some material which should take the place
of the animal skins.

Nothing did she find, liowever, even with much thought and
searching, until one morning when she was Avalking as usual in
the beautiful palace garden among the mulberry trees.

Si Ling Shi had probably often seen the silkworm cocoons there
before, but on this day as she looked at the loose, filmy outside webs
of the cocoons, the idea came to her that a fabric which could be
used for clothing might be made out of these delicate threads.
ISIany earnest people had to give a great deal of thought to the
Avork, and many trials had to be made, but at last the way was
found. The threads were wound otf from the cocoons, twisted
together and woven, and thus was made the shining, rustling stuff
which we call silk.

The people were so grateful to the Avise, observant and
ingenious Si Ling Shi for her discovery, that they ever after
called her the '' (loddess of the Silkworm.'' E. P.


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Weaver, The 407

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What the Clock Told Dolly 36

What They Did 371

Willow, Pussy 262

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Winter 98

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Wise Old Horse, A 151

Wood 17

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Work, Jack Frost and His 104

Worm, The Little 278

Year, The New 131

Yellow-wing, Little 288

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