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a responsible capacity.

Edwin M. Somers has been engaged in business
for some years in the city of New Haven, Conn.,
where he is a successful merchant.

Edwin P. Jones, son of Frederick Jones, Esq., is a
business man in the city of Boston, residing in West
Roxbury, Mass.

Edward Griffen is an accountant, and in this
capacity has been connected with several business
houses. He resides in Brooklyn, N. Y.

150 Historical Sketch

Henry B. Hawley, Jr., engaged in the confec-
tionery business at Stamford, Conn., in 1895. In
April, 1902, Mr. Hawley opened a real estate office in
Danbury, Conn., in which city he is active as a suc-
cessful real estate broker. He is a member of the
Danbury Business Men's Association and secretary of
the Board of Trade Committee of that association.

Robert R. Hawley has held clerical positions in
Brookfield, Bridgeport, Hartford and Boston, where
he now resides.

Ernest Griffen occupies a clerical position with
the Windsor Hotel, Bridgeport, Conn.

Paul Jones is a governmental photographer in the
New York Custom House.

Henry W. Griffen has for some years been in the
employ of the Southern New England Telephone Com-
pany at Danbury. He resides in Brookfield.

Gerald Curtis, after taking a course of study at
Columbia College, N. Y., entered business.

II inky B. Haw ley, Jr.




Rev. Thomas Brooks, 1757-1799.
Rev. Erastus Ripley, 1800-1801.
Rev. Richard Williams, 1807-1811.
Rev. Bela Kellogg, 1813-1816.
Rev. Abner Brundage, 1821-1839.
Rev. Dan C. Curtiss, 1843-1855.
Rev. Thomas N. Benedict, 1859-1862.
Rev. P. H. Hollister, 1862-1864.
Rev. F. Munson, 1864-1870.
Rev. A. C. Pierce, 1870-1888.
Rev. H. B. Mead, 1889-1892.
Rev. George W. Lawrence, 1893-1895.
Rev. Cyrus W. Francis, 1895-1904.
Rev. Marion L. Burton, 1904-1907.


Jeremiah Northrop.
Liverius Hawley.
Samuel Ruggles.
Henry Peck.
Daniel Cook.
Colbe Chamberlain.
Philo Merwin.
Samuel Merwin.
Heman Burch.
Elijah Starr.

154 Historical Sketch

Daniel Holley.
Peter Hubbell.
Benjamin Hawley.
Sidney Hawley.
Hiram Fairchild.
Benjamin Starr.
Alfred Somers.

E. H. Northrop.
H. S. Peck.
Benjamin Starr.

F. S. Curtis, since 1887. Society.

Miss J. W. Skidmore, since 1890. Church.


Joseph Ruggles.
John Dunning.
Joseph Smith.
Henry Peck.
Abraham Camp.
Samuel Merwin.
Matthew Baldwin.
Michael Dunning.
Levi Dibble.
Ashbel Dunning.
*Abel S. Taylor.
Luther Smith.
Alfred Somers.
William H. Skidmore.
Enoch W. Ford.
Orson J. Taylor.
Frederick S. Curtis.

The Addendum 155

Officers of the Church in 1907

Deacons, Alfred Somers, Frederick S. Curtis.

Clerk, Miss Wilhelmine Skidmore.

Treasurer, William H. Blackman.

Church Committee, the Pastor, ex officio, the Deacons,
ex officiis, Clarence E. Vroman, Almon H. Taylor,
Mrs. Eliza G. Peck, Mrs. Albertina G. Wetmore.

Auditor, Frederick S. Curtis.

Trustees, Alfred Somers, Sidney E. Hawley.

Choir Director, Herbert W. Greene.

Organist, Miss Minnie Somers.

Ushers, Austin Smith and Lucius S. Hawley.

Sunday School

Superintendent, Clarence E. Vroman.

Secretary and treasurer, Miss Wilhelmine Skidmore.

Librarian, Miss Amelia I. Northrop.

Ladies' Industrial Society

President, Mrs. Ida J. Curtis.
Secretary, Miss Amelia I. Northrop.

Women's Foreign Missionary Auxiliary

President, Mrs. Rachel A. Geddes.

Secretary and treasurer, Miss Julia W. Skidmore.

Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor

President, Lewis Smith.
Secretary, Miss Kathleen Smith.

156 Historical Sketch

Officers of the Society

Clerk, Frederick S. Curtis.

Committee, Frederick S. Curtis, Frederick S. Frisbie,

Clarence E. Vroman.
Treasurer, William H. Blackman.

Superintendents of Congregational Sabbath School

Organized about 1821

First officers unknown.
Hiram Fairchild.
Abel S. Taylor.
Sidney Hawley.
Joshua Davis.
Henry B. Hawley, 1862.
William H. Skidmore, 1864.
Alfred Somers, 1865-66.
Henry S. Peck, 1867-68.
Alfred Somers, 1869-74.
Almon Taylor, 1875-76.
Alfred Somers, 1877.
A. Williams, 1878.
Alfred Somers, 1879-86.
C. E. Vroman, 1887-91.
Alfred Somers, 1892.
Almon Taylor, 1893.
Rev. Mr. Lawrence, 1894.
Alfred Somers, 1895.
C. E. Vroman, 1896.
Alfred Somers, 1897-98.

The Addendum 157

Mrs. C. W. Francis, 1899-1903.
C. E. Vroman, 1904-07.

Superintendent of Home Department

Organized about 1890

Miss Florence Vroman, 1890-94.
Mrs. Skidmore, 1895-97.
Rev. C. W. Francis, 1898-1904.
William Blackman, 1905-07.

Christian Endeavor Society Presidents in Part

H. E. Turtle.
C. E. Vroman.
Eliza G. Peck.
Charles Kellogg.
Junius F. Smith.
Frank Kellogg.
E. H. Taylor.
Theodora Skidmore.
William Blackman.
Nellie Smith.
Cyrus W. Francis.
Wilhelmine Skidmore.
Ellen P. Vroman.
Lucius S. Hawley.
Lawrence Curtis.
Lewis Smith.

158 Historical Sketch




Church in Stratford, 1640, Rev. Adam Blakeman,
pastor 25 years.

First Church in Bridgeport, 1695, Rev. Charles
Chauncey, pastor 19 years.

First Church at Danbury, 1696, Rev. Seth Shove, pas-
tor 39 years.

*Church at Newtown, 1715, Rev. Thomas Toucey,
pastor 9 years.

Church at New Milford, 1716, Rev. Daniel Boardman,
pastor 28 years.

Church at Huntington, 1724, Rev. Jedediah Mills,
pastor 52 years.

Church at Trumbull, 1730, Rev. Richardson Miner,
pastor 13 years.

Church at Redding, 1733, Rev. Nathaniel Hunn, pas-
tor 16 years.

Church in Bethlehem, 1740.

Church in New Fairfield, 1742, Benajah Case, pastor
16 years.

Church in Washington, 1742, Reuben Judd.

Church in Sherman, 1744, Thomas Lewis.

Church in Roxbury, 1744, Thomas Canfield.

Church in Brookfield, 1757, Rev. Thomas Brooks,
pastor 42 years.

Church in Bethel, 1760, Rev. Noah Wetmore, pastor
24 years.

The Addendum 159

Church in Monroe, 1764, Rev. Elisha Rexford, pastor
43 years.


Rev. Philo Perry, 1785-98.

Rev. Daniel Burhans, D. D., 1798-1812.

Rev. Benjamin Benham, 1812-28.

Rev. Joseph Covell, 1829-36.

Rev. Shimeal, 1836-37.

Rev. David H. Short, 1838-39.

Rev. E. C. Bull, 1839-42.

Rev. Edward Ives, 1842-44.

Rev. H. D. Noble, 1844-58.

Rev. J. E. Goodhue, 1863-69.

Rev. Levi B. Stimson, 1869-72.

Rev. Frank B. Lewis, 1872-73.

Rev. F. A. Fiske, 1873-76.

Rev. E. L. Whitcome, 1877-1906.

Rev. C. S. Mullikin, 1907-


Henry Peck, 1788.

Capt. Joseph Smith, 1789.

Henry Peck, 1789-90.

Joseph Smith, 1790-91.

Henry Peck and Daniel Cook, 1792.

Amos Wheeler and Benjamin Bostwick, 1793.

Amos Wheeler and Timothy Ruggles, 1794.

160 Historical Sketch

Daniel Cook and Preserve Wood, 1795.

Amos Wheeler and Isaac Hawley, 1796.

Amos Wheeler, 1797-98.

Jesse Noble, 1798.

Daniel B. Clark, 1799.

Eli Perry and Daniel Cook, 1800.

Jesse Noble and George Smith, 1801-02.

Jesse Noble and Liverius Hawley, 1803.

G. C. Smith and Jesse Noble, 1804.

Jesse Noble, G. C. Smith, and Thomas White, 1805.

William Meeker and Liverius Hawley, 1806.

Liverius Hawley and G. C. Smith, 1807.

Isaac Hawley and Liverius Hawley, 1808.

George Smith and Daniel Tomlinson, 1809.

Riverius Hawley, 1810.

Riverius Hawley and Liverius Hawley, 1811.

Daniel Tomlinson, 1812.

Daniel Tomlinson and Liverius Hawley, 1813.

Liverius Hawley and William Meeker, 1814.

Noah Lacey and Daniel Tomlinson, 1815-16.

Noah Lacey and Zerah Peck, 1817.

William Meeker and Heman Burch, 1818.

Czar Starr, 1819.

William Meeker, 1820.

Czar Starr, 1821.

William Meeker, 1822.

Stephen Gregory, 1823.

Eli Ruggles, 1824.

William Meeker, 1825.

Eli Ruggles, 1826.

John B. Sanford, 1827.

The Addendum 161

Daniel Tomlinson, 1828.
Stephen Gregory, 1829.
Zerah Peck, 1830-31.
Ebenezer Wanser, 1832.
Bryant Smith, 1833.
Aram F. Shepard, 1834.
Stephen Gregory, 1835.
Benjamin Hawley, 1836.
John Hawley, 1837.
Czar Starr, 1838.
Ira Keeler, 1839.
David Burr, 1810-41.
Charles Hurd, 1842.
Eli Ruggles, 1843.
John Hawley, 1844-45.
Ethiel Andrews, 1846.
Alfred Morris, 1847.
Orman Bradley, 1848.
Abel S. Hawley, 1849.
David W. Northrop, 1850.
Bryant Smith, 1851.
David A. Foster, 1852.
William H. Seake, 1853.
John Hawley, 1854.
Nathan Turrell, 1855.
Ira Keeler, 1856.
Hiram Higby, 1857.
William Randall, 1858.
Almon Odell, 1859.
John Hawley, 1860.
Levi G. Knapp, 1861.

162 Historical Sketch

Czar Joyce, 1862.
Philo C. Merwin, 1863-64.
Curtis Morris, 1865.
S. B. Ruggles, 1866.
Edwin G. Turrill, 1867.
Harvey Roe, 1868.
David H. Meeker, 1869.
Daniel G. Beers, 1870.
H. S. Stevens, 1871.
Augustus H. Knapp, 1872.
John N. Hawley, 1873.
Eugene Shepard, 1874.
Marcus Babbitt, 1875.
John P. Wildman, 1876.
Ezra N. Somers, 1877.
William F. Wildman, 1878.
Henry S. Peck, 1879.
Benjamin Griffen, 1880.
Henry S. Beers, 1881.
Samuel Thornhill, 1882.
Amos L. Williams, 1883.
John H. Barlow, 1884.
Thomas P. Bristol, 1885.
Barzillai T. Jackson, 1886.
Sidney E. Hawley, 1887.
Sidney E. Hawley, 1889.
James Lee, 1891.
James Lee, 1893.
James Lee, 1895.
James Lee, 1897.
Robert W. Green, 1899.

The Addendum 163

William B. Roe, 1901.
Frank B. Taylor, 1903.
Robert W. Green, 1905.
Junius F. Smith, 1907.


Lee M. Warner, 1788.
Joseph Starr, 1789.
Amos Wheeler, 1790.
Amos Wheeler, 1791.
Capt. Richard Smith, 1792.
Daniel Cook, 1793.
Samuel Merwin, Jr., 1794.
Isaac Hawley, 1795.
Liverius Hawley, 1796.
Liverius Hawley, 1797.
Liverius Hawley, 1798.
Liverius Hawley, 1799.
Liverius Hawley, 1800.
Liverius Hawley, 1801.
Liverius Hawley, 1802.
Liverius Hawley, 1803.
George C. Smith, 1804.
Elijah Sturdevant, 1805.
Henry Peck, Jr., 1806.
Nathan Keeler, 1807.
John Peck, 1808.
Liverius Dunning, 1809.
Henry Peck, 1810.

164 Historical Sketch

Henry Peck, 1811.
Benjamin Lake, 1812.
Henry Peck, 1813.
Henry Peck, 1814.
Walker Lewis, 1815.
Peter Hurd, 1816.
Peter Hurd, 1817.
Peter Hurd, 1818.
Steven Gregory, 1819.
Czar Nearing, 1820.
Jabez Hurd, 1821.
Czar Nearing, 1822.
Zalmon Goodsell, 1823.
Zerah Peck, 1824.
John B. Sanford, 1825-26.
Wait S. Northrop, 1827.
Elmer B. Northrop, 1828.
Wait S. Northrop, 1829-30.
Eli Hamlin, 1831.
Czar Starr, 1832.
Czar Starr, 1833.
David A. Foster, 1834.
Ira Keeler, 1835-36.
Curtis Morris, 1837-38.
Ormond Bradley, 1839.
Curtis Morris, 1840-42.
Elias Camp, 1843.
Elias Camp, 1844.
David Burr, 1845.
Elias Camp, 1846.
Sidney Hawley, 1847.

The Addendum 165

Elias Camp, 1848.
Ebenezer Wanzer, 1849.
Curtis Morris, 1850-51.
Curtis Morris, 1852.
Curtis Morris, 1853.
Homer C. Brush, 1854.
Homer C. Brush, 1855-56.
Homer C. Brush, 1857.
William H. Lake, 1858.
Curtis Morris, 1859.
Sidney E. Hawley, 1860.
L. B. Wildman, 1861.
Homer C. Brush, 1862.
Philo C. Merwin, 1863-65.
Philo C. Merwin, 1866.
Ezra N. Somers, 1867-68.
Ezra N. Somers, 1869-70.
Harvey Roe, 1871.
Harvey Roe, 1872.
Harvey Roe, 1873.
Harvey Roe, 1874.
John H. Merwin, 1875-76.
Henry D. Lake, 1877.
Ezra N. Somers, 1878.
Harvey Roe, 1879.
Harvey Roe, 1880.
Harvey Roe, 1881.
David H. Meeker, 1882.
David H. Meeker, 1883.
David H. Meeker, 1884.
David H. Meeker, 1885.

166 Historical Sketch

David H. Meeker, 1886.
David H. Meeker, 1887.
David H. Meeker, 1888.
David H. Meeker, 1889.
David H. Meeker, 1890.
David H. Meeker, 1891.
David H. Meeker, 1892.
Elmer H. Northrop, 1893.
Dwight N. Camp, 1894.
Elmer H. Northrop, 1895.
David H. Meeker, 1896.
William B. Roe, 1897.
William B. Roe, 1898.
William B. Roe, 1899.
William B. Roe, 1900.
William B. Roe, 1901.

John S



John S



John S



John S



John S



John S





Starr, 1788-93.

Daniel B. Cooke,



Hawley, 1807.

Colbe Chamberlai

ti, 1810.


Hawley, 1820-25.

The Addendum 167

Heman Burch, 1826-27.

Bryant Smith, 1827-52.

John A. Peck, 1852.

Homer C. Brush, 1853-55.

John G. Foster, 1863.

John G. Foster, 1864.

John G. Foster, 1865.

Robert G. Knapp, 1866.

Robert G. Knapp, 1867.

Henry S. Beers, clerk and treasurer without bonds,

Maurice O'Donnell, 1894.
Barzillia T. Jackson, 1895.
William J. Beehler, 1896.
William J. Beehler, 1897.
William J. Beehler, 1898.
William J. Beehler, 1899.
Benjamin Griff en, 1900-06.
William J. Beehler, 1907.

In writing this historical sketch of the First Con-
gregational Church, and town of Brookfield, Conn.,
I have carefully read the Church and Society records
since 1755, and have consulted probate records in
several places; also visited our state library at

I desire to acknowledge courtesies received from our
judge of probate, town clerk, and first selectman ; also
from E. H. Northrop, H. S. Lockwood, Miss Sarah

168 Historical Sketch

Fairchild, Mrs. E. G. Peck, and L. S. Brooks of Fair-
port, N. Y.

The views of the Still River, and the village street
at the Iron Works, were prepared from photographs
taken by Mr. Harper Vroman. The picture of the
Congregational Church edifice is from a lantern slide
by H. Allen Smith.


Lord Robert Brooke was born in England in 1608.
He was given a grant of the Connecticut Valley about
1631, with Lord Say and Seal.

The settlement of Saybrook was founded by John
Winthrop under commission from the two lords.

Lord Robert Brooke was an ancestor of Rev.
Thomas Brooks.

The Brooks coat-of-arms appears in this book.

Rev. Thomas Brooks, first pastor of the Congrega-
tional Church, Brookfield, Conn., and for whom the
town was named, was born in England in 1719 and
came to New England about 1745. He married here
Hannah Lewis, who was the mother of eight children.
She died in Newbury in 1769, being about fifty-four
years of age. Four of her sons served in the Revolu-
tionary War; they were Samuel Lewis Brooks, who
enlisted in 1777 and served until 1781, being with

The Addendum 169

Washington at West Point. He died in 1846, being
ninety-six years old.

Another son was Thomas Brooks, Jr., who enlisted
in the Third Connecticut Regiment under General
Putnam. He died in 1791.

The names of the two other sons of Rev. Thomas
Brooks who did service in the war appear in the
records of Connecticut, but are not given here.

A daughter, Hannah Brooks, was married to Gen.
David Baldwin of Newtown in 1778.

Rev. Thomas Brooks was twice married. The
second wife, Rebecca Brooks, survived her husband
and died in Brookfield in 1805, being seventy-nine
years of age.

Capt. Garry Brooks, son of Samuel L. Brooks, and
grandson of Rev. Thomas Brooks, was born in New
Milford July 5, 1806. Captain Brooks is now living
at Fairport, N. Y., being a finely preserved old gen-
tleman one hundred and one years old (1907). His
photograph, taken when he was one hundred years of
age, is reproduced in this book.

Lewis Samuel Brooks, son of Captain Brooks, visited
the church at Brookfield June 16, 1907, and deposited
with the writer the picture of his father and the coat-
of-arms. He resides at Fairport, N. Y.

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