Emily Carrie Hawley.

A genealogical and biographical record of the pioneer Thomas Skidmore of the Massachusetts and Connecticut colonies in New England and of Huntington, Long Island, and of his descendants through the branches herein set forth : including other related branches of the Skidmore family, with historical online

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Online LibraryEmily Carrie HawleyA genealogical and biographical record of the pioneer Thomas Skidmore of the Massachusetts and Connecticut colonies in New England and of Huntington, Long Island, and of his descendants through the branches herein set forth : including other related branches of the Skidmore family, with historical → online text (page 1 of 25)
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Skidmore Coat-of-Arms

A Genealogical and Biographical
Record of the Pioneer

Thomas Skidmore








With Historical Sketches





Emily C. Hawley

Copyright, 1911,


Emily C. Hawley



It is wise for us to recur to the history
of our ancestors; those who do not look
upon themselves as a link connecting- the
past with the future do not perform their
duty to the world.

— Daniel Webster

Emily C. Hawley
Brookfield Center, Conn.


There is something within me yearns

For that kindred of long ago,
Who govern my life by turns,

Whether I will or no.

Louise M. Hodgkins.

Our New England ancestry dates back only about nine generations
to Plymouth Rock. The hearthstones of the early settlers have but
recently crumbled away. Vines and mosses cover many foundation walls
where stood the rude dwellings built one hundred and fifty or two hun-
dred years ago.

The desire to perpetuate the names and deeds of our progenitors
has but recently taken possession of us, so strongly have we been in-
fluenced by that trait of our New England antecedents, namely, con-
servatism; a solicitude lest we exalt too highly those quiet, simple, stead-
fast lives that have contributed so much to our own.

A fear (never expressed, however) that we might find ourselves in
some way allied to those "Princes and Lords" of the olden times, who,
Robert Burns said, "are but the breath of kings." It is doubtful if our
ancestors become a subject of particular interest to us until middle life
has drawn about us the mysteries and questionings which come with the
passing years. The buoyancy and "simple joy of living" which charac-
terize youthful years leave nothing to be desired while they are ours.
For how can the past minister to those whose every thought is satisfied
with today, or with dreams of tomorrow? But the time comes when a
man likes to think of himself as a link in the family succession. The
sources of his strength, physical and mental, have been derived from his
progenitors, and he, in turn, desires to contribute to the good of another
generation, in some way or form, as may be within his capacity so to do.

When I undertook the work of compiling this book, it was my
intent to prepare for my immediate relatives of the Skidmore line a brief
genealogical record of our branch of the Skidmore family, from the
present generation back to our first ancestor here in New England. But
the scope of my work has, from time to time, been enlarged, until the
book includes many branches of the Skidmore family residing in various



places, with historical and biographical sketches, and records of numerous
families that have been connected by marriage with the Skidmore family.
The work of bringing together the facts and data for this book involved
a very extensive correspondence, and much personal research of records,
deeds, and historical papers, together with assistance received from
interested friends of the Skidmore family mentioned elsewhere in this

I have personally visited the various towns in which the early Skid-
more families resided on Long Island and in Connecticut, that I might
secure the proper setting, and present a more interesting background for
the characters who figured in the days of which I write. I have also
studied the early history of these towns, the churches, and the political
spirit as it manifested itself during the struggle for liberty.

Genealogy may properly be regarded in the light of a science, which
it is destined to become.

There are various ways of presenting the results of genealogical

Genealogy is not only an orderly and accurate record of successive
generations descending from a common ancestor, but it is much more
than this. It is a history, if properly presented, of periods of time,
showing the customs, trend of thought, and the struggles of men. It is,
moreover, a study in heredity, and in this light it offers a most interesting
field for investigation.

There is a "study of families," the transmission of physical and
mental endowments, and the influence of environment on the individual.

President Eliot of Harvard College has said that "Permanence of
domicile, and, to some extent, the transmission of a trade or profession
from father to son lead to superior stock." It has likewise been shown
that in families where superior abilities appear, the number of children
exceeds the average.

Galton laid down a law of heredity, saying that "One half of the sum
of our inheritance is from our parents, and one fourth from our grand-

In compiling this genealogy I have found my self-imposed task not
only an arduous one, but a fascinating work, which I shall lay down,
perhaps, with something akin to regret.

Of the delightful friendships formed with many persons bearing the
Skidmore name, or descended from this family, I may not here speak,
only to say they have been one of the compensations of the work, pos-
sibly the greatest.


I also hope that this book may be the foundation of a more extensive
work, which in future years will be undertaken by another.

The origin of the Skidmore family — its early history — is of unusual
interest ; I am of the opinion that few New England families present so
fascinating and honorable a history.

This book is dedicated to those who bear the Skidmore name, or
who are descendants therefrom.

It was written by me at Brookfield Center, Conn., during the years
1908, 1909, 1910.

Emily C. Hawley,

a descendant in the ninth generation of Thomas Skidmore, the pioneer,
through her mother, Esther M. Skidmore-Hawley.


Introduction vii.

Chapter I.
The Origin of the Skidmore Name; Skidmore Coat-of-Arms; Family Motto 3

Chapter II.


English Ancestry; Roll of Battle Abbey; Sir Thomas Scudamore; Hereford-
shire County, England; The Scudamores of Holme Lacy; The Scudamores
of Kent Church; The Scudamores of Canterbury; Sketch of Holme Lacy
Manor-House, Hereford, Eng. ; Its interior furnishings by Gibbons, Van
Loo and Ramsay 7

Chapter III.


Thomas (Scudamore) Skidmore, the Pioneer Ancestor in New England; at
Cambridge, Mass., 1635-1646; Assisted Gov. John Winthrop, Jr., at Say-
brook, Conn., in 1647, and at New London in 1648; An early Settler at
Stratford, Conn., 1649-1660; One of the Founders of Huntington, L. I.,
in 1666; At Fairfield, Conn., in 1660 and again in 1684; Historical Sketch
of Fairfield, Conn 19

Chapter IV.

Children of Thomas Skidmore, the Pioneer Ancestor; Thomas Skidmore, Jr.,
of Huntington, L. I.; Dorothy Skidmore, wife of Hugh Griffin; Jedidah
Skidmore, wife of Edwin Higbee; John Skidmore of Jamaica, L. I.;
Grace Skidmore, wife of John Golding; Joseph Skidmore of Huntington,
L. 1 29

Chapter V.

Historical Sketch of Huntington, L. I.; Early Settlers; First Church; Town
Records; Modern Huntington; Huntington Library; Huntington Bay;
The Bay Crest Section 37

Chapter VI.

A Record of John Skidmore (Scidmore), Sr., of Huntington, L. I., grandson
of Thomas Skidmore, the Pioneer; A Record of the three sons of John
(Scidmore) Skidmore, Sr., Joseph Skidmore, John Skidmore, Jr., Thomas
Skidmore, all of Suffolk County, Long Island, and daughters, Abigail and
Temperance Skidmore 45


Chapter VII.

A Record of Joseph Skidmore of Huntington, L. I. (a son of John Skidmore,
Sr.) ; A Record of the five sons of Joseph Skidmore, Joseph, Peter, Samuel,
Isaac, Philip, and of the four daughters, Rebecca, Temperance, Eliza and
Esther 47

Chapter VIII.

Captain Joel Skidmore (Scidmore) of Northport, L. I., and family, Margaret
Scidmore Arthur; Mary Scidmore; Joel L. Scidmore; Byron G. Scidmore;
Piatt Skidmore of Huntington, L. I.; William B. Skidmore; Brewster
Skidmore ; Woodhull Skidmore ; Charles Skidmore 49

Chapter IX.

John Skidmore, Jr., of Smithtown, L. I., and his Descendants; Zophar Skid-
more, Sr., of Smithtown, L. I., and his family; Sketch of Smithtown, L.I. 53

Chapter X.

A Sketch of Captain Hubbard Skidmore of New York City, son of Zophar
Skidmore, Sr., of Smithtown, L. I.; A Record of Captain Hubbard Skid-
more's sons and daughters by his first and second marriage; A Record of
the Ridgway Family and the Doremus Family of New York, Descendants
of Sarah M. Skidmore and Estelle E. Skidmore, respectively; Sketch of
Judge James Ridgway and family of New York; Sketch of Joseph Skid-
more Ridgway and family of New York; Sketch of Prof. R. Ogden
Doremus and Estelle E. Skidmore, his wife, of New York City; Family
of Prof. R. Ogden Doremus 56

Chapter XI.

Zophar Scidmore, Jr., of Smithtown, L. I. ; A Record of his son, Solomon Scid-
more, his grandson, George B. Scidmore of Iowa, and his great-grand-
children, Hon. George H. Scidmore of Seoul, Korea, and Eliza Ruhamah
Scidmore of Washington, D. C 69

Chapter XII.

Record of Samuel Skidmore, Solomon Skidmore, Richard Skidmore, sons of

Zophar Skidmore, Sr 73

Chapter XIII.

Historical Sketch of New York City; Early political life; Dutch Church;
Holland, the cradle of liberty and education ; Historical Memorials ; The
Hudson-Fulton celebration in 1909; The Indians of New York State;
Emigration of New York and Long Island settlers to Nova Scotia, 1782
and 1783 74


Chapter XIV.

Thomas Skidmore of Fresh Pond, Huntington, L. I., son of John Skidmore,
Sr. ; Record of his sons, Thomas and Henry Skidmore, great-great-grand-
sons of Thomas, the Pioneer; Record of Jesse Skidmore, son of Henry;
Record of Thomas Skidmore and his children, Elmer E., Fannie, Alice
and Georgia .* 80

Chapter XV.

Richard Skidmore of Southold and Huntington, L. I., an early settler; Peter
Skidmore, his descendant; Richard Skidmore, son of Peter of Baiting
Hollow, L. I., and his family, Joshua C, James Harvey, Eliza, Maria;
Samuel Skidmore, son of Peter ; Luther Skidmore of Riverhead, L. I. ;
Hezekiah Skidmore, son of Peter; Peter Skidmore, son of Peter; Daniel
H. Skidmore, son of Peter, Jr., and his family; Peter M. Skidmore, son
of Daniel H., and his family 85

Chapter XVI.

John Skidmore of Southold, L. I., and his family; George S. Skidmore, son
of John, of Good Ground, L. I., and his six children, George M., Jennie,
Ardelia J., Thomas B., Ency C. and Timothy A 92

Chapter XVII.

The Skidmore family in Connecticut; State Flower; Historical Sketch of
Stratford, Conn.; Names of early settlers; Natural scenery; Christ Epis-
copal Church ; Revolutionary Days ; Ancient Cemeteries 97

Chapter XVIII.

John (Scudamore) Skidmere of Stratford, Conn., ancestor of the Connecticut
Skidmores; One of the Founders of Christ Episcopal Church, Stratford,
Conn., the first Episcopal Church in New England 101

Chapter XIX.

Lieut. Thomas Skidmore of Newtown, Conn., son of John Skidmore of Strat-
ford, Conn. ; His sons and daughters, Nehemiah, Jedidah, John, Thomas,
Jr., Mary, Comfort, Martha, Rebecca 104

Chapter XX.

Sketch of Newtown, Conn.; Early settlers; First Church; Military affairs;

Revolutionary Days ; Land's End District , 107



. Chapter XXI.

Nehemiah Skidmore of Newtown, Conn. ; His sons and daughters, Elnathan
Skidmore and his family, Sarah Skidmore-Peck and her family, Joanna
Skidmore, Lemuel Skidmore, Amos Skidmore 113

Chapter XXII.

Lemuel Skidmore of New York City, son of Nehemiah Skidmore of New-
town, Conn. ; His daughters and sons, Martha Skidmore-Forbes ; Frances
Skidmore-Norsworthy ; William B. Skidmore and sons — Attorney Lemuel
Skidmore of New York City and William Bond Skidmore of Morristown,
N. J.; Lemuel Skidmore; Robert C. Skidmore; Burtis Skidmore of New
York City and family — James W. Skidmore, Maria Skidmore and family,
William L. Skidmore of New York City and family 119

Chapter XXIII.
Amos Skidmore of Newtown, Conn., and his family 127

Chapter XXIV.

Wheeler Skidmore of Brookfield, Conn., and family, Burtis Skidmore, Betsey

Skidmore-Scudder and her family. Star Skidmore of Brookfield 131

Chapter XXV.

James Blackman Skidmore of Lake George District, Newtown, Conn., and
of Morris, N. Y 137

Chapter XXVI.

Hannah Skidmore Baldwin of Leraysville, Pa., and her children, James S.
Baldwin, John Baldwin, Juliet Seymour, Esther A. Little, Sarah M. Smith,
Amos S. Baldwin, Ann E. Smith, Sophia J. Ross, Emma C. Thayer,
Hannah A. Van Saun 139

Chapter XXVII.

Rufus Skidmore of Brookfield, Conn., and son and daughters, Eliza Skid-
more-Walker and family of Ossining, N. Y., Esther Skidmore-Hawley and
family of Brookfield, Conn., William H. Skidmore and family of Brook-
field, Conn 143

Chapter XXVIII.

Jedidah Skidmore, daughter of Lieut. Thomas Skidmore, and wife of Richard
Hubbell of Newtown and Harwinton, Conn. ; Her sons and daughters,
Darius, Asher, Patience, Eunice; Eunice Hubbell, daughter of Jedidah
Skidmore, and wife of Col. Hezekiah Hopkins, Jr., of Harwinton, Conn.,


and her family; Milton W. Hopkins of Jefferson County and Albion,
N. Y., and of Ohio; Lewis Cheesman Hopkins, son of Milton W. Hopkins
and his family; Caroline S. Hopkins, daughter of Lewis C. Hopkins and
wife of Capt. L. C. Beck of Germany, and her family 155

Chapter XXIX.

John Skidmore, son of Lieut. Thomas Skidmore of Newtown, Conn. ; A

Record of his family, Amon, Abel, Annis, Ruby, Mary, Hulda, Elias .... 159

Chapter XXX.

Abel Skidmore, son of John, of Newtown, Conn., and his family; Daniel
Skidmore and his family; Zerah Skidmore and his children. Homer, Julia,
Wealthy and Philo H. ; Philo H. Skidmore, of Bridgeport, Conn., and
his family; Glover Skidmore of Newtown and his family; James Bennett
Skidmore and his family; Annis Skidmore Jackson; Eunice A. Skid-
more Blackman and her family; Mary A. Skidmore Botsford; Maria
Skidmore Lake; Abel Booth Skidmore; John Skidmore; Charles Skid-
more 161

Chapter XXXI.

Lieut. Thomas Skidmore, Jr., of Newtown, Conn. ; A record of his children :
Dr. James, Daniel, John, Abiah, Amy, Anne, Zada, Mary 172

Chapter XXXII.

Mary Skidmore, daughter of Lieut. Thomas Skidmore, Sr., of Newtown,
Conn., and wife of Heth Peck; Comfort Skidmore, daughter of Lieut.
Skidmore, Sr., and wife of Lieut. Amos Terrill of Newtown 174

Chapter XXXIII.

Samuel Skidmore of Jamaica, L. L, son of John Skidmore of Jamaica, and
grandson of Thomas Skidmore, the Pioneer; Sketch of Jamaica, L. 1 177

Chapter XXXIV.
John Skidmore of Hempstead, L. L, and family 180

Chapter XXXV.
Major John J. Skidmore of Jamaica, L. L, and family 181

Chapter XXXVI.

Luther M. Skidmore of Morris, N. Y. ; His sons, Beers Skidmore, Wolcott
Skidmore and family of twelve children in New York and Ohio, Ira
Skidmore and family of eight children of New York State and Pennsyl-
vania, Russell Skidmore 183


Chapter XXXVII.

Michael Skidmore of Jamaica, L. I., son of Major John Skidmore; His son,
John Skidmore, and family of Jamaica, L. I. ; His daughter, Phebe Skid-
more, wife of Benjamin Bergen of Jamaica; Phebe Skidmore Van
Nostrand and family; Whitehead Skidmore and family; Jemima Skidmore
Seabury and family 190

Chapter XXXVIII.

Sketch of Flushing, L. I. ; Samuel Skidmore and Mary Gray of Jamaica and
Flushing, L. I. ; Mary Skidmore, daughter of Samuel ; Samuel Skidmore
and Abigail Whitehead of Jamaica, L. I., and their family; John Skid-
more and Susanna Tredwell and their sons, Samuel Tredwell, Sr., James
Henderson, David William Skidmore and their families; Phebe Skidmore,
wife of Hendrick Suydam, and family, Andrew, Phebe and Patience
Skidmore 197

Chapter XXXIX.

Sketch of Hempstead, L. I. ; Joseph Skidmore of Hempstead, L. I., and his
sons, Samuel Skidmore and wife, Jane Peters; Nathan Skidmore and
wife, Sarah Smith; Walter Skidmore and wife, Catherine Wood, and
daughter, Mary Smith ; Joseph Skidmore, Jr., and children, Joseph, Eliza-
beth, Sarah, William, Nellie, Jonah, Hannah, Abiathar, Susan, Samuel,
Jeremiah, Rhoda 210

Chapter XL.

Jeremiah Skidmore of New York City and family, Joseph Russell Skidmore
and family, William Ludlam Skidmore and family, Mary J. Skidmore,
Ann Letitia Skidmore Barrett, Rhoda Skidmore Wright 225

Chapter XLI.

Skidmore families in West Virginia, Texas, Kansas and the Southwest ;
Andrew Skidmore of West Virginia and his sons: Isaac, Elijah, James,
Andrew; Andrew Skidmore and Mary A. Stonestreet and their family;
Samuel C. Skidmore of Corpus Christi, Tex., and his family; James Skid-
more of Columbus, Kan., and his family; Thomas Skidmore of Elkins,
W. Va., and family; Marteny Skidmore of Skidmore, Mo., and his family;
Skidmore family at New Castle, Pa. ; John Skidmore and family, James
Skidmore, George W. Skidmore, Augusta Skidmore, Palmer Skidmore. . . 231

Chapter XLII.

Families related by marriage to the Skidmore family; The Avery Lineage;
Blackman Lineage; Bond family; Zachariah Clark family; Drake Lineage;
Ferris Lineage; Lord Gardiner; Hawley family; Hicks Lineage; Hurd


family; Sketch of Philo Hurd; Lake Lineage; Terrill family; Whitehead
family (Jean Skidmore) ; Cornell Skidmore marriages; Toucey Lineage;
Sketch of Gov. Toucey 243

Chapter XLIII.

Addendum; Pastors of the Churches in which Skidmores held office; Historic
Dutch Reformed; Old Trinity, N. Y. City; St. George's, Hempstead;
Presbyterian Church, Jamaica; Prime Ancient Society, Fairfield; Congre-
gational Church, Stratford ; Christ Church, Stratford, Conn. ; Trinity
Episcopal, Newtown, Conn. ; Baptisms at Huntington of Skidmores ;
Marriages ; Town grants to Skidmores ; Probate records ; Lester Will
Book, 1669-1684; Military matters; Order of the Cincinnati; Sons of the
Revolution; Daughters of American Revolution; Huguenot Society;
Post offices named Skidmore 271


Skidmore Coat-of-Arms Frontispiece

Facing Page
Emily C. Hawley vii.

The Terrace Walk at Scudamore Manor-House, Holme Lacy, Hereford,
England 3

(Photograph made for this book by K. D. Pilkington of London, England.)

A Corner of the Rose Garden at Holme Lacy, Hereford, England 5

(Photograph made for this book by K. D. Pilkington of London, England.)

The Bedding-Out Gardens and Yew Hedges, Scudamore Manor-House, Holme

Lacy, Hereford, England 7

(Photograph made for this book by K. D. Pilkington of London, England.)

The Herbaceous Border at Holme Lacy Manor-House, Hereford, England 9

(Photograph made for this book by K. D. Pilkington of London, England.)

The Scudamore Manor-House, Holme Lacy, Hereford, Herefordshire, England.. 10

(Plate reproduced from photograph by the London Herald, London, England.)

The Yew Hedges and Parkway, Scudamore Manor-House, Holme Lacy,

Hereford, England 12

(Photograph made for this book by K. D. Pilkington of London, England.)

The Pequot Monument, Fairfield, Conn 25

Erected in the swamp near Southport where ended the Pequot War, July 13, 1637.

The Nathan Hale Boulder, Huntington Bay, L. 1 29

The American patriot was captured by the British on this spot in the fall of 1776.
(Reproduced by permission from photograph by T. Y. Gildersleeve.)

The Memorial Library an4 Nathan Hale Fountain, Huntington, L. 1 37

(Photograph by T. Y. Gildersleeve, and reproduced for this book by permission.)

View of Huntington Bay from the Chateau Beaux Arts, Huntington, L. 1 40

(Reproduced by permission from photograph by T. Y. Gildersleeve.)

The Margaret Gate, entrance to Bay Crest, Huntington, L. 1 40

(Reproduced by permission from photograph by T. Y. Gildersleeve.)

Honorable James W. Ridgway, District Attorney of Kings County, New York,

son of Joseph Skidmore Ridgway 58

Judge James Ridgway of New York City, son of Sarah M. Skidmore 60

Estelle E. Skidmore, daughter of Capt. Hubbard Skidmore, and wife of Prof.

R. Ogden Doremus 63

Estelle E. Doremus, daughter of Estelle E. Skidmore and Prof. R. Ogden

Doremus 67



Facing Page

Honorable George Hawthorn Scidmore, American Consul, Seoul, Korea 69

Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore of Washington, D. C, author and traveler 72

The Public Library, New York City. The Astor, Lenox and Tilden founda-
tions. Building completed and officially dedicated on May 23, 1911 77

The Mountain Laurel, Kaliuia Latifolia, State Flower of Connecticut 96

(Picture made for this book by Clara A. Thompson of Hartford, Conn.)

Harriet Bond Skidmore, William B. Skidmore, Lemuel Skidmore 121

William L. Skidmore of New York City 124

Mary Nash Skidmore (Mrs. Henry S. Mann) of Boston, Mass 126

Susan J. Scudder, great-granddaughter of Wheeler Skidmore 133

James Skidmore Baldwin of New York City, son of Hannah Skidmore 139

Rufus Skidmore of Brookfield, Conn 143

Lizzie W'alker Townsend, Emmon T. Walker, James N. Walker, Alfred

Walker, Jr., sons and daughter of Eliza Skidmore 146

Esther M. Skidmore (Mrs. Henry B. Hawley) of Brookfield Center, Conn 149

William H. Hawley, George R. Hawley, M. D., Henry B. Hawley, Jr., Lucius

Skidmore Hawley, sons of Esther M. Skidmore 151

Wilhelmine Skidmore, Julia Williams-Skidmore, William H. Skidmore, Theo-
dora Skidmore, B. S 154

Philo Hurd Skidmore, Sr., of Bridgeport and Newtown, Conn 163

Stella A. Skidmore (Mrs. Edward L. Beard) of Cambridge, Mass 164

A New England Kitchen. "Is the Fire Ready?" 174

(Photograph, with right of reproduction, purchased of Wallace Nutting, April 24, 1911.)

Samuel Tredwell Skidmore, Sr., of New York City, vestryman and warden of
Trinity Church, 1848-1881 200

"Winterhaven," Lakewood, New Jersey, the residence of Samuel Tredwell

Skidmore, Jr 202

Sally Skidmore Wakeman, Melincourt, Millneck, L. 1 218

Joseph Russell Skidmore of New York City 225

William Ludlam Skidmore of New York City 227

The Skidmore School of Arts, Saratoga Springs, N. Y 228

Judge Andrew H. Skidmore of Columbus, Kan 235

The Law Office of Judge Andrew H. Skidmore, Columbus, Kan 236

Honorable Isaac Toucey, Governor of Connecticut 265

Conservatory of Music, Skidmore School of Arts 285

Corner of the Library, Skidmore School of Arts 286



o £

c/2 §


The surname Skidmore, or Sciidamore and Scudanioiir (the earher
spelling), is derived from the Norman-French "Escn d' am our," from
which came the original family name Esciidamour or Scudamore, as it
appears on the French and English records. In Norman-French and
Anglo-French, otherwise called Anglo-Norman, "amour" and "amur"
regularly appear side by side. The early writing of the name would be
Escu d'amour, or Escu damnr. The apostrophe was not used in early

Our tirst ancestor in America subscribed himself Thomas Scuda-
more; his name, however, appears as Thomas Scidmore on the town
records at Huntington, Long Island, although on the "Huntington Patent"
his name is written Thomas Scudamore. Several of the Long Island
Skidmore families still use the earlier spelling, namely Scidmore.

The grandson of the first settler, John Skidmore of Stratford, Conn.,

Online LibraryEmily Carrie HawleyA genealogical and biographical record of the pioneer Thomas Skidmore of the Massachusetts and Connecticut colonies in New England and of Huntington, Long Island, and of his descendants through the branches herein set forth : including other related branches of the Skidmore family, with historical → online text (page 1 of 25)