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10 Ravens 4-3 (Looks like
Ray Lewis and the boys turned
back the clock a little bit. For
the first couple of games they
looked like the 2000 Balti-
more Ravens and then they
got into a slide. Now it looks
like their offense can finally
put up enough points on the
board for this team to win.)

Tennessee Titans linebacker David
Thornton celebrates after beating
the Indianapolis Colts 31-21 in an
NFL football game in Nashuille,
Tenn., Monday. Oct. 27, 2008. (AP
Photo/Bill Waugh)

halfway point right?)

5 Patriots 5-2 (We all know
they took a huge hit early
in the season, but with the
game's best Head Coach in Bill
Belichick, they are still making
some noise for another post-
season run.

O Steelers 5-2 (Pittsburgh is
5-0 against the AFC, but 0-2
against NFC so as long as they
keep beating AFC foes and
get Willie Parker healthy they
should be a lock for the play-

Intramurals Schedule

Men's A North Division

10/30 6 PM

Business Time/Regulators

Field 3

10/30 6 PM

Shake N' Bake/Team Fresh

Field 1

11/3/ 6 PM

Shake N* Bake/Last Minute

Field 3

H/3 6 PM

Team Fresh/Regulators

Field 1

11/4 6 PM

Team Fresh/Shake N' Bake

Field 1

11/4 8 PM

Last Minute/Ninja Turtles

Field 3

11/s 8 PM

Ninja Turtles/Last Minute

Field l

u/5 9 PM

Business Time/Shake N' Bake

Field 3

Men's A South Division

10/30 7 PM

Cohutta Wild/Sell Outs

Field 1

10/30 8 PM

Bietz Me Again/Showtime

Field 1

11/3 7 PM

Bietz Me Again/Sell Outs

Field 1

11/3 9 PM

yaMAHA Shuffle/Cohutta Wild

Field 1

11/5 8 PM

Sell Outs/Squirrel Tails

Field 3

Men's B North Division

10/30 7 PM

Team Eller/Old School

Field 3

10/30 9 PM

The New Breed/ All The Way

Field 3

11/3 8PM

GeFrenich/Old School

Field 3

11/3 9 PM

DP/The New Breed

Field 3

11/4 9 PM

Old School/5th Down

Field 3

11/5 06 PM

Team Eller/The New Breed

Field 1

11/5 06 PM

GeFremch/All The Way

Field 3

11/5 7 PM

Team EUer/5th Down

Field 3

Men's B South Division

10/30 8 PM


Field 3 1

10/30 9 PM


Field 1

11/30 7 PM

Los Toros/The Horde

Field 3

11/4 6 PM

Band of Brothers/300 '

Field 3

11/4 7 PM

Los Toros/Pickanewname

Field 3

11/4 7 PM

The Horde/IronMan

Field 1

u/5 9 PM


Field 1

Women's A Division

10/30 7 PM

Lunachicks/Suga Rush

Field 2

10/30 8 PM

McDream Team/Raging Penguin

s Field 2

11/3 8 PM

Suga Rush/Spartans

Field 2

11/3 9 PM

Raging Penguins/McDream Team Field 2

11/4 7 PM

Foxes/Raging Penguins

Field 2

11/4 8 PM

October Rush/Spartans

Field 2

11/4 9 PM

Suga Rush/Pageant Pistons

Field 1

11/5 6 PM

Pageant Pistons/Foxes

Field 2

11/5 7 PM

Suga Rush/McDream Team

Field 1

Women's B Division

10/30 6 PM

Cinco de Poplar/Oh Snaps

Field 2

10/30 9 PM

Kung Fu Pandas/Pink Ladies

Field 2

11/30 6 PM


Field 2

11/3 7 PM

Chameleons/Black Diamonds

Field 2

11/3 8 PM

Kung Fu Pandas/Oh Snaps

Field 1

11/4 6 PM


Field 2

11/4 8 PM

Pink Ladies/Cinco de Poplar

Field 1

11/4 9 PM

Ultimatum/Oh Snaps

Field 2




Deadline Monday at noon
[email protected] I


Election Day | This Tuesday,
Nov. 4 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
a shuttle will be provided to
the election polls at Qty Hall
in Collegedale. The shuttle will
leave from Wright Hall every
half an hour and will leave
from the City Hall 15 minutes
after the hour and 45 minutes
after the hour. Look for the
van marked Shuttle Bus. Don-
nie Keele and Kari Shultz will
be the drivers.

Food Drive | Now through
Nov. 9, Psi Chi will be hosting
a food drive to benefit the Sa-
maritan Center. Six donation
bins are located throughout
campus in Talge, Thatcher,
Thatcher South, the Village
Market, the Dining Hall and
Summerour. Donations will
benefit families in need
throughout the holiday season.
What better way to help use
up those extra dollars on your
meal plan before the end of the
semester? Please be gracious
and donate a few NON-PER-
ISHABLE food items between
now and Nov. 9 and help make
someone's holiday season a
little happier!

Missions Expo | Sabbath
afternoon from 2-5 p.m. in
the Student Center. Come and
find out about different mis-
sion opportunities around the
world. Talk with returned stu-
dent missionaries, check out
the different booths and see
for yourself how God could
use you next year! Choose to
be Chosen. Become a student

Prayer Groups | 7:15 a.m.
M-F near the flag pole; 12:00
p.m. MWF in the Student Cen-
ter seminar room; 5:00 p.m.
M-F at the fountain between
Hackman and the library.

Psi Chi Induction | It will be
held in Ackerman Auditorium


Friday, October 31

6:47p- Sunset

8p - Vespers - Marius Asaftei (Col-
legedale Church)

After Vespers - Adoration (Lynn
Wood Chapel)

Sabbath, November 1

9:30-10:158 - Continental Break-
fast (Collegedale Church Fellowship

10:15a - SaltWorks Sabbath School
(Seminar Room-upstairs), 9:75 Sab-
bath School (Collegedale Church Fel-
lowship Hall), SMC Sabbath School
(Gospel Chapel-upstairs)

11:30a - Connect - LeClare Litch-
field (Collegedale Academy)

11:45a - Renewal- Paul Smith (Col-
legedale Church)

i:30-5P - Cave open (Student

2-5 p - Student Missions Expo
(Student Center)

3p - "How to Give a Bible Study"
Seminar (Hackman Hall #215)

6:30p — Evensong, Reader: Ray
Minner, Organist: Peter Leipzig


8p - The Village - Benefiting In-
visible Children (By the Duck Pond)

9p-i2:30a - Diversions, King &
Queen of the Court: Basketball &VoI-
leyball Activities, hosted by BCU (lies
P.E. Center)

Sunday, November 2

Daylight Saving Time Ends-Set

clocks back one hour

8a - SAT Exams (Lynn Wood)
5p - Psi Chi Induction (Ackerman

Auditorium) Convocation Credit!

Monday, November 3

Student Wellness Week
3:3op - Undergraduate Council
7:30p - Drama: Kite Runner (Ack-
erman Auditorium) Convocation

Tuesday, November 4

Election Day!
Student Wellness Week

6p - Tornado Siren Test
7 & lop - Residence Hall Joint
Worship (Thatcher Chapel)

Wednesday, November 5

Student Wellness Week

Dever Library Opening (Hackman

y:i5P - SA Senate (White Oak

Thursday, November 6

Student Wellness Week

Last day to drop a class & automat-
ically receive a "W

11a - Wellness Convocation, Josh
Sundquist (lies P.E. Center)

3:30p - Deans/Chairs Advisory

5P - Volleyball Team Meeting (lies
PJE. Center)

7p - Student Show (Brock Hall

7P - Modern Languages Film Se-
ries (Miller 201)

7:30p - Convocation, Josh Sun-
dquist (Thatcher Chapel)

on Sunday, Nov. 2 at 5 p.m.
Convocation Credit available,
light refreshments to follow.

SIFE I invites you to partici-
pate in Financial Fitness day
during wellness week on the
promenade on Wednesday
Nov. 5 during lunchtime. Fill
out a survey and get a chance
to WIN a $100 Best Buy gift


ment. They will also have an
information session in the eve-
ning from 5:30-7p.m. in the
Presidential Banquet Room.
Dessert will be provided.

"How to Avoid Marrying
a Jerk" | A free relationship
class for singles, will be offered
Saturday, Nov. 15, from 2:00
to 7:00 p.m. at the Collegedale
Church. Dinner provided. You
must pre-register at www.first-
things.org or 267-5383.

Loma Linda University
School of Pharmacy rep-
resentatives I will be on
campus Monday, Nov. 3. If you
would like to meet with one of
the representatives, contact
the Counseling & Testing Cen-
ter at 236-2782 for an appoint-


October 31

Aline Bacelar, Audrey Coo-
per, Beth Cruttenden, David
Kloosterhuis, Ellie Molineaux,
Joyce Reyna, Mimi Marr, Mir-
iam Taylor, Saralyn MacPhee

November 1

Andrae Ancheta, Asanette
Mercado, Christina Hightow-
er, Deanna Moore, Evan Blak-
eney, Nathan Thomas, Omar
Lopez-Thismon, Rachel Bog-
gess, Tyann Jeffries, Uriik Luii

November 2

Blair Martin, CJ Fischer, Glen-
na Lashley, Greg Besra, Jer-
emy Rowland, Joy Roe, Reed
Krause, Shirley Spears, Vicky
Moore, Whitney Wiley

November 3

Chelsey Appel, Jonathan Per-
ez, Kim Burt, Joel Kurtz, Steve

November 4

Ashley Westcott, Buddy Sum-
mitt, Hanniel Mkins, Heather
Peggau, I Jin Im, Janet Gray,

Jackelline Fuentes, Seth Hid|
man, Sofonie Smith, Ste\
Crosby, Steven Stockil,

November 5

Caitlin Delaney, Carl Jea
Philippe, David George, IW|
na Roseberry, Erica
Jessica Dalley, Lars 1
Liane de Souza, Melissa I
maine, Ryan Urbina, Timoll|
Feig, Timothy Harning

November 6

Autumn Saxon, Casey Sn»«|
Heather Glass, Jonathan
bett, Rob Scott, Sara Min"*
Sarah Park



To add or remove classifieds email
[email protected]

I Timbuk2 bag | A black can-
I vas sinle speed collection bag.
I io" wide at bottom, 12" at top,
I 4" thick." 13" tall, with 2 zip-
■ pered pockets, 4 open pockets,
[ plus a pen organizer. Great
I bag to use when biking or for
I school. Used 3 or 4 times, ba-
Isically new. $35. Call Monika
I at 909-534-5742,

■Room for rent | Looking for
la female to live with 3 other
■girls 1 mile from Southern.
private room, shared bath,
■wireless Internet, cable, din-
ing room, kitchen, mud room,
Biving room, porch and big
■jack yard. $200/mo. Plus wa-
ter and utilities. Call Melanie
at 423-667-7564.

Marissa"s Bakery I What do
you enjoy eating Friday eve-
ning for supper? Do you starve
on Sabbath mornings when
the cafe is closed? How about
Borne fresh banana bread?
Delicious blueberry muffins?
Bavory Cinnamon Rolls? If so,

call 916-847-9495, or e-mail
[email protected]
edu with your order by 4 p.m.
every Thursday afternoon.

Whirlpool fridge | Black,
dorm-sized fridge in good con-
dition for $90. Call Samara at
423-313-0832 or e-mail at
[email protected]

Rooms for rent | 2 rooms
for rent for female students.
Located 7 miles from Colleg-
edale, 3 miles from Ooltewah.
Access to kitchen, laundry,
cable and wireless Internet.
Quiet home in the country
with large deck. Available im-
mediately for $85/wk. Call
Angela cell: 423-280-3243
Home: 423-238-1490.

Schwinn world sport road
bike I $60 - Call Andrew at

care of our property 4 miles
from campus:

Will require mowing, chain
saw work, weed eating, burn-
ing and other lawn care duties.
Equipment and gas supplied.
$io/hr. Must be committed,
consistent and reliable. Call
Patrick at 706-264-9441.

Dbg pen for sale 1 6 x 6 x 10.

All hardware included. Call
Katrina at 423-284-6954

Scooter for sale | 2004 Ves-
pa ET-4, 150CC Scooter with
only 375 miles!

Like new, hardly used, pearl
white metallic, rear storage

3 Vespa helmets included, re-
cently serviced, new battery.
Excellent gas mileage.
Asking $2,750. Serious inqui-
ries only please. Call 706-264-

Like working outdoors? Golf bumper | 2000 VW
Need an experienced farm Golf rear bumper. Black, in
hand man who can help take good condition. Whether you





1501 Riverside Drive, Suite 110

Chattanooga. TN 37406

423.624.5555 • zlbplasma.corr

3815 Rossviile Boulevard
Chattanooga, TN 37407
423.867.5195 • zlbplasma.a

just can't get enough?

The Southern Accent is now online at


ZLB Plasma

need a new rear bumper for
your VW or just a big chunk of
ABS plastic for an art project, I
need this thing gone, $10. Call
Jonathan 605-8437.

Mountain Hardwear jack-
et I Mens medium, windstop-
per fleece, dark green, a great
jacket for the weather right
now, worn a few times over
the last 2 years, $60. CallJon-
athan 605-8437.

Media viewer for sale

MyVu pmv-ioo3i "solo edi-
tion" personal media viewer
(video glasses) - for 5th gen
iPod video only. Watch movies
on your iPod without strain-
ing to see the tiny screen, $55.
Call Jonathan 605-8437.

Web cam | Orange Micro
1BOT2 USB 2.0 Web Camera
for sale. $10. Call Monika at

Apple MacBook laptop

13" Apple MacBook (White).
Clean, 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo
processor, 200GB Hard Drive,
2GB of RAM, with latest soft-
ware (Leopard, iLife 'o. &
iWork '08 installed). Ai pie-
Care Factory Warranty.

Call Carol at (423) 396-9377

Website/graphic design-
er wanted. Must be willing
to work for a reasonable rate
on a website project. Contact
Narissa at nselentt&southern.

Cash reward | For a stolen
long board. Sector 9. Natural
colored grip tape. 46". Has pic-
ture of wave on beach on bot-
tom. Seismic trucks. Please
contact Brandan at 916-580-

Room for rent | Preferably
a female. Less than 10 min-
utes from Southern. Access
to entire house and backyard,
including a deck. Washer &
dryer. $350/month. Call 309-

Guitar lessons | Be a rock
star! Affordable guitar les-
sons, both group and indi-
vidual. Beginner? and in-
termediate, flexible times.
E-mail Rika for mon at

[email protected]

(Vludcf Puddle Cafe

Coffee, Espresso, Sandwiches, Pastries, and More!

:e ; Ooltewah/Collegeci,


M-Th 6:30AM - 7PM.
Fri 6:30AM - 1 HE Bt £
Sat Closed
Sun 9:30AM - 5PM


Students get

10% off

every Sunday




Adam WamacJ
Humor Editor!

[email protected]|




History Club's registration tables during
►~^\ lunch hours to get students aware and
registered to vote.

Knowing in advance that there are many
who are eligible and should vote, for
some reason, won't.

That one guy with the HUGE Obama pin
that he wears to every class, every day,
every week: You have to respect dedica-

Both candidates seeming more and
more centrist the closer we get to elec-
tion; it's to be expected I suppose, but
just once I'd appreciate (idealistically)
that truly honest politician. ("Go Na-
der... still!" scream the independents).

Those diehard Republicans who are
ready to say "bye-bye" to Bush and a
— {} Democratic Congress, and hello to Mav-
ericism and Republicanism once more!

My parents are voting, one Republican
and the other Democrat. Do their votes
cancel each other out? Where do I fall?
I guess I am the product of melting pot
America, and proud to be, too.

Reasons not to vote

Adam Wamack
Huaog Ennm —

You don't care about
your country. I mean, I
suppose I won't point out the
irony that by choosing this,
you are practicing the rights
that the very country you don't
care about is actually ensuring
you can maintain.

You think corruption
cancels out principle and
need. It's true that when you
believe in a system, and you
then see that system corrupt-
ed, you are therefore pardoned
from adhering to the princi-
ples that you believed in— the
very notions and ideals for
which the idea of republican
government stands for— yeah,
just forget them, mmhmm,
great idea.

You hate the United
States. "Down with Ameri-
ca," you scream— okay, I guess
that's fine; go ahead and prac-
tice the freedom of speech our
country makes available to

You think that your vote
does not matter. You are
just another member of this
grand organization we call De-
mocracy in America, too small

to actually matter in the place
that has its ideals grounded
in individual participation-

You think that our elec-
toral system is an ineffec-
tive way to ensure that
your vote matters. Sure, I
get it, I guess; the track record
of over 200 years of ensuring
peaceful and legitimate trans-
fer of power really just isn't
good enough.

You don't understand
the concept of Federal-
ism. By the way it is the
shared sovereignty between
Federal government and State
governments where states
are not merely regional rep-

resentatives of the
government, but are grantij
independent powers and i
sponsibilities; a system that J
made to have states as a whoi
vote for the candidate and n
just an individualized populj
vote... well that is no longer 4
excuse, now is it.

Your great, great granl
father left you a messajj
in a bottle that says Obai
and McCain are both on|
of two things: either a s
cialist or a Mason. WiJ
the last message in a bottlt|
got told me to vote, so I gi
the score is one to one...

Sarah Palin's
Reoccuring Nightmare

.O 1


% ***** ^^-


Thursday, November 6,2008




Bophomore charged
■ith assault against
another student

Emily Young

HlftH^r 1 ^ FniTOR

■ Ruiguang "Jay" Zhuang,
R sophomore computer sci-
Hjce major, was arrested and
^Rarged with aggravated do-
mestic assault and aggravated
^Kibery for attacking his ex-
in front of
South and
taking her
laptop com-
J purer Sept.
g Zhuang 28, according
to the Colleg-
edale Police.
^Recording to the police re-
^B, Zhuang was taken to
■HMHamilton County Jail and
incarcerated without bond.
Zhuang appeared in Colleg-
edale Court Wednesday, and
his case was sent to the grand
jury, which will hear the case
in downtown Chattanooga
within the next n weeks, said
Kevin Penrod, Campus Safety
director. The grand jury hear-
ing will only include state-
ments from the witnesses and
the victim and will not include
the offender and his attorney.
The hearing will determine if


Students react to Obama win

Monika Bliss

In an election with a record
number of voters, students
across Southern's campus
watched as the returns came
in, electing America's first
black president.

"This election is a real piv-
otal point of American his-
tory," said Luther Whiting, a
freshman business major and
SA executive vice president
who watched the election in
the Student Center. "I'm ex-
cited to see what a new type
of administration will bring to
the table."

After months of campaign-
ing, the results came in with
Barack Obama sweeping the
Electoral College vote 349-
147. Exit polls reported that
two-thirds of first-time voters
favored Obama, according to
AP News.Another student,
Raz Catarama, a senior pub-
lic relations major, watched
the results at the School of

AP Photo
President-elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle and Vice President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill take the
stage after Obama delivered his victory speech at the election night party at Grant Park in Chicago, Tuesday.

Journalism & Communication of a fight and a tighter race." legedale also saw an in-

election party in Brock Hall. "I Americans voted in crease of more than 35

had no idea the decision would record numbers with percent. More than 2,735

be made so quick," Catarama 136.6 million votes,

said. "I expected it to be more according to AP News. Col- seb election, pace 5

Invisible Children features film in Collegedale Church

Adrienne Vernon

Stw Wbufb

The Invisible Children road
crew will bring the screening
of a new film to the Collegedale
SDA church, Tuesday, Novem-
ber 11 at 8 p.m. The movie
features a group of students
from high schools and colleges

across the United States who
traveled to Uganda to see how
the money they helped raise
was benefiting students there.
Though more than 1,500
schools are involved, the
movie highlights Collegedale's
involvement in raising money
and awareness for Invisible
Children. It demonstrates the

difference a small town can
make if they choose to unite
for a common cause.

"The movie shows that
when we, as the youth of to-
day, choose to take action, it
does have tangible affects,"
said Adam Litchfield, a senior
business administration major
who has taken this year off to

work as an intern for Invisible

Southern is one of more
than 80 schools in the South-
east region that will see this
movie. More road crews are
showing the film across the
states, Canada and Europe.







Campus Chatter




Why would you make
a bad president? For
answers to this ques-
tion of the week, see
page 8.


For a take on Bible
bowls and the new
president, seepage 7.




Health Center gives stitches

Jennifer Meyer

Stiif Wrnrm

Students will no longer have
to go off-campus to receive
stitches for cuts and other
flesh wounds. The University
Health Center began offering
this service at Southern this

The reason for the increase
in suturing at the health cen-
ter is the presence of Bill Raw-
son, physician assistant. This
is Rawson's first year working
at Southern. He said that in
the past there have been nurse
practitioners at the health cen-
ter who have been trained to
do sutures, but they may not
have been as comfortable with
them as he is.

"I've done quite a bit [of su-
turing] in the past," Rawson
said. He is 'able to do at the
health center the same types
of suturing procedures that
could be done in an emergency
rbom. '

By definition, suturing is

the joining of the edges of a
wound by stitches. In the past,
the health center has normally
sent these types of cases to an
outside emergency room or
doctor's office.

Rawson said that most of
the cases he sees requiring su-
tures are from student workers
who do physical labor around

Earlier in the semester,
Glenn Boyko, a carpentry tech-
nician for Plant Services, was
injured on the job. Instead of
going to an emergency room or
doctor's office, Boyko was able
to go to the health center and
receive stitches on-site. Boyko
said he was pleased with the
service he received.

Many students were not
aware that suturing is avail-
able to them at the health cen-

"It's a really important ser-
vice to have on campus," said
Jessica Stollenmaier, a junior
history major, "because people
get in accidents all the time."


On Tuesday, Nov.r 11 at noon Dr. Gary Hess will speak to
Southern's faculty for the Dean's Luncheon in the presiden-
tial banquet room. At 3:30 p.m. he will speak in the McKee
Library; this presentation is open to students and the com-


Thursday, November 6, 2008


Monika Bliss

zack livingston

adam wamack

christina weitzel
iatout & design

katie dexter



Laure Chamberlain

Wellness Center opens

Hannah Kuntz

Copy Editor

More than 400 students
had a chance to experience the
Hulsey Wellness Center for
the first time as doors opened
for use on Tuesday.

Don Mathis, facilities
manager of the School of PE,
Health & Wellness, said it was
good to see students utilizing
the equipment.

"I thought everything went
well," Mathis said. "We had a
good first day."

Most students had positive

"I'm shocked it's so in-
credibly nice," said Stepha-
nie Ford, a junior social work
major. "I'm just really, really

Others shared the enthusi-

"I love it," said Sharayah
Scott, a senior public relations
major. "I really like that there
are personal trainers there that
help you in your workout."

Andrew Carpenter, a senior
religious education major,
said he thought that the track
would be bigger and that the
wellness center wasn't what he
had expected.

While some students' expec-
tations were not met, others
were pleased with the fitness
and weight room equipment.

"It's a very nice facility,"
said Hubert Maitland, a fresh-
man music education major.
"There's a very large variety of

Grace Lee, a junior social
work major, agreed.

"I'm impressed with the
amount of equipment they
have, and. not just how much,
but the quality of it too."

Leslie Evenson, Southern's
wellness institute director,
said while doors are now offi-
cially open, the facility is still
undergoing finishing touches,
including the new pool area
and locker rooms, rock-climb-
ing wall and snack shop, The

Photo By Marlin Hon
Tom Stone and Carlos Cirilo et

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