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it with the simple, humble
birth of the babe in a man-
ger, one has to really wonder
if our priorities really match
His. Clearly the historical re-
cord of his life show little in
terms of last minute shopping
at Macy's or Penney's for those
last minute items, yet His gift
to us is probably the greatest
gift one could receive. And one
you won't find "on sale now at

So as we enter this season,
let us not forget to give thanks.
Not only for the comforts and
material things we enjoy, but
also for things yet to come that
we don't and can't understand
until the day in which we per-
sonally give thanks to the Giv-
er of the greatest gifts, whose
humble and simple beginnings
we remember, year round.

Editor's Note: Don Rima
wrote this article the day
after Thanksgiving, but don't
dismiss it as old news. You'll
the birth of Christ or much of find his conclusion is right on
anything to do with anything fime.

November to give thanks for
the benevolences of other peo-
ple or of a benevolent God.

Today is Black Friday. This
is the day that all the stores
are falling over themselves
and each other to remind us
just how few days we have left
to spend all our cash and max
out our credit cards for Christ-
mas spending. These are the
stores that tell us how much
glitter and lights we need to
have on our tree and how big
our tree needs to be. That is, if
we let them.

For those few merchants
that haven't been hawking
their Christmas wares since
mid-September, this is the
time to join with the rest of the
selling world in reminding us
how much we need to spend
on presents, decorations and
more food for this season...
and anything else they can un-
load in our cars.

All this in remembrance of
a baby, found in a manger, in
swaddling cloths, somewhere
in the spring of what is esti-
mated to be about 3 B.C. We're
not given the actual birth date
of the Christ child and per-
haps for good reason. There is
no dispute that Dec. 25's ori-
gins have nothing to do with


Not sure what to do this
weekend? Here are a few
ideas to get you headed in the
right direction.

"Playing the Changes:
The Jazz Photographs of
Milt Hilton"

Chattanooga African
American Museum
10 a.m.-5 p.m., Thursday,
Dec. 11 (through Friday, Jan. 9)
$3 for students with ID's

World Next Door's
"Christmas Open House"

100 Market St.,


5-9 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 13



Chattanooga Zoo's
"Holiday Lights"

Warner Park
5:30-8 p.m., Saturday,
Dec. 13

$6 for adults

"The Nutcracker"

Tivoli Theater,


8 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 13 J

Ticket prices vary


A Perfect Christmas Gift for Anyone!
Free Gift Box Included (While Supplies Last)

Immune Ammunition!

It's a 5-herb blend to aid the fight against
bacteria, virus, fungus, & inflammation.

Jick Livingston


S ports


Zack Livingston

Sports Editor

zackl ©southern .edu

Volleyball double header comes to Southern

Team Helix and team Ho-
meostasis faced off Tuesday
ight in a girls spike-a-thon.
h e two teams went back and
orth during the whole first
lame reminding the crowd
Ind each other that they were
j it to win it.

Coining down to the wire,
earn Homeostasis only led by
_ couple points until Brooke
)urst decided that game one
lad gone on long enough. She
1 unreturnable spike to
feam Helix that left them in
fonfusion and in no position

win the first match. Homeo-

asis ended with a victory.

"My team worked really

hard that whole first match
and I just wanted to make sure
we were rewarded with a vic-
tory," said Brooke Durst, a
freshman religious education

Homeostasis started the
second match with much con-
fidence and strategy, in order
to avoid another close- match.
Their plan was successful.

Amber Dawson stepped up
to the net toward the end of
game two to seal the deal. Af-
ter a couple of her spikes the
game was over with Homeo-
stasis winning both matches.

"I'm really proud of our
team, because we struggled
through the season but we
ended it strong," said Amber
Dawson, a sophomore psy-

chology major.

In defeat, team Helix still
showed sportsmanship along
with a Christian attitude to-
ward Homeostasis.

"I'm not sure what hap-
pened," said BernelleTaitague,
a senior health science major.
"They're obviously a good
team and we haven't played
for a week which threw us off
a little bit."

On the men's side, team
Cool Breeze went up against
team Bromance in a game that
wasn't decided 'till the very
end. From the very start both
teams were neck and neck on
the scoreboard and evenly
matched physically, causing
their opponent to use their
brain over their muscle.

Cesar Bernardino did just
that with his ability to trick his
opponent by switching which
hand he would spike the ball
with. Left or right-handed
Bernardino showed that skill
is needed besides athleticism
to defeat your opponent. Cool
Breeze took game one 25-23.

"A lot of times people ex-
pect you to hit with the same
hand so they can know where
to block," said Cesar Bernardi-
no, a sophomore allied health
major. "When you can hit with
both hands it opens up the

Despite a close first loss,
team Bromance was deter-
mined to have their revenge
and they did by defeating Cool
Breeze 25-19 during the sec-

ond game. Mike Johns came
out strong during game two
and caused Cool Breeze to
make too many mistakes with
no recovery.

Game three would decide
it all and both teams contin-
ued to match each other on
the scoreboard. Cool Breeze's
Jaris Gonzalez was all over
the court not only by setting
up his big guys but by stuffing
a couple spikes on his oppo-
nents as well. In the end Cool
Breeze was victorious 17-15 to
win the match.

"Better sets and arrange-
ment would have helped us,"
said Bromance's Johns. "It
was still a good hard fought




Deadline Monday at no 0n
[email protected]


Christmas Concert | The
SAU School of Music presents
Hodie (This Day)— a Christmas
Cantata for mixed choir, treble
choir, soloists and orchestra.
Several literary and musical
styles are juxtaposed through-
out the work, all highlighting
the central theme of "Emman-
uel—God with us." Concerts
are Friday, December 12 at 8
p.m. and Saturday, December
13 at 4 p.m.

Prayer Groups | 7:15 a.m.
M-F near the flag pole; i2:oop
MWF in the Student Center
seminar room; 5 p.m. M-F at
the fountain between Hack-
man and the library.

Add your photo | Your great
Southern pictures can STILL
be posted on the student
photo collage in the Student
Center. The photo collage will
be on display until the end of
the semester. Simply e-mail
your digital photo files to [email protected]
southern.edu and the collage
will be updated with your pic-
tures within days. Don't miss
your chance to display your
Southern spirit!

Malamulo | Don't forget to
watch for the Malamulo Ban-
ner The Committee of 100 has
promised $1 for every student
signature onthebannerweare
going to send to Malamulo as a
show of support! Look for the
Banner at Vespers, December


December 12

Austin Schreiner, Brittany
Ringer, Devin Bates, Elizabeth
Hankins, Fred Turner, Guada-


Friday, December 12

5:29 p.m. - Sunset

8 p.m. - Vespers, School of Music
Christmas Concert (Church)

After Vespers - Adoration (Lynn
Wood Chapel).

Sabbath, December 13

9:30-10:15 a.m. - Continental
Breakfast (Church Fellowship Hall)

10:15 a.m. - SaltWorks Sabbath
School (Seminar Room-upstairs)

9:75 Sabbath School (Church Fel-
lowship Hall)

SMC Sabbath School (Gospel Cha-

Adoration - Don MacLafferty

11:30 a.m. - Connect - LeClare Li-
tchfield (Collegedale Academy)

11:45 a.m. - Renewal - Don Ma-
cLafferty (Church)

1:15 p.m. - Patten Church (Wright
Hall Steps)

2-4 p.m. - Various Local Outreach
(Wright Hall Steps)

4 p.m. - School of Music Christmas
Concert (Church)

Various Times - Clubs/Depart-

ments Christmas Parties (Different

Sunday, December 14

Semester Exams Begin

No field trips or tours

Noon-Midnight - McKee Library

1-10 p.m. - "Give 4" (Miller Plaza
PaviTlion: 850 Market St.)

2-4 p.m. - The GraceWalk for
"Grace in Action" (Miller Park -
Downtown Chattanooga)

Monday, December 15

Semester Exams

8 a.m.-midnight - McKee Library

9 a.m. - 3 p.m. - Hot Drinks on the
Promenade (Student Center)

9 a.m. - 5 p.m. - Book Buy Back
(Campus Shop)

3:30 p.m. - Undergraduate

Tuesday, December 16

Semester Exams

Last day to make up Winter &
Summer 2008 incompletes

8 a.m.-midnight - McKee Library

9 a.m.-5 p.m. - Book Buy Ba<
(Campus Shop)

Noon - Tornado Siren Test
7 p.m. - School of Nursing D
tion & Rho Iota Induction (Chu

Wednesday, December 17

Semester Exams

9 a.m.-5 pjn. - Book Buy B;
(Campus Shop)

5 p.m. - McKee library Clo:

7 p.m. - Winter Commence
(lies P.E. Center)

Thursday, December 18

Christmas Break
McKee Library Closed
No Classes

University Health Center Closed
9 a.m.-5 p.m. - Book Buy Back
(Campus Shop)

lupe Gruis, Rocky Emig, Tim

December 13 | Clifton
Schaller, David Ramirez, Jen-
nifer Espinoza, Joe Frescino,
Lauren Caradonna, Liz 01-
ivencia, Tyson Hall

December 14 | Cliff Olson,
Donovan Sailo, Elizabeth Er-
skine, Jeffrey Harper, Joshua
Istueta, Lacy Edney, Tara

December 15 | Andrea Face-
mire, Andrew Knittel, Chris-
tina Sanders, Connie Cox,
Elida Pacheco, Hendel Butoy,
Jacqui Reed, Jane Mashburn,
Julie Tillman

December 16 | Ana Preza,

Anna Ross, Beverly Orrison, December 17 | Ashton December 18 | All

Cynthia Day, Greg King, Javier Coons, Jan Haluska, Jennifer Pagan-Hernandez, BraianTs-l

Krumm, Jessica Fraker, Katie Stotz, Joey Giampa, Kristen bor, Brittany Webster, Cbsl

Partlo, Leah Bermudez, Loren Wright, Mark Cloutier, Molly Brown, Clarissa Silvels, Eli»|

Barnhurst, Timothy Mitchell Coble, Stephen Jenks, Tony bethWang
Morin, Zofia Mashchak




To add or remove classifieds email
[email protected]

inexpensive room avail-
able next semester | Seek-
ing a female to live with 3 girls.
■Located one mile from South-
Em. Private room, shared
Rath, wireless Internet, cable,
Mining room, kitchen, wash-
Br/dryer, living room, porch
and big backyard. $200/
mo. plus water and utilities,
■all Melanie at 423-667-7564.

■Roommate wanted |

■nterviewing roommate for
Becond semester/Large house
En high-end neighborhood, ga-
Bage, room comes furnished,
Hreat roommates. Email
[email protected]

2 Roommates wanted |

■Jpstairs apartment within
walking distance from cam-
pus. Two rooms available.
Barge room $275,-small room
■245 + utilities. Located right
Hcross from health services.
[email protected] or call

Room for rent | Preferably
m female. Less than 10 min-
Etes from Southern. Access

to entire house and back-

■Md, including a deck. Wash-

& dryer. $35o/mo. Call


Boms for rent | 2 rooms
[ rent for female students.

ated 7 miles from Colleg-
&le, 3 miles from Ooltewah.

ess to kitchen, laundry,
ffile and wireless Internet,
ffiet home in the country
"Tj lar ge deck. Available im-
Pately for $8 5 /wk. Call
W* cell: 423-280-3243

g e: 423-238-1490.

rlpool fridge I Black,
'-sized fridge in good con-
In for $90. Call Samara at
P3-0832 or e-mail at
[email protected]

ot ep for sale | 2004
P a ET "4, 150CC Scooter

with only 375 miles! Like new,
hardly used, pearl white metal-
lic, rear storage compartment,
3 Vespa helmets included, re-
cently serviced, new battery.
Excellent gas mileage. Asking
$2,750. Serious inquiries only
. please. Call 706-264-9441.

Media viewer for sale

MyVu pmv-ioo3i "solo edi-
tion" personal media viewer
(video glasses) - for 5th gen
iPod video only. Watch movies
on your iPod without strain-
ing to see the tiny screen, $55.
Call Jonathan 423-605-8437.

Web site/graphic design-
er wanted. Must be willing to
work for a reasonable rate on a
Web site project. Contact Na-
[email protected]

Affordable guitar lessons

Christmas 2 for 1 special.
Email for gift certificates or
questions. E-mail
[email protected]

Ford Focus for sale | '04

Ford Focus SVT, Limited Ed.
Blue, all the extras, 71K, well
maintained. $8,500, Call Jus-
tin at 423-308-9610

2004 Envoy XL | Excellent
condition, frilly loaded with
new tires. Grey with leather
interior. 82k miles. Asking
$12,000. Please contact Sam
at 423-503-5286.

1998 Taurus | For sale.
Hunter Green. 129k miles.
Great car! $2,000. Contact
Willis @ 322.5249.

Paintball gun for sale |

2 paintball markers, Minimag
(all upgrades) and VM-68,
tons of extras. If you know
what it is, you know what its
worth. Steal it for $200. Call
Jonathan 423-605-8437.

Cavalier tail lights | 2002

4-door tail lights excellent

condition $10. Call Jonathan

1988 Honda Prelude SI |

pw ac cc power sunroof, pio-
neer deck and speakers, new
tires, lots of receipts too much
to list. $2,850/obo jdicker-
[email protected]

For sale | GBS-prevention
seat warmer. $2oo/obo. Great
Christmas present for every-
one on your list. Call Jason
Maxie at 434-770-8846 before
someone else '_ grabs up this
great deal.

For sale | C.B. Radio (mobile
unit) with 40 channels and
two emergency channels. $75.
Complete with antenna, mike
and hanger. Call George Web-
ster at 423-728-4340.

Guitar | Electric guitar with
amp. Washburn X-series
metallic blue... this guitar is
practically new and includes
a canvas backpack style case.
Asking $i50/obo. Call 423-
208-2618 or e-mail [email protected]
■ southern.edu.

Classical/folk guitar |

Made by Hohner. Contessa
model HG 14 and case. All
good strings and good condi-
tion. Looks new! Comes with a
Teach Your Self Classical Gui-
tar chord book. Asking $150.
E-mail [email protected]
edu if you are interested.

Drum set | Black, 5pc Tama
Swingstar drum kit with 16"
Zildjian Medium Crash, 17"
Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash,
20" Sabian ProSonic Ride, 13"
Sabian ProSonic hats, 10" Sa-
bian B8 Pro Splash. Gibraltar
throne, all hardware included.
14" Tama maple snare. $750-
Call Stuart 706-676-1295-

RC Airplane | Radio-con-
troled airplane, Electristar.
Comes with 4 channel ra-

dio, chargers, batteries and
box, ready to fly. If you
have questions, call Rob at

Telescope for sale

Message Meade 8" telescope.
Excellent condition. $250.
Please call 423-503-7802 or

Apple MacBook laptop

13" Apple MacBook (White),
Clean, 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo
processor, 200GB Hard Drive,
2GB of RAM, with latest soft-
ware (Leopard, iLife '08, &
iWork '08 installed). Apple-
Care Factory Warranty. $845.
Call Carol at (423) 396-9377.

1 Brand new pair of Smith
sunglasses | Large fit. Po-
larchromic lenses. Chrome
fade frames. [email protected]

Build a Board | I have a
Sector 9 carving deck, 78mm
wheels w/ fresh Speed Cream,
risers, but NO trucks. We sell
all or piece out. Contact Brian

Marissa's Bakery | What do
you enjoy eating Friday eve-
ning for supper? Do you starve
on Sabbath mornings when
the cafe is closed? How about
some fresh banana bread?
Delicious blueberry muffins?
Savory Cinnamon Rolls? If so,
call 916-847-9495, or e-mail
[email protected]
edu with your order by 4 P-m.
every Thursday afternoon

Dog pen for sale | 6 x 6 x 10

All hardware included. Call
Katrina at 423-284-6954.

Missing iPod Nano | Black
8 GB Clear plastic case with
black rubber back. Lost near
the gym or Brock. Please con-
tact Tanya at (828) 337-6965
or [email protected]

Camping Backpack | Deu-
ter Futura Vario 50+10. Awe-
some Pack, basically brand
new, only used 3 times. $140
Austin: 937-684-2254.

Netgear RangeMax WNDA

3100 Dual Band Wireless-N
Adapter. High speed USB wire-
less adapter for 802.11 A,G,
and N. In new condition and
comes with orginal packaging.
$20. Call: 423-503-3404-

Brand new Xbox | 360 elite
console 120 GB hard drive
with HDMI and all accessories
included. 423-331-0393.

Printer | Epson photo print-
er . If you have questions, call
Rob at 423-322-8738.

Roommate wanted | Look-
ing for a female roommate to
live with 3 other girls about
1.5 miles from Southern. 2
bedroom house, would need
to be willing to share a small
room with one other girl,
shared bathroom, wireless In-
ternet, kitchen, living room.
$i70/mo. Contact Jenny
423- 503-3404-

Christmas Break | My sis-
ter and I are looking for a
ride to Colorado Springs, CO
for Christmas break. Anyone
driving that way and willing
to take on a few stragglers?
Please call Tina 423-236-6111.
If you are unable to reach me
please leave a message with a
number. Thanks.

Apartment for rent |

Located just 2.5 miles from
campus. Large bedroom suit-
able for 2 and a large open
living room/kitchen area. It is
furnished and has all newfloor-
ing. Rent of $520 includes util-
ities plus cable and high-speed
Internet. Call 423-596-9413 if



Adam Wamack
Humor Editor
[email protected]


What will really happen to your resolutions?

Adam Wamack
Humm Ennm —

You say you'll read that
book you bought and have
meant to read, but once it
comes down to it, after the
first chapter, you'll actually
just watch it gather dust in the

You say you'll study for
the MCAT, LSAT, Nurs-
ing Program, CPA, etc. but

once it comes down to it, after
an hour of attempted study,
you'll actually just laugh at the
mere thought of studying.

You say you'll get your
sleep schedule back on
track, but once it comes down
to it, after one day of setting
your alarm for 8:30 a.m.,
you'll actually just sleep the
days away with the excuse that
you have been tired all semes-

You say you'll stop watch-
ing so many movies/TV
shows, but once it comes
down to it, after remember-
ing that you hoarded 55 GB
worth of movies/TV shows in
anticipation of not having the
entire world's-media library at
your fingertips, you'll actually
watch twice as many.

You say you'll start run-
ning again, but once it comes
down to it, after trying it twice,
you'll actually just sleep all the
more. -

You say you'll prepare
yourself mentally for the
upcoming semester, but

once it comes down to it, after
you understand the trauma
you've endured, you'll actually
just try to recover mentally
from the last semester.

You say you'll work for at
least two weeks at some
store near your house to
make a few extra dollars,

but once it comes down to it,

after searching for two weeks, • • # • •

you'll actually just realize that

trying to find a job in the cur- Things You Should

rent state of our economy is Actually Find Time to Do:

like trying to find an honest

CEO on Wall Street. Relax-you deserve it, I hope.

You say you'll be proud
of the bank account num-
bers you have struggled to
build over the past semes-
ter, but once it comes down
to it, after some more careful
analysis, you'll actually just
cry yourself to sleep as you re-
member paying $800 for next
semester's text books.

Get your devotional life
back on track— God should
never be left to the side or low-
ered on the priority list.

Spend time with family/

Invent a new source of
clean energy to replace

oil— please, for all our sakes!

itudent dies

hily Young

Green, a part-time
uiness student at Southern,
^private person and even
Jer struggle with cancer
ielf until she died on Jan.
Even a close friend,
racial work major Kim-
^icks, did not know the
riousness of Green's illness.
~~ "I wish

I knew
I just feel
bad, like
more that
I could've
said Ricks,
in knew Green was sick, but
inotknow any of the details
her illness.

and Green became
ends two years ago when
4s came to Southern. They
wd the bond of both being
jer students and also being

mpsn't a very social per-
said. "I just hope
idn't leave this world
^fe nobody cared."
Green, originally from Ber-
Ijr diagnosed with
"""J least several months







"» Chatter



lies party hosts a "classy" night


Students dressed up in
suits, dresses, bow ties and
other costumes to attend lies
Royal, the game-themed SA
mid-winter party held in the
gym last Saturday night.

"It was like I walked into a
'70s James Bond movie," said
Jacob Gemmell, a sophomore
media production major? "I
like that many dressed up too.
It made the party more fun."

Tables were set up with
games like UNO, Dutch Blitz,
Life, Taboo, Jenga and more.
The winner of each game
walked away with tickets that
could be used atthe prizebooth
later. Meanwhile, waitresses
walked around serving addi-
tional drinks and sandwiches
to those playing games.

"It was really fun to walk
around and see peoples' re-
actions to the service and the
party," said Chelsea Foster, a

Raymond Mills, right, plays a game of Lift

Photo by Marlin Thorman
SA's Mid-winter party on Saturday night.

senior biology major and SA For those who wished for a high roller table was that you
parliamentarian who was one bigger challenge, a high roller could play whatever game you
of the waitresses. "When I table was set up in the middle wanted," said Abdiel Ortiz-
first started serving, everyone of the gym.

seemed really impressed." "The advantage of the see party, pace 4

Students now able to read Accent articles online

Hannah Kuntz

Copy Fnrrnp

The Southern Accent has
officially debuted the latest
version of its Web site and
hopes to continue to make ad-
ditional improvements and
changes during the course of

the semester.

The Web site, which was cre-
ated by Matt Zuehlke, a soph-
omore computer systems ad-
ministration major, launched
its beta Web site in November
2008. The Web site is updated
every Thursday with the lat-
est stories and allows readers

to log in and leave comments,
find archived stories and
e-mail staff.

Laure Chamberlain, associ-
ate professor in the School of
Journalism & Communication
and Accent sponsor, hopes
that additional changes will be
added, including more inter-

active features like maps, polls
and graphics.

"Our skills exist," Cham-
berlain said. "We just have
yet to coordinate them for
the Accent. I'd like to see
our Web editor and our

SEE WEB SITE, pace 3

See what's new with
intramurals on page 9.


Check out the new
Wellness Center eatery
on page 3.



Tuition increase low

Emily Kay

With prices of commodities
skyrocketing due to economic
downfall, Southern is doing
what it can to help students
afford higher education.

In May 2009 Southern will
implement a 3-49 percent
tuition increase, which is the
lowest increase the university
has seen in the last 12 years.

"We tried to keep the
increase as low as possible
while still meeting our budget-
ary needs," said Tom Verrill,
senior vice president of finan-
cial administration.

Each year the price of
tuition raises to compensate
for higher expenses the univer-
sity has to pay to keep things
running. The tuition for the
current school year is $15,820,
but with the 3.49 percentage
increase for next school year
the tuition will be $16,372, a
difference of $552.

While the increase in tuition
is lower than usual, students
are still worried about coming
up with the finances to stay at

"You should start thinking
long-term," said Patrelle Ma-
jor, a junior business market-
ing major. Like, "am I going to
be able to afford [the tuition]
for another two semesters?"

The current economic con-
dition and no cost of living in-
crease in salary for employees,

which is a two to three percent
raise the employees normally
receive every year, are the two
factors that are allowing the
tuition percentage to be lower
in the 2009 to 2010 school

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