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what you've made (even if you
don't apply those earnings to
your bill.) Not to mention the
fact you're getting room and
board for free. If you aren't
into a 24/7 job, look into local

that will help you get hired
later on down the road.
Cruise ship staff

If sea sickness is not an is-
sue, you may want to look into
a job on a cruise ship. This
last year was a huge boom for
cruise lines. Many are launch-
ing new ships and seasonal
positions are available with
liners that travel in Canada

have free room and board and
you'd live on a cruise ship, so
you'd have that going for you.

Get Your Gfeeil On
1 Q ^



Vexation: My financial
paper trail.

Solution: Save a few
trees and cut back on waste
by reducing the number of
receipts in your life.

Implementation: It's
important to keep track of
what you're spending, but
a paper receipt is not al-
ways the only way. Forgo
it when possible. If you're
making an online purchase,
just save the receipt in your
documents instead of print-
ing it out. Some stores, like
Apple, will even email you a
receipt if vnij'd like. If von
use che ..~, take advantage
of your checkbook ledger. If

you're a debit card person
(like me) make a commit-
ment to check your online
ledger as much as possible.
Clarification: Receipts
may not seem to add up
to much waste, but think
about the fact that most of
the eight billion ATM trans-
actions in the U.S. each
year end with a receipt that
usually ends up in the trash
AND makes it easier for a
creepo to steal someone's
identity. Bottom line, you
can be financially responsi-
ble and green if you imple-
ment a few of these adjust-
ments into your spending

*tip and info from ideal-


Not sure what to do this week-
end? Here are a few ideas to
get you headed in the right

CreateHere's New Views
Photography Exhibit and
Open Mic Night

55 E. Main St, Chattanooga
Thursday, March 12,
5:36 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

"Angelos Distasay,
the Angel Dimension"

Original play presented by
Ripple Productions
Ripple Theater,
3264 Brainerd-Rd.
Saturday, March 14,
7:30 p.m.
All tickets $12

Theater Center

March 14, 8 p.m.
$15.50 for students

Atlanta Hawks

vs. Portland Trail Blazers

Phillips Arena, Atlanta

March 15, 1 p.m.
Ticket prices vary

Atlanta Thrashers

vs. Washington Capitals

Phillips Arena, Atlanta"
March 16, 7 P- m -
Ticket prices vary

Rock City Gardens Sham-
rock City

Sun, March 15.

11a.m. to 5P-m- ,- ha \-

Visit Rock City's 2nd Insn.

ebration and festival ft*** ,

music, food and other enter





Zackary Livingston

Sports Editor

[email protected]



K look into the NBA power rankings

t?S£L«/*™ »»i ^ the entire NBA, so it is Williams has been the kb!- s ^.™, «,„ .„„___ ., .. ..O

Pavis Wallace

s Comm-Writing/Editing

j^jgsnuthprn prtn

March Madness also affects
[he NBA season as teams try to
Hinch playoff berths and lock
home-court advantage.
Htae is only a month remain-
Rig of the regular season, and
for most teams, every game
s an important one. Here is
| look at this week's top ten
i teams as of March 9.
Los Angeles Lakers
(5<j-i:. ) The Lakers are the
Test of the Western Confer-
They currently hold a
Jvo- game winning streak with
jctories over the Grizzles and
Emberwolves. Even without
enter Andrew Bynum, they
ye still finding ways to win
pd should lock up the No. 1
Red in a couple of weeks.
n 2. Cleveland (49-13) This
all club has the best home re-

cord in the entire NBA, so it is
very important that they lock
up the No. l seed in the East-
ern Conference. Kevin Garnett
for the Celtics should play in
favor of the Cavs.

3- Orlando (46-16) Orlan-
do is riding a four game win-
ning streak, which includes an
enormous victory at Boston.
They are only three games be-
hind Cleveland, so anything is
possible from here on out.

4. Boston (49-15) Injuries
seem to be the main problem
in Boston these days. Kevin
Garnett is still out for a few
more games, and Rajon Ron-
do recently sprained his ankle.
Nevertheless the Celtics still
have Paul Pierce and Ray Allen
that can hold the fort down...
for now.

5. Utah (40-23) The Jazz
is the NBA's hottest team with
11 straight victories. Deron

Williams has been the NBA';
hottest point guard with 11
games with 10 or more assists
(which ended on March 8.)
Carlos Boozer is getting better
so Utah could be dangerous
come April.

6. San Antonio (42-20)
The Spurs have not been the
same since Manu Ginobili
went down with an injury.
They are 13-11 without him,
however he is due back some-
time next week as they prepare
for teams like the Lakers and
the Celtics.

■7. Houston (41-23) The
Rockets have been one of the
best teams since Feb 1 by go-
ing 12-4. They currently have
a two game winning streak and
are only two games behind San
Antonio for the No. 2 seed in
the Western Conference.

8. Portland (39-23) A
loss to Denver late last week

Iocs win SoCon championship

Hck Livingston
Borts Editor

■The college basketball
Emthern Conference Tourna-
ment took place at the Chat-
nooga Mckenzie Arena last
jekend and concluded with
inner that no one predict-
M- the Chattanooga Mocs.
Hey defeated the College of
Wrieston 80-69 to advance
T^ the NCAA tournament.
JMany basketball critics
m described the Mocs' re-
»M throughout the season as
| e M and Hyde rollercoast-
1 , chat tanooga team will
Wf loose five games in a row
I "-en go on a six-game
""""ng streak

fch° ftheMOC ' SCOn -
Vervf bem S inconsistent,
IT 5 ,e « People in the Mcken-
|taa believed they would
™°nday night. It almost
88 lf the Mocs never

have a home court advantage,
as the people of Chattanooga
and surrounding areas never
actually come to see the Mocs.
They come to see a popular
team or player the Mocs are

It almost

seems as if

the Mocs

never have

a home



Back in late January many
Southern students were found
in the Mckenzie Arena just to
get a glimpse of Stephen Curry
and the Davidson Wildcats.

Before that-game, most South-
ern students had never attend-
ed a Mocs game.

Mocs coach John Shulman
even admitted that the only
people who really believed
that Monday night's win was
possible were the team, his
wife and his three sons who
probably didn't have a choice
except to believe in daddy's
coaching abilities.

Such irony surrounds the
whole situation when a few
days ago the Mocs held a re-
cord of 15-16 because now
they are on their way to the
NCAA tournament. Whatever
the case may be, if the Mocs go
far or some superstar emerges
from their team, Southern
students will have the oppor-
tunity to be like most Boston
Celtics fans and say, "We lived
close to the stadium and we've
always been fans."

Yeah right.

dropped this team from fourth
in the West to now sixth. It
does not help that they are
playing teams like the Lakers,
Hawks and Cavs in the coming

9- Denver (40-24) This
team is currently on a two
game slide after beating divi-
sion foes in Portland. A lot is
going to be on the line this week
when they play the Rockets.

New Orleans (39-

23) The Hornets were riding
a seven game winning streak
with Tyson Chandler back
before losing to the Hawks.
However, they should have a
pretty easy week since they do
not face a playoff contender
until next Monday when they
will play against the Rockets in
New Orleans.

, . Hockey ,



Women's A Division

3/12 6 p.m. BLAZN/ The Macrophages Court 2

3/12 7 P-m. Shot Clinic/Ultimatum Court 2

3/12 8 p.m. Hockey Babes/The Macrophages Court 2

3/12 9 p.m. BLAZN/Ultimatum Court 2

Men's A Division

3/12 6 p.m. Mighty Pucks/Wheeze Kids Court 1

3/12 8 p.m. Norge Ringerike/Band of Brothers Court 1

3/12 9 p.m. Band of Brothers/27,000 Sheiks Court]

Men's B Division

3/12 7 p.m. Salty Dawgz/Night Check Court 1

LaDainian Tomlinson is staying with
the San Diego Chargers.

SAN DIEGO (AP) - L.T. and
the Chargers agreed to a re-
negotiated deal that gives the
team salary cap relief. The
Chargers confirmed the agree-
ment Tuesday night. Financial
terms weren't immediately

The deal ends a two-month
saga during which it looked
like Tomlinson, the 2006 NFL
MVP, could be finished with
the Chargers.

Tomlinson had been due
$24 over the next three sea-,
sons, including $6,725,000 in
2009. His salary cap number

would have been $8.8 million
in 2009, including a prorated
share of the signing bonus
from his 2004 contract.

Tomlinson was slowed dur-
ing the regular season with a
toe injury, then hurt his groin
in the season finale. He was
forced out of an overtime play-
off win against the Indianapo-
lis Colts and sat out against
the Steelers, the first game
he'd missed due to injury in
his brilliant eight-year career.

It was the second straight
year his postseason was cut
short by injury.





Deadline Monday at noon
[email protected]


. ^ n a„l„ A^irlpmvl a a.m.-5 F

Dusk to Dawn Sign-ups

3rd Annual Dusk to Dawn Ad-
venture Race the night of April
4. All registration will be on-
line in advance. Coed teams of
4 will challenge their skills of
adventure and push their lim-
its of fun. Southern students
only pay $15 per participant.
Register online at www.raceit.
com key word Dusk till Dawn!
Malawi Project| In conjunction
with Adventist Intercollegiate
Association, Adventist Health
International, and the Adven-
tist colleges/universities of
the North American Division,
we are planning a short term
mission trip to Malawi, Africa
this summer. The dates for
the trip will be June 23-July 8,
2009. The project will consist
of three aspects'. Evangelism,
Health, and Construction in
six locations throughout the
country of Malawi. Space is
limited. Passports are neces-
sary. If you are interested,
please contact Kari Shultz or
Gayle Moore for further infor-

Prayer Groups | 7:15a.m.
M-F near the flag pole; 12:00
p.m. MWF in the Student Cen-
ter seminar room; 5 p.m. M-F
at the fountain between Hack-
man and the library.

An Evening with Robert
Burns | Come listen to the
poetry and music of Robert
Burns performed through
readings and songs at the Mc-
Kee Library Knowledge Com-
mons on March 17, 2009, 7
p.m. Julie Penner will sing
poems he set to music, Lynn
Sauls, Jan Haluska, and Scott
Douglass will read other selec-
tions. Douglass will also play
the bagpipes. Be prepared for
a surprise ending! Convoca-
tion credit will be given.

Friday, March 13

Last day to order May graduation
regalia online.


7:45-10 a.m. - SA Senate Panera
Day (Promenade)

7 p.m. - Upper Room (Gospel Cha-

7:45 p.m. - Sunset

8 p.m. - Vespers - Manny Cruz

After Vespers Adoration (Lynn

Sabbath, March 14

9 a.m. - Adoration 1- John Nixon

9:30-10 a.m. - Continental Break-
fast (Church Fellowship Hall)

10:15 a.m. - Saltworks Sabbath
School (Hulsey Wellness Center)

Social Experiment Sabbath School
(Church Fellowship Hall)

Adoration 2 - Manny Cruz

10:30-11:10 a.m. - Connect Sab-

bath Schools (Collegedale Academy)

"wild at heart" with Marcel

"identity" with Angela McPherson

"Prayer" with Carol Loree

11:30 a.m. - Connect - Krista Cain
(Collegedale Academy)

11:45 a.m. - Renewal - Manny Cruz
(Collegedale Church)

2 p.m. - Exploratory/Wilderness
Skills Hike (Outdoor Leadership Cen-

Sacred Harp: Singing School - Dr.
David Ivey (Ackerman Auditorium)

3:30 p.m. - A Summit on Mission
(Hulsey Wellness Center)

7:30 p.m. - Evensong - Music &
Readings: Collegedale Academy (Col-
legedale Church)

8:30 p.m.-n:30 p-m. - Hulsey
Wellness Center Open

9 p.m. - SA Talent Show (lies P.E.

Sunday, March 15

SAT Exams (Lynn Wood)

-g p.m. - Adventist Robotics

League Southern Challenge (lies P.E.

1-5 p.m. - Shelter Building Work-
shop (Outdoor Leadership Center)

Monday, March 16

PRAXIS Exams (Lynn Wood)
3:30 p.m. - University Senate

Tuesday, March 17

Noon - Tornado Siren Test
7 & 10 p.m. - Residence Hall Joint
Worship (Thatcher Chapel)

Wednesday, March 18

Campus Ministries Convention,
Lincoln, NE

Thursday, March 19

Last day to drop a class & automati-
cally receive a "W"

11 a.m. - Convocation, Hasel Lec-
tureship (Church)

7 p.m. - Modern Languages Film
Series (Miller #201)


Exit Exams | Examination
required for May Baccalaure-
ate Graduates. The Measure
of Academic Proficiency &
Progress Test (MAPP) will be
given March 22, 23, 24 and 25.
Please call Counseling & Test-
ing Services at #2782 to sign
up for a time.

Wilderness FirstRespond-

er I This 80-hour course is
being offered at Southern Ad-
ventist University by the Wil-
derness Medicine Training
Center (WMTC). This course
has been designed specifically
to meet the needs of wilder-
ness guides, expedition lead-
ers, and outdoor instructors. It
is the outdoor industry's stan-
dard for wilderness medical
training. The class will take
place from May 12-21, 2009,
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. every

day except Saturday the 16th.
Tuition is $570 on or before
April 1st; $520 after April 1st.
Deadline: May 5,"20og. Visit
the WMTC website to view
and download the full course
information and registration.
Homepage: www.wildmed-
center.com. For more infor-
mation contact Ann Reynolds
at [email protected]

March 13

Hannah Kuntz, John Shim

March 14

Angel Mejias, Kaley Greve,
Katrina Bradt, Krisrina Ben-
field, Matt Craig, Tom Mayne,
Woosly Calixte

March 15

Adrian Burks, Alex Vargas,
Brianna Miller, Bruce Dyer,
Chase Warren, Cody Limone,

Kaleb Leeper, Krysta Moench,
Michael Teter

March 16

Alexandra Knight, Franklin
Concepcion, Reese Middleton,
Renee Book

March 17

Amith Singh, Brandon
Todd, Casey Kepner, Dereck
Grieve, Edgar Osorio, Faith
Okari, Francis Young, Jammie
Dill, Jennifer Carr, Josmeyry
Liriano, Sarah Ceballos

March 18

Angi Rademacher, Cathy
Olson, Richard Schwarz, Shei-
la Smith, Sophie Anderson

March 19

Ariel Rosario, Chelsea Fos-
ter, Ferlyn Reyes, Heather
Neal, Herdy Moniyung, Kristie
Wilder, Liesel Schram, Megan
Souza, Neville Webster, Nicole
Smith, Stephanie Schleifer

2008-09 ADVISER

♦Lorraine Ball

Scott Ball

Krystal Bishop

Laure Chamberlain

Randy Craven

Pam Gammenthaler

Mike Hills

Jaclynn Huse

Cindy Johnson

Greg King
*Renita Klischies

Terrie Long
Linda Marlowe

*Sylvia Mayer
Callie McArthur
Christine Moniyung
Greg Rumsey
Verlyne Starr
Stanley Stevenson
Jon Wentworth
Ruth WilliarnsMorns
Jillian Wills

•Past Recipients of the
Adviser of the Year Awa«



To add or remove classifieds email
[email protected]

'99 Mercury cougar |

V6 112000 miles leather, 6cd
& tape player, sunroof, all
I power, automatic Excellent
condition. $3500 Call Emily
at 423-309-8064.

I Ticket to Denver | CO dur-
I ing spring break from March 3
to March 6 available... Skiing's
supposed to be great! The
ticket is $188 plus whatever
fees to transfer it into your
name... If you're interested,
call or text 423-208-2618 and
we'll work it out! E-mail Shani
at [email protected]

Photo package I Professional
photos at student prices! Take
your pick of outdoor or studio
pictures. Kodak Royal Gold
Quality Photographic paper
used. Package includes 1-8x10,
2-5x7, 8 Wallets for only $35!
E-mail Buddy at [email protected]

Worksman folding bike

"Electric Blue" single speed,
newwhitewall, tires, rear rack,
front basket, chrome fenders,
in excellent shape. $279 new,
will take $100 great bike for
getting around campus and
town. Call Jonathan at 423-

Bike for sale | Schwinn New
World (1940-1952 build years)
Chicago-made bike, single
speed, coaster brake, original
schwinn grips, bike is all origi-
nal, step thru frame, awesome
fenders with a fin! Missing
I tank." This bike is boss. $75.
Call Jonathan 423-605-8437

J free Spirit road bike | was
I a io speed, shifting is lame,
Ibudget. single speed bike, $25
[Call Jonathan 423-605-8437

living room set | Couch,
J reseat, chair w/out, 2 end
■ tables, coffee table, entertain-
1 ">mt ce nter E^gn^t condi _

I r?' $u 5° for aU. Please call
1 M *ssa at 423-396-9288.

Be d frame | Black wrought

iron, queen. $25. Please call
Melissa at 423-313-1691.
Leave message.

Stereo for sale | Sony, single
cd, single cassette. $20. Please
call Melissa at 423-313-1691.
Leave message.

VCR for sale | Toshiba. $5.
Please call Melissa at 423-313-
1691. Leave message.

DVD player for sale | Em-
erson. $15. Please call Melissa
at 313-1691. Leave message.

Inexpensive room avail-
able next semester | Seek-
ing a female to live with 3 girls.
Located one mile from South-
ern. Private room, shared
bath, wireless Internet, cable,
dining room, kitchen, wash-
er/dryer, living room, porch
and big back yard. $200/
mo. plus water and utilities.
Call Melanie at 423-667-7564.

Wildlife lover's paradise

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,
cable/Internet, washer/dryer.
$250 plus utilities. Within a
mile from Southern. E-mail
[email protected] for ap-

2 Roommates wanted |

Upstairs apartment within
walking distance from cam-
pus. Two rooms available.
Large room $275,-small room
$245 plus utilities. Located
right across from Health Ser-
vices. E-mail [email protected]
edu or call 423-653-8302.

Female roommate wanted

I to share house. $275 plus
utilities.1.5 mi. from Southern.
E-mail [email protected]
com for more info.

Roommate wanted | Look-
ing for a female roommate to
live with 3 other girls about
1.5 miles from Southern. 2
bedroom, 2 bathroom house.
Would need to be willing to

share a small room with one
other girl. $i8s/mo. Contact
Jenny 423-503-3404.

Rooms for rent I 2 rooms for
rent for female students. Lo-
cated 7 miles from Collegedale,
3 miles from Ooltewah. Access
to kitchen, laundry, cable and
wireless Internet. Quiet home
with large deck. Available im-
mediately for $85/wk. Call
Angela cell: 423-280-3243
Home: 423-238-1490.

'04 Envoy XL | Excellent
condition, fully loaded with
new tires. Gray with leather
interior. 82k miles. Asking
$12,000. Please contact Sam
at 423-503-5286.

'04 Ford Focus SVT | Lim-
ited Ed. Blue, all the extra's,
73k miles, well-maintained,
great shape, $5,495 Call Jus-
tin at 423-308-9610.

'05 Subaru BAJA | Black
Pearl. 66k miles, turbo, Au-
tomatic Snuglid hardcover, 1
1/4" Towing Pkg, Bed Extend-
er plus more. Contact Brian

Printer | Epson photo print-
er . If you have questions, call
Rob at 423-322-8738.

RC Airplane | Radio-con-
troled airplane, Electristar.
Comes with 4 channel radio,
chargers, batteries and box,
ready to fly. If you have ques-
tions, call Rob at 423-322-

For sale | C.B. Radio (mobile
unit) with 40 channels and
two emergency channels. $75-
Complete with antenna, mike
and hanger. Call George Web-
ster at 423-728-4340.

Guitar | Electric guitar with
amp. Washburn X-series
metallic blue. This guitar is
practically new and includes

a canvas backpack style case.
Asking $i50/obo. Call 423-
208-2618 or e-mail [email protected]

Classical/folk guitar |

Made by Hohner. Contessa
model HG 14 and case. All
good strings and good condi-
tion. Looks new! Comes with a
Teach Your Self Classical Gui-
tar chord book. Asking $150.
E-mail [email protected]
edu if you are interested.

Drum set | Black, 5pc Tama
Swingstar drum kit with 16"
Zildjian Medium Crash, 17"
Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash,
20" Sabian ProSonic Ride, 13"
Sabian ProSonic hats, 10" Sa-
bian B8 Pro Splash. Gibraltar
throne, all hardware included.
14" Tama maple snare. $750.
Call Stuart 706-676-1295.

Camping Backpack \ Deu-
ter Futura Vario 50+10. Awe-
some pack, basically brand
new, only used 3 times. $140
Austin: 937-684-2254.

Whirlpool fridge | Black,
dorm-sized fridge in good con-
dition for $90. Call Samara at
423-313-0832 or e-mail at
[email protected]

Subwoofers | Two 10"
Rockford Fosgate Punch HX2
Subwoofers. 4 Ohms. 500
Watts RMS each. 1000 Watts
Peak each. Comes in a ported
box. $800 new. Asking $250/
obo. [email protected]

Flute I Gemeinhardt 2np
flute. Some scratches. $150/
obo. Call 423-605-5145-

2 hoodies | Brand new 1 for
$20. If you are interested con-
tact me at [email protected]
edu, or call 305-457-3177-

Electric bass guitar | For

Sale Ibanez 4 string electric
bass guitar, comes with Fend-

er Rumble 15 Amp/speaker,
cord, and strap. $250.00. This
system was used once! Call
423-618-6573 and ask for Jon
for info.

Airline Voucher | I have a
Southwest Airlines voucher
valued at $583 that I will not
be able to use. It expires on
March 14, so it would be per-
fect for spring break. It can be
yours for just $400. Call 596-

Europe For Sale | $4,999
will buy 24 days (May 4-28) of
once-in-a-lifetime educational
social immersion in Europe. All
this plus 3 hours Cultural An-
thropology/Sociology credit or
Directed Study credit (profes-
sor approval required), round
trip airfare, hotel accommoda-
tions, in-country travel, 1 meal
per day and basic insurance.
Contact: Stanley Stevenson at
[email protected] or

Leather Jackets | Two

bomber-type brown Wilson
leather jackets for sale, men's
sizes S & XL. Worn less than
8 times. Will sell for $50 each,
or both for $90. Contact ss-
[email protected] for info
or photos.

Computer Support I Areyou

in need of computer support?
Here is your solution; friendly
Techs are here to help you. We
do backup, hardware installa-
tion and support. If you would
like to contact us please e-mail
[email protected]
Please leave a detailed descrip-
tion of your problem or need

A Visit tb4^



: j



Adam Wamack
Humor Editor
[email protected]

Using numbers: Southern statistics

"Adam Wamack
Humor Editor

a twam^ rk'P Cf *" 1 hp

97% The percentage of single
freshman women. Q7% The percentage of married
graduating women (What happens
8,453 Thenumberoftimesthephrase during those four years, we , str.l

not sure).

"How was you break?" was said on March 9,

2009. rj rbe number f people who „ Av erage;number of times a student changes
truly, genuinely cared what the | ^ rn ; iW nn Y n iM „„ nlim ber
v answer was.

their major. HQ X 7 Avera 8 e number
.of times major is changed in

s head.

You know you're an Adventist when...

™™9«iDiffiiffliiit conee.

Adam Wamack
Humor Editor

,re than a week and half withouteating at least one


9 6

1 3

5 6




2 3





8 5




6 2

5 7

1 9

you know that
you will go into

You shower


Do all your
friends laugh at

The humor page
needs you!

Please submit your most
embarrassing on-campus/in-class
story in about 100 words, and the
top 5 will be printed in a
later issue. Send all humor page
submissions to Adam Wamack.

[email protected]

Spring break

Wherever you went, no matter what you
' 1Z3 did, I'm pretty sure we all say the same
thing: I had a great time!

Clocks sfiU wrong

One would think that an institution that
requires us to be on time to (most of)
our classes "would have clocks that show
the correct time. Then why is there al-
ways at least one clock on the promenade
that doesn't work and the VM clocks
are always at least five minutes slow?
(Submitted by Tiffany Rustad)

Teachers playing, too.

Thumbs up to teachers who take time out to
have fun-like Dr. Samaan in front of Mabel
Wood Hall playing with a remote control
airplane Tuesday afternoon before break.
Teachers need to have fun too! (Submitted
by Tiffany Rustad)
Housing students filling commuter £1 a,

parking lots. $L_ j

You are not appreciated by commuter students; ^ - "J
you pay to walk to class.- we pay to drive. (Sub- Tl

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