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Allegations for marriage licences issued between 1673-1770; with an appendix of allegations discovered whilst the ms. was passing through the press (Volume pt.2) online

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Online LibraryEng. (Diocese) Commissary Court SurreyAllegations for marriage licences issued between 1673-1770; with an appendix of allegations discovered whilst the ms. was passing through the press (Volume pt.2) → online text (page 30 of 100)
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G. R's. marriage.

9 Oct., 1748. Thomas Lintott of Bramshot, co. Hants, husband-
man, bachelor, 21, and Mary Lewis of Bramshot, spinster, 21: at
Farnbam. Jolm Bezer of Bentley, co. Hants, husbandman, 2ud s.

10 Oct., 1748. Joseph Bookmaster of Chertsey, bachelor, 35, and
Mercy Planner of Chertsey, widow, 30 ; at Chertsey. Nathaniel
Goodchild of Chertsey, 2nd s. He signs.

10 Oct., 1748. Thomas Harrison of Send, maltster, bachelor, 26,
and Mary Dolgrace of Woking, spinster, 22 ; at St. Nicholas, Guildford.
Robert Carter of Holy Trinity, Guildford, barber, 2nd s. Both sign.

13 Oct., 1748. John Crocker of St. Martin in the Fields, stay
maker, widower, and Anne Bundy of St. Martin in the Fields, spinster,
21 ; at Wandsworth. He signs.

14 Oct., 1748. Joseph Belling of Stroud, co. Kent, labourer,
bachelor, 24, and Martha Brown of Godstone, spinster, 31 ; at Godstone.
Wm. Brown of Godstone, labourer, 2nd s.

14 Oct., 1748. Benjamin Batley of St. Mary Newington, co.
Surrey, gentleman, bachelor, 26, and Sybilla Bagnall of St. Mary
Newington, spinster, 21; at St. Saviour's or St. Thomas', Southwark.
Wm. Bagnall of St. Mary Newington, gentleman, 2nd s. Both sign.

15 Oct., 1748. William Brooker of Chertsey, plumber, bachelor,
27, and Elizabeth Lypscomb of Horsel], spinster, 21 ; at Egham or
HorseU. Richard Fawkes of Guildford, mercer, 2nd s. Both sign.

16 Oct., 1748. Richard Scragg of Rudgwick, co. Sussex, butcher,
bachelor, 30, and Martha Stening of Abinger, spinster, 21 ; at
Wootton or Abinger. James Harbroe of Guldeford, joiner, 2nd s.

* Ealing.


17 Oct., 1748. Richard Snelling of Witley, blacksmitli, and
Hannah March (or Merch) of Shalford, spinster, 21 ; at Godalmine,
Stoke, or Kingston. Thomas Berwick of Witley, inn-holder, 2nd s.
Both sign.

18 Oct., 1748. Joseph Clifton of Cobham, co. Surrey, husband-
man, bachelor, 27, and Jane Hewish of Cobham, spinster, 22 ; at
Long Ditton. John Hewish (or Huish) of Esher, periwig maker,
2nd s.

19 Oct., 1748. WiUiam Parsons of Beddington, coachman,
bachelor, 30, and Ann Gibbons of Mitcham, spinster, 26 ; at
Beddington. John Painter of Beddington, 2nd s. Both sign.

19 Oct., 1748. John Fielder of Long Ditton, husbandman,
bachelor, 29, and Martha Oxley of Walton-npon-Tliames, spinster, 24 ;
at Long Ditton. J. F. marks. Robert Fielder of Long Ditton, fanner,
2nd s. He signs.

22 Oct., 1748. Thomas Peyto of Godahnine, cloth worker, and
Elizabeth Raggett of Godahnine, spinster, 21 ; at Godalmine.
Humphrey Sherwood, framework knitter, 2nd s. Both sign.

23 Oct., 1748. William Fludder of Godalmine, butcher, and
Lettice Hoare of Godahnine, spinster, 21 ; at Godalmine or Pepper-
harrow. William Hoare of Godalmine, needle maker, 2nd s. Both

25 Oct., 1748. James Bowman of Chaldon, farmer, bachelor, 35,
and Marv Moore of Merstham, spinster, 28 ; at Chaldon, Chipstead, or

25 Oct., 1748. Thomas Myers of Witley, clerk, bachelor, 30, and
Anne Holt of Witley, spinster, 30 ; at Slieire or Albury. John Miall
of Sheire, shopkeeper, 2nd s. Both sign.

26 Oct., 1748. William Waller of Ryegate, labourer, bachelor,

23, and Ann Sadler of Epsom, spinster, 22 ; at Beddington. Thomas
Briggs of Epsom, bricklayer, and James Ravenliill of Epsom, hatter,

29 Oct., 1748. John Sherrard of Great Bookham, labourer,
above 26, and Sarah Nightingale of Wooton, spinster, above 22 ; at
Great Bookham.

29 Oct., 1748. William Baldwin of Ockley, carpenter, bachelor,

24, and Hannah Andrews of Dorking, widow, 27 ; at St. Mary the
Virgin, Guildford. George Westbrook of St. Marie's, Guildford,
framework knitter, 2nd s.

1 Nov., 1748. Peter Gale of Chertsey, widower, and Anne Wig
of Chertsey, spinster, 43 ; at Chertsey. David Ivinneir of Chertsey,
2nd s.

4 Nov., 1748. George Monk of Effingham, carpenter, bachelor,
above 35, and Jfary Thrale of Effingham, spinster, above 35 ; at
Ashted or Little Bookham. George Monk signs. Witnesses, Richard
Rice, H. Ballard. Both sign.

4 Nov., 1748. John Biggs of Chertsey, butcher, bachelor, 26,
and Elizabeth Livings of Chertsey, spinster, 25 ; at Chertsey.
Thomas Biggs of Chertsey, butcher, 2nd s. Both sign.


5 Nov., 1748. James Atfield of Christ Cliurch, co. Surrey,
gardiner, bachelor, 21, and Ann Mason of the same parish, spinster,
22 ; at St. George's, co. Surrey.

9 Nov., 1748. William Cox of St. Mary, Newington, co. Surrey,
Indian weaver, bachelor, 29, and Sarah RoUo of the same parish,
spinster, 21 ; at St. Saviour or St. Thomas, Southwark. Edward Cox
of St. Mary, Newington, weaver, father of the said W. C, 2nd s.
Both sign.

9 Nov., 1748. Abraham Bridges of Reigate, felt maker, widower,
and Ann BilclifE of Reigate, widow ; at Reigate. Christopher Martin
of Reigate, felt maker, 2nd s. Both sign.

12 Nov., 1748. Matthew Taylor of North Chappel, co. Sussex,
yeoman, 40, and Ann Fish of Chiddingfold, widow, 40 or thereabouts ;
at Chidingfold, Hambledon, or St. Nicholas, Guildford. John Dendy
of Guldeford, husbandman, 2ud s. Both sign.

15 Nov., 1748. James Ravenhill of Epsom, hatter, widower, 40,
and Ehsabeth Potter of Epsom, spinster, 25 ; at Beddingtou. Samuel
Cane, servant, of Epsom, 2nd s. Both sign.

15 Nov., 1748. Render Silly (sic), of St. Martin in the Fields,
Westminster, mariner, bachelor, 29, and Sarah Wills of St. Martin in
the Fields, spinster, 27 ; at St. Saviour's, Southwark. Wm. Abernethy
of St. Saviour's, Southwark, mariner, 2nd s. Both sign.

16 Nov., 1748. Thomas Mackcormack of Sheire, collar maker,
bachelor, 27, and Ann Kelsey of Sheire, spinster, 21 ;
Henry Tuesly of Godalming, yeoman, 2nd s. Both sign.

19 Nov., 1748. John Brown of Horley, husbandma
22, and Catherine Illman of Horley, spinster, 23 ; at Eeigate. John
Wix of Reigate, victualler, 2nd s. Both sign.

23 Nov., 1748. Thomas Roberts of Cranley, tree nail maker,
and Jane Edgerley of Thursley, spinster, 21 ; at Thursley. John
Denyer of Thursley, tailor, 2nd s. Both sign.

23 Nov., 1748. Benjamin Sparrow of Carshalton, fanner, bachelor,
30, and Mary Parr of Carshalton, spinster, 25 ; at Sutton, Ewell, or

24 Nov., 1748. Moses Everrit of Bisley, yeoman, 30, and
Elizabeth Attfield of Windlesham, spinster, 30 ; at Bisley. Thomas
Lovell of Windlesham, yeoman, 2nd s.

24 Nov., 1748. George Taylor of Farnham, tanner, bachelor, 21,
and Elizabeth Steer of Farnham, spinster, 21 ; at Farnham. Richard
Steer of Farnham, bricklayer, 2nd s. Both sign.

24 Nov., 1748. Rev. John Thomas of St. Saviour, Southwark,
clerk, bachelor, 31, and Sarah Roberts of St. Saviour, Southwark,
spinster, 25 ; at St. Saviour, Southwark. Thomas Wimbush of
St. Saviour's, Southwark, gentleman, 2nd s. Both sign.

28 Nov., 1748. Rogers Chilton of Richmond, butcher, bachelor,
24, and Ann Pain of Richmond, spinster, 21 ; at Richmond. John
Pain of Richmond, butcher, 2nd s. Both sign.

tto: commissary codrt of soerey. 257

29 Nov., 1748. Benjamin Martin of Purbright, husbandman,
bachelor, 23, and Sarah Rogers of Purbright, spinster, 21 ; at St.
Mary the Virgin, Guildford. B. M. marks. George Westbrook of
St. Marie's, Guildford, framework knitter, 2nd s. He signs.

1 Dec, 1748. John Bryant of Godstone, blacksmith, bachelor,
26, and Mary Ridley of Home, co. Surrey, spinster, 23 ; at Godstone.
John Johnson of Godstone, labourer, 2nd s. Both sign.

1 Dec, 1748. Adam Dee of Chiddingfold, husbandman, and
Anne Puttock of Chiddingfold, widow ; at Chiddingfold. John
Withall of Chiddingfold, husbandman, 2nd s. He signs.

3 Dec, 1748. James Turner of Shiere, butcher, bachelor, 30, and
EHzabeth Coe of Shiere, spinster, 26 ; at Shiere or West Horsley.
Philip Bowbrick of Shiere, Gent., 2nd s. Both sign.

6 Dec, 1748. John HoUis of Chobham, butcher, 45, and Mary
Neale of Chobham, 30 ; at Chobham. James Street of Chobham,
blacksmith, 2nd s. Both sign.

6 Dec, 1748. Benjamin Keene of Holy Trinity, Guildford,
meahnan, bachelor, 21, and Elizabeth Caplen of Stoke next Guildeford,
spinster, 21 ; at Merrow. John Eed of Stoke next Guildford, meal-
man, 2nd s. Both sign.

9 Dec, 1748. George Steer of Nuffield, husbandman, bachelor,
23, and Mary Russell of Nutfield, spinster, 21 ; at Nutfield. John
Lyfe of Reigate, yeoman, 2nd s. Both sign.

15 Dec, 1748. William Parker of Epsom, victualler, widower,
and Elizabeth Linskell of Epsom, widow ; at St. George, Southwark.

20 Dec, 1748. John Antell of Effingham, farmer, above 21, and
Ehzabeth Tickner of Effingham, spinster, above 21 ; at Effingham.

26 Dec, 1748. John Spearing of Kingston-upoii-Thames,
butcher, bachelor, 25, and Bridget Paselby of Kingston, spinster, 23;
at Petersham. Robert Peirson of Kingston-upon-Thames, butcher,
2nd s. Both sign.

28 Dec, 1748. Richard Fox of Holy Trinity, Guildford, coach-
man, bachelor, 38, and Anne Stantial of Guildford, spinster, 27 ; at
Stoke next Guildford. James Bennett of Stoke next Guildford,
gardiner, 2nd s. Both sign.

29 Dec, 1748. Francis Baker of Farnham, bachelor, 21, and
Elizabeth Beldam of Farnham, spinster, 21 ; at Farnham.

2 Jan., 1748 {i.e., 1748-9). Thomas Stacy of Epsom, husband-
man, bachelor, 40, and Hannah Aleward, inhabitant of Thames Ditton,
spinster, 22 ; at Long Ditton. Henry Aleward of ... . Ditton, 2nd s.

10 Jan., 1748-9. Richard Harding of Limpsfield, weaver,
bachelor, 27, and Mary Green of Limpsfield, spinster, 27 ; at
Limpsfield. John Plaw of Godstone, labourer, 2nd s. Both sign.

12 Jan., 1748-9. James Harrison of Chelsea, co. Middlesex,
gentleman, bachelor, 24, and Margaret Carleton of Richmond, co.
Surrey, spinster, 16 ; at Richmond. With consent of Ehzabeth
Carleton of Richmond, widow, the mother. William Dorman of
Richmond, sui-geon, 2nd s. Armorial seal. Both sign,


13 Jan., 1748. (Part only of Bond is left). James Hunt of
Guldeford, malster, 29, and Jane Sheeper of Giddeford, spinster, 29
or therealjoats ; at St. Nicholas, Guldeford. James VVeUer of
Guldeford, mercer, 2nd s.

14 Jan., 1748-9. James West of Peckliam, parish of St. Giles',
Camberwell, watch maker, widower, and Martha Bradshaw of St. Mary-
Magdalene, Bermondsey, widow ; at St. Giles', Camberwell.

16 Jan., 1748-9. Joshua Shurley of Lahalam (Laleham), co.
Middlesex, baker, bachelor, 22, and Bridget Bays of the same place,
spinster, 21 ; at Egham. John Bennett of Stanes, parish clerk, 2nd s.

17 Jan., 1748-9. Edward Green of Oxted, malster, bachelor, 29,
and Elizabeth Brooks of Oxted, spinster, 24; at Oxted. John
Johnson of Godstone, labourer, 2ud s. Both sign.

18 Jan., 1748-9. Uriah Batchin of Shier, farmer, bachelor, 35,
and Mary Marling of Shier, spinster, 30 ; at St. Mary the Virgin,
Guildford. George Westbrook of Guildford, framework knitter,
2nd s. Both sign.

21 Jan., 1748-9. James Crew of Farnham, cooper, bachelor, and
Mary Vannaker of Farnham, single woman, 23 ; at Bentley. Alexander
West of Farnham, husbandman, 2nd s. Both parties having the
consent of their respective parents.

22 Jan., 1748-9. John Waterer (called "Robert Waterer" in the
Bond) of Ashted, husbandman, baclielor, 29, and Mary Melhsh of
Ashted, spinster, 21 ; at Ashted. Richard Rice and John White, both
of Ashted, ss. Both sign.

22 Jan., 1748-9. John Billinghurst of Seal, farmer, bachelor,
37, and Mary Burchett of St. Marie's, Guildford, spinster, 34; at
St. Mary the Virgin, Guildford.

24 Jan., 1748-9. Robert Martin of Waverley, co. Surrey,
bachelor, 21, and Ann Pritchard of Fulham, spinster, 21 ; at Elstead.
Michael Redding of Farnham, farmer, 2nd s.

25 Jan., 1748-9. Richard Dod of Blechingly, farmer, bachelor,
24, and Sarah Stacy of Home, spinster, 19 ; at Godstone. With
consent of Michael Stacy of Buckland, co. Surrey, the father. Michael
Stacy of Buckland, farmer, 2nd s.

25 Jan., 1748-9. Percivall Chandler of Kingston-upon-Thames,
publican, bachelor, 28, and Sarah Marks of Kingston-upon-Thames,
spinster, 24 ; at Kingston-upon-Thames. George Marks of Kingston-
upon-Thames, bricklayer, 2nd s.

30 Jan., 1748-9. Samuel Elliot of St. Michael, Bassishaw, City
of London, haberdasher, bachelor, 30, and Elizabeth Gurney of
St. Ann, Soho, co. Middlesex, spinster, 27 ; at St. Olave, Southwark.
John Pepys of St. Helen, Bishopgate Street, London, instrument
maker, 2nd s. Both sign badly.

1 Feb., 1748-9. Richard Smith of Stoke next Guildford,
husbandman, bachelor, 24, and Anne Cobbett of the same place,
spinster, 21 ; at Stoke next Guildford. John Martin of Holy Trinity,
Guildford, cordwainer, 2nd s. R. S. marks. J. M. signs.


! 2 Feb., 1748-9. John Frost of Sliere, farmer, 24, and Mary

■ Holland of Sheere, spinster, 26 ; at Sheere or Abinger. Philip
' Bowbrick of Shere, Gent., 2nd s. Fine signature.

2 Feb., 1748-9. Henry Stephens of Thames Ditton, coUar maker,
[ widower, 60, and Ann Brown of Kingston -upou-Thames, spinster, 40 ;
at Petersham. Henry Brown of Kingston, 2nd s.

2 Feb., 1748-9. Samuel Strickland of St. Paul's, Deptford,
CO. Kent, clerke, bachelor, 31, and Elizabeth Cotterell of St. Mary,
Lambeth, spinster, 27 ; at St. Saviour's, Southwark. George Rigge
of St. Mary, Lambeth, timber merchant, 2nd s.

2 Feb., 1748-9. Thomas Bennett of Holy Trinity, Guilford,
drawer, bachelor, 27, and Martha Carne of the same parish, spinster,
25 ; at St. Saviour's, Soifthwark. Thomas Smith of St. Saviour's,
Southwark, victualler, 2nd s.

6 Feb., 1748-9. William Fisher of Crundall, co. Southampton,
taylor, widower, 40, and Sarah Blundeu of Crundall, spinster, 30 ; at
Alfold or Dunsfold. Thomas Penfold of Wisborough Green, yeoman,
2nd s. Both sign.

7 Feb., 1748-9. Henry Franklyn of Shepperton, co. Middlesex,
1 maltster, 45, and Ehzabeth Handcraft of iShepjjerton, co. Middlesex,
1 widow, 34 ; at Long Ditton. Thomas Smith of Thames Ditton,
I gardiner, 2nd s.

7 Feb., 1748-9. John Freeman of St. Saviour's, Southwark,

cooper, bachelor, 29, and Ann Rice of St. Saviour's, Southwark,

spinster, 27 ; at St. Saviour-, Southwark. Edward Parker of
St. Saviour's, Southwark, 2nd s.

9 Feb., 1748-9. George Tapsfield of Seal, co. Kent, labourer,
bachelor, 28, and Hannah West of Cudham, co. Kent, spinster, 28 ;
at Godstone. John Curd of Westerham, co. Kent, farmer, 2nd s.

13 Feb., 1748-9. Robert Coote of Kingston-upon-Thames, excise
officer, bachelor, 30, and Mary Jackson of Kingston-upon-Thames,
spinster, 21 ; at Petersham. Richard Broomfield of Kingston,
publican, 2nd s. R. C. signs well.

21 Feb., 1748-9. Richard Humphrys of Horley, yeoman, bachelor,
25, and Elizabeth Frisby of Burstow, spinster, 21 ; at Reigate.
John Martin, surrogate. Sign, of R. H. John Baker of Reigate,
husbandman, 2nd s.

23 Feb., 1748-9. WiUiam Clark of St. Saviour's, Southwark,
Esq., widower, 50, and Sarah Brightred (sie) of the same parish,
spinster, 33 ; at Tooting. Richard 'Thomas of St. Saviour's, Southwark,
book keeper, 2nd s.

28 Feb., 1748-9. William Denyer of Headly, co. Hants, taylor,
bachelor, 21, and Elizabeth Hunt of Farnham, spinster, 21 ; at
Farnham. Francis Hunt of Farnham, labourer, 2nd s.

11 Mar., 1748-9. Edward Willet of Ryegate, blacksmith, bachelor,
25, and Mary Bridge of Godstone, spinster, 23 ; at Godstone. E. W.
signs. Thomas Grant of Ryegate, labourer, 2nd s.
8 2


18 Mar., 1748-9. Richard Hewish (or Huish) of Cobham, co.
Surrey, barber, bachelor, 30, and Mary Stout of the same parish,
spinster, 23 ; at Long Ditton. Richard Holmes of Ocham, husband-
man, 2nd s.

22 Mar., 1748-9. Thomas Tucker of Nutfield, cordwainer,
widower, and Mary Sturdy of Nutfield, spinster, 25 ; at Nutfield.
Henry Miles of Nutfield, bricklayer, 2nd s.

22 Mar., 1748-9. Elizabeth King of Bansted, spinster, 25, and
Joseph Hill of Bansted, bachelor, 25 ; at Bansted.

24 Mar., 1748-9. Thomas Tattersall of Cheapsted, yeoman,
bachelor, 25, and Ann Smith of Cheapsted, spinster, 23 ; at Gatton.
WilUam Everest of Reigate, tallow chandler, 2nd s.

25 Mar., 1748-9. James Chrismas of St. Mary, Guildford, shop
keeper, baclielor, 30, and Mary Wheatley of the same place, spinster,
22; at Stoke, Merrow, or ShaLford. He signs James Chrismas (sic).
John Wheatley of St. Mary (?), Guildford, victualler, 2nd s.

26 Mar., 1749. Edward Cos of St. Mary, Newington, weaver,
widower, 47, and Mary Blanch of St. George the Martyr, co. Surrey,
widow, 47 ; at St. Saviour or St. Thomas, Southwark. Edward Cole
of St. Mary's, Newington, bricklayer, 2nd s.

31 Mar., 1749. James Roberts of St. Mary Magdalen,
Bermondsey, mariner, bachelor, 22, and Sarah Cooper of the same
parish, spinster, 21 ; at St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey.

3 Apr., 1749. Phillip Puttock of Slingfold, co. Sussex, husband-
man, widower, and Elizabeth Hook of CapeU, co. Surrey, spinster, 25 ;
at Capell. Thomas Hooker of Cnpell, carpenter, 2nd s.

5 Apr., 1749. Tuer Smyth of East . Horsley, servant to George
Fox, Esq., of the same parish, bachelor, 34, and Jane Titford of West
Horsley, spinster, 25 ; at St. Martha on the Hill. Edward BrinkweU
of St. Marie's, Guildford, glazier, 2nd s.

5 Apr., 1749. James Webster of Twickenham, co. Middlesex,
plaisterer, bachelor, 35, and Elizabeth Cox of the same parish,
spinster, 33 ; at Petersham. Charles Webster of Richmond, plaisterer,
2nd s. .

5 Apr., 1749. James Hampton of Seal, co. Surry, miller, bachelor,
28, and Sarah Goddard of Seal, spinster, 24 ; at Leatherhead.

8 Apr., 1749. John Mann of Ridgwick, co. Sussex, farmer,
bachelor, 23, and Ann Mitchell of the same parish, spinster, 22 ; at
Ewhurst, CO. Surry.

8 Apr., 1749. Henry Street of Chobham, co. Surrey, smith,
bachelor, 35, and Jane Bartholomew of Chobham, spinster, 24 ; at
Pirford. Arthur Alexander of St. Mary's, Guildford, carpenter,
2nds. ^ ' P '

8 Apr., 1749. Frederick Kensett of Stoke next Guildford,
gardener, bachelor, 19, and Hester Dudman of Witley, spinster, 21 ;
at Witley. Richard Kensett of Stoke next Guildford, father of the
above-mentioned F. K., consenting. Thomas Day of St. Mary, Guild-
ford, taylor, 2nd s.


9 Apr., 1749. Henrj' Arnold of Leatherhead, bvitcher, bachelor,
25, and Susanna Asher of Leatherhead, spinster, 21 ; at Thorpe.
Richard Nichols of Egham, 2nd s.

10 Apr., 1749. George Taylor of Ightam, co. Kent, yeoman,
bachelor, 23, and Sarah Haywood of Haynsford, co. Kent, spinster, 22 ;
at St. John or St. Olave, Southwark.

15 Apr., 1749. Thomas Watts of Bramley, co. Surrey, blacksmith,
bachelor, 21, and Sarah Atfield of Bramley, spinster, 30 ; at Pepper-
harrow or Godalming. Henry Tuesly of Godalming, yeoman, 2nd s.

15 Apr., 1749. Richard Cheesemore (or Chasmor) of Cobham,
CO. Surry, farmer, bachelor, 27, and EUzabeth Cooper of Great
Bookham, spinster, above 22 ; at Great Bookham. Armorial seal.
He signs Richard Chasmor.

19 Apr., 1749. William Longman of Farnham, draper, bachelor,
21, and Mary Pool of Kingston, spinster, 21 ; at Purford. John
Longman of Farnham, carpenter, 2nd s.

24 Apr., 1749. William Chennell of Cranley, yeoman, 21, and
Anne Gumbrell of Dunsfold, spinster, 17 ; at Cranley. Johij GumbreU
of Dunsfold, carpenter, her father, consenting.

24 Apr., 1749. John Dibble of Ashted, piibUcan, bachelor, 22,
and Elizabeth Burt of Ashted, spinster, 29 ; at Horseley. John White
of Ashted, gentleman, s.

24 Apr., 1749. John Stileman of Godahnin, yeoman, bachelor,
30, and Mary Camish of Godahnin, spinster, 30 ; at Merrow. Armorial

24 Apr., 1749. John Smith of Puttenham, bricklayer, son of
John Smith, late of the same place, bricklayer, deceased, 28, and
Jane Potter of Puttenham, spinster, 24 ; at Puttenham, Worplesdon,
or Pepperharrow.

24 Apr., 1749. Thomas Frost of Sheere, yeoman, widower, 50,
and Jane Underwood of Sheere, spinster, 30 ; at Sheere, Merrow, or
St. Nicholas, Guildford. Richard Pellett of Holy Trinity, Guildford,
victualer, 2nd s.

27 Apr., 1749. George Craggs of St. George, co. Middlesex,
victualer, widower, and Mary Austin of the same parish, spinster, 21 ;
at St. Olave's or St. Saviour's, Southwark.

28 Apr., 1749. Robert Hankins of Chertsey, currier, widower,
45, and Jane Starke of Chertsey, widow, 56 ; at Chertsey.

30 Apr., 1749. Daniel Edridge of St. Mary, Guildford, baker,
49, and Audrey Night (.sic) of St. Nicholas, Guildford, spinster, 30 ;
at St. Nicholas, Guildford. Richard Copus of St. Nicholas, Guildford,
gardener, 2nd s.

1 May, 1749. Francis Home of Cobham, co. Surrey, gardener,
bachelor, 46, and Mary Eliot of Cobham, spinster, 37 ; at Wisley.
Mary Noles of Wisley, widow, 2nd s.

4 May, 1749. Thomas Roberts of Stoke next Guildford, trinnil
maker (sic), bachelor, above 26, and Mary King of Green, co. Sussex,
spinster, above 21 ; at Abinger.


5 May, 1749. Benjamin Glasbrook of Reigate, bricklayer, |
widower, and Sarah Heather of Reigate, widow ; at Betchworth. j
John Turner of Reigate, blacksmith, 2nd s. |

6 May, 1749. John Smith of Bramshot, co. Southton, husband- j
man, bachelor, 22, and Mary Robinson of Hedley, co. Southton, j
spinster, 30 ; at Hambledon. Thomas Chalcroft of Witley, husband- ]
man, 2nd s. '

6 May, 1749. John JeweU of Fletching, co. Sussex, " glazier and j
plummer," bachelor, 27, and Sarah Berry of Newick, co. Sussex, j
spinster, 30 ; at Godstone. John Collins of Lingfield, co. Surrey,
shoemaker, 2nd s.

7 May, 1749. Thomas Bullen of Okeing, co. Surrey, labourer, |
bachelor, above 23, and Ann Soar of Cobham, co. Surrey, spinster, j
above 21 ; at Great Bookham. John Bullen of Great Bookham, j
labourer, 2nd s. j

7 May, 1749. WiUiam Wakefield of the Regiment of General :
Flemming, a soldier now quartering in Farnham, bachelor, 25, and ;
Elizabeth Stacey of Farnham, widow ; at St. Mary the Virgin, ■
Guildford, or Farnham. I

9 May, 1749. William Fladgate of Windlesham, yeoman, 23, and
Mary Field of Chobham, spinster, 22 ; at Farnborough, Windlesham,
or Chobham. John Cowdrey of Chobham, 2nd s.

10 May, 1749. William Bettesworth of Guldeford, carpenter,
22 or thereabouts, and Anne Sheppard of St. Martin in the Feilds,
CO. Middlesex, single woman, 22 ; at St. Nicholas, Guldeford. Henry
Roberts of Guldeford, inn-holder, and WiUiam Gum of the same

1, distiller, ss.

11 May, 1749. Thomas Cooper of Sunbm-y, co. Middlesex,
bandman, bachelor, 26, and Miriam Sadler of Sunbury, spinster,
22 ; at Kingston-iipou-Thames. Brudenell Exton of Kingston-upon-
Thames, 2nd s.

13 May, 1749. Thomas Hole of Farnham, yeoman, widower, and
Catherine Harris of Farnham, spinster, 21 ; at Farnham. William
Bolen of Farnham, harness maker, 2nd s.

13 May, 1749. Edward Hammond of Gatton, farmer, bachelor,
34, and Elizabeth Cuningham of Gatton, spinster, 23 ; at Gatton or
Headle}', co. Surrey.

19 May, 1749. Edward Fladgate of Chertsey, yeoman, 35, and
Sarah Frettwell of Chobham, 25 ; at Bisley or HorseU. John Brant
of Chertsey, yeoman, 2nd s.

19 May, 1749. WiUiam Penyard of St. Nicholas, Guildford,
cordwainer, bachelor, 25, and Sarah Miller of the same place, spinster,
28; at St. Nicholas, Guildford. Thomas Worsfold of Guildford,
taylor, 2nd s. Both sign.

21 May, 1749. Samuel Smith of Horley, husbandman, bachelor,
22, and Elizabeth Gillet of Reigate, spinster, 23 ; at Reigate. JefErey
Web of Reigate, husbandman, 2nd s.


22 May, 1749. Thomas Carlos of Farley (Fawley), co. Bucks,
malster, bachelor, 27, and EHzabeth Thomas of Kingston-upou-
Thames, spinster, 21 ; at Petersham. Edmund Wickes of Kingston-
upon-Thames, baker, s.

25 May, 1749. John Holman of Leigh, co. Surrey, cordwainer,
widower, and Mary Ashfield of Reigate, widow; at Reigate. Jonas
Humphrey of Reigate, 2ud s.

29 May, 1749. Thomas Longhurst of Kingston-upon-Thames,
tallow chandler, and Sarah Searle of Crondal, co. Southton, sijinster,
21 ; at Godahnine. James Goodwin of Godalmine, peruke maker,
2nd s. He signs James Gooding.

29 May, 1749. Daniel Snuggs of Crondal, co. Southton, black-
smith, and Hannah Searle of Crondal, spinster, 21 ; at Godalmine.
James Goodwin (Gooding) of Godalmine, peruke maker, 2nd s.

1 June, 1749. George Parkes of Eaton, co. Bucks, printer,
bachelor, 21, and Ann Crockford of Eaton, spinster, 21 ; at Long
Ditton. Richard Roberts of Walton-upon-Thames, sawyer, 2nd s.

3 June, 1749. William Cuddington of Carshalton, servant,
bachelor, about 30, and Martha Rose of Carshalton, spinster, 30 ; at
Beddington, Carshalton, or Sutton. Samuel Cain of Beddington,
servant, 2nd s.

4 June, 1749. John Waller of Kingston, co. Hants, bricklayer,
bachelor, 21, and Hannah Reading of Ash, co. Surrey, spinster, 21;

Online LibraryEng. (Diocese) Commissary Court SurreyAllegations for marriage licences issued between 1673-1770; with an appendix of allegations discovered whilst the ms. was passing through the press (Volume pt.2) → online text (page 30 of 100)