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THE proposal for a Shakespeare Memorial Library was made by
Mr. Samuel Timmins in 1858, and first publicly advocated by
Mr. George Dawson in 1861. The project was further considered by
the local Shakespeare Club in June, 1863; and on July 10, 1863, a
meeting was held at the Philosophical Institution, Cannon Street, the
Rev. Charles Evans in the chair, at which a committee was formed.
Mr. J. H. Chamberlain, Mr. George Jabet, and Mr. Sam. Timmins were
appointed Honorary Secretaries, and many donations were secured.

On April 23, 1864 — the Tercentenary of Shakespeare's birth — a
Public Breakfast was given by William Holliday, Esq. (Mayor), at the
Royal Hotel, when a number of volumes were presented, with an Address
and Deed of Gift, and were received and accepted by the Mayor, and
subsequently by the Corporation, on behalf of the Town.

In accordance with the Deed of Gift, the Town Council provided
a suitable room set apart for the Shakespeare Library in the Central
Reference and Lending Libraries, and after various unavoidable delays,
the Shakespeare Library was completed and opened to the public by
Thomas Avery, Esq., Mayor, on the 23rd of April, 1868. In the
evening a Banquet was given by his Worship in celebration of an event
reflecting so much honour on the town, and in recognition of the gene-
rous labours of the Shakespeare Memorial Library Committee, consisting
of his Worship the Mayor, M. D. Hill, Esq., Q.C., Rev. S. Bache,
Rev. G. D. Boyle, Mr. J. T. Bunce, Mr. J. H. Chamberlain, Mr. George
Dawson, Mr. Sebastian Evans, Rev. Charles Evans, Dr. Bell Fletcher,


Mr. James Freeman, Mr.W. Harris, Dr. Heslop, Rev. T. N. Hutchinson,
Dr. Ingleby, Mr. John Jaffray, Mr. George Jabet, Mr. G. J. Johnson,
Mr. J. A. Langford, Mr. Thomas Lloyd, Mr. Thomas Martineau, Mr.
William Martin, Mr. C. E. Mathews, Mr. Arthur Ryland, Mr. George
Shaw, Mr. W. L. Sargant, Mr. J. H. Stack, Mr. Samuel Timmins, Mr.
Edmund Tonks, and Rev. Charles Vince.

The generous donation by Mr. Charles Knight of more than a hundred
volumes, used in the preparation of his various editions of Shakespeare;
of a copy of the Fourth Folio (1685) by Messrs. Henry Sotheran and Co.;
of the fac-simile of the First Folio by Mr. Howard Staunton ; of an
original quarto Henry V. (1608), and other volumes by Mr. J. O. Halliwell;
of Boydell's folio Shakespeare by Mr. James Hunt; of Knight's Pictorial
Shakespeare by the Birmingham Book Club ; of the Shakespeare Society's
publications by Mr. Sebastian Evans; of Memorials of the Tercentenary
by Mr. Samuel Whitfield ; the purchase by the Shakespeare Committee of
the Second (1632) and Third (1663) Folio editions, of Halliwell's folio
edition, sixteen volumes, and of many other rare and valuable books, have
already made the Library a fair collection of Shakespearian works, and, in
the words of Charles Knight, the Library already "realizes the best idea
of honouring the memory of the greatest of England's sons."




Sijaktsptait Jiltmorial iifatciru, Btrmiurjljam,



5. Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, Sc Tragedies.
Publifhed according to the True Originall Copies. London Printed by
Ifaac laggard, and Ed. Blount. [i vol. Folio] 1623.

Three hundred leaves of the First Folio, with facsimiles of the preliminary leaves made by
Ashbee. Some of the Plays are complete, as for instance, Henry V, the three parts of
Henry VI, Titus Andronicus, and Measure for Measure.

7. Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies.
Publifhed according to the True Originall Copies. London Printed by
Ifaac laggard, and Ed. Blount. [i vol. Folio] 1623.

Reprint by J. Wright, St. John's Square, London, i vol. Folio. 1807. Contains, according
to Mr. Upcott, 368 errors of the Press. (See "Notes and Queries," 1853, vol. 7, p. 47.)
Another article on Mr. Upcott's collation, containing a list of all the important errors
(amounting to 40) appears in "Notes and Queries," 1865, vol. 7, 3rd Series, p. 139. The
paper for this reprint u'as made specially, and has the word " Shakespeare " in the water-
mark, with the maker's name, and date, 1806.

8. Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies.
Publifhed according to the True Originall Copies. London Printed by
Ifaac laggard, and Ed. Blount. [i vol. Folio] 1623.

Shakespeare as put forth in i6z3. London Re-Printed for Lionel Booth, [i vol. Folio]
1864. This copy contains at the end, the reprint of Pericles, from the Third Folio, 1664.

9. Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies.
Publifhed according to the True Originall Copies. London Printed by
Ifaac laggard, and Ed. Blount. 1623.

Shakespeare as put forth in 1623. London Re-Printed for Lionel Booth, [i vol. 4to] 1864.

10. Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies.
Publifhed according to the True Originall Copies. London Printed by
Ifaac laggard, and Ed. Blount. [i vol. Folio] 1623.

Shakespeare. The First collected Edition of the Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare. A
Reproduction in exact Fac-simile of The Famous First Folio, 1623, by the Newly-discovered
Process of Photo-Lithography. Executed, by exprefs permiffion of Lord Ellesmere and the
Truftees of the Britifh Muleum, from the matchlefs Copies in Bridgewater House and in the
National Library, at the Suggestion, and Under the Superintendence of H. Staunton. R. W.
Preston, Photo-Lith. London: Day & Son ("i vol. Folio] 1866.


2 Sfjaftespcarc fHtmoml Hibrarr?, Birmingj^am.


17. MR- William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies.
Publifhed according to the true Originall Copies. The fecond hnprejfion.
London.^ Printed by Tho. Cotes^ for Robert Jllot., and are to be fold at the
figne of the Blacke Beare in Pauls Church-yard, [i vol. Folio] 1632.

According to Bohn's Lowndes the imprint runs " Printed — and are to be sold at his s/iop at the
signe," etc. In this copy "at his shop" is omitted. "There were several Proprietors of
this edition, and each one seems to have had a title printed with his own name, so that
some bear the name of Robert Allot, others William Aspley, Richard Hawkins, or John
Smethvvick. (Mr. Lenox of New York has six variations of this title-page.) A copy of this
2nd edition is in existence, dated 1631. {Sic Lowndes, but he does not give his authority
and we have no faith in the assertion.)" — Bohns Lozundcs.

COLLATION: — Title-page, with Portrait, Jonson's lines opposite, signed " B. I.," and differing
from the first Edition in the use of the letter "v" instead of "u" as in " Grauer," and
in using capitals instead of small letters for the words " With," " Wit," " Brafle," and
" Face," 2 leaves ; Dedication " To the most noble and incomparable Paire of Brethren,
William Earle of Pembroke, and Philip Earle of Montgomery," one leaf; In the bottom
line of the first page of the Dedication the word "same" is substituted for the word "like"
of the first Edition ; " To the great -variety of Readers,''^ one leaf; " Vpon the Effigies of — "
and "An Epitaph on — W. Shakespeare," (by John Milton, but unsigned), one leaf; [The
verses on this leaf are not in the first Edition.] Two Poems to the Memory of Shakejpeare,
signed L. Digges and I. M., one leaf; "The Names of the Principall Adlors in all these
Playes," one leaf; Poems signed Ben Ionson, I.M.S , and Hugh Holland, with " A Catalogue
of all the Comedies," etc., three leaves; in all 10 lea-ves ; The Tempest to the JVinters Tale,
pp. 1 to 303: (pp. 46, 57, 58, 153, 194, 249, 250, 265, are misprinted 64, 79, 80, 151,
494, 251, 252, 273); King John to Henry IV, part 2, pp. I to 100: (in the paging,
numbers 47 and 48 are omitted and pp. 89, 90, are misprinted 91, 92); Then a leaf
containing Epilogve, and "The Actors Names" [i.e. characters of the Plays]; Henry V to
Henry VIII, pp. 69-232: (pp. 94, 95, 164, 209, are misprinted 49, 59, 194, 120); Troylus
and Cressida to Cymbeline, pp. I-168, 269-419: (pp. 96, 154, 286, 287, 341, 342, 351, 352,
355, 389, are misprinted 67, 134, 186, 187, 143, 144, 151, 152, 335, 399.) At the end
of the Volume is " Printed at London by Thomas Cotes, for John Smethivick, fVilliam Ajpley,
Richard Hawkins, Richard Meighen, and Robert Allot, 1632."


18. MR- William Shakespeares Comedies, Hiftories, and Tragedies.
Publifhed according to the true Original Copies. The Third ImpreJJion.
London.^ Printed for Philip Chetwinde^ [i vol. Folio] 1663.

"Copies with this date do not contain the seven spurious plays [which are printed in those
copies dated 1664], and in some a space is left in the title page for the portrait; but in a few
copies the portrait is engraved on the title-page, and the verses by Ben Jonson in large type
on a leaf opposite." — Bohns Loivndes. This Edition is said to be very rare.

COLLATION: — Title-page, including the Portrait; lines opposite, (signed " B. y.," not
" B. I.," as in the former Editions; there is also a difference in the spelling of several
words, those spelt drawne, out-doo, looke, booke, being in this Edition spelt drawn, out-doe,
iook, book); The introductory matter, which is printed in a much larger type than in the
second Edition, is arranged as follows : *' To the — Readers," 1 leaf; verses by L. Digges, y.M.,
Ben. Johnson, J. M.S., John Milton (unsigned), and Hugh Holland, 5 leaves; the names of
the ABors and Catalogue of all the Comedies, etc., l leaf; in all 9 Ica-ves. [The Dedication
" To — William Earle of Pembroke and Philip Earle of Montgomery " is not in this copy.]
The Tempest to Cymbeline, pp. 1-877: (p. 39 is misprinted 36; pp. 108, 196, are misprinted
56, 194; pp. 201, 203, 223, are misprinted 103, 103, 123; pp. 276 and 304 are blank;
p. 373 is misprinted 374; pp. 428, 433, are misprinted 433, 428; pp. 560 to 568, are
repeated; pp. 576, 579, are misprinted 556, 559; in the paging, numbers 608, 665, and 666
are omitted; p. 619 is misprinted 617; pp. 657, 658, are repeated; pp. 714, 715 are
repeated; pp. 779, 798, are misprinted 787, 799; pp. 861, 868, are misprinted 961,669;
pp. 873, 875, 876, are misprinted 973, 879, 990.)

iSnglis!) Istiitious of SfjaUcspeare's SKlorfts. 3


20. MR- William Shakefpear's Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies.
Publifhed according to the true Original Copies. Unto which is added.
Seven Plays, Never before Printed in Folio, viz. Pericles Prince of Tyre.
The London Prodigal. The History of Thomas Lord Cromwel. Sir John
Oldcajlle Lord Cobha?n. The Puritan Widow. A Torkjhire Tragedy.
The Tragedy of Locrine. The Fourth Edition. London., Printed for H.
Herringman., E. Brewjler., and R. Bentley., at the Anchor in the New
Exchange., the Crane in St. Pauls Church-Yard, and in RuJ/el-Street
Covent-Garden. [i vol. Folio] 1685.

COLLATION :— Title-page, opposite which is Martin Droeshout's Portrait, with the verses by
Ben Jonson underneath, signed " B. J." Shakespeare's name is spelt in this Edition
without the final e ; the other differences in the spelling between this and the third Edition
are, the words out-doe, Brajp, iurpaffe, which are here spelt outdo, Brais, furpafs. The
original Portrait was used for this Edition, after having been re-touched ; it here occupies
the leaf preceding the title, 2 leaves; Dedication "To William Earl of Pembroke and
Philip E. of Montgomery," I leaf; "To the — Readers," together with verses signed
L. Digges, J. M., Ben. Johmon, J. M. S., John Milton (unsigned;, and Hugh HolLnd,
2 leaves ; " The Names of the principal AFtors," and " Catalogue of all the Comedies,'" etc.,
I leaf (blank on reverse side); in all 6 lea-ve$ ; The Tempest to the Winter s Tale, pp. 1-272 :
(p. 33 is misprinted 23 ; in the paging, numbers 97, 98, 161, and 162, are omitted; pp. 107,
109, are misprinted 109, iii; pp. 190, 191, are misprinted 186, 187; pp. 219, 246, are
misprinted 221, 234; pp. 253 [misprinted 243] and 254, are repeated) ; King John to Romeo
and Juliet, pp. 1-328: (pp. 88, 93, are misprinted 87, 92); Timon of Athens to Locrine,
pp. 1-303 ; (p. 67 is misprinted 76).


21. The Works of Mr. William Shake/pear; Adorn'd with Cuts.
Revis'd and Correded, with an Account of the Life and Writings of the
Author. By N. Rowe., Esq ; London : Printed for Jacob Ton/on.

[6 vols. 8vo] 1709.

Portrait of Shakespeare, engraved by Vander Gucht from the Chandos Picture. Copy of the
Stratford Monument, very much altered ; the figures at the corners having, (lie one an
hour-glass and the other a spade ; no pen in the hand of the Poet, nor any representation of
scroll or book. This is the first octavo Edition, and the first with Plates. These Plates are
very curious. That prefixed to Hamlet illustrates the passage " Look here upon this Picture,
and on this," etc. [Act iii. sc. 4] and shows portraits hanging on the arras. Title-pages, and
Dedication, 6 leaves, not paged. Life, pp. i to xl. There is but one pagination for the whole
six vols., viz., from p. 1 to 3324. The following are the errors in pagination : Vol. i, p. 48
is misprinted 46; p. 55 — 53; p- 175 — 171; p. 185 — 181; vol. 2, p. 527 misprinted 727;
p. 774— -rjy; pp. 846-47 — 826-27; p. 901—991; vol. 3, p. 1183 misprinted 1184;

p. 1247—2247; p. 1454—1455; p. 1455—1454; p. J530— 530 ; vol- 4> p- 1566

misprinted 1567; p. 1567— 1585; p. 1993-1963; P- '99^— 99^5 ^?'- .5' P- ^439
misprinted 2436; pp. 2567-8 omitted in pagination; vol. 6, p. 2667 misprinted 2697;
pp. 2701 — 2852; p. 2757—2767; pp. 2905 to 2920 — 3005 to 3020; pp 2937-3036
omitted in paginarion ; p. 3209 misprinted 3299. "Twenty years had been allowed to
elapse since the puWicarion of the fourth folio, before popular opinion encouraged any London
publisher to venture on a new or portable edition. Rowe unfortunately adopted the fourth and
worst of the folio editions for his text, and corrected but few of its errors. His biography
however is the most authentic we have." — Bohn's Loivndes. This was Charles Jennens'
copy, and has Notes said to be in his handwriting.

21=. [There is a seventh volume added, which is usually found with
this Edition, with the follov/ing title :] The Works of Mr. William

4 Si)«»lif6pciirf iilrmovtiil Htlirarj), Birmutgijam.

Shakefpeare. Volume the Seventh. Containing Venus & Adonis,
Tarquin & Lucrece And His Miscellany Poems. With Critical Remarks
on his Plays, ^c. to which is Prefix'd an Essay on the Art, Rife and
Progrefs of the Stage in Greece^ Rome and England. [By C. Gildon.]
London: Printed for E. Curll. [l vol. 8vo] 1710.

With Frontispiece and remarks on the Plays. "This volume is one of the piratical productions
of Edmund Curll. It was first intended to be passed off as the ic-ventli volume oi Rowe's
edition of Shakspeare. When Rowe published his second edition in 8 vols. 8vo, 17 14,
Curll seems to have altered his title-page to 'Volume the Ninth.' The 'Essay' is by Char'es
Gildon, whose criticisms and libels obtained for him a niche in the Dunciad." — Notes and
ISeries, 2nd series, vol. 12, p. 349. Errors in Pagination: p. 104 misprinted 16}
p. 225 — 125 ; pp. 228-29 — 128-29 ; pp. 301-302 omitted in pagination ; p. 461
misprinted 361.

23. The Works of Shakespear. Collated and Corrected by the
former Editions, by Mr. Pope. London : Printed for Jacob Tonson in
the Strand. [6 vols. 4to] 1723-25.

Has two Portraits by G. Vertue ; one with a large ruff, said by Boaden really to represent King
James ; the other as a part of the Monument at Stratford, (but very unlike the Bust now there,
specially as representing on the Bust a profusion of hair,) seems to be a rough copy of the
Chandos Portrait substituted for the one in the Monument. Has Pope's Preface, Rowe's Life
of Shakespeare, a List of Subscribers, and an Index of characters, sentiments, speeches and
descriptions. Vol. I is dated 1725; the other five vols, are dated 1723.

23^. [There is a seventh volume added, which is usually found with
this edition, printed in 1725, with the following title :] The Works of
Mr. IVilliam Shakespear. The Seventh Volume. Containing Venus and
Adonis, Tarquin and Lucrece, and Mr. Shakefpears Miscellany Poems.
To which is Prefix'd, Jn Essay on the Art, Rise, and Progress of the
Stage, in Greece, Rome, and England. Jnd a Glossary of the Old Words
us'd in thefe Works. The Whole RevisM and Corrected, with a Preface,
by Dr. Sewell. London ; Printed by Darby for Bettesworth, etc.

[i vol. 4to] 1725.

At the end of the Poems in this volume, (pp. 1-324,) the pagination recommences with p. 321
to 454, comprising "Remarks on the Plays of Shakespear" [by C. Gildon,] not mentioned
on the title-page.

24. The Works of Shakespear. Collated and Corrected by the
former Editions, by Mr. Pope. The Second Edition. London : Tonson.

[10 vols, duo.] 1728.

There are two Portraits, very unlike each other; one by Du Guernicr, a Medallion, surrounded
by Fame blowing a trumpet. Tragedy, Comedy, etc. The other professes to represent the
Monument at Stratford, but has a different Bust, as in the Edition of 1723-5. Plates by
Du Guernier and Fourdrinier, Preface by Pope, and Life by Rowe. "This edition is said
to contain additional notes and corrections." — Bohns Loivndes.

26. The Works of Shakespeare. Collated with the Oldeft Copies,
and Corre6led. With Notes, Explanatory, and Critical ; by Mr. Theobald.
London: Printed for Bettesworth, Hitch, etc. [7 vols. 8vo] 1733-

Has the Arlaud and Duchange Portrait; Preface, and List of Subscribers. "An edition of
considerable merit, notwithstanding the abuse of it by Pope and Warburton." "It appears,
(by reference to Mr. Tonson's books) that Theobald received £,(i^2. los. as his share of
profits on his various editions, of which in all no fewer than 12,860 copies were printed.
No other editor had gained so much. Rowe received only ^^36. los. ; Pope, £217.;
Warburton, ,^560. ; Dr. Johnson, £4.^0. ; and Capell, /C'i'^'^'- ■^"''"''^ Loiundcs.


iEuglisJ) iEUitious of SijaUcsiJfaicft astorfes. 5

27. The Works of Shakespeare. London : Tonson.

[8 vols, duo.] 1735.

Medallion Portrait of Shakespeare, surrounded by allegorical figures Plates by Fourdrinier, Du
Guernier, etc. The 8th vol. contains the doubtful Plays. The general title-page to each
volume has date 1635, but the titles to each of the Plays have dates 1734, etc. In this
Edition is an Advertisement, by Tonson, relating to Walker's "pirated editions." It says
" Whereas one R. Walker has propofed to Pirate all Shakefpear's Plays ; but through
"ignorance of what Plays are Shakefpear's, did, in feveral advertifements propofe to print
"Oedipus King of Thebes, as one of Shakefpear's Plays; and has fmce printed Tate's King
" Lear inftead of Shakespear's, and in that and Hamlet has omitted almoft one half of the
" Genuine Editions printed by Tonfon and Proprietors. The World will therefore judge how
"likely they are to have a compleat Colleftion of Shakefpear's Plays from the faid R. Walker."

29. The Works of Shakespear. Carefully Revised and Corrected
by the former Editions, [by SirT. Hanmer,] and Adorned with Sculptures
defigned and executed by the beft hands. [Hayman, Gravelot, etc.]
Oxford: Printed at the Theatre. [o vols. 410] 1743-44.

Portrait from the Chandos, H. Gravelot, sculp. Copy of the Monument in Westminster
Abbey, H. Gravelot, delin. et sculp. Copy of the Monument at Stratford, altered as in Pope's
Edition, H. Gravelot, sculp. Prefaces by Hanmer and Pope. Life by Rowe. " This
edition, though founded on Pope's, and wilder even in conjectural criticism, rose to the value
of ;^io. los. before it was reprinted in 1770-71, while Pope's six quartos were at the same
period sold off at Tonson's sale for i6s. per copy." — Bohri's Lcnvndes.

30. The Works of Shakespeare. Carefully Revised and Corrected
by the former Editions. London : Knapton, Longman, etc.

[6 vols. 8vo] 1745.

"This edition is exactly copied from that lately printed in Sluarto at Oxford ; but the editor of
that [Hanmer] not having thought proper to point out the Alterations he has made
from the former Copies, we were advifed to mark thofe Paffages in the Text thus ' *, and
place the difcarded Readings at the bottom of the Page, tta.'"— Extract from "Ad-rjerthement."
Portrait, by Arlaud, engraved by Duchange. With Preface from Hanmer's Edition, Preface
by Pope, and Life by Rowe.

31. The Works of Shakespear. The Genuine Text (collated with
all the former Editions, and then correiled and emended) is here fettled :
Being reftored from the Blunders of the firft Editors, and the Interpolations
of the two Laft : with a Comment and Notes, Critical and Explanatory.
By Mr. Pope and Mr. Warburton. London : J. and P. Knapton, etc.

[8 vols. 8vo] 1747.

Has Portrait engraved by Vertue ; Prefaces by Warburton and Pope, and Life by Rowe. "This
edition, founded on Pope's, is thought to be the worst of all, and was never esteemed. The
editor does little more than make his author a stalking-horse for the display of his own
learning, though some of his conjectures and illustrations are happy."- — Bohns Loivndes. At
the end of the eighth volume is an "Index of the Characters, Sentiments, Similes, Speeches
and Descriptions in Shakespeare^

32. The Works of Shakespear. With a Glossary. Carefully
printed from the Oxford [Hanmer's] Edition, 1744. London: Printed

for J. and P. Knapton. [9 vols, duo.] 1747.

Portrait from the Chandos, Preface, Life by Rowe, and the Preface by Pope. Also a copy of
the Monument in Westminster Abbey.

35. The Works of Shakespear. With a Glossary. Carefully

6 SijaUcspeare iWanon'al 3Ltl)rari), Bt'rmingijam.

printed from the Ox/ord Edition^ 1744- London: Printed for Knapton,
etc. [9 duo.] 1750-1.

Portrait, altered from the Chandos Picture by Vander Gucht. This impression of the Portrait
looks to the left ; those in Theobald's Editions, to the right. Has Pope's Preface and Rowe's
Life. Vols. I and 9 have date 1751, the rest 1750.

36. The Works of Shakespeare : Collated with the Oldeft Copies,
and Corrected : with Notes, Explanatory, and Critical : by Mr. Theobald.
The Third Edition. London : Knapton^ Birt^ Longman., etc.

[8 vols, duo.] 1752.

Portrait, altered from the Chandos, (looking to the right,) engraved by Vander Gucht. Plates
by Gravelot, engraved by Vander Gucht. Has Preface, etc. Bobns Lotvndes says this is
the second Edition with new title-page.

38. The Works of Shakespeare : Collated with the Oldeft Copies,
and Correiled : with Notes, Explanatory, and Critical : By Mr. Theobald.
London : Printed for Hitch, Hawes, etc. [8 vols, duo.] 1757.

With Portrait, engraved by Vander Gucht, Plates by Gravelot, and Preface.

41. The Works of Shakespeare : Collated with the Oldeft Copies,
and CorrecSled : with Notes, Explanatory, and Critical : by Mr. Theobald.
London: Printed for Hitch, Hawes, etc. [8 vols, duo.] 1762.

Portrait, altered from the Chandos Picture by Vander Gucht. Plates by Gravelot and Vander
Gucht. Has Preface, etc.

42. The Plays of William Shakespeare, with the Corrections and
Illustrations of Various Commentators ; to which are added Notes by
Sam. Johnson. London: Tonson, etc. [8 vols. 8vo] 1765.

Portrait engraved by Vertue. Has Johnson's Preface, The Players' Preface [Heminge and
Condell], and the Prefaces by Pope, Theobald, and Warburton. Life of Shakespeare by
Rowe. " Though this edition disappointed public expectation, which had been highly raised,
it was acknowledged to be superior to any of its predecessors, and the Preface commanded
universal admiration." — Bohn's Loivndes. "The Preface to his Shakespeare certainly is far
superior to his other introductory discourses, both fuller of matter and more elaborate. His
remarks on the great dramatist are generally speaking sound and judicious j many of them

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