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3763. The Winter's Tale. By Shakespear. London : Printed by
R. Walker at Shake/pear's Head. [i vol. duo.] 1735.

3768. The Winter's Tale, a Play. Altered from Shakespear. By
Charles Marsh. London : Printed for Charles Marsh.

[i vol. 8vo] 1756.

3770. Florizel and Perdita. A Dramatic Paftoral, In Three Acts.
Altered from The Winter's Tale of Shakespear. By David Garrick. As
it is performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane. London : Printed
for J. and R. Tonson, in the Strand. [l vol. 8vo] 1758.

3785. The Winter's Tale, a Tragedy^ by Shakespeare^ as performed
at the Theatres Royal. Regulated from the Prompt-Books, By Permission
of the Managers. With an Litroduction, and Notes Critical and Illus-
trative. London: J. Barker. [1 vol. duo.] 1794.

3794. The Winter's Tale ; a Play, in Five Acts ; By William
Shakspeare. As performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Printed
under the Authority of the Managers from the Prompt Book. With
Remarks by Mrs. Inchbald. [Inchbald's British Theatre, vol. 3.] London :
Longman. [i vol. duo.] 1808.

3797. Shakspeare's Winter's Tale ; A Play ; adapted to the Stage
by J. P. Kemble ; and now first published as it is acted at The Theatre
Royal in Covent Garden. London : Printed for the Theatre.

[i vol. 8vo] 181 1.

92 Sljaftcspcarr fttcmorial Utiirari?, Btrmtitgijam.

3805. The Winter's Tale. A Play; By W. Shakspeare. With
Prefatory Remarks^ [signed P.P.] As it is performed at the Theatres
Royal. [Oxberry''s New English Drama, vol. 19.] London. Simplcin, etc.

[i vol. duo.] 1823.
3817. Shakespeare's Play of The Winter's Tale, arranged for Repre-
sentation at the Princess's Theatre, with Historical and Explanatory Notes,
by Charles Kean. As first performed on Monday, April 28th, 1856.
Second Edition. London : J. K. Chapman.

[i vol. 8vo, N.D., about 1856.]

3819. Perdita or the Royal Milkmaid Being the Legend upon
which Shakespeare is supposed to have founded his Winter's 7"ale A
New and Original Burlesque by William Brough. London. T. H. Lacy.

[i vol. duo., N.D., about 1856.]

3821. Zapolya. [Dramatic Works of S. T. Coleridge.] London :
Moxon. [i vol. 8vo] 1857.

"The form of the following dramatic poem is in humble imitation of the Winter's Tale of
Shakspeare, except that I have called the first part a Prelude instead of a first Act, as a
somewhat nearer resemblance to the plan of the ancients." — Adverthement.

3824. The Winter's Tale. A Play, in Five Acts. Written by
William Shakspeare. With Original Casts, Costumes, and the whole of
the Stage Business, correctly marked and arranged, by Mr. J. B. Wright,
Assistant Manager of the Boston Theatre. Boston : William V. Spencer.

[1 vol. duo., N.D., about 1859.]

3832. A Winter's Tale. By William Shakespere. Arranged for
Representation at the Prince's Theatre, Manchester, by Charles Calvert.
Manchester: John Heywood. [i vol. 8vo, n.d., about 1869.]

With a Preface and Archaeological Notes.

3834. The Winter's Tale : a Play, in Five Acts^ by William
Shakespeare, with Remarks by D. — G. [George Daniel.] Cumberland's
British Theatre. T. H. Lacy, London, [i vol. duo., n.d., about 1870.]

3838. Shakspeare's Comedy of A W^inter's Tale. With Notes
Critical and Explanatory. By the Rev. John Hunter, M. A. London:
Longmans. [l vol. duo.] 1872.

iEuglisi) ISDitions of tljc Separate |Jlag»» 93

^Ia»s ^scnlicD to Sijalicspeave.

; lamentable and true Tra
Kent."' Knight.

A sketch of this Play will be found in Knight's Pictorial S/iahpt-re, 1843, vol. 8, pp. 257-276.

"In 1592 was first published 'The lamentable and true Tragedie of M. Arden of Feversham In

Kent."' Knight.

CIjc ^rrattjitmcnt of ^Bart^.

"In 1584 was printed, without the author's name, T/ie Aruygnement of Parish Dyce.

The Araygnement of Paris A Pastor all. Presented before the
^leenes Maiestie^ by the Children of her Chappell huprinted at London by
Henrie Marsh. Anno. 1584.

In The Works of George Peele. With Memoir of the Author and Notes by the Rev. Alexander

Dyce. London: Routledge. [i vol. 8vo] 1861.
" This piece is included in Capell's Collection, among the doubtful plays ; but from an epistle to

Greene's Arcadia, it appears that it was written by George Peele." Bobni Luivndes.

myt 38trff) of ^nttit.

"The first known edition of this play was published in 1662." Knight.

"Shakespeare is said, on the title page, to have assisted in this play, which is not probable, from

the poorness of the composition." H.'^lliwell.
A sketch of this Play will be found in Knight's Pictorial Shakspcre, 1843, vol. 8, pp. 3 1 1-3 14.

The Play is reprinted in Tauchnitz's Edition of the " Doubtful Plays of William Shakespeare,"

Leipzig, 1869.

38ottom fljE WittCotx.

The Merry conceited Humors of Bottom the Weaver. See Midsummer Night's Dream, Nos. 2295

and 2300, pp. 71-72.

CIjc JBouijIc JTal^rijooir.
3911. Double Falfhood ; or, The Distrest Lovers. A Play, As it
is Aded at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. Written Originally by
IV. Shakespeare ; And now Revifed and Adapted to the Stage By Mr.
Theobald, the Author of Shakefpeare Rejiord. London: Printed by
J. Watts. [I vol. 8vo] 1728.

With reasons for ascribing this Play to Shakespeare. " Malone attributes this play to Massinger,
Farmer to Shirley, and Reed to Theobald himself." Bohn'i Lowndes.

94 Sl)afe(spearc fWemortal ILitrari?, Birmtngibam.

"'The Raigne of King Edward the third' . . was first published in 1596." Knight.

The Raigne of King Edward the third : As it hath bin fundr'ie
times plaied about the Citie of London. London, Printed for Cuthbert
Burby. I59^-

Reprint, in Prolusiom j or, feleSi Pieces of antient Poetry. [Edited by Edward Capell.] London :
Printed for J. and R. Tonson. [l vol. 8vo] 1760.

•'That it was indeed written by Shakespeare, it cannot be faid with candour that there is any
external evidence Jt all : iomething of proof arises from resemblance between the ftile ot his
earlier performances and of the work in queftion ; and a more conclufive one yet from
confideration of the time it appear'd in, in which there was no known writer equal to luch a
play." Capell.

"If the play is not Shakspeare's, as the English critics maintain, then truly it is a disgrace to
them not to have done anything to rescue from forgetfulness this second Shakspeare — this
twin brother of their great poet." Ulrici : Shakspeare's Dramatic Art, 1846, p. 457.

"FaireEm . . was published in 1631.'" Knight.
A sketch of this Play will be found in Knight's Pictorial Shakspere, 1843, vol. 8, pp. 301-305.

Cljr dTtfH) 0f i!5ol)rml3rr.
3961. The Fifth of November ; or, The Gunpowder Plot. An
Historical Play, supposed to be written by William Shalcspeare. London :
Baldwin and Cradock, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 1830.

The Advertisement says: "This Play is supposed to have been written by Shakspeare during the
short period between his retirement into the country and his death, in 1616, and about ten
years after the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot. The reasons of it not being published in
his lifetime are sufficiently obvious."

(f5rorgc-a -

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