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to publi/h the foregoing fheets, before he could have time to compleat the whole ; the re-
mainder of this work, containing fimilar remarks on the other five volumes of Dr. Johnfon's
Commentary, together with a Review of his Preface, will be publifhed with all convenient
fpeed. " — Ad-vertisement.

"A very illiberal and virulent attack." — Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3, p. 2316.

4939. A Vocabulary, or Pocket Di6tionary. To which is prefixed,
a Compendious Grammar of the English Language. Birmingham ; Printed
by John Baskerville. [i vol. duo.] 1765.

Contains references to Shakespeare.

4940. A Defence of Mr. Kenrick's Review of Dr. Johnson's
Shakespeare : Containing a number of Curious and Ludicrous Anecdotes
of Literary Biography. By a Friend. [Dr. Kenrick.] . . . London, Bladon.

[i vol. 8vo] 1766.

4941. Observations and Conjectures upon some Passages of Shake-
speare. [By Thomas Tyrwhitt.] Oxford^ Clarendon Press.

[i vol. 8vo] 1766^

4942. An Essay on the Learning of Shakespeare : Addressed to
Joseph Cradock, Efq ; by Richard Farmer, M.A. . . . Ca7nbridge :
Printed by J. Archdeacon. [i vol. Bvo] 1767.

Other Editions.
Second Edition, with large Additions. . . . Cambridge: Archdeacon, [i vol. 8vo] 1767.
This copy has some MS. Notes by Bishop Mant, with autograph, " R. Mant, Oriel
Coll. 1802."
Third Edition. , . . London: Longman, [i vol. 8vo] 1789.
London : T. and H. Rodd. [i vol. 8vo] 1821.

4943. A Letter to David Garrick, Efq. Concerning a Glossary to
The Plays of Shakespeare, On a more extenfive Plan than has hitherto
appeared. To which is annexed, a Specimen. [By Richard Warner.]
London, Printed for the Author. [i vol. Bvo] 1768.

The Specimen of the Glossary comprises words under the letter A. "The original manuscript
of this work is in the British Museum. — MS. Addit. 10,544." . . . The Glossary referred
to was " never published. The original manuscript, consisting of seventy-one volumes in
quarto and octavo, is preserved in the British Museum, MS. Addit. 10,472 to 10,542."
Halliwell : Shakesperiana, 1841, p. 24.

4944. A Key to the Drama ; or. Memoirs, Intrigues, and Atchieve-
ments. Of Personages, who have been chofen by the moft celebrated
Poets, as the fitted Characters for Theatrical Representations. . . .
Vol. I. Containing the Life, Charadler, and fecret Hiftory of Macbeth.

iSnfllisi) Sfiafefspranana. 191

By a Gentleman, No profefled Author, but a Lover of Hiftory, and of
the Theatre. London: Printed for the Author. [i vol. duo.] 1768.

Vol. I ; all published.

4945. Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of King Richard the
Third. By Mr. Horace Walpole. . . . London : J. Dodsley.

[i vol. 4to] 1768-

4946. An Answer to Mr. Horace Walpole's late Work, entitled,
Hiftoric Doubts on the Reign and Life of King Richard the Third ; or,
An Attempt to confute him from his ow^n Arguments. By F. W.
G[uidickins] of the Middle Temple. . . . London : B. White.

[i vol. 4to] 1768.

4947. Theatrical Entertainments consistent with Society, Morality,
and Religion. In a Letter to the Author of " The Stage the High Road
to Hell." Shewing That Writer's Arguments to be fallacious, his Prin-
ciples enthufiaftic, and his Authorities (particularly from the Ancients)
mifconftrued and perverted. With a Counter-Dedication to the Rev-
Mr. Madan. . . . London, Baker and Leigh. [i vol. 8vo] 1768.

4948. An Essay on the Writings and Genius of Shakespear, com-
pared with the Greek and French Dramatic Poets. With some Remarks
Upon the Misrepresentations of Monf. de Voltaire. [By Mrs. Montagu.]
London : J. Dodsley, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 1769.

"According to T. Warton, the most elegant and judicious piece of criticism this age has pro-
duced." Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3, p. 2317.

" We must confess that we have more sympathy with Voltaire's earnest attack upon
Shakspere than with Mrs. Montagu's maudlin defence." Knight : Studies of Shakspere,
1851, p. 542.

Other Editions.
Second Edition. London : Dodsley, etc. [i vol.] 1770.
Third Edition. London, E. and C. Dilly. [i vol. 8vo] 1772.
Fourth Edition. To which are now firft added, Three Dialogues of the Dead. By

Mrs. Montagu. London : E. and C. Dilly, [i vol. 8vo] 1777.
Fifth Edition, Correfted. London: Dilly. [i vol. 8vo] 1785.
Sixth Edition, Corrected. London: Priestley, [i vol. 8vo] 1810.

4949. Judith, a Sacred Drama: As performed in the Church of
Stratford upon Avon, On Occafion of the Jubilee Held there, September
6, 1769, In Honour of the Memory of Shakespeare. The Words by
Mr. [Isaac] Bickerstaff, The Music by Dr. Arne. London : Printed for
W. Griffin. Price \s. [i vol. 4to, n. d., about 1769.]

This volume does not contain the Music. Has autograph of Robt. Bell Wheler,

4950. Shakefpeare's Jubilee, A Masque. By George Saville Carey,
London : Printed for T. Becket, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 1769.

4951. An Ode upon Dedicating a Building, and Erecting a Statue,

192 S)|)akf0pearc iHfmonal Uifimrt), 15inninfltam.

to Shakespeare, at Stratford upon Avon. By D[avid] G[arrick]. London :
Printed for T. Becket. [i vol. 4to] 1769.

At the end of the " Ode " are printed " Testimonies to the Genius and Merits of Shakespeare. "
" After all the expcnce, fatigue, and difappointment, 1 candidly aclcnowledge that we were
overpaid by the fingle recitation of the ode. This part of the Jubilee was lo thoroughly
admirable, and gave fo perfedl a fatisfadlion, that I fhould not hefitate at another Stratford
expedition merely to hear it, and I am fatisfied the majority of the company are entirely of
my fentiment." London Cbronkle, Sept, 14, 1769.

4952. Shakespeare's Garland. Being a Collection of New Songs,
Ballads, Roundelays, Catches, Glees, Comic-Serenatas, &c. Performed at
the Jubilee at Sratford upon Avon. The Musick by Dr. Arne, Mr. Bartheli-
mon, Mr. Ailwood, and Mr. Dibdin. London : T. Becket, and P. A.
de Hondt. [i vol. 8vo] 1769.

4953. Shakespears-yubileCy . . . Stratford upon Avon. . . . Ticket
[of Admission] to Oratorio. . . . Ode. Ball, and . . . Fireworks. One
Guinea. No. 1194. [8vo] 1769.

4954. Man and Wife ; or, the Shakespeare Jubilee. A Comedy,
of Three Acts, As it is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent
Garden. . . . [By George Colman.] London, Becket and Co.

[i vol. 8vo] 1770.

4955. Trinculo's Trip to the Jubilee. Inscribed to John Stevenson
Hall, Efq ; By Mr. Thompson. . . The Second Edition. London : Printed
for C. Moran, etc. [i vol. 4to] 1770.

4956. Imitations of Shakespear and Spencer. i770'

In Miscellanies; by John Armstrong, M. D. London, Cadell. [2 vols. 8vo] 1770. Vol. I,

pp. 14.3-166.
For earlier Edition, see No. 4924.

4957. The Dramatic Censor ; or. Critical Companion. [By Francis
Gentleman.] . . . London : J. Bell. [2 vols. 8vo] 1770.

Contains criticisms on Richard III, Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, Romeo and Juliet, Merchant
of Venice, King Lear, As You Like It, Julius Cjesar, Cymbeline, King John, Much ado
about Nothing, Henry V, Henry IV j also a " Summary View of the Mod Known Dramatic
Writers," including Shakespeare.

4958. Dramatic Genius. [By Paul Hiffernan.

I vol. 4to, N. D., about 1770.]

Contains a " Plan of a permanent Temple, to be eredled to the Memory of Shakespeare, in a
Claffical Tafte ; with Inscriptions [consisting of Poems on various Plays, in English and
Latin] and Decorations, fuitable to the Objedt chofcn."

Another Edition.
Second Edition. London : T. Becket, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 1772.

4959. Writings and Genius of Shakespear. ... [By Mrs. Mon-
tagu.] Second Edition. London: Dodsley, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 1770.

For other Editions, see p. 191.

3£n0li0fj Sfjattrsprnrianfl. 193

4960. The Theatres. A Poetical Dissection. By Sir Nicholas
Nipclose, Baronet. . . . London: Bell. [i vol. 4to] 1771.

Contains references to Shakespeare.

4961. Dramatic Genius. ... By Hiffernan. . . . Second Edition.
London : T. Becket, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 1772.

For earlier Edition, see No. 4958.

4962. Writings and Genius of Shakespear. . . . [By Mrs. Mon-
tagu.] Third Edition. London, E. and C. Dilly. [i vol. 8vo] 1772.

For other Editions, see p. 19 1.

4963. Theatrical Biography : or, Memoirs of the Principal Per-
formers of the Three Theatres Royal. Drury-Lane. . . . Covent-
Garden. . . . Hay-market. . . . Together with Critical and impartial
Remarks on their refpective profeffional Merits. London : S. Bladon.

[2 vols. sm. 8vo] 1772.

4964. The Origin of the English Drama, illustrated in its various
Species, viz. Mystery, Morality, Tragedy, and Comedy, by Specimens
from our earliest Writers : With Explanatory Notes By Thomas Hawkins,
M. A. . . . Oxford, Printed at the Clarendon Press. [3 vols. Svo] 1773.

From a passage in the preface it appears that Thomas Hawkins, the Editor of this Work,
superintended the new Edition of Sir Thomas Hanmer's Shakespeare. [? the quarto Edition
of 1770-71.]

Contains Reprints of the folloiving Plays :

Vol. I. Candlemas-day, or the Killing of the Children of Israel. Every-Man. Hycke-
Scorner. Lusty Juventus. Gammer Gurton's Needle. King Cambises.

Vol. 2. The Spanish Tragedy. David and Bethsabe. Soliman and Perseda.* Ferrex
and Porrex.

Vol. 3. Supposes.-j- Satiro-Mastix, or The Untrussing of the Humorous Poet: By
Thomas Dekker. The Return from Parnassus. Wily Beguiled.

* " Shakefpeare has frequently quoted paffages out of this play, as the reader nuill objer-ve.^'' —

+ " Recommended to us not only on account of its antiquity, being the first play ivritten in profe, in
our language, but as ha-ving layed the foundation for Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew." —

4965. Introduction to the School of Shakespeare ; Held, on Wed-
nefday Evenings, In the Apollo, at the Devil Tavern, Temple Bar. To
which is added a Retort Courteous on the Criticks, As delivered at the
Second and Third Ledures. [By W. Kenrick, LL. D.] London:
Printed for the Author. [i vol. Svo, n.d., about 1773.]

There is an "Addition to the Retort Courteous," occupying pp. 31-39.

4966. Shakespear. Rara avis in terris. Juv. [By Kenrick Prescott.
Cambridge: Privately Printed. i vol. 4to, 1774.]

4967. A Philosophical Analysis and Illustration of Some of Shake-
speare's Remarkable Characters. By Wm. Richardson, Efq. Professor

194 Stiakfspearc iHcmorial Eitrari?, 13itminflf)am.

of Humanity in the University of Glasgow. The Second Edition, cor-
re6ted. London : J. Murray. [i vol. sm. 8vo] 1774.

Treats chiefly of" Macbeth, Hamlet, Jaques, and Imogen.

"This book has gone, with the appendage of new characters, through many editions;
and is allied, moreover, to Essays on this and that Shaksperean thing, and a ' perilous shot '
indeed in ' An Essay on the Faults of Shakespeare." Knight : Studies of Shakespere, 1851,

P- 555- ^ , ^,. .

Other hdttions.

Second Edition, correfted. London : J. Murray, [i vol. sm. 8vo] 1775.

New Edition, corrected. London : J. Murray, [i vol. sm. 8vo] 1780.

Third Edition, corrected. London : J. Murray. [l vol. sm. 8vo] 1784.

With an Essay on the Faults of Shakespeare. Boston : Munroe, etc. [i vol. duo.] 1808.

In addition to the abo-ve Editions, this Work is included in the folhtving : —
Essays on some of Shakespeare's Dramatic Characters. . . , By IV. Richardson. Fifth

Edition. London : J. Murray, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 1798.
Sixth Edition : London : S. Bagster. [i vol. 8vo] 18 12.

4968. Cursory Remarks on Tragedy, on Shakespear, and on certain
French and Italian Poets, principally Tragedians. . . . [By Edward
Taylor.] London : Printed for W. Owen. [i vol. 8vo] 1774-

"This is said by some to be written by W. Richardson." Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3,
p. 2318.

" This work, though it dropped into oblivion, was the performance of W. Richardson. . . .
There can be no doubt of the paternity of this production." — Knight: Studies of Shakspere,
1851, pp. 554-5-

4969. The History of English Poetry, from the Close of the Eleventh
to the Commencement of the Eighteenth Century. To which are pre-
fixed. Two Dissertations. L On the Origin of Romantic Fiction in
Europe, n. On the Introduction of Learning into England. By
Thomas Warton, B. D. . . . London : J. Dodsley, etc.

[3 vols. 4to] 1774-81.

"To this [Third] Volume is prefixed a Third Dissertation On the Gesta Romanorum." It
contains, also, notes on the plots of some of Shakespeare's Plays.

After Vol. 3 follows a " Fragment of the Fourth Volume," pp. 1-88, with Index.
"In 1790 the author died, leaving behind him eleven fheets, or 88 pages, of a fourth
volume. ... As the hiftorian left it, fo it has remained."— Hazlitt : Preface to Edition of
1871, p. V.

Another Edition.
From the Twelfth to the close of the Sixteenth Century. . . . With a Preface by
Richard Price, and Notes Variorum. Edited by W. Carew Hazlitt. . . . London :
Reeves and Turner. [4 vols. 8vo] 1871.

4970. The Morality of Shakespeare's Drama Illustrated, ^y Mrs.
Griffith. . . . London: Printed for T. Cadell. [i vol. 8vo] 1775.

Another Edition,
Dublin : [?Beatty.] [2 vols, duo.] 1777.

4971. Twelve Portraits of Shakespeare's Characters. In Portfolio.
London: Mortimer. [i vol. fol.] 1775.

Portraits of Ophelia, Lear, Caliban, Falstaff, a Poet, Richard IL, Shylock, Beatrice, Cassandra,
Edgar, York, and Bardolph.

4972. Analysis of Shakespeare's Remarkable Characters. By
Richardson. Second Edition. London : Murray, [i vol. sm. 8vo] 1775.

For other Editions, sec above.

iEnglisf) S)?)a^fspcnnana. 195

4973. BeWs British Theatre, Confifting of the moft efteemed
English Plays. London : John Bell. [20 vols, duo.] 1776-80.

4974. A Lyric Ode on the Fairies, Aerial Beings, and Witches of
Shakespeare. London: J. Wilkie. [i vol. 410] 1776.

4975. A Letter to George Hardinge, Esq. on the Subject of a
Passage in Mr. Stevens's Preface to his Impression of Shakespeare. . . .
London: Sibthorp. [i vol. 4to] 1777.

"This Tract is by some attributed to the Rev. Mr. Collins of Hertfordshire." Bohn's
Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3, p. 2319.

4976. The Morality of Shakespeare's Drama Illustrated. By Mrs.
Griffith. Dublin: [?Beatty.] [2 vols, duo.] 1777.

For earlier Edition, see No. 4970.

4977. Writings and Genius of Shakespear. ... By Mrs.
Montagu. Fourth Edition. London : E. and C. Dilly.

[i vol. 8vo] 1777.

For 01 her Editions, see f. 191.

4978. An Essay on the Dramatic Character of Sir John Fahtaff.
[By Maurice Morgann.] . . . London: T. Davies. [i vol. Svo] 1777.

" This Essay forms a more honourable monument to the memory of Shakspeare than any
which has been reared to him by the united labours of his commentators." Symmons : Lije
of Milton, 1806, p. 82.

"The book is far above the age. The author is a thinker, and one who has been
taught to think by Shakspere." Knight : Studies of Shakspere, 1851, p. 555.

Other Editions.
London : T. Boys, [i vol. Svo] 1820.
London : C. and H. Baldwyn. [i vol. Svo] 1822.
New Edition. London : Wheatley and Adlard. [i vol. Svo] 1825.

4979. An Essay on the Character of Hamlet. As performed by
Mr. Henderson, at the Theatre Royal in the Hay-Market. [By
Frederick Pilon.] . . . London, W. Flexney.

[i vol. Svo, N.D., about 1777.]

"By Frederick Pilon, but ascribed to Thomas Davies in the Bodleian Catalogue," Bohn's
Lowndes, 1S64, vol. 3, p. 2319.

Another Edition.

4980. Second Edition. . . . London, W. Flexney.

[i vol. Svo, N.D., about 1777.]

4981. An Epistle from Shakespear to his Countrymen. . . . London :
Richardson, etc. [i vol. 4to] 1777.

4982. Sympathetic Love : Addrejfed to the Nightingale. By Spakes-
peare \_sic]. ^111'

In The Britiih Poets : Being Select Poems by . . .. Shakespear. , . . London : Lintot, etc.
[l vol. duo,] 1777. P. 124.

196 Sijafefsprnre i^fmonal Eibrarg, iStnntngfiam.

4983. A Letter from M. Voltaire to the French Academy : con-
taining an Appeal to that Society on the Merits Of the Englifh Dramatic
Poet Shakespeare : Read before the Academy on the Day of St. Louis,
MDCCLXXVI. Tranflated from the Original Edition, juft publiftied at
Paris. With a Dedication to the Marquis of Granby, and a Preface, by
the Editor. London: Bew. [i vol. 8vo] 1777.

4984. Ode : upon Dedicating a Building, and Erecting a Statue, to
Shakespeare, At Stratford upon Avon, Accompanied by The Ode, On
Dedicating a Building, and Erecting a Statue, to Le Stue, Cook to the
Duke of Newcastle, At Clermont ; With Notes by Martinus Scriblerus ;
And Testimonies to the Genius and Merits of Le Stue. I777-

In The Repository : A Select Collection of Fugitive Pieces of Wit and Humour, in Prose and
Verse. By the most eminent Writers. [Edited by Isaac Reed.] London : E. and C. Dilly.
[2 vols. sm. 8vo] 1777. Vol. I, pp. 63-99.
An unsavoury skit.

4985. The Three Conjurors, a Political Interlude. Stolen from
Shakespeare. As it w^as performed at fundry Places in Weftm'injler^ On
Saturday the 30th of Jprily and Sunday the ift of May. Moft humbly
dedicated to that diftrefled and unfortunate Gentleman, John Wilkes,
Esq ; Late Prifoner in the Tower, and late Colonel of the Militia for the
County of Buckingham, but still Member of Parliament for Aylesbury.
. . . London: E. Cabe. [i vol. 4to, n.d., about 1777.]

A Tragi-Coomodie, called The Witch, , . , by Middleton. [i -vol. ^-vo] 1778. See No. 4771.

4986. The Haunts of Shakespeare : A Poem. By William Pearce.
London : D. Browne. [i vol. 4to] 1778.

*' Six Stanzas of the foregoing Poem were printed about Seven Years ago." — p. 27.

4987. Avon an Elegy. Written during the Stratford Jubilee. 1778.

Jn Faringdon Hill. A Poem. . . . Second Edition, with Odes, Elegies, etc. By Henry
James Pye, Esq; Oxford: D. Prince, [i vol. 8vo] 1778. Pp. 74-5.

4988. Modern Characters for 1778. By Shakespear. . . . Second
Edition. London : D. Brown. [i vol. duo.] 1778.

Public Characters of the day, described by passages from Shakespeare. " Some of these
characters are admirably adapted." Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3, p. 2319.
In this copy many of the names are supplied in manuscript.

4989. Songs, Chorusses, &c. which are introduced in the New
Entertainment of the Jubilee, at the Theatre-Royal, in Drury-Lane.
London: T. Becket. [i vol. 8vo] 1778.

4990. Catalogue of Mr. Capell's Shakesperiana ; Prefented by him
to Trinity College Cambridge, and printed from an exa6t copy of his
own MS. [i vol. 8vo] 1779.

A copy of the following letter from G. Steevens is inserted : —

*' Dear Sir, As some of my friends have been desirous to borrow Mr. Capell's Catalogue,

iHnglisfj ^fjafepspearlana. 197

to save trouble, I have printed a few copies of it, and entreat your acceptance of one of
them. Let me beg you will keep it from the sight of any Bookseller, for otherwise it may
prove the means of raising Shaksperiana above ^^loo per cent.''

4991. Manuscript Notes on Shakespeare's Henry V.

[i vol. 4to, N.D., about 1779]

"These MS. notes are, I believe, in the hand-writing of Thomas Hall, the author of .in
alteration of the Comedy of Errors, 1779." Halliwell : MS. Note in the ■volume.

4992. A Collection and Selection of English Prologues and Epi-
logues. Commencing with Shakespeare, and concluding with Garrick. . . .
London: Fielding and Walker. [4 vols. 8vo] 1779.

4993. Six Old Plays, on which Shakspeare founded his Measure
for Measure. Comedy of Errors. Taming the Shrew. King John.
K. Henry IV. and K. Henry V. King Lear. London, Printed for
S. Leacroft: and fold by J. Nichols, etc. [2 vols. 8vo] 1779.

Contents: Promos and Cassandra. Menachmi. The Taming of a Shrew. The Troublesome
Reign of K. John. The Famous Victories of Henry V. The Chronicle History of
King Leir.

" Steevens also in 1779 ''fridered an acceptable service to the students of our dramatic
history, by the publication of 'Six old plays,'" etc. Knight: Studies of Shakspere, 1851,
p. 548.

4994. Notes and Various Readings to Shakespeare. [By Edward
Capell.] London : Printed by Henry Hughs /ir the Author.

[3 vols. 4to, N.D., about 1779-80.]

Vol. 3 has the following Title: — The School o/" Shakespeare : or, authentic ExtraBs from
di-vers Englifh Books, that ivere in Print in that Author s Time ; e-vidently jhnving from ivhence
his feveral Fables ivere taken, and jotne Parcel of his Dialogue: ^Ijo, further ExtraEls, from the
fame or like Books, ivhich or contribute to a due Underjianding of his JVritings, or gi-ve Light to the
Hijiory of his Life, or to the dramatic Hijiory of his Time. With a Preface, and Index of Books

4995. Memoirs of the Life of David Garrick, Efq. Interspersed
with Characters and Anecdotes of his Theatrical Contemporaries. The
whole forming a History of the Stage, which includes A Period of
Thirty-six Years. By Thomas Davies. . . . New Edition. London :
Printed for the Author [2 vols. Svo] 1780.

Another Edition.
Third Edition. London: Printed for the Author. [2 vols. Svo] 17S1.

4996. The Beauties of Shakespear. ... By Dodd. . . . Third
Edition. . . . London: J. Macgowan. [3 vols, duo.] 1780.

For other Editions, seep. 186.

4997. Original Collections on Shakespeare & Stratford-on-Avon,
by John Jordan, the Stratford Poet ; selected From the Original Manu-
scripts, written about the year 1780.

By J. O. Halliwell, Esq. London : Thomas Richards, [i vol. 4to] 1S64. Ten copies only
printed. This is No. 9.

198 Sfjalifspfare IHnnortal Hifirarj), ^trmingijam*

4998. Criticism on the Character and Tragedy of Hamlet. By
Henry Mackenzie. 1780.

In The Mirror. Numbers 99 and 100. April 18 and 22, 1780. Edinburgh : W.

Creech, fi vol. fol.] 1780.

Other Editions.
/« The Works of Henry Mackenzie. Edinburgh: Ballantyne. [8 vols. 8vo] 1808.

Vol. 4, pp. 37I-9S-
/n The British Essayists. . . . London: Rivington, etc. [38 vols, duo.] 1823. Vol.

29, pp. 248-60.

Supplement to the Edition of Shakspeare'' s Plays published in 1 77 8 By Samuel Johnson and George
Steepens. [Edited by E. Malone.] [2 vols. 8vo] 1 7 80. See English Editions, p. 8, No. 59 B.

4999. Analysis of Shakespeare's Remarkable Characters. By
Richardson. New Edition, Corrected. London : J. Murray.

[i vol. sm. 8vo] 1780.

For other Editions, see pp, 1 9 3-4.

5000. A Select Collection of Old Plays. Second Edition, Corrected
and Collated with the Old Copies, with Notes Critical and Explanatory
[by Isaac ReedJ. London, Printed by J. Nichols ; for J. Dodsley.

[12 vols. 8vo] 1780.

Contents :

Vol. I. Prefaces. God's Promises, by Vol. 7. Green's Tu Quoque, or the City

Bale. The Four P's, by Heywood. Ferrex Gallant, by Cooke. Albumazur, by Tomkis.

and Porrex, by Sackville, Buckhurst, and A Woman Kill'd with Kindness, by Hey-

Norton. Damon and Pithias, by Edwards. wood. A Match at Midnight, by Rowley.

New Custom. Fuimus Troes, the True Trojans, by Fisher.

Vol. 2. Gammer Gurton's Needle. Vol. 8. 'Tis Pity She's a Whore, by Ford.

Alexander and Campaspe, by Lyly. Tan- The Heir, by May. The Bird in a Cage, by

cred and Gismunda, by Wilmot. Cor- Shirley. The Jew of Malta, by Marlow.

nelia, by Kyd. Edward the Second, by The Wits, by Davenant.

Marlow, Vol. 9. The Gamester, by Shirley. Micro-

Vol. 3. George a Greene, the Pinner of cosmus, by Nabbes. The Muses Looking-

Wakefield. The First Part of Jeronymo, Glass, by Randolph. The City Match, by

The Spanish Tragedy, by Kyd. The Maine. The Queen of Arragon, by Habing-

Honest Whore, by Dekker, two Parts. ton.

Vol. 4. The Mal-content, by Marston. Vol. 10. The Antiquary, by Marmion.

All Fools, by Chapman. Eastward Hoe, by The Goblins, by Suckling. The Ordinary,

Chapman, Ben Jonson, and Marston. The by Cartwright. The Jovial Crew, or the

Revenger's Tragedy, by Tourner. The Merry Beggars, by Broome. The Old Couple,

Dumb Knight, by Machin. by May.

Vol. 5. The Miseries of Inforced Mar- Vol. 11. Andromana, or the Merchant's

riage, by Wilkins. Lingua, by Brewer. Wife, by Shirley. The Mayor of guin-

The Merry Devil of Edmonton. A Mad borough, by Middleton. Grim, the Collier of

World my Masters, by Middleton. Ram Croydon. The City Night-cap, by Daven-

Alley, or Merry Tricks, by Barry. port. The Parson's Wedding, by Killegrew.

Vol. 6. The Roaring Girl, or Moll Vol. 12. The Adventures of Five Hours,
Cutpurse, by Middleton and Dekker. The by Tuke. Elvira, by Digby, Earl of Bristol.
Widow's Tears, by Chapman. The White The Widow, by Jonson, Fletcher, and Mid-
Devil, or Vittoria Corombona, by Webster. dleton. Chichevache and Bycorne. Historia
The Hog hath lost his Pearl, by Tailor. Histrionica, an Historical Account of the
The Four Prentises of London, by Heywood. English Stage. Additional Notes. Index.

Supplementary Volume. With Illustrations and Notes by J. P. Collier. London :
Prowett. [i vol. 8vo] 1828-9.

Contents: — The Misfortunes of Arthur, by Hughes. The Downfall of Robert Earl of

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