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Huntington, by Munday. The Death of Robert Earl of Huntington, by Munday and
Chettle. A Woman is a Wtathercock, by Field. Amends for Ladies, by Field.

" This second Edition contains a single Play by Ford. . . . and three by Shirley, . . . not given
in the third Edition, having been thought unnecessary to reprint the Entire Works of those
writers, whose works had since been printed collectively — their withdrawal being supplied by
specimens of the writings of Lodge, R. Greene, T. Nash, G. Peele," — Bohn's Lowndes,
1S64, vol 3, p. 1883.

Another Edition.
A New Edition : with Additional Notes and Corrections, by the late Isaac Reed,
Octavius Gilchrist, and the Editor [John Payne Collier]. London: Prowett. [12
vols. 8vo.] 1825-7. For contents, see entry at the year 1825.

5001. Life of David Garrick. By Davies. Third Edition. Lon-
don : Printed for the Author. [2 vols. 8vo] 1781.

For earlier Edition, see No. +995.

5002. Letters on Several Subjects. By the Rev. Martin Sherlock,
A.M. . . . London: J. Nichols, etc. [2 vols. sm. 8vo] 1781.

Contains references to Shakespeare.

5003. A Collection of Poems by Several Hands. With Notes.
London: J. Dodsley. [6 vols. 8vo] 1782.

Contains : — On Shakspeare's Monument at Stratford upon Avon, by T. Seward, vol. 2, p. 315.
Blender's Ghost, by W. Shenstone, vol. 5, p. 61. Hamlet's Soliloquy, Imitated, byR. Jago,
vol. 5, p. 89. A Fit of the Spleen, in Imitation of Shakspeare, by B. Ibbot, vol. 5, p. 217.
The Tomb of Shakspeare, a Vision, by J. G. Cooper, vol. 5, p. 34.7. On the Birth-Day of
Shakspeare, a Cento, taken from his Works, by R. Berenger, vol. 6, p. 298.

5004. On Shakfpeare ; PaJJages in Shakfpeare explained. By D.
Jackson. 1783-

In Thirty Letters on Various Subjects. By D. Jackson, Efq. Printed for Wm. fVilson, Dublin.
[i vol. duo.] 1783. Pp. 76, 128. " By William Jackson." — Bohn's Lowndes, 1S64, vol. 3,
p. 2319. The error on the title-page is corrected in the Third Edition.

Another Edition.
Third Edition, with considerable Additions. London: T. Cadell. [i vol. 8vo] 1795.

A Second Appendix to Mr. Malcne's Supplement to the Last Edition of the Plays of Shakspeare
. . . London. [l -vol. 8'zs] 1783. See English Editions, p. 8, No. 59 B.

5005. Remarks, Critical and Illustrative, on the Text and Notes
of the Last Edition of Shakspeare. [By Joseph Ritson.] . . . London :
J. Johnson. [i vol. 8vo] 1783.

"On the edition published by Steevens in 1778. ... At the end of these 'Remarks'
were printed Proposals for Publishing the Plays of Shakespeare, in 8 vols. i2mo. from the
two first Folios. The orthography was to be reduced to a modern and uniform system,
with glossary, vocabulary, and index." — Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3, p. 2320.

5006. The Beauties o/'Shakefpeare Selected fro?n his Plays and Poems.
. . . Dublin Printed for the Company of Booksellers. [l vol. duo.] 1783.

Has Portrait of Shakespeare, apparently altered from the Chandos.

Other Editions.
Third Edition, corrected, revised and enlarged. London. Kearsley. [i vol. duo.] 1784.
Seventh Edition. London. Kearsley. [i vol. duo., n.d., about 1790.]
Stereotype Edition. London, VVdson. [i vol. duo.] 1810.
London, Wilson, [i vol. duo.] 181 1.
London: Sainsbury. [1 vol. duo.] 1830.

5007. Dramatic Micellanies : \sic\ consisting of Critical Observa-

200 Sljafefspcare J^flnncirial fLtbrarp, iSirmtng^am.

tions on several Plays of Shakspeare : with a Review of his Principal
Characters, and those of various eminent Writers, as represented By Mr.
Garrick, and other celebrated Comedians. With Anecdotes of Dramatic

Poets, Actors, Sec. By Thomas Davies London : Printed for the

Author. [3 vols. 8vo] 1784.

Contents : (So far as they relate to Shakespeare) —

Vol. I. King John. King Richard II. King Henry IV., First Part. King Henry IV.,

Second Part. King Henry VIII.
Vol. z. All's well that ends well. Macbeth. Julius Casfar. King Lear. Antony and

Vol. 3. Hamlet.

5008. Essays on Shakespeare's Dramatic Characters of Richard
the Third, King Lear, and Timon of Athens. To which are added,
an Essay on the Faults of Shakespeare ; and Additional Observations on
the Character of Hamlet. By Mr. Richardson . . . London: J. Murray.

[i vol. sm. 8vo] 1784.

See Note, to No. 4967, />. 194.

5009. A Philosophical Analysis ... of some of Shakespeare's Re-
markable Characters. By Richardson . . . The Third Edition, Cor-
rected. London: J. Murray. [i vol. sm. 8vo] 1784.

For other Editions, see p. 1 93.

5010. The Beauties of Shakfpeare. . . . Third Edition. . . . London.
Kearsley. [i vol. duo.] 1784.

For other Editions, see p. 199.

5011. The Immortality of Shakespeare. In which is introduced
An Episode. London: Highley. [i vol. 4to] 1784.

5012. Retnarks on the laji edition of Shakfpere's Plays., "^ll^- ^7
Robert Heron, Efq. 1785.

In Letters of Literature. By Robert Heron, Efq. . . . London, Robinson, [i vol. 8vo]
1785. Pp 105-16, 162-78, 301-15.

"Generally attributed to Pinkerton." — Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 2, p. 1054.

5013. An Essay on the Writings and Genius of Shakespear. . . .
Fifth Edition. ... By Mrs. Montagu. London : C. Dilly.

[i vol. 8vo] 1785.

For other Editions, see p. 19 1.

5014. Remarks on some of the Characters of Shakespeare. By the
Author of Ohferuations on Modern Gardening. [Thomas Whately.]
London : T. Payne and Son. [i vol. 8vo] 1785.

Chiefly on Macbeth and Richard III.

Another Edition.
Second Edition. Oxford, Parker, [i vol. sm. 8vo] 1808.

5015. Macbeth Reconsidered; an Essay: intended as an Answer to

iSnglisf) 5t)akfspeartana. 201

part of the Remarks on some of the Characters of Shakspeare. [By John
Philip Kemble.] London: T. and J. Egerton. [i vol. 8vo] 1786.

5016. Critical Remarks on the Character of Falstaff. By Henry
Mackenzie. [The Lounger, Nos. 68-9.] 1786.

/« The Works of Henry Mackenzie. Edinburgh: Ballantyne. [8 vols. 8vo] 1808. Vol.6,
pp. 148-70.

5017. A Fragment on Shakspeare, Extracted from Advice to a
Young Poet, By the Rev. Martin Sherlock. Translated from the French.
London, Robinson. [i vol. 8vo] 1786.

5018. An Essay on the Pre-eminence of Comic Genius : with Ob-
servations on the feveral Characters Mrs. Jordan has appeared in. . . .
London^ T. Becket. [i vol. sm. 8vo] 1786.

Contains references to Shakespeare.

5019. A Concordance to Shakespeare : suited to all the Editions, in
which the distinguished and parallel Passages in the Plays of that justly
admired Writer are methodically arranged. To which are added, Three
Hundred Notes and Illustrations, entirely new. [By Andrew Becket]
London: Robinson. [i vol. 8vo] 1787.

5020. Prose on Several Occasions ; accompanied with some Pieces
in Verse. By George Colman. . . . [Vol. 2 only.] London : T. Cadel.

[i vol. 8vo] 1787.

Contains : — Notes on Johnson's Shakefpeare, pp. 59-76. Reflections on the old English
Dramatic Writers, pp. 107-150. Remarks on Shylock's Reply to the Senate of Venice, pp.
189-202. Etc.

5021. Songs, Chorusses, &c. which are introduced in the New
Entertainment of the Jubilee, at the Theatre-Royal, in Drury-Lane.
London: T.Beckett. [i vol. 8vo] 1787.

5022. Imperfect Hints towards a new Edition of Shakespeare,
written chiefly in the Year 1782. [By Samuel Felton.] . . . London: J.
Walter, Logographic Press. [2 vols. 4to] 1787-8.

5023. Essays on Shakespeare' s Dramatic Character of Sir John
Falstaff", and on his Imitation of Female Characters. To which are
added, some General Observations on the Study of Shakespeare. By
Mr. Richardson. . . . London: J. Murray. [i vol. sm. 8vo] 1788.

5024. The Quip Modest; a Few Words by way of Supplement to
Remarks^ Critical and Illustrative^ on the Text and Notes of the Last Edition
of Shakspeare ; occasioned by a Republication of that Edition, Revised and

202 St)afefspearc iHcmonal ?Litirarg, ijtrmtngijam.

Augmented by the Editor of Dodsleys Old Plays. [By Joseph Ritson.] . . .
London: Johnson. [i vol. 8vo] 1788,

This copy has the exceedingly rare cancelled leaf in which Ritson, in a note, styles George
Steevens an " infamous scoundrel," and predicts his speedy coming to the gallows. The note
was afterwards altered into a milder, but sarcastic form. This copy has both leaves, contain-
ing each note, and contains, indeed, two editions of the Preface, differing in several parti-
culars. [See p, vii. of Preface. ]

5025. An Essay on the Learning of Shakespeare. Third Edition . . .
By Farmer . . . London: Longman. [i vol. 8vo] 1789.

For other Edithm, see p. 190.

5026. Cursory Remarks on Shakspeare. [By Philip Neve.] 1789.

In Cursory Remarks on some of the Ancient English Poets, particularly Milton. [By Philip
Neve.] London, [i vol. 8vo] 1789. Pp. 29-30.

Refers principally tojohnson's Edition of Shakespeare.

"Two hundred copies of this volume, consisting of 146 pages, were printed for presents,
without the author's name being affixed." — Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3, p. 2321.

5027. The Bee ; or, a Companion to the Shakespeare Gallery :
containing a Catalogue-Raisonne of all the Pictures ; vi\x\\ Comments,
Illustrations, and Remarks. . • . London : T. Cadell.

[i vol. 8vo, N.D., about 1789.]

"By H. Repton." — Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3, p. 2309.

5028. A Catalogue of the Pictures in the Shakspeare Gallery^ Pall-
Mail. London: Sold at the Place of Exhibition. [i vol. 8vo] 1789.

with Preface by John Boydell, containing a Prospectus of his Edition of Shakespeare. The
list of 34 pictures includes Paintings by West, Fuseli, Opie, etc., with Descriptive Text from

Other Editions.
London: H. Baldwin, [i vol. 8vo] 1790.
London : Printed for the Proprietors, [i vol. 8vo] 1796.

5029. A Short Criticism on the Performance of Hamlet by Mr.
Kemble. London: T. Hookham. [i vol. 8vo] 1789.

5030. An Index to the Remarkable Passages and Words made use
of by Shakspeare ; calculated to point out the different meanings to which

the words are applied. By the Rev. Samuel Ayscough, F. S. A

London: Stockdale. [i vol. 8vo] 1790.

Another Edition.
Dublin: W.Jones, [i vol. 8vo] 1791.

5031. Memoirs And Hiftorical Accounts of the families, of Shake-
fpeare (alias Shakefpere) And Hart. Deduced from an early period and
continued down to this prefent Year 1790. By John Jordan of Stratford
upon Avon. With Drawings of their Dwelling Houfes, and Coats of
Arms. [Manuscript, i vol. 4to, n.d., about 1790.]

5032. Original Anecdotes respecting the Stage, and the Actors of

iSttgltieif) Si^altfspfariana. 203

the Old School, with Remarks on Mr. Murphy's « Life of Garrick."
By Tate Wilkinson, Esq. London: J. Wright.

[i vol. 8vo, N.D., about 1790.]

Reprinted from the Monthly Mirror. Only 12 copies taken in this form.
Contains references to Shakespeare.

5033. 77;^ Beauties o/Shakspeare; Selected from his Works ....

Seventh Edition London. Kearsley.

[i vol. duo., N.D., about 1790.]

For other Editions, see p. 199.

5034. A Catalogue of the Pictures, &c., in the Shakspeare Gallery^
Pall-Mail. ZoW(7«; Baldwin. [i vol. 8vo] 1790.

For other Editions, see p. 202.

5035. Sonnets from Shakespeare. By Albert. [The Rev. John
Armstrong.] . . . London: J. Debrett. [i vol. 8vo] 1791.

''These sonnets originally appeared in the Gazetteer and Morning Chronicle."— Bohn's
Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3, p. 2321.

5036. The Shakspeare Gallery, A Poem. By Mr. Jerningham.
London: Robson. [i vol. 4to] 1791.

Another Edition.
Poems hy Mr. Jerningham. London : Rohson. [2 vols. sm. 8vo] 1796.

5037. On the Merchant of Venice ; On Shakespeare. 1792.

In Miscellanies in Prose and Verse ; including Remarks on English Plays, Operas, and Farces. .
By the Honourable Lord Gardenstone. The Second Edition. Edinburgh: Robertson.
[i vol. duo.] 1792. Pp. 56, 85.

5038. Cursory Remarks upon the arrangement of the Plays of
Shakespear ; occasioned by reading Mr. Malone's Essay on the Chronolo-
gical Order of those celebrated Pieces. By the Rev. James Hurdls, M.J.
London: Johnson. [i vol. Svo] 1792.

Disparages Shakespeare considerably. Henry V. has « little of genius or nature to fupport it,"
Antony and Cleopatra is "in almoft every fcene, dull and tedious," but has " here and there
a ray of poetry," and so on. A MS. note at the end says, " This crmc is not without some
taste and observation, but seems quite insensible of the real powers of Shakspeare, and judging
by mechanical rules and conventional tastes he most wofuUy belies Shakspeare and writes
himself down 'an ass.'"

5039. A Letter to the Rev. Richard Farmer, D.D Relative

to the Edition of Shakspeare, published in m dcc xc. and some late

Criticisms on that Work. By Edmond Malone, Efq London :

Robinson. [i vol. Svo] 1792.

5040. The same. Second Edition. [i vol. Svo] 1792.

5041. Cursory Criticisms on the Edition of Shakspeare published
by Edmond Malone. [By Joseph Ritson.] London: Hookham and
Carpenter. [i vol. Svo] 1792.

204 Sljnfeesprarc iWemorial Uifivari), ^irminnfiam.

5042. Farrago. Containing Essays, Moral, Philosophical, Political,
and Historical : On Shakespeare, Truth, Boxing, .... &c. Published
for the benefit of the Society for the Discharge and Relief of Persons
imprisoned for Small Debts. Tewkesbury : Dyde and Son.

[2 vols. 8vo] 1792.

5043. The Shakspeare Gallery ; containing A Select Series i?/' Scenes
and Characters, (^accompanied by Criticisms and Remarks) adapted to the
Works of that admired Author : on Fifty Plates. Calculated to form
separate Volumes ; or to be bound up in Editions of Shakspeare' s Works.
London : C. Taylor. [i vol. 8vo] 1792.

"Criticisms and Remarks by C. Taylor." — Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3, p. 2309.

Contains only 40 Plates, from Designs by H. Singleton. Said by Mr. R. Cowtan, (in a letter
inserted,) to be only the first part. The copy in the British Museum contains only 40 plates.
" Fine Imprefsions of the Plates. Scarce ; With additional Plates. Geo : Daniel.
Canonbury." MS. Note.

5044. A Series of Prints illustrative of various interesting Scenes in
Plays of Shakspeare, engraved from Drawings by W. H. Bunbury.
Engraved by Bartolozzi, etc. 20 Plates. London :

[i vol. fol] 1792-5.

5045. The History of the Scottish Stage, from its first Establishment
to the present time ; with a distinct Narrative of some recent Theatrical
Transactions. The whole necessarily interspersed with Memoirs of his
own Life^ By John Jackson, ten years Manager of the Theatre Royal of
Edinburgh. . . . Edinburgh: P. Hill. [i vol. 8vo] 1793.

Contains references to Shakespeare.

5046. Shakespeare Illustrated by an assemblage of Portraits and
Views; with Biographical Anecdotes Of the different Persons, and De-
scriptions of Places mentioned : Adapted to the whole series of that
Author's Dramas. To which are added Portraits of Actors, Editors, &c.
Arranged.^ with Directions for their Insertion in any Edition. London :
G. Sidney. \_PubUJhed according to act of Parliament, by S. iff E. Harding.^

[2 vols. 8vo] 1793.

5047. Another copy. Large paper. [i vol. fol.] 1793.

5048. Of Englijh Dramatic Authors. Also : — Milton., Shakefpear,
Homer y and Virgil compared. 1 '}()\.

In Sketches of a History of Literature : . . . By the late Robert Alves, A. M. Edinburgh :
Alex. Chapman, [i vol. 8vo] 1794. Pp. 1 15, 187.

5049. A Soliloquy. In Imitation of Hamlet. Also : — King Lear's
Speech to Edgar, taking a view of Man from the side of his Miseries.
By Hamilton. 1794-

iSngltsf) ^jfjafecspfanana. 205

In The Poetical Works of William Hamilton, Esq. Complete Edition of the Poets of Great
Britain. [Edited by R. Anderson.] .... London: Arch. [13 vols. 8vo] 1794. Vol.
9. PP- 431.454-

5050. The Infant Vision of Shakspeare ; with an Apostrophe to
the Immortal Bard, and other Poems, ^y Mr. [Anthony] Harrison.
London: Harrison. [i vol. 4to] 1794-

5051. Hamlet's Soliloquy, Imitated. By R. Jago, 1794-

In The Poetical Works of Richard Jago. The Works of the British Poets. With Prefaces,
. ... by Robert Anderson, M.D. London : Arch. [13 vols. Svo] 1794. Vol. 11, p. 711.

5052. Proposals, by William Richardson, Printseller, for the Publi-
cation of Two Plates of the Felton Portrait of Shakespeare.

[i vol. Svo] 1794.

"Written by George Steevens. Privately printed." — Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3, p. 2321.
With " A leaf to be inferted immediately after the Advertifement prefixed to the Edition of
Shakfpeare, 1793, in 15 Vols. Svo."

5053. A Specimen of a Commentary on Shakspeare. Containing
I. Notes on As You Like It. II. An Attempt to explain and illustrate
Various Passages, on a new principle of Criticism, derived from Mr.
Locke's Doctrine of the Association of Ideas. [By the Rev. Walter
Whiter.] London : T. Cadell. [i vol. Svo] 1794.

"Superior to the ordinary criticism of that age." — Knight : Studies of Shakspere, 1851, p. 555.

5054. A Complete History of the English Stage . . . By Mr. Dibdin.
London : Printed for the Author. [5 vols. Svo, n.d., about 1795. J

Contains references to Shakespeare.

5055. Passages selected by Distinguished Personages, on the Great
Literary Trial of Vortigern and Rowena ! A Comi-Tragedy. " Whether
it be — or be not from the immortal Pen of Shakspeare ?" [First Edition,
vols. I and 4.] London : J. Ridgway.

[2 vols. sm. Svo, N.D., about 1 795-1 807.]

5056. Second Edition, [vol. 3.] London : Ridgway.

[i vol. sm. Svo, N.D., about 1798.]

5057. Third Edition, [vols, i and 3.] London : Ridgway.

[2 vols. sm. Svo, N.D., about 1795-8.]

5058. Fourth Edition, [vol. 2.] London : Ridgway.

[i vol. sm. Svo, N.D., about 1796.]

5059. Fifth Edition, [vols. 2 and 3.] London : Ridgway.

[2 vols. sm. Svo, N.D., about 1796-S.]

5060. Sixth Edition, [vols, i and 2.] London : Ridgway.

[2 vols. sm. Svo, N. D., about 1795-6.]

2o6 S^afefspcarc iEemorial Hifirarg, 13irmmgi)am.

5061. Seventh Edition, [vol.-i.] London: Ridgway.

[i vol. sm. 8vo, N.D., about 1796.]

•' Written by Sir Bate Dudley and his lady, and originally published in the Morning Herald.
They were considered happy imitations of the Shakespearian style." — Bohn's Lowndes, 1864,
vol. 3, p. 2.324.

5062. Picturesque Views on the Upper, or Warwickshire Avon,
from its Source at Naseby to its Junction with the Severn at Tewkesbury :
with Observations on the Public Buildings, and other Works of Art in
its Vicinity. By Samuel Ireland. . . . London : R. Faulder.

[i vol. 8vo] 1795.

Contains many tinted views of localities connected with Shakespeare ; and portraits of Sir
Thomas Lucy and John Combe.

5063. Another copy, large paper. [i vol. fol.] 1795.

5064. PaJJages in Shakefpeare explained. ^795-

In Thirty Letters on Various Subjects. By fVilliam Jackson. The Third Edition, with consider-
able additions. London: Cadell. [i vol. 8vo.J 1795. Pp. 158-65.
Far earlier Edition, see p. 199.

5065. Mr. Malone's New Edition of Shakspeare. [Original Pro-
posals.] [i vol. fol.] 1795.

The new edition of Shakespeare was intended to be "in Twenty Volumes, royal octavo, On a
larger Paper and Type, both for the Text and Commentaries, than have ever been employed
in any Edition of Shakspeare with notes."

The Edition mentioned was never published. See Russell Smith's Catalogue of Shake-
speariana, 1 87 1, p. 13.

5066. The Story of the Moor of Venice. Translated from the
Italian. With Two Essays on Shakespeare.^ and Preliminary Observa-
tions. By Wolstenholme Parr^ A.M. London : Cadell.

[i vol. 8vo] 1795.

5067. The Shakspeare Gallery. [A Poem.] 1796-

In Poems by Mr. Jerningham London : Robson. [2 vols. sm. 8vo] 1796. Vol. 2, pp. 1-27.

For earlier Edition, see p. 203.

5068. Remarks on the Prevailing Custom of Attending Stage Enter-
tainments ; also on the Present Taste for Reading Romances and Novels ;

and on Some other Customs ; By John Kendall. The Second

Edition. To which is added, Remarks on Subjects not noticed before.
. . . . London: Phillips. [i vol. duo.] 1796.

5069. A Catalogue of the Pictures &c. in the Shakspeare Gallery.,
Pall-Mali. London : Printed for the Proprietors. [1 vol. Bvo] 1796.

With Appendix (12 pp.), containing an Account of the Felton Portrait of Shakespeare; and A

Catalogue of 28 Designs from the Poetical Works of Milton, by Westall.
For other Editions, see p. 202.

5070. Essays, by a Society of Gentlemen, at Exeter Exeter.

Trewman. [i vol. 8vo, n. d., about 1796.]

lEnglisfj Stiafecspeanana. 207

Contains : — On Literary Fame, and the Hiftorical Charaaers of Shakjpeare, pp. 238-70. An
Apology for the Charafter and Condud of Ligo, pp. 395-409. An Apology for the
Charaderand Condudt of Shylock, pp. 552-73-

5071. Shakspeare and Stratford-upon-Avon. 1796-

In Le Reveur ; or, The PVaking Vnlons of an Absent Man. . . . London : Debrett. [i vol. 8vo]
1796. Pp. 63-5.

5072. Observations on Shakespeare, and some of his Commentators,


In Sketches on Various Subjects ; Moral, Literary, and Political. By the Author of the
Democrat .... London : J. Bell, [i vol. 8vo] 1796. Pp 56-62.

"The edition on which thefe remarks are made, is the firft, byjohnfon and Steevens." —
p. 56.

The Ireland Forgeries.

5073. Miscellaneous Papers and Legal Instruments under the Hand
and Seal of JVUUarn Shakspeare : including the Tragedy of King Lear and
a small Fragment of Hamlet, from the Original MSS. in the Possession
of Samuel Ireland^ of Norfolk Street . . . London : Egerton, etc.

[1 vol. fol.] 1796.

"Published Dec. 24, 1795. The second edition, in 8vo, was printed in 1796. 'The
premature exposure of this literary forgery stopped the publication of this second edition,
and it was not until Sept. 18 14, that a few copies were disposed of by Messrs. Lack-
ington, Harding and Co. At that time every remaining leaf of the folio was extermi-
nated. In the whole about 230 copies were wasted.' — Gentleman % Magazine, May, 1826.

In another account we are told that ' the copperplates, letter-press, &c., in short, every
vestige of the above folio work fell into the possession of Miss Jane Ireland, youngest sister
of the fabricator, who was so anxious to witness the complete annihilation of the same, that
although strenuously applied to by Mr. Mavor, then partner with Mr. Lackington, in order
to possess a few copies of the folio, she would not consent. At the period in question, there-
fore, every copper-plate was defaced, and sold for waste metal, and every sheet of the publica-
tion torn up in Miss Ireland's presence, and disposed of in a similar manner. From this
statement it naturally results, that only 122 copies are extant, being those furnished to the
subscribers, whose names are affixed to the folio volume, added to which, the usual numbers
were remitted to the Universities, &c. ; and about half-a-dozen presented by Mr. Ireland to
particular friends, making a total of 138 copies, which are all that remain to commemorate
that most celebrated imposition. This volume, which was usually knocked down in the
salerooms for i/. los. or i/. 15^. is now rising in value, and there can be little doubt but in
a few years it will become an object of great rarity, from the causes above mentioned." —
Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3, p. 2322.

5074. Another copy, with Plates inserted. [i vol. fol.] 1796.

5075. Miscellaneous Papers and Legal Instruments under the Hand
and Seal of WiU'iam Shakspeare : including the Tragedy of King Lear, and
a small fragment of Hamlet, from the original MSS. in the possession of
Samuel Ireland, of Norfolk Street . . . London : Egerton, etc.

[i vol. 8vo] 1796.

See note to the Folio Edition, No. 5073.

5076. A Letter to George Steevens., Esq. Containing A Critical
Examination of the Papers of Shakspeare ; published by Mr. Samuel

2o8 Stiafecspeaw iHfmorial Hifimrp, l^irminflta^.

Ireland. To which are added, Extracts from Vortigern. By James
Boaden^ Esq. Author of Fontainville Forest. . . . London : Martin and
Bain. [i vol. 8vo] 1796.

" (Published i6th Jan.) This tract first appeared in a newspaper entitled ' The Oracle,' edited
by James Boaden." — Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3, p. 2323.

5077. A Letter to George Steevens, Esq. containing a Critical Exami-
nation of the Papers of Shakspeare ; published by Mr. Samuel Ireland.
To which are added, Extracts from Vortigern. By James Boaden, Esq.
. . . . Second Edition. London: Martin and Bain, [i vol. 8vo] 1796.

5078. A Comparative Review of the Opinions of Afr. Jafnes Boaden,
(Editor of the Oracle) In February, March, and April, 1795; and of
James Boaden, Esq. (Author of Fontainville Foreft, and of a Letter to
George Steevens, Efq.) In February, 1796, relative to the Shakspeare
MSS. By a Friend to Consistency. [Mat. or John VVyatt] . . . London :
G. Sael, etc. [i vol. 8vo, n.d., about 1796.]

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