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5211. Lecture on Shakspeare. 1815.

In A Course of Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature, by Augustus William Schlegel :
Translated from the Original German, by John Black. London ; Baldwin, etc. [2 vols. 8vo]
1815. Vol. 2, pp. 91-259.

5212. Elements of Elocution : in which the Principles of Reading
and Speaking are investigated ; and such Pauses, Emphasis, and Inflexions
of Voice, as are suitable to every variety of Sentence, are distinctly pointed
out and explained ; with Directions for Strengthening and Modulating the
Voice, so as to render it varied, forcible, and harmonious : to which is
added, A Complete System of the Passions ; showing how they aftect the
Countenance, Tone of Voice, and Gesture of the Body, exemplified by
a copious Selection of the most striking Passages of Shakspeare. The
whole illustrated by Copper-Plates, explaining the nature of Accent,
Emphasis, Inflexion, and Cadence. The Fifth Edition. By John Walker.
. . . London: Cadell and Davies. [i vol. Svo] 1815.

Mirror for Magistrates. Edited by Haskwood. [2 vols. 4to] 1815. See No. 4634.

Arte of English Poesie. Edited by Hasleivood. [2 vols. 4to] 18 15. Containing the following

Puttenhams Arte of English Poesie, 1589, See No. 46S2.

Gascoigne's Instructions concerning the Making of Verse, I 575. See No. 4648.

Webhe's Discourse of English Poetrie, 1586. See No. 4678.

The Airt of Scottis Poesie, by K. James I., 1 5 84. See JSlo. 4671,

Haringtons Apologie of Poetrie, 1591. See iVo. 4689.

Meres'' comfaratiue discourse of our English Poets, 1 598. See No. 4715.

Campion s Art of English Poesie, 1602. See No. ^I^^l.

DanieVs Defence of Ryme, 1 603.

Bolton's Hypercritica, 1618. See No. 4782.

5213. Remarks on the Monumental Bust of Shakspeare, at Stratford-
upon-Avon : with Two Wood-cuts, representing Front and Profile Views
of the Bust. [By John Britton.] London: Published by the Author.

[i vol. Svo] 1816.

5214. Life of William Shakspeare. 1816.

In The General Biographical Dictionary : . . . A New Edition, Revised and Enlarged by
Alexander Chalmers. [32 vols. 8vo] 1812-17. Vol. 27, pp. 369-389.

In a Note, the Author says — " This sketch of Shakspeare's Life was drawn up by the
present writer for a -variorum edition of his works, published in 1804, and no additional
light having since been thrown on Shakspeare's history, it is here reprinted with very few

5215. Hieroglyphics, and Other Antiquities. In treating of which
many favourite Pieces of Butler, Shakespeare, and other great Writers, in
Prose and Verse, are put in a light now entirely nevv^, by Notes, occasional
Dissertations, and upwards of Two Hundred Engravings in Wood and

2 28 S)i)afefspfarc J^lemotial ILiferart), l^limingljam.

Copper. By Robert Deverell, Esq. Second Edition. London : Allman,
etc. [6 vols. 8vo] 1816

The Plays " put In a light now entirely new," are, Hamlet, King Lear, Othello, and The Mer-
chant of Venice.

5216. The History of Fiction : being a Critical Account of the most
celebrated Prose Works of Fiction. ... By John Dunlop. Second
Edition. Edinburgh : Ballantyne, for Longman, London.

[3 vols. 8vo] 1816.

Contains Plots of Shakespeare's Dramas, taken from Perceforest, Boccaccio, Ser Giovanni,
Massuccio, Cinthio, Bandello, The Diana, Arcadia, Lodge's Rosalynd, Greene's Dorastus
and Fawnia.

5217. Garrick's Ode to Shakspeare^ as Originally Spoken and Sung
at Stratford upon Avon; in 1769. To which is added, a Description of the
Grand Pageant. As Performed at the Theatre Royal^ Drury-Lane^ on
Tuesday, April 23, 1816. London: Lowndes. [i vol. 8vo] 1816.

5218. The Works of Ben Jonson. With Notes Critical and
Explanatory, and a Biographical Memoir, by W. Gifford, Esq. . . .
London: Nicol, etc. [9 vols. 8vo] 181 6.

Contains references to Shakespeare.

5219. Mery Tales, Wittie ^estions, and Quicke Answeres, Very
pleasant to be Readde. 1567. 18 16.

In Shakspeare's Jest Book. Part III. . . . Chiswick : V\,^hittingham. [i vol. 8vo] 1816.

5220. Richard (the I IF.) Travesty. With Notes, Critical and Ex-
planatory; and a Poetical Defence of Travesty in General.

[i sheet, 4to, n.d., about 1816.]

5221. SongSy Chorussesy &c. in the Musical Afterpiece, called Gar-
rick's Jubilee ; as first performed at the Theatre-Royal, Drury-Lane, in
1769, and now revived (under the Direction of Mr. Farley), at the Theatre-
Royal, Covent-Garden, 23^ of Jprily 18 16, being the Second Centenary
of Years from the Death of Shakspeare, and in Commemoration of the
Immortal Genius of England's Great Dramatick Bard ; with a Plan of
the Grand Pageant of the Characters of Shakspeare^ by the whole of the
Company. London: John Miller. [i vol. 8vo] 181 6.

5222. Shakspeare and his Times: including the Biography of the
Poet J Criticisms on his Genius and Writings ; a new Chronology of his
Plays ; a Disquisition on the Object of his Sonnets ; and a History of the
Manners^ Customs, and Amusements, Superstitions, Poetry, and Elegant Litera-
ture of his Age. By Nathan Drake, M.D. . . . London : Cadell and
Davies. [2 vols. 4to] 181 7.

" Large paper; with some additional plates, coloured in imitation of drawings, of much interest."
MS. Note on fiy-lcaf. These additional Plates are the series entitled "Relics of Shak-
speare," by Mrs. Denis Dighton, published in 1835, coloured and printed on tinted paper.

iSnglisfj 5?t)afefspravinnn. 229

5223. Characters of Shakespear's Plays. By William Hazlitt.
London: R. Hunter, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 18 17.

" It is, in truth, rather an encomium on Shakespeare, than a commentary or critique on

liim and is written, more to show extraordinary love, than extraordinary knowledge of his

productions. Nevertheless, it is a very pleasing book — and, we do not hesitate to say, a book
of very considerable originality and genius." — Edinburgh Re-view, Aug._ 1817, p. 472.

" We should not have condescended to notice the senseless and wicked sophistry of this
writer . . . had we not considered him as one of the representatives of a class of men by
whom literature is more than at any former period disgraced, who are labouring to effect
their mischievous purposes non m sed sape cadendo ; and therefore conceived that it might not
be unprofitable to show how very small a portion of talent and literature was necessary tor
carrying on the trade of sedition." — ^artcrly Re-vieiv, January, 1 8 18, p. 466.

Other Editions.
Second Edition. London: Taylor and Hessey. [i vol. 8vo] 1818.
Third Edition. Edited by his Son. London: Templeman. [i vol. sm. 8vo] 1838.

5224. Macbeth, and King Richard the Third : an Essay., in answer
to Remarks on some of the Characters oi Shakspeare. By J. P. Kemble.
London: John Murray. [i vol. 8vo] 1817.

Aa Answer to Whately's Remarks on some of the Characters of Shakspeare, 1785. With
autograph inscription, " To the Rev

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