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1822-3. Vol. 2, pp. 85-95.

"Contains pieces by Byron, Shelley, Leigh Hunt, and others." — Bohn's Lowndes, 1864,
vol. 2, p. 1358.

5292. Shakspeare's Seven Ages of Man, Illustrated by Henry
Aiken. London: M'Lean. [i vol. ob. 4to] 1824.

5293. An Inquiry into the Authenticity of Various Pictures and
Prints which, from the Decease of the Poet to our own Times, have been
offered to the Public as Portraits of Shakspeare ; containing a careful
Examination of the Evidence on which they claim to be received ; by
which the Pretended Portraits have been rejected, the Genuine con-
firmed and established. Illustrated by accurate and finished Engravings,
by the ablest Artists, from such Originals as were of indisputable
authority. By James Boaden, Esq. . . . London : Triphook.

[i vol. 4to] 1824.

Contains copies of the Jansen, the Droeshout, and the Chandos Portraits ; the Portrait by
Marshall from the Edition of his Poems, 1640 j and the Stratford Bust.
Large paper copy. India Proofs.

5294. The same. Small Paper Copy. London : Triphook.

[i vol. 8vo] 1824.

5295. The Beauties of Shakspeare . . ByDodd. London : Bumpus.

[i vol. duo.] 1824.

For nther Editions, icc p. 186,

iSnglisI) S^fjafefspfarlana. 237

5296. Noontide Leisure ; . . . including A Tale of the Days of
Shakspeare. By Nathan Drake, M.D. . . . London : Cadell, etc.

[2 vols. 8vo] 1824.

5297. The Life and Administration of Cardinal Wolsey. By John

Gait, Esq. Third Edition. Edinburgh : Oliver & Boyd.

[i vol. 8vo] 1824.

5298. Wolsey, the Cardinal, and his Times ; Courtly, Political, and
Ecclesiastical. By George Howard, Esq. . . . London : Sherwood,
Jones and Co. [i vol. 8vo] 1824.

with Woodcuts by Thurston, the same as those used to illustrate Wheler's Edition of Shake-

5299. Excursion to Stratford upon Avon : with Historical and De-
scriptive Notices of the Towriy Churchy Shakspeare' s House, and other Re-
markable Buildings ; together with a compendious Life of Shakspeare,
Being by far more complete than any other hitherto published. Copious
Extracts from the Shakspearian Album ; account of the far-famed Jubilee;
Catalogue of the Shakspeare Relics ; JFith the Controversy on their Authen-
ticity, And an Analysis of the Proceedings on the Proposed National
Monument to the Memory of the Immortal Bard. Embellished with an
elegant Engraving of the Interior of the Church, isc. . . By W. T. Mon-
criefF. . . Leamington: Elliston. [i vol. duo.] 1824.

Has Portrait of Shakespeare, altered from the Droeshout, and "View of the Birthplace, but no
Engraving of the Interior of the Church.

5300. Four Views of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Stratford-
upon-Avon, by J. P. Neale, engraved by J. Le Keux : with Descriptive
Text. London: Neale. [i vol. 4to] 1824.

Proof impressions, on India Paper.

5301. Remarks on Shakespeare. 1824.

In Lectures on Criticism. The . . . Works of Joseph Priestley, LL.D . . . [C Smallfield,
Printer, Hackney. 25 vols. 8vo, n.d., about 1824-31. Vol. 23, pp. 319-455-]

5302. On Shakspeare's Macbeth. 1824.

/« Essays on Various Subjects of Belles Lettres : . , . By David Scot, M.D. . . . Edinburgh:
Constable, [i vol. duo.] 1824. Pp. 235-55.

5303. The Life of Shakspeare ; Enquiries into the Originality of his
Dramatic Plots and Characters ; and Essays on the Ancient Theatres
and Theatrical Usages. By Augustine Skottowe. . . . London : Long-
man, etc. [2 vols. 8vo] 1824.

"An able performance." — Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3, p. 2329.

5304. Historical and Descriptive Account of the Birth-place of
Shakspeare ; by R. B. Wheler. With Lithographic Illustrations by C. F.
Green. . . . Stratford-upon-Avon: J. Ward. [i vol. 8vo] 1824.

238 Sfjaferspcare iHcmorial Hifirarg, ISfrmingfjam.

5305. The same. Large paper. Stratford-upon-Avon : J. Ward.

[i vol. 4to] 1824.

Another Edition.
With . . . Prefatory Remarks by Halliwell. Stratford-on-Avon : [i vol. 8vo] 1863.

5306. [Archaeological] Illustrations of Shakspeare. 1824.

From The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction . . London : J. Limbird. [i vol.
Svo] 1824.

5307. The Birmingham Spectator, a Miscellany of Literature, and
of Dramatic Criticism. . . . Birmingham: Drake. [i vol. Svo] 1824.

Contains Criticisms on Shakespeare's Hamlet, Merchant of Venice, Lear, As You Like It,
Coriolanus, Othello, Macbeth, Henry VIII., etc.

5308. A Dictionary of Quotations from the British Poets. In Three
Parts. [Part I. Shakspeare. Part 2. Blank Verse. Part 3. Rhyme.] Lon-
don : Whittaker. [3 vols, duo.] 1824.

5309. The Mouse Trap. A very clever Work, without Distinction,
Party, or Prejudice!! Birmingham. [i vol. 8vo] 1824.

Contains references to Shakespeare.

5310. The Sleeping Draught [The Story of Romeo and Juliet] ;
also, The Merchant of Venice. 1824.

From Tales of Humour, etc. Selected and translated from the Italian. London : Baldwyn.
[1 vol. Svo] 1824.

With three plates by Geo. Crulkshank.

Gesta Romanorum : or. Entertaining Moral Stories ; . . . [^Edited] by Swan. [2 -vols, duo.] 1 824.
See No. 4607.

5311. William Shakspeare, His Life, in French and English, with
an alteration of the Droeshout Portrait, engraved by Cosmo Armstrong.


In Physiognomical Portraits. One Hundred Distinguished Characters, From undoubted Originals,
Engraved in the Line Manner, iy the most Eminent British j^rtists. London : Major [2 vols.
Svo] 1S24. Vol. 2.

5312. The Theatrical Note-Book. Birmingham,

[i vol. Svo] 1824.

Contains a notice of a performance of" As You Like It," in Birmingham.

5313. The Theatrical John Bull. Birmingham.

[2 vols. Svo] 1824-5.

Contains notices of Shakespearian performances in Birmingham.

5314. The Old English Drama. A Selection of Plays from the
Old English Dramatists. [Edited by C. Baldwyn.] London : Hurst,
Robinson, etc. [2 vols. Svo] 1825.

Vol. I. The Second Maiden's Tragedy. A Pleasant conceited Comedy, how a man may
chuse a good wife from a bad, 1602. The Ball, by Chapman and Shirley, 1639. The Rape
of Lucrece, by Heywood, 1638.

iSitfllisfj Sijakfspfarlana. 239

Vol. 2. Love's Mistress, by Heywood, 1640. Albertus Wallenstein, by Glapthorne, 1639.
Dido, ^ueen of Carthage, by Marlowe and Nash, 1594. The Lady's Privilege, by Glap-
thorne, 1640.

5315. Memoirs of the Life of John Philip Kemble, Esq. In-
cluding a History of the Stage, from the time of Garrick to the pre-
sent period. By James Boaden. . . . London : Longman.

[2 vols. 8vo] 1825.

5316. The Poet's Pilgrimage : an Allegorical Poem, in Four Cantos.
By J. Payne Collier. . . . London : Prowett. [i vol. 4to] 1825.

Contains references to Shakespeare.

5317. The Beauties of Shakspeare. By Dodd. Chiswick : Whit-
tingham. [i vol. duo.] 1825.

For other Editions, see p. 186.

5318. A Reverie at the Boar's-head Tavern, Eastcheap. 1825.

/« The Complete Works of Oliver Goldsmith . . . London: Tegg. [20 vols. 8vo] 1825. Vol.
4, pp. 303-18.

5319. The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. . . . Oxford : W.
Pickering, etc. [" vols. 8vo] 1825.

Vol. 5 contains Observations on the Tragedy of Macbeth, (pp. 55-94-) Proposals for Printing
the Works of Shakespeare, (pp. 95-102.) Preface to Shakespeare, (pp. 103-54.) General
Observations on the Plays of Shakespeare, (pp. i 55-79-)

5320. Dramatic Character of Sir John Falstaff. By Morgann.
... New Edition. London : Wheatley and Adlard.

[i vol. 8vo] 1825.

For other Editions, see p. 195.

Memoirs of Samuel Pepys. . . . Edited by Richard, Lord Braybrooke. [2 vols. ^to'\ 1825. See No.

5321. Costume of Shakespeare's Tragedy of Hamlet, selected and
arranged from the best Authorities, Expressly for the Proprietors of the
Theatre Royal, Covent Garden ; with Biographical, Critical, and Explana-
tory Notices, By J. R. Planche. The Figures executed on Stone, By G.
Scharf. London. Miller. [i vol. 8vo] 1825.

5322. A Dissertation on the Pageants or Dramatic Mysteries An-
ciently performed at Coventry, by the Trading Companies of that City ;
chiefly with reference to the Vehicle, Characters, and Dresses of the
Actors. Compiled, in a great degree, from Sources hitherto unexplored.
To which are added, the Pageant of the Shearmen & Taylors' Com-
pany, and other Municipal Entertainments of a public nature. By
Thomas Sharp. . . . Coventry: Merridew, etc. [i vol. 4to] 1825.

5323. A Guide to Stratford-upon-Avon, containing a concise Ac-
count of its Ancient History, and Particular Descriptions of The Church

240 £>f)akf.spfare fHcmorlal ?lt6rarB, 13irmingi)ani.

5i other Public Buildings. By Robert Bell Wheler . . . Illustrated with
Engravings. Merridew, Coventry. [i vol. 8vo, n.d., about 1825.]

Another Edition.
New Edition. Merridew, Coventry, [i vol. sm. 8vo, n.d., about 1S26.]

5324. A Portrait of William Shakspeare, engraved by I. S. Agar,
after a Drawing in the possession of John Cordy, Esq. By A. Wivell,
From the Monumental Bust in the Church at Stratford-upon-Avon,
Warwickshire ; With an Historical Account and Remarks, by the Artist.
London: Published hy the Juthor. [i vol. 8vo] 1825.

5325. Prolegomena to the Works of Shakspeare. Embellished with
a mezzotint© Portrait of Shakspeare Shakspeare's Birth-place A View of
New Place, the last Residence of Shakspeare Monument in Stratford-on-
Avon Church Monument in Westminster Abbey Eight Portraits of
Eminent Performers of Shakspeare's Characters The Globe Theatre
Interior of the Red-Bull Playhouse, Clerkenwell The Fortune Theatre
The Falcon Tavern, Bankside The Amphitheatre erected by Garrick
for the Stratford Jubilee. London: Sherwood, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 1825,

Printed off separately from the Edition described at p. 15, No. 145.

5326. Shakspeare's Romances. Collected and Arranged by Shaks-
peare 11. . . . London : Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper. [2 vols. 8vo] 1825.

Consists of the Romance of King Henry IV. only.

Another Edition.
King Henry the Fourth, and his Times. . . . London : Sherwood, etc. [2 vols. 8vo] 1827.

5327. A Select Collection of Old Plays. ... A New Edition: with
Additional Notes and Corrections, by the late Isaac Reed, Octavius Gil-
christ, and the Editor [John Payne Collier]. London : Prowett.

[12 vols. 8vo] 1825-7.

Large paper.

Contents : Vol. I. Prefaces. Historia Histrionica, by Wright. God's Promises, by Bale. The

Four P's, by Heywood. Ferrex and Porrex, by Sackville. Damon and Pithias, by Edwards.

New Custome.
Vol. 2. Gammer Gurton's Needle. Alexander and Campaspe, by Lyly. Tancred and Gismunda,

by Wilmot. Cornelia, by Kyd. Edward II. by Marlow.
Vol. 3. George a Greene, the Pinner of Wakefield. The first Part of Jeronymo. The Spanish

Tragedy, by Kyd. The Honest Whore, by Dekkar, two Parts.
Vol. 4. The Malcontent, by Marston. All Fools, by Chapman. Eastward Hoe, by Chapman,

Ben Tonson, and Marston. The Revenger's Tragedy, by Tourneur. The Dumb Knight, by

Vol. 5. The Miseries of Inforced Marriage, by Wilkins. Lingua, by Brewer. The Merry

Devil of Edmontun. A Mad World, My Masters, by Middleton. Ram-Alley : or, Merry

Tricks, by Barry.
Vol. 6. The Roaring Girl, by Middleton and Dekkar. The Widow's Tears, by Chapman.

The White Devil : or, Vittoria Corombona, by Webster. The Hog hath lost his Pearl, by

Tailor. The Four Prentices of London, by Heywood.
Vol. 7. Green's Tu Quoque : or, the City Gallant, by Cooke. Albumazar, by Tomkis. A

Woman kill'd with Kindness, by Heywood. A Match at Midnight, by Rowley. Fuimus

Trocs, The True Trojans, by Fisher,

iSnglist ^fjaftrsprarinna. 241

Vol. 8. The Wounds of Civil War, by Lodge, The Heir, by May. Friar Bacon and Friar
Bungay, by Greene. The Jew of Malta, by Marlow. The Wits, by Davenant.

Vol. 9. Will Summer's Last Will and Testament, by Nash. Microcosmus, by Nabbes. The
Muse's Looking-Glass, by Randolph. The City Match, by Maync. The ^ueen of Arragon,
by Habington.

Vol. 10. The Antiquary, by Marmion. The Goblins, by Suckling. The Ordinary, by Cart-
wright. A Jovial Crew ; or, the Merry Beggars, by Brome. 'I'he Old Couple, by May.

Vol. II. The Chronicle of Edward the First, by Feele. The Mayor of Q^inborough, by Mid-
dleton. Grim, the Collier of Croydon. ' The City Night-cap, by Davenport. The Par-
son's Wedding, by Killegrew.

Vol. 12. The Adventures of Five Hours, by Tuke. Elvira, by Digby, Earl of Bristol. The
Widow, by Jonson, Fletcher, and Middleton. Chichevache and Bycorne. The Worlde
and the Chylde. Appius and Virginia. Additional Notes. Index.

Supplementary Volume. With Illustrations and Notes, by J. Payne Collier, Esq. London :
Frowett. [l vol. 8vo] 1828-9.

Contents: — The Downfall of Robert Earl of Huntington, by Munday. The Death of Robert
Earl of Huntmgton, by Munday and Chettle. The Misfortunes of Arthur, by Hughes.
A Woman is a Weathercock, by Field. Amends for Ladies, by Field.

For earlier Edition, see p. 198.

5328. A Complete System of Punctuation ; Founded, and Estab-
lished, upon Fixed Principles : whereby Authors, Literary Men, and the
Heads of Classical and Domestic Establishments, may become Proficients
in an Attainment which is indispensable to secure Elegance with Perspi-
cuity of Language. By Charles James Addison. London : Bagster.

[i vol. duo.] 1826.

Contains references to Shakespeare.

5329. Transcript of Two Rolls, containing an Inventory of Effects
formerly belonging to Sir John Fastolfe. Communicated to the Society
of Antiquaries, By Thomas Amyot, Esq. F.R.S. . . . From the Archaeo-
logia, vol. xxi. London : Nichols and Son. [i vol. 4to] 1826.

5330. Literary and Miscellaneous Memoirs ; by J. Cradock, Esq.
. . . London : Nichols. [i vol. 8vo] 1826.

Account of the Stratford Jubilee of 1769, and Garrick, pp. 211-23.

5331. . . . Illustrations of the Progress of Mania, Melancholia,
Craziness, and Demonomania ; as displayed in Shakespeare's Characters
of Lear, Hamlet, Ophelia, and Edgar. ... by George Farren. . . . Lon-
don: Hessey, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 1826.

Other Editions.
London : Dean and Munday. [i vol. 8vo] 1829.
[With Additions.] London : Dean and Munday. [i vol. 8vo] 1833.

5332. An Essay on the Genius of Shakespeare, with Critical
Remarks on the Characters of Romeo, Hamlet, Juliet, and Ophelia ; to-
gether with some Observations on the Writings of Sir Walter Scott. To

which is annexed, a Letter to Lord , containing a Critique on Taste,

Judgment, and Rhetorical Expression, and Remarks on the leading
Actors of the Day. ... By Henry Mercer Graves. London : Bigg.

[i vol. 8vo] 1826.

242 5^fjafefspearc iHcmcinal Eifirar),), ISirmtngfjam.

5333. Recollections of the Life of John O'Keeffe, Written by Him-
self. London: Colburn. [2 vols. 8vo] 1826.

Contains references to Shakespeare.

5334. The British Theatre. Oberon : a Romantic and Fairy Opera,
in Three Acts, by J. R. Planche. As performed, with the Music of the
Baron Carl Maria von Weber, at the Theatre-Royal^ Cwent Garden. Lon-
don : Hunt and Clarke. [i vol. duo.] 1826

5335. Biography of William Shakspeare, and Description of the
Monument in Westminster Abbey. 1826.

In The Monuments and Genii of St. Paul's Cathedral and of Westminster Abbey. ... By
George Lewis Smyth. . . . London : Williams. [2 vols. 8vo] 1826. Vol. 2, pp. 835-9.
With an engraving of the Monument in Westminster Abbey.

5336. Illustrations of Shakspeare ; comprised in Two Hundred and
Thirty Vignette Engravings, by Thompson, from Designs by Thurston :
Adapted to all Editions. London : Sherwood, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 1826.

Another Edh'ton.
London: Sherwood, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 1830.

5337. Letters on Shakespeare, continued from Blackwood's Maga-
zine. No. 2. Romeo and Juliet, by Professor W. 1826.

in Rejected Articles. . . . London : Colburn. [i vol. 8vo] 1826. Pp. 111-139.

5338. The same. Second Edition. [i vol. 8vo] 1826.

5339. A Guide to Stratford-upon-Avon. ... By Wheler. New
Edition. Illustrated with numerous Engravings. Coventry : Henry
Merridew. [i vol. 8vo, n.d., about 1826,]

For other Editions, see p. 226.

5340. Shakspeariana : A Complete Collection of the Books and
Pamphlets which have been published, relative to the Life, or illustrative
of the Writing of Shakespeare. In the possession of H. Jadis, Esq. 1826.

In A Catalogue of some Books, in the possession of H Jadis, Esq. in Bryanstone Square. Lon-
don : Moyes. [i vol. 8vo] 1826. Pp. 37-48.

5341. An Index to the Remarkable Passages and Words made use
of by Shakspeare ; calculated to point out the different Meanings to which
the Words are applied. By the Rev. Samuel Ayscough . . . London :
Tegg, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 1827.

For earlier Editions, see p. 202.

5342. Memoirs of Mrs. Siddons. Interspersed with Anecdotes of
Authors and Actors. By James Boaden London : Colburn.

[2 vols. 8vo] 1827.

5343. The Life of Cardinal Wolsey. By George Cavendish, his

iSitflltsf) ^ijafefspcariana. 243

Gentleman Usher. From the original Autograph Manuscript. With
Notes and other Illustrations, by Samuel Weller Singer, F.S.A. Second
Edition. London : Harding and Lepard. [i vol. 8vo] 1827.

5344. Ode upon dedicating the Town Hall, and Erecting a Statue to
Shakspeare, during the Jubilee at Stratford-upon-Avon, 1769. By David
Garrick Esq. Stratford-upon-Avon: Bacon. [i vol. 8vo] 1827.

For earlier Edition, see p. 1 9 1 .

5345. Correct Detail of the Ceremonies attending the Shakspearean
Gala, celebrated at Stratford-upon-Avon.^ on Monday, Tuesday, and Wed-
nesday, April 23, 24, and 25, 1827; Together w^ith some Account of
" Garrick's Jubilee," in 1769; by J. Jarvis. . . . Stratford-upon-Avon:
Bacon. [i vol. 8vo, n.d., about 1827.]

5346. Welcombe Hills, near Stratford-upon-Avon, A Poem, His-
torical and Descriptive, by John Jordan, of Stratford, Wheelwright, 1777.
Stratford-upon-Avon: Bacon. [i vol. 8vo] 1827.

5347. Wyl Bucke his Testament : the Legacies palatably prepared
for the Legatees. [By John Lacy.] Reprinted {not for Publication) at the
Chiswick Press. [i vol. sm. 4to] 1827.

" The testament of Wyl Bucke, an animal so called, consists of ten stanzas ; the remainder of
the tract consists of culinary receipts for the dressing various joints, and making savoury
courses of a buck or doe," — Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 2, p. 1296.

This is No. 10 of 40 copies, reprinted from the Edition of Wyllam Copland, about 1548.
With Introduction by Joseph Haslevifood. Contains an autograph letter from the Editor to
Sir G. H. Freeling.

5348. The Privy Purse Expences of King Henry the Eighth, from
November MDXXIX, to December MDXXXH : with Introductory
Remarks and Illustrative Notes, by Nicholas Harris Nicolas. . . . Lon-
don: Pickering. [i vol. 8vo] 1827.

5349. The Life and Times of Frederick Reynolds. Written by
Himself. Second Edition. London : Colburn. [2 vols. 8vo] 1827.

Contains references to Shakespeare.

5350. Shaksperiana. Catalogue of all the Books, Pamphlets, &c.
relating to Shakspeare. To which are subjoined, an Account of the
Early Ouarto Editions of the Great Dramatist's Plays and Poems. The
Prices at which many Copies have sold in Public Sales; together with a
List of the leading and esteemed Editions of Shakspeare's Collected
Works. London : John Wilson. [i vol. 8vo] 1827.

5351. Another copy. Large paper. Interleaved, and with MS. addi-
tions. London : John Wilson. . [i vol. 8vo] 1827.

" The preface to this little volume contains a curious account of the fabricated portraits of
Shakespeare." — Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3, p. 2329.

244 ^tatifsprarc iHnnorinl Eifirarp, i3inningtan^.

5352. An Historical Account of the Monumental Bust of William
Shakspeare, in the Chancel of the Church, at Stratford-upon-Avon,
Warwickshire with Critical Remarks on the Authors who have written
on it. By Abraham Wivell, Portrait Painter. London : Published by
the Author. [i vol. 8vo] 1827.

5353. An Inquiry into the History, Authenticity, & Characteristics
of the Shakspeare Portraits, in which the Criticisms of Malone, Steevens,
Boaden, & others, are Examined, Confirmed, or Refuted. Embracing
the Felton, the Chandos, the Duke of Somerset's Pictures, the Droeshout
Print, and the Monument of Shakspeare, at Stratford ; together with an
Expose of the spurious Pictures and Prints. By Abraham Wivell. . . .
London : Published by the Author. [i vol. 8vo] 1827.

With a Supplement, of the same date, which contains twelve additional Portraits.

Another Edition.
London : Knight & Co. [i vol. 8vo] 1840.

5354. A Descriptive Account of the late Gala Festival, at Stratford-
upon-Avon, in Commemoration of The Natal Day of Shakspeare ; the
King's adopted Birth-day, and The Festival of St. George, on the 2'^rd.,
2^th, and 2^th Days of April^ 1827 . . Transcribed from the Notes of a
Gentleman connected with the Newspaper Press. Stratford-upon-Avon :
Lapworth. [i vol. 8vo] 1827.

5355. King Henry the Fourth, and His Times : being the First of
a Series of Romances from Shakspeare . . . London, Sherwood, etc.

[2 vols. 8vo] 1827.

For earlier Edition, see No. 5326.

5356. Stratford Theatrical Review, and Stage Reporter. [From
No. I, Dec. 10, 1827, to No. lo, Feb. 8, 1828. Stratford-upon-Avon.
Bacon. i vol. duo.] 1827-8.

Contains references to Shakespeare, and notices of representations of his plays.

5357. The Secret History' of Macbeth, King of Scotland : with
interesting Memoirs of the Ancient Thanes. (Originally from a very old
MS.) Addressed to the Right Hon. the Earl of Fife, as Thane of Fife,
By P. Buchan . . . Peterhead : From the Press of the Editor.

[1 vol. 8vo] 1828.

5358. Memorials of Shakspeare ; or. Sketches of his Character and
Genius, by various Writers, now first Collected : with a Prefatory and
Concluding Essay, and Notes, by Nathan Drake . . . Forming a valuable
Accompaniment to every Edition of the Poet. London : Colburn.

[I vol. 8vo] 1828.


5359. The Juvenile Edition of Shalcspeare ; adapted to the Capacities
of Youth. By Caroline Maxwell . . . London : Chappie, etc.

[i vol. duo.] 1828.

5360. Selections from Shakspeare. By Benjamin Oakley. Lon-
don: Longman, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 1828.

5361. Gallery of Shakspeare, or Illustrations of his dramatic works,
engraved in Aqua fortis from Retszch, with Scenes selected from Shak-
speare and Explanations hy J. IV. Lake. Hamlet. London.

[I vol. ob. 8vo] 1828.

5362. Views in Stratford-upon-Avon and its Vicinity, Illustrative
of the Biography of Shakspeare, Accompanied with descriptive Remarks.
By William Rider. Warwick and Leamington : Merridew and Rider.

[i vol. 4to] 1828.

5363. Another copy. Large paper. [i vol. foL] 1828.

5364. Illustrations of Stratford-upon-Avon and its Vicinity. Strat-
ford-upon-Avon : Ward. [i vol. 8vo] 1828.

5365. William Shakspeare. 1828.

In The Worthies of the United Kingdom ; or Biographical Accounts of the Lives of the Most
Illustrious Men in . . . Literature . . . connected with Great Britain. . . . London : Knight
and Lacey. [i vol. 8vo] 1828. Pp. 280-88.

With Vignette Portrait, apparently from the Droeshout.

5366. Illustrations of the Progress of Mania, Melancholia, Crazi-
ness, and Demonomania, as displayed in Shakespeare's Characters of Lear,
Hamlet, Ophelia, and Edgar. By Farren . . . London. Dean and
Munday. [i vol. 8vo] 1829.

For other Editions, see p. 241.

5367. Shakspeare. [A Poem.] Respectfully inscribed, with per-
mission, to the Committee (of which His Majesty is the Patron) for
the proposed Monuments to Shakspeare at Stratford and in London.
Intended to be spoken at one of the Theatres. 1829.

/« Poems; by Thomas Gent. A New Edition. London: Cadell, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 1829.
Pp. 33-6.

5368. Catalogue of Mr. Capell's Shakesperiana ; presented by him
to Trinity College, Cambridge, and printed from an exact Copy of his
own MS. 1779. 1829.

In The Book Rarities in the University of Cambridge ... By the Rev. C. H. Hartshorne,

M.A. London : Longman, etc. [i vol. 8vo] 1829. Pp. 283-319.
For earlier Edition, see No. 4990.

5369. The Gallery of Shakspeare, or, Illustrations of his dramatic


246 Stafefspcnrc ifHcmorial Hifirarg, ijicmingijam.

Works. Midsummer-Night's Dream, In six Etchings^ on steel, from Rulh;
to which are annexed Descriptions of the Plates. London : Ackermann,
etc. [i vol. ob. 8voJ 1829.

5370. The Gallery of Shakspeare, or Illustrations of his dramatic
Works. Romeo and Juliet, In twelve Etchings^ on steely from Rulh; to
which are annexed Descriptions of the Plates. London. Ackermann, etc.

[i vol. ob. 8vo] 1829.

5371. Shakspeare's Early Days : A Historical Play, in Two Acts,
by C. A. Somerset. . . . Printed from the Acting Copy, with Remarks,
Biographical and Critical, by D. — G. . . . Costume, Cast, . . . Stage
Business. . . . London: Cumberland. [i vol. duo., n.d., about 1829.]

5372. MS. Account of the Play of Shakspeare's Early Days.

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