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[i vol. 8vo] i860.

Withdrawn from sale.

5769. Proposed Emendations of the Text of Shakspeare's Plays With
Confirmatory and Illustrative Passages from the Poet's Works and those
of his Contemporaries By Swynfen Jervis London Longman.

[i vol. 8vo] i860.

5770. The Mind of Shakspeare, as exhibited in his Works. By the
Rev. Aaron Augustus Morgan, M.A. . . . London : Chapman and Hall.

[i vol. 8vo] i860.

5771. Life of Edmond Malone, Editor of Shakspeare. With
Selections from his Manuscript Anecdotes. By Sir James Prior. . . .
With a Portrait. London: Smith, Elder & Co. [i vol. 8vo] i860.

5772. English History and Tragic Poetry, as illustrated by Shak-
speare. By Henry Reed. . . . London : Shaw.

[i vol. 8vo, N. D., about i860.]

5773. Strictures on Mr. N. E, S. A. Hamilton's Inquiry into the
Genuineness of the MS. Corrections in Mr. J. Payne Collier's Anno-
tated Shakespeare, Folio, 1632. By Scrutator. [Charles Rivington.] . . .
London: J. R. Smith. [i vol. 8vo] i860.

5774. Shakspere: his Boyhood and Early Life. [i860.]

In Extraordinary Men and Women. Their Early Days and After Life. By William Russell.
With numerous Portraits and Illustrative Engravings. London: Routledge. [i vol. 8vo,
N.D., about i860.] Pp. 26-39.

5775. Dramatic Reminiscences ; or, Actors and Actresses in Eng-
land and America. By George VandenhofF. Edited, with Preface, by
Henry Seymour Carleton. London : Cooper. [i vol. duo.] i860.

Contains Reminiscences of Edmund Kean, Mrs. Siddons, and other Actors in Shakespearian

iSngltsf) S^akespeariana. 295

5776. A Critical Examination of the Text of Shakespeare, with
Remarks on his Language and that of his Contemporaries, together with
Notes on his Plays and Poems. By William Sidney Walker . . . Lon-
don : J. R. Smith. [3 vols. 8vo] i860.

5777. The Shakespearian Collections of Mr. Thomas P. Barton,
Mr. W. E. Burton, and Mr. Richard Grant White. i860.

In Private Libraries of New York. By James Wynne, M.D. New York : French, [i vol.
8vo] i860. Pp. 74-96, 146-54, 411-32.

5778. Hand Book for Visitors to Stratford-upon-Avon. Third
Edition, Revised and Corrected to the Present Time. Stratford-upon-
Avon: Adams. [i vol. 8vo] i860.

5779. Pearls of Shakspeare : A Collection of the most brilliant
Passages found in his Plays. Illustrated by Kenny Meadows. London :
Cassell. [i vol. duo.] i860.

5780. A Review of " Jn Inquiry into the Genuineness of the Manu-
script Corrections in Mr. J. Payne Colliers Annotated Shakspere^ Folio^
1632; and of certain Shaksperian Documents likewise published by Mr.
Collier.'' By N. E. S. A. Hamilton. (Bentley.) Also, The Reply of
Mr. J. Payne Collier, to the "Inquiry." {Reprinted from the [London)
Athencsum of the iSth of February^ i860.) . . . Printed for Private Cir-
culation by Charles W. Frederickson. New York. [i vol. 8vo] i860.

5781. Review of Hamilton's Inquiry into the Genuineness of the
Corrections in Collier's Annotated Folio Shakespeare, 1632. i860.

From The New Quarterly Review, April, i860, [i vol. 8vo] 1S60.

5782. Shakespearean Miscellanies : — Being a Collection of Essays,
Reviews, and Memoranda relating to Shakespeare's Life and Writings,
contributed, at different times to "The British Controversialist." By
Samuel Neil, etc. ... [i vol. 8vo] 1860-4.

A Collection made by the Author, and presented by him to the Library.

5783. Some Account of Robert Greene and his Writings. [With
Notice of Greene's Attack on Shakespeare in the Groats-Worth of Wit.]
By Alexander Dyce. 1861.

In The Dramatic and Poetical Works of Robert Greene and George Peele. With Memoirs of
the Authors and Notes by the Rev. Alexander Dyce. London : Routledge. [i vol. 8vo]
1861. Pp. 1-75.

This edition of the Works of Greene contains a reprint of " George-a-Greene," a play
ascribed to Shakespeare. See p. 94.

5784. A Few Words in Defence of the Memory of Edward
Capell, occasioned by a Criticism in the Times Newspaper, December
the 26th, i860. By J. O. Halliwell, Esq., F.R.S. London: Printed
only for Presentation. [i vol. 4to] 1861.

296 Stiafefspfate Mtmoxial flittarg, 13itminfltam.

5785. The Last Days of Shakespeare. By J. O. Halliwell. 1861.

From The St. James's Magazine, [i vol. 8vo] 1861.

5786. Notes and Emendations to Shakspere's " Merchant of
Venice." By Wm. Ihne, Ph. D. 1861.

In Proceedings of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Liverpool, during the Fiftieth
Session, 1860-61. . . . Liverpool : Brakell. [i vol. 8vo] 1861. Pp. 123-34.

5787. A Complete View of the Shakspere Controversy, concerning
the Authenticity and Genuineness of Manuscript Matter affecting the
Works and Biography of Shakspere, published by Mr. J. Payne Collier
as the Fruits of his Researches. By C. M. Ingleby, LL.D. . . . Lon-
don : Nattali. [i vol. 8vo] 1861.

This work contains a Bibliography of the Collier Controversy, pp. 339-48.

" This copy (i) contains the withdrawn facsimile, viz. that forming the frontispiece,
(2) is corrected throughout by the author, (3) contains MS. notes ; . . . and (4) has a
MS. Supplement [25 pp.] written expressly for this copy. C. M. Ingleby." MS. Note on

fiy M-

" Note of Reviews of this book. The Literary Gazette, Deer. 29, i860. The Critic,
Jany. 5, 1861. The London Review, March 2, 186 1. (This was from the pen of Mr.
Samuel Timmins). The Illustrated London News, June 22, 1861. The British Contro-
versialist, July, 1861.

"With the exception of a few Provincial Papers, these five were all the Reviews of" The
Complete View," that were published, though copies of the work were sent to all the leading
Magazines, (weekly and monthly) and Quarterly Reviews. It is a significant fact that all the
periodicals that reviewed it did so " most favorably."' MS. Note by Dr. Ingleby, at end of
" Bibliography.'''' There is an adverse paragraph of 12 lines relating to it in the Athenaeum,
Dec. 22, i860, p. 874.

" This is a very comprehensive volume on the subject, and cites all that has been written
on either side, but with a strong bias against Mr. Collier." — Bohn's Lowndes, 1864, vol. 3,
p. 2337.

5788. Observations on the Origin of the Division of Man's Life
into Stages. By John Winter Jones. . . . London : Ellis.

[i vol. 4to] 1861.

With Facsimiles of old Woodcuts.

" Reprinted [by permission of the Author) from the Arckaologia, vol. xxii. The number of Copies
has been limited to 150."

5789. Tales from Shakspeare. By Charles and Mary Lamb. Lon-
don : Bell and Daldy. [i vol. i6mo] 1861.

For other Editions, see p. 222.

5790. The Mind of Shakspeare, as Exhibited in his Works. By
Morgan. . . . Second Edition. London : Chapman and Hall.

[i vol. 8vo] 1861.

For earlier Edition, see p. 294.

5791. Shakespere A Critical Biography and an Estimate of the
Facts, Fancies, Forgeries, and Fabrications, regarding his Life and
Works, which have appeared in remote and recent Literature. By
Samuel Neil. . . . London : Houlston and Wright, [i vol. 8vo] 1861.

iSngltst S^afeespcartana. ' 297

5792. Fechter's Version of Othello, critically Analysed. By Henry
Ottley, with Prefatory Observations on The Stage, The Audience, and
The Critics. . . . London: Lacy. [i vol. 8vo] 1861.

Reprinted, with additions, from the " Morning Chronicle.'"''

5793. Ramblings in the Elucidation of the Autograph of Milton.
Samuel Leigh Sotheby, F.S.A. . . . London : Printed for the Author by
Thomas Richards. [i vol. fol.] 1861.

Contains Notes on Shakespeare's dedication of " Venus and Adonis " to the Earl of South-
ampton j the spelling of his name j the different Publishers of the First Edition of his
Plays, etc.

5794. Shakespeare's Dream, or, a Night in Fairy Land ; an Operetta,
Translated from the German of " Ludwig Tiecic," by Mary Maynard.
Adapted to the English Stage, with additional Stanzas for Music, by
Herbert Wilson. The whole of the Music entirely original, and com-
posed by Bennett Gilbert. Produced at the Royal Surrey Theatre^ Sept.
7, 1861. London: Merser. [i vol. 8v'o] 1861.

5795. Shalcspere : His Birthplace and its Neighbourhood. By John
R. Wise. Illustrated by W. J. Linton. London : Smith, Elder, and Co.

[i vol. 8vo] 1861.

5796. The Stratford Portrait of Shakespeare, and The Athenaeum ;
also Ben Jonson ; and the Macaulay-Penn Controversy ; in connexion
with that Periodical — or its Editor. [By Charles Wright.]

[i vol. 8vo] 1861.

5797. Choice Thoughts from Shalcspere By the Author of ' The
Book of Fa?nlliar Rotations.'' London: Whittalcer. [i vol. 8vo] 1861.

5798. Shalcespere's Curse and other Poems. London : Bosworth.

[i vol. 8vo] 1861.

5799. Shakspere's Seven Ages of Life. Illustrated by John Gilbert,
etc. Engraved by Thomas Gilks. . . . Second Edition. London :
Dean. [i vol. 4to, n.d., about 1861.]

5800. On the Received Text of Shakespeare's Dramatic Writings
and its Improvement By Samuel Bailey London Longman.

[i vol. 8vo] 1862.

5801. A Key to Shakespeare's Sonnets By D. Barnstorft. Trans-
lated from the German by T. J. Graham. London : Triibner.

[i vol. 8vo] 1862.

5802. Shakespeare no Deerstealer, or, a Short Account of Fulbroke

298 Sliafepspeare Mfmotial iLifirarg, ISirmingtam.

Park, near Stratford-on-Avon. By C. Holte Bracebridge. . . . London :
Harrison. [i vol. 8vo] 1862.

This copy contains a duplicate of the plate " Grove Field, Warwickshire ;" two photographs,
viz. " Charlecote Hall," and " The Keeper's Lodge, Fulbroke Park, j " and MS. Notes by
the Author.

5803. The Footsteps of Shakspere ; or a Ramble with the Early
Dramatists, containing much new and interesting Information respecting
Shakspere, Lyly, Marlowe, Greene, and others, [By Robert Cartwright,
M.D.] London : J. R. Smith. [i vol. Svo] 1862.

5804. The Sonnets of William Shakspere: A Critical Disquisition
suggested by a Recent Discovery. ... By Bolton Corney, M.R.S.L.
[London : F. Shoberl, Printer. i vol. 8vo, n.d., about 1862.]

Pri-vate Impression. On straw-coloured paper.

5805. London Theatres — . . . Shaksperian Revivals — Hamlet,
etc. 1862.

In The English at Home, . . . Second Series. By Alphonse Esquiros. . . . Translated by
Wraxall. London Chapman and Hall, [i vol. Svo] 1862. Pp. 93-136.

5806. The Shakespeare Cyclopaedia ; or, a Classified and Elucidated
Summary of Shakespeare's Knowledge of the Works and Phenomena of
Nature. By James H. Fennell. . . . Part L— Zoology. Man. , . .
London: J. R. Smith. [i vol. 8vo] 1862.

"Will be completed in Twenty Numbers."

5807. Shakspeare's Crab Tree, with its Legend ... By Green . . .
Illustrated by a Series of Nine Lithographic Prints, . . . and a Fac-
simile Portrait of Shakespeare, Fro^n the First Folio. . . . London : Lacy.

[i vol, 4to, N,D,, about 1862.]

For earlier Edition, see No. 5 7 1 7.

5808. A Brief Hand-List of the Records belonging to the Borough
of Stratford-on-Avon. Showing their general Character : with Notes of
a few of the Shakespearian Documents in the same Collection. [By J.
O, Halliwell.] May, 1862. [i vol. 4to] 1862.

" Only fifty Copies printed."

5809. A Hand-List of upwards of a Thousand Volumes of Shakes-
peariana added to the Three Previous Collections of a similar kind
formed by J. O, Halliwell, and of which Lists have been previously
printed. London: Whittingham. [i vol. Svo] 1862.

" Only 25 Copies printed.^^

5810. Stratford-on-Avon, 1862.

Frora Graphic Illustrations of Warwickshire. By James Jaffray. Birmingham: Underwood,
[i vol. 4to] 1862.

Contains Portrait of Shakspeare, from the Chandos ; Views of Shakspeare's Birthplace,
Charlecote, (3 views,) Stratford on Avon, Chancel of Stratford Church, and Clopton House.

5811. Memoirs of King Richard the Third and some of his Con-
temporaries With an Historical Drama on the Battle of Bosworth By
John Heneage Jesse. . . . London Bentley. [i vol. 8vo] 1862.

5812. A Pilgrimage to England's Mecca. [Stratford.] 1862.

In Pleasant Spots and Famous Places. By John Alfred Langford. . . . London. Tegg. [l
vol. 8vo, N.D., about 1862.] Pp. 262-79.

Contains also a chapter on " Drunken Bidford," pp. 280-8.

5813. Gl' Ingannati. The Deceived: A Comedy performed at
Siena in 1531 : And Aelia Laelia Crispis. By T. L. Peacock. London :
Chapman and Hall. [i vol. 8vo] 1862.

Shakespeare is said to have made use of G/' Ingannati in his " Twelfth Night." See Note to No.
4734, /■• 155-

5814. A Shakspearian Glossary for our English Bible. By Rev.
Lemuel S. Potwin, Bridgewater, Conn. [U. S.] 1862.

In Bibliotheca Sacra. . . July, 1862. Andover, U. S. [i vol. 8vo] 1862. Pp. 551-63.

5815. An Apology for Shakspere's "Lady Macbeth." By P. H.
Rathbone, Esq. On Hamlet and Faust. By Rev. Hermann Baar, Ph. D.


In Proceedings of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Liverpool, during the Fifty-first
Session, 1861-62. Liverpool : Brakell. [i vol. 8vo] 1862. Pp. 69-77, 135-50.

5816. Shakspeare and his Contemporaries ; His Treatment of Sacred
Subjects; etc. ^^^2,.

In Introduction to English Literature, From Chaucer to Tennyson. By Henry Reed. . . .

London : Shaw, [i vol. 8vo] 1862. Pp. 95-100, 106, 116.
Tie fVorks of Edmund Spenser. Editedby Collier. [5 -vols. 8w] 1862. See No. 4691, 4707.

5817. William Shakespeare, by Howard Staunton. 1862.

/« The Imperial Dictionary of Universal Biography. . . . Mackenzie. London, etc. [3 vols. 8vo,
N. D., about 1862.] Vol. 3, pp. 764-6.

With Portrait from the Chandos, engraved by E. Scriven.

5818. A Retrospective Glance at Mr. Fechter's lago, and Acting
Edition of Othello. By Wilmot. London : Lacy.

[i vol. 8vo] 1862.

5819. Extracts from Shakspere for the Use of Schools London
Whittaker. [i vol. 8vo, n. d., about 1862.]

This work is the same as the " Choice Thoughts from Shakspere," (published in 1861), with
a new title-page and a slightly altered Preface.

5820. The Kean Banquet, Wednesday, July 20th, 1859, His
Grace the Duke of Newcastle in the Chair •, and the Kean Testimonial
Presentation, Saturday, March 22nd, 1862, Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone,
M.P. ... in the Chair. St. James's Hall [London. Brettell.

I vol. 8vo] 1862.

300 Sfiafeespeare iHfmortal ILifirarg, 13irmingf)am.

5821. National Shalcesperian Fund. Programme of two Entertain-
ments in the Royal Shalcesperian Rooms, Stratford-upon-Avon, April 26,
1862 ; by Mr. Dillon Croker, entitled " Selections from the Dramatists : "
the proceeds to be applied to the fund .... for the purchase ... of all
the Shakespeare Property in Stratford-on-Avon. [Broadside.] 1862.

5822. Shakspeare, a Seaman. Shakspeare's Sea-Lore. 1862.

From The St. James's Magazine, [i vol. 8vo] 1862.

5823. Shakspeare : Was he a Christian ? By a Cosmopolite ....
London : Farrah. Newcastle-under-Lyme : Bayley.

[i vol. 8vo, N. D., about 1862.]

5824. Shakespeare's Household Words, A Selection from the wise
saws of the Immortal Bard, Illuminated by Saml. Stanesby. London,
Griffith & Farran. [i vol. duo., n. d., about 1862.]

The Poetical JVorh of Mark Akenside. [l W. 8vo] 1863. See iVo. 4903.

5825. Shakespere's Home at New Place, Stratford-upon-Avon,
Being a Hijhry of the " Great Houfe " built in the Reign o/King Henry
VII., by Sir Hugh Clopton, Knight, and fubfequently the property of William
Shakespere, Gent., wherein he lived and died. By J. C. M. Bellew. Im-
prynted in London^ for Virtue. [i vol. 8vo] 1863.

5826. A Bibliographical Account of the Works of Shakespeare, In-
cluding every known Edition, Translation, and Commentary. By Henry
G. Bohn. Printed off separately from his enlarged Edition of the Biblio-
grapher's Manual, with some Additions. [i vol. 4to, n. d., about 1863.]

5827. The Biography and Bibliography of Shakespeare. By Henry
G. Bohn. [i vol. 4to] 1863.

Privately printed as a contribution to the Philobiblon Society, 1863. With Engravings of
the Droeshout Portrait, by Robinson ; the Chandos Portrait, by Cochran ; the Stratford
Bust, by Fry ; the Jansen Portrait, by Turner j and fifteen other Plates illustrative of Strat-
ford-on-Avon, etc.

5828. The Hero as Poet. Dante; Shakspeare. 1863.

In Lectures on Heroes (1840). By Thomas Carlyle. London : Chapman and Hall, [i vol.
8vo] 1863. . Pp. 243-70.

5829. Shakespeare-Characters ; chiefly those Subordinate. By
Charles Cowden Clarke. . . . London : Smith, Elder, & Co.

[i vol. 8vo] 1863.

With a copy of the Stratford Bust, drawn by J. Thurston and engraved by W. Finden.

5830. A Study of Hamlet. By John Conolly, MD. . . . London :
Moxon. [i vol. 8vo] 1863.

iSnglisf) Sfjaltespeariana. 301

5831. Biographies of Shakspeare, Pope, Goethe, and Schiller. .' . .
By Thomas De Quincey Edinburgh Black. [i vol. 8vo] 1863.

With an engraving of the Stratford Bust, by Dalziel.

5832. Shakespeare Commentaries by Dr. G. G. Gervinus. . . .
Translated under the Author's Superintendence by F. E. Bunnett. . . .
London : Smith, Elder and Co. [2 vols. Svo] 1863.

5833. Notes and Comments upon Certain Plays and Actors of
Shakespeare, with Criticisms and Correspondence. By James Henry
Hackett. . . . Third Edition. New York : Carleton.

[i vol. duo.] 1863.

Contains a privately printed letter to James H. Hackett, from G. C. Verplanck.

5834. A Brief Guide to the Gardens of Shakespeare, and a Pro-
spectus of the Shakespeare Fund. [Edited by J. O. Halliwell. Chiswick
Press: Whittingham.] [i vol. Svo] 1863.

5835. A Brief Hand-List of the Collections respecting the Life and
Works of Shakespeare, and the History and Antiquities of Stratford-upon-
Avon, formed by the late Robert Bell Wheler, the Historian of Stratford,
and presented by his Sister, Miss Wheler, to that Town, to be preserved
for ever in the Shakespeare Library and Museum. [By J. O. Halliwell.]
London: Printed at the Chiswick Press. [i vol. 410] 1863.

" One hundred Copies printed.''^

5836. A Descriptive Calendar of the Ancient Manuscripts and
Records in the Possession of The Corporation of Stratford-upon-Avon j
including Notices of Shakespeare and his Family, and of several Persons

connected with the Poet. By James O. Halliwell, Esq., F.R.S

London: Adlard. [i vol. fol.] 1863.

" The impression of this -work is limited to seventy- five copies."

5837. The Last Days of William Shakespeare. By J. O, Halli-
well. [Chiswick Press : Whittingham.

I vol. duo., N.D., about 1863.] ,

This paper first appeared in the St. James s Magazine, 1861.

5838. Shakespearian Facsimiles j A Collection of Curious and In-
teresting Documents, Plans, Signatures, Sec, illustrative of the Biography
of Shakespeare and the History of his Family ; from the Originals chiefly
preserved at Stratford-on-Avon. Facsimiled by E. W. Ashbee. Se-
lected by J. O. Halliwell, F.R.S. London : Adlard. [i vol. fol.] 1863.

"Only Thirty Copies of this Work Printed. J. O. Halliwell, November, 1863."

5839. The Forest of Arden, its Towns, Villages, and Hamlets : a

302 Stafefspcare iHemorial tLitrarg, iSirmingtain.

Topogr'aphical and Historical Account of the District between and around
Henley-in-Arden and Hampton-in-Arden, in the County of Warwick.
Illustrated with numerous Engravings. By John Hannett. . . . London :
Simpkin. [i vol. 8vo] 1863.

Contains references to Shakespeare.

5840. Commentary on The Merchant of Venice. By Francois
Victor Hugo. Translated with Permission of the Author, by Edward
L. Samuel. London : Chapman and Hall. [1 vol. Svo] 1863.

5841. The Shakespeare Fund. Readings and Recitations by Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Kean, at St. James's Hall, ... on Friday Evening,
June 26th, 1863. London : Chiswick Press. [i vol. 8vo] 1863.

5842. Shakespeare's Dukes of Clarence. 1863.

Jn The Dukes of Clarence : Four Portraits from the History of England. A Lecture by the Rev.
C. Mackenzie, A.M. . . . Deli-vered at Crosby Hall, [i vol. duo., n. d., about 1863.]

The fVorks of John Milton. [8 -vols. %-vo\ 1863, See No. 4821.

5843. Warburton's Edition of Shakspeare. 1863.

In The Life of William Warburton, D.D. Lord Bishop of Gloucester from 1760 to 1779 •
With Remarks on his Works. By the Rev. John Selby Watson, M. A. . . . London:
Longman, [i vol. Svo] 1863. Pp. 297-345.

5844. An Historical Account of the Birth-Place of Shakespeare.
By the late R. B. Wheler, Esq. Reprinted from the Edition of 1824,
with a few Prefatory Remarks by J. O. Halliwell, Esq., F.R.S. Stratford-
on-Avon : Sold at the Poet's Birth-place. [i vol. 8voj 1863.

For earlier Edition, see p. 237.

5845. The Art of Shakspere, as Revealed by Himself. 1863.

In The Victoria Magazine. October, 1863. [i vol. Svo] 1863.

5846. Shakespeare Commemorated. 1863.

From Temple Bar, vol. lo. [l vol. Svo] 1863.

5847. The Shakespeare Gazette : A Weekly Record of Proceedings
relating to the Tercentenary Celebration. No. i. Thursday, December
3, 1863. [London : Thomas. i vol. 8vo] 1863.

5848. The Lambda-Nu Tercentenary Poem on Shakspeare, by
J. A. Allen. . . . Stratford-upon-Avon: Morgan. [i vol. Svo] 1864.

with Portrait of Shakespeare, from the Droeshout ; Jonson's Verses underneath.

5849. Shakspere's Garden or the Plants and Flowers named in his
Works described and defined. With Notes and Illustrations from the
Works of other Writers. By Sidney Beisly . . . London: Longman.

[i vol. Svo] 1864.

5850. Bible Truths, with Shakspearian Parallels. By James

Brown. . . . Second Edition, with Illustrative Notes and an Index.
London: Whittaker. [i vol. 8vo] 1864.

Another Edition.
" By J. B. Selkirk." Third Edition. London : Hodder and Stoughton. [i vol. 8vo] 1872.

5851. Shakspeare : A Biographical Sketch. [By J. C] Aberdeen :
Craighead. [^ vol. duo.] 1864.

5852. Ode to Shakspeare : suggested by his Ter-Centenary. By F.
B.Calvert. Edinburgh : Elgin. [i vol. duo.] 1864.

5853. Shakspere and Jonson. Dramatic, versus Wit -Combats.
Auxiliary Forces : — Beaumont and Fletcher, Marston, Decker, Chap-
man, and Webster. [By Robert Cartwright, M.D.] London: J. R.
Smith. [I vol. duo.] 1864.

5854. April 23. Shakspeare. 1864.

In The Book of Days. A Miscellany of Popular Antiquities in connection with the Calendar
. . . Edited by R. Chambers. W. & R. Chambers, London & Edinburgh. [2 vols. 8vo]
1864. Vol. I, pp. 542-5.
With Portrait from the Chandos picture, and views of the Birthplace and Church.

5855. Shakespeare: A Tercentenary Tribute. By S. C. Chase.
Reading: Millard. [i vol. duo. 1864.]

5856. The Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines; in a Series of
Fifteen Tales, by Mary Cowden Clarke. . . . London : Bickers.

[3 vols. 8vo] 1864.

For earlier Edition, see No. 561 9.

5857. An Argument on the Assumed Birthday of Shakspere : Re-
duced to shape A.D. 1864. ... By Bolton Corney. \_Private Impression.
London : F. Shoberl. i vol. 8vo, n. d., about 1864.]

5858. The Portraits, Bust, and Monument of Shakspere. By E.
T. Craig. With llluftrations. [London : Pitman.

I vol. duo., N.D., about 1864.]

The Second Part is entitled—" Shakspere : or, the Ardens of Warwickshire; and the Heritage
of Genius."

Comprises a Phrenological examination of the various portraits, with copies of the
Stratford Bust, the Jansen Portrait, the Cast from Shakspere's Face, portraits of Sir Thomas
Lucy, Susannah Hall, George Shakspere, (a living descendant of Humphrey Shakspere,) etc.

5859. The same. Second Edition. London : Pitman.

[i vol. duo., N.D., about 1864.]

Another Edition .
Reprinted by J. Parker Norris. . . . Philadelphia: for Private Circulation, [i vol.
8vo] 1875.

5860. Genius the Gift of God ; A Sermon on the Tercentenary of
the Birth of William Shakspeare, Preached at Stratford-on-Jvon, on

304 Sfiafeespeate iHemortal UilirarB, i3itminflf)am.

Sunday^ Jpril 24., 1864. By R. W. Dale, M.A. London: Hamilton.
Birmingham : Hudson. [i vol. 8vo] 1864.

5861. Shakspeare A Biography By Thomas De Quincey the
English Opium-Eater. Edinburgh : A. and C. Black.

[i vol. 8vo] 1864.

5862. Notices of Shakespearian Actors. 1864.

In " Their Majesties' Servants." Annals of the English Stage, from Thomas Betterton to
Edmund Kean. Actors— Authors — Audiences. By Dr. Doran. . . . London : Allen.
[2 vols. 8vo] 1864.

The first volume also contains (p. 143) a note relating to the descent of the Chandos
Portrait of Shakespeare, from Davenant to the Dukes of Chandos and Buckingham ; and
notes also relating to the " tinkers" who have at various times altered and adapted Shake-
speare's plays.

5863. Memorials of Shakespere^ Photographed for the Tercentenary
Festival by Ernest Edwards . . . London : Edwards.

[i vol. fol., N. D., about 1864.]

Eight Photographs only.

5864. Shakespeare Tercentenary. Soiree of " Our Shakespeare
Club" Nock's Royal Hotel, Birmingham, Jpril the Twenty-Second^ 1864.
[Shakespeare. A Cantata, Written and composed expressly for this occasion.
Words by Sebastian Evans. Music by Thomas Anderton.

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