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Dec. 5. John Lucas, in Leeds, batchelor, and Martha Abbot, in

Barwick, spinster.

1774, Nov. 13. John Hewit, in Barwick, singleman, & Sarah Upton,

spinster, in Thorner.
Nov. 13. William Bell, singleman, in Whitkirk, and Sarah
Shilbourne, spinster, in Barwick.
1776, Jan. 28. Thomas Burton, of Barwick, batcholer, & Hannah
Gibson, of Leeds, spinster.


Nov. 3. William Dunwell, of Barwick, and Ann Marshall, of

Dec. 22. William Renton, of Barwick, and Sarah Rodes, of

Dec. 29. George Baker & Sarah Clemishaw, both of Barwick.

1777, April 13. Joseph Wigelsworth, of Barwick, and Hollaf Dixon,

of Pontefract.
Aug. 17. Matthew Barber, of Tadcaster, and Margret Slayter, of

Nov. 9. John Goodall & Betty Thompson, both of Barwick.
Dec. 14. William Slayter, of Barwick, and Martha Dawson, of


1778, Apl. 19. Thomas Braim, of Barwick, and Ann Atkinson, of

S. Michel le Belfrey, York.

1779, Jan. 31. Thomas Princ, of Barwick, and Mary Nicolson, of

Mar. 14. John Goodall, of Barwick, & Ellin Goodall, of Witkirke.
Jan. 10. James Lee, of Barwick, and Sarah Smith, of Bishop-

Apl. 18. Thomas Upton, of Thorner, and Elizabeth Blanchit, of

May 2. William Robinson, of Barwick, and Betty Thompson, of

May 30. William Goodall, of Barwick, and Mary Forster, of

Sept. 5. John Grocock, of Kippax, and Margret Lee, of Barwick.
Nov. 21. John Vary, of Barwick, and Grace Reed, of Bardsey.

1780, Mar. 26. Benjamin Otheck, of Leeds, and Mary Moncks, of

May 21. Benjamin Cook, of Barwick, and Mary Marshall, of

June 4. John Walton, of Barwick, and Mary Nettleton, of

Aug. 6. John Husber, of Barwick, and Mary Wright, of Witkirke.

1782, Nov. 10. Benjamin Naylor and Sarah Tipling, both of Barwick

1783, Sept. 14. Edward Barrowclif, of Barwick, and Sarah Smith,

of Garforth.
Sept. 28. Jonathan Richardson, of Barwick, and Mary Prince,

of Witkirke.
Dec. 14. William Walton, of Barwick, and Elizabeth Pearson,

of Hunsinger.

1784, Aug. 1. William Backhouse and Ann Hawkings, both of

Dec. 26. William Beanley and Jane Stubs, both of Barwick.

1785, May 22. John Day, of Barwick, and Mary Walker, of

1787, May 13. John Broughton, of Guiseley, and Sarah Marshall.

of Barwick.
Oct. 14. James Hare, of Barwick, and Sarah Spencer, of Witkirke.

1788, Dec. 7. Matthew Varley, of Barwick, and Ann Taite, of


Dec. 14. John Norton, of Barwick, and Jane Compesorton, of

1789, Mar. 8. Thomas Taite, of Barwick, & Charlotta Thompson, of


1790, Feb. 7. William Dickinson, of Barwick, and Elizabeth
Jackson, of Aberford.

April 18. David Strother, of Barwick, & Barbary Sweeton, of

Dec. 5. James Eyres, of Barwick, and Mary Bell, of Whitkirke.

1791, Jan. 23. Robert Stead, of Wolton, and Mary Lidster, of

Jan. 23. Richard Perkin, of Barwick, and Ann Braithwaite, of

S* Hellins of the city of York.
May 29. James Toft, of Barwick, and Rebecca Wood, of Bardsey.
Sept. 4. John Thrach, of Barwick, and Ann Clarkson, of Whitkirk
Nov. 6. Leonard Cauwood, of Barwick, and Mary Corney, of


1792, Jan. 29, William Rawlinson, of Barwick, and Ellin Hey, of

Mar. 11. John Hillingworth, of Thorner, and Mary Wood, of

April 22. William Manners, of Spofforth, and Ann Haws, of

July 27. John Deane, of Barwick, and Elizabeth Fittort of

Dec. 23. John Harrison, of Thorner, and Mary Chadwick, of


1793, June 9. Samuel Braim, of Barwick, Ann Shepperd,of Garforth

[No entries from 1793 to 1797.]

1797, Dec. 3. John Todd, of Barwick, & Ann Prince, of Ledsham.

1798, Apl. 29. Henry Taylor, of Barwick, & Mary Teal, of Leeds.
June 10. John Cawthorne, of Barwick, & Mary Stead, of Whitkirk
Aug. 19. John Spencer, of Sherburn, & Hannah Tillotson, of

Oct. 21. James Thackray, of Barwick, & Dinah Dixon, of

Dec. 23. Matthew Watson & Elizabeth Todd, both of Barwick.

1799, June 16. Thomas Taite, of Barwick, & Margaret Braithwaite,

of Aberford.
Oct. 13. William Batty, of Barwick, & Elizabeth Carr, of Leeds.
Nov. 3. John Thompson, of Barwick, & Elizabeth Ambler, of


1800, Feb. 2. Richard Stead, of Harewood, & Sarah Wetherhill,
of Barwick.

Feb. 16. Samuel Pickersgill, of Barwick, & Hannah Fitton, of

Apl. 6. Richard Baker, of Whitchurch, & Frances Denison, of

July 27. John Rawlinson, of Barwick, & Elizabeth Clark, of



Oct. 12. William Watson, of Barwick, & Hannah Harrison, of

Dec. 14. Joseph Jackson <% Mary Clarkson, both of Barwick.

1801, Feb. 8. John Connell, of Barwick, and Ann Stansfield, of

June 21. John Liddle, of Saxton, & Eleanor Nettleton, of Barwick
Sep. 27. Henry Clayton, of Barwick, & Hannah Hemsworth, of

Nov. 8. John Barker, of Barwick, & Ann Burton, of Acomb.

1802, Feb. 21. James Vince and Mary Haley, both of Barwick.
Sep. 19. George Blackburn, of Barwick, and Hannah Wood, of

Nov. 21. John Butler, of Barwick, & Mary March, of Leeds.
Dec. 5. James Tomling, of Barwick, & Elizabeth Thompson, of


1803, Mar. 13. John Cawood, of Leeds, & Sarah Haist, of Barwick.
Mar. 20. Joseph Newis, of Barwick, & Mary Brownrigg, of

Kirkby Overblow.
Oct. 23. Thomas Wright, of Barwick, & Mary Hambler, of

Oct. 30. George Johnson, of Barwick, & Sarah Hanley, of Rippon.

1804, Nov. 11. James Jackson, of Barwick, & Phebe Ellart, of

1805, Jan. 13. Matthew Kirby and Sarah Thompson, both of

Apl. 7. Michael Wolton, of Barwick, & Ann Eyre, of Bramham.
June 9. Richard Hemsworth, of Garforth, and Amelia Benton,

of Barwick.
July 7. Thomas Cawood, of Barwick, and Elizabeth Taylor, of

Sept. 15. Thomas Watson, of Knaresbro', and Elizabeth Skelton,

of Barwick.
Oct. 20. James Hodgson and Mary Haley, both of Barwick.

1806, July 27. Christopher Simpson, of Barwick, and Ann Road-

house, of Monk Frystone.
June 29. John Barret & Mary Benton, both of Barwick.
Aug. 31. John Powell & Sarah Morritt, both of Barwick.

1807, Jan. 18. John Pemberton & Sarah Ward, both of Barwick.
July 26. Joseph Scholes, of Barwick, and Sarah Speight, of

July 26. Joseph Simpson, of Barwick, and Hannah Turner, of

1808, July 10. Joseph Reeder, of Barwick, & Ann Connell, of Leeds,
June 19. John Prince, of Whitkirk, and Susana Jolley, of Barwick
Nov. 20. William Scott, of Brotherton, & Ellen Taylor, of Barwick

1809, July 30. Alexander Metcalf, of Barwick, and Mary Prince, of


1810, May 6. Joseph Simpson, of Barwick, & Ann Vince, of

July 1. Benjamin Hewitt, of Leeds, and Frances Bell, of Barwick.


July 29. George Watson, of Barwick, and Mary Smeaton, of

Nov. 11. Thomas Per kin, of Barwick, and Margaret Booth, of


1811, Dec. 1. James Bacchus, of Barwick, and Mary Marshall, of

Dec. 8. William Ashton, of Barwick, and Mary Powell, of

Dec. 8. Robert Wright, of Barwick, and Jane Bamlet, of North


1812, Feb. 16. Matthew Heptonstall, of Heaton, and Elizabeth
Sykes, of Barwick.

Mar. 22. William Copley, of Barwick, and Mary Briggs, of

April 5. Thomas Robshaw, of Barwick, and Ann Westerman, of

May 3. William Blakey, of Leeds, and Sarah Dickinson, of

Barwick. x
July 19. William Simpson & Elizabeth Knapton, both of Barwick
Aug. 9. Benjamin Stringer, of Barwick, and Mary Jolly, of

June 28. Joseph Walton, of Barwick, and Mary Moon, of

Sept. 20. John Jenkinson, of Leeds, & Sarah Dickinson, of

Oct. 25. William Slater, of Barwick, & Catherine Crossland, of

Dec. 13. Edward Brogden, of Barwick, & Elizabeth Hick, of






Tablet in Chancel.

Sacred to the memory of the Rev d Rob* Deane, B.D., 25 years Rector of this
parish. This venerable man, learned, pious, humble & beneficent, lived
the delight of his friends, the ornament of Christianity, and the father of
his flock. He died in peace Feb* 6 th , 1799, ae* 65. Erected by his
affectionate relict H. Deane.

Tablet in Chancel.

Sacred to the memory of Edward Wilkinson, Esq re , of Potterton, who died
July 16 th , 1836, aged 74 years ; also of Ann, his wife, who died October
26 th , 1846, aged 78 years.*

Tablet in Chancel.

Sacred to the memory of John Edward Wilkinson, of Potterton, born on the
28 th of October, 1789, died at Scarborough on the 14 th of August, 1850 ;
also of Catherine Wilkinson, wife of the above, who died on the 28 th
Dec r , 1856, aged 59 years.

Tablet in Chancel.

To the memory of William Eamonson, of Lazingcroft, who after having
reach'dhis63 d year in such Vigor as seemed to promise along continuance
of his Valuable Life, was snatched from his sorrowing Family and Friends
on the 6 th day of March, 1781, by an inflammatory Fever in the short
space of 3 days. This plain monument is erected by Elizabeth Eamonson,
his widow.... Also to the memory of Elizabeth and Alice, the daughters of
William and Elizabeth Eamonson, who died in the bloom of {rest decayed)
Tablet on South Wall.

Near this place are deposited the remains of William Ellis, Esq., of Kiddall
Hall in this parish, who departed this life April the 10 th , 1771, aged 64
years. He married Mary, only child of James and Elisabeth Bourne, of
Mallingley, near Heckfield, Hants., and all three lie interred in Heckneld
Church, by whom he had one child Elisabeth Maria who has erected this
as a tribute of gratitude to the memory of a kind and affectionate father.
Window in South Wall.

To the Memory of Maria Ann Langley by her brother Bathurst Edward

Tablet on South Wall.

Sacred to the memory of James Croft Brooke, esq re (of Littlethorpe, near Ripon),
late Major in the 3 rd or Prince of Wales reg* of Dragoon Guards, 2 nd son of
Col : Brooke, formerly of the same reg 4 ; and of Frances, his wife, late of
Scholes in this parish. He died May 14 th , 1837, in the 60 th year of his
age, sincerely regretted by all his relations and friends, leaving three
surviving sons and one daughter by Frances, his wife, 2 nd daughter of the
late John Brooke, esq., of Austhorpe Lodge, near Leeds, who, feeling
deeply her bereavement, erected this monument to her husband's many
amiable virtues.

Stone on Floor South Aisle.

Here Lieth interred the Body of John Wray, who Departed this life at Lazin-
croft, the 17 of Feb., Anno 1759, in the . . year of his age.
Stone in South Aisle.

Here lyeth y e body of Alvarey Vevers, of Scoles, who dyed November y 8
8, [1666, aged 79].

Stone in West Aisle.

Here Lyeth interred the body of Christopher Kelshaw of Roundhay, who
departed this life the 12 day of December in the yeare of our Lord 1673,
being 88 years old.


Yesterday se'nnight was married at Woodford in Essex, Edward Wilkinson, Esq., of this town, to
ss Ann Pearce, second dau. of Nicholas Pearce, Esq., of Woodford. Leeds Intelligencer, 18 July, 1786.


Stone in West Aisle.
Underneath this stone are deposited the remains of John Phillips, Esq.,
formerly of Waltham[stow], in the county of Essex, second son of

Charles late of the above place [rest cut off].

Stone in South Aisle.
Underneath this stone lies the Body of William Vevers, of Scholes, Gent., who
departed this life ... [i] Day of Feb., 1744, aged 48 years. Richard
Vevers, Esq., buried here.

Tablet on South-West Wall.
Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, wife of Edward Wales, of Berwick-in-
Elmet (late of Leeds), who died February 22 nd , 1835, aged 62 years ;
also Jane, wife of the above Edward Wales, who died June 18 th , 1854, in
the 89 th year of her age ; also of the above Edward Wales, who died
November 20 th , 1855, in the 84 th year of his age.*

Tablet on South- West Wall.
Sacred to the memory of Thomas Collett, of Leeds, Batchelor, who died
August 30 th , 1849, aged 55 years; also of William and Mary Collett,
father and mother of the above.

On Tombstone West End of Middle Aisle.
[Here Lies Interr]ed [the Body of] Elizabeth Haist, daughter of William Ellis,
Esq. She was first married to William Dawson, of Kiddall Hall, and
afterwards to M r Benj. Haist, of Barwick.f

On Stone South End of Middle Aisle.
Here lieth y e Body of daughter of M r Jo. . . late of

Leeds. She Departed September y e 12 th

yeare of Her Age.

On Stone in Middle Aisle.
Underneath lie the remains of William Ellis, Esq., of Kiddall Hall in this
parish, who died April the 10 th , 1771, aged 64 years.
On Stone in Middle Aisle.
Here Lyeth the Body of W m Vevers, the son of W m Vevers, of Morwick, who
departed this life the 28 of July, 171 7, aged 22 ; and allso of Francis, his
son, who departed this life y e 13 th of December in y e 20 th year of his age,
Anno Domini 17 19 ; Also y e Body of Sarah, y e wife of y e s d W m Vevers,
who departed this life y e 23d day of Sep., 1729, aged 56 ; And also W m ,
her husband, who departed this life y e 18 th day of October, 1738, aged 67.
On Stone in Middle Aisle.
In memory of the two daughters of William and Elizabeth Eamonson, of
Lazincroft. Elizabeth, who departed this life December the 17 th , 1772,
aged 17 years and was interred here. Alice, who departed this life the
23 rd of Aug., 1775, aged 18 years, and was interred in the Church at

On Stone in Middle Aisle.
Here Lyeth the Body of Alice, daughter of M r William Eamonson, of Lazin-
croft, who departed this life April y e 6 th , 1744, In ye 30 th year of her age.
On Stone in Middle Aisle.
Here Lyeth interred Alice Eamonson, the wife of Will m Eamonson, of
Austhorp, who departed this life on the [1] day of September, 1751, in
the 69 th year of her age

On Stone in Middle Aisle.
Orate pro anima Johannis Grenefeld servientis ad legem qui obiit [23 Oct.,
1464]. Dr. Johnston's MS.

On Stone in West Aisle.
Hie Jacet Milo Lodge qui obiit 7 die Sept., 1695.

Tablet on North West Wall.
In the Vault below lie the remains of John Phillips Esq., formerly of Waltham-
stow, Essex, son of Charles Phillips, died 5 January, 18 14, aged 82 years,
he was the younger brother of the late Rev. Charles Phillips, A.M., Vicar

Edward Wales married first, 1802, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Thomas Brook of Wakefield,
Surgeon, and grand daughter of the Rev. Samuel Brook, M.A., Head Master of Almondbury Grammar
School; secondly, 1836, to Jane, widow of John Parkinson of Hull, and daughter of the Rev. John
Greenwood, M.A., Rector of Thornhill. See Miscellanea Genealogica, 3rd series, I. 132.
tSee Hunter's Families Minorum Gentium (Harleian Society), p. 774.


of Terling, Essex ; also in the same vault are deposited the remains of
Hannah, wife of the above named John Phillips, died at Whitburn,
Durham, 2i 8t December, 1815, aged 77 years.
Window in North Wall.
To the honour and glory of God and to the memory of Charles Porter who
died January 28 th , 1880, this window was inscribed.
Tablet on North Wall.
Near this place lie Interred the Remains of William Vevers, of Scholes, Esq.,
who died the [i 8t ] day of February, 1744, aged 48 years. Also his son
Richard Vevers, Esq re , who died Jan. 11 th , 1767, aged 35 years.
Also Priscilla Atkinson [mother] to the above Richard Vevers, Esq., died
..May, 1769.

On a Tombstone in North Aisle.
R. D. ob. 1799.
On an Upright Stone on the North Wall.
Hie jacet Johes Gascoigne quodam dns de Laysincroft qui obiit. . . .

East Window in North Aisle.
Armorial window commemorating members of the Gascoigne family. [For full
description see The History of Barwick-in-Elmet, by the Rev. F. S. Colman.]


[w.d.t.l. =who departed this life.]

Sacred to the memory of John, son of John and Margaret Marsland, of
Roundhay, w.d.t.l. April 7 th , 1828, aged 7 weeks.

In memory of Joseph Porter, of Barwick in Elmet, who died August 12 th , 1835,
aged 79 years. In memory of Henry, son of Joseph Porter, who died
May 24 th , 1842, aged 50 years. Also of Mary Ann, relict of Henry Porter,
who died October 25 th , 1884, aged 79 years.

Sacred to the memory of James Benson w.d.t.l. April 23 rd , 1828, in the 90 th
year of his age. An[n], daughter of the above, who died February 2[7],
1812, aged 37 years.

In memory of Thomas Crosland, of South Milford, Gent an , who died September
11 th , 1833, aged 64 years.

In memory of Mary, fourth daughter of John and Jane Crosland, of Scholes,
who died December i 8t , 1806, in the 2 nd year of her age. Also of the
above named John Crosland, w.d.t.l. June i 8t , 1815, aged 51 years. Also
Elizabeth Crosland, the fifth daughter of the above named John Crosland,
w.d.t 1. 3 rd day of September, 1833, aged 24 years. Also Jane, wife of
the above John Crosland, who died January 9 th , 1857, aged 83 years.

In memory of Elizabeth, the wife of John Crosland, of Scholes, w.d.t.l. March
16 th , 1834, in the 31 st year of her age. Also of Arthur, second son of the
aforesaid John & Elizabeth Crosland, w.d.t.l. April 24 th , 1834, aged 6
weeks. Also the above named John Crosland who died April 23 rd , 1851
aged 74 years. Also Jane, daughter of John & Jane Musgrave Crosland,
of Scholes, who died April 24 th , 1873, aged 4 years & 2/nonths.

In memory of Joseph Sparling, of Potterton, w.d.t.l. Jan. 5 th , 1824, aged 82
years. Also of Mary [?] wife of the above [rest defaced].

Sacred to the memory of Sarah Goodall w.d.t.l. July 19 [rest defaced].

In memory of [7 lines, defaced]. Also Sarah, wife of John Walton, and daughter
of the above w.d.t.l. July 13 th , 1814. Aged 29 years.

In memory of Jane, the wife of John Brogden, of Scholes, w.d.t.l. May 7 th , 1829,
aged 27 years. Also the above named John Brogden w.d.t.l. Dec 1 5 th ,
1854, aged 62 years.

In memory of the late Henry Shippen, Butcher, of Scholes, w.d.t.l. March 25 th ,
1849, aged 59 years. Also of Henry, son of William and Mary Shippen,
and grandson of the above, w.d.t.l. Sep r 28 th , 1849, aged 18 months.

R. H. B.

Obit July the 29 th , 1797. John Clarkson Brooke lies buried, by his brother,
Richard Herbert Brooke, under this Stone, May 8 th , 1798.

Sacred to the memory of Frances, the wife of Richard Brooke, Esq., Major
of the third Reg 4 of Dragoon Guards, who died April the 23, 1789, aged
34 years. [Verse]. Here lie also the Remains of Mary Ann, their eldest


daughter, who died August the 3 rd , 1783, aged 9 months. And also of
Robert Bentley, their fifth son, who died October the 3 rd , 1789, aged 2
years. And likewise of Frances Catherine, their second daughter, who
died July the 2, 1790, aged 9 years. Also Richard Herbert Brooke, eldest
son of Richard and Frances Brooke, w.d.t.l. July 29, 1797, aged 18 years.
Also John Clarkson Brooke, fourth son of the above Richard & Frances
Brooke, w.d.t.l. May the 6 th , 1798, aged 12 years. Also to the memory of
George Charles Brooke, third son of Richard and Frances Brooke,
Lieutenant in the 20 th Reg 1 of Foot, who was killed in the Battle of
Vemiera in Portugal, on the 21 st of August, 1808, aged 24 years.

Sacred to the memory of Richard Brooke, Esq re , of Scholes, Colonel in the
Army and late Lieutenant Colonel in the third or Prince of Wales Regiment
of Dragoon Guards. He married, first, Frances, the Daughter of the
Rev d Richard Brooke, and, secondly, Jane Marcella, late daughter of
the late Rev d D r Drake, of Treaton. He was born February the 20 th ,
1744, and died the 16 th of July, 1799. Grace Carol..., daughter of
Richard and Frances Brooke.

In memory of William Dawson, who, as a Christian was sincere, candid, and
consistent ; as a preacher of the Gospel, original, powerful, laborious and
faithful, unusually popular, and extensively useful. He was born at
Garforth, March 30 th , 1773, and died at Colne in Lancashire in the
prosecution of his ministry, after having preached the Gospel in most
parts of the United Kingdom, July 4 th , 1841. This Monument was
erected as a memento of private friendship and public worth by his
executors Charles Smith and Edward Phillips. Also Thomas Dawson,
late of Barnbow, who died September 25 th , 1854, aged 67 years. Also
Mary Brewer, niece of William Dawson, who died May 15 th , 1884, aged
77 years.

William Slater, of this village, farmer, died 30 th March, 1852, aged 68 years.
Hannah Musgrave, sister of the above and Relict of Matthew Musgrave,
of Leeds, wool merchant, died 19 th , April 1854, aged 74 years. Also of
John Charles Rawdon, late of York, Born December 24 th , 1804, Died
June 2 nd , 1873. Also Sarah Hannah, relict of the above John Charles
Rawdon, died January 14 th , 1876, aged 57 years.

In memory of William Waite, of this town, who died Jan. the 8 th , 1768, aged
31 years A true son of Divine Harmony

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Whitehead, wife of William Whitehead, of
Leeds, w.d.t.l. the 24 th of April, 1803, aged 42 years. Also William
Whitehead, Husband of the above, w.d.t.l. the 5 th day of April, 18 10,
aged 47 years. Also William, son of the above William & Elizabeth
Whitehead, w.d.t.l. the 2 nd day of December, 18 10, in the 12 th year of
his age.

Sacred to the memory of Sarah, wife of John Whitehead, w.d.t.l. Oct r 25 th ,
1836, aged 65 years. Also of Abraham, son of the above, w.d.t.l. Feb**
25 th , 1836, aged 36 years. Also of John Whitehead, Husband of the above
Sarah Whitehead, w.d.t.l. April 23 rd , 1838, aged 66 years. Also of Ann,
daughter of the above John and Sarah Whitehead, w.d.t.l. Janv 3 rd , 1840,
aged 44 years.

Sacred to the memory of William Batty, of Barwick, son of John and Alice
Batty, who died Feb r y 22 nd , 1837, aged 70 years, Clerk of this parish
40 years, and Magistrate's Clerk 32 years. Near this lie the remains of
Mary, wife of William Batty and daughter of James & Ann Bean, of
Barwick, who died Nov r 27, 1797, aged 26 years.

Sacred to the memory of John Hutchinson, of this town, w.d.t.l. the 30 th day
of March, 1806, in the 74 th year of his age. Also Mary, second wife of
the above John Hutchinson, w.d.t.l. the 15 th day of May, 1828, aged 77
years. Also Elizabeth Wormald, sister to the above Mary, who died the
18 th day of August, 1825, [?] in the [?] 56 th year of her age.

Sacred to the memory of James Batty, late of this parish, son of William and
Mary Batty. He was Born 15 th February, 1793, and died 14 th September,
1852, aged 59 years. Having been Apparitor of this Archdeaconry 30


In affectionate remembrance of John Thompson, of Hay ton House, late of
Barnbow, w.d.t.l. December 9 th , 1866, in the 84* 11 year of his age. Also
of Ellis, wife of the above, w.d.t.l. December 18 th , 1832, in the 44^ year
of her age. Also of William, son of John and Ellis Thompson, who died
September 24 th , 1833, a g e d 18 years. Also their infant son, 18 14.

In memory of Samuel Thompson, of Barnbow, who died June 4 th , 1806, aged
61 years. Also Susannah, wife of the above, who died September i8>,
1827, aged 81 years.

In memory of Tabitha, wife of James Lumb, of this town, w.d.t.l. Aug 1 18 th ,
1818, aged 48 years. [Verse]. Also Mary and Sam 1 who died infants.
Also Elizabeth, daughter of the above, w.d.t.l. Nov r 14 th , 1821, aged 24
years. Also Thomas, eldest son of the above James & Tabitha Lumb,
who died at Micklefield and is interred at the foot of this tomb, December
15 th , 1840, aged 40 years. Also the above nam'd James Lumb w.d.t.l.
July 2i Bt , 1842, aged 71 years.

In memory of John Lumb, joiner, late of Chapel- Allerton, who died March 17 th ,
1839, aged 29 years.

In memory of William, the son of John and Sarah Kirby, of Leeds, w.d.t.l.
July 22 nd , 181 1, aged 9 weeks. Also Sarah, the daughter of the above
John & Sarah Kirby, w.d.t.l. January 2 i Bt , 1818, aged 5 years and 4 months.

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Whitehead, formerly of Barwick, but late
of Leeds, w.d.t.l. on the 11 th Day of March, 1829, aged 86 years. Also
five children of William Whitehead & grandchildren of the above who all
died young.

In memory of Elizabeth Lumb, only daughter of Thomas and Charlotte Lumb,

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