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The registers of the parish church of Sedbergh, Co. York : 1594-1800 (Volume 2) online

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O^e Registers


of Se6berg^

(To. Vork.




Of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law





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IJari rr.



Weddings 1595

Thomas Haull and Elizabeth Bland maryed

the xxvi^^ of Februarye I594

Robert Bland & Ellyno"" Bland maryed

the xiiP^ of June 1595

James Birde & Agnes Atkinson maryed

the xxi^'^ of June 1595

Barnardbye Skyaff & Isabell harrisoii

maryed the last of June 1595

Hewgh Fawcet & Agnes wadeson maryed

the ix^^ of September 1565

Edvvarde Holme and Agnes Blayklinge

maryed the xxiii^'^ of September
Henry Smithe & Christabell Robinson maryed

the xxiiii* of September
John Langstaffe & Margrett Fawcett

maryed the viii'^ of October I595

Ano Dom 1596

John Holme and * his wief maryed

the xx*^ daye of Julye 1596

James harreson and Christabell holme 1596

maryed the xxix"^ of Julie 1596
James Bland & Margrett, maryed the xxii*

of June 1596
Christopher Ridding & Dorytye Wilson maryed

the x'^ of December 1596

Richard Sidgwicke & Isabell hardye maryed

the vi^^^ daye of September
John Atkinson and Syble bland maryed

the xxii*^ of September 96
Thomas harreson & Mabell Robinson maryed 1 597

the x"^ of Julye, 1597
Nycholas Layfeild and Margrett Robinson

maryed the iiii*^ of August 1597
John Hayber and Margrett holme maryed

the v*"^ of August
John Robinson & Christabell bainbrigg

maryed the xvii^^ of August



WiHrn Riddinge & Agnes Gilwer

maryed the xiii'*^ of August
Thomas Thorneburrowe & Catheran Thornburrowyhe

maryed the ix^^ of November
James Tompson and Jane bland maryed

the vii^^ of December
Henry holme & Isabell maryed the iii*'^

of Januarye 1597
John bird & dorythy wilson maryed the

xix^'^ of Januarye
myles whitwell and Margrett Archer

maryed the xxvii^^ of Januarye
James Sidgwicke and Mabell Fawcett

maryed the xxx^'^ of Januarye i 597
Thomas watterman & Margrett Rythardson

maryed the iiii^^ of Februarye

Edmond guye and Margrett Birkbecke

maryed the xxx^'^ daye of maye 1598
Gilbert Atkinson and Margret Atkinson

maryed the xxvi'*^ day of September
Edward Chester and Anne Medcalfe

maryed the iii^'^ day of October
Henry Archer And Alice Medcalf maryed

the vii^^ of October
Henry Atkinsoii And Margret Holme

maryed the vii^*^ of November
Richarde Fawcett And Elizabeth Haulle

maryed the xvi'^ day of November
Willm Atkinson and Alice Borret

xxvii^^ of November
Christopher Betham And Gennet swynbancke

maryed the sixt of Februarye 1599
Edward Moone & Margrett Geaslinge maryed

Janu : 1 5^*^

James Duckett and Francis Girlington maryed

March xix'"^
Roger Cocke & Agnes Trotter \ maryed the xxiiii**^
Henry Bland and Anne Riddinge / of may

James Fawcett & Gennet Richardson maryed

June the first
Richard Bland And Agnes Harryson July the Thirde
James Atkinson & Margrett Yare the same Day
Edward Harrison & Gennet Newson July the iiii''^ Day
George Branthwat & Margrett Holme the xii^^ of August


Richard Birde & Elizabeth Sill September the thirde

Thomas Atkinson & Anne Wilson maryed y^

xxix^^ of *

1600 John Sharpe and Alice Guye "I * _ t-w - /:

J 4-u "th T-k r A -11 I Ano Dm 1000
maryed the xxir" Day of Aprill '

James wadeson & margrett Atkinson

maryed the fift day of August 1600

Richarde Rogerson And Christabell Holme

maryed the last Day of August 1600
John Fawcett & Anne Richardson the xii^'^ of Se
Christofifer Spycer and Bridgett Baynbrigge maryed

December the xiiii
Wittm Atkinson & Agnes hinde December the x'
Henry Robinson And Anne Hebblethwaite February*
Willm Atkinson & Mabell Willan maryed Feb*
John Cocke & Mabell Fawcett maryed the xxiiii*

of Feb
Witlm Cragge & Jane Hodgeson the xxv^"^ of Febru

Stephen Bland and Alice Cowston \ , r^ - ^

J 4.U "th T\ c ( Anno Dm 1601

maryed the xxvni'° Day of may J

John Fawcett and Gennet Rowcroft maryed

the ix'h Day of July 1601

John Crowder & Christabell Man the xxiii*'^ of July

John Blande & Agnes Denyson maryed y^ x^^ of September

Richard Goslinge & Isabell Corney the vii^'^ of January 1601

1602 Robert Corney & Christabell Sutton maryed the

xxvii'*^ of Aprill 1602
Robert Fawcett & Alice Robinson maryed the

viii^^ of July
John Nicholson & Elyzabeth Robinson maryed

the xxxi^*^ of August 1602
Thomas Toppin clic and Jane Baynes maryed

the seconde day of September
John Fawcett of Hawbancke and mary wadeson

als Fawcett maryed the xiiii day of Septemb*^ 1602

Richard Cocke and margrette holme maryed

the xvi^'^ day of november 1602

Robert Atkinson als vinar and Elizabeth

Thornbrowe maryed the xxii^^ of novemb
John Bland & Elizabeth Fawcett weadowe

maryed the ix^^ day of december

* Destroyed.


George Atkinson & Elizabeth Capstacke

maryed the xvi^'^ of december
James Thompson & Elizabeth Riddinge maryed

the xix^*' of december
WiHm Nelson of garsdall & margrett Atkinson

of garthes maryed the xiii^i^ of February 1602
Richard Wilson and Anne Atkinson the xxi^^ of February
Richard Branthvvaite & Agnes Wilson the xxviii'^ of Febru :
Wiltm Fawcett and Margrett Bland the thirde of march

Alio Dni 1603

Bartholemewe wyne & \ maryed the seconde of June

Isabell Rogerson ) 1603

John Swinbancke | ^^ ^^ ^j^^ ^^^..,^ ^^ September

Margrett Wadeson J -^

Robert Riddeinge and Mabell Coat the first

of February
Francis Lupton and Ellinor Chambers the xiiii

of February

Anno Dni 1604

John Fothergill & Mabell Haryson

maryed the thirde of June 1604
Thomas Whitehead and anne Warde the xiiii^'^ of June
Charles Johnson and Agnes Tompson the xvii^*^ of June
John Fawcett and Jane \ ^^

Robinson maryed the xv'^ of July i
1604 Thomas Watterman & \ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^j^a. day of July 1604

Elizabeth Fawcette ) ■' j j j -r

John Bland of Mansergh \ j .u th of Seotember

& Elynor Bland of Tebay J ""^'^^"^ ^^^ "^"^^ °* September
Vincent Dent^and | ^j^^ j^^^ of September 1604

Isabell Richardson maryed ) ^

Edmonde Willan and ) 4.u ■ th j c r\ ^ v.

, T, , , - the ix^*^ day of October

Anne i^awcett maryed )

Tames Holme and \ ., - th r m ™u ,£i^.

■'^^ ,,,,,. J r the xu^" of November 1604

Mabell Atkinson maryed )

'r^°"^^lT^°"^^ ^"^ ) maryed the second of December

Jane Mason weadowe J

Thomas Holme and Mabell Cocke the seconde of December
Henry Sharpe & | ^^ ^^ ^^^ jjjj,, ^^ D^^^^ber
Mary Harrison ) ■'

enry w 1 j^^^yg^ the xxiii''^ of December

Margrett tompson ) ^

\ ,j ^ \ the xxviii^^ of January 1604

Jane Mayson .' j j t

^^^^ • 1 11 1 • f maryed the v'^ of February 1604

Christabell harrison ) ■' ^


Nicholas Robinson and 1 , ,, .„, r x- i

T T i. J / maryed the xr'^ of February

Jane Lupton maryed J -^ ^

1605 Laurence Coate & ) , ^, ..„, ^ ,^ ,

Ti/T -D f maryed the xu"^ of May loc;

Mary Browne J •' •' -^

Allan Lis^hton and \ , ^, .,h r n/r ^

A ?,, ^ , f maryed the xvv'^ of May lOo;

Anne Chester maryed J •' j j

1605 1605

William Fawcett and "I , . ...,^, ^ ,.

Isabell Atkinson / "^^'y^^ "^^ ^^"' °^ ^^^
Witlm Sanderson and \ . , ^, ...,, . ^ ,

Agnes Wright als Crosthwait I "^^'^^^ ^^^ ^^^'"^ °^ J"l>^

Edward willan and ) j ^1. cr^ r a

r>. .^, ^1 ( maryed the nfte of August

Dorithy thompson ) ■' ^

John Fawcett and Alice "I , ^, ••,h r \

•' p j- maryed the xxvii'" of August

Robert Brathwait & / ^, r^ ^ 1 ^

i\/r u 11 Ajj- -^ J ( the xxiiii'" of October 1605
Mabell Addison maryed ' -"

George Walton & \ ji.ur:i.j rr-. 1

Elizabeth Nelson i "^^'^^^ ^^^ ^^'^ ^^^ °^ December

John Blande & Marye { r ^ c t^ i_

•' T^ ^^ 1 /u hrst of December

Fawcett maryed the '

Theophilus Wadesoii ! , ^, ...,„ r ts 1

o ^ ^^ ^ { maryed the viir" of December

& margrett tompson ) ^

Thomas Langton & ) , ,, - th r t- i_

r. ^ \ maryed the xxvir" of February

Agnes Lynsey ) ^ ^

Richard Smith & Alice Simpson maryed the *

\y c \i \ ni^ryed the iii^^ day of March 1605

Christopher Holme & 1 , ^, ...h, ^ , , - ,

Elizabeth Atkinson | "^^'^^^ "^^ ^^"' °^ ^^^ ^^^^


Henry Greenewoode and

Anne Fothergill
Edmonde Adamthwaite &

Mabell Fawcett

the iii''^ day of June

Willm Cragge & 1 , ,, -th c 1 .c /c

, i°^, , \ maryed the xvir° of June 1606

t t ompsoii of Eskrigge &1 j^ui^j rr

, TT • c c^ ju u f maryed the last day of Tune

T Harrison of Sedbergh ) ^ ^ ■'


* Blank.
t Destroyed.


* Warton and 1 ^^^ ^.,^ ^^ j^j ^^^^
mabell J agger maryed J

Thomas Powley And Ellyne Burton y^ xxix^^ of July
Edward Tysonn and 1 ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^.^^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^

Agnes Richardson J -^

John Holme Cordyner | ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ September

& margrett Langstaffe ) •'

Lancellott Matteson & mabell Richardson the ix"^ of September
John Francis and Issabell harrison the xxiii^^ of October
Michaell VVhorton and \ maryed the xxvi'^^ of October

Gennet Geaslinge j 1606

Robert Shawe and } ^^^ . ^^^ ^^...,^ ^ ^^ December

Alice Nelson J
Arthure Cowpthwaite & \ maryed the xii'^ daye of

mabell Corneye J Februarye 1606

* no Dhi 1607

James Sidgwicke & | ^^^ ^^ ^j^^ ^^^h daye of Maye 1607

Agnes wadeson J -^

Edward Inmah & | ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^.^^ ^^ ^

Anne holme j ■'

^'^"^i^ony Wilson & j ^^ ^^ ^j^^ .....^ ^ ^^ j^^^ ^g

Elizabeth Wilkinson } •'

Thomas Sawre & \ mary* the xviii^"^ Day

Agnes Corney j of June Ano dni 1607

Robert Atkinson j ^^^ ^^ ^j^^ ^^...,^ ^,^ ^^ * ^
& An Fawcett J -^

'"^'l^-u ^""TK ^ f. ] maryed the xxv^^ ^f j^ne

Christabell Rowcrofte j -^

^^°';p ^'"^l^^^ ^ ] maryed the last daye of Ju*
Elizabeth tompson J -^

Thomas Robinson &1 , , -n r t 1

Emole harreson J "^^ryed the xxi^^ of July

James Sidgwicke & 1 , , . ,h r a

Alice Sidgwicke / "^^ryed the xix^^ ^f August

Bryan Nelson & '^

maryed the viii^'^ daye of
October 1607

Jane holme
Thomas Veyrey &
Ail Bethome

John Cookson and 1 , , ..,, , r ^ , 1 ^

Elizabeth warde / "^^'V^^ ^^e xvii^^ day of October 1607

John warde & ) , , ,h r ^ ^ i_

margrett Blande J "^^ryed the xxv^h of October

Richard Haygarthe & 1 , , ^ 1 r t^ 1

Christabell Fawcett / "^^ryed the first daye of December



Robert Man and 1 ,, ^. ^ ., -a-^o

mabell harreson J maryed the xx^^ Daye of Januarie Ano 1608

wittm Otwaye & Marye Fawcett [ '""^ H

Edwarde Stevenson & Issabell goldington I r a -ii .^(^o

Robert Fawcett and Margery Towanson \ maryed the
Robertt wilkinson & Jane heblethwayt j- xxix**^ daye of
Christopher willan & margaret warde j Maye 1608
Christopher Atkinson and Sybell lademanii maryed

the Seconde daye of June
John Rillinge and Sybell Nelson maryed the xxx^'^

daye of Julye
Robert Rovvcrofte & Alice Corney maryed the xxviii^^

of August
wiHm wilsofi and Jane hodgson maryed the x*^

daye of October
Reynolde holme & Alice pearson maryed the xiii*^

daye of October
George peacocke and Isabell Cocke maryed the

xxv*^ daye of October
Nicholas Robinson & Jane noble maryed the 30*'^

Daye of October
John Stainbancke and Dorithie wilkinson maryed

the xxvii^^ daye of Febeuarie 1608
Edward Bell & Agnes harreson maryed the first

daye of Maye 1609
WiHm holme of haygarthe and Sibell holme maryed

the xv^^ Daye of June
James Son of henrye Bland of lickbancke xviii'^ of
wiHm Son of gerry Rogerson baptized June *

John Atkinson and Isabell Robertson maryed the

xx^^ daye of June 1609
Gilberte Branthwaite and Margrett Robinsofi

maryed the xxiii'*^ daye of Julye 1609
John Bainbrigge & Sara Corney maryed the xvii''^

of Auguste 1609
wiHm handley and Mabell Fawcett maryed

the xvi^^ of September 1609
John harreson & Margrett Cocke maryed the v**^

daye of October
Edwarde warde and Jane Atkinson maryed the

seconde of November 1609
Thomas Fawcett & Mabell Robinsofi maryed the

xix* daye of November

These two entries are lined out.


WiHrn Hille and Alice Holme maryed the xxiii**^

daye of November 1609
John Riddinge and Mabell Howgill maryed the

xxviii*'^ of November
Anthonie wynter & Isabell harreson maryed

the xi^^ of December
Thomas Atkinson and Margrett Corney maryed

the xxx^^ of Januarye 1609
Robert warde and Margrett Thompson maryed

the xiii^'"" of February
vvillm Atkinson & margrett Thompson maryed

the xi^^ of Feb :
John Atkinson & Alice Capstocke maryed xvii^^

of Februarye
Mychaell Blande and Agnes Thornatt maryed

the xix^'^ daye of Februarye
Thomas Atkinson and *stabell branthwayte

maryed the * daye of Maye 16 10
* rye Chevye and Jane haygarthe maryed

the xxix^'^ of maye
WiHm Atkinson & Ann Atkinson maryed the

vii^^ of June
James Archer and An Atkinson maryed the xix^'^

of June
Addam Sawer & An Inman , 1610

maryed the x*^ of July
Stephen wright & gennett Johnson August 5''^
Thomas Sponer & Agnes Close maryed the Eight

of October
John guye & Isabell Langstaffe maryed the vi*^

of November
george thornburrowe & Margeret lyndsey maryed

the vii* daye of Januarye
Richard Guye & Mabell Man maryed the 1611

xxiii* daye of Aprill 16 11
John Atkinson & Isaell Prestcosin maryed

the Fourth of Maye
Olyver whithead & Elizabeth Lynsey maryed the

xxi'^ daye of Maye
Anthonie Stevenson & Ellen Thornett maryed the

xxvii*^ of Maye
Thomas Guye and Margrett Cocke maryed the

xxviii^*^ of Maye
Richard Grysdale & Isabell Makereth maryed

the Fourth of June 1611




Robert w nne* and t thie Birke maryed 1 6 1 1

t . ^ ^

t LangsT t

t the Eleventh daye of June

Harrison and Anne Cowp

xvii**^ of June

Gilbancks & Jane Allan maryed the xxv*^

daye of June
Stephen Bland & Mabell Atkinson maryed the

tenth daye of Julye
James Bird & Mabell holme ") marled the

Edwarde Bainbrigg & Dorithie Atkinson J xvii^'^ daye of Julye
Christopher harreson & Agnes Atkinson maryed

the fifte daye of August
wiHm Lowis and Elizabeth holme maryed the

Seconde of September
Arthure Cowpthwait & An Aikrigge maryed

the Fiftenth daye of October
Danyell Tennantt & Margrett Harreson maryed

the xii'*^ of November
Richard warde and Agnes Bainbrigge maryed

the xxvi'^ of November
Edward Corney & Agnes harreson maryed the

Tenth Daye of Februarye i6i i
Thomas Fawcett & gennett lupton maryed

the third Daye of Februarye
wiHm Castley and Ellen Atkinson maryed the

xx^^ of Aprill 1 612.

Thomas Hodgson and )

Margrett Blande j maryed the xxi^h of Maye

Tho : Lond of Tunstalle 1

& margrett harreson / "^^ryed the 24*^ of Maye

James Burton & 1

Chrisabell Smorthwt J maryed the 30 of T
Francis Blande & )

mabell Fawcett maryed the first of September

Christopher Corney & )

Ann Atkinson J maryed the eight of September

James Fisher & )

Elizab : Wilson j maryed Septemb"" 27 1612

James Atkinson & 1

Agnes holme J maryed octob-" 15°

Robert Branthwait & \

Isabell Rowcrofte ) maryed octob'" 31

{?). t Destroyed.


Robert Atkinson & 1 , ^ , ^

An Haygarthe / "^^^^^^ Decembr 8

Ano Dni*

George Fawcett & Isabell willan maryed Maye 2
Thomas heblethwait & Ann Handley maryed maye 6
Reynolde Atkinson & Marye Atkinson maryed

the lo of *
James Linsey and Elizabeth makereth maryed the

xvii* of June
James Robinson and Alyce harrison marj'^ed the

first daye of Julye
John bland & Isabel Sidgwicke marj^ed the tvvelveth

of Julye
Richard Sill & marie mason of Dent maryed the

xix^'^ of August
Richard Smithe and Isabell Atkinson maryed the

last daye of August 1613
Henry Geslinge and Margrett Robinson maryed

the vii'^^ of September
Stephen Middleton & An Doddesworth maryed

the last of August
* as Corney and Marye willan maryed the ix*^

daye of November
Robert Cowper & Agnes urwynn maryed

the fifte daye of Decemb''

Ano Dni 1614

Rycharde Tennant & Elizabeth Guye maryed the

Sixtenth daye of Maye
Thomas whitehead and Mabell Atkinson maryed

the xix^'^ daye of Maye
James Atkinson & Isabell Theakston maryed the

fifte daye of June
Witlm Langton & Christabell Holme maryed the

ix* daye of June
Gyles Moore and Dorothye Washington maryed

the xxv'*^ daye of June
John Trotter & Mabell Corney maryed the xi'^ day of Julye
wiltm wittoii & Anii browne maryed the xxx*"^ of Julye
Bryan wydder & Elizabeth astwicke maryed the

last daye of Julye
John Taylor & Sara Bainbrigge maryed the fift

daye of Septemb""
Richard Dawson & Elizabeth Nelson of garsdale 1

maryed the Eleventh daye of Septemb"" %

* Destioyed.


John RatcHffe & Jane Sanderson maryed the thirde

daye of November
WiHm Lambertt of Garsdale & Isabell heblethwaite

of Midleton maryed the thirde daye of November 1614
John Dodd of preston & Mabell watson of

Garsdale maryed the xxii^^ of Novemb'"
♦Robert Son of John hodgson of neatherholme

t midleton baptized decemb'^ fir f
*Sara daughter of Tho : Richardson of Frostraw baptized

the x^^ of December.
John Mason & mabell Mason of Dent maryed the

xxi^*^ daye of Februarie
Thomas Salkeld of Kirkby Stephen & Sara Robinson

of Borrett maryed the x f
Hewgh Powson & Margrett Hammertoh maryed

the xxi'*^ daye of Maye 161 5
Edwarde Bainbrigg & Agnes Bainbrigg maryed

the xxiii'*^ of maye
John Shawe & Alyce Sutton maryed the xiii^^^ of June
James Birde & Bettresse Parkin maryed the xi''^ of Julye
Georg Rogerson & Isabell Fawcett maryed the xviii"^

daye of septemb""
wiltm Feildhowse of Gayle in bentham & Jane procter

de ead maryed the 26 of Septemb
Robt Cowthwait & Gennett Fawcett maryed the

fift of October
John holme & Christabell Holme maryed the fyft

of decemb'^
humphery bland \

Dorothy corney j maryed the ix^^ of decemb'"

Thomas Harrison & 1

margrett Holme J varied the xxix^^ daye of Aprill

Ano Dni 1616
Robert Hunter of Kendal le maryed the vii^^

Agnes wadeson of garsdalle of Maye 16 16

I I t t

Samuel Hindley§ and Ann Atkinsone maryed

the Twelvth of Maye. aiio dni. 161 8

Edward Waller & Margrett harrison maried

the vii'^ of June
Myles Garnett & Mabell Corney maryed the xxii'^

of June
WiHm Morton & Marye Ireland maryed the

xxiii"^ of June

* Lined out.

+ Destroyed.

X One or more pages of the Register apparently missing.

§ Handley (?).


John Moore and Mary Heblethwait maryed

the vii*^^ of Julye
Thomas Coward & Gennett Bland maryed the

xiii^^ of August.
John Atkinson and Dorothy Corney maryed

the Fift of November
George Knipe & Gen walker maryed the first

of December
Anthonye Dawson of grysdale & Isabell Bethom

of Kirkby lonsdale maryed the * of Januar
Edmond guye & Anne Cowper maryed the 30 of Januarie
Thomas Mellinge and Anne Brabin maryed the

29 Marche 16 19.

Lancellott Hodgson & Dorothy Robinson maryed

the thirde of maye 16 19
John Thompson of Raysbeck in orton ") maryed

& Anil Atkinson of Crook of loyne / 27 mye
Raphe Bincks & Emme Mason maryed the

last of maye
Rychard wilkinson & Dorothy Atkinson maryed

the viii^*^ of Julye
James Blaides & Anne holme maryed the xxix''^

of December
Raphe Home & Dorothy Cowper | ^^

maryed the 24 of Januarye j

John Atkinson & Mabell Robinson maryed the

xxvii*^ daye of Februarye
David wilson and margrett Spicer Ano Dhi

maryed the ny nth of June 1620

James Inman of orton & Agnes | ^^^ ^.^,^ ^^ j^^^

Atkmson of Sedbergh maryed j
Edmunde walker & Isabell Thistlethwait

maryed the 29^^ of June
John urwen of Orton and | ^^ j^^

Agnes wilkmson maryed the J ^
Robert Sawer and | ^^ ^^ ^j^^ ^^ j^j

gennett Sharppe J •'

Edward Smorthwait of Dent 1

& Christabell Inman maryed J the 15 of Julye
Thomas Nicholson and Isabell yealand maryed

the tenth of August
Francis Hayber & margrett potter maryed the

the xxvi'^ of September
willm Atkinson of Dillacre & Margarett

Fawcett of Sedbrgh maryed 26 October

* Illegible.


Robert Dawson & Jane Robinson maryed

the eight of november
Rychard Hobsoii and Dorothy Robinson maryed

the xiiii"^ of November 1621

Robert Fawcett & Frances Guye maryed the

XX* daye of november
Henrye handley and margrett Thekston \ the 22 of
Edmond howgill & Agnes Beck maryed J November
Thomas Son of Thomas Fawcett of Firbanck 1 baptiz'd
Thomas Son of Myles Robinson of Firbanck V the xvii'^^
Anne daughter of Thomas BlaykHnge J of decemb""

george bland & Isabell ward maryed 16 Januarie
Henry Atkinson of Frostrawe and Sara Guye 1620

maryed the third daye of Februarie
Christofer Gawthropp & Isabell Battersby maryed

the sixt of Februarie
wiJlm holme and Agnes Bland maryed the

seventh of Februarye
Thomas Atkinson & Gillian Jackson maryed

the seventh of Februarye Ano Dni

Thomas Dixoii and Dorothye Wright 1621

maryed the xii* of April!
willm Tulye & Jane Allison maryed the 3 of Julye
wiHm Ismoore & Jane Sowerbye maryed the xxiiii* of Julye
Myles walker of Midleton & Debora ] the xxv"^ daye

Harrison of Sedbergh maryed j of August

Thomas Mosergh and Elizabeth Bland maryed the

xxvii* of August
Thomas Rigge & Margrett ubanck maryed the Fifte

of September
Rychard Bland of Mansergh & Anne Clerk of

Kendalle pshe maryed October 4
Tho : Teasdale of Crosbye & Elizabeth Fy * of

heversham maryed the xvii* of October
John hodgson of button & Agnes halle of

gigleswick maryed the xxiiii* of octob^
Charles Dent and Margett Dyckonsoii maryed

the xiii* of November
Henrye Thompson and Anne Atkinson maryed

the XV* of Januarye
Rychard Langstaffe and Elizabeth Tubman

maryed the xvii* daye of Januarie
Rychard Atkinson of bitsgillf & Mary Wilson

of hailston maryed Feb : vi 1621

* Fynn {?).


Edmund holme of Langdale & Jane Bainbrigg

of gung-arey maryed the xxvi^^ of Feb : 1621.
John wilson & Jane Browne maried 22 of May 1622
WiHm Harrison and Alyce Greene maryed the

sixt daye of June 1622
Henrye Guye of Garsdale & EHzabeth walker of

Middleton maryed the xxiii'^ of June 1622
Edwarde Sheepheard & Elizabeth Langstafife of

garsdale maryed the Fourth daye of Julye 1622
James Holme and EHzabeth overend \ maryed

Richard holme and Agnes overend J the 22^^^ of Julye
Thomas parke & Anne Holme maryed the xxvi"^

of August 1622
Rychard witton and Anne Fawcett maryed the

tenth of October
John Guye & Elizabeth Richardsoh maryed the Eleventh

of novemb""
Edmund Atkinson & Margrett Atkinsoii maryed

the xxviii^^ of November
Edward Atkinson and Dorothy Robinson maryed

the Sixtenth of Januarye
Rychard walker & Elizabeth Bland maryed the xxviii'^

of Januarye

*John Bland & Elizabeth Hobson maryed Aprill 26^^
WiHm Boneson and Mabell Atkinson maryed

the 29 of Aprill 1623

tlland Carr & Anne Foster of Clapham pishe

maryed the 26 of June
John Bland of Lockbancke & Gennett Holme of

Croshawe maryed the thirtenth Daye of Julye

t t I t

t t t 1633

X X t t

I of September 1633

Michaell Ayr & Margrett tompsoii maryed

the 29'^ of October 1633
Rowland Harrison & Margrett Holme maryed

the xvi^"^ of Januarye 1633
John Langstaffe & Ann Guye maryed the

ijth of Februarye 1633

* This entry has the appearance of havinpr been interpolated.

t lUefiible.

i Several pages now missing from the Register.



Henry Fawcett & Elizabeth ward maryed the

fifte of June 1634
John Bainsbrigge & Hanna Singleton maryed

the xii^^ of June 1634
Thomas Washington & Christabell Inman maryed

the First of Julye 1634
Christofer willan & Christabell Burton maryed the

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