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Transactions of the third
International congress for ...

Percy Stafford Allen, John de Monins Johnson


University of Virginia


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LONDOK, xdikbxjboh; nxw tobk


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The Transactions comprised in these volumes have
been edited under the general direction of the Papers
Committee by Mr. P. S. Allen, M.JL, of Merton College,
assisted by Mr. J* de M. Johnson, B.A., of Exeter

The spelling of proper names and other words is in
almost all cases that of the authors, no attempt having
been made to impose a imif orm system upon contributors.


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List of Offiosbs v

List of Mbmbebs vi

Rules of the Congbess xix


FmsT General Meeting xxxiii

President's Address 1

Papers, Sections I-IV 19-327


Papers, Sections V-IX 1-449

Last General Meeting 450

Index of Authors 453

Index of Papers 455

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The International Congress for the History of Religions was
founded in Paris in 1900 under the Presidency of the late Pro£ Albert
R^ville. Its Second Meeting was held in Basel in 1904, under the
Presidency of Prof. Conrad C. von Orelli. The Third Congress was
held at Oxford on Sept. 15-18, 1908. By the kindness of the Council
of the University the Meetings took place in the Examination Schools.

Hanorofy Pttsident : Pro£ E. B. T^lob, Hon. D.C.L.
PreiidefU: The Right Hon. Sir A. C. Lvall, K.C.B., D.C.L.
Chairman of the Local Committee : ^^Prof. Pescy Gabdher, Latt D.

Local CommiUee.

H. Balfoub, M.A. Prof. A. A. Macdonell, M.A.

Rev. C. J. Ball, M*A. W. McDouoall, M.A«

Rev. J. Veenon Bajitlet, D.D. fR. R. Marett, M.A.

Ptof. L. T. Bullock, M. A. ^Bbv. Pro£ Margoliouth, D.Litt.

Edward Caird, Hon. D.C.L. Prof. W. R. Morfill, M.A.

Rev. R. H. Charles, D.Iitt Gilbert Murray, M.A., ULD.

Rev. ProtT. K. Cheyne, D.Litt. Pro£ J. L. Myres, M.A.

F. C. CoNTBEARE, M.A. Rcv. J. Edwin Odgers, M*A.

*A. E. Cowley, D.Litt. Rev. H. Rashdall, D.Litt.

Rev. Prof. S. R. Driver, D.D. Prof. Sir John Rh*s, D.Litt

Rev. James Drummond, LL.D. 'fRerv. Prof. W. Sanday, D.D.

A. J. Evans, DXitt. Rev. Prof. A. H. Sayce, Hon.

Rev. A. M. Fairbairn, D.Litt. D.Litt

W. Warde Fowler, M.A. Arthur Sidgwick, M.A., LL.D.

*Prof. Percy Gaedner, LittD. Prof. E. B. Tylor, Hon. D.C.L.
♦Hev.G. Buchanan Gray, D.Litt C. C. J. Webb, M.A.
*tProf. B. P. Grenkeu, D.Litt

F. Ll. Grifptth, M.A. 'i^tJ.E6TLiNCARPENT£R,D.Litt llTan.

tA. F. R. HoERNLi, Ph.D. *tL. R. Farnell, D.Litt ' Sees.

* Member of the Executive Committee, f Member of the Papers Sub-Committee.

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Abiahams, Mr. Israel, Melbourne House, St. Barnabas Boad, Cam-

Abrlkossoff, Mons. Nioolas, Milutinski 22, app. 4D, Moscow.

Adair, Miss Helen, 2 Linton Boad, Oxford.

Adler, Mr. Marcus N., 22 Graven Boad, London.

Ali, Syed Amir, The Lambdens, Beenham, near Beading.

Alinda, Mons. FEv^ue d', 30 Bue Lhomond, Paris.

Allen, Miss E. M., Woodberrie Hill, Loughton, Essex.

Allen, Mr. H. J., 10 The Norton, Tenby.

Allen, Mrs. and Miss J. B., The Mount, Winterboume, near Bristol.

Allwork, Mr. F. A., 19 Bradmore Boad, Oxford.

Alphand6ry, Prof, and Mme., 2 Bue Guy de Maupassant, Paris.

Alviella, Count Goblet d\ Ch&teau de Gourt-St.-Etienne, Belgium.

Anderson, Mr. J. D., 17 Blakesley Avenue, Ealing.

Andrews, Mr. J. B., Beform dub, London.

Anesaki, Prof. M., Lnperial University, Tokyo.

Anitchkoff, Prof. E., St. Petersburg.

Anwyi, Prof. Edward, 62 Marine Terraoe, Aberystwyth.

Arnold, Prof. T. W. and Mrs., 28 Thornton Boad, Wimbledon.

Assagioli, Mr. Bobert G., 46 Via degli Alfani, Florence.

AsUey, Bev. Dr. and Mrs. H. J. D., East Budham Vicarage, King's

Babut, Prof. E. C, The University, Montpellier*

Bagby, Mrs. G. W. and Miss, U.S.A.

Bailey, Mr. C, Balliol College, Oxford.

Baker, Miss Lloyd, Hardwicke Court, Gloucester.

Baldwin, Prof. J. M., Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, U.S.A.

Balfour, Mr. H., Langley Lodge, Headington Hill, Oxford.

Ballingal, Bev. Dr. J., Bhynd, Perth.

Barker, Mrs., 19 Bradmore Boad, Oxford.

Barlow, Miss, 135 Woodstock Boad, Oxford.

Bamett, Prof. Lionel D., 16 Avenue Crescent, Mill Hill Park; Acton.

Bartlet, Bev. Dr. J. Vernon, 35 Museum Boad, Oxford.

Batty, Miss, 77 Banbury Boad, Oxford.

Baughan, Miss, 95 High Street, Oxford.

Bell, Miss Courtney, Old Headington, Oxford.

Bell, Miss Gertrude, 95 Sloane Street, London.

Digitized by


List of Members vii

Bellows, Miss Marion, Walden, Denmark Road, Gloucester.

Beniinck-Smith, Miss, St. Andrews.

Berg, Miss Naimi, Portavala, Finland.

Bertholet, Prof. Dr. and Frau, 8 Leonhardstr., Basel.

Bertin, Mile. H. G., 38 Blomfield Road, Maida Hill, Ixmdon.

Bevan, Prof. A. A., Trinity College, Cambridge.

Bevan, Mr. E. B., Corfe Castle, Kempstone, Dorset.

BhabhBi, Rev. Dr. S. D., 8 Drakefell Road, St. Catherine's Park,

fBikelas, Dr. D., Athens.
Birch, Miss, Belmont, Nasoot Road, Watford.
Bisslng, Prof. Ereiherr F. W. von, 10 Geoigenstr., Munich.
Blessig, Miss J., 107 IflSey Road, Oxford.
Bode, Mrs. K. M., 4 Cambridge Place, London.
Bond, Mrs. F. L., 9 Bardwell Road, Oxford.
Bonet-Maury, Prof. G., 32 Rue du Bac, Paris.
Bonnor, Mrs. and Miss, 16 Park Crescent, Oxford.
Bouvier, Mr. T., Ore Place, Ore, Hastings.
Bradley, Mr. W. G., 77 James Street, Oxford.
Braithwaite, Mr. W. Chas., 2 Dashwood Road, Banbuiy.
Bratt, Miss, 2 Clarendon Villas, Oxford.
Bridges, Mr. Robert, Mrs. and Miss, Chilswell, Oxford.
Briggs, Rev. Prof. C. A., Union Theological Seminary, New York.
Brodm, Mons. T. A. Ren6, 146 Gr. H. Laan, The H^e.
Brooke, Col. C. R., Army and Navy Club^ London.
Brown, Dr. and Mrs. F., Union Theological Seminary, New York.
Brown, Mr. J. 8., 15a Pembridge Crescent, Notting Hill, London.
Buchanan, Miss F., D.Se., The Museum, Oxford.
Budd, Mrs. E., Mount View, IfSey, Oxford*

Bullock, Prof, and Miss M. A., Wood Lawn, Banbury Road, Oxford.
Bunsen, Mrs. de. Green Hammerton Hall, York.
Burkitt, Prof, and Mrs. F. C, Westroad Comer, Cambridge.
Bumey, Rev. Dr. C. F., St. John's College, Oxford.
Burrows, Mrs. and Miss, St. Hilda's Hall, Oxford.
Burrows, Prof. R. M., 131 Habershon Street, East Moors, Cardiff.

Caldecott, Rev. Prof. A., 1 Longton Avenue, Sydenham, London.

Calderon, Mr. George, Heathland Lodge, Hampstead Heath, London

Camerlynck, Mons. H.^ 11 Rue Mazagran, Amiens.

Campbell, Rev. H., Chiengmai, Siam.

Campbell, Prof, and Mrs. Lewis, 39 Half Moon Street, London.

Campbell-Lang, Miss, 118 West Regent Street, Glasgow.

Capart, Mons. J., Pare du Cinquantenaire, Brussels.

Cardew, Col. Sir F., Tudor Cottage, Whitchurch.

Digitized by


viii Internatumal Congress for tJie History of Religions

Carpenter, Dr. and Mrs. J. E., 109 Banbnry Boad, Oxford.

Carter, Miss, The Cottage, Headington Hill, Oxford.

Cams, Dr. Paul, 1322 Wabash Avenue, Chicago.

Cesaresoo, Countess E. Martinengo, Sal6, Lago di Garda, Italy.

Chambers, Miss Beatrice A., 61yn-y-mel, Fishguard.

Charles, Rev. Dr. B. H. and Mrs., 24 Bardwell Road, Oxford.

Charles, Miss Madeleine, 24 Bardwell Road, Oxford.

Chauvet, Mons. P^ul, 61 Bue Denfert, Bochereau, Pftris.

Chen, Mr. Ivan, Chinese Legation, 49 Portland Place, London.

Chu, Mr. T. K., 153 Highbury New Park, London.

Clarke, Mrs. Helena and Miss, 8 Wells Boad, North Gate, Begent's

Park, London.
Clayton, Miss Emily.

dodd, Mr. Edward, Strafford House, Aldeburgh, Suffolk.
Coleman, Mr. A. Mainwaring, Victoria Chambers, Huntriss Bow,

Colinet, Prof. P., The University, Louvain.
Conybeare, Mr. and Mrs. F. C, 17 Bradmore Boad, Oxford.
Cook, Mr. A. B., Queens' College, Cambridge.
Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A., 26 Lensfield Boad, Cambridge.
Coomaraswamy, Dr. and Mrs. Ananda, Broad Campden, dos.
Cooper, Mr. Nasarvanji Maneckji, 164 High Boad, Qford.
Copeman, Miss C. H., 82 St. John's Boad, Oxford.
Corbett, Mr. W. H., Nakuru, via Mombasa, British East Africa.
Corry, Capt. J. B. and Miss, Bosenheim, Park Hill Boad, Croydon.
Corwin, Miss B., 2354 55th Stoeet, S.E., Qeveland, Ohio.
Cowley, Dr. A. E., Magdalen College, Oxford.
Cox, Miss Boalfe, 80 Oirlide Mansions, Westminster, London.
Crawley, Mr. A. E., Derby School, Derby.
Crewdson, Miss Gwendolen, Homewood, Wobum Sands.
Crombie, Mr. J. E., Parkhill House, Dyce, Aberdeen.
Cumont, Prof. Franz, 75 Bue Montoyer, Brussels.

Daking, Miss.

Dandoy, Mr. G. G., Stonyhurst College, Blackburn.

Daniel, Miss, South Elms, Parks Boad, Oxford.

Davids, Prof, and Mrs. T. W. Bhys, Harboro' Grange, Ashton-on-

Davidson, Miss, Dover.
Da vies. Prof. T. Witton, Bryn Haul, Bangor.
Davies, Bev. J. P., Snowdon Villa, Graigwen, Pontypridd.
Davis, Bev. V. D., 9 Nightingale Square, Balham, London,
de Brisay, Miss, 11 Bradmore Boad, Oxford,
de Groot, Prof. Dr. J. J. M., The University, Leiden.

Digitized by


Last of Members ix

de Silva, Dr. and Mrs., Colombo.
Deussen, Prof, and Mrs., 39 Beselerallee, Kiel.
Dicey, Prof. A. V., The Orchard, Banbury Road, Oxford.
Dixson, Mr. W. H., 13 Crick Road, Oxford.
Doan, Prof. Dr. F. C, Meadville, Pennsylvania.
DobschQtz, Prof. E. von, 24 Vogesenstr., Strassburg.
Donaldson, Mrs., Hawthorn House, Kensington.
DougaO, Miss LSy, East Underoliff, Exmouth.
Drage, Captain Gilbert, North Place, Hatfield, Herts.
Drakooles, Mr. and Mrs. P. E., 14 Ptok Square, London.
Drew, Mr. E., Madras.

Dreyfus, Mons. H., 21 Boulevard Beaus^jour, Paris.
Driver, Rev. Dr. S. R., Christ Church, Oxford.
Drummcmd, Rev. Dr., 18 Rawlinson Road, Oxford.
Drununond, Rev. R. B., Edinburgh.
Dnunmond, Miss Margaret, Edinburgh.
Duhn, Prof. F. von. The University, Heidelberg.
Duncan, Dr. D., 3 Fauconberg Mansions, Sutton Court, Chiswick.
Dunnill, Mrs. E. J., 12 East Ptoade, Harrogate.
tDyer, Mr. Louis, d8 Banbury Road, Oxford.
I^rson, Rev. Francis J., 19 New Inn Hall Street, Oxford.

Eokenstein, Miss Lina, 34 Greencroft Gardens, 8. Hampstead.

Eisler, Dr. Robert, Fddafing, Bavaria.

Eliot, Sir Chaiiee, Endcliffe Holt, Enddiffe Crescent, Sheffield.

EDis, Mr. A. G., British Museum, London.

Elsdale, Miss, 2 Clarence Parade, Southsea.

Emmet, Rev. C. W.^ The Vicarage, West Hendred, Berks.

E«ngert, Dr. Joseph, 4 Nidd View, Bilton Lane, Harrogate.

Evans, Dr. A. J., Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

Evans, Miss, 3 Stow Ptok Avenue, Newport, Mon.

Evel^^, Mrs., Elder Wick, Shotover, near Oxford.

Ewig, Frau and Frl. M., 24 Wallstr., Basel.

FameO, Dr. and Mrs. L. R., 191 Woodstock Road, Oxford.

Farquharson, Miss, 20 Howard Place, Edinburgh.

Fenger, Mr. Svea, c/o Rev. R. Hansen, Thorsagen, Denmark.

Fenwick, Mrs. G. B., 141 Banbury Road, Oxford.

Iledler, Prof. H. G. and Mrs., The Lane House, Norham Road, Oxford.

Keld, Miss D., 05 Talbot Road, Highgate.

Fisher, Mr. W. E., 1 Mayflower Road, Clapham, S.W.

Foda, Mr. Ragheb Hassan, SimbeUawin.

Forbes, Dr. H. O., Free Public Museum, Liverpool.

Forbes, Mr. W. H., 61 St. John Street, Oxford.

Digitized by


X International Congress for the History of Religions

Foanidre, Mons. TAbM E., Moislaina, Somme, France*

Fowler, Miss E., 20 Bardwell Road, Oxford.

Fowler, Deaconess Mary, Foxholme, Hale, Famham, Surrey.

Fowler, Mr. W. Warde, Lincoln College, Oxford.

Franchetti, Signora Baronessa Alice, Villa Wolkonsl^, 38 Conte Rosso,

Frazer, Prof, and Mrs. J. G., 24 Aberoromby Square, Liverpool.
French, Miss, 136 Elgin Avenue, London*
Frew, Rev. David, The Manse of Urr, Dalbeattie, N.B.
Frothingham, Rev. P. R. and Mrs., 294 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass*

Gabrielsson, Rev. S., Sweden.

Galloway, Rev. Dr. G., The Manse of Eelton, Castle Douglas, N.B.

Gardiner, Mr. Alan H. and Mrs., 11"' Matthaikirchstr., Berlin.

Gardner, Miss Alice, Newnham College, Cambridge.

Gardner, Prof, and Mrs. Percy, 12 Canterbury Road, Oxford.

Garratt, Rev. and Mrs. C. F., 16 Rawlinson Road, Oxford.

Garvie, Rev* Principal Alfred E., New College, Hampstead, London.

Gaster, Dr. M., 193 Maida Vale, London*

Gautier, Prof. Lucien, Cologny, Geneva.

Geden, Rev. Prof. A. S., Wesleyan College, Richmond, Surrey.

Gem, Rev. S. H., 2 Keble Road, Oxford.

Gennadius, Dr. J. and Mme., 14 De Vere Gardens, Kensington Palace,

Giles, Prof, and Mrs. Herbert A* and Miss, Selwyn Gardens, Cambridge*
Gillespie, Rev. James H., The Manse of Dundonald, Kilmarnock.
Gilroy, Rev. Dr. James and Mrs., 46 Don Street, Old Aberdeen.
Glover, Mr. T. R., St. John's CoU^e, Cambridge.
Goad, Mr. H. E., Rome.

Goldberg, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C, Hill Side, Tonbridge.
Goldziher, Prof. Dr. Ignatius, Hollo-utcza 4, Buda-Pest.
Goodwin, Miss, 99 Iffiey Road, Oxford.
Gotch, Prof, and Mrs., The Lawn, Banbury Road, Oxford.
Granger, Prof, and Mrs. F., University College, Nottingham.
Gray, Rev. Dr. G. B. and Mrs., 23 Norham Road, Oxford.
Gray, Rev. John, St. Peter's, Falcon Avenue, Momingside Road,

Grenfell, Prof. B. P., Queen's College, Oxford*
Grenfell, Mrs., 62 Holywell, Oxford.

Grieg, Miss Phyllis, Goathland, Tower Road, Bournemouth.
Grierson, Dr. Geo. A. and Mrs., Rathfamham, Camberley, Surrey.
Griesswein, Canon Alex., Szentkir&lyiu 28, Buda-Pest.
Grieve, Rev. A. J., The Manse, Romsey, Hants.
Griffith, Mr. F. LI., 11 Norham Gardens, Oxford*

Digitized by


List of Members xi

Griffith, HifiB, 11 Noriiam Gardens, Oxford.
Grimley, Rev. H., Norton Rectory, Bnry St. Edmunds.
Goimet, Mons., Muste Guimet, Paris.
Gattmann, Dr. B., 10 Bedford Place, London.

Hackin, Mons. J., Muste Gnimet, Paris.

Haokmann, Bev. H., 16 Windsor Road, Denmark Hill, Iiondon.
Haddon, Dr. A. C, Inisfail, Hill's Road, Cambridge.
HaU, Mr. J. C, British Consulate General, Yokohama, Japan.
Hance, Mr. Edward M., lisbum, Irdand.

Handley, Rev. H., St. Thomas's Vicarage, Camden Town, London.
Hardcastle, Miss A. L. B., Waterloo Hotel, Wellington College, Berks.
Hare, Mr. W. Loftus, 52 Belper Road, Derby.
Harper, Miss E. B., 39 Half Moon Street, London. .
Harris, Dr. J. Rendel, Chetwynd House, Selly Oak, Birmingham.
Harris, Mr. and Mrs. W., 1 Rue Delambre, Paris.
Harrison, Miss Jane, Newnham College, Cambridge. .
Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Percival, and Miss E. M., Grove Lodge, Highgate.
Hartland, Miss E. M., 90 Abingdon Road, Kensington, London.
Hartland, Mr. E. S., Highgarth, Gloucester.
Hastings, Dr. James, St. Cyrus, Montrose.
Hatton, Mrs., Edinburgh.

Haupt, Prof. Paul, 2511 Madison Avenue, Baltimore, U.S.A.
Hawkins, Rev. Sir John C, Kelston Lodge, Banbury Road, Oxford*
Hayllar, Miss Florence, The Hostel, Headington.
Heath, Mrs. L.

Heberden, Mr. C. B., Principal of Brasenose College, Oxford.
Herford, Prof. C. H., The University, Manchester.
Herford, Miss Brooke, 137 Banbury Road, Oxford.
Herford, Rt. Rev. and Mrs. Vernon, 137 Banbury Road, Oxford.
tHewitt, Mr. J. F., Holton Cottage, Wheatley.
Hill, Miss F. Davenport, Hillstow, Headington, Oxford.
Hillebrandt, Prof. Dr. A., 14 Monhauptstr., Breslau.
Hinxman, Miss C. A., Hardown, Charmouth, Dorset.
Him, Prof. Trjo, 6 Estn&sgatan, Helsingf ors, Finland.
Hitchings, Dr., Headington, Oxford. .
HoUiouse, Prof. L. T., 2 Lansdowne Road, Wimbledon.
Hodgson, Mr. T. V., 54 Kingsley Road, Plymouth.
Hodson, Mr. T. C, East London College, Mile End Road, London.
Hoeml6, Dr. and Mrs. A. F. R., 8 Northmoor Road, Oxford.
Hoeml^, Rev. E., 8 Northmoor Road, Oxford.
Hoey, Dr. and Mrs. W., 11 Linton Road, Oxford.
Hogg, Prof. Hope W., 30 ftrook Road, Fallowfield, Manchester.
HoUis, Mr. A. C, Nairobi, East Africa.

Digitized by


xii International Congress for the History of Religions

Hommel, Dr. Er., The University, Munich.

Hoekyns-Abrahally Mrs. W. and Miss, The Hostel, Headington.

Howell, Miss, Hill Stow, Headington, Oxford.

Howorth, Sir Henry, 30 CoUingham Place, London.

Howson, Mrs. Moss, Harrogate.

Hudson, Miss, Newington House, Wallingf ord.

Hunt, Dr. A. S., Queen's College, Oxford.

Hunt, Mrs. Holman, Sonning Acre, Sonning, Berks.

Irvine, Mr. W. and Miss. ML L., HoUiscroft, 49 Castekiau, Barnes,

Jackson, Prof. A. V. Williams, Columbia University, New York.

Jacobi, Prof. Dr. H., 59 Niebuhrstr., Bonn.

James, Mrs., 181 Woodstock Boad, Oxford.

Jarret, Mrs. Hanson, Kensington, London.

Jastrow, Prof, and Mrs. Morris, jun., 2483 23rd Street, Philadelphia.

Jefferson, Mr. and Mrs. 6. D., 22 Bardwell Boad, Oxford.

Jennings, Miss, 2 Clarendon Villas, Oxford.

Jevons, Principal F. B. and Mrs., Bishop Hatfield's Hall, Durham.

Johansson, Prof. Dr. K. F., Upsala.

Johnson, Mr. J. de M., Brocklesby Bectory, Lincolnshire.

Jolly, Prof. Dr. J., 5 Sonnenstr., Wiirzburg.

Jones, Mrs. WiUiatt, 30 Norham Boad, Oxford.

Jordan, Bev. L. H., Toronto.

Kahnweiler, Miss, 3 Bradmore Boad, Oxford.
Kane, Mr. 6. N., St. John's Mission, Cowley, Oxford.
Keightley, Dr. Archibald and Mrs., 46 Brook Street, London.
Keith, Mr. A. B. and Mrs., 2 Prince of Wales's Mansions^ London.
Keller, Mr. Siegmund, Bois-gentil, Plaines du Loup, Lausanne.
Euempson, Miss L. E., Somerville College, Oxford.
Kendrick, Miss E. H., 45 Hunnewell Avenue, Newton, Mass.
Kennedy, Bev. Prof. A. B. S., Whitburgh Mains, Ford, Midlothian, N.B.
Kennedy, Mr. J., 14 Frognal Lane, Finchley Boad, London.
Klingenstein, Miss N., London.

Knevett, Mons. and Mme. Edgar de, 18 Bue le Titien, Brussels.
ELrebs, Dr. H. and Miss L., Taylorian Institute, Oxford.
ELreyUnger, Mons. B., 275 Chausste de Malines, Antwerp.

Lake, Bev. Prof. Kirsopp and Mrs., The University, Leiden.
Langdon, Dr. Stephen, 17 Northmoor Boad, Oxford.
Lanman, Prof. Charles B., Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Lardner-Clarke, Miss, 56 St. Giles's, Oxford.

Digitized by


List of Members xiii

Laycock, Mr. W. F., 10 Webster Gardens, Ealing.

Legge, Mrs. J. 6., Liverpool.

Legge, Miss, 2 Long Wall Street, Oxford.

Leuba, Prof. J. H., Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia.

Leveson, Mr. H. G. A, and Wiea P. K., Quny, Anerley, S.E.

Levi, Mme. R., 20Wi Avenue de Neuilly, Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Lewis, Mr. A. L., 35 Beddington Gardens, WiJlington,' Surrey.

Lewis, Mrs. and Miss, 13 Bawlinson Road, Oxford.

Lincke, Dr. K., 1 Haeckelplatz, Jena.

Lindesay, Miss E., 22 Queen's Gardens, St. Andrews.

Lloyd, Rev. Dr. A. and Mrs., Imperial University, Tokyo.

Lloyd, Miss M. J., Farm Sparkbrook, Birmingham.

Lobb, Mrs., The Peacocks, Filkins, Oxon.

Loofe, Prof. F., 6 Lafontainestr., Halle.

Lorimer, Miss, Somerville College, Oxford.

Loveday, Mr. Thomas, 2 Moorgate Avenue, Sheffield.

Lowber, Dr. James, Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

Lucas, Mr. H., Hilver, St. Agnes Road, Birmingham.

Lyall, Right Hon. Sir A. C, Aldworth, Haslemere.

Macauliffe, Mr. M., 10 Sinclair Gardens, London.

MacCulloch, Rev. Canon J. A., Portree Rectory, Isle of Skye.

MacDonald, Prof, and Mrs. Duncan B., Hartford, Conn.

Macdonell, Prof. A. A., 107 Banbury Road, Oxford.

McDougall, Mr. W., Boar's Hill, Oxford.

Mace, Mr. and Mrs. A. C, Cairo.

Mack, Miss H. N. and Miss M., Quin, Henfield, Sussex.

Mackintosh, Rev. Prof. H. R., 81 Colinton Road, Edinburgh.

Macmillan, Mrs., 33 Barrington Road, Brixton.

MacRitchie, Mr. David, 4 Archibald Place, Edinburgh.

Malortie, Baroness de, 204 Iffley Road, Oxford.

Marcel, M. and Mme. Pierre, 258 Boulevard Saint Germain, Paris.

Marett, Mr. and Mrs. R. R., Westbury Lodge, Norham Road, Oxford.

Margoliouth, Prof., and Mrs. D. S., 88 Woodstock Road, Oxford.

Marielle, li^e., Cannes.

Markby, Sir WiUiam, Headington Hill, Oxford.

Marshall, Mr. John, 3 Caroline Place, London.

Mazumdar, Mr. B. C, Sambalpur, India.

Menzies, Rev. Prof., The University, St. Andrews.

Merrill, Miss B. E., Scarritt Bible Training School, ELansas City,

Metteyya, Rev. B. A., 101 Elm Grove Road, Barnes.
Meyer, Dr. R. M. and Frau, 16 Vossstr., Berlin.
Milbnm, Rev. R. G., Bishop's College, Calcutta.

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xiv International CoTigressfor the History of Religions

Millingen, Dr. A. van, Constantinople.

Milne, Mr. and Mrs. J. O., Dunoroft, Leatherhead.

Minohin, Mrs., 149 Banbury Boad, Oxford.

Minchin, Rev. C. H., The Rectory, Woodstock.

Mitchell, Rev. Joseph, The Manse, Manchline, Ayrshire, N.B.

Molony, Miss, 15 Ordnance Road, Southamptcm.

Monsenr, Prof. E., The University, Brussels*

Montefiore, Mr. Claude O. and Mrs., Coldeast, SouthamptcHi.

Montet, Prof. Edouard, The University, Geneva.

Montgomery, Rev. W., 14 Brunswick Walk, Cambridge.

Moor, Miss Ursula P., St. Clement's, Truro.

Moret, Prof. A. and Mme., 22 Avenue Camot, Paris.

Moss, MIbs Mary, U.S.A.

Moulton, Rev. Prof. J. H., Didsbury College, Manchester.

Muhleisen, Mr. W., c/o Miss Hooper, Crescent Lodge, Parktown, Oxford.

MuUer, Mr. E. B. Ivan, Chelsea Court, Chelsea,

Muller, Mrs. Max, 7 Norham Gardens, Oxford.

Murray, Miss M. A., University College, London.

Myree, Prof. J. L., The University, LiverpooL

Myres, Rev. M. W., 26 Leckford Road, Oxford.

Newberry, Prof. P. E. and Mrs., 36 Parkfield Road, Liverpool.

Nicholson, Miss M., 21 Talgarth Road, West Kensington.

Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. R. A., 61 Bateman Street, Cambridge.

Nordberg, Miss, 48 Wellington Square, Oxford.

Nordhoff, Mrs. W,

Norman, Prof. H. C, Queen's College, Benares.

Nuttall, Mrs. Z., Bemer's Hotel, Bemer's Street, London.

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