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A COLLECTION of the Public General Statutes passed in the 49th
year of the Reign of His Majesty King George the Third.

4to. London, 1809.

Abanus (Pet.), Abano. Conciliator Controversiarum inter Philosophos
et Medicos. Folio. Ven., 1565.

Abanus (Pet.) De Venenis. Folio. Ven., 1565.

Abbeville (Claude d'). Mission des Capucins en I'lsle de Marignan.

8vo. Paris, 16 14.

Abbot (George). Dr. Hill Unmasked. 4to. Oxford, 1604.

Abbot (Rt.) Holiness of Christian Churches, [Tracts, Vol. 41.]

Svo. 1640.

Abbott Brothers (Benjamin Vaughan and Austin). Reports of Cases
in Admiralty, argued and determined in the District Court of the
United States for the Southern District of New York, 1 847-1 850.
Betts' Decisions. 8vo. Boston, 1857.

Abbott (Benjamin Vaughan and Austin). Clerks' and Conveyancers'
Assistant. A Collection of Forms of Conveyancing, Contracts,
and Legal Proceedings. 8vo. New York, 1866.

Abbott (Benjamin Vaughan and Austin). A General Digest of the
Law of Corporations, presenting the American Adjudications upon
Public and Private Corporations of every kind. With a full
Selection of Cases. Svo. New York, 1869.

Abbott (Benjamin Vaughan). Digest of the Report of Indiana to the
year 187 1. With Notes presenting the General Statutes subsequent
to 1863. 2 vols. Svo. Chicago, 1870.

Abbott (Benjamin Vaughan). Reports of Decisions rendered in the
Circuit and District Courts of the United States, 1865-187 1,

2 vols. Svo. New York, 1870, 1871.



Abbott (Benjamin Vaughan and Austin). A Digest of New York
Statutes and Reports from the earliest period. Comprising the
Adjudications of all the Courts of the State, presented in the
Reports by Abbott, Anthon, Barbour, Bosworth, Bradford, Caines,
Clarke, Coleman, Comstock, Cowen, Daly, Denis, Duer, Edmonds,
Edwards, Hall, Hand, Hill, Hilton, Hoffman, Hopkins, Howard,
Johnson, Kernan, Keyes, Lansing, Paige, Parker, Redfield, Sand-
ford, Selden, Sickels, E. D. Smith, E. P. Smith, Sweeny, Tiffany,
Tucker, and Wendell. With the Statutes complete to the year
1873. 6 vols. 8vo. New York, 1873, 1874.

Abbott (Benjamin Vaughan and Austin). A Digest of the United
States' Courts, and of the Acts of Congress, from the Organization
of the Government to the year 1867.

Vol. I . Abandonment of Contracts.
Vol. 2. Copyright to Imprisonment.
Vol. 3. Income Tax Principles.
Vol. 4. Privateers — Wrongs.

4 vols. 8vo. New York, 1 867-1 869.
Vol. 5. Digest from July 1868 to May 1872. First Sup-
plement. 8vo. New York, 1872.
Vol. 6. Digest from May 1872 to November 1874. Second
Supplement. 8vo. New York, 1874.
Vol. 7. Digest from November 1874 to July 1877. Third
Supplement. 8vo. New York, 1877.

Abbott (Chs.) Jurisdiction and Practice of the Court of Great Ses-
sions of Wales upon the Chester Circuit. 8vo. 1795-

Abbott (Charles). On the Law relative to Merchant Ships and
Seamen. First Edition. 8vo. London, 1802.

Second Edition. 8vo. London, 1804.

Fifth Edition. By Jn. Hy. Abbott. 8vo. London, 1827.
Seventh Edition. By Wm. Shee. 8vo. London, 1844.

Ninth Edition. By Wm. Shee. With Supplement.

8vo. London, 1854.
Eleventh Edition. By Wm. Shee. 8vo. London, 1867.

Abbreviature. Modus legendi Abbreviaturas passim in Jure, tam
Civili, quam pontificio occurrentes. 8vo. Lugd., 1552.

Abbreviatur^e. Modus legendi Abbreviaturas passim in Jure, tam
Civili, quam pontificio occurrentes. 8vo. Colon., 1570.

Abdias. De Certamine Apostolorum. Jul, Africanio Interp.

i2mo. Colon., 1569.

Abdy (J. T., LL.D.) A Historical Sketch of Civil Procedure
among the Romans. Post 8vo. Cambridge, 1857.


Abdy (J. T., LL.D.) Kent's Commentary on International Law.
Revised. With Notes and Cases, brought down to the present
Time. 8vo. Cambridge, 1866.

Abdy (J. T., LL.D.) and Walker (Bryan, M.A., LL.D.) The Insti-
tutes of Justinian translated. With Notes. Svo. Cambridge, 1876.

Abel (John). Commercial Morality. With Illustrations from Frauds
upon the Union Bank of London. Svo. i860.

Abel (John). Memorials of Queen Eleanor. Illustrated by Photo-
graphy. With a short Account of their History and Present
Condition. Folio. London, 1864.

Aben (Tybbon). Spiritus Gratiae, sive Liber Physicorum Hebraeorum,
&c. Latine, a Jo. Isaaco. 8vo. Colon., 1555.

Aberdeen University Calendar for the Year 1868- 1869.

i2mo. Aberdeen, 1868.

Abingdon. Chronicon Monasterii de Abingdon. Edited by Joseph
Stevenson. See Brit. Gt., No. 2. 2 vols. 8vo. 1858.

Abra de Racon (Ch, Fr. d'). Responce aux Ministres de Charenton.

8vo. Paris, 161 7.

Abraam (Judseus). De Nativitatibus. Per Jo. Dryandrum. With
Albubater. 4to. Col., 1537.

Abram (Wm. Jn.) Mr. Bright and his Schemes. 8vo. 1859.

Abram (Wm. Jn.) Italy and the Napoleons. 8vo. 1859.

Abreu y Bertodano (Felix Joseph de). Sobre Pressas de Mar,
y Calidades que deben concurrir para hacerse legitimamente el
Corso, Small 4to. Cadiz, 1746.

Abreu y Bertodano (Joseph Antonio de). Coleccion de los Tratados
de Paz de Espana. Phelipe III., 1598; Phelipe V., 1748.

6 vols. Folio. Madrid, 1 740-1801.

AcACius (Geo.) Sejanus. With Andreas Invitatio. 8vo. Arg., 1620.

AccARisius (Jo.) Decisiones Rotae Florentinse. Folio. Flor., 17 13.

AccoLTi (Piet.) Lo Inganno de gV occhi. Prospettiva practica.

Folio. Fir., 1625.

Accord de plusieurs Passages de I'Escriture. i2mo. Gen., 1565.

Achilini (Alex.) Infinita naturae secreta. With Albohazen.

Folio. Papie., 15 15.

Achilini (Alex.) Opera, cum annotationibus Pamphilii Montii.

Folio. Yen., 1568.
ACHMET. Oneirocritica. See Rigaltius.

AcoNTius (Jac.) De Methodo investigandarum, &c., Scientiarum.

8vo. Basil, 1558.

AcoNTius (Jac.) Stratagemata Satanse. 4to. Basil, 1565.

AcosTA (Chris.) Aromatum, &c., in India Orientali Liber. With
Clusius. Svo. Anv., 1582.

AcosTA (Chris.) Vida Solitaria, &c. 4to. Venet., 1592.

AcosTA (Eman.) De rebus h Jesuitis in Oriente gestis, et de Japonicis
rebus, 8vo. Paris, 1572.

AcosTA (Joseph). De Natura Novi Orbis, et de Promulgatione
Evangelii apud Indos. 8vo. Col. Ag., 1596.

[ AcosTA (Nonius). De Quadruplici Hominis ortu. 4to. Patav., 1594.
[ AcosTA (Nonius). De Arte Medica,

AcosTA (Nonius). De Privilegiis Creditorum. Folio. Genev., 1739.

AcROPOLiTA (Geo. Logothetes). See Byzantinae Historise.

AcROPOLiTA (Geo. Logothetes). Corpus Byzantinse Historise.

Acton (Tho. Harman). Reports of Cases before the Lords Commis-
sioners of Appeals in Prize Causes, 1809-18 11.

2 vols. 8vo. 181 1.

Acts (Window and Servants) passed in the 15th year of the reign of
George IL 2 vols. 1753, 1778.

Acts of Council in Civil Causes, in Scotland. Record Commission.

Folio. 1839.

Acts of the Lords Auditors of Causes and Complaints (Acta Domi-
norum Auditorum) in Scotland. Record Commission.

Folio. 1839.

Acts of Parliament. See Statutes.

Acuto (Giac. d'). II Mondo al Reverscio e Sossopra.

8vo. Ven., 1602.

Adair (Arch.) Responce a I'Apostate Cayer. [Tracts, Vol. 128.]

Svo. 1603.

Adair (John, A.M.) The Law of Costs, especially as administered
in Courts of Equity. Svo. DubHn, 1865.

Adair (Melch.) Historia Ecclesiastica. 4to. Hafn., 1579.

Adair (Melch.) Vitae Germanorum Medicorum. Svo. Heid., 1620.

Adam (William). On Trial by Jury in Civil Causes. Svo. Edin., 1836.

Adamantius. Phisiognomonicon. Svo. Basil, 1544.


Adamides Ifalicus (Jo.) Antitheses de filiatione Christi. [Tracts,
Vol. 139.] 8vo. 1560,

Adams (F. M., B. A.) On the Law of Trade Marks.

8vo. London, 1874.

Adams (John). Treatise on the Action of Ejectment and the Resulting
Action for Mesne Profits. Fourth Edition. 8vo. 1846.

Adams (John Milton). Reports of Cases in Law and Equity, deter-
mined by the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine, 1856. [Vols. 41,
42, Maine Reports.] 2 vols. 8vo. Hallowell, 1858.

Addams (Jesse). Reports of Cases in the Ecclesiastical Courts at
Doctors' Commons and in the High Court of Delegates, 1822-
1826. 3 vols. 8vo. Vol. I, 1823, Vol. 2, 1825, Vol. 3, 1872.

Addison (Alexander). Reports of Cases in the County Courts of the
Fifth Circuit in the High Court of Errors and Appeals of the
State of Pennsylvania, and Charges to Grand Juries of those
County Courts, 1 791-1799. 8vo. Washington, 1800.

Addison (C. G.) Damascus and Palmyra. 2 vols. 8vo. 1838.

Addison (Ch. Greenstreet). History of the Knights Templars, the
Temple Church, and the Temple. 4to. 1841.

Addison (Ch. Greenstreet). The Law of Contracts and Rights, and
Liabilities ex Contractu. 2 vols. 8vo. 1853.

Fourth Edition. 8vo. Lond. and Dub., 1856.

Fifth Edition. 8vo. London, 1862.

Sixth Edition. By Lewis W. Cave. 8vo. London, 1869.
Seventh Edition. By Lewis W. Cave. 8vo. London, 1875.

Addison (Ch. Greenstreet). Wrongs and their Remedies. Being a
Treatise oh the Law of Torts. 8vo. Lond. and Dub., i860.

Second Edition. 8vo. London, 1864.

Third Edition. By F. S. P. Wolferstan.

8vo. London, 1870.
Fourth Edition. By F. S. P. Wolferstan.

8vo. London, 1873.

Addison (Joseph). In British Poets.

Addison (Joseph). Works. By Hurd. 6 vols. 8vo. 1811.

Adelung (Joh. Christoph.) Worterbuck. 4 vols. 4I0. 181 1.

Admiralty. Black Book of the. See Gt. Br., No. 55.

Admiralty. Rules, Orders, and Regulations for the High Court of
Admiralty of England. With Forms and Table of Fees. [Pub-
lished by Authority of the High Court of Admiralty.]

8vo. London, i860.

Admiralty. Rules for Appeals in Ecclesiastical and Maritime Causes.

Folio. London, 1865.

Admiralty, Slave Trade Instructions. Being Instructions for the
guidance of Her Majesty's Ships of War employed in the
Suppression of the Slave Trade. With Supplement.

8vo. London, 1865.

Admonitio ad Orbis Terrse Principes. [Tracts, Vol. 52.]

4to. 1537-

Adolphus (Jn. Leycester) and Ellis (T. F.) Reports of Cases in the
Court of King's Bench, 1 834- 1 84 1. 12 vols. 8vo. 1835-1842.

Adolphus (J. L.) New Series. Queen's Bench Reports, 1841-1852.

18 vols. 8vo. 1843-1856.
Adolphus (J. L.) See Barnewall.

Adon. Brevia Chronica. With Gregorious Historia.

8vo. Paris, 1561.

Adrasder (Jo.) Explicatio Vaticiniorum Joachimi Abbatis. With
Merlin. Vaticinia. i2mo. Franc, 1608.

Adrianus (Romanus). Parvum Theatrum Urbium Prsecipuarum.

4to. Franc, 1595.

Adrichomius (Christ.) Theatrum Terrse Sanctae et Biblicarum
Historiarum. Folio. Col. Ag., 1600.

Adricon (Chr.) Vero Ritratto della Citta di Jerusalem.

8vo. Fior., 1594.
Adventurer. In British Essayists.

Advocates. Catalogue of Printed Books in the Library of the
Faculty of Advocates. 5 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1863-187 7.

Adve (Step. Payne). On Courts-Martial, Military Punishments, and
Rewards. 12 mo. 1810.

^GiNETA (Paul). Praecepta Salubria; k Guil. Copo. With Lianno.

4to. Paris, 1527.

^GiNETA (Paul) Chirurgie. 8vo. Lyon, 1542.

^Gius (Bened.) Apollodori Bibliotheces de Deorum origine,
Interpretatio. 8vo. Lov., 1565.

^lfric. Grammatica Latino-Saxonica, cum Glossario. With Somner :
Dictionary. Folio. Oxon., 1659.

^LiANUS (Claud.) De Animalibus, cum accessionibus ex Porphyrio,
Heliodoro, Oppiano, &c. Per Pet. Gyllium. 4to. Lugd., 1535.

^LiANUS (Claud.) Varia Historia, cura Vulteii et Perizonii.

8vo. Lugd. Bal., 1701.

^MiLiANUS (Jo.) De Ruminantibus. [Tracts, Vol. 55.]

4to. Ven., 1584.

JEuiLivs, seu Emilius (Paul). De rebus gestis Francorum usque ad
Henr. II. 8vo. Paris, 1548.

./Emilius (Paul). De rebus gestis Francorum usque ad Franc.
Valesium I. Folio. Paris, 1550.

^NEAS (Silvius). Opera. Folio. Basil.

'iENEAS (Silvius). De Bohemorum origine. With Althamerus :
Germania. 8vo. Inff., 1520.

.^NEAS (Silvius). De Remedio Amoris. With Mensa. 4^:0.

.^NEAS (Silvius). Historia de Euryalo et Lucretia. With WiUis's
Mnemonica. 12 mo. Urf., 1606.

.^NEiDiA. See Henry (James).

.^RODius. Ayrault.

iEscHiNES. See Oratores.

.^SCHYLUS. Tragedise, cum Scholiis et versione, &c. Tho. Stanleii.

Folio. 1664.

iEscHYLUS. See Potter.

.^sop. Fabulae. See Auctores Octo.

iEsopus. Fabulae, Gr. et Lat. With France-Turquie.

8vo. Basil, 1541.

^voLi (Cses.) De Antipathia et Sympathia. 4to. Ven., 1580.

iEvoLi (Cses.) De Divinis Attributis. 4to, Ven., 1580.

.^voLi (Cses.) De Aquis Lucensibus. 4to. Ven., 1580.

Affelen (Jo. ab). Vir Politicus. i2mo. Hanov., 1599.

Afflictis, seu Afflitto (Mat. de). Decisiones Consilii Neapolitani,
cum Caes. UrsiUi Adnotationibus, &c. Folio. Ven., 1596.

Afflictis (Mat, de). De Jure Prothomiseos. Folio. Neap., 1696.

Agambilionibus de Aretio (Aug.) In Institutiones Justiniani.

Folio. Ven., 1609.

Agapetus. Expositio Capitum admonitoriorum. With France-
Turquie. [Tracts, Vol. 76.] 8vo. Basil, 1541.

Agapetus. De officio Regis. 8vo. Herb., 1605.

Agas (Rad.) Preparative for platting lands, &c., for Survey. [Tracts,
Vol. 100.] 4to. 1596.

Agathias (Smymseus). De Bello Gothorum. 8vo, Lugd., 1594.


Agathias (Smyrnseus), De Imperio Justiniani. See Corpus Byzan-
tinae Historiae.

Agathias (Smyrnaeus), See Muratori : Ital. Script.

Ageta (Nic. Cajetan). Annotationes pro Regio ^rario ad Senates
Neapolis Decisiones, &c. 4 vols, in 2. Folio. Neap., 1692.

Agnelli (G.) Tratto Teorico-Pratico sul Diritto di Privativa Indus-
triale. i2mo. Milano, 1868.

Agnew (William Fischer). The Law and Practice relating to Letters
Patent for Inventions. With Notices of Patent Laws in force in
the Principal Foreign States and in the Colonies.

8vo. London, 1874

Agnew (William Fischer). On the Statute of Frauds.

8vo. London, 1876

Agoneau (Le Sieur). Aretaphyle. 8vo. Par., 1606

Agricola (Fr.) De Primatu Sancti Petri et Successoris ejus.

8vo. Colon., 1599

Agricola (Fr.) De Privilegiis et Signis Verae Ecclesiae.

8vo. Colon., 1606

Agricola (Geo.) De Mensuris et Ponderibus. Folio. Basil, 1550

Agricola (Geo.) De Re Metallica. FoHo. Basil, 1561

Agricola (Geo.) De Animantibus Subterraneis. Folio. Basil, 1561

Agricola (Geo.) De Subterraneis. 8vo. Witteberg, 1612

Agricola (Jo.) Grammatica Teutonica. 8vo. 1548

Agricola (Rod.) De formando Studio. With Basil.

8vo. Basil, 1537

Agrippa (Corn.) Delia Vanita delle Scienze. 8vo. Ven., 1547

Agrippa (Hen. Corn.) De Beatae Annae Monogamia, &c.

8vo. Lugd., 1534

Aguesseau (Hen. Frs. d'). OEuvres. 13 vols. 4to. Paris, 1759

Aguesseau (Hen. Frs. d'). a:uvres. 13 vols. 4to. Paris, 1787

Aguilon (Ped. d'). Historia del Duque Carlos de Borgonna, Bisaguelo
del Emp. Carlos V. 4to. Pampe., 1586

AiKENS (Asa.) Reports of Cases argued and determined in the
Supreme Court of the State of Vermont, 1825-1828.

2 vols. 8vo. Windsor, 1827-1828.

AiLRED. See Anglicanae Historise Scriptores.

Ainsworth (Hen. and John). Trying of the Truth, &c. 4to. 1615.

AiNSWORTH (Henry). Reply to Johnson's Plea for the Church of
Rome. 4to. 1620.

AiNSWORTH (H.) Censure upon the Anabaptists. [Tracts, Vol. 25.]

4to. 1644.

AiNSWORTH (Rt.) Latin and English Dictionary. By Thomas Morell

and John Carey. 4to. 1823.

Another Edition. 8vo. 1845.

AiRD (David Mitchell). Blackstone Economized : being a Com-
pendium of the Laws of England to the present time.

8vo. London, 1873.

AiRD (David Mitchell). The Civil Laws of France to the present
time. Supplemented by Notes illustrative of the Analogy between
the Rules of the Code Napoleon and the leading Principles of the
Roman Law. 12 mo. London, 1875.

AiTCHisoN (C. U., B.C.S.) A Collection of Treaties, Engagements, and
Sunnuds, relating to India and neighbouring Countries.

6 vols. 8vo. Calcutta and London, 1 862-1 864.

Akenside (Mark). In British Poets.

Akerman (Jn. Yonge). Glossary of Wiltshire Words. i2mo. 1842.

Ala (Jo. Pet.) De Advocato et Causidico Christiano.

4to. Crem., 1610.

Alaba (Diego d'). El Perfeto Capitan. Folio. Mad., 1590.

Alabama. The Code of Alabama. Prepared by John J. Ormond,
Arthur P. Bagby, and George Goldthwaite. With Head Notes
and Index by Henry C. Simple. 8vo. Montgomery, 1852.

Alabama. Narrative of the Cruise of the Alabama, and List of her
Officers and Men, by one of the Crew. [Pamphlet, 64 pages.]

8vo. London, 1864.

Alabama. The Revised Code of Alabama. Prepared by A. J. Walker.

8vo. Montgomery, Alabama, 1867.

Alabama Claims. Case of the United States to be laid before the
Tribunal of Arbitration to be convened at Geneva under the Treaty
of Washington, May 8th, 1871. 4to. London, 1872.

Aland (Jn. Fortescue). See Fortescue.

Alanus. De Insulis. See Auctores Octo.

Alasco (Jo.) See Lasco.

Albani (Jo. Hier.) De Potestate Papge et Concilii.

4to. Lugd., 1558.


Albani (Jo. Hier.) De Potestate Papae et Concilii. 4to Ven., 1561.

Albani (Jo. Hier.) Lucubrationes in Bartolum.

2 vols. Folio. Ven., 1571.

Albergonus (Fr. Eleuth.) Resolutio Doctrinse Scoticse.

4to. Patav., 1593.

Alberius (Claud. Triuncurianus). De Concordia Medicorum. With
Mufettus : de jure, &c. 8vo. Lausan., 1585.

Alberrius, De Rosate.

Albert Arbitration. Lord Cairns' Decisions. By Frances S. Reilly.
Three Parts. 8vo. London, 187 2- 1875.

Alberti (Salom.) De partibus Humani corporis. With Planerus de
Medendo. 8vo. Wit., 1583.

Alberti (Salom.) Orationes de Studio doctrinse Physicae, &c.

8vo. Witte., 1590.

Alberti (Salom.) Scorbuti Historia. 8vo. Witte., 1594.

Alberti (Salom.) See Esthius,

Alberti (Leon. Bapt. de). De Pictura prsestantissima.

8vo. Bas., 1540.

Alberti (Leon. Bapt. de). L'Architettura. 8vo. Vin., 1546.

Alberti Pii Funus. With Phillipi IIL, Lessus, &c.

8vo. Duac, 1623.

Albertini (Fr.) De Angelo Custode. i2mo. C. Ar., 1613.

Albertus (Magnus). De Herbis, Lapidibus, et Animalibus. 4to.

Albertus (Magnus). De Formation e Hominis. 4to.

Albertus (Magnus). Interpretatio somniorum Danielis. 4to.

Albertus (Magnus). De die Epiphaniae. With Inchofer : Magorum
Gesta. Folio. Mog., 1477.

Albertus (Magnus). De secretis. With Quintilian. 4to. Ant., 1499.

Albertus (Magnus). Postillatio in Apocalypsin. 4to. Basil, 1506,

Albertus (Magnus). De veris Virtutibus. i2mo. Ingold., 1586.

Albertus (Magnus). De rebus Mineralibus et Metallicis.

8vo. Col., 1596.

Albertus (Magnus). Sermones in Dominicas. 8vo. Mogu., 16 15.

Albertus (Magnus). Sermones de Eucharistia. 8vo. Mogu., 1615.

Albertus (Magnus). De adhserendo Deo, cum Vita ejus. With
Jansenius. 8vo. Antw., 1621.


Albertus (Magnus). De secretis Mulienim. With Sim. Fortius de
Principiis, &c. 8vo.

Albin (Jn.) D'Opuscules de la Vraye Eglise. 8vo. Pat, 1569.

Albinianus Iretius (Pet.) De Pontificia Potestate, et de Con-
fessione, &c. 8vo. [No Title.]

Albizius (Ant.) Exercitationes Theologicse. 4to. Camped., 161 6.

Albohazen. In Judiciis Astrorum. Folio, Ven., 1485.

Albubater. Liber Genethliacus, 4to. Nor., 1590.

Albucasis. Methodus Medendi. Folio. Basil, 1541.

Alcabitius. Ad Magisterium judiciorum astrorum Isagoge. A. Jo.
Saxonio. 4to. Par., 152 1.

Alchymi^ Tractatus {German). 4to. Strasb.

Alciati (And.) De Duello. 8vo. Ven., 1544.

Alciati (And.) Paradoxa ad Pratum, &:c. Folio. Lugd., 1548.

Alciati (And.) Reliqua Opera. Folio. Lugd., 1548.

^ Alciati (And.) In Quartae et Quintae Partis Pandectarum Titulos.

Folio. Lugd., 1550.

Alciati (And.) Commentaria, Tractatus, Responsa, &c.

9 vols, in 6. Folio. Lugd., 1560.

Alciati (And.) Emblemata. 8vo. Antw., 1581.

Alciati (Melch.) De Praecedentia. With Goffredi Surama.

4to. Ticini., 1601.
Alcimus (Lat. Alethius). See Maittaire.

Alcinous. Comparatio Platonis cum Aristotele. 4to. Ven., 1573.

Alcinous. See Carpentarius.

Alcock (Jn. Congreve). Registry Cases reserved for consideration,
and decided by the Twelve Judges of Ireland, 1832-1841.

3 parts. 8vo. Dublin, 183 7-1 841.

Alcock. See Cooke.

Alcock and Napier's Reports of Cases in the Court of King's Bench
and Exchequer Chamber in Ireland, 1-3 Will. IV.

8vo. Dublin, 1831.

Alcoran. Translated into English immediately from the Original
Arabic. With Explanatory Notes taken from the most approved
Commentators. To which is prefixed a Preliminary Discourse.
By George Sale. 4to. London, 1734.

Alcorano (L'). Con la Vita di Macometto, &c. 4to. 1547.


Alcuinus. See Gale.

Alcuinus (Levita). De Trinitate ac Mysteriis Christi. 8vo. 1530.

Alden (T. J. Fox). The Condensed Reports of the Supreme Court

of Pennsylvania, from 1754 to 1814.

Vol. I, 1754-1806; Dallas, Vols. 1-4, 1 754- 1806 ; Yeates, Vol. i, 17911795.
Vol. 2, 1795-1810; Yeates, Vols. 2-4, 1795-1807; Binney, Vols, i, 2, 1799-1810.
Vol. 3, 1791-1814; Binney, Vols. 3-6, 1810-1814; Addison, 1791-1799.

3 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1850- 1854.

Alderisius (Albert). De Symbolicis Contractibus. Folio. Neap., 1675.

Alderson (Sir Edwd. Hall). See Barnewall.

Alderson (Sir Edwd. Hall). Selections from his Charges, &c. With a
notice of his Life. By Chs. Alderson. 8vo. 1858.

Alderton (W. S.) Commercial Almanack for 1844. i2mo. 1844.

Aldobrandini (Silv.) De Perfecto Principe. 8vo. Franc, 1603.

Aldrete (Bern.) Del Origen de la Lengua Castellana.

Folio. Mad., 1606.

Aldrete (Bern.) Varias Antiguedades de Espafia, Africa, &c.

4to. Amb., 1614.

Alealmus Aurelius (Jac.) Confutatio Problematis Hen. Monantholii.
[Tracts, Vol. 100.] 4to. Par., 1600.

Aleander (Hier. Junr.) Refutatio conjecturse de Suburbicariis Regio-
nibus Romse, &c. 4to. Paris, 16 19.

Aleman (Mat.) Vida de Antonio sancto de Padua. 4to. Sev., 1605.

Aleotti (Gio. Bat.) See Giorgi.

Ales, or Alesius (Alex.) De Traditionibus Apostolorum, &c.

8vo. Lips,, 1556.

Alesmius (Leon). In materiam Substitutionum. 8vo. Pict., 1540.

Alexander. Ab Alexandro, Geniales Dies. 8vo. Franc, 1591.

Alexander (Aphrodisius). Super libro Aristotelio de Anima.

Folio. Oxon., 1481.

Alexander (Aphrodisius). De Fato et Libero Arbitrio; ab Hier.
Bagolino. [Tracts, Vol. 86.] 4to. Ver., 1516.

Alexander (Aphrodisius). De Anima; Gent. Aur. Herveto Interp.

8vo. Bas., 1648.

Alexander (Aphrodisius). De Mixione. 8vo.

Alexander VL (Pope). Bull or Donation to the Kynges of Castyle
of the Regions and Islandes in the Western Ocean. With Peter
Martyr's Decades. 4*0-


Alexander (Wm.) Abridgment of the Acts of Sederunt.

8vo. Edin. and London, 1838.

Alexander (Wm.) Abridgment of Scotch Acts of Parliament, 1424-
1707. With Notes. 8vo. Edin., 184 1.

Alexander (Wm.) Digest of the Bankrupt Law of Scotland.

8vo. Edin., 1842.

Alexander (Wm.) Digest of the Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act, 1856.

8vo. Edin., 1856.

Alexandre (Pierre). Conseils et Advis sur les Temporiseurs, &c.

i2mo. Genev., 1556.

Alexius (Alter.) See Faustinus.

Aleyn (Jn.) K. B. Reports, Car. L, 22-24. Folio. Cam., 1681.

Alfonce (Jean). Voyages Avantureux. 4to. Roch., 1600.

Alfonso (Mart.) Scuola Cathohca Morale. 8vo. Ven., 1602.

Alfonso el Sabio Rey. The Laws of Las Siete Partidas, which are
still in force in the State of Louisiana. Translated from the
Spanish by L. Moreau Lislet and Henry Carleton.

2 vols. 8vo. New Orleans, 1820.

Alfonsus k Carthagena. See Hispanicarum rerum Scriptores.

Alford (Henry). Poverty and Riches : a Sermon. [Pamphlets,
Vol. 9.] 8vo. 1857.

Alfragan. Chronologise et Astronomiae elementa. Per Jac. Christo-
mannum. 8vo. Franc, 1590.

Alfred (King). See Orosius.

Alfred (King). The Will of. [Thomas Astle.] 4to. Oxford, 1788.

Alison (Sir Archibald). History of Europe during the French Revo-
lution. 10 vols. 8vo. 1832-1842,

Alison (Sir Archibald). Practice of the Criminal Law of Scotland.

8vo. Edin. and London, 1832.

Alison (Sir Archibald). Principles of the Criminal Law of Scotland.

8vo. Edin., 1832.

Alison (Sir Archibald). History of Europe from the Fall of Napoleon
in MDCCCXV. to the Accession of Louis Napoleon in
MDCCCLH. 9 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1852-1859.

Alison (R.) Confutation of a Treatise of Brownism. 4to. 1590.

All Souls' College. Catalogue of the Archives in the Muniment
• Rooms. Prepared by Charles Trice Martin, F.S.A.

8vo. London, 1877.


Allard (Marcel). La Gazette Frangoise. 8vo. Paris, 1605.

Allatius (Leon.) Apes Urbanae. 8vo. Rom., 1633.

Allatius (Leon.) De Psellis, &c. With Archirota.

8vo. Rom., 1634.

Allegiance. Apology for the Oath of. [Tracts, Vol. 54.] 4to. 1607.

Allegiance. Questions concerning the Oath of 4to. 1674.

Allen (Charles). Reports of Cases argued and determined in the
Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, 1 861-1867. [Vols. 83-
96, Massachusetts Reports.] 14 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1861-1869.

Allen (Charles). Telegraph Cases decided in the Courts of America,

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