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Mr. Denton was chosen Treasurer for next year, and John
Gamans, Under Treasurer. Mr. Wyndesore, late Treasurer,
will declare his account in presence of the Masters of the Bench.

Ordered that no Eeader shall have more than fifteen* bucks
in the Hall during his Eeadership on pain of 5 marks.
Officers for Christmas :

Office of Steward. — Masters Wyllymote (5 marks), Gylbert
(6Z. 13s. 4d.), Bellyngeham (lOZ.), and in their default, Mr.

Office of Marshal. — William Thornehyll (deceased), Robert
Mordaunte, George Swyllyngton, John Vavasour, Robert
Balam, Edward Hasylwood, Nicolas Halswell, Vincent Poore,
Giles Iseham {struck out), esquires, Kenelm Dygbye,

Office of Butler. — Robert Fletewood, Geoffrey Dormer,
Ambrose Dormer, Avery Uvedale, Christopher Smyth, Vincent
Mundey, EUzeus Hartop.

Office of Master of the Revels. — Thomas Whyte, William
Goldyng, William Ludlowe, Francis Bastard, William Hussey,
Edmund Skamyng, John Gyflford, Thomas Laventhorp, Roger
Waldron, Hamond Claxton.

Office of Constable at the Tower. — Christopher Catlyn,
PhiUp Mordaunte, John Newcourte, Edward Irelond,
Silvester Stewkeley. (Marginal note on one side : ** languidus,
ideo perdonatur. ' ' On the other : * * mortuus . " ) Robert Brickett ,

Office of Marshal's Constable. — John Spencer, Hugh Tre-
vannyon, Mr. Tucker, Richard Alyngton, Robert Heth, John
Goodwyn, Thomas Wynchecombe, WilUam Barker, Christopher
George, Mr. Lane.

Admissions.- -Mr. John Popham to be received in commons
paying 40s. Pledge, Mr. Waldron. {Marginal note : ** Popham
restored.'*) John Tregonwell, knight, specially ; fine, a hogs-
head of wine. (Marginal note : ** m^ortuus,") Mr. William
Boureman, to the chamber late Mr. Tyrwytt's, paying 26s. 8d.
and ** also gevyng place to the auncyent whan he or they
shall happen to come into the same chamber.*' English.
Mr. John Sydenham by the Treasurer into a chamber with

<* Corrected from "XX."

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108 Middle Temple Eecords. [1556

Mr. Gataker, giving place to his ancient* ; paying 135. 4d. Mr.
William Tusarde of Copphall, Essex, generally ; paying 40s.

Thomas Denton, esquire, commences as Treasurer, 6 Nov.
1556 ; John Gamans being Under Treasurer.

At a Parliament holden 12 Not., 3 & 4 Phil. & Mar.

Ordered that the ofl&cers for Christmas shall be as they were
chosen at the last Parliament. And the feast shall be kept as
ordered thereby.

Ordered that each Master shall pay for commons 2^. lOd, a
week, and each Master's Clerk, 25. 4d. If there are any
apparels, they shall be equally divided among those in commons
at the end of each week. This order commences at the next

Ordered that every one of the Fellowship, being in health, if
he lie in his chamber, shall be in commons, except Benchers
and such as shall have special licence of the whole Bench, any
special admittance to the contrary notwithstanding. English.

A dmissions. — 12 Nov. Ralf , son and heir apparent of William
Sheldon of Byle, Worcestershire, esquire, specially ; pa3ring 51.
Nicholas, son of John Perye of Warmynster, Wilts, at the
instance of Mr. William Russwell, his pledge. John, younger

son of John Deynton of , Oxfordshire, esquire, specially,

and into Mr. Cressell's chamber ; fine 265. 8d,

At a Parliament holden 25 Not., S & 4 Phil. & Mar.

Ordered that the officers for Christmas shall continue as
they were chosen the last Parliament, and Christmas to be
kept as was agreed thereby. English,

Ordered that the Company shall keep commons of the House
according to the order of last Parliament, and IM. weekly to
be allowed for Officers' commons. This order is to take place
until Christmas commons begin, and after the three weeks of
Christmas to continue till next term. English.

The gardens are let by Thomas Denton, Treasurer, to John
Bede of the Middle Temple, gardener, from year to year
(corrected from: **for term of 30 years") for 20s. yearly, as
may appear by the lease dated 20 Nov. 15 [56] ; to begin at
Christmas. English.

^ Seniori, MS.

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1556-7] Minutes of Parliament. 109

Admissions. — Mr. Barnes to Mr. Store's chamber with
Mr. Throgmerton, Master of the Requests, and Mr. Store to
Mr. Edmund Mordaunt's chamber. 28 Nov. 1556. Richard,
son and heir apparent of Edward Ensore, of Bromley Pagettes,
Staffordshire, specially, at Mr. Weston's instance ; passing 40s.
Thomas, son and heir of John Reymonde of Stanstede Abbotts,
Herts, esquire, generally, at Mr. Poleye's instance.

10 Jan. Walter, second son of John Levfeson of Wolver-
hampton, Staffordshire, esquire, at the instance of Mr. William
Fowke, his pledge. 10 Jan. William Gamans of Lyons Inne,
specially ,at the instance of John Dormer, his pledge ; paying
26s. Sd. ^Signed ; By me Willm. Gamans.

At a Parliament holden 6 Feb., 3 & 4 Phil. & Mar.

Mr. Sture was chosen Reader for Lent next,and Mr. Hone
his Assistant.

Agreed that Mr. Robert Carye shall pay lOZ. for the fine of
his reading, and other arrears.

Admissions, — Matthew, son of Matthew Dale, late of London,
gentleman, generally, at the instance of Mr. Flytwood, junior,
who was his pledge; paying 40s. Signed: W. Fletewoode,
Mathew Dale. 19 Feb. Clement, son and heir apparent of
John Fyssher of Pakyngton, Warwickshire, esquire, generally,
at the instance of Mr. Flyttwood, junior, and Mr. Skamjmg ;
paying 40s. Signed : W. Fletewoode ; Edmonde Scamyng ;
Clement Fyssher. Arthur Chamber, on giving up his chamber,
to a chamber with Messrs. Laurence and Webbe ; and giving
place to his ancients ; fine 20s. 24 Feb. Mr. Lewkenor, to
a chamber with Mr. Eton near ** le Cloyster"; fine 13s. 4td.
Mr. Chaterton to a chamber with Messrs. Amadas Taylarde
and MuUeneux, giving place to his ancients; fine 10s.
Mr. Olyver to a chamber with Messrs. Ludlowe and Codrjmg-
ton; he shall have a place in ** le Studye " of Mr. Ludlowe, but
in the chamber he shall give place to Mr. Ludlowe when he
comes. Signed: By me, Edmunde Sture. 28 Feb. William,
second son of ... . Hussey, of London, esquire, one
of the Masters in Chancery, specially, at the instance of
Mr. Weston, his pledge, for a fine of 40s. Signed : By me,
Rycharde Weston. By me, William Hussey.* Richard
Rutheall of Wulverton, Bucks, gentleman, specially; fine

^ The whole of this entry is struck out.

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110 Middle Temple Ebcords. [1557

3Z. 6s. 8d, 3 March. Robert, son of John Smythe of Wyth-
cocke, Leicestershire, esq., deceased, generally, at Mr. Bell's
instance, who was his pledge ; paying 40s. Signed : Roberte
Smythe. Lewis, son and heir of John Mordaunte, knight,
son and heir of Lord Mordaunte, specially, at the instance of

George Mordaunte, esquire, his pledge ; fine, . Signed :

George Mordaunte. Mr. Thomas NycoUes, as expectant, into a
chamber with Messrs. Wyboume and Crompton, and he will
enjoy his own chamber until the other is vacant. Signed :
By me, Edmund Sture. Mr. Richard Stevyns, to the high
chamber next the kitchen with Messrs.. Warre and Palmer,
giving place to his ancients ; fine, 40«. '^^r. Francis Horde,
on resigning and repairing his chamber, to a lower chamber
with Messrs. Acton and Wortleye, below Mr. Reginald Corbet.
Richard Fylde of Clement's Inne, generally {struck out).
20 April. William, son and heir of John Baldwyn, deceased,
of Byfylde, Northants, generally, at the instance of Mr, Cal-
throppe, his pledge. Signed: Bartram Calthorppe, Willm.
Bawdwin. 8 May. Richard Fylde of Kings Norton, Wor-
cestershire, son of Fylde, generally, at the instance of

Mr. Sparrye, paying 40s. ; to be expectant with Messrs.
Hybbyn and Skynner.

At a Parliament holden 12 May, 3 & 4 Phil. & Mar.

Mr. Ployden was chosen Reader for the Autumn.

Ordered, that no person shall be admitted, generally or
specially, by the Treasurer, without the consent of the whole
Council of Masters of the Bench, except in time of reading,
when the authority of admission is granted to the Reader and
his Assistant.

Ordered, that none of the Company after the end of May shall
wear breeches of any light colour nor use coifs of English
lawn,* velvet caps, scarfs, or " whynges " in their study gowns.
{TJm entry has been corrected.)

Ordered, that Nicholas Adams, Edmund Powell, and Robert
West be dismissed, and their bedrooms (cubicula) disposed of
at the pleasure of the Treasurer.

Admissions. -Mr. Dygbye to a high chamber with Mr.

Hunte, in place of Mr Fername, deceased, fine . Mr.

Page to Mr. Mawdeley's chamber, with Mr. Smyth. (The

° Bireta bissi Anglici^ MS.

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1557] Minutes of Parliament. Ill

name of another person is illegible,) 11 May, 1557. Robert,
son and heir of William Johnson of Crawley, Bucks, gentle-
man, generally to the Clerks' commons. 21 May. Thomas,
son of William Becke, senior, of Stowe, Hunts, gentleman,
generally. 20 May. Henry, son and heir of Thomas Smythe
of Campden, Gloucestershire, esquire, generally, at the
instance of Mr. Richard Smythe, his pledge, to a chamber in
" lez novell buyldynges," as expectant, with Messrs. Waldron
and Hawlswell ; fine 20s. Signed : Rycharde Smythe.
(Marginal note : Mortutcs.)

At a Parliament holden 29 May, 3 ft 4 Phil, ft Mar.

Admissions. — 15 June. Thomas Mansell, of ** Le New Inne,"
son and heir of Richard Mansell, of Chycheley, Bucks, generally,
at the instance of Mr. Bell, Reader of Newe Inne, his pledge.
Signed : Thomas Mansell.

At a Parliament holden 25 June, 3 ft 4 Phil, ft Mar.

Mr. Sture was chosen Assistant to Mr. Ployden, the Reader
for the Autumn.

The following orders made 22 June to be observed by the
four Houses of Court, shall be kept :

1. That none of the Companies, except Knights or Benchers,
from 30 September next, shall wear in their doublets or hose
any light colour except scarlet and crimson, or wear any upper
velvet cap, or any scarf or wing in their gowns. Fine for first
fault, 3s. id, ; for the second, expulsion.

2. That no Attorney shall be admitted, and henceforth, in all
admissions, this condition shall be implied, that if he that be
admitted practise Attorneyship, he shall be dismissed, ipso facto,
and have liberty to return to the Inn of Chancery whence he
came, or to any other if he were of none before.

3. That none of the Companies of the said Houses shall wear
their study gowns into the city any further than Flete Brydge,
Holbome Brydge, or Savoy, on like pain.

4. That none of the said Companies, when in commons, shall
wear Spanish cloak, sword and buckler, or rapier, on like

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112 Middle Temple Eecords. [1557

5. I'hat the Mote cases in any of the Houses of Chancery* for
the vacation time do not contain above two points argumental,
and that the same cases be brought in in pleading, and the
puysne of the Bench shall recite the whole pleading according
to the ancient order; and that none shall argue above two

6. That none of the said Companies, under the degree of a
Knight, being in commons, shall wear a beard above three
weeks growing, on pain of 40s., and double for every week
after monition.

7. That no Eeader shall have at dinner above three guests,
and the Steward shall have none. English.

Admission, — 1 July, 1557. Nicolas Kente of Walden,
Essex, generally.

At a Papliament holden on Monday, 5 July,
3 ft 4 PhU. ft Mar.

Mr. William Laurence, for 61. 13s. 4d., paid by Mr. George
Frevyle, is discharged from his fine for Christmas Steward and
Reader, if he pay all his other debts.

Admissions. — Mr. Meryng, as expectant, in the chamber
near ** Le Vyne," with Messrs. Bucklande and Courtney ; fine
13s. 4:d. 8 July. Thomas, son and heir of John Bendyshe of
Steple Bumpstede, Essex, gentleman, generally, at the instance
of Mr. Mede his pledge; to Mr. Stukeley's chamber, with
Messrs. Porter and Morgan ; fine 20s. 9 July. Christopher,
son and heir of Richard Crowe, of East Bylney, Norfolk,
gentleman, generally. 31 July. John, son and heir of

Augustine Skerne, late of Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey, gentle-
man, deceased, specially, except release from offices of Steward
and Reader, at the request of Mr. Cavell, his pledge ; giving a
hogshead of wine. Robert, son of John Smythes of Wryngton,
Somerset, gentleman, generally, at Mr. Ruswell's instance,
who was his pledge. 14 Aug. William, son of Robert
Bavande, of Rostorne, Cheshire, deceased, generally, at the
request of Mr. Marten, his pledge. Mr. Babthorpe, to a high
small chamber between the Hall and the kitchen, where Mr.
Tunnye lately lay ; fine 16s. Mr. Francis Jermye, as
expectant, to a chamber, below Mr. Corbett's, with Messrs.

^ Blotted, but I believe this to be the right reading.

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1557] Minutes of Parliament. 113

Acton, Wortley and Hoorde ; fine 40s. (Marginal note :
Vacat,) Mr. Hybbyns. on consideration of leaving his old
chamber near **le ketchyng," to a chamber with Messrs.
Davy and Antan, as expectant, keeping meanwhile his own
chamber; fine 13s. 4d. (Marginal note : Mortuus.) Mr. Incke-
pen to Mr. Lewkenour's chamber, above the cloister, in
place of Mr. Eton, deceased; fine 10s. Mr. Gyles, to the
upper chamber near Mr. Corbett's, with Mr. Peter Palmer,
in consideration of 16s., and repairs. 16 October. William
Lewys, of ** le Newe Inne," brother of Mr. Thomas Lewys,
generally. Pledge, Thomas Lewys. Edward Fenner, of " le
Newe Inne," generally, at the request of Mr. Molsley, his
pledge. 24 Oct. Lewis, son and heir apparent of Edward
Grevell, of Milcott, Warwickshire, knight, specially, with
exemption from offices except the Stewardship and Beadership,
to a chamber with Mr. Gente, paying 51.

3 Nov. William, son and heir of William Johnson, of
Leyghton Bussarde, Beds., gentleman, generally, at the
instance of Sir [Edward] Sanders, Chief Justice, to a lower
chamber under Mr. Walter Corbett*s, with Messrs. Saunders
and Hussye, in place of Mr. Modye; no fine. Alexander,
younger son of Bartholomew Hussye, of Knyghton, Wilts.,

At a Parliament holden 3 Noy., 4 ft 5 Phil, ft Mar.

Mr. Frevell was chosen Beader for next Lent.

Ordered, that Mr. Yngler, senior, shall be out of commons at
his liking, paying commons for half a week, when he lies in his

Mr. Denton was chosen Treasurer, and Mr. Garnans, Under-

Officers for next Christmas :

Steward. — Mr. Bates (40s.) ; in his default, Mr. John Throg-
merton {51.) ; and in his default, Mr. Cavell.

Marshal. — Bobert Mordaunt, Geo. Swyllyngton, John
Vavasor, Bobert Balam, Edw. Hasyllwood, Nicolas Halswell,
Vincent Poore, Kenelm Dygbye, WilUam Babthorpe, Henry
Portman, James Marvyn, Lewis Pollarde, Antony Pollard,
Amie Pawlett, John Pynchyn, Antony Bastarde, esquires.

Butler.— Bobert Flytwood, Geoffrey Dormer, Ambrose

M.T.n.— I.

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114 Middle Temple Eecords. [1557

Dormer, Avery Uvedale, Christopher Smythe,* Vincent
Monday, Thomas Felton, Elizeus Hartoppe,* Thomas Jervys,
John Cade.*

Masters of the Revels. — Thomas Whyte, William Goldyng,
John Vavasor,* William Ludlowe, Francis Bastarde, William
Hussey, Edmmid Skamyng, Thomas Laventhorpe, James*
Boyle, Hamonde Claxton, Roger Waldrone, John Gefforde,
Thomas Gateacre, Francis Wurtley,* Francis Rowleston,*
Matthew Smythe.

Constable at the Tower.— Christopher Catlyn, Philip Mor-
daunte, Edward Ireland, John Newcourte, Robert Bryckett,
Thomas Carewe, John Wentworth.

Marshal's Constable. — John Spencer,* Hugh Trevanyon,
Hugh Tucker, Richard Alyngton, Robert Hethe,* John Good-
wyn, Thomas Wjmchecombe, William Barker, Christopher
George, Ralf Lane, Edward Mered3rthe.

Admissions. — 24 Oct. 1557. Ijewis Grevell, and 3 Nov.
William Johnson, struck out because they are entered on the

preceding page. 3 Nov. Thomas, son and heir of Skrym-

shere of Morburye, Staffordshire, esquire, at the instance of
Mr. Reginald Corbett, with discharge from all ofl&ces, etc.,
except the Marshal's ; paying SI. 6s. 8d. John, son and heir
of James Calthroppe of Copthome, Norfolk, esquire, generally,
at the instance of Mr. Calthroppe, his pledge. 8 Nov. Antony,
son and heir of Richard Ingrahame of Wulsforde, Warwick-
shire, esquire, generally. 14 Nov. Antony, second son of
Antony Dennye, knight, deceased, specially, at the instance
of Mr. Gyles, his pledge, with exemption from all offices except
that of Marshal ; paying 51. 25 Nov. John, son and heir of
Robert Broke, knight. Chief Justice of the Common Bench,
specially, with exemption from all offices except those of
Marshal, Steward at Christmas and Reader ; paying 405.

At a Parliament holden 23 Noy., 4 ft 5 Phil, ft Mar.

Ordered that the officers for Christmas shall be as chosen at
last Parliament, and that Christmas shall be kept.

Ordered that the commons of each Master for three weeks at
Christmas shall be 15s., and of Masters' clerks, 13s. 6d.

Ordered that each of the Fellowship who is in commons

^ These names are struck out.

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1557-8] Minutes of Parliament. 115

for a whole week in any term shall pay for that term, for the
keep of the singing men in the Chm'ch : Masters of the Bench,
12d., and others 4d.

Admissions. — Mr. Bavande, to an upper chamber with Mr.
Jojmom-, above Messrs. Davyes and Antan. Mr. Bawldwyn, to
an upper chamber near the Church gate, with Messrs. Cabell,
Hawle, Draper and Dalton; paying nothing because he is
admitted with their consent.

At a Parliament holden on Tuesday, 8 Feb.,
4 ft 5 PhU. ft Mar.

Ordered that Mr. Wyll3rmott shall be pardoned his fine of
SI. 6s. 8d. for the offices of Christmas Steward and Eeader ;
and Mr. Gylbert his fine of 31. 6s. 8d. for the Eeadership ; and
that a letter be sent to Mr. Bellyngham to read in Autumn,

Mr. Ployden, with the consent of Mr. Frevell, was chosen
Eeader for Lent, and Mr. Sowthcott, his assistant. Mr. Ployden
is allowed 265. Sd. for the bucks in summer.

Mr. Bates (40s.) and Mr. Throgmerton (51.) are fined for default
in exercising the office of Christmas Steward. Mr. Cavell is
discharged because he was ready.

Mr. Mawdeley has assented to Mr. Page's admission by the
Bench to his and Mr. Smythe's chajnber in the Parliament
holden 12 May last. English.

Admissions. — Lewis, son and heir apparent of John Mor-
daunte, knight^ son and heir of Lord Mordaunte, specially,
with exemption from all offices but that of Marshal; fine,

6L 13s. 4d!. John, son and heir of William Clyfton of ,

Somerset, esquire, specially ; fine for admission and chamber,
SI. Eichard, son and heir of Eichard Heynes, of Wyth5mgton,
Herefordshire, generally. William, son and heir of Peter

Tyffyn, of , Essex, deceased, generally. Mr. Clyfton, to

Mr. Page's chamber with Mr. Alexander, giving place to
Mr. Page until he can use his new chamber. Thomas, son

and heir of Bowyer, of London, specially, at the instance

of Mr. Bavande, his pledge ; giving a hogshead of wine to the
Eeader. Mr. Barnes to the chamber where Mr. Sunjrffe was,
by the Gate. English. Mr. Tybolde to Mr. Barnes' chamber,
leaving his old chamber to Mr. Wheteleye. Mr. Crowe, with
Mr. Tybolde, to the late Mr. Barnes' chamber ; fine 26s. 8d.

I 2

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116 Middle Temple Records. [1558

At a Parliament holden 11 May, 4 ft 5 PhiL ft Mar.

Mr. Bell5mgham was chosen Reader for next Autumn ; in
his default, Mr. Bates ; in his default, Mr. Throgmerton ; and
in his default, Mr. Cavell.

Ordered that Mr. Morgan, senior, and Mr. Dyer be received
into commons, with security of 20/. for good behaviour and
paying their debts.

Ordered that the Treasurer shall discharge from pensions
those indebted to the Company, and who are ^' discontinud-
tores,'* * as seems good to him. At the next Parliament he
shall signify those whom he has thus discharged.

Ordered that the door between the garden and '* le Bjrtmaker "
shall be stopped up.

Ordered that Robert Joyner shall be in commons, if he is
within the city, under the usual penalty.

Admissions, — Philip, son of Giles AUjnigton, knight, generally.

Thomas Slade of Huntingdon, gentleman, son and heir of

Slade, gentleman, generally. Thomas, son and heir of Thomas
Androwes, knight, of Charwelton, Northants, specially; fine
53s. 4kd. Mr. Robert Johnson into the chamber of Messrs.
Mosleye and Androwes, as expectant, with Mosleye's assent.
19 May. Walter, second son of Richard Curson of Waterpurye,
Oxon., esquire, deceased, generally. Thomas Herle, son of
, generally.

At a Parliament holden 20 May, 4 ft 5 PhU. ft Mar.

Ordered that Mr. Wyllymott shall be discharged of his fine
for Christmas and for Steward, on payment of 205. in considera-
tion of his poverty and ill health.

Ordered that none of the company, after the Feast of the
Nativity of St. John the Baptist next, shall wear '* any greate
bryches in theire hoses made after the Duche, Spanyshe or
Almon fassyon, or lawnde appon theire cappes or cutt dub-
letes," t on pain of a fine of 3s. 4tZ. for the first oflfence, and
expulsion for the second. English,

Admissions, — Mr. Sparrye, on leaving his chamber near the
inner gate next to the Church, to the upper chamber next to

® Not veiy legible.

t These three words are interlined, and the last is uncertain.

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1558] Minutes of Pabliament. 117

Mr. Joynour's, in place of Mr. Thomas Morgan. Mr. Leveson,
junior, to Mr. Bysleye's chamber with Mr. Dodge, leaving his
old chamber ; fine 20s. Mr. Tusser, junior, as expectant to a
chamber with Messrs. Isham and Pykeryng in **lez Novell
Buyldynges '* ; fine 205. Messrs. Mansell and Tyffyn to the
chamber of Messrs. Sparrye and Warde near the Gate next to
the Church, with Mr. Bendyshe ; fine 155. each. Mr. William
Gamans, to a lower chajnber near the garden, Mr. Kelwaye's,
with Mr. Flemyng; fine lOs. Mr. Ingrahame, by assent
of Messrs. Gryflfythe and Blackstone, to their chamber by the
" ketchyng " ; fine 65. 8d. English.

At a Parliament holden 20 June, 4 ft 5 Phil, ft Mar.

Mr. Sture was chosen assistant to the Header for next

Auditors of the Treasurer's Accounts. — Mr. Corbett,
Mr. Bosewell.

Ordered that a Warden for the Church be elected yearly
in Trinity Term, who shall have the money collected for the
friars for repairs. Mr. Nycolles, senior, was chosen for this

AdmissioTU. — In the week before St. Bartholomew's day,
James, son and heir of William Morys, of Chyppyng Onger,
Essex, esquire, generally, at the instance of Mr. Crowe, to the
chamber of Messrs. Wyke {struck out) and Babthorpe, in place
of the latter; fine I65. Walter Loveveden, of Fyffefyld,
Berks, esquire, specially, being exempted from all offices
except Eeader and Marshal's Constable, by Mr. Cavell, Beader;
giving a hogshead of wine. William Agarde, of , Derby-
shire, generally. Antony, son of Dyllon, of , Devon,

esquire, generally. James, son and heir of William Hannam,
. . . instandell, Dorset, g[enerally]. Messrs. Kede and Malthus
to the chamber lately occupied by Messrs. Davys and Antan,
deceased, on leaving two other chambers; fine 535. id.
Mr. Perrye, to the chamber imder Mr. Southcott's, which was
the office of Mr. Foley, in *'lez Novell Buyldynges"; fine,
because he has no study, only 205. Mr. Dale, to the same
chamber with Mr. Perrye; fine 205.* Mr. Babthorpe to

^ This and the preceding entry are struck out.

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118 Middle Temple Eecords. [1558

Mr. Olyver's chamber, in place of Mr. Ludlowe, deceased;
fine only 13s. 4d!., because he left another chamber, Mr.
Dyllon, jimior, to a chamber late Mr. Tybbolde's; fine 20s.
Mr. Herle, to a chamber with Mr. Merten, in place of
Mr. Barker ; fine 20s.

At a Papliament holden 3 Nov., 5 ft 6 Phil, ft Mar.

Mr. Frevell was chosen Reader for Lent next.

Mr. Hone was chosen by all the Masters of the Bench,
Treasurer for next year ; and Mr. Ibber, Under-Treasurer.

Mr. Bellyngham is assessed at lOZ. for not reading in
Autumn last.

Mr. Bates is assessed for the same oflfence at SI, 6s. 8d. ; and
Mr. Throgmerton, 40Z.

Ordered, that all Masters of the Bench shall have first
choice of chambers, then Masters of the " Utterbarre ** shall
have preference in admission to other chambers by the appoint-
ment of the Masters of the Bench.

Names of oflicers for Christmas next :

Steward. — Messrs. Saunders, Aderley, Swayne, Smythe,

Marshal. — Mr. Robert Mordaunte, George Swylljmgton
{mortuus), John Vavasor (mortuus), Robert Balam, Edward
Hasylwood {mortuus)^ Nicolas Hawlswell, Kenelm Dygbye,
William Babthorpe (struck out, and Miles added), Henry

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