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Messrs. John Strode and George Eastmonda Mr. John

Bownest to the chamber of Richard Baldwin, Under Treasurer,
with him, and to the study on the north side of the chamber ;
no fine, because the chamber was lately built at Baldwin's cost
(Struck out, and marked, vacat.) 12 March. Mr. Thomas,
third son of John Peter of Ingerston, Essex, knt., specially, by
Mr. Nycolles, Serjeant-at-Law elect, Reader ; fine, 5/., paid to
the Reader. Bound with Messrs. Richard Martyn and William
Blurdett. 12 March. Mr. Thomas Peter to the chamber of
Messrs. William Burdett and Lewis Watson on surrender by
the former; fine, 20^. 22 March. Mr. Daniel, second son
of Roger Deane of Newton Sancti Petroci, Devon, esq.,
specially, by Mr. Doddridge, Reader ; no fine, because he
has long been the Reader's clerk. 24 March. Mr. Charles
Crajrford of New Inn, gent., son and heir-apparent of
Humfrey Crayford of Claynes, Worcestershire, gent., speci-
ally; fine, 40^. Bound with Messrs. Richard Nicolles and
John Dalamere. (Note : Venit in com. 11 Febr. 1603.) Mr.

* See p. 52.

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1603] List of Chambers. 431

Thomas Brewster, late of New Inn, gent., son and heir-
apparent of John Brewster of the Middle Temple, esq., gene-
rally; fine, 20s. Bound with his father and Humfrey
Brewster. Mr. Matthew, son and heir-apparent of Matthew
Dale, esq., apprentice of the law and fellow of the Middle
Temple, specially ; no fine, because his father is a Master of the
Bench. William Hunt, gent., third son of Laurence Hunt,
late of Baldwin March, Oxfordshire, gent., deceased, specially.
26 March, 1603. Mr. Charles Tripp of New Inn, gent., second
son of John Tripp of Wingham, Kent, gent., generally ; fine, 20s.
Bound with Messrs. John Dalamare and William Molyns,
sen. (Marginal note : Venit in com. prima die Oct. 1605.)

The Bentes of Chambers and Shoppes of the i567.

Mydle Temple, 1567. J?7(^^-

The Strete at the Temple Bare.

One shoppe in the said strete adjoynyng to the north side
of the Temple Gate or Tower, now in the tenure of Lewes
Stockett, payeng yerely, as appereth by an indenture thereof
made to Edwarde Naylond, dated the viijth of Maye in the
fyfte yere of the reigne of King Edwarde the Syxte iys. iiijd.

Item. One other lytle shoppe next imto the east ende
of the leaning barr adjoyning to the north syde of the
said Tower, late dynaised to Robert Mounte and Johan
his wyfe, and now in the tenure of William Slater, fruterer,
payeng yerely, as appereth by an indenture thereof made to
the said Robert Mount and Johan his wyfe, dated the xxth of
Maye in the fourth and fyfte yere of the reigne of the late
King and Queue Philipp and Marye . . . iijs. iiijrf.

The Temple Gate or Tower.

Item. A messuage or tenement with a kytchine and other
buyldinges under the said Tower, now in the tenure of
Rychard Belhowse, payeng yerely . . xxxiijs. iiijd.

Item. A high chamber in the highar parte of the said
Tower, now in the tenure of Mr. Thomas Pagett, senior, and
.Richard Ensore, payeng yerely . . , . .yds.

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432 Middle Temple Records. [1567

Item. Another chamber next under the said highar
chamber, now in the tenure of Mr. Ameredith and Mr. Peter
Rosse, payeng yerely xk.

The Temple Lane leading from the said Towar
TOWARD Temple Bridge.

Item. One highar chamber next to the south syde of the
said Towar, now in the tenure of Mr. James Morrys, Andrew
Hemerforde, Edward Lewkenor, payeng yerely . xiija. iiyrf.

Item. One other chamber under the said chamber now
in the tenure of Mr. Bussie and Mr. Farewell, payeng yerely
nothing ......... nil.

Item. An high chamber with a lower chamber or office
under it, next unto the foresaid chamber, now in the tenure
of Mr. Fraunces Basterd and Mr. Skrogges, payeng yerely

. xiijs. iiijrf.

Item. An high chamber with a lower chamber or office,
next adjoynyng to the foresaid chambers, now in the tenure
of Mr. lliomas Morgan and Mr. James Hanham, payeng
yerely ........ xiij«. iiijrf.

Item. The said Lewes Stockett payeth yerely for a pece
of grounde lieng next to the brick wall in the said lane on
theast parte, and the howse of the said Lewes Stockett on the
west part, payeng yerely, as appereth by his indenture dated
the xxvijth of June in the eight yere of the reigne of ower
sovereigne lady Queue Elizabeth . . . • • xijd.

The Inner Temple Lane, leadyng from the Streate
aforesaid unto the Temple Churche.

Item. One chamber, with a lytle colehowse on the east
syde of the sayd lane, now in the tenure of Mr. Malthowse
and Mr. Tottell, payeng yerely .... iiij«. yjrf.

Item. One lower chamber with an office next adjoyning
to the said chamber, now in the tenure of Mr. Vincent
Mundye, Mr. William Boughton and Mr. Savile, payeng
yerely viijs. xrf.

Item. An upper chamber over the said Mr. Mundye's
chamber, now in the tenure of Mr. Bavande and Mr. Blancherde,
payeng yerely . . = xiij«. iiijd.

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1567] List of Chambers. 433

Item. An upper chamber next unto the said Mr. Bavande's
chamber, now in the tenure of Mr. Ricard and Mr. Walkadyn,
payeng yerely . . xiij«. iiijd.

Item. A lower chamber under the said Mr. Ricarde's
chamber, and Mr. Walkadyn, now in the tenure of Mr. Slade
and Mr. Shafto, payeng yerely . . . . x«.

Item. A lower chamber next adjoyning to Mr. Kellawaye's
gardyn, now in the tenure of Mr. Fayrfaxe and Mr. Skarr,
payeng yerely ....... iij«. iiijd.

Item. One lower chamber next adjoyning to the said
chamber on the north parte and the Temple Church on the
south parte, now in the tenure of Mr. Wynington and Mr.
Ashebumeham, payeng yerely . vJ5. viijd.

Item. Two high chambers next adjojming to the north-
west part of the said Church, now in the tenure of Mr. George
Nicolles, payeng by the yere. Now dyscharged of rent for
that it was buylded by the said Mr. Nicolles . . . nil.

Item. An upper chamber next adjoyning to the north syde
of the said Mr. Nicolles* chamber, now in the tenure of Mr.
Hackeleuyt and Mr. Philippes, payeng yerely . . vj«. viiji.

IteuL One lowe chamber, under the sayd Mr. Haokeluyte's
chamber, now in the tenure of the said Mr. Hackeluyt, payeng
yerely ........ vJ5. vujd.

The Churche Yarde.

Item. One lowe chamber on the east parte of the sayd
Churche Yarde, now in the tenure of Mr. Fitche, Mr.
Freman, Mr. Lyster, Mr. Buckland, and Mr. Wrenche, payeng
yerely ...... ... xx5.

Item. Two upper chambers on the same syde of the sayd

Churche Yarde, now in the tenure of Mr. ,* payeng

yerely ........ xiij«. iiijrf.

* Blank in MS.


M.T.R.— I. 2 P

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/. 410 b.

434 Middle Temple Records.



No common attorneys to be admytted, nor non admytted, to
practise attomeyshipp : foU 20 a, and fol. 24 a. (Pp. 104,

None to be admytted withowt thassent of the Benche: fol.
23 b. (P. 110.)

Non Irishe men shalbe admjrtted: fol. 15 b. (P. 97.)


No light colour to be used in garmentes, etc. : fd, 23 b, 24 a
and 27b. (Pp. 110, 111, 116.)

Benchers, vide in Chambers.

No beard above thre wekes : fol, 24 b, 32 a. (Pp. 112, 125.)

No man shall evill intreat any Butler: foL 41b. (P. 133.)


Cases shall be keapt after dinner and supper: foL 7b, 41b.
(Pp. 86, 133.)


Benchers' Chambers shall be allwayes graunted by Parlament,

and which be Benchers' Chambers : fol. 13 b. (P. 93.)
Benchers and Utterbarrysters to have choyce of their

chambers: fol 18 Q.,foL 28 a. (Pp. 101, 118.)
Reparacion of chambers to be borne by thoccupiers of the

same: fol. 47 h. (P. 137.)
The Threasourer shall admytt any into their chambers that

will not paye their rentes upon the second demaund :

fol. 59. (P. 147.) •
Resistaunce ageinst those that shall be admytted into

chambers : fol. 2 b. (P. 80.)


Non payment of commons upon demaunde by thoflScer, etc. :
fol. 2 b. (P. 81.)

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Index. 435

Every one being with in the Howse to be in comons, except,

etc.:/o/. 22 a. (P. 108.)
None shall sytt at the Utterbarristers* table nor none shall

eat oysters in the Hall: fol 30 b, 34 b. (Pp. 122, 127.)
Every man to paye his coinons within thre wekes, and the

Stuard to shew his roUes every thre wekes, and to attend

for the gathering of the money, etc. : fol. 51b. (P. 140.)


None to be of Cowisaill against any of the Felowshipp:
fol. 30 b. (P. 122.)


The Stuarde of Christmas shall beare the ordinarie chardges :

fol. 14 b. (P. 95.)
No Christmas lorde to be made withowt thaSsent of the

Benche:/o/. 33 b. (P. 126.)
The Stuarde of Christmas to be chosen of the rychest:

fol. 42 b. (P. 132.)
The Reder in Autimipne shalbe excused of his fyne for nott

being Stuard : fol. 49 a. (P. 138).


The Threasourer to discharge owt of pension alle such as be
indebted to the Howse or disturbers : fol. 2 b, and fol.
27 a, 51b, 68 b. Vide fol. 33 b. (Pp. 81, 116, 140,
153, 126.)


No hawkes shall be kept with in the Howse : fol. 29 a. Vide
supra in Debtes: fol. 27 a. (Pp. 119, 116.)


Fol. 274, 308. (Pp. 379, 381, 416. These references have
been added subsequently.)

None shall sue other withowt licence: fol. 30 b. (P. 122.)



All Innerbarristers shall moote within two yeres next after
their admissiones : fol. 6 b. (P. 84.)

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436 Middle Tem.»le Records.

The Utterbarrysters shall declare every Sundaye how Mootes

shall be kept the weke folowing: fol, 41 b. (P. 133.)
Mootes Cases in the Chauncery shall not conteyne above two

poyntes : fol 24 b. (P. 1 1 2.)
Chappell Mootes shall be kept thrise every weke and every

Inner Barrister shall be present: foL 30a, and 32a.

(Pp. 121, 124.)


No order shall be taken in the tyme of Vacacion but by thre
or two of the Utter Barr : fol 32 a. (P. 125.)


All pleas shall be entered in thoffice of the OflScers of the
Felowshipp; fol 30 b; but the same is made voide:
fol. 31a. (Pp. 122, 123.)

None utter barristers shall plead in any Corte before xij yeres
continuance: fol 31b. (P. 124.)

Pension, vide Debtes.


No Reader shall have above three gestes: fol 24 b. (P. 112.)

No Reader shall have above xv. buckes : fol 24 b.*

The Reader shall beare the chardges of two hogges he[ds] of

wyne, Rewardes for Buckes, pepper and flower, having

allowance of one admyttaunce yf any such shall chan[ce] :

fol 49 a, b. (Pp. 138, 139.)
The Stuard of the Reader's dynner shall be chosen the tearme

before the Readyng: fol 70 b. (P. 155.)

Rentes, vide Chambers.

Resistaunce, vide Chambers.


Utterbarristers shall be appointed by Parlament: fol 64 a.
iY. 150.) Vide Chambers, Comens, Pleading, Mootes.

* There is no such entry on f. 24 b, but an order on f. 2 (p. 80) restricts
the Reader to 12 bucks.

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1554] List of Kitchen Utensils. 437

Xj. die Marcii, anno regni regine Marie primo. Book D.

/ 413 b.

[Im]plementes in the kechyn in the chargre and custody
of Jo w, chief Coke in the House.

Imprimis, one dosen of platters.
Item, twelve dosen dysshes.
Item, three dosen sawsers.
Item, three brasse pannes, wherof i j are new.
Item, one great brasse potte called a Standerde.
Item, two meane brasse pottes.
Item, one chaffron of brasse.
Item, one great ketyll bonde with iron.
Item, foure longe broches or shyptes (spits).
Item, one payre of iron rakkys.
Item, one longe iron trevett.
Item, two laten cuUendurs, thone newe.
Item, three fiyeng pannys, werof ij newe.
*- Item, one gredyron and one payre of pothokes.
Item, iiij trees, wherof ij new.
Item, one fyer shovell and ij olde drepyng pannys.
Item, iij skymmers, wherof one new all laten.
Item, one crater.
Item, one cole shovuU.

Item, one choppyng horde and one new table for pastrey.
Item, ij paylys.
Item, ij new kechyn knyves.
Item, one sklyce of iron.

Richard Branch.


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