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gounft? of "^orft,

1558— 1812.


W. J. STAVERT, M.A., F.S.A.,










Sale of Organ Pipes


Register, Christenings, 1558 —1673 . .


„ Marriages, 1558 — 1637


Parochial Memoranda


Register, Marriages, 1638 — 74


Burials, 1558— 1648


Parochial Memoranda


Register, Burials, 1653—74 . .


1675— 1750


Induction of Vicar, 1737


Vicarage Garden


Induction of Vicar, 1673


Vicarage, House and Garden


Register, 175 i — 3 . .


Christenings and Burials, 1754—96


„ Marriages, 1754 — 1812


„ Christenings, 1796— 1812 . .


„ Burials, 1796— 1812


Index of Names


., Places



The portion of the Gargrave Register printed in this volume is
contained in seven books : —

A. has 60 parchment leaves (iif x 9^) and is concerned with
the period 1558-1674.

B. has 92 parchment leaves (14! x 5^) and carries the
record to 1750.

C. has 37 parchment leaves {14x11) and contains the
Marriages from 1751 to 1753 and the Christenings and Burials
from 1751 to 1796,

The remaining four books are of paper with the usual
printed forms, and carry on, D. and E. the Marriages from 1754,
F. the Christenings and G. the Burials from 1796 to the end
of 1812.

Among the fly leaves of A. there is inserted a paper with the
following note : —

I hereby Certify that I counted the leaves of an Old Register belonging
to the Parish Church of Gargrave and found that it consisted of 26
loose leaves and 24 other leaves fastened loosely together. I also counted
the leaves of another register book having neither back nor sides, but
the leaves, 92 in number, were loosely fastened together ; this book
begun on its first page with the Baptism of " Roger son of W"" & Mary
Waddilove 29'^*> April 1675, and ended with the burial of a still born
Child of John & Catherine Robinson of Coniston 1750. In addition to
this there were 2 Blank pages Sc 3 other pages containing sundry entries
ending with the words " for damage inside only. W"" Willnson." I
also saw these two Register Books properly packed up in Brown paper,
fastened with string and sealed and directed to Mr. Thomas Harrison
55 Briggate Leeds, this fifth day of July, 1S55, for the purpose of
being properly arranged and bound in order that they might be put in
a proper state and be preserved from injury.

Jos*» Mason.

In accordance no doubt with these directions the books A. and B.
have been very fairly bound, but as regards A., the arrangement of

the contents has been unfortunate. The sequence of things at present
is as follows r —

Chr. 1558-65, 1568-70, 1616-9; Bur. 1575-7. 1582-5,
1599-1624; Chr. 1626-38, 1647-52, 1639; Bur, 1558-62;
Mar. 1558-1605 ; Bur. 1624-32 ; Mar. 1633-7 ; Various Memo-
randa ; Bur. 1633-6 ; Mar. 1641-9 ; Bur. 1645-8 ; Various
Memoranda ; Chr. 1668-75 ; Mar. 1653-74 ; Bur. 1636-44 ;
Mar. 1638-41 ; Bur. 1663-8 ; Chr. 1668, 1665-68 ; Bur. 1668-73,
1653-7 ; Chr. 1657-60 ; Bur. 1658-62 ; Chr. 1653-56, 1661-63 ;
Bur. 1673, 1674.

The confusion is so complete that it has been thought well in the
printed copy of this section to put things as they ought to be in the
MS. and not as they are. The references to the leaves make easy a
comparison with the original. In the other portions the order of the
original has been strictly followed, and throughout the book the copy
is a literal transcript except that in the period when entries were made
on printed forms an economy has been practised in the case of words
which constantly recur.

It will be noticed that there are unfortunately not a few gaps in
the earlier portion of these records. There are no entries of Christen-
ings in the years 1566-7, 1571-1615, 1620-5, 1640-6, 1644 ; of Mar-
riages in the years 1606-32, 1643-4, 1647, 1650-2, 1654-62, 1669-71 ;
of Burials in the years 1563-74- 1578-82, 1586-98, 1649-52.

The writer of this notice has been asked to state for the benefit
of American subscribers that Gargrave is a village distant four miles
from the town of Skipton-in-Craven to the north-west.

W. J. S.


VOLUME I., 1558-1674.

[A fol. I
[The larger part of the first leaf has been torn off. It has contained:
recto, a memorandum of a sale of an organ, or at any rate some of the
pipes, to Mr. John Bai . . . . , and of money paid to the Church-
wardens, the Christian name of one of them being Henry ; verso, the
title of the Book, of which only a word or two are left, and from which
it is only possible to extract one statement, viz., that it was begun
primo Elizabeth. — Ed.]

Christenings Anno d'ni 1558 [A fol. 2 r.

The third Day of Aprill lancelot p'ctor son of Ric.
The xj^h Daye Ann Armytstead daughter of Tho. (?)
The xvij'^ Day Jenet Wigglesworthe the Daught^ of Will.
The xviijt^ Dale Isabell Carlell Daughter of Robert
The xxiijth of June John Aerton sone of Will'm
The xviij'h of Julie xp'ofer Jenet Skott Daughter of Will'm
The xviij'ii of Julie xp'ofer Wilson son of Nycholas
The xxix"^ of Julye Roger Swyer son of Will'm
The ix^h of August Elzabeth Grandedg Daught' of Austen
The xx^h of September Thomas hall son of Robert
The v*^ of October Isabell Smythson Daught' of
The xvj*'^ Day Robert parkynson son of John
The xxviijt^ Wilfryd Hall sone of Thomas
The last Daye Anne Greene Daughter of John
The xxj^h of November Elzabethe Smyth Daught'
The xv*^ of December J oh' a Raynalde Daught' of Jar . . .(?
The xv]^^ Day Will'm Smythe sone of Stephen
The xxjt^i Day Margret lowcoke Daughter of Will.
The x\^^ of Januarye Isabell Clerke Daughter of
The xxij"^ Daye Jenet Green daughter of Will (?)
The third Day of Februarye Richard markendale son
The iiij'h Day Will'm Tunstall son of Thomas
The xxvj'h Day Mawd Smythson Daught' of
The xviij'h Daye of march Thomas brigge

Anno d'ni 1559. [A fol. 2 v.

The third Day of Aprill Alice funtance Daughter of Thomas
The viij*^ Day John Wilkynson sone of Will'm
The xxv^h Daye Susan Whitfeld Daughter of Richarde
The vjt*» Day of Maye Elzabethe Brokedeyn Daughtr of

The tenthe Daye Ingram Smythe sone of Thomas













June The v^^ Daye of June Margaret Darwent daughter of Henrye

The x^^ Daye Will'm Stokedale sone of Thomas Stokedale
The xij'^ Daye Anne hutchingson Daughter of Richarde
The xvij'^ Daye Anthonye mylner sone of Thomas mylner

Julye The ix^^ Daye of Juhe Christofer Kychinge the sonne of John

The xxiijti^ Daye Alixander Robynson sonne of John

The xxiiijth Daye Robert Shutt sone of Thomas Shut

Chr d'ni 1559. [A fol. 3 r.

The xxvijth Daye Grace Grandidge Daughter of Austen

marche The xvi]^^ Day of marche Jenet Gryem Daughter of George

Anno d'ni 1560.

May The x*'^ Daye of maye Marmaduk Snell son of Thomas

The xijt'i Daye Thomas Aecaster sonne of Thomas
The xiij^h Daye John yeate son of Will'm
The xxvjt^ Daye Christofer lowd sone of John lowd of

The xxx^h Daye Alice Thwaite Daughter of Roger thwaite

June The v'^^ day of June Agnes Noder Daughter of John

Julie The xvij^^ Day of Julie Richard Andrewe sone of John

The xxviij*^ Day Dorythie lowd Daughter of Christofer

August The xj*'^ of August John Smyth basse begotten
The xv*'^ Daye Will'm Richardson sone of John
The xix*'' Daye Ann Wilson Daughter of Nycholas
The xxijtii Thomas Brigge sone of henrye
Chr : An [A fol. 3 v.

October The ix^^ Day of October John Beecroft sonne of Will'm
The xxviijt'i Day Ann Wigglesworthe Daughter of Will'm
The xxx**^ Daye John mylner son of Thomas
The same Day Alice Browne Daught' of Will'm Browne
The same Day Elzabeth thomlinson Daughter of John

Novemb : The xxij*^ Day of November Francies Blackburne sone of

Decemb. The first Day of December Robert Nesfelde sone of John
The xxjtii Day Richard Banister sone of Wilfryde

Marche The second Day of marche Will'm Rycrofte son of Richarde
The same Day Will'm holmes sone of Thomas
The iiij'^i Day John Bens son of Thomas Bens Basbegotten
The yth Daye An Wilson Daughter of Water Wilson
The xiijth Daye George Calu'ley sone of John Calu'ley
Christening Anno d [A fol. 4 r.

Aprill The xv*^ Day of Aprill Richard Banister sone of Wilfride

The xix*^ Daye Thomas Cooke sone of Thomas
The xxv'i» Daye John Thomlynson sone of Christofer

Julie The Fourthe Day of Julie John Baytson sone of Thomas

The x]^^ Daye George marton son of Christofer
The xiiij*^ Day Elzabeth Swyer Daughter of Robert
The xvijt^ Day Will'm loncaster sone of Will'm


The xxijti» Daye Kateren Blakeburne, Daughter of John

The xxiiij'h Daye Ellen Swyer Daughter of Will'm

The xix'b of August Rawf Kyching sone of John Kyching

The xxix'h Will'm Browne sone of John Browne

The third of September Anthony Nesfeld sone of lancelot

The vjth Daye Robert Gierke sone of Thomas

The xvij"' Daye John Gryme sone of George

The xxiij'^ Daye Mathue Brigg sone of John Brig

The xxiiijt'i Alice milner Daughter of ..... of Flasbie

The xxvth Day Christofer Foster sone of Will'm Foster

The xxviij'^ Daye Thomas Sympson son of Christofer

The xxx'*^ Daye Augustyne Whyttecar sone of Christofer

The xx'*^ of October Ellen Robynson Daughter of John

The vijti» of November Johan Funtance Daughter of Thomas

The viijti> of November leonard Brig sone of John Brig of

The xij'^ of December John & Johan Dawson sone &

Daughter of John Daws'
The xix^h Day Daye John Ricrofte sone of Richard Rycrofte
The xx'^ Daye Clare mytchell Daughter of James mytchell
The First Day of Januarye Thomas Greene sone of John

The second Daye Agnes Atkynson Daughter of Richarde

The v]^^ Day Elzabethe Skot Daughter of John Skott
The viij'^ Daye John Armytstead sone of Stephen Armyt-

The xjth Daye Katheren Aerton Daughter of Will'm Aerton
The xviijt^ Daye Wilfrid proctor sone of John proctor of

The same Daye Georg Aerton sone of Thomas Aerton
The xxv^^ Daye Christofer hall sone of John hall
The same Day Johan Blakburne Daughter of Nycholas

blakburn s'vant
The viij'h Daye Anne Nesfeld Daughter of John Nesfeld
Chr. 1561 Anno d'ni isbi^^o [A fol. 4 v.

The xv^h Day Alice Vtlinge Daughter of Will'm Vtling
The same Day Thomas Stokdale sone of Thomas
The xxiiij'^ Day Ellen hodgson Daughter of Will'm
The xv'h Day of marche Johan Thompson Daughter of John
The xviij"! Day of marche Francies Hyde sone of Richard

Anno d'ni i^bz^"^
The xxiijt^ Day of Aprill George Smythe sone of Henrye
The same Day Elzabethe Harvishe Daughter of Christofer
The iiij'^ of may Stephen procter son of Thomas p'cter of

The vij'h Day Margret Waynman Daughter of John Wayn-

The same Daye Isabell Rauthmell Daughter of John
The xij'h Daye Richard Brokdeyn sone of Will'm


The same Daye Margret Tunstall Daughter of Thomas
The xvjt'^ Daye Margret Snell Daughter of leonard
The xx^^ Day Johan lowd Daughter of John lowde

June The xv*^ of June Johan halton Daughter of John

Juhe The xij^i^ Day of Julye Thomas Rycrofte sone of Richard

The xviijt^ Daye Anne paley Daughter of Thomas
The xxiij*"^ Daye Ellen parky nson Daughter of leonard

August The xxix*^ of August Elzabethe Dawtrie Daughter of John
The same Daye Henrye Calverley sone of John Calverley
The same Daye Lancelott marton sone of Christofer marton

September The xx*^ Day of September Francies Whittecar sone of
The same Day henrye Banister sone of Wilfryd Banister

The same Daye Francies Harryson sone of Roberte
The xxixth John Wiggles worthe sone of Roger Wigglesworth

October The x^^ Day of October Christofer Grandedg sone of Austen
The xxviijth Daye Francies mylner sone of Thomas
Chris. Eode' anno videliz' 1563 [A fol. 5 r.

January The second Daye of Januarye Anne Dawsone Daughter of
The xiiijth Daye Margret proctor Daughter of Robert
The xv^^ daye Elen Wilson Daughter of Water Wilson

febru: The fourth Daye of Februarye Agnes Browne Daughter of

The xiijti^ Daye Richard Brigg sone of Christofer brg of

The same Daye Thomas Carlill sone of Christofer
The xviij^*^ Daye Agnes Whyttecars Daughter of Christofer
The xxvijt^ Daye Thomas Armytstead sone of Stephen
The xijt^ Daye of marche Ann Sympson Daughter of

The xix^h Daye Jane Smythe Daughter of henrye Smythe

Anno d'ni 1564*°
The xxiijth of Aprill Wilfrid Thomlynson sone of Christofer
The xxviijt^ of may Jenet holgat the Doughter of W™

The same Day xp'ofer hall the son of Jeames hall
The same Day xp'ofer Oldfyld son of Will'm Oldfylde
The fourth Day of June Jenet Robinson the Doughter of

The same Day W™ Swier the son of Stephen
The xviijth Richard hall the son of John
The same Day Elyzabeth fountence the Doughter of thomas
The same Day Elyzabeth Nodder Doughter of John
The xxix'h Day of June Peter Atkinson son of Richard

August The xx*^ of August George Kytchin son of John

The same Day W™ Greene the son of John greene of fiasby
The xxvijt'^ Margret Brig Doughter of John Brig of Winter brn







Septe'ber The third Day of September John Clerk the son of thomas
The xxiiij'ii Day Jeames Ellis son of W™ Ellis
Anno p'd'c'o viz: 1564 Anno d'ni 1565

ember The xi]^^ Day of November John Dawson sone of John

The xix^^ Day Anne Arthington Daughter of Henrye
The same Daye Jenet parkynson Daughter of James
The xxvjtii daye Marye Smythe Daughter of Thomas

....mber The third Day of December Elen loncaster Daughter of
The x*'^ Daye Christofer Thompson sone of John Thompson
The same Daye Mabell Paleye Daughter of Thomas paley
The same Daye Francies blakburne sone of Will'm
The xvijt'i Daye Will'm hodgson sone of Will'm
The same Daye Agnes holmes Daughter of Thomas
The xxj*'^ Daye Thomazen Arthington Daughter of Roger
The same Daye Jenet Aerton Daughter of Thomas
The xxiiij'h Daye Richard Grandidge sone of Augusten

.anuarye The xiiij'^i of Januarye Thomas lister sone of Henry lister
The xxij"^ Daye Roger parker sone of Nycholesse parker
The xxviij'i^ Daye Gyles m5dner sone of Thomas

. .bruary The iiij"^ Daye of Februarye Richard Waynman sone of John
The xjth Daye Margret Brokden Daughter of Will'm
The same Daye Ann Racks Daughter of Christofer Rakes
The same Daye Elzabeth oldfeld Daughter of John
The xviij'^ xviij^^ Daye Johan Brig Daughter of xp'ofer

brig of Flasby
The xxviijth Day Thomas Settle sone of Thomas

Marche The xij'^ Daye of Marche Elyas Proctor sone of Tho: p'r:
of Frearhead
> The xviij'h Daye Robert Calverley sone of John Calu'ley

Anno d'ni 1565'°
The xxx'^ Day of Marche Will'm Wilson sone of Nycholas
Wilson of Gar.

Aprill The vj^^ Daye of Aprill Isabell Thomlynson Daughter of

The xxvij^^i Daye Isabell Wilkynson Daughter of Henrye

Maye The viij'^ Daye of maye John hall sone of James hall

The xx^h Daye Frances Frekelton sone of Thomas

June The x**^ of June Mj'chaell lowd sone of Christofer

The xvij'** Daye Thomazen Bryge Daughter of Christofer
The xxj*!^ Daye Alice lofthowse Daughter of leonard
The xxiiij'h Daye Anthonye Gryme sone of Will'm
The xxixth Daye Margret Skarbroughe Daughter of Robert

Julye The second Daye of Julye Elzabethe Marton Daughter of

xp'ofer Mar: of Eshton
The xiij'h Day Anne Green Daughter of Thomas Greene
Christen: [1568] [A fol. 6 r.

The same Dale Margret Thwaits Daughter of Roger
The same Dale Wilfryde Iveson sone of James


The same Dale Mathew Atkinson sone of Richard

October The sixt daie of October Ahce p'kynson Daughter of Leonard
The xviij^^ Daie EHzabeth Smyth Daughter of Richard
The xxviij*^ Daie Thomas Bowcocke sone of George

Nouember The iiij**^ Daie of November Luce ElHs Daughter of Will'm
The xijth daie xp'ofer & Anne Kynge sone & Daughter of

The same Daie Wilfride Grene sone of John

December The xv^^^ Daie of December Henry Symson sone of Anthonye
The xxj'^ Daie James Browne sone of George
The xxviijth Daie Ellyn Watson Daughter of Thomas
The xxixtii Daie Agnes Brigg Daughter of xp'ofer

January The second Daie of January John Haythwhitle sone of
The vjtii Daie Anne Iveson Daughter of Bartholimew
The xxviijth Daie Mawde Raikes Daughter of xp'ofer
The xxx^h Daie Grace Calverley Daughter of John

February The xxv^^ Daie of February Henry Wharfe sone of Augustyne

Marche The v]*-^ Daie of March Issabell Hodgson Daughter of Will'm
The viijth Daie Rob'te spencer sone of Richard
The ix^^ Daie Georg Howson sone of Agnes basterd borne in

Anno d'ni 1569
The xxvjth Daye Anne Grandidge Daughter of Austyne

Aprill The first Daie of Aprill Henry Freckleton sone of Thomas

The same Daie John Colthers sone of Giles
The fourth Daie Anne & Marye Ricroft Doughters of

The vjth Daie Margret blackburne Daughter of James
The xxv*^ Daie Alice Dawson Daughter of xp'ofer

Maie The viij''^ Daie of Maye Isake Edmundson sone of Richard

The xix^h Daie Mary Robinson Daughter of John
The xxyth Daie Thomas Tomlinson sone of Anthonye

June The first Daie of June Issabell Wiglesworth Daughter of John

The xxviijt^ Daie Elizabeth Marton Daughter of xp'ofer

Julie The xvj^^ Daie of Julie Margret Hill Daughter of Cuthbert

The xxviijt'i Daie William RathmeU sone of John

[A fol. 6 V.
The xxxjt'' Daie John Richardson sone of Richarde

August The xv^^ daie of Auguste Roger Clarke sone of Thomas
The xix*** Daie James Ricrofte sone of William
The xx]^^ Daie Thomas Iveson sone of James
The xxviijtii Daie Richard Tomlinson sone of Thomas

September The xviij'^ Daie of September Rob'te Funtance sone of
The xxv^^ Daie Mary Wryght daughter of Thomas

October The xij'*' Daie of October Marye Browne Daughter of
The xvijth Daie Jenet and Margret Atkingson Daughters of

GARGRAVE REGISTER.— 1569-70-1616

The xxiiijth Daye Agnes Atkynson Daughter of John
Decemb. Thevj^^^Day of December Margret Dawson Daughter of John
January The v'^ Day of Januarye Jenet loftehowse Daughter of

febru: The vijth Day of Februarye Will'm Wilson sone of Walter

The xij"i Daye Isabell Hardye Daughter of Thomas
March The third Daye of marche Thomas Kyching sone of John

The fyfte Daye Thomas Gybson sone of John
The x'^ Daye John Banke sone of Henrye bank esq:

Anno d'ni isyo'no
The xxix'h D^y of Marche Robert & Agnes Thompson sone

& Daughter of John
The same Day Jane holme Daughter of Bartholmewe
.prill The iiij'^ Day of Aprill Marye Hall Daughter of Thomas

The xviijth Daye Mychaell Blackburne sone of Will'm
The same Day Jenet Smythson daughter of leonarde
The xx^^ Day Thomas Whittecare sone of Christofer
The xxiij*^ Daye Richard Blakeburne sone of John
The xxvijt'i Dale Thomas Brig sone of xp'ofer
The xxix*^ Dale Issabell Nelson Daughter of Henry
. .ye The xij*^ Dale of Male John Wainman sone of John

The same Day Heugh Swyer sonne of Thomas
The xiiij'h Dale Thomas Bradlaie sone of Robert
The xvj'ii Dale Mary Robert Daughter of Richard
The xvijt'^ Day of June Henry Walker sone of Francis
The xxth Dale Rob'te and Margret wainman sone and

Daughter of William
The vjti> Dale of August William p'kynson sone of William
,nno D'ni 1616 [A fol. 7 r.

th day of Julie Margaret Tophan daughter of Tophan

tenth Day of Julie Auvrill Croasdall daughter of Robert
..iij'h Day of Julie Will'm Brigge son of Thomas of

. of August Richarde Andrewe sonne of John
.e Dale Bridget Whitteker Daughter of Thomas
.e Dale Isabell Tomlynson Daughter of John
.e Dale Marie Burnet Daughter of Will'm
. . .iijt^ of August John Nelson sonne of Henrie
.xv^^ of September Will'm Kay sonne of Will'm
,e Daie Elzabeth Deane daughter of Robert Deane
th Daie of September James Shawe sone of Mychaell of
the Holme brig

. of October John Hyde sonne of Richarde Hyde of

Daie Bridget Chewe Daughter of Will'm Chewe of Gargr:
.e Daie George Aigland sone of George
Daie Marie Arthington Daughter of John
Daie of December Robert Wardman sonne of Amos
Daie John Wiglesworth son of Roger of Coniston



, of Januarie Anne Grandedge Daughter of Christofer

. of february Jenet oxnerd Daughter of Mychaell oxnerd

of Gargr.
. . Dale Elzabeth Trueloue (scdm. nomen' matris) als.

lofthowse fir popuH
. day Thomas Maymonde sonne of Thomas of Conishton
.tb Daie Thomas Raddiffe sonne of Anne Raddife fihus

.j''' Daie John Smithe sonne of Charlls, of Gargraue
, of marche Marie Shutt Daughter of Robert Shute
. . Daie Robert Markendale sonne of Rowland
. Daie Isabell Malham Daughter of Stephen
. Daie Ahce Windsor Daughter of John
.ij'^ Day John Anderson son of Will'm

Anno d'ni 1617
.aie of Aprill Christofer Funtance sonne of Robert
, . Ahce Snell Daughter of John Snell of Winterborne
.ie Ann Tomhnson daughter of John Tomlynson of

. Daie Anne Windsor Daughter of Henry Windsor of the

,ay of May Anne Walshe Daughter of Henry Walshe
, may Janne Tomlynson Daughter of Ambrose
. Daie Richard Wilson sonne of James Wilson
, . e Agnes Snell Daughter of Stephen Snell of Winterborne
.aie John Bryans sonne of Robert Bryans of Gargr.
. . e Christofer Raikes sone of Christofer
. Daye James Browne son of Samuell Br: of Gargr.
.ulie Jenet Dryver Daughter of Henrie
1617 [A fol. 7 V.

Julie The xiiij"^ of Julie Raphe Banke sonne of H. . .

August The last Day of August Anne Robertshey Daug . . .
Septembre The xiiijth Daie of September Will'm & Anne S. . . .
The same Daie Margret Preston Daught. . .
The xx]^^ Daie Will'm Currer sonne of Henri. .
The same Daie Ambros Tomlynson son of ....

The xxiiijth Daie Anne Thorns Daughter

The xxviij'^ Daie Samuell Hall sonne of Will'm ....
October The xij*^ Daie of October Margret B. . . .

The same Day Anne Beecrof te Daught ......

The same Day Alice Tomlynson Daug

The xix*h Daie Will'm Tattersale sonne of

The xxvviijt'^ Daie

Novembre The first of November Richard Thris

fisher late milner of Gargraue Milne

The eightenth day of Novembre Simeon Park

The xxiij'ii Day Robert Smythson sone of Th

The same Daie Marie Settle Daughter
The same Daie Anne Wright Daughter of


December The xxj^^^ of December Robert Parkinson sonne of ... .
The third of Januarie Ann Oldfeld daughte. . . .

Januarie The sixtenth day Elzabeth Elles daughter of

The eightenth daye Henrie Storie son ....
The xxiijt^ Daye Margret Andrewe Da. . . .
February The first of Februarie John Noweli sonne of ....
The second Daie Anne Snell Daughter of ....
The yth Daie Lacie proctor sonne of Step ....

The viij"^ Daie Dyana Gierke Daughter

The xx'^ Daie Richard Sharpies sonne of ....
The xxijth Day Will'm Mason son of . . .

The xxyth Day Matthewe Andrewe sonn

March The first of Marche Katherin Wigglesworthe ....
The xx^^ day of March Christofer . . .
The same day Elyzabeth Tempest dau ....
The xxij'h day Thomas Smith sonne ....

The same day Elyzabeth Crowder da

. . . istenings 1618 [A fol. 8 r.

A]^^ of Aprill Anne Robinson Daughter of Thomas
. ixth Daie Marie Currer Daughter of Henrie Currer of flasbie
. me Daie Will'm A beggar Child borne in fiasbie

... of May Isabell Oxnerd Daughter of Michaell oxnerd

.ijth j)ay John Smythson sonn of Wilfrid Smythson of

.vijth Daie Alice Tompson Daughter of Christofer
.jtii Day Ann thomlinson Daughter of Ambros tomlynson
. . of June Robert Wilson sonne of Edward Wilson

. of Julie Jenet Harryson Daughter of Thomas Har. of

J^ Marie Wardman daughter of Amos
. . of August Timothie Hall sonne of Samuell Hall
^^ Daye George Edmundson son of Isacke Edmundson
. . of September Marie Crosdale Daughter of Robert
. Daie Will'm Moorhowse sonne of Will'm

Online LibraryEngland (Parish) GargraveThe parish register of Gargrave, in the County of York : 1558-1812 (Volume 28) → online text (page 1 of 37)