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Digitized by the Internet Archive
in 2010 with funding from
Brigham Young University


^be publications of
^be iporksbire parish IRcaiatcr Societp,


566ue& to S\ib6cx\b€t6 for tbe seai 1923.


-z Pt


^'^^^ Xlbe IRegister


Ipadsb or it>irfieI6


Baptisms and Burials, January 1700— March 1776.
Marriages to March 1754.





privat?:lv printed for
the yorkshire parish register society





It is with much regret that the writer has seen the present
Volume through the press on account of the death of WiUiam
Brigg, B.A., who was his friend and correspondent for many years,
and who died on the 7th December, 1921, aged 63. He transcribed
the whole of the first Register Book of Mirfield, the first portion
of which was printed under his supervision in 1919, and the remaining
portion now.

WiUiam Brigg was an original member of the Society, a member
of the Council, an enthusiastic genealogist and a most neat and
accurate copyist. He presented to the Society in 19 14 a Volume
containing the Baptisms and Marriages at Harewood Church to
1812, and copied and edited for the Society the Registers of Otley,
Snaith and Terrington. He abstracted the Wills in Register
Wootton, 165S, a large portion of which is in print and the remainder
might well be printed by a Society such as the Harleian.

For the Yorkshire Record Series he abstracted two Volumes
of Stuart Fines, and for the Thoresby Society he copied Lay Subsi-
dies and early Wills. In addition he printed Registers of Churches
in London and adjoining counties, and edited the " Herts. Gene-
alogist and Antiquary."

The printing of the Mirfield Register by the Society was pro-
posed by the late Mr. Edward Theodore Ingham, B.A., the patron
of the living and a considerable landowner in the parish, through
the marriage in 1764 of his ancestor Joshua Ingham to the daughter
and heiress of Richard Shepley of Overhall. Mr. Ingham expressed
his intention to defray largely the cost of printing the Register,
but his death on the 27th day of March, 1918, occurred before
the first part was completed. His son, Mr. Joshua Lister Ingham,
generously gave a substantial donation towards the expense of
printing the first portion in order that the work might be proceeded
with, and has kindly given a further donation towards this portion.

The printed copy has been carefully compared by the writer
with the original Register, and very few corrections have been
necessary. The index has been prepared by Miss Nancy Saywell.



Part II

Jan [i 700-1]
Tho: son of Tho: Dyson bapt y® 6*^ day
Marthah daughter of Edward Brook bapt y® 12*^ d
Benjamin Sherd buried y® 14*^ day
Mary daughter of Joshuah Midwood bapt y« 15*** d
Rich Oxley buried y® 16*^ day
[blank] of John Poplewell baptzd y^ 12*^

Hannah HoUingworth of y® Parish of Huddersfield buried y* 16**^ day
Joshuah son of Rich: Hoyle baptzd y® 19*^ day

Susan daughter of John Ledgeard sho' baptzd y® 2^ day
Mary daughter of Jonathan Brook baptzd y© 8^*^ day
Eliz: Hepworth buried y® 19*** day

John Son of Daniel Pighells Baptiz: i** [interpolation]
John Son of Henry Brook baptzd ye a** day
Hannah daughter of W™ [blank] baptzd y® 9**^ day
Rich: son of Joshuah Lee buried y® [blank] day
Mary daughter of John Kitson baptzd y* 23 day

April 1701
Sam: Spy by of y* Parish of Kirkheaton bur: y® 9*^ day
Debrah Wightman baptizd y^ 2i»* day
Mary daughter of Rich: Jagar baptizd y® 27**^ day

Francis Browne of Walton buried y® 10*^ day

John son of John Northorp buried y® 4**1 day
W™ son of Tho: Chadwick baptizd y* 10*^ day
Mary daughter of John Ledgeard buried y® 14*^ day
Edward Thornton cu' Mary Sherd of y® Parish of Almondbury married y *

19*11 day
Marthah daughter of Nathan Firth baptzd y* 29*** day

Ann daughter of Henry Kilner baptizd y* la*^ day
Tho: Shepley buried y« 31 ^^ day

Eliz: daughter of Joshuah Peel baptizd y® 10*^ day
John Sherd cu' Sarah Mortimer married y* 29*^ day

Rich: Firth buried y® 3** day

2 MiRFiELD Register — 1701-2

Paul son of Thomas Rushworth baptized y® 5*^ day
John Greenup cu' Mary Oxley married y® 30^^
Rich: Jeshope cu' Grace Hopkins married y^ 30^^

M'^ Joseph Hall and Ann Shepley married y^ 15*^ day
Mary daughter of Edward Walker baptized y® 15*^
Tho: Wightman buried y^ 19*^ day
John son of John Casse baptized y^ 21^* day

Ann daughter of Tho: Sharp baptizd y^ i^^
John son of George Marrion [sic] baptizd y^ 6*^
Tho: Lee and Hannah Crowder married y^ 28^*^ d
John the son of John Blackburn batiz 29 [later interpolation]

[John altered to Johnathan] son of Thomas Lawton [blank]

Samuel Son of Charles Eastwood buried y^ i^* day
Abigail daughter of Tho: Shepley bapt y^ lo**^ d
Rich: Skorah and Marthah Thornton mar y^ 12**^ d
W^ Swinden cu' Ann Sykes married y^ 12*^ day
Rebekkah Wife of Edward Barker bur y^ 19*'! day
Joseph son of Robert Senior baptizd y^ 20^^ d

W™ son of John Ledgeard heel maker bapt y*^ 7*^
Mary daughter of Joshuah Lee baptizd y^ 16^^ day

1702 April
Tho: son of Jonathan Brook baptizd y^ 6*^ day
Eliz: Hyrst buried y^ 22** day
George son of George Holt baptizd y® 26**1 day
Ann daughter of \W^ Hardy baptizd y^ 26*^ day
Joseph son of Nathaniel Muffet bap: y^ 26*^ day

[blank] son of John Sykes of Kirkheaton bur y* 3"* d
John son of W^ Sykes baptizd y® 5*^ day
W™ Son of John Lee Smith buried y^ 8*^ day

Henry Kilner buried y® 10*^ day
Joseph Son of Joshuah Hyrst baptizd y^ 13*^ day

Mary daughter of John Roper baptizd y^ 17**^ day

Eleanor Armytage d' Thomhil buried y® 13*^ day
Joseph Son of Jeremiah Firth of y* Parish of Harts-head baptizd y^ 13*^

Robert Fisher cu' Mary Lamb of y® Parish of Kirk-heaton married y^

17 th (Jay
* October

Ann daughter of M^" Rich Margerison bom y^ i^^ d
Hannah daughter of W™ Stead baptized y® 6*^ day

MiRFiELD Register — 1702-3 3

Joseph son of [Michael crossed out and John written above] Sherd [jun

crossed out] d' Hopton baptizd y® ii*** day
Abigail daughter of Tho: Oxley baptizd y* 24*^ day
Mary daughter of John Clay baptizd y® 25**^ day
Daniel Midwood cu' Mary Walker married y® 29*^ day
Ann daughter of M^ Rich: Margerison Vic' bapt 21'*

Joseph Jepson buried y® 5*^ day
Martha daughter of Rich : Hoyle baptized 29**^ day

Tho Horsefall buried y^ 31'* day [Entry almost illegible and crossed out and

at the side is written Ann daughter of M' Gerison Vicar bap: October

ye 2i8t]

Martha daughter of W™ Sykes baptized y® 7**^
John Son of John Skolefield baptizd \blanK\
Adam Ledgeard buried y^ 14*** day

Joshuah Son of Josias Sherd baptizd y® 18**1 ^^y

1703 April
Hannah daughter of John Ledgeard Shomaker bap ^^^ d
Rich: son of Rich: Houldsworth d' Liversedge buried y* 6 day
John son of John Brook baptizd y® ii**^ day

Joshua Son of Joshuah Peel baptizd y® 5*^ day

John Brook cu' Eliz Kitson of y® Parish of Thomhill married y' 19*^ day
Joseph Son of Joseph Jeshope bapf^ the 20 [interpolation]
Mary daughter of John Marshall baptiz<^ y^ 30**^ day

Rich: son of Richard Jeshope baptizd y* 20*^ day
Michael Sherd of y* Parish of Dewsbury cu' Ann Tottersall married the
24**» dav

W™ Wilby cu' Ann Currier married y^ 22<*

Nathaniel Crosseland buried y* 14**^ day
Ann daughter of Dan: Midwood baptizd y* i(^^ day

Joseph son of Joshuah Lee baptizd y® 12*^ day
Mary daughter of Jonas Drake baptizd y^ 1$^^ day
John Son of John Lee maison baptizd y« 19*^ day

Clementia daughter of George Thurgarland baptizd

William [written above John crossed out] Clapham and Grace Houldsworth

married y^ 7*^ day
Mary wife of Robert Holdsworth buried y^ 16**^ day

John Son of Jonathan Brook baptizd y* 25*^ day
Tho: Blackbume buried y* 27*'* day

4 MiRFiELD Register — 1703-4

Joseph Midwood buried y^ 4**^ day

Dan Thornton and Ann Kilner married y^ 3"* day
Eliz: wife of Michael Sherd d' Hopton buried y^ 10^^ day
Mary daughter of Tho: Ledgeard y^ 23<* day

Abraham Son of John Ledgeard baptizd y® 2* day

Joseph son of Joshuah Hyrst buried y® i^* day

1704 April
George Rushworth buried ye 2^ day
[? Isaac] Ledgeard buried the 14*^ day

Eliz: daughter of Nathaniel Morfitt baptiz*^ y^ 7^*^ day
John Edwards buried y^ 17^*^ day
A child of Tho: KLarksons [altered from Lawtons] borne [blank]

John Wood of y« Parish of Kirk-heaton and Susannah Ingham married

ye i^th (Jay
John son of John Clapham baptized v^ 25*** dav

George Thurgarland buried y® 5*^ day
John son of John Brook buried y^ 25^*^ day

[An entry erased and quiit illegible]

Sarah daughter of Rich: Houldsworth bap^ y® 3* day
Robert Houldsworth and Jane Houldsworth mar: y^ 14*'*

Edward Barker buried the 8*^ day
Joseph son of Joshuah Peel baptized y« 21^* day
Sarah daughter of John Stockwell baptized y® 28*** day

Judeth daughter of Isaac Barker baptizd y^ 11**^ day
Rachel daughter of Josiah Sherd baptizd y^ i2**» day
John son of Rich: Gledhill baptized y« 25^^ day

Mary daughter of Edward Walker baptizd y^ 2^ day
Joshuah Brook of y® Parish of Kirkheaton cu' Mary Litlewood of y®

Parish of Huddersfield married ye 7th ^y
Tho: son of Hannah Stockwell base begotten by John Banks baptized

ye 24*11 day
John son of John Brook baptized y^ 27**^ day

A child [Sam^ added by later hand] of Joseph Jeshope borne [y^ 29 day
added by same later hand]

Rich: Wheatley buried y® 16**' day
Sarah daughter of George Marriott baptized y^ 16*^ d

MiRFiELD Register — 1704-5 5

Joseph son of John Blackbume baptized ye 21"* day
Martha daughter of Dan: Thornton bapt y® 25*^ d

Tho: Walker buried y^ i'* day
Martha Lee buried y^ 4*^ day

Gilbert Holdsworth buried y^ 10*^ day
W°i son of John Ledgeard buried y^ 11*^ day

John son of W™ Brook baptized y^ 25*1^ day
Grace daughter of Dan Midwood baptized y^ 28*** day

Jane daughter of Jonathan Brook baptized y^ 5*"^ day
John Brook cu' Eliz Dolive married y^ 8**^ day
Arthur Son of John Firth Baptiz'd the 9 day [interpolation]

George Teal of y^ Parish of Wakefield and Mar>- Lee of this parish married

ye gth (Jay-
Isaac Barker cu' Jeshope married y^ 9*^ day [sic]
[Sam ?] Squire of y^ Parish of Hartshead cu' Judeth France married y°

11^*^ day
George Briggs of y ® Parish of Wakefield a Mary Wilby married the iSt^i day
Ann daughter of Tho: Jeshope baptiied y^ 25*^* day
Henry Hyrst buried y® 30^^ day

Joshuah Lee buried y^ 12*'^ day
Mary daughter of John Hay ton baptized y® 27*^ day

M' Rich: Stanhope and Mary Baron married y® 23*. Par: d' Bradford


Daniel Skolefield of y^ Parish of Kirkheaton and Mary Barker married
yc 12th day

John Savil of y® Parish of Birstall and Mary Firth married y® 22** day

Mary Oxley buried y® 26*^ day


Joseph Piccard and Martha Harrison married y^ 5'*^ day

Gamaliel Brearey and Rebekkah Towne de Eland in Par' d' Halifax mar-
ried y® 7*^ day

Samuel Son of Samuel Brooke Baptized the i3**» day


Jane Holdsworth Widdow buried the 3** day

Thomas Son of George Holt baptizd y^ 5*^^ day

Wm Son of W™ Oxley baptized y^ 10*^ day

[blank] Son of John Ledgeard shoemaker baptized y® ix***

[Wan/fe] Son of Tho: Hawkyard baptized 12*^ day


Martha daughter of Joshuah Hyrst baptized y® 14**^ day


George Wood buried 6*'^ day

Ann and Sarah twins daughters of [blank] baptized y® 22** day

Tho : Ledgeard buried y'' 25*** day

6 MiRFiELD Register — 1705-6

Martha daughter of John Ledgeard Wood-heel maker baptized y* 3** day
Eliz: wife of John Lee Smith buried y® S^^ day
Joseph son of Joseph Shepley buried y^ 29**1 day
William Son of Edward Brook baptized the 29**^ day [entry by another hand]

A child of Sam Jackson borne [blank]
The : Walker and Mary Lee married [blank]

Thomas Son of John Sherd baptiz^^ y^ 21^* day
John Son of John Lee mason buried [blank]
Theophilus Tottersall cum Mary Baildon mar y® [blank]

April 1706
Eliz. wife of John Lockwood buried y* 25**^ d
Sam: Johnson buried y® 12
Charles Eastwood buried 13
John Oxley buried 20
Joseph Butterfield of Ecceshill in the Parish of Bradford married to Mary

Hanson 27*^
W°^ son of John Skolefield baptized [blank]

Widdow Smith of Farseley buried the 4*^ day
Mary daughter of Joshuah Midwood baptiz y^ 4 d
Eliz: daughter of Timothy Wheatley bap: y® 16*** day
Grace daughter of W"^ Swinden bap: y^ 21^* day
W" son of John Clapham^ bap: y® 26**^ day

Joseph Goodall of Thomehill and Sarah Thornton married y* 28**^ day
Sarah Clapham^ buried y^ aS*'^ day
Tho: Son of Joseph Oldroyd bap: y^ 30*'^ day

Jonathan Son of W™ Clapham^ bap y« i"' day
Eliz: daughter of Eden Firth bap: y^ !•* day
Eliz: Wilkinson buried the 4**^ day
EUz: Shepley buried the 12*^ day

Abraham Hutchinson cum Mary Goodall married y® 20*^ day
George Dickson of y^ Parish of Thorn-hill and Mary Ledgeard mar. y*

24**^ day
Martha wife of John Thornton bur y^ 27*^ day

W™ son of W°i Lee baptized y® 4*^^ day
Mary daughter of John Stockwell bap y^ 9*** day
Mary daughter of George Marriott bur. y® 13
Mary daughter of John Lee Mason bap: y« 38*''
Tho: Johnson and Esther Sharp mar: y^ 29**^

Eliz: daughter of Michael Sherd Jun' bapt y* 22*

Jonathan son of John Brook bap: y® 15**^ day
Tho : Son of John Marriott baptized y ® 26*** day

* In each case the name was first written "Chapham."

MiRFiELD Register— 1706-7 7

John son of Henry Stockes bap: y« ig^^ day
John Lockwood and Mary Marshall married 29*^^ d

John Son of W^^ Oxley buried the -j*^ day

John Wrathmell of y® Parish of Huddersfield and Hannah Jeshope mar-
ried y® 10*^ day
Robrt Son of Rich: Gledhill bapt ye 2oti» day

Joseph Son of Joshuah Ashton jun' bap y® 10*^ day
Samuel Son of John Brook Tayler bap : eodem die
Rich: Watson and Martha Hyrst married y^ 14*^ d
Sarah wife of Tho: Firth of Wyke in the Parish of Birstall buried y® 30*^ d

Timothy Son of Tho: Clarkeson bapt y® i^t day
Susannah Wood buried the 5**^ day
Tho: Robinson and Alice Oxley mar: ye 26**^ d
John Sunderland and Mary Clapham mar: y^ 31^* d

Mary daughter of John Lee waller bur: y^ 2*
Mary daughter of Jonathan Brooke bap : 4.^^ d
Eliz: daughter of Joseph Jeshope bap y® 5**^ day
Eliz: Hyrst Widdow buried the 11^^ day
Joseph Son of Tho : Rushworth bap y^ 19*^ day
Joshua Hall buried the ig^^ day
John Son of W™ Sykes baptiz y^ 22*^ day

Hannah daughter of Theophilus Tottersall Junior baptized y* 26*** day
Mrs Eliz: Gledhill wife once of M^ Tho: Gledhill Vicar bur: y* 318* day

Feb. 1706
Mary daughter of Joseph Piccard bap: y^ 2* day
Eliz: wife of George Chappel buried y® 7*^ d
John son of M'" W"^ Turner bapt y® 12*^ d

John son of Isaac Barker junior of y^ Batty-ford baptized y^ 16*'* day
Mercy daughter of John Poplewell bapt y® 23** day
Peter Lord of y^ Parish of Harts-head and Ann Oxley married y® 24*^ day

March 1706
Timothy Sherd and Ann Bayldon mar: y^ 2^ d
Mary daughter of Thomas Clerkson bur y^ "j^^ d
Nathaniel Son of John Ledgeard heel maker bap : S^^ d
Joseph Son of Joseph Allenson buried y® 9*^ d
Eliz. Relfe buried the 10**1 (j^y
Sarah daughter of John Thompson bap: y^ i6**» d
Ann Roundhil wid' buried y« 17*^ day

Margaret daughter of M' Rich: Taylor bap y® 25*^ day
Joseph Son of W^ Bayldon baptized y® 30**^ day
Robert Son of Rich: Holdsworth junior bap y® ^o^^ d
Susannah daughter of John Child bap y^ 30**1 ^

W°i Son of John Johnson bap y« [blank] d
Mary wife of W°i Richardson buried y® 5**^ day

8 MiRFiELD Register — 1707

Rebekkah daughter of Isaac Barker d' Hopton baptized y* 5*** d

Mary daughter of Tho: Brook bap: y^ 6*^ day

W"™ Son of Edward Clay buried y^ 9^^^ day

Martha daughter of George Marriott bap y^ 12^^

The s** Martha daughter of George Marriot bur y^ 15^*^ d

Thomas Robinson buried y^ 20*** day

Luke Sherd and Mar}' Woodhead mar: y^ i^t d

W"^ Richardson of y^ Parish of Kirk-heaton and Mar}- Lindley married
ye 8th d

Joseph Son of M'" Joseph Hall baptized y^ 12*'*

Mercy daughter of John Poplewell buried y^ 12**1 d

John Bolderstone de Nunbrook buried y^ 17th day

Esther daughter of Tho: Clarkson buried y^ 20*^ day

Joseph Son of Richard Sherd baptiz ye 22^

Joshuah son of John EUisse Jun' Waller bap y^ 23^

Sam Sykes and Barbara Shires mar. y® 26

Tho: Chadwick and Grace Walker mar y^ 26

[blank] daughter of W™ Brooke de Dalton Par' d' Kirk-heaton bur. y«
28th d


Hannah daughter of Rich^ Jagger bapt ye jst jay

Abraham Wood-head buried ye ist ^^y

Robert Turner cum Sarah Priestley mar ye 30*^ day


George Son of George Purnes bapt ye 3d day

Gilbert Birkby of y^ Parish of Batley cum Martha Ledgard mar. y« lo*^

Joseph Son of M' Joseph Hall buried y® 14*'! day

Ann daughter of Joshua Peel bap: ye 17th day

Eli Illingworth de Southorom in Par" de Hahfax cum Jane Robinson mar-
ried y^ 2i^t day

John Son of John Lee Cloth-maker bur ye 26*^ d

W^ Son of John Lock-wood bap: ye 27**1 day


W™ Son of Wm Hardy bap the 10*^ day

Tho: Son of Tho: Walker bap: ye nth day

Ann daughter of John EUisse de Hopton Cloth-maker baptized the 16 day

Elizabeth daughter of M"" Joseph Wilkinson School-master bapt y^ 28**

Joseph son of Timothy Sherd bap: y® 30*^ day

Joseph son of Richard Wolfenden bap 31 ^t


Joseph son of John Wrath-mell bap ye 13th day

John Son of Tho: Johnson bap. ye 14th

Eliz: daughter of Peter Lord bap ye 14th d

Jane Brook buried y^ 25**1 d

John Son of Michael [altered from W"i] Smith baptized y« 28**1

Susannah daughter of W m EUisse bap : eod die

Tho : Sykes of y® Parish of Almonbury and Alice Dyson married y ^ 29**1 d

MiRFiELD Register — 1707-8 9

John Jeshope buried y^ 4,^^ day-
Sarah daughter of Daniel Midwood bapt y° ii*** day
John son of Daniel Thornton bap. 16**^
Sam. Binns buried eodem die
Eliz: daughter of W^i Barker bap: y** 26 d

Mary daughter of Joshua Ashton Junior buried y* 7^** day
Susannah y^ daughter of Tho: Dyson bap y^ 15*^^ d
W™ Stevens of Holbeck in y^ Parish of Leedes and Mary Sykcs married

ye 27th (Jay

Alice daughter of John Ledgeard Crepidar' bap. 30*^

Martha Relf buried ye ist jay
Tho: Oxley buried on y® 6^^ day
Susannah daughter of John Rushworth bap: 'j^^ day
Joseph Son of W^ Hardy buried y® 14*^ day
Grace wife of Rich: Hay ton buried y^ 24**1 day

John Binns and Martha Hyrst married the 18*'^ day

John Moorhouse and Mary Richardson married ye 2^ day
Crispin Binns of y^ Parish of Birstal and Ann Smith mar y^ 5*^ day
Thomas Tyhouse buried y^ S^^ day
Abraham Son of John Marriott bap y^ ii*'^ day
Grace Wife of George Willons buried y® 23^ day
Joseph Son of John Casse bapt y^ 29**1 day

Phebe daughter of Eli Illingworth bap. y^ 3** d
Joseph Son of Luke Sherd bap: y* 6**^ day
Sarah daughter of Nathanael Morfitt bap y^ 14**1
John Son of Thomas Jeshope bap y® i8**» day

Ann daughter of John Stockell bap y^ 27*'^

Abraham and Sarah twins son and daughter of Sam. Sykes borne bapt
and buried y^ 28**1

George Baune and Elizabeth Oxley mar y^ 5**1
Richard Heyton and Martha Ashworth mar eodem die
Judith daughter of W^ Blade alias Stead baptized y^ 25**1 day

John Roper buried y® 7**1 day
Timothy son of Tho: Clarkson buried y^ 12**1 d
W™ son of John Bankes Jun: bap: y® 13**1
Mary daughter of W™ Oxley bap: 13**1 day
Obadiah Lang d' Wakefield and Grace Stables mar y« 15**1 day
John Son of W^ Lee bap: y^ 23** day
John Son of John Sugden bap y® 24**1
Jonathan Chadwick and Mary Goodall mar. y^ 26**1 d

10 MiRFiELD Register— 1708

Ann daughter of Joshua Ashton Jun bap y® 30*^
Mary wife of y^ s** Joshua Ashton buried ye 3T»t day

John Son of John Sherd bap y® 3* d
Jonathan Son of Jonathan Brooke bap y* iz*** d
Samuel Son of Henry Brook bap y« is*** d
John Nelson of y^ Parish of Wood Church and Ann Berry married y*

23^ day
John son of W™ Sykes buried y^ 23** day
Joshua Harrison buried y^ 27^*1 day
Rich: Firth buried y^ 2g^^ day


John Son of Edward Walker bap y« 4*^ day
Joshua of George Harrison bap: y^ ix^^ day [sic]
Jane daughter of Joshua Knowles bap iS*'^ d
John Senior buried y^ 19^*^ day
Mary daughter of Robert Turner bap y*' 23'^
Ann wife of Joseph Shepley buried y® 24**^ d

Ann wife of Tho: Holdsworth bur y^ i^* d
Joshua Ashton and Sarah Brock mar y^ i"* day
Thomas Wightman buried y° 6*^ day
Rich: Son of Rich^* Longley bur y® lo'*^ day
Joshua Hyrst and Eliz: Sherd mar: y® 12*'' d
VJ^ Son of Rich: Gled-hill bap: y^ 13^11 d
Joseph Son of Isaac Barker de Fold-head baptized y* 15*** day
Mary daughter of Tho: Chadwick Jun. bap y^ 19'*^
Joseph Son of Samuel Brook bap: y^ 25*^ d

Eliz: wife of Tho: Ubank buried y^ i^* day
Joseph son of George Marrion bap: y^ 8*** day
Joshua Son of Robert Senior bap: y^ 26*^

Susannah Barker. 90 buried y® 7*^ day
Henry Wightman and Eliz: Shepley mar^ on y« 19*** day
Sarah wife of Michael Sherd Junior de Hopton buried on y* 20*'' day
Tho: Son of John Hirst buried on y^ 21^* day
John Son of Rich: Holdsworth Jun' buried on y^ 22''
John Tompson buried on y^ 24**^ day
Samuel Son of Mary Johnson base-begotten by Thomas Hepworth bap

ye 29th (J

Peter Son of John Gates bap: y® 7*^ day
Grace wife of Tho: Marshall buried ii^** day
Ann daughter of John Lee Mason bap: y® 21"* day
W™ Son of George Holt bap: y* 28*1^ day

Martha daughter of John Moorehouse bap y* js*
John Son of M^" Joseph Hall bap y« 5^^ day
Tho: Firth buried on y* 10*^ day

MiRFiELD Register — 170S-9 11

Thomas Son of W™ Brooke bap y* 12^^ day

Mary Wife of Daniel Barker buried y® 14*^ d

Hannah daughter of Jos^h Piccard bap 16

Joseph Son of W™ Richardson de Dewsbur>' buried on y^ l^*^ day

Mary daughter of John Mokeson bap y^ 22^ day

Michael Sherd Miller and EUzabeth Shann married y® 26 day

Rich: son of Rich. Brook buried on y^ 29**1 day

Sarah and Abraham twins Daughter and son of Theophilus Tottersall Jun

bap ye 4*^
Hannah daughter of John Eastwood bap g^^ d
Thomas Houldsworth buried on y^ 10**1 ^j^y
Lydia daughter of George Baune bap y^ 16*** d
Joshua Haworth of y^ Parish of Birstall and Sarah Houldsworth mar

20**1 d
Joshua Kitson and Eliz: Hirst married eodem die
Ann Child wid. buried on y^ 21^* day
Martha daughter of James Tottersall bap 22 •*
Mar>' Hirst Wid buried on y^ 23* day
Jonathan Son of John Ledgard of v^ Knowle bap [24**1 ?"}

Judith Ledgard Wid: buried on ye 7th jjay
W"i Son of John W^athmell bap on y*^ 13**1 day
John Son of John Marshall bap eodem die
Eliz: daughter of Joseph Hyrst de Hopton bap: on y® 18**1 (j^y
Rich* Son of Timothy Wheatiey bap: 218* day
Mary daughter of Henr Stockes bap y^ 26**1

Joshua son of Joshua Midwood bap y® i"* d
Sarah daughter of Theophilus Tottersal jun. bur i»*
John Son of John Lockwood bap y*' 13**1 day
Henry Son of Heniy Brooke buried y*^ 23^ day

Nathaniel Son of Joseph Jeshope bap ye 27th day
John son of John EUisse de Hopton bap y® 30**1 d

Mary Harrison Widdow buried on y® i^* day
Rich** son of John Brooke Taylor bap eodem die
Elizabeth daughter of Jonathan Chadwick bap 14**1
John Clapham of y® Parish of Harts-head and Mary Jepson married y«

21'* day
Sarah daughter of W^i Sykes bap. ye 22* day
Elizabeth daughter of M' Edwrd Thomas bap ye 30**1 j^y

Wm Son of Richd Wolfenden buried on y* 4**1 d
Christopher Hayton buried on y® 6**» day
Thomas Moor of ye Parish of Huddersfield and Susannah Thornton mar*

yC 12**1

Joshua Hyrst and Alice Knight mar* 12**1 d |

Mary daughter of Grace Brooke bap ye X4*'» d

12 MiRFiELD Register — 1709

Joshua Son of Timothy Sherd bap y^ 19**1 d

Charles Son of Joshua Peel bap y^ 28*^ d

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