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The register of baptisms, marriages and burials in St. Michael's parish, Cambridge. (1538-1837) online

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July 12



Thomas Mole and Luce Renaldes

1574 o

1575 o

1576 o

1577 John Hall & Agnis Hall August

the xi
Willm Twissleton and Bridget
Barnes the 6 of October

1578 o

1579 Stephen Wallis & Agnis Abard

Janu the xix

1580 o

1581 Mjnne AVelche and Agnis Hau-

chett the xj of June
Reginald Boys and Elisabeth
Harrison the xxviij of January

1582 Robert Syll & Agnis Chapman

ft'eb: the i
W Russell & M"' Wilson the xxi
of Marsh

1583 John Barnes and Margery Payne

the xxj of July
John Hall and KetherineShipman

the xvij of November
Edward Dun and Elisabeth Buck-
lart the xxv of fFebr :
1584—1586 o

1587 Stephen Smyth & Jone Hodgkin-

son the 11 of July

1588 Charles ftarmer and Alice Corbet

Willm Browne and Joane Simons

Oc 14
Samuell Jacson Gillia Bayly

Jan- 31

1589 Robert Ablinson and Magdalen

Marsh e Janu 18
Willm Burshall and Amy Gillm
Marsh 23

1590 Rowland Vnthanke and Jone

Harrison Aug 30
AVilliam Parker and Cracc Harper
Oct 5

Richard Shittleworthe & Mar-
garet Jackson the xxiiij of

1591 Griffin Raymont was maried the

9 of May
Edward Slater and Mary Ostler

1592 Arthure Dauie and Agnes Potto

May- 11

1593 o

1594 Garret & Margaret Hall married

in fFeb:
Willm Hunchet and Mary Wyld
aU'tts Nichols October 6

1595 Robert Payter & Margeret Harri-

son Sep 1
Andrew Marshall and Joane Ket-
tell October the 12 1595 H

1596 Thomas Chevil & ffrauncis Smithe

Lewis Browning and Elisabeth
AVhyt May-31

1597 Walker & Alice Hmnfry of mel-

borne November 1

M"" ffarrand and Elisabeth Mallery
October 2

Nicholas Austine and Agnis In-
gram ffeb: 14

1598 Edward Hobson and Katharen

Bell June. 11.
John ftuller and Agnes Wetherall
Feb. 3°

1599 John Hall and Ellen Gray. No-

wenih. 26

1600 John Wilson and Susan Colline

Apr. 27
William AVinckfeild & Mary
Prime Jan 29

1601 Edward Humferye & Judith Jack-

son the 14 of Aprill
Edward Pycrofte & Elizabeth

Thetford Septemb. 20
Harrye Wrightson & Elizabeth

Vye the 5 of Octob.



George Smale & Pcarnell Watson

Decemb'. 7'^
ft'rancis Harris & Joane Moodye

Jan. 24

1602 Robert Payne & Rebecca Collyne

the 30 of Januarye

1603 Steiien Bentlye & Marye Dobide

the 25 of Julye
John Moodye and Susan Brac-
kyne the 14 of August

1604 Roger Sante & Ehzabeth Butler

the 16 of October
Thomas 1 Carver and Elizabeth

Brumlesse the 18 of Octob'
Thomas Rauen & Anne Mason y"

25 of Octob'.
Willm bunton [(?) Cunton] &

Grace Vpshere(?) the 28 of

Harrye Hodgson & fFrancis Barnes.

Novemb. 6"
Edward Bradeye Sc Elizal)eth

Blevyne Dccemb. 22
John Hall & Alice Barnard y*" 14

of January

1605 Robert Spicer & Marye Odame

the 8 of A prill

1606 o

1607 frauncis Shelborne & Catheren

Harrison the 27th of Septem-
ber: 1607
Richard Hearne gent & Eliza-
beth Turpin the 13th of Octob^

1608 William Austine & Mary Jackson

the xith of Aprill.
John Sutton and Prudence Hill

were maried the xixth day of

Danicll Boyes and Margarit

Deathethe ij of October
Thomas Barker and Elizabeth

Homes the xvjth of Octob'.

1609 Hcwe Collinson and Hani Hobson

the lirste of October

1610 Georg Tib and Elsabeth Chapman

July 26="
androwe laffindore and sarie highe
the XXV of Janiarie

1611 robarte dickeman and Jane greane

the 2 of maye
Thomas Barker and Catherine

Cole Januarie xxvij"'
Mathewe Moodye and Mercye

Bedel(?) ffebruarie iiij""
Thomas ffarmer and ^Margaret

Harrison ffebruarie vj"'
[1612] Thomas Moody & Dorothye

Wallker marred the 20'" of


1613 Jhon Graves was mared to mar-

gett nicholson the 31 of maye

Thomas hobson & Audre Gray

June xiij 1G13
Richard Pulling & Jane weedon

the 25 of Aprell

1614 Thomas Valentine & Katharine

Hall wedded upon y" second of
June 1614

1615 william archer and nan harison

maried anno 1615

1616 william wilbore and susann fro-

hock was marryed the 23 of

march 1616
Michael Harold and Mary Gill

maried on S' Markes day —

Aprilis 25°
Richard Lambert and Anne Pun-

sunby maried 21° Aprilis
Nicholas Searle and Elsabeth

Rattome maried y* 18"" of June
Robert Curson and ElsabethCarter

maried y*" xx"' of October 1610

1617 Willyam how & Elsabeth Glas-

sope maried aprell y* 28th 1617
Willyam Manard & Elsabeth

olleuer maried July y* 8th 1617
Thomas Binbelc & Katercn bine-



bale(0 maried y' 23"" of July
fraunces Margell;?) and Elisabeth
godsire maried y" firste of au-
guste 1617

1620 Thomas ... and ... was maried

the 5 of Juhe 1620

Thomas f . . . and Ann Drury was
married the fifth of may 1620.

Thomas Watson and White New-
man were married by Licence
the ... of October 1620

Edward Butler and Judith Greene
were married the 26 of Nouem-
ber 1620

1621 Will Winde and Joane Weste

were marry ed the 10"" of Oc-
tober by licence
John Halte and sesle Apleson
maried by lisence the viij day
of feabruary

1622 William waker and J one Crosbey

Jime 2
Steuen Burtone and margit hayes

September 19
Martin kente and marey harte

the [date omitted]
Robart Basett Audrey dwes-

bery flfeburary 18
Robard Rastone Catrine male

march 16
1624 John Gell & Brigett Hargraue

May y^ 23
John Lockington fraunces porter

July y^ 9"^
Nicholas Tomson Elizabeth Abatt

July y* 12
Thomas Raise Sibbill ]\Iacrems

July y^ 13"'
Thomas Atkinson Agnis Bistowe

June S"-
Richard Starford & Mary Swann

maryed ffebruary 18"'

Thomas Brinkley & Mary Snel-
hawke maryed March y^ 7""

Jonas Millor Ann Arnold May

John Johnson Jone White July 3""

1627 Robart Aunger Alse Godferie

March 29'" 1627

John Antoine Alse King Septem-
ber 23"" 1626

Thomas Newman Margeri...
Septem 10"" 1626

waiter Husse married the daugh-
ter of James Lauson the 16
of octob

Robert Payton y^ son of Robert
Payton married the daughter of
Edward Saxton by name Susan
Saxton the 16 June

1628 John payworth and frideswid

Lucues was mared 21 of Aprell
henary whiskin and anne bal-

lard was mared by lisans 1 day

of maye
Thomas Gills and sereye smith

mared be lisens 17 day of Jeni-

Thomas Bridge and Elesabath

Bunbarry was mared by lisons

29 of July
Edward Camwell and Ann hedges

mared by lisens the 20 of no-

william Lauer(?) and mercy Phil-
lip was mared by lisens 27 day

of nouember
Christefor medelton and Jenne

Kent was mared the 20 of

Richard Cooke and mercy wanas-

tey[? manastey] was mared 28

of Jenewarey
John manastey and anne Leey

was mared i day of febrrary

1629 Thomas Peck of histon & fii'ances



Mathew was maried the 27"'

Robert Williams and Thomasin

Wilkin maried the 10''' of Jane-

ary 1629
William Asplane and Katherine

Johnson maried the 10"" of

Janeary 1629
Thomas Couzens and Catherine

Aldridge maried the 20 of June

John Elles & Brigitten ffrench

the 8"* of decemb

1630 Perry Gray & ffayth

maried the 20'*' of octob. 1630
William Gibson & mary Maltman
the 6"" of noueniber 1630

1631 [o]

1632 Michaell Pammer & mary(?)

whyte the 8"" of Aprell 1632

William Feste and Susan Alien
the 8'*' of octob 1632

Thomas Jennings and Vrsula(?)
Gibson the 18"" of octob 1632

Richard Clay & Gierke

the 23'' of August

John Leache & Ann Hill Decem-
ber 24°

1633 John Maskall and mary Pammer

the 29*" of Aprell 1633
Robert Engman(?) & Anne Brow-
ning the 30'*' of June 1633.
Henry Chandler & Susan Barnard
the 5"' of August

1634 John Jennynes(?) and Catterin

Cillani this 9"' of October
Thomas Robyson & Grase 1am-

bert this d'"" of October 1634
Edmond Coufi'e & may gibson

this 24 October 1634

1635 Richard Totnam, &, Joanc Tom-

lin of KelshuU in com' Hart:
solemn'd matrimon 31 die
Martij Anno Dni 1635

Henry Meine de Littlington et
Elizabeth Tomlin de KelshuU^
solem matrimon vltimo die
Martij Anno Dni 1635

Georg Mowsly of S* Cam: and
Margret young of S' noeds
this 16"* of June 1635

Thomas hodgesden of oxborrow
in norfoullke and may Dautry
of Chesterton this 10'" of July

Thomas Tubs of Royston & Ann
mayson of this parish of S'
myckell in Cam: this 22'" of

Edmond fann of Cotnam and
mary gibson of this parish of
S' myckell in Cam: this 28'"
day of Jenuary 1635

1636 Phillip ffiirloe and Ellin fflasket

Married Maij the i'" 1636
William Walker and Jane Bar-

rance(0 January the 8'" 1636
John Castile & Martha Throg-

morton July 4'" 1636

1637 John Graues and margret ffoxe

married the 18'" of Aprill 1637
John ftromontt Alice pallniar

mared Aprill 25: 1637
Levye Turner and Marie Machett

mared June the 29: 1637
Roger Smyth and grace Turner

mared December the 7th 1637

1638 Thomas warner and Sarah Weale

mared with a Licence Aprill
18'" 1638

1639 Matthew Chambers & Margarett

Wilson marry ed May y'' 19.

William Clibborne, & Elizabeth

Hodgson June y' 11: 1639
Henry Smith and Elizabeth

Melsop marryed August y*" 6:




John Gierke & Martha Balder

November y' 19 1639
Richard Pratt and Luce Orwell

January y* 29: 1639
John Laxon & Constance Manys-

ty March 6: 1639

1640 Thomas Stephens and francis

Read married may 1 1640

John turner and lucie goody ame(?)
maried may the 10 1640

Paul Key and Elizabeth Runnum
maried June 8 1640

John walker and Jane Sparling
married June 11 1640

Richard peece(?perce) and Kath-
rin nickallson married June 18

James Causton and Alice Water-
son married June the 19 1640

"william peck and susan Jackson
mar June 19 1640

William greene and sicelie Bagley
mar July 21 1640

John Hoockes and mary Bough
mar Sep* 15 1640

John North and Alice wingfield
married ... 1 640

Edward moodey and marie San-
ders married frebruarij 4 1640

1641 Edward Britchenner and Edith

Baynes May y' 4"" 1641

Thomas Missen and Prisscilla
Morden July the 9''* 1641

Thomas Pattisson and Ann Milles
August y^ 31 1641

Willyam Clayton and Elizabeth
stinger September y^ 13"" 1641

Nickcholas Mathewes and Eliza-
beth Gowin november y* 25

1642 William Mead & Mildred Talbot

the 19"" of may
Richard Bcrrye & Eli.sabeth
wheeler the 1 0"' of uctober

1643 Robert Wells and Susan Wells the

27"' of nouember
lenerd person and Elyzabeth Rise
the 25"' of february —

1644 John dumthorne and grase woo-

worth maryed the 27"" of Jen-
uary 1644
Gatterne(?) lance and Elyzabeth
west maryed the 17"^ of feb-
ruay 1644 ^—

1647 Anthony Bulling & Grace Har- f

rison June 23''
Richard Ashbey & Sarah ftasitt
maried december y^ 20 1647

1648 John Peachy & Mary Linsey

maried Aprill the first 1648

1649 June y^ 8"" 1649 Samuell Badger

& Rose Bembridge married y*
day and yeare aboue written

1650 Thomas Carter and Martha Clouds

Married May the 29"^
Mary ffox & Edward Wittey

Maried June the 2 1650
Robert Hazard and Jane willow

Married June y* 5"" 1650
Walter Reeve & Joane whitehead

married Sept the 14'^ 1650
Robert Pease & Susan Fincham

married Jan: the 18"" 1650

1651 Nicholas Mathewe and Diana

Marshall married May y^ 10""

John fflacke and Mary Bitten

married Sept: y^ ... 1651
John List and Alice

married Octob. 3. 1651
Edward Prior(?) and Margarett

Dunnich married January 13""


1652 Tho: Rouse and Ann Baker were

married on the 11 of August
Octob: y*^ 3'' [?30*'] 1652 fFrancis
Woods & Anne Lovctt married


Nov: 13'" William Barres & Eliza-
beth Clemens married
Richard Lynford & Sarah He-
brewe married
1653 William Baron & Ann Thurbone
maried September the 15 1653
1655 Edmund Beechinoe of Cambridge
Bookseller & Elizabeth Tillman
were married ffeb. 22: 1655

1657 John Shakle and Eliza Hickman

married y^ 9 day of Aprill 1657
Thomas Reevie(?) & Rose Sennett

maried Nouem the 16 1657
Edward Clay and Sussana Thorly

maried Nouem b the 19: 1657

1658 Alexander Anckle & Margaret

Addams married Apr. 12""
John Adam & Elizabeth Ames

married July 13""
John Bell & Elizabeth Dodde

were married July 17"' 1658
Henri Parsley and Susan Waker

were married the 19"' day of

July 1658
Henry Gififord & Margaret Not-
tingham were married Sept 20"*

John Canesby & Mary dcnson

were married October 20"" 1658
William Porter of haddenham &

Susan Chambers of S' Giles

C^amb were married November

S"- 1658
Thomas Browne of S' marey the

great and mary Larken of the

same were mari'ied ffeVn-uary

7'*' 1658
Gregory Ethridge of S' Androwes

Widddower & Joane Beasome

of S' Michaels Spinster were

married March 18 1658
John Taylor of ?Thriplow & Anne

riiillipc of ftbxton married

March 19'" 1658

1659 Richard Rider of Ely widdower

And Elizabeth Whaley of Wa-
ter Beach widdow were mar-
ry ed the 15'" of September 1659

John Lockwood & Ann Birkitt
Married fifeb the 21 1659

John fiarenham(?) of abington
ioyning to Shingey husband-
man & Sarah Badcocke of Bas-
singborne widdow were married
May 2'"

Benedict Blunt of Bottisham
husbandman & ff'rancis ft'rost
of the same widow were mar-
red May 8'" 1659

William Holland of Longstanton
yeoman and Elizabeth thorp
of the same were married June
3"^ 1659

John Knowles of Ely yeoman &
Ann Motte of Alhallows Cam-
bi'idge were maried June 4'"

... Maulden of AVater Beach &
Mary Milhvard of Rampton
widowe were married June y"
25: 1659

John Pierce of histon & Margaret

Nutt were married Sept. 17'"


... Warde of Stow Qui Sc Alice

... Quy with cum horningsee

were married Sept 17'" 1659

Thomas Goward(? Howard) of this
parish bacheler & Grace Read
of Chesterton Spinster were
married the first day of Oc-
tober 1659.

1660 Roberd(? Richard) King of St

Gyles parish & Susanna Huatt
spinster were marryed the eight
& Twentieth of August 1660

1661 Robert Frith and Elizabeth Wal-

ker married June the 13'" 1661



Johu Chater and the widdow

powell married the 7"" of July

Thomas Chadderton was Married

the 17"" day of September 1661
Sam Richardson and Ehzabeth

Blackerby married the 16 day

of January 1661
1662 Richard Swan and Joane Swan

married y* 31 day of March 1662
Joseph Hudson & Joyce Bauds

were conioyned in Matrymony

October the 2"^ Ano 1662
John Lofts & IMary Tilbrooke

were conioyned in Matrymony

May the 28''' Aiio 1663

1664 Robert Ablett of Girton single-

man And Ann Ablet of Cot-
tenham singlewoman were mar-
ryed the 4th of March Ano
dom 1664
Thomas Goward and Ann Hub-
bard were Joyned together in
matermony Noub' the 17""

1665 John Glouer of Cottenham singl-

man & Mary Haddowe of the
same spinster were ioyned to-
gether in Matrimony in y''
parish Church of S' Michael
Cambridge the 4"" of Nouember

William Lawrence & Elizabeth
Burowes both of Cambridge
were ioyned together in Matri-
mony in y* parish of S"' Mi-
chaels Camb. the 14"" day of
Nouemb 1665

Thomas Ward of ffowlemire sin-
gleman And Katharine Dover of
Shelford-magna were Joyned
togither in Matrimony within
the parish Church of S' Michael
in Cambridge the 15"' of ffebry

1666 Willm Newling Jun. Mary Prior
of Barrington. Jun: 29
Thomas Ketteredge siugleman, &.
Mathewewestly single woman —
(both of Lynton) were lawfully
conjoynd togither in matry-
mony, within the parish Church
of S' Michael in Cambridge the
31 day of October Ano dom
1666 f

Edward Huett and Rody Gosllin
ware marid febaury y^ 10 1666

1662 ? Thomas Hutchison and Dorothy
Mannisty was Joyned in mattri-
mony July the 24 in 1662

1669 John shurtton of Gurton Labourer

and Alice Brigs of this parish

spinster war maried Ap'" 12"*
John Cornell and Alice Pye of

S' Edwards parish wear maried

October 2'"
Thomas Draper and Jane Lambe

maried October 3"'
Edward Carter of Trinitey parish

Labourer and Susann Smith

wear Maried Janury 30'^ 1669

1670 Robert Goward of Ickelton and

Leuce Jermy of S' Clements
parrish wear maried oct*" 23"'

William Lincoln e and Marey
Jennings wear maried No*"' 13"'

Edward Jackson and Alee Crask
(?) of Great S'^ Maries parrish
wear married febeuary 12"' 1670

William Grubb and Marey Hill
of S' bottols parrish wear mari-
ed March 2"" 1670

1671 John Dilton of Alhallowes Bark-

ing London and Anna vtber(?)

of in the Counti of

Cambridg wear married May
11"" 1671



John Mathewes of Oakington and
Margrett Bancks of Histon
wear married May 23""

Edmond austin and Martha Pal-
mer wear married No*" 30"'

Henrie Leach and Ann Parnby
of Oakington wear married
february 13* 1671

John Heckett and Marey Hopp-
wood of Great S' Mareys parrish
wear married feb'^ 1671

John Young and Elizebeth Ans-
den of Cottenham wear married
March 9"" 1671

1672 William Hubbard of Areington

and Ann Baron of Great Euers-
den wear married Aprill 20""

John Rayner and Marey New-
land of Barington were married
July 11''' 1672

John Morgain and Martha Ward
wear married in Trinitey Coll
Chappell October 3"' 1672

1673 George Chapman and Elizebeth

Elice both of Bourne Married
June 20th 1673

Will fennington and Elizebeth
Spencer of Moulton in the
County of Lincolne Married
July 1st 1673

Nicolas Talbott and Ann West-
feld were married No*"^ 13th

William Gattes of Bolenhurst in
the County of Bedford and
Anna Diser of fenn stanton in
the County of Huntington were
married Nouember 26"^

Tho: Burton of Great S' Mareys
parrish and Sibella How were
Married December 14"' 1673

Edward Meadcaft' of S' Clcmants
parrish and Jane Hinderson
were married January 18"'

1674 Edward Cooke of Harston and

Elizebth Woods of Cotenham

were married October e"' 1674
William Phillips and Elizebeth

Graues both of Cottenham were

married October 8th
Symond ffolkes of Littellport in

the He of Ely and Susanna

Craske were married No*" 22""

John Hutchind and Margrett

Woodhuse were married No'"'

Tho Harrison of Blunsum and

Agnes Slater of needing worth

married dec''' 31"" 74
James Blackly and Hester Brady

were married Jan'^ 7""

1675 William Grubb and Susannah

ftbaks of Trinity parrish were
married September 23"" 1675

William Chandler of detford in
the County of Kent and Sarah
Cauerly of this parish Married
No"' ir"

William Worts M' of Arts and
Mary Day of S' Marys parish
married febuary 3"'

Ambros Andrews of Windel in
the County of Exsex and Ann
Churchman of Bolsham in the
County of Cambridg were
married febuary 28"" 1675

1676 Nathanill Singelton and Sarah

Hurrill of foxton were maried

March 28"' 1676
George Buck of Barnesly Yorke

shier and Elizabeth Beechnoie

of this parrish were married

June 11"" 1676
William Carter and Joann Symons

both of Balsham married Sept'"'

John Wintcrflud and Elizabeth



Creed both of Stapleford mar-
ried Oct**" 21"'
Henary Head and Alee more
married January 14"^

1677 Edward Russell of stow : Cum

Qui : and Susanna Hancock of

ffulbourne married July 11""
Vincent Knight and Joannam

Cauerly married Sepf" 30th
Symon fFordam & Mary Sowers

married oct*" 11"'
Thomas Carter of Cotonm and

Anne Adams married oct''' 11""

1678 Daniell Cainsby and Elizebath

Keey married July 21"' 1678

1679 John Rauen and Susanne Turner

married Septbr 28 1679
"William Humphry and Elizabethe

Sumpter marred October 4th

John Fage an Apothecary and

Lellis Spencer widdow married

decemb. 21"' 1679

1680 Henry Jennings & y'' widdow

Rust married April H3 1680
John White & Katherne Order

married April 'HS 80
John Kisbey & y^ widdow Caveley

married May "'2 1680
Thomas Sennet and Mary Morgen

married May "'20 1680
Vincen Knight and Elizabeth

Bowdell were married June "'6

William Plean and Elizabeth Cock

were married June "'27 1680
John Beckett & Elizabeth Linton

married Aug: "'21 1680
Henry Jennings and Elizabeth

Bullen were married Aug: "'22

Edward Stoaks and Rebecka

Suter were married Sept: 12


John Bell & Hannah Wardell

married Sept: 26
Thomas Pack and Sarey Titte-

mus was married y^ . . . day of

nomber 1680
Jeames farechillde and mary

momforde wes married the 03

day of Jcnary 1680
Thomas Hincen and Ann Peachy

man-ied march **'15 1680

1681 William Swanne and Hannah

Allestrey married June y^ 7

George Hopkin & Elizebeth Roy-

ston married j an: "'16 168^
John Perkins & Grace Rofe

married Jan: "'31: 168|
Robert Norman & Ann ]\Iumford

both of Cottenham married

Feb: '48 168^
Henry Asplen & Sarah Brazier

both of Willingam married

Feb. ""21 168^
Thomas Bloom & Jean Abbit

widdow married March '42


1682 John Walker & Ann Witty mar-

ried May "'2 1682
Joseph Graviner & Avis Smith

married May "'3 82
JefFerey Stratton & Ann Rogers

widdow maried May "'7 82
Hugh Alsop & Kathern Bently

married Jun:"'29 1682
John Cundall and Jean Write

married December 26: 1682
Luke Warren & Elizabeth Harri-
son married Jan: 23: 168§
Edward Feild & Ann Pamant of

over married Jan: 27: 168|

1683 George Hopkin & Marget Allet

April 16. 1683.
John Acmes & 'Mnvy Aemes May



John Childerly and Mathew [sic]

Benn May 10"' 1683
George Collyn of Histon and Joan

Padget of Okington married

Sept: 22 1683

1684 Lawrence Skeete & Ann Oillson

of West wickhani married June

y« S"" 1684
William Goose & Elizabeth Rin-

nolds of Havvkstun marrid

Sept: y' 2'^ 1684
Richard Rennolds & Mary Briant

widdow Octob: y' 2" 1684
William Crispe & Mary Bury

married March y" 10"" 1684

1685 Michael Thornby & Mary Pye

married March y* 31 1685

Thomas Moore of Pagson in 11 un-
tintonshire & Elizabeth Cony
married July y= 18 1685
168| John Morgan & Ann Hunt mar-
ried Jan: y" 17 168;}
1686? John Brand and Hannah Tine
widdow married Dec: y= 27

John Asplin and Agnis Wether-
bey married Feb ...

Thomas Foot of St Ives & Eliza-
beth Yorke of Cambridge Mar-
ried Oct: y* 12"' 86

John Bull and Mary Wotton mar-
ried Dec: y*' 31. 1686

John Rade of Wivelingham cS:
Percy Lindsey of Wittlesford
married March y' 17. 86

1687 Jacob Page & Margarett Haley

both of Cottenham married
March y'' 30. 87
William Young of Wilbcrton &
Sibell Brook of Haddenham
married Jan: y" 16"* 8;^

1688 John Bevis and Ann Soams of

Melborne married March y' 27
John Woodham of Ely was Mar-

ried to Susanna Cranwell of y'
same Town August y'' sixteenth
Anno Dom 1688

John Bates and Ann Abbis mar-
ried October y* 5"" 1688

Richard Smith of London & Do-
rothy Howard of Chery Hinton
married October y' 25"" 1688

1689 Jacob Thodey of dry drayton and

Hannah Harrison of Cambridge
married march y*^ 30"^ 1689

Robert Colward of Cottenham &
Ellen Bonnett married July y"
13"" 1689

John Roberts & Sarah Weales
married July 31 1689

Thomas Brand & Elizabeth Par-
ker married Aug. y' 4"' 1689

Edward Peck & Alice Hutchin-
son married October y' 6"" 1689

1690 Thomas Collins and Esther Jel-

lin.s married April y'' lO"" 1690
William Barber and Jean Pipps

married April y 24"" 1690
John Colles and an kinge of bar-

ington mared may the 3 1690
Allen Jellens and Luce Crowley

of Cottenham married June y"

29"' 1690
George Wingfield of Sutton in y"

Isle of Ely & Mary Ford of

Stretham married July y" 29

William Cattman and ^Margarett

Carter married October y'' 24""

SamucU Granger and Martha

Denton married October y' 25"*

Edward Haddow and Elizabeth

Sennit married November y''

16'" 1690
James Daniell & Mathew[sic] Fel-

stcad married Jan. y*" 27"" 1690



1691 John Dod & Ann Kempton mar-

ried April y' W 1691

John Thulman and Alee Garner
married April y* SO"" 1691.

Edward Bird and Elizabeth Scar-
row married July y^ 15"" 1691

Richard ... and EUinor Glover
of Potton was Married y* 5 of
November 1691

Richard ... and Isabella C ...

John Wilmore of fen Stanton &
Mathew [sic] Jennyns of Cot-
tenham was Married March y'=
5 1691

1692 John Uffendale of Haddenham &

Lyddia Willmott of y^ same

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