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the daughters of Juda were glad, be- Xv eous ; for it becometh well the
cause of thy judgments, Lord. just to be thankful.

For thou. Lord, art higher than Praise the Lord with harp ; sin"
all that are in the earth ; thou art ex- praises unto him with the lute, and
alted far above all gods. instrument of ten strings.

ye that love the Lord, see that Sing unto the Lord a new song ;
ye hate the thing which is evil ; the sing praises unto him with a good
Lord preserveth the souls of his courage.

saints ; he shall deliver them from For the word of the Lord is true,
the hand of the ungodly. and all his works are faithful.

There is sprung up a light for the He loveth righteousness and judg-
righteous, and joyful gladness for ment; the earth is full of the good-
Buch as are true-hearted. ness of the Lord.

Rejoice in the Lord, ye righteous. By the word of the Lord were the
and give thanks for a remembrance heavens made, and all the hosts of
of his holiness. them by the breath of his mouth.

He gathereth the waters of the sea

together, as it were upon a heap, and
SELECTION IX. layeth up the deep, as in a treasure-

Psal. viii. Domine, Dominus noster. Let all the earth fear the Lord ;

OLord, our Governor, how ex- stand in awe of him, all ye that dwell
cellent is thy Name in all the in the world :


Selections of Psalms. 473

For he spake, and it was done; he He sheweth his word unto Jacob,
commanded, and it stood fast. his statutes and ordinances unto Is-

Psalm cxlvii. Laudate Dominum. He hath not dealt so with any na-

O Praise the Lord, for it is a good tion, neither have the heathen kaowl-
thing to sing praises unto our edge of his laws.
God ; yea, a joyful and pleasant thing
it is to be thankful. From Ps. Ivii. Miserere mei, Deus!

The Lord doth buildup Jerusalem, QET up thyself, God, above the
and gather together the outcasts of O heavens ; and thy glory above
Israel. all the earth.

He healeth those who are broken My heart is fixed, God, my heart
in heart, and giveth medicine to heal is fixed ; I will sing and give prai.se.
their sickness. Av/ake up, my glory ; awake lute

He telleth the number of the stars, and harp : I myself will awake right
and calleth them all by their names, early.

Great is our Lord, and great is his I will give thanks unto thee,
power; yea, and his wisdom is inti- Lord, among the people, and I will
nite. sing unto thee among the nations.

The Lord setteth up the meek ; For the greatness of thy mercy
and bringeth the ungodly down to reacheth unto the heavens, and tliy
the ground. truth unto the clouds.

sing unto the Lord with thanks- Set up thyself, God, above the
giving ; sing praises upon the harp heavens ; and thy glory above all
unto our God ; the earth.

Who covereth the heaven with

clouds, and prepareth rain for the —

earth ; and maketh the grass to grow TrnTTn\r T '

upon the mountains, and the herb for bl^Lii.OiiU.N A.

the use of men

Who giveth fodder unto the cattle.

From Ps. xcvi. Cantate Domino.

and feedeth the young ravens that f\ Sing unto the Lord a new song;
call upon him. ^ sing unto the Lord, all the

The Lord's delight is in those who whole earth. -

fear him. and put their trust in his , Sing unto the Lord and praise his
mgrcy ^ Name; be telling oi his salvation

Praise the Lord, Jerusalem ; fro™ ^^y to day. , ,, , ,,

aise thy God, Sion. I^^clare his honour unto the heath-

For he hath made fast the bars of ^^ : and his wonders unto all people
thy gates, and hath blessed thy chil- For the Lord .is great, and cannot
dren within thee. worthily be praised ; he is more to be

He maketh peace in thy borders, feared than all gods.

and fiUeth thee with the flour of .„ , , ■■■ t j t rt ■
.^^ijgjjt- Psalm cxlviu. Laudate Dominum.

He sendeth forth his command- /'\ Praise the Lord of heaven;
ment upon earth, and his word run- \J praise him in the height,
eth very swiftly Praise him all ye angels of his ;

He giveth snow like wool, and praise him all his host.
Bcattereth the hoar frost like ashes. Praise him sun and moon ; praise

He casteth forth his ice like mor- him all ye stars and light,
sels ; who is able to abide his frost. Praise him all ye heavens, and ye

He sendeth oat his word, and melt- waters that are above the heavens,
eth them; he bloweth with his wind, Let them prai.se the Name of the
and the waters flow. Lord; for he spake the word, and


474 For HOLY- DAYS.

they were made ; he commanded, and Let Israel rejoice in him that made
they were created. him ; and let the children of Sion be

He hath made them fast for ever joyful in their King,
and ever ; he hath given them a law Let them praise his name in the
which shall not be broken. dance, let them sing praises unto him

Praise the Lord Upon the earth, ye with tabret and harp,
dragons, and all deeps ; For the Lord hath pleasure in his

Fire and hail, snow and vapours, people ; and helpeth the meek-heart-
wind and storm, fulfilling his word; ed.

Mountains and all hills ; fruitful

'"Sit Jnd^frSitle; worm, and P->"- «'■ ^ - ^^ ^o™""-
feathered iowls ; r\ Praise God in his holiness ;

Kings of the earth and all people ; \_/ praise him in the firmament of
princes and all judges of the world; his power.

Young men and maidens, old men Praise him in his noble acts ; praise
and children, praise the Name of him according to his excellent great-
the Lord ; for his Name only is excel- ness.

lent, and his praise above heaven and Praise him in the sound of the
earth. trumpet ; praise him upon the lute

He shall exalt the horn of his peo- and harp,
pie : and all his saints shall praise Praise him in the cymbals and
liiin; even the children of Israel, dances; praise him upon the strings
even th« people that serveth him. and pipe.

Praise him upon the well tuned

From Ps. cxlix. Cantate Domino. cymbals ; praise him upon the loud

OSing unto the Lord anew song, cymbals,
let the congregation of saints Let every thing that hath breath
praise him. praise the Lord.


Portions of Psalms, to be sung or said, at Morning Prayer, on certain
Feasts and Fasts, instead of the " Venite Exultemus," when any of the
Joregoing Selections are to follow instead of the Psalms, as in the Table.

CHRISTMAS-DAY. up forever; thy truth shalt thou

stablish in the heavens.
From Psalms xlv. Ixxxix. ex. xhe Lord is our defence, the holy

THY seat, God, endureth for one of Israel is our king,
ever ; the sceptre of thy king- Thou spakest sometime in visions
dom is a right sceptre. unto thy saints, and saidst, I have

Thou hast loved righteouness, and laid help upon one that is mighty, I
hated iniquity ; wherefore God, even have exalted one chosen out of the
thy God, hath anointed thee with people,
the oil of gladness above thy fellows. I will set his dominion in the sea,

My song shall be alway of the and his right hand in the floods.
loving kindness of the Lord; with And I will make him my first-born,
my mouth will I ever be shewing higher than the kings of the earth,
thy truth, from one generation to The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit
another. thou on my right hand, until I make

For I have said, mercy shall be set thine enemies thy foot-stool


For H L Y - D A Y S. 475

The Lord shall send the rod of thy ciful pardon may be absolved,
power out of Sion ; be thou ruler, through Christ our Lord. Amen.
even in the midst among thine ene- ^ ^^^^^ ^^-^^^^ Qo^_ and merci-

™'®^- , , ^ ,, , n* , v-/ ful Father, who hast coinpas-

In the day of thy power shall the ^-^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ hatest noth-

people offer thee free-wil offerings ing that thou hast made : who would-
with an holy worship ; the dew ot ^^f „^^ ^^^^ j^^^^i^ ^f ^ ^-^^^^^^ t)Ut that
thy birth IS of the womb ot the j^^ g^^^i^ rather turn from his sin,
^°I?^^P' , 1 -11 , and be saved : Mercifully forgive I'.s

The Lord sware, and will not re- q^^ trespasses ; receive and comfort
pent, Thou art a priest for ever after ^ ^j^^^^^.g -^^.^^ ^^^ ^^^^^-^^ ^^th
the order of Melchizedech. ^■^^ ,^^^^^^^ ^j- o^rsins. Thy proper-

. , . tj' is always to have mercy ; to thee

onlv it apjiertaineth to forgive sins:

ASH-WEDNESDAY. spare us therefore, good Lord, spare

thy people, whom thou hast redeera-

From Psal. xxxii. xxxviii. cxxx. ed : enter not into judgment with thy

BLessed is he whose unrighteous- servants, who are vile earth, and
ness is forgiven, and whose sin miserable sinners ; but so turn thine

is covered. anger from us, who meekly acknowl-

Blessed is the man unto whom the edge our vileness, ar.d truly repent

Lord imputeth no sin, and in whose us of our faults ; and so make haste

spirit there is no guile. to help us in this world, that we may

Put me not to rebuke, Lord, in ever live with thee in the world to

thine anger ; neither chasten in thy come, through Jesus Christ our

heavy displeasure: Lord. Amen.

For thine arrows stick fast in me, j,j^^^ ^j^^^ ^^^ p i^ ^^i^ ^j^^^

and thine hand presseth me sore. Mhweth, after the Minister;

My wickednesses are gone over

my head, and are like a sore burden, rpUrn thou us, good Lord, and so

too heavy for me to bear. i shall we be turned. Be favour-

I will confess my wickedness, and able, Lord, be favourable to thy

be sorry for my sm. people, who turn to thee in weep-

Haste thee to help me, Lord, ing, fasting and praying. For thou

God of my salvation. art a merciful God, full of compassion

Out of the depth have I called un- long-suffering, and of great pity.

to thee, Lord ; Lord, hear my voice. Thou sparest when we deserve pun-
Let thine ears be attentive to the ishment, and in thy wrath thinkest

voice of my supplications. upon mercy. Spare thy people, good

If thou, Lord, shouldst be extreme Lord, spare them; and let not ihme

to mark what is done amiss, Lord, heritage be brought to confusion.

who shall stand ? Hear us, O Lord, for thy mercy is

But there is forgiveness with thee, great ; and after the multitude of thy

that thou mayest be feared. mercies look upon us, through the

^ ,, ^ , T. 7 merits and mediation of thy blessed

At Morning Prayer, the Litany be- g^^^ jgg^g Christ, our Lord, Amen,
ing ended, shall be said the follow-
ing Prayers, immediately before the •

generai Thanksgiving. GOOD-FRIDAY.

OLord, we beseech thee, merci- ^ .„ , •• i • i

fully hear our prayers, and From Psalms xxii. Ixix. xl.

spare all those who confess their sins "ll/TY God, my God, look upon me;
unto thee : that they, whose coiiscien- IVL why hast thou forsaken me?
ces by sin are accused, by thy mer- and art so far from my health, and


476 For H L Y - D A Y S.

from the words of my complaint? Who is the King of Glory? even

But thou art holy, thou that in- the Lord of hosts, he is the King of

habitest the praises of Israel. Glory.

I am a worm, and no man ; a re- clap your hands together, all ye

proach of men, and despised of the people ; shout unto God with a voice

people. of triumph.

All they that see me laugh me to For the Lord most high is terrible ;

scorn ; they shoot out the lip, they he is a great King over all the earth,

shake the head, saying, God is gone up with a shout ; the

He trusted in God, that he would Lord with the sound of a trumpet.

deliver him ; let him deliver him, if Sing praises to God, sing praises;

he will have him. sing praises unto our King, sing

The counsel of the wicked layeth praises,

siege against me ; they pierced my God reigneth over the heathen ;

hands and my feet. God sitteth upon the throne of his

They part my garments among holiness,

them, and cast lots upon my vesture. The princes of the people are gath-

But be not thou far from me, ered together, even the people of

Lord : my strength, haste thee to the God of Abraham ; for the

help me. shields of the earth belong unto God.

Thy rebuke hath broken my heart; He is greatly exalted.
I am full of heaviness ; I looked for
some to have pity on me, but there

was ng man, neither found I any to WHITSUNDAY,
comfort me.

They gave me gall to eat; and From Psalm ii. Ixviii.

when I was thirsty, they gave me j Will declare the decree: the Lord

vinegar to drink. X hath said unto me, Thou art my

Sacrifice and meat offering thou son, this day have I begotten thee,

wouldest not, but mine ears hast thou Desire of me, and I shall give thee

opened. ^\^q heathen for thine inheritance,

Burnt offerings and sacrifice for sin and the utmost parts of the earth for

hast thou not required : Then said I, ^i^y possession.

Lo, I come; i i. i • • Be wise now therefore, ye kings ;

In the volume of the book it

be instructed, ye judges of the earth.

written of me, that I should fulfil gerve the Lord with fear, and re-
thy will, my God : I am content to joice with trembling.
do it; yea, thy law is within my Sing unto God, sing praises to his
bea.rt. name : extol him that rideth upon the

heavens by his name Jah, and re-
joice before him.
ASCENSION-DAY. Thou, God, sentest a gracious

rain upon thine inheritance, and re-
From Psalms xxiv. xlvii. freshedst it when it was weary.

Ift up your heads, ye gates. The Lord gave the word ; great
and be ye lift up, ye everlasting was the company of those that pub-
doors, and the King of Glory shall lished it.
come in. Though ye have lain among the

Who is the King of Glory ? the pots, yet shall ye be as the wings of
Lord strong and mighty; ^even the a dove; covered with silver, and her
Lord, mighty in battle. ^ feathers with yellow gold.

Lift up your heads, ye gates, Thou hast ascended on high ; thou
and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors, hast led captivity captive; thou hast
andtheKingof Glory shall come in. received gifts for men, yea, for the



HYMNS. 477

rebellious also, that the Lord God Lo, he doth send out his voice, and
might dwell among them. that a mighty yoice.

Blessed be the Lord, who daily Ascribe the strength unto God ;
loadetii us with benefits ; even the his excellency is over Israel, and his
God of our salvation. strength is in the clouds.

Sing unto God, ye kingdoms of God, thou art terrible out of thy
the earth; sing praises unto the holy places; the God of Israel is he
Lord. that giveth strength and power unto

To him that rideth upon the heav- his people. Blessed be God.
en of heavens, which were of old :



The Song of Anqels,

For the Nativity of our blessed Lord and Saviour.

Zttke II. ver. 8 — 15.

1 T T THILE Shepherds watch'd their Flocks by Night,

V V all seated on the Ground,
The Angel of the Lord came down,
and Glory shone around.

2 '* Fear not, said he, (for mighty Dread

" had seiz'd their troubled Mind)
" Glad Tidings of great Joy I bring
" to you and all Mankind :

3 " To yon, in David's Town, this Day

" is born of David's Line.
♦' The Saviour, who is Christ the Lord ;
" and this shall be the Sign :

4 " The heav'nly Babe you there shall find

" to human View display'd,
" All meanly wrapt in swathing Bands,
" and in a Manger laid."

5 Thus spake the Seraph, and forthwith

appeared a shining Throng
Of Angels, praising God, who thus
addressed their joyful Song:

6 "All

478 HYMNS.

6 " All Glory be to God on high,
" and to the Earth be Peace ;
" Good-Will, henceforth, from Heaven to Men,
" begin and never cease."

HYMN 11.

The Song of Men, responsive to the Song of Angels.

1 T T THile Angels thus, Lord, rejoice !

V V shall Men no Anthems raise ?
may we lose these useless Tongues,
when we forget to praise !

2 Then let us swell responsive Notes,

and join the heav'nly Throng ;
For Angels no such Love have known
as we, to wake their Song.

3 Good-will to sinful Dust is shewn,

and Peace on Earth is giv'n ;
For lo ! th' incarnate Saviour comes,
with News of Joy from Heav'n!

4 Mercy and Truth, with sweet Accord,

his rising Beams adorn ;
Let Heav'n and Earth in Consort sing —
" The promis'd Child is born" !

5 Glory to God, in highest strains,

by highest Worlds is paid !

Be Glory, then, by us proclaim'd,

and by our Lives display 'd

6 Till we attain those blissful Realms,

where now our Saviour reigns ;
To rival the celestial Choirs
in their immortal Strains !

HYMN in.

On the Sufferings of our llessed Lord and' Saviour.
'Rom whence these direful Omens round,


rhich Heav'n and Earth amaze ?
Wherefore do Earthquakes cleave the Ground ?
why hides the Sun his Rays ?

2 WeU

H Y M If S. 479

Well may the Earth, astonish'd shake,
and Nature sympathise !
The Sun as darkest Night be black !
their Maker, Jesus, dies !

Behold fast streaming from the Tree

his all atoning Blood !
Is this the Infinite ? 'tis he,

my Saviour and my God !

For me these Pangs hh Sotil assail,
for me this Death is borne ;

My Sins gave Sharpness to the Nail,
and pointed ev'ry Thorn.

Let Sin no more my Soul enslave,
break. Lord, its Tyrant Chain,

O save me, whom thou cam'st to save,
nor bleed, nor die in vain !


On the Resurrection.

Since Christ our Passover is slain,
, a Sacrifice for all,
Let all, with thankful Hearts, agree
to ke»ep the Festival :

Not with the Leaven, as of old,

of Sin and Malice fed ;
But with unfeign'd Sincerity,

and truth's unleav'ned Bread.

Christ being rais'd by Pow'r divine,
and rescu'd from the Grave,

Shall die no more ; Death shall on him
no more Dominion have.

For that he died, 'twas for our Sins

he once voucshaf'd to die :
But that he lives, he lives to God

for all Eternity.

5 So


5 So connt yourselves as dead to Sin,
but graciously restor'd,
And made, henceforth, alive to God,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


For the same.

1 /^Hrist from the Dead is rais'd and made
\^_^ the first Fruits of the Tomb ;

For as by Man came Death, by Man
did Resurrection come.

2 For, as in Adam all Mankind

did Guilt and Death derive,
So by the Righteousness of Christ,
shall all be made alive.

8 If then ye risen are with Christ
seek only how to get
The Things which are above, where Christ
At God's Right Hand is set.


COme, Holy Ghost ! Creator, come,'
inspire the Souls of thine ;
Till ev'ry Heart which thou hast made
is fiU'd with Grace divine.

Thou art the Comforter, the Gift

of God, and Fire of Love ;
The everlasting Spring of Joy.

and Unction from above.

Thy gifts are manifold, thou writ'st

God's Law in each true Heart,

Tlie Promise of the Father, thou

dost heav'nly Speech impart,

Enlighten our dark Souls, till they

thy sacred Love embrace,
Assist our Minds (by Nature frail)

with ihy celestial Grace.

5 Drive

HYMN S. 481

Drive far from us the mortal Foe,

and give us Peace within,
That, by thy Guidance blest, we may

escape the Snares of Sin.

Teach us the Father to confess,
and Son, from Death reviv'd.

And thee, with both, O Holy Ghost .
who art from both deriv'd.


For the same.

COme, Holy spirit, heav'nly Dove,
with all thy quick'ning Pow'rs;
Kindle a Flame of sacred Love,
in these cold Hearts of ours.

See how we grovel here below,
fond of these earthly Toys;

Our Souls, how heavily they go,
to reach eternal Joys !

In vain we tune our lifeless Songs,

in vain we strive to rise !
Hosannas languish on our Tongues,

and our Devotion dies.

Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly Dove,
with all thy quick'ning Pow'rs,

Come shed abroad a Saviour's Love,
and that shall kindle ours !


For the same.

He's corae ! let ev'ry Knee be bent,
all Heart's new Joy resume ;
Sing, ye Redeem'd, with one Consent,
" the Comforter is come."

What greater Gift, what greater Love,
could God on Man bestow ?
Angels for this rejoice above,
let Man rejoice below 1

3 Hail,

482 HYMNS.

3 Hail, Llessed Spirit ! raay each Soul

thy sacred Influence feel ;
Do thou each sinful Thought controul,
and fix our wav'ring Zeal !

4 Thou to the Conscience dost convey

those Checks which we should know ;
Thy Motions point to us the Way,
thou giv'st us Strength to go.


For the B. I. Y COMMUNION.

From the Revelation of St. John.

1 * 'T^

Hou God, all Glory, Honour, Pow'r,
art worthy to receive.
Since all Things by thy Pow'r were made,
f and by thy Bounty live.

3 And worthy is the Lamb, all Pow'r,
Honour and Wealth, to gain,
Glory and Strength ; who for our Sins
a Sacrifice was slain.

3 X All worthy thou, who hast redeem'd

and ransom'd us to God,
From ev'ry Nation, ev'ry Coast,
by thy most precious Blood.

4 § Blessing and Honour, Glory, Pow'r,

by all in earth and Heav'n,
To him that sits upon the Throne,
and to the Lamb, be giv'n.


For the same.

MY God, and is thy Table spread ?
and does thy Cup with Love o'erflow ?
Thither be all thy Children led,

and let them thy sweet Mercies know.

2 Hail

* Cha^. iv. t Chap. v. 12. | Chap. v. 9. § Ver. 13.

HYMNS. 483

Hail sacred Feast, which Jesus makes !

rich Banquet of his Flesh and Blood !
Thrice happy he, who here partakes

that sacred Stream, that heav'nly Food I

Why are its Dainties all in vain

before unwilling Hearts display'd
Was not for you the Victim slain,
are you forbid the Children's Bread ?

let thy Table honour'd be,

andfurnish'd well with joyful Guests;
And may each Soul Salvation see,

that here its holy Pledges tastes !

Drawn by thy quick'ning Grace, Lord 1

in countless Numbers let them come,
And gather from their Father's Board,

the Bread that lives beyond the Tomb !

Nor let thy spreading Gospel rest,

till through the World thy truth has run,

Till with this Bread all Men be blest,
who see the Light, or feel the Sun !


For the same.

1 A ND are we now brought near to God,
jl\. who once at Distance stood ?

And to effect this glorious Change,
did Jesus shed his Blood ?

2 for a Song of ardent Praise,

to bear our Souls above !,
What should allay our lively Hope,
or damp our flaming love !

3 Then let us join the heav'nly Choirs,

to praise our heav'nly King !
may that Love which spread this Board,
inspire us while we sing —

4 " Glory to God in highest Strains,

" and to the Earth be Peace ;
" Good-will from Heav'n to Men is come —
" And let it never cease !"




On the N E W-Y EAR.

1 '' I "'HE God of Life, whose constant Care,

J. With blessings crowns each op'ning Yej
Mj scanty Span doth still prolong,
And wakes anew mine annual Song.

2 How many precious Souls are fled
To the vast Regions of the Dead,
Since to this Day the changing Sun
Through his last yearly Period run.

3 We yet survive ; but who can say.

Or through this Year, or Month or Day,

" I shall retain this vital Breath,

*' Thus far at least, in League with Death .^"

4 That Breath is thine, eternal God ;
' 'Tis thine to fix my Soul's Abode ;

It holds its Life from thee alone

On Earth, or in the World unknown.

5 To thee our Spirits we resign,

Make them and own them still as thine ;
So shall they live secure from Fear,
Though Death shall blast the rising Year.

6 Thy Children, panting to be gone.
May bid the Tide of Time roll on,
To land them on that happy Shore,

Where Years and Death are known no more !


For the Mercies of Redemption.

1 A LL-glorious God, what Hymns of Praise
jTx. Shall our transported Voices raise ;
What ardent Love and Zeal are due.
While Heav'n stands open to onr View ?

2 Once we were fall'n , and O how low I
Just on the brink of endless Woe ;
When Jesus, from the Realms above,
Borne on the Wings of boundless Love.

3 Scatter'd

HYMNS. 485

Scatter'd the Shades of Death and night,
And spread around his heav'nly Light !
By him, what wond'rous Grace is shown
To Souls impoverish'd and undone !

He shews, beyond these mortal Shores,
A bright Inheritance as ours ;
Where Saints in Light our coming wait,
To share their holy, happy State.


Funeral Consolations.

HEAE, what the Voice from Heav'n declares
to those in Christ who die !
" Releas'd from all their earthly Cares,
" they reign with him on high."

Then why lament departed Friends,

or shake at Death's Alarms ?
Death's but the Servant Jesus sends

to call us to his Arms.

If Sin be pardon 'd we're secure,

Death hath no Sting beside ;
The Law gave Sin its Strength and Pow'r ;

but Christ, our Ransom, died !

The Graves of all his Saints he bless'd.

When in the Grave he lay ;
And rising thence their Hopes he rais'd

to everlasting Day !

Then joyfully, while Life we have,

to Christ, our Life, we'll sing —
" Where is thy Victory, O Grave ?

" and where, Death, thy sting ?"

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