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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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6272. JOHN KENDALL NEWTON 9 (Simeon B. 8 , Gilman D. 7 , Charles 6 ,
Edmund 5 , Lemuel 4 , Samuel 3 , Daniel 2 , Kichard 1 ), son of Simeon Bruce and
Susan (Kendall) Newton of Athol, Phillipston and Baldwinsville, Mass., was
born at Phillipston, January 10, 1866, and died at Athol, Mass., October 24, 1891.

He married at Greenfield, Mass., August 28, 1885, Gertrude Hathaway of
Petersham, Mass., born there December 5, 1866, daughter of Leander and Ellen
J. ( Spoon er) Hathaway.

Mr. Newton was a printer, residing in Athol, Mass., where his widow and
children now (1908) live.


0315. i. Ward Hathaway 10 , b. Jan. 24, 1887, in Fetersham, Mass.; resides (1908) in

Athol, Mass.
0310. ii. Marion Gertrude 10 , b. April 2, 1888, in North Orange, Mass. ; resides

( 1908 ) in Athol, Mass. She m. at Athol Center, by Rev. C. S. Nightingale,

June 23, 1908, Walter A. Briggs, — whose brother, Leslie Briggs, was best


6294. CHAKLES EDWAED NEWTON? (Duane E. 8 , Norman B. 7 , Ivah 6 ,
Winslow 5 , Lemuel 4 , Samuel 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Duane Epaphroditus
and Clarissa Barnes (Ludington) Newton, was born January 26, 1859.

He married October 25, 1882, Alice Huntington.

Mr. and Mrs. Newton reside at Hartford, Conn. They have three children.

Mr. Newton is treasurer of the Jewell Belting Co., tanners and manufacturers
of leather belting; established in 1848; capital, $800,000. He is a member of
the Sons of the American Revolution, No. 5,498 (as is also his brother, Arthur
Duane, No. 5,499), Connecticut society.


6318. i. Florence Huntington 10 , b. Sept. 21, 1883.

6319. ii. Arthur Gove 10 , b. Dec. 28, 1884.

0320. iii. Marjorie Ludington 10 , b. July 10, 1887.


6321. ABNER NELSON NEWTON, SR. 1 [Ancestry not traced. He may
belong to either of the three branches: Isaac of East Windsor and Stafford,
Conn., or Rev. Roger of Milford, Conn., or Thomas of Fairfield, Conn. The
name Abner occurs in all the branches of Newton]. He was born in Connecticut,
it is supposed, and surely lived there, with his family, at East Windsor, and at
Monson, Mass. ; and died at Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1839 or 1840.

He married Zaviah Skinner (date and place not known), who was a Scotch
lady, the mother of six of his children; born about 1792, or before, and died,
at Monson, Mass.(?) in July (about the 13th), 1837. "She is buried at Stafford,
Conn., in the Nelson family lot with the Nelsons who are our relatives, but has
no marked headstone." Her son writes of her: "She was a Christian and so
were my brothers and sisters." This son saw her last when he was about eleven
years old, and she sang the hymn "Loving kindness" for him. He .could not
forget it. Her husband left her about the year 1817, going West "to seek
employment" — ostensibly so — and never returned. The family was left in
destitute circumstances, the mother's health gave way and she found asylum
with her father, while her children were cared for by sympathizing friends.

Just what was the itinerary of Mr. Newton in his search for work is not known,
but after an absence of eighteen years, there was a rumor that he was living in
Cincinnati, Ohio. His son went in search of him. His comment and heart-
breaking cry is: "Why did my mother die a broken-hearted woman? Can you
not guess? . . . nothing less than that baneful, withering, blasting, blighting
curse of Rum."

He married again in the West. By the last union he left a daughter Gabrillia,
born ; married a man by the name of Hunnicut.

They had a daughter, Lida Hunnicut, and others whose names are not known.
Mr. M. J. Newton writes: "About 1894, uncle introduced me to a young man
who was descended from this marriage." "Uncle had been in touch with this
second family, I think, from the time he went in search of his father." The
children were:

Two whose names are not known [prob. died young].

6322. ti. Abner Nelson 2 , Jr., b. June 27, 1812; m. (1) Margaret J. Hope; m. (2)

Sarah H. Layton.

6323. tii. Josiah Bissell 2 , b. April 10. 1814: m. Susan Goddard Smith.

6324. iii. Louisa Maria 2 (twin), b. Dec. 25, 1816, at Monson, Mass.; d. there Jan.

31, 1875, aged 58 years. She m. there, April 16, 1837, Chauncey Wood,
a successful farmer of Monson. where he was born Sept. 21, 1814, and
where he died March 30, 1887, aged 72 years. Their children, born at
Monson, were :

6326. 1. Mary EUisa* Wood, b. Jan. 29, 1839 ; d. Oct. 20, 1853, aged 14.

6327. 2. Jane Zaviah 3 Wood, b. Oct. 9, 1840; m. at Monson, by Rev. H. P. Satch-

well, Henry Harrison Underwood, farmer, also horse-car driver and
conductor. They had no children. He d. at Springfield, Mass., April 21,
1886. She d. at Monson. June 19, 1896.

6328. 3. Francis Nelson 3 Wood, b. Dec. 31, 1842; a successful farmer at Monson;

m. at Talmer, Mass., by Rev. Dr. Vaile, Oct. 28, 1867, Ellen Maria
Stacy, who was born at Monson, Jam 26, 1850, and d. there Dec. 22,
1908. Their one child :
6330. 1. Dora Emma Jane* Wood, b. Aug. 28, 1876, at Monson ; d. there March

27, 1882.


6329. 4. Rufus Munn" ^Yoo<l b. Oct. 21, 1854; carriage and car painter; m.

Ella Ferry of Chieopee, Mass. No children. Last known at Los

Angeles, Calif.
G325. iv. Maria Louisa 2 (twin), b. Dec. 25, 181G; d. May 7, 1803. without children.
She m., as his second wife, Ralph Clough, a farmer, who d. .

6322. 1. DR. ABNER NELSON NEWTON 2 , JR. (Aimer 1 ), born at East
Windsor, Conn., June 27, 1812, "the eldest of six children" ; died at Richmond,
Ind., aged about 86 years. He married there August 11, 1844, Margaret J.
Hope, who died June 26, 1879, aged 56 years, 13 dys. She had four children.

He married (2) Eeb. 11, 1883, Mrs. Sarah H. Layton, who died Oct. 15, 1897,
aged 57 years. No children by this marriage.

Mr. Newton wrote what he designated, "Sketch of my Life. Let these few
lines my funeral sermon be: Devoid of all attempts at eulogy." It indicates
also the hymns and order of his funeral services. The paper is cherished by the
family, and from it the following is taken : A mere child, six years old, he found
a home with Captain Samuel Peters, a farmer, who also kept a tavern near the
town of Hebron, Conn., w T here he remained until he was seventeen years old.
"It proved a good home to me." Then he went to Providence, R. I., and learned
the baker's trade. He worked at the trade there for eight years. Meanwhile he
had united with the First Baptist Church at Providence, R. I., in 1831 — his
employers being members — and had signd a total abstinence pledge, "and have
kept it inviolate to the present time," he states. He also went to school and pre-
pared himself for college; entered Browni University in the fall of 1836, intend-
ing to take a thorough collegiate course of study; but a rumor reached him that
his father was living in Cincinnati, Ohio. This report revived in him a strong
desire to see his father. He left college before the term expired; worked at his
trade about three months; earned $75, and with this money, on June 1, 1837,
left for the West, traveling night and day, and arriving at Cincinnati on June
13, 1837 — "a stranger in a strange city, young and inexperienced." He found a
man whom he had known in Providence, who took him to his home "and was
indeed a friend to me — My Guardian Angel."

On November 1, 1837, he began the study of "dentistry under Dr. Melancthon
Rogers, and remained with him three years, less one month." October, 1840, he
opened an office in Cincinnati, but not meeting the success anticipated, he left
the city and opened an office in Richmond, Ind., April 1, 1841. Here he became
a successful dentist and made that city his permanent home. His children, born
there, w r ere:

G331. i. Eugene M. 3 , b. ; d. March 3, 1898, aged 54 years. He left a wife and

daughter, living, and had a son, who died.
G332. ii. Ida Z[aviah?] 3 , b. ; m. a man by name of Lemon. Her last known

address was : Mrs. Ida Z. Lemon, 10 Lincoln Ave., Fort Wayne, Ind.
6333. iii. Liixa A. 3 , b. : learned the engraver's trade: "also became a successful

stenographer in Chicago, and, I think, never married." Address not known.

6323. 2. JOSIAH BISSELL NEWTON 2 (Abner 1 ), born April 10, 1814, at
Monson, Mass.; died at Rochdale [in the town of Leicester], Mass., Oct. 20, 1847.
His estate was administered, without a wilL that year at Leicester.

He married at Monson, April 4, 1839, by Rev. Amos Snell, Susan Goddard
Smith, daughter of Jonathan and Hannah (Taylor) Smith, of Orange, Mass.,
where she was bom August 10, 1817. She died at Greenville [Leicester], Mass.,
March 6, 1864. She married (2), June 18, 1849, Thurlow Stimpson, who was
born in Hopkinton, Mass., June 12, 1796, and died at New Hartford, Conn.,
March 19, 1871. They had two children : Emily Henrietta Stimpson, born


April 16, 1850, and George Emory Stimpson, born Feb. 22, 1853. Both of whom
have families in Greenville [Leicester].

Mr. Newton was brought up by Mr. Philip Gage, farmer, on a farm in the
south part of Monson. When he became of age! he learned the trade of wool-
sorter. He probably had lived but two years in Leicester when he died there —
his sons being born at Monson, Mass., Stafford, Conn., and Enfield, Mass.,
respectively, the last date in the latter town 1845. Children :

6334. i. Myron Josiaii 3 , b. Feb. 27, 1840. at Monson, Mass. ; m. at Tidioute, Pa.,

June 9, 1870, Eliza Annittee McAuley, b. there Oct. 20, 1851, daughter of
George McAuley, a Protestant, from Ireland. After the death of his
father, and when he was eight years old, he was sent to live with Mr.
Jarvis Smith, a farmer, on a farm in the south part of Monson, near the
Connecticut line, where he staid six years. Afterward he says he was
"no baby, just grew up." Becoming of age he learned the trade of wire-
drawer, at Worcester, Mass., and beceame a member of the Worcester City
Guards. He was a soldier of the Civil War, as a member of the Sixth
Massachusetts regiment, which became famous by being mobbed in its
march through Baltimore, Md., April 19, 1861. He served in Companies
G and J, enlisting at Worcester with the three months men. He enlisted
for a term of three years at Providence R. I., in the Third Rhode Island
Heavy Artillery, and was discharged at Providence, March 31, 1865.
After the war he drifted to the oil region of Pennsylvania and began work
for the Standard Oil Company. Has been employed by that company for
over forty years. At present (1914) is division superintendent of the
United Transit Company — pipe lines. Mr. and Mrs. Newton reside at
Emlenton, Pa. He was one of the survivors of the Sixth Massachusetts
regiment who attended the reunion of the regiment at Boston in April,
1911. His children are :

6335. 1. Charles Henry*, b. May 1, 1872, at Parker's Landing, Pa.; d. July 26,

1910; unm.

6336. 2. Sarah Georgia 1 , b. May 2, 1880, at Byram Center, Pa. ; m. Sept. 4, 1909,

Edgar E. Shanor ; reside at Sharon, Pa.

6337. 3. Harriet Isabelle*, b. Nov. 23, 1884, at St. Petersburg, Pa. ; living with her

parents ; unm.

6338. ii. Rufus Henry 3 , b. May 13, 1842, at Stafford, Conn. ; m. at South Wilbraham,

Mass., by Rev. William Read, May 14, 1867, Mary Janette Day, who was
born at Monson, Mass., Nov. 11, 1841, and died at Greenville [Leicester].
June 8, 1900. They had two children. Mr. Newton was five and one-half
years old when his father died. He lived partly with his mother and some
of the time with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncy Wood. He was
a soldier in the Civil War, in Company II, 34th regiment, Massachusetts
Volunteer Infantry. He has retired from business and is living in Rock-
dale (Leicester), Mass. Mr. Newton, with much diligence, has gathered
this data and contributed it for this family record — almost complete
account of the posterity of his grandfather. He writes : "The foregoing
genealogy explains why I do not know more about our ancestors." His
children were :

6339. 1. Myron Epat)hro\ b. June 27, 1868, at Greenville (Leicester), Mass.; d.

there Feb. 11, 1905 ; unm.
6349. 2. Mary Eliza*, b. Aug. 26, 1871, at Greenville. Mass. ; unm., 1913.

6341. iii. Lucius Byron 3 , b. Jan. 10, 1845, at Enfield, Mass. ; d. there April 4, 1845.

[A doctor's record of this death appears on the records of Leicester, as of

Leicester. ]

6342. JABEZ NEWTON 1 [ancestry not traced, may belong to either of the
three branches: Isaac of Stafford; Rev. Roger of Milford; Thomas of Fair-
field; all three in Connecticut. However that may be, I am inclined to think
he was a brother of Abner Nelson Newton, Sr. (6321), of East Windsor, Conn.;
as there certainly was a reason for the names of each of their oldest sons. I
have no proof, but give it as a proposition to bo disoussnll was born March 7.
1790, and died probably in Herkimer, N. Y. He married Hannah Lester, who
was born April 3, 1796. They had twelve children, only two of whom were
living in 1907.



























Mr. Newton removed with his family, wife and one son, in an ox-cart, from
Connecticut to Herkimer, N. Y., in 1816, where he settled, and where his
children were born. They were:

Nelson A. 2 , b. June 11. 1814. in Connecticut.

Alexander Hamilton 2 , b. Aug. 8 or 14, 1816: m. Fannie Coolidge.

Charles 2 , b. Nov. 19, 1818; m. and had children. One was

, a dau.. who was Mrs. J. J. Lurvey, living 1907, in Oakfield, Wis.

Louisa 2 , b. Sept. 27, 1820.

Melissa L. 2 , b. July 29, 1822.

Fannie 3 , b. April 14, 1824.

William P. 2 , b. Aug. 14. 1825.

Betsey A. 2 , b. Aug. 5, 1828.

Amos F. 2 , b. Aug. 13. 1830. His oldest daughter, Mrs. W. Stubbs, was living

(1907) at No. 2318 South Seventh St., Sheboygan, Wis.
Esther 2 , b. Aug. 10. 1832; m. Floyd Huntington. She was living (1907)

at No. 6362 Minerva St.. Chicago. 111.
George L. 2 , b. Dec. 14. 1834; was living (1907) in Oakfield, Wis.
Harriet D. 2 , b. Aug. 9, 1837.

6344. ALEXANDER HAMILTON NEWTON 2 (Jabez 1 ), born at Frankfort
Hill, Herkimer County, N. Y., August 8 or 14, 1816 ; died there at the home of
his daughter Ellen, November 8, 1904, aged 88. He married (1) September 30,
1846, Fannie Coolidge, born July 8, 1828, at Frankfort Hill, N. Y. ; died March

13, 1856. Four children. He married (2) , 1868, Cynthia Manning Ser-

gent, daughter of John Manning Sergent and his wife Elmina Fox, by whom
he had one child. She was living in 1906.

Mr. Newton resided at Frankfort Hill, where he was a farmer, owning his farm.
His children were :

6355. i. Porter Hamilton 8 , b. Aug. 14. 1847, at Jerusalem. Herkimer County, N. Y. ;

d. at Green Bay, Wis.. Jan. 8, 1906. He married at DePere, Wis., by
Rev. Edward P. Salmon. Oct. 27. 1875, Mrs. Sarah Melissa (Stearns)
Reynolds, daughter of Harrison and Angeline (Tinny) Stearns of Ohio,
born at Green Bay. Wis., Oct. 10. 1849, and widow of John Madison
Reynolds,* by whom she had five children. Mr. Newton had no children.
Educated in the public schools, and the College at Herkimer, N. Y.. he
went west to Green Bay when about seventeen years old. and found
employment in the lumber mills. Later he became an expert filer and
was employed by various firms — in Marshfield, Wis., and other towns, but
his home was at Green Bay. Wis. He is spoken of as being "an intelli-
gent man, amiable and good." He was fond of reading and of writing and
of entertaining children. He wrote in his Bible the family record from
which much of this data is taken. He and his wife were active supporters
of the near-by Baptist Church, although not members of it.

His death came unexpectedly. Being at the time head filer at the Green
Bay Paper and Fiber Company's Mill, he was caught in the belting shortly
before seven o'clock, a. m., and carried by a cross belt until his head
came in contact with a large beam, killing him instantly. His widow
resides at the residence, No. 948 Shawano Ave.. West Green Bay.

6356. ii. Ellen 3 , b. Jan. 11, 1848. at Herkimer County, N. Y. ; was living in Herkimer

in 1906. She m. at Litchfield, Herkimer County, N. Y., April 11, 1866,
George F. Johnson, b. Feb. 22. 1840 ; d. at Herkimer. N. Y.. Aug. 18, 1896,
son of David and Sarah (Pittcock) Johnson, who were both born in Eng-
land. She m. (2) at Herkimer, N. Y.. Nov. 26. 1898, Orange Turncliff.
b. in 1838; d. at Van Hornesville, Herkimer County, N. Y., July 18,
1899. Children, by first marriage, were :

• John Madison Reynolds was born in New York State, April 27, 1842 ; m. March 13,
1865, Sarah Melissa Stearns. Their children were : 1. May Reynolds, b. Dec. 22, 1865, at
Green Bay. 2. Carrie Ella Reynolds, b. Nov. 3. 1867. at Green Bay. 3. George Harrison
Reynolds, b. March 5. 1870 ; a soldier in the Spanish War. 4. Clarence Edman Reynolds,
b. July 26, 1872. 5. Hattie Bell Reynolds, b. Dec. 2, 1874.


G3G0. 1. Cora Leynn* Johnson, b. May 27, 1867, at Denison Corners, Herkimer

County, N. Y. ; m. Oct. 18, 1884, at Utica, Oneida County, N. Y., Frank
Spohn, b. at Columbia, Herkimer County, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1859. They
reside in Herkimer, N. Y.. and have one son :

6361. 1. George Raymond 5 Spohn, b. July 26, 1890, at Herkimer.

6362. 2. Fannie Janett* Johnson, b. Sept. 26, 1869, at Denison Corners. Herkimer

County, N. Y. ; is unm. ; resides with her mother in Herkimer, N. Y.,
No. 309 Smith Ave.

6357. iii. Jaxett M. 3 , b. Oct. 13, 1849. at ; m. at Frankfort, Herkimer County,

N. Y., July 24, 1872, Bernard Cristman, born . 1841. They reside

at No. 332 North Washington St., Herkimer, N. Y. One son :

6363. 1. Raymond Rernard 1 Cristman, b. July 10, 1873, at Mohawk, Herkimer

County, N. Y. ; d. there May 10, 1889.

6358. iv. Eva 3 , b. Aug. 29, 1854, at Durhamville, N. Y. ; resides at Buffalo, N. Y. ; m.

at Frankfort, Herkimer County. N. Y., April 3, 1873, Jacob Cristman,
son of William and Mariah (Haner) Cristman. One child:

6364. 1. Grace Adcll* Cristman, b. Oct. 2, 1878, at Denison Corners, N. Y. ; unm.

Child by second wife :

6359. v. Flora A. 3 , b. April 21, 1869, at German Flats, Herkimer County, N. Y. ;

resides : m. November — , 1885, Eugene Barger, son of John and

Libbie (Crewell) Barger, died Feb. — , 1905. One child:
6364a. 1. Daisy* Barger, b. , at Denison Corners, Herkimer County, N. Y.

6353. 11. GEORGE L. NEWTON 2 (Jabez 1 ), born December 14, 1834; mar-
ried Oct. 17, 1864, Mary Summer, who was born May 10, 1844. Mr. Newton
was a soldier in the Civil War, enlisting October 19, 1864, in Company G, First
Wisconsin regiment of Heavy Artillery and was discharged June 26, 1865. In
1907 he was living in Oakfield, Wis., so afflicted with rheumatism that he could
scarcely move about. He had one son :

6365. i. Cuarles J. 3 , b. July 10, 1867; m. March 25, 1894, Mary Greget, b. Nov. 6,

1869. Children :

6366. 1. Floyd V*, b. March 18, 1895.

6367. 2. Ruth E.\ b. Aug. 15, 1897.

6368. 3. IVallaee*, b. Nov. 27, 1899.

6369. EBENEZER NUTON [NEWTON] and wife, Mary, had born at Fal-
mouth (now Portland), Maine, a son, John, March 25, 1725, as appears on the
records of that town. "October y e 26 th 1741. A lift tax of Fifteen Shillings a
man be paid on every wright by the petitioners in the Expedition to Canada in
1690 — who are as follows — (viz)." Then follows 124 names among which are
the names of Ebenezer Newton, Abner Newton, James Taylor, Peter Bent and
many more names of the pioneer settlers of Sudbury. The above refers to "the
proprietors of the Sudbury-Canada Grant, ultimately located in Maine, em-
bracing the present towns of Jay and Canton." [Hist Gen. Reg., Vol. 30.]

[I do not known who the above Ebenezer Newton was. He would need to
have been born as early as the first decade of 1700. His name occurring among
other "proprietors of the Sudbury-Canada Grant" would indicate that he, too,
was from Sudbury — and, by inference a descendant of Richard Newton 1 , the
immigrant, whose birth failed to be recorded. I do not know. The grants of
land in Maine to the Sudbury people would account for Ebenezer Newton being
in that vicinity. Also, it seems not impossible that his son John, born March
25, 1725, might be the John Newton 1 of Gosport, Isle of Shoals, N. H. I place
him next with that idea, and for convenience. After this John Newton, I shall
place Ebenezer Newton of Keene, N. H., who may have been of this family,
perhaps a younger brother of John of Isle of Shoals. This is all conjecture, of
course. Only facts are proof.]


6370. JOHN NEWTON 1 of Gosport, Isle of Shoals, N. H. [This record is
taken from an article contributed by Joseph W. Warren, M.D., of Bryn Mawr,
Pa., to the N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg. If I have failed to comprehend the relation-
ships, the article can be seen.]

John Newton and Sarah Currier joined in marriage at the church in Gosport,
by Rev. Mr. John Tucke (who wrote the record of it) on November 30, 1747.
October 26, 1749, Mrs. Sarah Newton renewed her covenant with the church,
with many others. Six children were born to them and baptized in the church
at Gosport. On August 23, 1752, was placed against her name the mark (+)
of those who had "Removed from Hence." On August 19, 1771, "Samuel
Webber, Widower, & Sarah Newton, Widow, were Joyned in Marriage" — which
would indicate that John Newton 1 had died not long before that date. His
children were:

6371. i. John 2 , bapt. Dec. 10, 1749.

6372. ii. RicnARD 2 , bapt. Nov. 4, 1753.

6373. iii. Abigail 2 , bapt. Nov. 7, 1756.

6374. iv. Nancy 2 , bapt. Feb. 24, 1760.

6375. tv. John 2 , bapt. March 20, 1763.

6376. vi. James 2 , bapt. April 20, 1766.

Among the deaths on record in the Gosport, N. H., church are: "John Newton
Died 1810." And "John Newton Jr. Died 1810." The Columbian Centinel
(Boston) of February, 1811, notes among recent deaths : "In Portsmouth Mr.
John Newton of the Isle of Shoals, set. 47." An inscription from the North
Cemetery of Portsmouth has for him "John Newton, a native of Gosport, died
Jan. 26, 1811, aged 48." These records would indicate the above John to be
son of John Newton 1 .

6375. JOHN NEWTON 2 (son of John 1 and Sarah, above), bapt. March
20, 1763, at Gosport, N. H.; died at Portsmouth, N. H., January 26, 1811,
aged 48.

His wife was Sally . "Sally Newton, the Wife of John Newton Died

June the — , 1804," is the record. August 6, 1800, Rev. Jedediah Morse of
Charlestown, Mass., was sent as a sort of missionary to inquire into the state of
these islands, to distribute books and otherwise assist them. Among the persons
baptized on August 10, 1800, were the children of this John and Sarah Newton,
namely :

6377. i. John 3 , Jr. [prob. born about 1784, was not then baptized] , who died in

1810, as above. He is supposed to be the John Newton noted in the
History of Rye as marrying Mary Haley of the Shoals, on July 23,
1804, probably at Rye. She was probably daughter of John and Mary
(Bellamy) Haley of Kittery and the Shoals. There is no record of the
children of this couple.

Oct. 29, 1800, the new stone meetinghouse was completed — to be used
both for public worship and for school purposes. The pews, by purchase,
belonged to the several individuals mentioned, the number 6 pew to Mr.
John Newton, whom I suppose to be this man. As was also the John
Newton elected selectman 1803 and 1804. Whether he also served those
years as constable, too, as was voted, or perhaps a son of his, is unknown
to me.

6378. ii. Nancy 3 , bapt. Aug. 10, 1800 [prob. b. about 17861.

6379. iii. Phebe 3 , bapt. Aug. 10, 1800 [prob. b. about 17881 ; d. ; "recent

deaths," noted Dec. 20, 1800, "Miss Thebe Newton, aged 11."
0380. iv. James 3 , bapt. Aug. 10, 1800 [prob. b. about 1790].
6381. v. Mark 3 , bapt. Aug. 10, 1800 [prob. b. about 1792] ; d. Dec. 26, 1S25.

He m. at Gosport, N. II., March 31, 1817, Mary Caswell, daughter of John


and Mary (Mace) Caswell of Gosport, where she was b. Oct. 10, 1792.
After his death she m. his brother Isaac, as below. Six children of Mark
and Mary Newton, b. at Gosport, were :
G383. 1. John C. 4 , b. Jan. 12, 1818.

G384. 2. Joseph M. 4 , b. April 4, 1819, "Joseph C." and "William C." Newton

were two of the committee of thirteen "To dispose of the Surplus
Revenue [of the town] as above Recorded." I suppose, this Joseph*.
G385. 3. Mary*, b. May 30, 1820 ; d. Oct. 6, 1822, aged 2 yrs., 4 mos.

6386. 4. Mary C. 4 , b. Sept. 9, 1822 ; d. Dec. 19, 1842, aged 21.

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