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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 101 of 131)
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6387. 5. Clarissa D. 4 , b. April 6, 1823; d. at Portsmouth, N. H., Dec. 14, 1842,

aged 19.

6388. 6. Mark William Cutter 4 , b. Nov. 8, 1824. I suppose this is the "Mark C.

Newton" who was one of the constables in the years 1846 and 1847.
After that I suppose he is the person called "William C. Newton" (since
there is no other William mentioned) who became an active and trusted
citizen in the affairs of the town! as police officer and on school com-
mittee ; constable and town clerk 1848 ; moderator of the town meeting
1859 ; and agent to repair the town boat and to use the surplus town
funds, 1849-1850; selectman and moderator in 1852 and 1853; tax
gatherer, 1854 ; representative, 1854.
6382. vi. Isaac K. s , b. June 2, 1798; bapt. Aug. 10, 1800; m. March 6, 1827, Mrs.
Mary (Caswell) Newton, widow of his brother Mark Newton. He was
elected one of the selectmen for 1846, and one of the constables for 1847.
His children were :

6389. 1. Nancy Ann 4 , b. Oct. 16, 1827; m. at Newburyport, July 7, 1856, by

Edmund Smith, J. P., William Brenin of Halifax, N. S.

6390. 2. Sarah Elizaoeth 4 , b. Oct. 28, 1829; m. by Rev. S. Phantom, at Ports-

mouth, Nov. 7, 1855, Samuel H. Robinson, Jr., "both of Gosport."
They had a daughter :

6391. 1. Estelle Newton 6 Robinson, b. Jan. 4, 1857.

6392. 3. Harriet Augusta 4 , b. July 6, 1833.

6393. 4. Isaac Elvin 4 , b. Sept. 18, 1836. I suppose he is the "Elvin Newton" of

Gosport, who m. at Newburyport, N. H., by Rev. Willard Smith, Oct.
27, 1855, Mary J. Robinson, "both of Gosport." A daughter :

6394. 1. Ida 5 , b. Sept. 24, 1856.

6395. EBENEZER NEWTON 1 of Keene, N. H. [ancestry not known, but
probably descended from Richard 1 ] was born about 1740, and died at Rochester,
Vt. His grave, in the cemetery in Rochester village, is marked by a headstone
inscribed :

"Ebenezer Newton »

Died May 14, 1814
Aged 74 years."

He married at Keene, N. H, both being residents of Keene, by Rev. Clement
Sumner, on June 2, 1768, Susannah Hubert, [also written Hobert and Hubbard.]
She is supposed to have come from Milton or Braintree, Mass. Whose daughter
she was I have not learned; but would suggest that she is probably descended
from the immigrant Edmund Hubbard who settled at Hingham, Mass. She
was born about 1750 and died at Rochester, Vt., at the home of her son David,
where she had spent her last years. She is buried in the North Hollow Cemetery,
where her headstone is inscribed :

"Susanna Newton, wife of Ebenezer Newton,

Died June 2, 1838,

Aged 88 years."

Mr. Newton came, from somewhere unknown to me, to Keene, N. H., when
quite a young man — a youth, in fact, for he was there in 1754, and it is
recorded of him that he was a soldier during the French and Indian wars of
1754-1757 from Keene. His service was in connection with General Amherst's




Army, which captured Ticonderoga. The tradition in the family is that he
was one of the scouts or pioneers across the Green Mountains from Charlestown,
jj g jj. — No. 4, it was then designated — to Ticonderoga. He was young for such
service, if the dates on his headstone are correct. But at that time both young
and old were out to defend their homes.

The next date on the records is his marriage in 1768.

In 1770, Ebenezer Newton, with others, was given liberty by the town to
build pews in the meetinghouse at Keene, and to divide them among themselves
as they should agree. This would indicate that Ebenezer was something of a
carpenter, by this time.

About 1775 we find Ebenezer Newton on a muster roll of Keene in a company
of 117 officers and men, with an "Alarm List" of 45 men. "A list of the foot
Company of Keene." The alarm list was made up of older and not fully able-
bodied men. They were not expected to go far from their homes, but to protect
them, while the younger men followed the enemy.

April 12, 1776, Ebenezer Newton signed the "Association Test" of loyalty.

November 22, 1776, Ebenezer Newton signed a petition for a pest-house for

In 1776 Ebenezer Newton was connected with the New Hampshire militia as
a soldier of the Revolution. He was enrolled in Col. Ashley's regiment, which
participated in the battle of Bennington on August 16, 1777.

June 29, 1777, Col. Ashley marched against Burgoyne. Among the enlisted
men was Ebenezer Newton of Keene, N. H.

In 1790, the First United States Census gives our Ebenezer Newton still at
Keene, N. H., where his family consists of himself — i. e., one male and six
females. This would prove that he was still a citizen of Keene and did not
move to Rochester, Yt., so early as 1780, as the family supposed. The war
was well over and the country settled down before he changed his residence.
Thus his children were all born at Keene, N. H., and are recorded on the town
books. Mrs. Hester (Page) Dunham, now living on what was supposed to be
his home place in Rochester, Vt., writes : "Ebenezer Newton was my great-grand-
father, but this place was never his. It was settled by his son, David Newton,
in 1800, and if he ever made his home here it was not a permanent one."


6396. ti. David 2 , b. May 13, 1769; m. Mary Daniels: res. Rochester, Vt.

6397. ii. Hobert-, b. Feb. 15, 1771: m. in Keene. N. H., March 12, 1792, by Rev.

Aaron Hall, Achsah Hall, daughter of Jesse and Achsah ( ) Hall, b.

in Keene, N. H., Sept. 29, 1770.

6398. iii. Desire 2 , b. Oct. 9, 1773.

6399. tiv. Ebenezer (Eben 2 ), b. April 26, 1776; m. Lucinda Sabin.

6400. v. Adin Hubbard 2 , b. Sept. 13, 1778; is supposed to have lived in the Genesee

Valley, N. T. ; has descendants.

6401. tvi. Rufus 2 , b. March — , 1780; m. in Keene. N. H., Aug. 9, 1802, by Rev.

Aaron Hall, Sally Brown. Rufus 2 lived in Rochester and Brandon, Vt.

6402. vii. Susannah", b. Feb. 7, 1783: d. April 23. 1804. in Keene; m. there, by

Rev. Aaron Hall, May 1. 1799, William Willson of Keene, N. H. They
resided in Keene, where they had two children, and he married (2) Oct. 19,
1805, Prudence Cummings, who had one child, and d. March 20 or 21, 1832,
aged 50 or 53 yrs. William Willson d. Aug. 16. 1854, aged 74. The
children were :

1. Jchicl 3 Willson, b. Aug. 22, 1799: m. Abigail D. Metcalf. Seven children.

2. William 3 Willson, b. March 18, 1803 : d. Feb. 24. 1847, aged 44.

3. Elsicorth Cummings 3 Willson (son of Prudence), b. March 26, 1819.

6403. viii. Abigail. Nabby 2 , b. May 3, 1785; m. in Keene, by Rev. Aaron Hall, Dec.

29, 1803, Joel Gleason of Littleton, N. H.

6404. ix. Betty 2 (twin), b. Sept. 22. 1788.

6405. x. Saixy 2 (twin), b. Sept. 22. 1788; m. Daniels.

6406. xi. Crete 2 , b. Feb. 14, 1790.


'6396. DAVID NEWTON 2 (Ebenezer 1 ), son of Ebenezer and Susannah (Hub-
bard) Newton of Keene, N. H., was born there May 13, 1769. He married Mary
Daniels and had three children. He moved to Castleton, Vt., and removed to
Rochester, Vt., where in 1800 he settled on a place and made a home that is now
(1914) occupied by his great-granddaughter. He was living there in 1828. His
death date is unknown to me. His children were:

0407. i. George 3 , b. Aug. 12, 1804; m. Wealthy Goodell and had four sons:

1. Henri/ Dvright*, oldest son: living (1912) in West Etindge, X. II.

2. Riley G.*, b. ; living (19121 in Roseland. Moore County, N. C.

3. Joseph Harlan 1 , b. ; living (1912) in St. George, Ga.

4. Charles Albert*, b. Jan. 29, 1840, at Rochester, Vt. ; was living there

Nov., 1912; m. at Manchester. X. H.. Feb. 20, 1873, Mary F. Pingree,
who was b. in Auburn, N. H.. Dec. 19, 1846. Mr. and Mrs. Newton
reside in Rochester, Vt. ; postoffice address is "Maplehurst Farm,"
R. F. D.. No. 1. Their children are:

1. Mary Alice 5 , b. Oct. 23, 1874, at Auburn. X. H. ; m. at Rochester, Vt.,

Aug. 21, 1902, William Gilbert Brooks.

2. Charles George 5 , b. Jan. 26, 1882, at Meriden, Conn. ; m. at Randolph,

Vt., June 14, 1912, Grace E. Minkler.

3. Orice Grace 5 , b. Oct. 15, 18S3, at Rochester, Vt.

6408. ii. David 3 , Jr., b. — , 180- ; m. his cousin, Sarah Newton (6455), daughter of

Rufus, Sr., and Sally (Brown 1 Newton of Brandon, Vt. She d. in
Rochester, Vt.. 1899. "Three children, two grown, survived." In 1828
Mr. Newton was living in Rochester, Vt. His father's brother, Eben, died
that year, and Adin II. Xewton (6418), then a lad of eleven years, came
to live in the family. "He was brought up by his cousin David Newton,
2nd," is the statement. Children were :
\ 1. Charles*, that died.

2. Hattie E.\ b. ; d. 1899 ; m. Clark of Cedar Rapids, Iowa,

who d. Sept. — , 1892.

3. Emily O.*, b. ; was living in Chicago in 1913; m. Pearsons.

Their son

6410a. 1. Charles G. 5 Pearsons, b. , wa.s captain of a Vermont company in

the Civil War, and was killed at the battle of Cold Harbor, Va.

6409. iii. Mary 3 , b. , 180- ; m. Page. They had a daughter :

6410. 1. Hester Page*, b. ; m. Dunham ; res. Rochester, Vt.

6399. EBENEZER, "EBEN" NEWTON 2 (Ebenezer 1 ), son of Ebenezer
and Susannah (Hubbard) Newton of Keene, N. H., and Rochester, Vt., was
born at Keene, N. H, April 26, 1776, and died at Moretown, Vt., June — , 1828,
aged 52.

He married, , 1798, Lucinda Sabin, born September 21, 1780. She

married (2) Zachariah Curtis of Moretown. Vt.

It is said by one branch of this family that Eben Newton lived in Moretown,
Vt., and that his children were born there. In the family of his youngest child,
Sarah D., there is extant an old family Bible, which contains a record of the
births of Eben Newton, his wife and children. The record below is a copy of it.


6411. i. Setii Lewis 3 , b. Nov. 6, 1799; was sometime in Lewis, N. Y. ; moved to

Illinois, and left a large familv of childen.

6412. ii. Harry 3 , b. Feb. 28, 1802; d. Aug. 21, 1856: m. (1) Carpenter;

m. (2) Warren: lived all his life in Vermont; left a family of

four boys and three gilds. Two of the sons lived and died in Vermont.
Children :

6420. 1. Henry*, b. ; was a soldier of the Civil War, served in Stannard's

Vermont Brigade : was wounded at the battle of Gettysburg, recovered,
and d. about 1901, at Moretown, Vt.

6421. 2. Daniel*, b. ; was living in 1906 in Lewis County, N. Y.

6422. 3. Adin Hubbard*, b. ; "recently died in Denver, Colo., leaving a

family of two sons and one daughter, I think." 1013.

6423. 4. Ira*, b. ; was living in 1906 in Montana.



0413. iii.

6414. iv.

G415. v.

6416. vi.

6417. vii.

G418. tviii

6418a. ix.

G419. x.

Susan 3 , b. Oct. 8, 1804; m.

Black of Stowe, Vt. She d. without

Bryant of Pomfret,






Betsey 3 , b. May 1, 180S ; d. Aug. 10, 1864; m. —

Vt. She had one son.
Daniel S. 3 , b. May 27. 1810; m. Lois Warren; he lived all his life in

Stowe, Vt., and died there. One child :

1. Warren*, b. ; was living in 1906 in Tuscumbia, Ala., with his

family — three sons and two daughters.

Maria 3 , b. Feb. 7. 1813 : m. Varney ; lived in Waterbury, Vt.

Mary 3 , b. April 20, 1815; m. Stowell. They lived in Fitzwilliam,

N. H. ; had one daughter, now dead.
Adin Hubbard 3 , b. .Tan. 23, 1817 [.Tune 12 at Castleton, Vt., is given by

his family] ; m. Susan Angenette Hatch.
Prudence 3 , b. Nov. 9, 1818; said to be living in 1906 at Potsdam, Essex

Countv, N. Y. ; m. David Wrisley.
Sarah Daniels 3 , b. March 18, 1823 ; d. at Des Moines, la., Feb. 28, 1905,

aged 82 ; m. at Stowe, Vt., , 1839, Lorenzo N. Rogers, only son of

Jabez and - - ( — — ) Rogers of Vermont and New York. He

— , 1821. and d. at Des Moines, la., Feb.

was born at Essex, N. Y., —
28, 1905, one-half hour before his wife. Mr. and Mrs. Rogers moved from
Vermont to Potsdam, N. Y., where they resided for a time. In 1870 they
removed from there to Guthrie Center, la., where they remained about
thirty-five years, thence to Des Moines, la., where they died — and in their
deaths they were not divided. Their family Bible, from which the early
dates of her family here given were copied, is inscribed : "Sarah D.
Rogers Bible. A Present From Her Brother Daniel S. Newton of Stowe,
Vt." Her children were:

James Henry* Rogers, b. Feb. 22, 1844, near Essex, Essex County, N. Y. ;
d. at Guthrie Center, la., June 17, 1904 ; m. at Guthrie Center, la.,
Jan. 10, 1875, Laura Caroline Taylor, b. at LaHarpe, 111., daughter of
William Henry and Effie Frances (Fitch) Taylor,* natives of Massa-
chusetts and later residing in Illinois. She was b. May 4, 1856, and
was living in 1913. James H. 4 Rogers was a banker at Guthrie Center,
la. His children were :

1. Edith Hester 5 Rogers (twin), b. Aug. 26, 1876; m. Feb. 2, 1897, Emmet

Updegraff. They reside (1912) in Palisade, Colo., and have two
children :

1. Max Rogers 6 Updegraff, b. Aug. 29, 1899.

2. Edward Bower 6 Updegraff, b. Nov. 3, 1903.

2. Edward William 6 Rogers (twin), b. Aug. 26, 1876: m. June 14, 1905,

Lulu Lemnon. They reside at San Antonio, Texas ; no children.

3. Irene Taylor 5 Rogers, b. March 7, 1882; m. June 21, 1905, Pearl

Warren Dowd. They reside at Guthrie Center, la., and have one
child, viz. :
1. James Rogers 8 Dowd, b. May 6, 1909.
Hester Ann* Rogers, b. Sept. 3, 1848; m. at Guthrie Center, la., about
1873, J. F. McLuen. They were living in 1913 in Des Moines, la.

6418. DK. ADIN HUBBARD NEWTON 3 (Eben 2 , Ebenezer 1 of Keene),
son of Eben and Lucinda (Sabin) Newton of Moretown, Vt., was born at
Castleton, Vt., June 12, 1817, died at Everett, Mass., July 6, 1904, aged 87.

He married, June 22, 1845 [1844], Susan Angenette Hatch, born in North
Attleboro, Mass., August 7, 1819, and died at Everett, Mass., August 4, 1905,
aged 85, daughter of Israel and Mary (Gerould) Hatch. Her grandfather was
Col. Israel Hatch, an officer of the Revolutionary War, who was at one time
of General Washington's staff; was the owner and proprietor of the celebrated

• William Hexry Taylor was son of Jesse and Lucy Parker Taylor.

Jesse Taylor was son of James and Sarah Wright Taylor.

James Taylor was a soldier of the Revolutionary War. He was first corporal under Capt.
Oliver Root; second sergeant under Captains John Strong and William Francis, and saw
service at Bennington, Lake Champlain and White Plains. Through this service his descendants
have become members of the Societies S. A. R. and D. A. R.

Effie Frances Fitch is descended from "Pelatiah Fitch, b. 1755, who owned a vessel called
the Hiram. The ship was captured by the French.''


Hatch Tavern in Boston; operated for many years the line of coaches between
Boston and Providence, R. I., the half-way house of which was at North
Attleboro, Mass.

Mary Gerould was a lineal descendant of Dr. Jacques Jerould [Gerould], a
Huguenot, who came to America in the eighteenth century.

Rev. Dr. Adin H. Newton, in his early years, lived in Moretown, Vt. ; in
1828, he lived in Rochester, Vt., with his cousin, David Newton, 2d (6407) ;
went to North Attleboro, Mass., about 1838; married in 1845; was ordained a
preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and stationed at Westport, Hing-
ham and Truro, Mass. His voice gave out and he gave up the ministry and
studied medicine. As a physician, at Truro, in 1854, he practiced medicine
there until 1866, when he moved to Chatham, Mass. ; in 1876 moved to Province-
town, Mass. ; retired in 1891, when he went to Everett, Mass., where he lived
the remainder of his life.

Mr. Newton held many public offices; was Representative to the General
Court in 1858-9; was always esteemed as a citizen and as a man. He had a
wide reputation as a skillful physician. Dr. and Mrs. Newton celebrated their
golden wedding in Everett. They lived together more than sixty years, before
death called them. Their children were:

G432. i. Mary Ella 4 , b. May 26, 1846, at Hingham (all the others b. at Truro).
She was living in 1906 in Everett ; m. at Chatham, Mass., in 1870, Fred-
erick Austin Patterson, son of Francis A. and Azubah (Hammond) Pat-
terson of Chatham, where he was b. in 1841. "He died in 1903 aged about
62." Their children were :

6443. 1. Alice Zelia? Patterson (M.D.), b. Oct. — , 1874, in Chatham; was gradu-

ated in 1896 from Boston University of Medicine ; is practicing physi-
cian at New Bedford Hospital ; resides in Everett with her mother and

6444. 2. Winnifred* Patterson, b. March — , 1886, at Provincetown, Mass. ;


6433. ii. Sarah Jane 4 , b. Aug. 8, 1848 ; d. April 16, 1906 ; unm.

6434. iii. Edward Cazeneau 4 , b. July 10, 1850 ; d. Oct. 20, 1850.

6435. iv. Edward Bonnor Cazeneau 4 , b. Dec. 28, 1851 ; d. July 17, 1859.

6436. v. Horatio Danforth 4 , b. Feb. 12, 1853; d. at his home, No. 62 Trenton

St., East Boston, Mass., Jan. 15, 1902. He m. at Chatham, Dec. 4, 1879,
Susan Taylor Smith, daughter of Capt. Ephraim and Susan (Hawes)
Smith of Chatham. Mr. Newton was a teacher throughout his manhood
life — an accomplished scholar. Offered the superintendency of schools at
various time, he declined, preferring to teach. When fourteen years of
age, he moved with his parents from Truro to Chatham, Mass., where he
was graduated from the high school ; 1876 was graduated from the State
Normal School at Bridgewater ; teacher in the grammar school at Essex ;
principal of the high school at Westport ; master of the grammar schools
at Marlborough, Provincetown, Taunton, Somerville; sub-master of
Lyman and Emerson schools at East Boston, and lastly master of the
Franklin School of Boston, which position he held at the time of his

Mr. Newton had especially prepared himself in music and art. and gave
much attention to these branches in connection with his teaching. He
studied history under Professor Hart of Harvard University, and psychol-
ogy with Dr. Larkin Dunton of Boston Normal School. He was a member
of several teachers' clubs and associations and musical societies, which often
led to his filling positions as choirmaster and soloist in several churches.
He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and of its official
board. His widow and three of his four children survive.

6445. 1. Mercy Osborn 5 , b. March 13, 1881, at Provincetown; in 1902 was a

sophomore in Boston College of Liberal Arts.

6446. 2. Angenette\ b. March 4, 1882 ; 1902, freshman at Radcliffe.

6447. 3. Henry Smith 5 , b. Nov. — , 1885 ; d. in 1887.

6448. 4. Adin OerouW, b. April 9, 1890, at East Boston; leather merchant in

Boston, Mass., at No. 22 High St. ; unm. in 1912.

6437. vi. Adin Herbert 4 , b. July 12, 1855; music teacher; unm. in 1909; residing

at No. 47 Linden St., Everett, Mass.



6438 \ii. FitA.MC Loomis SABIN 4 , M.D., b. April 9, 1857 ; m. May 6, 188G, Josephine
Louise Bonapart Lewis of Dartmouth, daughter of George and Sarah
(Stratford) Lewis of Westport, Mass.. where .she was b. July — , 1855.
Dr. Newton took his medical degree in L884, Boston University; was for
a lime house physician of Massachusetts Homoeopathic Hospital; took a
course of study in Europe in the General Hospital clinics at Vienna and
at the Rotunda Hospital, at Dublin, taking the degree of L.M. Returning
to America he settled in Sornerville, Mass., where he has continued in
practice. Resides on Highland Ave. His children are:

G449. 1. Allium Lewis', b. about 1891 — "age, 15 in 1906" — at Sornerville.

6450. 2. Frank Hatch', b. about 1893 — "age 13 in 19UG" — at Sornerville.

6439. viii. Srs.w Ancknettk 4 , b. Feb. 22, 1859; d. at I'rovincetown in 1891, aged 32;

1)440. ix. Harky Huestis 4 , b. Dec. 2, 18G0 ; lawyer; practicing in Everett and
Boston, Mass.; resides at Waverly St., Everett; m. August 30, 1892,
Ahbie Josephine Hale of Rowley, Mass.; b. May 3, 18G0. Mr. Newton*
is an active and useful citizen of his town and state. Few men are better
equipped by experience and adaptibility to the public service. It is stated:
"Hon. IT. Huestis Newton of Everett is a man of note in our Legislature"
| Mass. General Court, in the State House at Boston]. He was a repre-
sentative to the Legislature continuously 1898-1904, holding the import-
ant committee assignments: 1898, on judiciary; 1899, chairman com-
mittee on taxation ; second member on committee on election laws ; 1900,
chairman committee on cities: member committee on rules; 1901-2-3,
chairman committee on judiciary ; committee on rules ; committee on
revision of public statutes (1901) ; 1904, chairman committee on metro-
politan affairs and on rules.

Mr. Newton, as delegate to the Republican State Convention, April,
1904, was chairman of the committee on resolutions. He was elected and
served as mayor of Everett for the year 1905. In 1913 he ran as a
"progressive" for the office of attorney-general and was defeated. It is
written of him that his "well-known position on every moral question;
unimpeachable character ; sterling integrity, legal and executive ability are
recognized and highly appreciated by our citizens." He served his city
four years on the school board, and five years city solicitor. He was a
graduate, 1883, from Boston University, and was admitted to the bar in
1889. See note below. His children are:

0451. 1. Ernest Hale 5 , b. Dec. 28. 1893, at Everett.

G452. 2. norland Bowditch", b. Nov. 11, 189G, at Everett.

G441. x. Edwaki) CAZENEAU 4 (M.D.), b. Nov. 20, 1802; m. Ida Price Howes, b.
Oct. — , 18G0, at Essex, Mass.; d. at Everett, Jan. 1, 1890; m. (2)
Florence Sparrow, dau. of Roscoe Deforest and Flora A. (Keyes) Sparrow
of Orland, Maine, where she was b. July 4, 1872 ; no children. Dr.
Newton was graduated from Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York,
March 4, 1887. He was practicing physician at Provincetown 1887-88;
Everett, March, 1889, to March, 1900; Minneapolis, Wis., 1900-1908,
when he gave up the practice of his profession and devoted himself to the
manufacture and sale of medicines — the product of a plant at Portland.
Maine, in which he had been for some years before financially interested.
In 1909 he was residing at No. 2800 Fremont Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.

0442. xi. William Morrison 4 , b. May 20, 1800 ; d. at Provincetown, Mass., Jan. 6,
1900, aged 33 yrs., 7 mos. He was a teacher in Waltham, Boston, Charles-
town, and sub-master at Warren. His life work up to the time of his
death was teaching. He married at Provincetown, Dec. 25, 1892, Mary
Elbridge Nickerson, b. at Provincetown, Oct. — , 1802 ; was living there
in 1909. They had one child,

0453. 1. William Cazeneau*, b. Dec. 31, 1893.

* The following from the Boston Transcript, 1011, is relative and interesting: "Ex-Repre-
sentative Newton of Everett, who ranks as one of the substantial guns of the Republican party,
took three letters in shorthand the other day, though he had not tried it for fifteen years.
He also read back his notes. He was in a group discussing the ease with which such arts are
lost through lack of practice, when he ventured the suggestion he could call it back. When he
had finished he explained that when just out of college he followed Governor Robinson in the
famous Butler campaign around the State and reported him for the Boston Journal. He
thought that experience helped to fix it firmly in his mind.*'


6401. RUFUS NEWTON 2 (Ebenezer 1 of Keene), son of Ebenezer and Sus-
annah (Hubbard) Newton of Keene, N. H., and Rochester, Vt., was born at
Keene, N. H., March — , 1780, and died at Brandon, Vt., September 8, 1857,
aged 78 years, 6 months; cause of death, consumption. Burial with his wife
at Brandon, Vt. Headstones inscribed.

He married at Keene, N. H., Rev. Aaron Hall officiating, August 19, 1802,
Sally Brown, daughter of Joseph and Keziah (Day) Brown* of Keene, N. H.,
where she was born [October 20], 1781. She died at Brandon, Vt., July 20,
1863, aged 81 years, 9 months. G. S. "Ten children, of whom eight became

Mr. Newton was a farmer. When he removed from Keene, N. H., we do not
know, but we do know that he settled in Brandon, Vt., where he lived many

He was a soldier in the War of 1812, and was gone with the army for several
years; was given up as dead, so long was the time he was not heard from, but
finally returned. Eight children were living before his war service and two were
born after his return. [That is the family report. We regret we have the
birth dates of but two of the ten children and we cannot be sure when they were
born.] The family was poor and the children had to get out and work soon, as
farmer's children always do. His capable wife was taken care of in her last years

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