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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 109 of 131)
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Ozias 5 , bapt. Sept. — , 1775.

Susaxna 5 , bapt. April 25, 1779. "Named after Susanna deceased." She

d. in Cambridge, Mass., in 1855; m. Proctor Pierce, b. in New Salem,

Mass., 1768; graduate of Dartmouth College, 1796; d. Boston, 1821.

Their son :

197. 1. William Pierce, b. Feb. 7, 1806; d. 1883; was a member of the N. E.

Hist. Gen. Society of Boston. Resided in Charlestown, Mass.

ISAAC NEWTON emigrated from Durham, Conn., to Greenfield, Mass., and
later removed to Lenox, Mass. [Hist of Durham, Conn.]

ISAAC NEWTON, a married man, died in Becket, Mass., June 25, 1844, aged
75. [Becket town records.]

198. ISAAC NEWTON [whom I suppose to be identical with the two named
above, and a descendant of Rev. Roger Newton 1 ], married in Connecticut,

Southmaid, "who was Scotch. There are [1911] a number of her people

living in and around Middletown, Conn."

"Isaac Newton owned a large tract of land in and around Lenox, and was
considered well off, for those times. He died, I think, in Becket, Mass." "He
had six children." "He came to Stockbridge, Mass., do not know when." The
children were seven, namely:

DwicnT, b. ; kept a hotel in Westfield, Mass., and it is thought by

his family to have d. there.
Hiram, b. ; m. Mary A. Turner. "He was a Doctor and lived until

his death in Lenox." He had a son:

1. Alvin, b. ; who was living in 1911 in Brooklyn, N. Y., aged about

75 yrs.

Abner, b. .

Isaac, b. ; m. Mary A. Root. I suppose his sons were :

1. Wilbur F., b. , and 2, Isaac J., who says his father died when he

was seven years old. This son,

2. Isaac J., b. ; m. ; was. living and in business, 1911, in Lenox, on

Clifford St. They had children, the eldest daughter being :

1. Lucy P., b. ; m. June 17, 1908, John A. Sharp of Brooklyn,

N. Y.










207. V. Mary, b. ; m. Sidney Smit.

208. vi. Maria, b. ; m. Norman Wilcox.

209. vii. Chauncey, b. , 1797 [who may be the eldest of the family, lack of

birthdates, and convenience places him here, as I know not the order of
their coming]. "He was either born or lived in his younger days in
Melrose, Mass." "He married in Stockbridge, Mass., in 1820, Almira P.
Clark, and then moved to Lenox, where his father had been living for some
time." Soon after his marriage he moved with his family to Ohio, and
took up land. Not being contented there they returned to Lenox, and
later joined a New York colony, and settled at Fulton, Oswego County,
N. Y. He had six sons, two of whom, Samuel and James, died in infancy
and four who were living in 1911. Namely :
210-213. 1, William; 2, Isaac; 3, Henry; 4, Cassius Webster.

213. 4. CASSIUS WEBSTER NEWTON (s. of Chauncey), the youngest
son, has a daughter,

214. i. Edith Lunette, b. ; living in 1911 at No. 100 Broadway, New York.

438. JOSEPH NEWTON* (Thomas 3 , John 2 , Rev. Roger 1 ) of Cheshire and
Wallingford, Conn., appears on the Church records at Cheshire and on the town
records of Wallingford, Conn. (See pp. 724 and 725.) Mrs. E. L. Roberts of
Buffalo, N. Y., contributes what little information we have regarding his family.
The following from her letter of recent date I have given in full. She sent
me no dates by which to verify; but since Joseph 4 could not have been born
the same year with his father (1734 or thereabout) I have not placed him as
the son of Thomas, Jr. 4 : "To-day came a letter in answer to one of mine which
has solved my Newton query — for his ancestor, Jared, was a brother of my
Joseph, and they were sons of Thomas, Jr., and Sarah (Leet) Newton. Thomas
Newton married Mary Baldwin, dau. of Zacharia. He was the son of John
and Lydia (Ford), and John was son of Rev. Roger — born in Farmington 1656."
His name appears in the United States Census, 1790, the head of a family at
Cheshire, Conn., the other members being three females. He married August
22, 1755, Sarah Hull, who had four children and died. He married (2) June 13,
1770, Mrs. Esther Sperry and had one daughter. His wife died April 28, 1797.
He died August 28, 1797. Children:

216. ti. Joel 2 , b. Nov. 3, 1756 [perhaps Capt. Joel Newton of Salisbury, Vt.].

217. tii. Aaron 2 , b. Feb. 22, 1762 ; m. Aseneth Morse.

218. iii. Abner 2 , b. May 28, 1764; was head of a family ati Cheshire, Conn., in the

U. S. Census, 1790; the only other member was probably his wife. [Could
not he have been the father of Abner Nelson Newton of East Windsor ?]

219. iv. Merriman 2 , b. April 17, 1769.

220. v. Esther 2 , b. April 18, 1773.

216. 1. CAPT. JOEL NEWTON 2 (probably son of Joseph 1 above), from
Cheshire, Conn., moved to Salisbury, Vt., in 1784, and settled in West Salisbury,
Vt. "All of his descendants are said to have emigrated to the West." The First
United States Census, 1790, shows him there head of a family, the other
members being one male upward of sixteen years, two males under sixteen
years, and two females. He married Mrs. Ruth (Nichols) Manning of Man-
chester, Vt, widow of Billy Manning of that town, who died 1814. "She was
born, it is said, in 1756," and died at Salisbury, Vt., in 1833. He had been a
soldier of the Revolution, in the Connecticut troops, private in Capt. Bunnell's
Company of Wallingford, Col. Douglas regiment. His title of "Capt." prob-
ably came from being in command, later, of Vermont Militia.


Capt. Joel Newton 2 died at Salisbury, Yt., in 1842. The children, I have
no knowledge of unless one of his sons was :

221. i. Rufus Newton 3 of Salisbury. Yt.. who m. 1790, Manila Thurston, b. at
Milton, N. Y.. in 1778; d. July 4, 181G.

217. 2. AAEON NEWTON 2 (s. of Joseph 1 of Cheshire above), born there
February 22, 1702 ; died in 1820, or thereabout. He married January 24, 1788,
Aseneth Morse, daughter of Nathaniel Morse 4 of Cheshire, Conn, (whose Morse
pedigree runs through Israel 8 , John 2 , John Mors 1 the immigrant). She was born
August 2, 1765, had four children and died .

He married (2) Esther . They had no children. She married (2) in

1824, Solomon Morris of Warsaw, N. Y.. and had children. Alfred J. Newton
(gr.s. of Aaron) remembers her well. A great-grandson of Solomon Morris,
Edward Morris, was living in 1911 in Warsaw, N. Y. Mrs. Esther Morris went
to Buffalo, N. Y., after her husband's death, to be with her children there.

Aaron Newton 2 appears in the United States Census, 1790, as head of a family
in Wallingford, New Haven County, Conn., the other members being one male
under sixteen years and one female. (There was probably one child born before
1790— "one male under 16.") Children :

222. i. Aaron 3 , Jr., b. July 30, 1794, in Cheshire, Conn. ; d. in Rochester, N. Y. ; m.

March 2, 1817. Nancy Millard, daughter of Jason and Ann (Smith) Mil-
lard of Pittsfield. Mass., where she was b. July 24, 1798. [Jason Millard
b. May 17, 1760 : Ann Smith, b. May 22. 1765, were married at Pittsfield,
Mass., May 7, 1786, and had eight children.] Soon after marriage Mr.
Newton moved from Cheshire, Conn., and settled in Rochester, N. Y. His
first and last two children were born there, the other three in Brighton,
N. Y., both in Monroe Countv. His children were :

226. 1. "William*, b. Dec. 11. 1818.

227. 2. Harriet*, b. Jan. 17, 1821.

228. 3. Jennette*. b. Feb. 5, 1823.

229. 4. Truman*, b. Sept. 1, 1S24.

230. 5. Albert*, b. May 31, 1831.

231. 6. Xancy*, b. Oct. 10, 1836.

223. ii. Elizabeth Ann 3 , b. , 179- : in Cheshire. Conn. : m. there about 1814,

Jesse Mors 6 , son of Obed 5 and Sarah (Bunnell) Mors of Cheshire, Conn.
[His Morse, Mors, pedigree runs through Joseph* (wife Esther Lewis),
Benjamin 3 , John 2 , John Morse 1 .] They lived in Perry, N. Y., and had
five children, namely :

232. 1. Esther* Mors, b. , 181-.

233. 2. Alfred Johnson* Mors, b. April 4, 1821, at Perry. N. Y. ; was living Jan. 6,

1911; m. at Perry, Aug. 22, 1844. Louise J. Olin, daughter of John
and Maria D. (Smith) Olin of Perry, where she was born June 12, 1825.
They had a daughter.

234. 1. Esther 5 Mors, b. ; m. John T. Roberts and resides at No. 47

Norward Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. (1912 i.
235-237. 3. Elisabeth* Mors. b. ; 4. Emma Mors*, b. ■ — ; 5, Palmer* Mors.

224. iii. Horace 3 , b. , 179- ; m. Susan Silver ; lived in Moscow, Livingston

County, N. Y. ; had two daughter, who were living in 1911. viz. : 1, Mrs.
Henry B. Higgins at Moscow, N. Y., and 2, Mrs. WUliam Duight at
Batavia, N. Y. The son was
238. 1. Riley Ncicton*, who d. in Andersonville prison during "the Civil War.

225. iv. Susan 3 , b. ; lived in Rochester, N. Y., and died there.

239. JOSEPH NEWTON of Randolph, Vt. [not traced, but possibly might
be a brother of Capt. Joel Newton (216) of Salisbury, Yt.]. married at Randolph,

Vt., March — , 179-, Olive , and, had there the following children (recorded

in Book A, p. 138) :













Joseph, b. April 9, 1795.
John, b. Dec. 19, 1799.
Olive, b. Dec. 11, 1801.
Lydia, b. Aug. 10, 1803.
Lyman, b. Aug. 14, 1805.
Dolly, b. Jan. 20, 1808.

246. OLIVE NEWTON of Brattleboro, Vt. [perhaps the same with 242
above, I put them together for comparison], married George Washington Lane,
who was born September 29, 1789, and had married (1) Sallie Osterhant, who
died in 1818, leaving two children. After his second marriage the family moved
to Montrose, Susquehanna County, Pa., "and had seven or eight children."

247. CALVIN NEWTON of Enfield, Conn., was "admitted to be one of the
electors of this state, April 2, 1838," at Enfield, Hartford County, Conn. His
name thereafter appears frequently on the records of that town. Selectman,
1839; abatement of taxes 1840, 1843, 1844. The church records there show
the death of the following children:

248. i. Linnetta G., d. 1844, aged 8 yrs.

249. ii. Fbancis H., d. 1844, aged 2 yrs.

250. iii. Charles S., d. 1844, aged 6 weeks.

.251. ME. NEWTON 1 (not traced) had the following children, who probably
all came from Chemung County, N. Y., to Tioga County, Pa., and settled on
Long Run, a tributary of Pine Creek, in Tioga County, Pa. The place was on
the boundary line between the two states. The descendants of this Mr. Newton
know nothing of him and but little of the children except their names, and
that one was a half brother, whether Newton or by second marriage of the
mother is not known. The children were :

252. i. Calvin Newton 2 , b. ; m. (1) ; m. (2) "perhaps about 1830,"

Hannah Bacon,* daughter of Daniel Harvey Bacon (by his first wife) of
Farmington, Conn. A very old uncle of the descendants — name not given,
writes all he knows of the family as follows : "Calvin Newton intro-
duced himself by giving his name, adding he was brother-in-law of

Phillips, who lived on Pine Creek. Soon after he married Hannah Bacon,
and in about a year he settled on Long Run, a tributary of Pine Creek in
Tioga County, Pa., where I found them in the fall of 1842. I found them
on my return from a 3% years residence in Candor, N. Y. At this time
he had a son 8 to 11 years old, and also a daughter had come from
somewhere and had married Russell Hewitt [the old man's unsteady hand
seems to make the name Hewitt]. In the meantime Newton had a brother,

253. ii. Moses 2 , with a son 10 to 14 years old, who settled near him, in the woods.

There came with Moses, a sister whose mind was not quite right. Her
name was

* As perhaps giving a clue to the nativity of Calvin Newton and his brother Moses Newton,
the pedigree of Hannah Bacon is not without point, namely : the first of the line known is

William Bacon 1 , Sttetton, England, 1608.

Nathaniel Bacon 2 , b. Rutland, England, 1601-2 ; emigrated to Connecticut, 1648, and with
others founded Middletown, Conn., in 1650.

Andrew Bacon 3 , b. June 4, 1666. in Middletown, Conn.

Joseph Bacon*, b. April 20, 1706, in Middletown, Conn.

Daniel Bacon 6 , b. Dec. 1, 1739, in Middletown, Conn. ; d. on the prison ship Jersey in
New York Harbor, 1777.

Daniel Harvey Bacon 8 , b. Oct. 30, 1766, in Farmington, Conn. ; m. twice, and by first
wife had, Hannah 7 , b. in Candor, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1809 ; m. Calvin Newton about 1830, and
moved to Wisconsin about 1850 to 1855. By second wife he had Homer Bacon 7 , who is father
of Mr. J. F. Bacon 8 , in the real estate business at White City, Kans., who contributes this
family of Newtons.

714 neXVton genealogy

254. iii. Nancy 2 — and a half brother, 21 or 22, named

255. iv. David George" Newton [arn not sure of the Newton]. These made their

home with Moses, and I believe all came from Chemung Co., N. Y. After

Moses settled on Long Run he married Jerusha" (we cannot make

out the name).

Thus it would appear that Calvin Newton, m. (1) and had two children;
m. (2) Hannah Bacon and had seven children, whose names, without dates,
were copied from a record made more than 50 years ago. I understand that
Calvin Newton, his wife Hannah and the five younger children removed to
Wisconsin between the years 1850 and 1855. As a family they seem to be
lost to their other relatives. Perhaps the above may serve to help find
them. The children were :

256-257. 1, Charlotte; 2, Nancy (both remained in the east and died there).

258-262. 3, Rhoda; 4, Julia Ann; 5, Melissa; 6, Ebenczer; 7, Oliver.

263. JOHN T. NEWTON "of Woodbridge" [not traced, but probably comes
from Rev. Roger Newton 1 of Milford, Conn.] married Catherine Dickerman 7 ,
daughter of Samuel Dickerman (of the sixth generation in America), and a
sister of Isaac Dickernian, below. Children :

265. i. Elam, b. ; d. Nov. — , 1881.

266. ii. Florence, b. Nov. 27, 1899 ; m. Henry W. Johnson, and had a daughter,

1. Mary Johnson, b. .

267. iii. Ida, b. ; m. Frank Hill, and had two children :

1, Adah Uill, b. ; 2, Mark A. Hill, b. :

264. SARAH NEWTON (sister of John T. of Woodbridge, above) married
Isaac Dickerman (brother of Catherine, above). Their children were:

1, Robert ; 2, Anna ; 3, Katie ; 4, Lottie ; 5, Carrie Dickerman.

268. SARAH NEWTON (not traced), born about 1780; died at East Granby,
Hartford County, Conn., January or June 30, 1867, aged 87; married Benajah
Phelps, son of Aaron and Ruth (Loomis) Phelps of East Granby, where he was
born April 8, 1773. A farmer in East Granby, where their children here given
were born :

1, Almira, b. ; d. 1870 ; 2, Cromwell, b. 1802 ; 3, Melissa ; 4, Newton,

b. 1806 ; 5, Jane, b. 1808 ; 6, John B., b. 1810 ; 7, Richard R. ; 8, Henry
C. Phelps.

269. JULIA ESTHER NEWTON (not traced) died November 11, 1882;
married January 11, 1848, then "of Stamford, Conn.," Alfred Wright Hollister
of Glastonbury, Conn., where he was born June 18, 1822, and where he died June
24, 1863, aged 41. Bookkeeper. Resided in Glastonbury and had a son :

i. Alfred Newton Hollister, b. , 1848 ; was living 1886 at Auburn, N. Y.,

and then unm.

270. PROCTOR NEWTON (not traced) was born in Suffield, Hartford
County, Conn., June 16, 1799, and died at Shortsville, Ontario County, N. Y.,
May 15, 1878, aged 79. He married at Springfield, Mass., May 28, 1823, Mary
Larnerd, daughter of John and Chloe (Sikes) Earned. Their six children were:


271. i. Caroline B., b. June 17, 1826 ; m. Feb. 26, 1850, Even J. Warfield. In 1888

they were living in Orlando, Fla., and had six children.

272. ii. L. Dwight, b. Oct. 26, 1827; m. Sept. 14, 1856, Betsey Webster. In 1898

he was a farmer in Manchester, N. Y.

273. iii. Semantha L., b. Aug. 22, 1829 ; d. July 15, 1839.

274. iv. Mary J., b. May 12, 1834; d. March 23, 1880; m. Sept. 14, 1853, Silas J.


275. v. Hiram Baker, b. Jan. 21, 1836 ; d. March 9, 1875 ; m. Sept. 17, 1863, Kate

Auffustti JNlcttlcr.

276. vi. Julia Maria, b. Jan. 28, 1838 ; m. Dec. 18, 1862, Charles Devendean. They

were living in 1898 in Farmington, N. Y.

277. ISEAEL NEWTON (not traced) married Georgianna Reid or Reed,
born May — , 1837, daughter of Samuel N. and Louisa (Austin) Reid or Reed.
Mr. Newton lived in Suffield, Hartford County, Conn., and had two children:

278. i. Louisa Maria, b. 1874.

279. ii. Hattie, b. 1877.

280. ISAAC L. NEWTON (Ransom, and no further traced), son of Ran-
som and Lucinda (Woodward) Newton, was born August 27, 1825; married
November 30, 1848, Emily Moss, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth (Marsh)
Moss of Litchfield, Conn., who removed to Wisconsin. She was born at North-
field, Litchfield County, Conn., February 23, 1830, and died at Middletown, Wis.,
December 22, 1897. Children :

281. i. Daniel T., b. April 21, 1851.

282. ii. Eugene Morse, b. ; d. 1855.

283. JOHN NEWTON [not traced, but might be a son of one of the Sam-
uels from Rev. Roger Newton 1 ] married Patience Baldwin, daughter of Nathan
and Elizabeth (Rogers) Baldwin of Milford, New Haven County, Conn. She was
baptized July 18, 1725. In 1775 they were "of Fairfield Co.," Conn. — county
next west of New Haven County.

THOMAS BANCROFT, born 1659, at Enfield on the Connecticut River. The
will of Edward Osborne of Elizabeth, N. J., dated July 10, 1711, proved June
14, 1714, gives fifty acres of land in Elizabeth, N. J., to Samuel Bancroft, son
of Thomas Bancroft. The will of Samuel Bancroft of Cold Spring, N. J., dated
July 4, 1759, and proved June 26, 1761, mentions his "grandson John Newton."
"I have considerable reason for believing that he was the same Samuel, and that
his mother was a sister of Edward Osborne" [writes John M. Bancroft of Bloom-
field, N. J.]. Tabulated this would be:

Thomas Bancroft 1 , m. Osborne (sister of Edward).

1. Samuel Bancroft 2 , d. 1761, had a

1. dau. 3 , who in. Newton, who had

284. 1. John 4 Newton, grandson of Samuel Bancroft.

285. ISAAC NEWTON (not traced) married Susanna Cheney, daughter of
William and Elizabeth (Sweet) Cheney, born January 9, 1775. They had three
children. He died and she married (2) Nathaniel Bancroft, and had six other
children. The children of Isaac Newton were:

286. 1, Elizabeth ; 287. 2, Philip ; 288. 3, Hannah.


289. ISAAC NEWTON (not traced) married Jane Manning, daughter of
William and Hannah (Hyde) Manning of Windham, Conn., and Angelica
(Unity), N. Y. "He removed to Ohio in 1830, and died without children."

290. ISAAC NEWTON of Enfield, Conn, (not traced), and Anna Simons of
Longnieadow, Mass., were married by Francis L. Robbins, March 10, 1824.

291. JOHN NEWTON (not traced), born about 1771; d. at Enfield, Conn.,

September 27, 1845, aged 74. C. R. ; m. Sarah , who died there November,

1838, aged 48. G. S.

292. DR. JOTHAN NEWTON and wife Harriet had a son whose G. S. has :
"Dr. Benjamin F. Newton, died Sept 25, 1843, aged 22 yrs." Grave in Enfield,

294. MARY NEWTON of Bridgeport, Conn, (in descent either from Rev.
Roger Newton or of Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Conn.), married Walter Booth.
They had a son, Beebe Booth, who married and had a son, Newton Booth, who
became United States Senator from and Governor of California; also a daugh-
ter, who married Judge John Stevenson Tarkington of Indianapolis, Ind., writer,
etc. They had a daughter, who is Mrs. Jamison of Indianapolis, and a son, who
is Newton Booth Tarkington, writer of books — novelist, playwright, etc., of
Indianapolis, twice married and has a daughter, Laurel L. F. Tarkington. The
last four named are living in 1914.

295. NATHAN NEWTON (not traced) married Laura Hollister, daughter
of Capt. Gideon and Patience (Hurd) Hollister of Woodbury, Conn., where
she was born. Their children were:

296. i. Ezekiel, b. Nov. 14, 1803 ; d. Feb. 22, 1880 ; m. Caroline Northrup. Children :

297. 1, Annette, m. Isaac Slayton ; 298. 2, Charles, d. y. ; 299. 3, Martha, m.

Harvey Cones or Carver ; 300. 4, Mary, m. Joseph Starr ; 301. 5,
Franklin, m. Matilda Morgan.

302. ii. Silas, b. Aug. 6, 1806 ; m. Susan Weed. Children :

303. 1, Avalin; 304. 2, Ellen; 305. 3, John; 306. 4, Susan; 307. 5, Hollister;

308. 6, Mitts.

309. iii. Laura, b. ; m. Cyrus Buck. Their children were:

1. Marilla; 2, Myron; 3, Curtis Buck.

310. WILLIAM NEWTON (not traced) and Mary Gaines Leavenworth were
married at Enfield, Conn., by Mr. Barlow, in 1832. She was daughter of Joseph,
and born September 6, 1814. In 1873, Mr. Newton was a merchant in Plainville,
Conn., and had the following children :

311. 1, Anthony ; 312. 2, Catherine ; 313. 3, George L. ; 314. 4, Franklin B.

315. GURDON NEWTON (not traced) m. Sybel Green, daughter of Obe-
diah. She died at Enfield, Conn., November 11, 1809, aged 30. Their children


316. i. Mary Louise, b. ; d. Dec. 3, 1807, at Enfield, Conn.

317. ii. Mary L.. b. ; m. May 4, 1827, at Enfield, Conn., by Rev. Francis L.

Robbing, Henry Alley, or Allen, "botb of Enfield." C. R.

The following Newtons are mentioned in the History of Waterbury, Conn,
very probably they are descendants of Kev. Eoger Newton of Milford :

318. Dr. Asa Newton, dentist, 1849, attempts to open an office.

319. Bette Newton, m. 1755, Samuel Frost.

320. Caroline Newton, m. 1824, J. E. Bradley.

321. Elizabeth Newton, m. 1801, Elias Clark.

322. Julia Newton, m. 1830, J. G. Bronson. (See below.)

323. Joseph Newton, gave receipt to Lieut. Job Yale — War of the Revolution.

324. John Newton, patient in hospital of Washington (smallpox, name on door).
324a. Keziah Newton, m. 1841, Joseph Wadsworth.

325. Minerva Newton, m. 1824, J. S. Leavenworth; m. (2), 1845, J. G. Bronson.
325a. Lucy Newton, m. 1845, Sheldon Collins.

326. ISAAC NEWTON 1 of Goshen, Conn., has not been traced. [Without
further data, it would seem that he might have been (No. 20) the son of "Sam-
uel Newton 4 of Milford," Conn., and a brother of Samuel 5 and Enoch 5 "of Wood-
bridge," Conn. I do not know.] He was born about 1750 and died in 1812.

He married, January 10, 1770, Eebecca Minot,* daughter of Capt. James and
Rebecca (Stow) Minot of Concord, Mass., born about 1752, and died at Can-
field, Mahoning County, Ohio, of a cancer, in 1840. Interment at Canfield.
She was admitted to the church in Goshen, Conn., in 1799.

At date of his marriage, Isaac Newton is called "of Amity." He came into
possession of his father's property, but lost it all and died in poverty. He was
a helpless paralytic for fourteen years prior to his death — could not even speak
intelligibly. His patient wife, by economy and saving, had at the time of his
death fifty acres of land in Goshen, Conn, (which was their home town), that
was sold in 1816 or 1817 by the selectmen of the town for ten dollars per acre.
She was a brave woman — of great fortitude; industrious, energetic; of a sweet
and amiable temper; a remarkable patience and a firm trust in God. In 1820
she was living with her sister in Woodbridge, Conn., when her son Eben came for
her, and she went with him to his home in Ohio, where she died.

Isaac Newton of Litchfield County (all of the twelve towns in that county
are given under the head of Litchfield), Conn., at the taking of the First United
States Census, 1790, was head of a family consisting of one other male above
sixteen years, two males below 16 years, and three females.

* Rebecca Minot was the dan. of Capt. James Minot.

Capt. James Minot, b. 1726 ; d. 1773, aged 47 ; m. Rebecca Stow of Merrimac ; eight
children ; m. (2) a dau. of Col. Blanchard of Tyngsborough. He was the son of

Hon. and Col. James Minot of Concord, Mass.. b. 1694; d. 1750, aged 64; G. S. In
Concord; m. Martha Lane of Billerica, who d. 1735, aged 40; m. (2) Elizabeth Merrick of

Brookfleld, who d. 1746; m. (3) . He had three children by first wife, and two by

second wife. He was son of

James Minot. Esq., of Concord, b. 1653 ; d. 1735. aged 83 ; G. S. in Concord ; grad.
Harv. Univ., 1G75 ; a teacher, preacher and a physician ; representative to General Court ;
justice of peace ; captain of militia ; m. Rebecca Wheeler, dau. of Capt. Timothy, whose
homestead in Concord she inherited, where he died. She d. 1734, aged 68. G. S. Ten children.
He was son of

Capt. John Minot of Dorchester, b. 1626 ; d. 1669, aged 43 ; G. S. in Dorchester ; m.
Lydia Butler of Dorchester, who d. 1667; six children; m. (2) Mrs. Mary Bigg, wid. of
John Bigg and dau. of John Dasset. She d. about 1677. Both left wills. He was son of

Elder George Minot. son of Thomas Minot. Esq., of Saffron-Walden, Essex, England, and
was b. Aug. 4. 1594 ; d. Dec. 24. 1671, in 78th year ; G. S. in Dorchestor, Mass., of which
town he was the first settler ; Freeman, 1634 ; representative General Court, 1635 and 1636 ;
elder of the church thirty years. Will : Inventory of estate, £277 — 7 — 7. "His death was

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