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much lamented by the town, whose weal he sought and liberties defended." His wife, Martha,
d. in Dorchester, Dec. 23, 1657, aged 60. Four children — all sons.


At the date of his son John's marriage, in 1810, he is mentioned as "Isaac
Newton, Jr.," and both were then residents of Goshen, Conn. Who the elder
Isaac was — with substantial proof — does not yet appear.


327. i. Rebecca 2 , b. May 2, 1771 ; d. April 26, 1834 ; m. Babbit of Oneida

County, N. Y. They had no children.

328. tii. Isaac 2 , Jr., b. Oct. 13, 1772; in. .

329. iii. Eunice 2 , b. Nov. 15, 1777; d. at Hudson, Ohio, Sept. 17, 1813; m. at

Goshen, Conn., June 10, 1797, Henian Oviatt of that place, son of Ben-
jariiin and Elizabeth (Carter) Oviatt of Goshen, Conn., and d. at Rich-
field, Ohio, Dec. 1854. Mr. and Mrs. Oviatt united with the Presbyterian
('] lurch at Goshen, Conn., some time after their marriage — in 1799. In
April, 1S00, Mr. Oviatt went with a company of emigrants from East
Bloomfield, Ontario County, N. Y., to Hudson, Ohio, on the Western
Reserve, to found a colony there. In October of the same year he
returned to Goshen, Conn., and taking his wife and two sons with wagon
and two yoke of oxen made the journey to their new home ; arriving
March 22, 1801. They met the usual experiences of pioneers. Mrs.
Oviatt's self-reliant, generous, tactful, amiable temperament brought her
through many trying times. The family have had printed a pamphlet relat-
ing some of the startling incidents in their lives. Mr. Oviatt m. (2) Sophia
Elmira Kilbourne, dau. of George Kilbourne, an early settler of Northern
Ohio (aud had three children, Sophia, Ilemau, Jr., and Elizabeth Sophia) ;

she lived about twenty years after marriage and died . He m. (3)

a Widow Curtis of Akron, Ohio, who survived him. In 1839 he removed
to Richfield, Ohio, where he continued to reside. A man who did much in
every way for opening and building up of the Western Reserve. The
children of Eunice were :

337. 1. Marvin 3 Oviatt, b. Oct. 1, 1797; d. Aug. — , 1853— drowned in San Juan

River at Panama ; m. Mary Foote of Norfolk, Conn., and had five sons
and one daughter; drygoods and produce merchant.

338. 2. Orson 3 Oviatt, b. , 1799; d. Sept. 13, 1869; m. (1) about 1820,

Phebe II. Coe of Charleston, Ohio, who d. about 1835, leaving a daughter
and a son. She was sister of Sophia Coe, wife of James Newton, below.
He m. (2) Lucretia Ward, from Haddam, Mass.; resided Richfield,
Ohio ; merchant.

339. 3. Emily 3 Oviatt, b. ; d. y.

340. 4. Harriet Eunice 3 Oviatt, b. about 1S08 ; m. about 1830 (aged 22), Sherman

Bronson, a merchant of Medina, Ohio, who d. in 1835, leaving her with
three children. She m. (2) June, 1843, Rev. Daniel A. Randall of the
Baptist Church at Medina, Ohio. Both were living in 1872 at Columbus,

5. Helen Louise 3 Oviatt, b. .

Sarah 2 , b. Nov. 20, 1779 ; d. Oct. 6, 1860.

James 2 , b. June 20, 1784 ; d. Sept. 28, 1854 ; m. Sophia Coe.

John 2 , b. Feb. 24. 1787 ; d. March 13, 1868 ; m. Laura Hooker Thompson.

Betsey 2 , b. Dec. 23, 1789 ; d. Aug. — , 1808.

Enoch 2 , b. April 7, 1792 ; d. Dec. — , 1794.

Eben 2 , b. Oct. 16, 1795 ; d. Nov. 5, 1885 ; m. Mary Sophia Church.

Martha 2 , b. May 15, 179S ; d. May 12, 1831 ; m. Sheldon Farnham, son of
John Farnham, and lived in Ohio. They had children.









VI 1.







331. 5. JAMES NEWTON 2 (son of Isaac 1 ), born 1784, at Goshen, Conn.;
died at Charleston, Portage County, Ohio, 1854. Interment there. He married
Sophia Coe (see above). She outlived her husband, remaining his widow; was
living in 1872 on the homestead. She had five children.

Mr. Newton left Goshen when quite a young man, going to Hudson, Ohio,
where his sister Eunice lived, and went into the mercantile business with her
husband. Later he purchased a large farm in Charleston, Ohio, where he amassed
quite a fortune. He and his wife were active members of the Methodist Church —
generous with their funds. He was tall of stature, keen eyes, somewhat stern
in character and critical of others, but withal quite social and friendly, caring
much for family ties. His children were:


342. i. Emma 3 , b. ; was preparing herself for work in a foreign mission when

she died.

343. ii. Cynthia 3 , b. ; m. James Catlin, a farmer in Charleston, Ohio, where

both were living in 1872.

344. iii. Eben 3 , b. ; m. . He was a farmer in Charleston, Ohio.

iv. and v. Twin boys 3 , b. ; d. in childhood.

328. 2. ISAAC NEWTON 2 , JR. (eldest son of Isaac 1 of Goshen, Conn.), born
1772 ; died at East Bloomfield, N. Y., April 14, 1835. Interment at East Ben-
ton, N. Y. He married at Goshen, Conn., but the name of the lady is unknown
to me. The "Wife of Isaac Newton" was admitted to the church in Goshen,
Conn., in 1807. She died April 15, 1849. At an early period of his married life
Mr. Newton removed from Goshen to East Bloomfield, N. Y., and became a suc-
cessful farmer. He had a business capacity which led him into large and bold
speculations. He accumulated wealth rapidly — and often met severe losses. At
the time of his death he was much embarrassed with debt. He had a capricious
temperament, but was of deep religious impressions. He died at his homestead,
aged 62. His children were:

i. Amanda 3 , b. ; d. aged 2 years.

345. ii. Cynthia Maria 3 , b. , 1794 ; was admitted to the church in Goshen,

Conn., Sept. 1, 1816 ; m. there, Dec. 14, 1820, George W. Collins, merchant
and postmaster, son of Cyprian and Huldah (Norton 1 ) Collins from
Goshen, Conn., to East Bloomfield, N. Y. He was born in the latter
place, Feb. 8, 1797. They lived in East Bloomfield until after the births
there of their children, then the family moved to Mount Clemens, Mich.
Their children were :

346. 1. Huldah* Collins, b. Sept. 17, 1821.

347. 2. Mary 4 Collins, b. Nov. 8, 1822.

348. 3. John W* Collins, b. Sept. 26, 1824.

349. 4. Elizabeth* Collins, b. July 8, 1826.

350. 5. Thirza 4 Collins, b. Oct. 18, 1828.

351. 6. George J. 4 Collins, b. Nov. 4, 1831 ; d. , 1833.

352. 7. Constantine 4 Collins, b. April — , 1834.

353. iii. Morris 3 , b. Nov. 22, 1796; m. Miss Hayden, a relative of Peter

Hayden of Columbus, Ohio. In 1872 he was living in East Bloomfield,
N. Y. No children.

354. iv. Seymour 3 , b. July 17, 1798 ; d. without children in Michigan in 1832. He

m. Maria Keys of East Bloomfield, N. Y., who d. 1832.

355. v. Amanda 3 , b. July 4, 1800; d. 1882; unm. The homestead-farm of

her father, in East Bloomfield, N. Y., was a most beautiful and valuable
property ; but at his death it was heavily encumbered with debt, and likely
to fall into the hands of strangers. She took the matter into her own hands,
assuming the responsibility absolutely, and with uncommon business talent,
judgment, indomitable energy and perseverance — and many years of weary
toil, she redeemed the home, paid the debts, and became the sole owner of
the homestead farm, where she lived many years to enjoy the fruits

356. vi. Althea 3 , b. May 1, 1803; d. in 1848; m. at Seneca Falls, N. Y., Dr.

Williams. No children.

357. vii. Darius 3 , b. May 20, 1807; m. (1) Cynthia C. Lee; m. (2) 1849, Mary C.

Simonds. Children :

359. 1. Isaac 4 , b. , 1836 ; m. 1859, Anna Kent ; living in 1872 in Cleveland.


360. 2. Man/ 4 , b. .

361. 3. Stella 4 , b.

362. viii. Silas 3 , b. about 1810; d. a few years after his marriage, and before 1872.

He m. in Michigan, and had a child :

363. 1. Alonzo 4 , b. ; was living in 1872 in San Francisco, Calif.

364. ix. Mary 3 , b. . 1814; d. Jan. — . 1837; m. 1833, Morgan Clark. They

lived in Milwaukee, Wis., and had a son,

365. 1. Alonzo 4 Clark, b. ; was living in 1872 in California; d. before 1911.

366. x. Adeline 3 , b. . 1816; "She was a very handsome woman, and a minia-

ture portrait exists" ; m. 1833, George Whitmore, a bank clerk at Ithaca,
N. Y., where they lived. Their children were :


367. 1. Mary* Whitmore, b. ; in. Lovell Kellogg, druggist at Elmira, N. Y.

Both living there in 1S72 ; in 1911 at Ithaca, N. Y.

3G8. 2. George* Whitmore. b. ; living in 1S72 in California.

300. 3. Frank* Whitmore. b. ; living in 1872 in California.

370. xi. Eunice 3 , b. July — , 1810, at Goshen, Conn., d. at Lenox, Mass., in 1800 ;

m. at East Bloomfield, N. Y., in 1840, Elisha Foote, son of — ■ and

Delia (Battelle) Foote of Lee, Mass., where he was b. in 1810. He d. at
St. Louis. Mo., in 1883 ; a lawyer. Mrs. Foote was a fine portrait and
landscape painter. She was an inventive genius, and a person of unusual
beauty. They resided at Seneca Falls, N. Y., where their children were
born, and later at Saratoga. N. Y. Children were:

371. 1. Mary* Foote, b. -, 1842 ; m.. at Washington, D. C, John Brooks Hen-

derson, son of James H. and Jane (Dawson) Henderson of Danvers, Va.,
near which town he was b. about 1827. He d. at Washington, D. C,
April 12, 1013, aged SG. He moved with his parents from Virginia to
Missouri, when about six years old, where he continued to reside.
Lawyer ; representative in State Legislature, where he originated many
of the railroad and banking laws; Democratic delegate to the National
Convention in 1860 ; organized a brigade of Union state troops and was
appointed a brigadier general of militia ; was appointed to finish term of
United States Senator, 18G3-1S60, and was the author of the thirteenth
amendment to the United States Constitution. He received the Repub-
lican nomination for governor unanimously in 1872, and has since been
of large service to the country in many ways. Mrs. Henderson has been
a leader in many lines of activity for the general uplift of society —
active in literary, social, temperance affairs — a person of good mentality
and executive ability. January, 1014 : "Mrs. John B. Henderson of
Washington, D. C, has a plan for landscape gardening that if carried
out will be the finest of their kind in this country, and will rival the
Kew Gardens of London. She has chosen a site on the "Avenue of
Presidents," which is now covered with thick woods." She has a son :

372. 1. John Brooks 5 Henderson, Jr., b. ; said to be 43 years old in

1014 ; lawyer and scientist, with offices in Washington, D. C, and a
home in Ballston, Ya.

373. 2. Augusta* Foote, b. , 1844; m. at Washington, D. C, Francis

Arnold, a merchant in New York, where they are living (1013).

374. xii. John 3 , b. , 1S21 ; d. in New York City, where he was attending medical

lectures, Dec. — , 1842.

332. 6. JOHN NEWTON 2 (Isaac 1 of Goshen), born in 1787, at Goshen,
Conn. ; died at Richfield, Ohio, in 1868. Interment there. He married at Goshen,
Conn., November 11, 1810, Laura Thompson, daughter of John and Pamelia
(Cowles) Thompson* of Goshen, Conn., where she was born November 10, 1789.
She died at Richland, Ohio, September 29, 1863. Interment at Richfield.

Mr. Newton left Connecticut in September, 180G, and went to Hudson, Ohio,
where his sister and her husband had come in 1800 as pioneer settlers into the
"Western Reserve." The following winter he taught school in Newbury, Ohio.

* Henry Thompson (father of Anthony Thompson the immigrant), d. Oct. 20, 1648. and is
buried in the Parish Church at Lenham, Kent County, England. The inscription over the
tomb, still legible — "Hereunder lye the bodies of Henry Thompson and Dorothy his wife, of
Royton Chapel in this Parish. He was son and co-heir of Thomas Thompson (of Sandwich,
merchant) and she the eldest daughter of Robert Honeywood of Pett, in Charing." His
children were: Robert, 1505; Mary, 1500; Judith. 1602; John. 1604; Elizabeth, 1607, and
Anthony, 1612.

Anthony Thompson 1 (s. Henry), b. at Lenham, Kent County, England, Aug. 30, 1612. His
first wife d. prior to his coming to this country. She had two sons and one daughter. He
landed in Boston from the ship Hector, July 26, 1637. and settled in New Haven, Conn. He

m. (2) Katiierine , who bore him two daughters and a posthumous son. She m. (2),

1652, Nicholas Camp of Milford, Conn. Anthony 1 Thompson d. March, 1648. His post-
humous child was Hbcnrzer 2 , b. 1648.

Ebexezer Thompson 2 , b. Oct. 15, 1648, at New Haven, Conn. ; lived in Guilford, Conn. ;
merchant ; m. 1671, Deborah Dudley, dau. of William ; will, Aug. 11, 1676 ; children, Jabez 3 ,
d. infant, 1672 ; John*, Nov., 1074.

John Thompson 8 (Ebenezer 2 ), b. Nov.. 1674; d. aged 75; resided in East Guilford, Conn.,
in 1714; rem. to Branford and later to Wallingford, Conn.; a tanner; m. (1) 1702, Eliza-


In 1807 he returned to Connecticut, where he taught school a few years, mar-
ried and had two sons. In 1813 he removed to Hudson, Ohio, taking his family
with him. After a few years there he settled on a farm in Richfield — a town
about ten miles from Hudson, Ohio — where he became a successful farmer,
accumulating quite a competence.

He was genial and social in temperament. He and his wife united with the
Presbyterian Church at Richfield, and were devout and humble Christians. At
the age of 50 years he was elected to the Assembly of Ohio ; was also Associate
Judge under the Constitution of 1802 (Ohio) and held other offices of the county.

He was devotedly attached to his children, and when three of them, attacked
with dysentery, died within ten days, he became almost insane through grief.
He had not recovered from the blow, although ten years had elapsed, when three
other of his little ones were taken from him within a week's time, through
scarlet fever. He died at his home in Richfield, in peace and faith at last,
aged 81 years. His children were:

375. ti. Marcus 3 , b. June 12, 1811; m. Hannah Fletcher; m. (2) Mrs. Caroline A.
(Kellogg) Smith.

Lucius 3 , b. Dec. 19, 1813; m. Caroline Holmes Brockway.

Marcia Eunice 3 , b. Aug. 1, 1816 ; d. July 18, 1822.

John Thompson 3 , b. Nov. 2. 1818; d. July 16, 1822.

Catherine 3 , b. Nov. 22, 1820; d. July 21, 1822.

John Thompson 3 , b. Jan. 4, 1823 ; m. Mary Virginia Baldwin.

Eunice 3 , b. June 1, 1825 ; d. Jan. 1, 1832.
viii. Laura 3 , b. Oct. 7, 1827 ; d. Jan. 1, 1832.

Isaac 3 , b. June 1, 1831 ; d. Jan. 7, 1832.

Rebecca Parmelia 3 , b. Dec. 19, 1833; d. at Richfield, Sept. 24, 1905; m.
there Sept. — , 1857, William Coates Weld, son of James and Elinore
(Coates) Weld of Richfield, Ohio, where he was born and where he died
Jan. 18, 1878 ; mei'chant. They lived on the homestead of his father in
Richfield, where their children were born. The children were :

385. 1. William Newton* Weld, b. Aug. 7, 1858.

386. 2. Edmund James* Weld, b. Feb. 17, 1861; d. about 1904.

387. 3. John Newton* Weld, b. May 15, 1862; m. May 23, 1906, Louise Cole,

daughter of Lyman Mason and Angeline (Rouse) Cole of Geneva, Ohio.
His P. O. address is Society of Savings Building, Cleveland, Ohio (1911).

388. 4. James* Weld, b. Sept. 18, 1869 ; m. Mary Harter of Akron. Ohio.



















375. 1. MARCUS NEWTON 3 (son of John 2 ), born 1811, at Goshen, Conn.;
died at Richfield, Ohio, December 17, 1874. Burial there. He married at
Weymouth, Ohio, January 1, 1833, Hannah Lucretia Fletcher, daughter of Thad-
deus Fletcher of Weymouth, Ohio, where she was born July 28, 1811. She died
at Wheatfield, Mich., January 14, 1871. He married (2) May 9, 1872, Mrs. Caro-
line Amanda (Kellogg) Smith, widow of Rev. Horace Smith of Hadley, Mass.
She was born November 23, 1826, and died at Elsie, Mich., May 23, 1900. No
children by this marriage.

Mr. Newton was a fanner in Richland, Ohio. He was an earnest and zealous
man in the cause of religion, and became a local Methodist preacher. His chil-
dren were:

beth Whedon of Branford, who had two children; m. (2), 1711 Sarah Culver, who had
five children, b. in Wallingford. The youngest son was John*, b. 1726.

John Thompson 4 (John 3 ), b. Jan. 26, 1726; d. Jan. 16, 1812, at Goshen, Conn.; res. there;
seven children b. there; m. (1) 1754 Hannah Heaton (or Eaton) of North Haven, who d.
1799. He m. (2) Wid. Martha Hart (nee Morse). His second child was John, 1757.

John Thompson 5 (John 4 ), b. Feb. 27, 1757, at Goshen, Conn. He inherited the lands of his
father, of which there were quite considerable ; m. Pamelia Cowles, b. Feb. 4, 1764 ; d.
Aug. 14, 1850 ; dau. of Ezekiel Cowles of Farmington, Conn., and his wife Martha Hooker,
who was dau. of Giles Hooker. Children were : Laura Hooker 6 , b. Nov. 10, 1789 ; m. John
Newton (Isaac) ; James Eaton 6 , m. Esther Bentley ; Alfred Cowles 9 , d. 1829; m. Sarah M.
Hutchinson ; Charles Mix 6 , b. Nov. 11, 1798 ; Clarissa Amelia 6 , m. 1825, Jeffrey Ballard.
[Hist, of Goshen, Conn.]



389. ti. Alfred Thompson 4 , b. Dec. 21, 1S3G, at Richfield, Ohio.

390. ii. Ellen Mary 4 , b. Dec. 7, 1838; m. Orestese Brown. They had one child that

died in infancy. In 1911 they were living in Whitebird, Idaho.

391. ALFRED THOMPSON NEWTON 4 (Marcus 3 ), b. 1836; married at
Richland, Ohio, September 12, 1859, Mary Elizabeth Hurlburt, daughter of John
Ephraim and Elizabeth (Ranney) Hurlburt of Ogdensburg, N. Y. She was
born at Richfield, Ohio, and died there, October 12, 1861, leaving two children.
He married (2) September 2, 186-1, Huldah Elvirah Swan, who was born in
Boston, Ohio, May 18, 1842, and was living July, 1912. She had four children.
Mr. Newton, a retired farmer of Richfield, Ohio, was living in Cleveland in 1912.
His children were:

392. i. Mary Ellen", b. June 13. ISfiO; d. May 16, 1883; m. at Richfield, Ohio,

Sept. 12, 187S. Charles E. Barton, son of James Barton of London,
England, where he was born. They resided in Norwalk, Ohio. Their
children were :

393. 1. Bessie" Barton, b. June 17, 1879.

394. 2. Alfred Newton" Barton, b. May 3, 1882, at Norwalk, Ohio; m. Dec. 28,

1904, Carrie Elizabeth Bell, dau. of John Franklin and Alice Amanda
(Ludwig) Bell of Mansfield, Ohio, where she was b. April 5, 1884.
Their children are :

395. 1. Alice Albertine 7 Barton, b. March 2, 1906, at Mansfield, Ohio.

396. 2. Mary Elizabeth 7 Barton, b. May 28, 1911, at Lexington, Ohio.

397. ii. Elizabeth Maria 5 , b. Oct. 3, 1861; m. at Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 22, 1884,

John Havelock Early, son of Thomas Coxeter and Anna (Black) Early,
b. at Cleveland. Ohio. Nov. 18, 1857, and d. at Westfield, N. J., May 17,
1905. Thev resided in Cleveland. Ohio. Their children were :

398. 1. Margaret Havelock 9 Early, b. April — , 1890; m. Aug. 5, 1911, Harold

Edward Booth. She d. July 16, 1912.

399. 2. John Early, b. Sept. — . 1891.

400. iii. Edith Lucretia 5 , b. June 4, 1866; d. Oct. 16, 1890; m. at Richfield, Ohio.

Sept. 15, 18S6, Elmer Elsworth Allen, son of Peter Locke and Marietta
(Seeley) Allen of Richfield, Ohio.

401. iv. Eva 5 (twin with Edith Lucretia 5 ), b. June 4, 1866; m. at Richfield. Ohio,

June 4. 1884, Herbert John Frost, son of William and Roxy (Kent)
Frost of Richfield, Ohio, where he was b. Jan. 21, 1861. They reside at
Granger, Ohio. Their children are:

402. 1. Ford AYiUiam* Frost, b. April 27, 18S5 ; m. June 23, 1907, Claudia Cor-

nelia Hollopeter, dau. of Oscar and Georgianna (Pelton) Hollopeter.
Child :

403. 1. Cecil Annie 7 Frost, b. April 23, 1908.
401. 2. Alfred Herbert" Frost, b. Aug. 12, 1887.

405. 3. Marjorie* Frost, b. July 1, 1889; m. July 17, 1907, Ford Henry Gargeth,

son of Henry and Emma (Hart) Gargeth of Richfield, Ohio, where he
was b. Aug. 2, 1884.

406. 4. Edie 6 Frost, b. Dec. 6, 1891.

407. v. Mary Louise 5 , b. May 31, 1876; m. at Cleveland. Ohio. May 15. 1907, Joseph

DePoe McDonald, son of John and Anna (DePoe) McDonald of Rochester,
N. Y., b. at Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 23, 1868. They reside at West 92d St.,
Cleveland, Ohio.

408. vi. Clara Alfred 5 , b. April 6. 1879 ; m. June 29, 1S98, at Richfield, Ohio. Caroll

Henry Webb, son of Edward and Mary (Coonrad ) Webb of Cleveland,
Ohio, where he was b. Feb. 15, 1875. They reside on Bridge St., Cleveland,
Ohio. Child :

409. 1. Charles Newton* Webb, b. Sept. 6, 1905.

376. 2. LUCirS NEWTON 3 (son of John 2 ), born 1813, at Goshen, Conn.;
died at Richfield, Summit County, Ohio, December 4, 1896. Burial there. He
married at Hartford, Trumbull County, Ohio, May 10, 1838, Caroline Holmes
Brockway, daughter of Titus and Minerva (Palmer) Brockway of Hartford,
Conn., and Hartford, Ohio. She was born at the latter town March 16, 1818,
and died April, 1902, at Richfield, Ohio, where she was buried.


Mr. Newton acquired a large tract of land in Richfield, Ohio, and became
a successful farmer and a dealer in fine cattle and other stock. He possessed
good business talent and superior judgment. He had indomitable energy and
perseverance, with great physical strength. He was moral and temperate in his
habits; upright in his dealings; public spirited; a kind neighbor; generous
to the poor.

Of a social temperament, he greatly enjoyed his friends. He was esteemed
while he lived and mourned by the community in which he lived when he died.
It is interesting to notice that all of his sons and many of his grandchildren
became farmers — showing that he made life on the farm pleasant to them. His
oldest child was born in Brecksville, Ohio, the second at Royalton, Ohio, and the
others at Richfield, Ohio. The children were five, namely :

410. i. John Titus 4 , b. Feb. 17, 1839, at Brecksville, Cuyahoga County. Ohio;

farmer and dealer in fancy stock, at Hudson, Ohio, until October 30. 1907,
when he moved to Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio, where he was living in 1911. He
m. at Medina. Ohio, Sept. 3, 1SG8, Mary E. Adams, daughter of Samuel
Thorne and Sarah (Gardiner) Adams of Warren and Medina, Ohio, b. at
Medina, Oct. 5, 1850. She had four children. They were legally separated,
and he m. (2) at Akron. Ohio, Dec. 28. 1905, Mrs. Laura Etta (Skinner)
Hart, widow of Arthur Charles Hart (by whom she had four children),
and daughter of Bradford Waldo and Laura (Dickinson) Skinner. She
was b. Feb. 16, 1858, at Talmadge, Ohio, and was living in 1912. His
children are :

411. 1. Eduard Clark 5 , b. Oct. 5, 1869. at Hinckley. Ohio; m. at Panna, Ohio,

Nov. — , 1889, Rose May Kilburn, daughter of Amasa and Elmira
(Starr) Kilburn of Panna and Royalton, Ohio. She was born at Royal-
ton, June 1, 1870. In 1911. they were living at No. 496 North Howard
St., Akron, Ohio. Real estate dealer. They have an only son,

412. 1. John Kilburn", b. June — , 1890, at Hudson, Ohio ; m. at Akron, Ohio,

July 25. 1911, Arna Deck. They were living with his parents at
Akron, Ohio.

413. 2. Jay Thome 5 (M.D.), b. July 23, 1871, at Hinckley, Ohio; is a skillful

dentist at Warrensville, Ohio, where he resides with an office in the
New England Building at Cleveland. Ohio. He married June 29, 1905,
Bessie May Collins, daughter of John Steane and Eliza (Allen) Collins
of Cleveland, Ohio, where she was born. Living 1911. Children :

414. 1. Virginia Allen", b. Mav 18, 1908.

415. 2. Jay Thorne", Jr., b. April 1, 1911.

416. 3. Earl Broekway 5 , b. May 11, 1874; is engaged in fancy farming, traveling

salesman and other matters. In 1910 he was living in Pontiac, Mich.
In 1912, "near Detroit, Mich." He married at Decatur, Ind., May 1,
1911, Fannie DeVilbiss Cole. They had a son born March 3, died March
6, 1912.

417. 4. Gertrude Eva 5 , b. March 11, 1878 ; m. Dec. 19, 1905, Frederick Mallory of

Elyria, Ohio. Both were living in 1912. Divorced. '

418. ii. Homer Edward 4 , b. March 14, 1841, at Royalton, Ohio; d. at Richfield,

Ohio, June 13, 1890. A farmer and stockraiser in Richfield. He m.
there April Hi, 1807. Clara Marilda Dale, daughter of Richard Lowe and
Marilda (Walker) Dale of Springfield. Mass., where she was b. Jan. 10,
1844. She was living in Akron, Ohio, in 1912. They had one son :

419. 1. Frank Eugene 5 , b. Jan. 10, 1868, at Richfield. Ohio ; m. Lena Fitzwater,

Jan. 31, 1902, at Cleveland, Ohio. She d. Dec. 12, 1911. Mr. Newton
is a farmer in Richfield, Ohio. Child :

420. 1. Gladys Mildred", b. May 31. 1903.

421. iii. Mixot Lucius 4 , b. March 6, 1845. at Richfield. Ohio; is a farmer there and

a very successful business man (1912). He m. at Richfield, March 15,
1885, Emma Adelia Ellis, daughter of Lewis Primrose and Amanda Melvina
(Monday) Ellis .of Hammonds Corner, in Rath, Summit Co., Ohio, where
she was b. in 1860. Living 1912. Their children were :

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