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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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422. 1. Laura Amanda 5 , b. March 15. 1801. at Richfield, Ohio.

423. 2. Lucius*, b. April 10. 1900. at Richfield. Ohio.

424. iv. Laura Maria 4 , b. July 4. 1848. at Richfield, Ohio; m. there. Nov. 2, 1870,

John Morton McKinstry, son of Rev. John Alexander and Mary E. (Mor-
ton) McKinstry. Ho was born at Torrington, Conn., Nov. 17, 1844. and
died at Cleveland, Ohio, April 18, 1900. They lived all of their married life


in Cleveland, Ohio, and Mrs. McKinstry is still at home there part of

each year. She had no children.
425. v. Virgil Louis 4 , b. Nov. 21, 1852, at Richfield, Ohio ; d. there April 28, 1902.

He was a farmer in Richfield, where his children were born. He m. there

June 5, 1878, Alice Susanna Coonrad, daughter of Jeremiah and Melissa

(Morton) Coonrad of Cleveland, Ohio, where she was b. April 4, 1858.

She m. (2) Elmer Grimen and resides in Richfield, Ohio. His children

were :
42G. 1. Virginia Cora*, b. Dec. 2, 1879 ; m. at Richfield, Ohio, June 3, 1902, Ralph

Hancock, son of Erasmus Darwin and Elizabeth (Lockert) Hancock of
Richfield, Ohio, where he was born. They were living in 1912 at Fair-
lawn, a suburb of Akron, Ohio, and had a son :

427. 1. Newton 6 Hancock, b. Aug. 7, 1907.

428. 2. Caroline Edith 5 , b. April 22, 1882; m. at Richfield, Ohio, Oct. 29, 1903.

Edward Hiram Sykes, son of Delancy and Jessie Catherine (Charters)
Sykes of Montreal, Canada, b. at Toronto, Canada, April 21, 1882. They
live (1912) at Wyandoth Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. Children:

430. 1. Virgil Newton" Sykes, b. Sept. 2, 1904.

431. 2. Chester Delancy Sykes, b. Sept. 2, 1907.

432. 3. Geneva Clara\ b. Jan. 29, 1887; m. at Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 1, 1908,

E. Darwin Hancock, son of Eugene Royal and Mary Victoria (Waite)
Hancock. He was born at Richfield, Ohio, June 15, 1888, and is a
nephew of Ralph Hancock, above. They were living in 1911 at corner
of Cedar and Boyan Sts., Akron, Ohio, and have a son :

433. 1. Stanley Eugene Hancock, b. Aug. 2, 1909.

380. 6. JOHN THOMPSON NEWTON 3 (s. of John 2 and Laura T.), born
at Richland, Ohio, January 4, 1823; died at Toledo, Ohio, July 6, 1908. He
married at Goshen, Conn., October 5, 1853, Mary Virginia Baldwin, daughter of
Norman C. and Mary H. (Palmer) Baldwin of Goshen, Conn., and Hudson and
Cleveland, Ohio. She was born at Cleveland, December 23, 1832, and died in
the autumn of 1906. She was sixth in descent from Samuel Baldwin 1 , the
immigrant of Guilford, Conn., who died in 1696.

Mr. Newton, at marriage, was a lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio, Harvard Law
School, 1848. In 1880 he was an able and leading lawyer of Toledo, Ohio, and
president of one of the National Banks.

Mr. Newton left nearly a quarter of a million dollars to charitable institutions
of all sorts, and directed that $50,000 be used to build and support a humanitarian
institution* for the care of poor and needy children. According to the terms
of his will, Bev. Dr. Gunsaulus of Chicago, a dear friend, was made a legatee
in the sum of $5,000. Mr. Newton had no children.

335. 9. EBEN NEWTON 2 (s. of Isaac 1 of Goshen, Conn.) was born there
October 16, 1795, and died at Canfield, Mahoning County, Ohio, November 5,
1885. He married May 2, 1826, Mary Sophia Church, daughter of "Ensign"

and Jerusha (Wright) Church* of Mansfield and Salisbury, Conn. She

was born February 20, 1807, and was living at Canfield, Ohio, in 1872. Four

"Judge Ebenezer Newton" wrote his name "Eben Newton." He was the
youngest of five sons of his parents, and in his youth and young manhood lived

* Capt. Amaziah Wright* (Ebenezer 3 , Abel 2 , Abel Wright 1 of Springfield, Mass.) was b. at
Windham, Conn., 1739 ; m. 1762, Zerviah Pitch, daughter of Capt. and Dea. Bleazer Fitch
of Windham, Conn. He was executor of his father's will, proved 1787-8 ; a farmer in
Mansfield, Conn. ; removed to Salisbury, Conn., about 1793, where he and his wife (both
Baptists) died not long after. He had five sons and five daughters. The youngest was

Jerusha Wright 6 , b. 1784 ; m. In Salisbury, Conn., Ensign Church, and had two children.
He died in 1813, and she m. (2) Eli T. Boughton, in 1814, and had four more children.
She died at Canfield, Ohio, in 1870. Her daughter, Mary Sophia Church, b. 1807, m. Judge
Eben Newton.


with and assisted his mother as he could. He taught school several terms and
did other work, all the time studying for self-improvement, as he desired to
become a lawyer. In 1814 he left Connecticut for Hudson, Ohio, going to the
homes of his brothers and sister there. They gave him employment in their
stores, in the intervals of his teaching. In 1820 he returned to Connecticut and
brought back with him to Ohio his mother, who remained the rest of her life in
his home.

The last six months of Mr. Newton's law studies were spent with Mr. Jonathan
Sloane of Ravenna, Ohio, where he met Mr. Elisha Whittlesay, lawyer, Congress-
man-elect. Mr. Whittlesay invited Mr. Newton to an equal partnership in his
law business. He accepted the offer and went to Canfield, July 4, 1823, and was
admitted to the bar in August, 1823. Mr. Whittlesay went to Washington, D. C,
leaving his large law practice in Mr. Newton's hands. In 1843 Mr. Newton
was elected President Judge of the Circuit Court (six counties). In 1841 he
was elected to the Ohio State Senate, serving two terms. In 1850 he was elected
to Congress. In 1863 he was again State Senator. He was a Whig in politics,
a patriot during the Civil War, a Presbyterian. He had always the confidence
of his co-laborers and of the community. His home was in Canfield, where he
died aged 90 years. Burial at Canfield. Children:

434. i. Louise 3 , b. ; "eldest daughter" ; m. Mr. Meers, a merchant, later in

the U. S. Government employ. They were living in 1872 in Madison, Wis.,
and had one child — a daughter.

435. ii. THALiAn 3 , b. ; "second daughter" ; m. Richard Brown, a lace mer-

chant of New York City ; Presbyterian ; nine children.

436. iii. Hannah 3 , b. ; "third daughter"; m. Giles VanHyning. a lawyer of

Canfield, Ohio, where they were living in 1872 ; three children.

437. iv. Ensign 3 , b. ; "only son" ; settled on a farm near his father in


I have nothing further of the posterity of Judge Eben Newton, except the name,
"Mrs. Henrietta Smith, his granddaughter," who was living in 1912 at No. 3803
Clinton Ave., Cleveland, Ohio.

102. THOMAS NEWTON 3 (John 2 , Rev. Roger 1 ) of Cheshire, Conn, son of
John and Lydia (Ford) Newton, born about 1682 ; died and is buried at Cheshire,
New Haven County, Conn. "He married Mary Baldwin, daughter of Zacharia,"
is the statement. Perhaps Sarah Leet was his second wife. The following note
by Judge Howard T. Moss of Cheshire, Conn., contains all I so far know of this.
He writes : "I inclose herewith the list of names copied from the Newton monu-
ment. There are two headstones, one on each side of the monument, the names
from which, were evidently put on the monument, with the exception of the
name of Chloe Newton wife of Thomas. She died March 17, 1823, aged 80."

The names on the monument are as follows, and appear to be a record of
four generations of the family, namely :

Thomas Newton 1st. Died April 28, 1783.
Sarah, his wife, died Sept. 19, 1782.

Thomas Newton 2nd. Died March 20, 1779. ae. 45.
Chloe A., his wife, Died March 17, 1823. aged 77.

Silas Newton, Died Sept. 23, 1828, aged 58.
Lucinda, his wife died April 3rd 1808 aged 36.
Isabel, 2nd wife, aged 76.

Augustus Newton, Died May 23, 1846, aged 41
Erastus Newton, Died May 1, 1868, ae. 67.
Lucinda Newton, Died Nov. 17, 1878, aged 76.


The town records at Wallingford (which is about eleven miles southeast of
Cheshire) show the death of the second Thomas Newton as "March 20, 1779
aged 45," and of "Chloe, wife of Thomas Newton," died "March 17, 1823, aged
80," probably the same person and someone's error as to her age.

The church records of Cheshire contain, besides: the marriage of Jared New-
ton and Mary Bunnell, January 15, 1778; Samuel Newton and Hannah Rice,
November 5, 1782; Cyrus Newton and Anna Willcocks, June 4, 1777; Capt.
James Newton and widow Mary Barnard, January — , 1734 (Town Rec.) ; Rev.

Roger Newton and "Mrs." Abigail Hall. (Town Rec.) ; and the birth

of Lyman, son of Moses and Eunice Newton, April 8, 1759 (Town Rec).

Mr. Orlando L. Newton, Jr., of Westkill, N. Y., in 1907 writes that his great-
grandfather was Thomas Newton, Jr., and his grandfather was John Newton,
and says "they were a large family." He did not send the data he offered to
send. The widow of his brother, 1907, at Albany, N. Y., states further: "My
husband's great-grandfather lived in Cheshire town, Conn. He had two sons,
Amos and John, who married sisters. John (who was grandfather Newton),"

The United States Census, 1790, shows as heads of families in Cheshire, Conn.,
Joseph, Jared, Abner, and Chloe Newton. And Aaron Newton in Wallingford,
Conn. The only children known to me as such were :

438. ti. Joseph 4 (probably), b. ; m. 1755, Sarah Hull; m. (2) Mrs. Esther

Sperry. For his descendants, see pages 711, 712.

439. tii. Thomas 4 , 2d, also "Jr.," b. about 1734; d. 1779, aged 45.

439. 1. THOMAS NEWTON 4 , 2d (Thomas 3 of Cheshire), born about 1734;

died at Wallingford, Conn., March 20, 1779, aged 45 ; married Chloe A. ,

born about or between 1742 and 1746; died at Wallingford, Conn., March 17,
1823, aged 77 or 80. Burials and monument at Cheshire, Conn. Mrs. Newton
survived him 44 years, and was the head of her family in the Census of 1790
at Cheshire, the whole family being one male upward of sixteen years, two males
under sixteen years, and three females. His "was a large family according to
report," is the statement of his great-grandson. Only the sons, Amos and John,
are we sure of, and very probably of Silas.

440. i. Silas 5 , b. about 1770 ; d. Sept. 23, 1828, aged 58 ; m. Lucinda , b. about

1772 ; d. April 3, 1808, aged 30. He m. (2) Isabel , who d. aged 70.

They lived in and are buried in Cheshire. The following are probably
some of their children :
44.°,. 1. Erastiis*, b. about 1801 ; d. May 1, 1808, aged 07.

444. 2. Luemda 9 , b. about 1802; d. Nov. 17, 1878, aged 70.

445. :;. Augustus, b. about 1805; d. May 23, 1840, aged 41.

441. ii. Amos s , b. : m. Bushnell, sister of his brother John's wife. "He

went to Illinois to live."

442. iii. John 5 , b. Feb. 3, 1770. in Cheshire, Conn. ; d. in Lexington, Green County,

N. Y., Nov. 29, 1854. He m. Jan. 25, 1798, Eunice Bushnell, who d.
Nov. 29, 1853. He went from Cheshire, in 1797, to Lexington, N. Y.,
where he made a home. Two children were :
140. 1. Julia*, b. ; m. West Chase, and had six daughters and one son.

447. 2. Orlando L. e , b. ; d. April 15, 1895 ; m. Harriet Bump. They had

six sons and one daughter, namely :

448. I. Champion 7 , b. ; d. Feb. 20, 1807; m. Othelia Kipp. Went West.

449. 2. Augustus 7 , b. ; "died 30 years ago" (about 1877) ; m. Rachel

Dubois ; settled in Kingston, N. Y., and had three children. One
son was living in 1007. in business in New York City.

450. 3. Cordeau 7 , b. ; d. April 28, 1807; m. Minerva Clawson of West

Hill, Green County, N. Y. They had no children.

451. 4. Iietus 7 , b. ; d. before 1907; m. (1) Lola Clark of Trattsville,

who had two sons, who died young, and she died. He m. (2) ,

who is living.


452. 5. Harriet 7 , b. ; was living in 1907; m. Dr. Allaban in Margarets-

ville, Delaware County, and had four sons and one daughter. "He
died several years ago," i. e., before 1907.

453. 6. West Chase 7 , b. ; d. July 31, 1886; m. Myra B. . They

had a daughter, who died Oct. 7, 1892, aged 21. Mrs. Newton was
living in 1907 in Kingston, N. Y., to which place she removed the
year following the death of her husband, to educate her daughter.
Has since made it her home. She contributed these items of Mr.
Newton's family.

454. 7. Orlando L. 7 , b. , "youngest of six sons"; was living in 1907 in

West Kill, N. Y. ; m. Ruth Winter. They had a son who died young.

455. JONAS NEWTON 1 of Doylestown, Bucks County, Pa. (not traced),
was born in Addison County, Vt., town not given, May 3, or 23, 1787, and died
at Philadelphia, Pa., February 3, 1827, aged 40.

He married Sarah Vanderveer, daughter of Petrus Van der Veer and wife-
name unknown — who lived near Princeton, N. J. She was born at Doylestown,
Pa. (also "in Somerset Co., N. J.," is given), March 9, 1788, and died June 25,
1836, aged 48.

[The descendants of this Jonas Newton have no knowledge of his parentage,
nor whence they came. There were living in 1790, in Addison County, Vt., five
Newtons who were heads of families as enumerated in the First United States
Census. The town of Addison had John (family 1-0-1), John, Jr. (family 1-1-1),
Lemuel (family 2-0-3) ; at Salisbury, Capt, Joel (family 2-2-2) ; Shoreham had
Liberty (family 2-0-3), who is accounted for. Jonas Newton being born 1787,
would be under sixteen years in 1790, and his parents must have been one of
those men above who had such a son, namely either John Newton, Jr., or Capt.
Joel Newton. Inasmuch as the name "Joel" is not repeated in his descendants
and the name "John" runs through every generation of them, I should infer
that the father of Jonas was John, Jr., son of John, and it is quite possible
they came from Connecticut, and were related to Capt. Joel Newton. I make
the proposition — one must have a premise from which to start — "even an error
is better than nothing."]

Jonas Newton 1 was settled in Doylestown, Pa., for as long ago as any of the
family now living have knowledge of. "That town being regarded as the family
home in his day and generation." "He was a storekeeper near Doylestown,
Penn." The family think his children were all born there. For the correct list
of his children we are indebted to the family Bible that belonged to his son,
Bev. John Newton, Sr., missionary to India. It is now in the family of his
son, Bev. Edward Payson Newton. There was also a Birthday text-book with
the Bible, which furnished data. It comes, as it were, from the uttermost parts
of the world. Children:

456. i. Luke Vanderveer 2 (M.D.), b. Feb. 19, 1809; d. in New York City, July 10,

1880; m. in England, Mrs. Isabella Douglas, widow of a colonel in
the English Army. Dr. Newton was a practicing physician in New York
City, also the publisher and proprietor of a monthly magazine called The
Druggist's Circular and Chemical Gazette. His two sons were:

464. 1. Charles Vanderveer 3 , b. July 29, 1842 ; d. y.

4(15. 2. Arthur Douglas 3 , b. March 29, 1844; d. y.

457. tii. John 2 (D.D.), b. Oct. 1, 1810; m. Elizabeth Topham Janvier.

458. iii. Isaac 2 , b. Oct. 17, 1812, "at Bridgeport. Bucks Co.. Penn.," and d. at

Bloomfield, N. J., Sept. 20, 1S90. lie bad a country store at Titusville,
Pa., in LSr»."», and afterward removed to Bloomfield, N. J. He m. at
Cherry Tree, Venango County. Pa., April 27, 1837. Ellen Oonover, daugh-
ter of Joseph and (Conover) Conover of Readington township,

N. J., where she was b. Nov. 10, 1814. She d. at Bloomfield, N. J., Dec. 3.
1890. Their children, nine in number, were :


466. 1. William McCarrer 3 (Rev.), b. Jan. 29, 1838. at Oil City, Pa.; m. at

Niles City, Mich., May 2, 1S67, Cynthia Hamilton, daughter of Mr.

and (Harper) Hamilton of Cherry Tree, Pa., where she

was b. July , 1837. She d. at Lowry City, Mo.. Sept. 11, 1900, s. p.

Mr. Newton was a clergyman of the Presbyterian Church. He received
his collegiate course at Knox College, Galesburg, 111. ; was graduated in
1862 ; graduated from Lane Seminary, Cincinnati. Ohio, in 1865. His
pastorates were : Blooinfield, Ohio ; Appleton City, Mo. ; Raymore,
Mo. : Lowry City, Mo. ; in 1912 was living at Winona Lake, Ind., and
died there Jan. 27, 1915. His adopted daughter is :

467. Margaret Brown, b. May 24, 1864, at Montgomery, Mo., daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Brown of that place. She m. at Raymore. Mo., Dec. 25. 1888,
Rev. Thomas J. Stevenson, clergyman of the Presbyterian Chinch.
In 1912 they were living in Havre de Grace. Md.

468. 2. Emily Ann 3 , b. March 8, 1839. at Cherry Tree, Pa.; d. Oct. 8, 1839.

469. 3. Joanna Garrison 3 , b. July 16, 1840, at Cherry Tree, Pa.; d. , 1907;

m. Sept. 3, 1862, Albert Truesdale. of Peoria, 111.

470. 4. Lynn Vanderveer 9 , b. March 11, 1842, at Cherry Tree; d. Sept. 29, 1875;

m. Josie McMaster, a sister of Angie McMaster, who m. his cousin,
John Irwin. She d. without children. He m. (2) Agnes Elliott. In
1912 she was living in the "Arnold Mansion." Fairmont Park, Phila-
delphia, Pa., and d. there Feb. 1, 1913. Their children were :

471. 1. Herbert 1 or Gilbert Elliott, b. ; was living in 1913 in Erie,


472. 2. Ruth 4 Elliott, b. — ; was living in 1913 in Philadelphia, Pa.

473. 5. Sarah Jane 3 , b. Feb. 24. 1844, at Cherry Tree. Pa. : d. July 22, 1847.

474. 6. Mary Ellen 3 , b. Nov. 7. 1845, at Cherry Tree, Pa. ; d. March — , 1847.

475. 7. Matilda 3 , b. Oct. 7, 1847, at Cherry Tree, Pa.; m. at Peoria, 111., James

Scholes. In 1911 they were living in Tacoma, Wash.
470. 8. John 3 , b. Dec. 1, 1849, at Titusville, Pa.; m. in New York City, Feb. 12,

1874. Emma Westervelt of New York City, where she was b. May 18, 1851.
She d. at Bloomfield, N. J., May 4, 1907. Mr. Newton resides (1913) in
Blooinfield, N. J., where he is in business, secretary and treasurer of
Bloomfield Coal and Supply Company, No. 36 Broad St. His children

477. 1. Helen Vanderveer 4 , b. Dec. 26, 1874, at East Orange, N. J. ; m. Aug. 28,

1909, James Newbegin Jarvie. They live in Montclair, N. J.

478. 2. Florence Adele 4 , b. Feb. 12. 1878. at Bloomfield, N. J. ; d. May 4, 1893.

479. 3. Emma Estelle 4 , b. June 2, 1881. at Bloomfield. N. J. ; m. there April 28,

1903, Pliny Arthur Boyd. They live in Bloomfield. , Their children

480. 1. Helen Vanderveer' 5 Boyd, b. March 23, 1905.

481. 2. John Newton 5 Boyd, b. July 14, 1910.

4S2. 9. Henri/ Martin 3 , b. Dec. 20, 1851, at Titusville. Pa.; d. at Sidney. Cape

Breton, March 26, 1897; m. at Chandlerville, 111. (?), and had a

483. 1. Helen 4 , b. .

458a. iv. William 3 , b. Feb. 22, 1815 ; d. Sept. 23, 1837.

459. v. Emily 2 , b. July 26, 1816, at "Bridge Point, Bucks Co., Penn." ; d. at
Galesburg, 111., Oct. 30, 1899 ; m. at Cherry Tree, Pa.. Nov. 21, 1844, John
Irwin, son of Samuel and Jane (Miller) Irwin of New London, Chester
County, Pa. He was b. at Cherry Tree, Oct. 12, 1808. A farmer in
Venango County, Pa. His land was situated seven miles from Titusville
and three miles from Petroleum Center. The land was rocky and he sold
out just before the discovery of oil in that vicinity, and thus narrowly
escaped becoming a millionaire. As his children were all b. at Cherry Tree,
it would indicate that his land lay in that township. After 1851 he
removed with his family to Peoria, 111., and thence to Galesburg, where
he settled, and where his family is still represented. The children were :

484. 1. Lucie Anna 3 Irwin, b. Nov. 27, 1845; living in 1912 with her daughter

in Minneapolis, Minn., No. 2120 Oliver Ave.. South. She m. Aug. 5,
1873, Rev. Isaac E. Carey, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of
Freeport, 111., who d. at Oberlin, Ohio, March 6, 1902. Children :

485. 1. John Dwight 4 Carey (twin), b. Sept. 20. 1875: living in Atlanta, Ga.

486. 2. Ben Irwin 4 Carey (twin), b. Sept. 20. 1875; living in Denver, Colo.

487. 3. Anna Newton 4 Carey, b. March 28, 1877; m. Calvin F. Howe. They

were living in 1912 in Duluth. Minn.

488. 4. Alice Emily 4 Carey, b. Oct. 23, 1881; m. Howard Strong, son of Dr.

Josiah Strong of New York. They reside in Minneapolis, Minn.












3. *


489. 2. John Newton 3 Irwin, b. Aug. 22, 1847 ; is living in Galesburg, 111. ; m.

Feb. 21, 1872, Angie McMaster (wbo was sister of Josie McMasters,
who m. Lynn V. Newton). Their ehildi'en were:

490. 1. Walter McMaster 4 Irwin ( Rev. ) , b. Nov. 9, 1872 ; a Presbyterian clergy-

man, who has filled pastorates at Deer Creek and Delavan, 111. ; Shelby,
Iowa; Wichita (West Side) and Wichita, Kans. ; m. June 8, 1898,
Bessie Crane. Their P. O. address is No. 121 Dodge Ave., Wichita,
Herbert Edward 4 Irwin, b. April 19. 1875; resides in Galesburg, 111.
Lynn Newton 4 Irwin, b. June 9, 1877 ; resides in Davis, Colo.
John Paul 4 Irwin, b. Nov. 22, 1879 ; resides in Galesburg, 111.
Keith Gordon 4 Irwin, b. March 13, 1885 ; resides in St. Louis, Mo.
6. Florence Louise 4 Irwin, b. March 11, 1890 ; resides in Galesburg, 111.
3. Sarah Jane 3 Irwin, b. Oct. 2, 1849; m. Aug. 11, 1881, Rev. Robert J.
McNiece, a Presbyterian clergyman ; now residing in Salt Lake City,
497. 4. Albert Barnes 3 Irwin, b. Oct. 2, 1851; m. Dec. 27, 1877, Lorettae Hart.

They reside in Highland, Kans.

460. vi. Mary 2 , b. Oct. 10, 1818; d. Dec. 31, 1828, aged 10. She had such "light

golden hair" that it was spoken of in every reference to her name.

461. vii. Caroline 2 , b. Feb. 16, 1821 ; d. April 26, 1821.

462. viii. Charles Beatty 2 , b. July 28, 1822; "died about 1898." "Uncle Charles

Beatty Newton went West about 1842, joined the army, and married a
Spanish lady. He always lived in the West." "In 1903 he wrote to his
friends from Alamo, New Mexico — said he was 82 years old." "Died
at Pueblo, Colorado, about 1898." "He had son Carlos Newton, who had
a large ranch, with 2000 cattle." I do not try to reconcile the discrepancy
in dates of death.

463. ix. Robert 2 (M.D.), b. April 29, 1825; d. at New Orleans, La., Aug. 9, 1848.

of yellow fever, during an epidemic. He was a surgeon in the United
States Army, and was in the Mexican War. Returning home from the
war, he was taken with yellow fever while passing through New Orleans
and died there. He never married.

457. 2. REV. JOHN NEWTON 2 , son of Jonas 1 and Sarah (Vanderveer)
Newton of Doylestown, Pa., was born October 1, 1810, and died at Murree, Pun-
jab, India, July 2, 1891, aged 80 years, 9 months.

He married at Hartsville, , October 16, 1834, Elizabeth Popham Janvier,

daughter of Francis Janvier of Princeton, N. J. She was born October 11, 1812,
presumably at Princeton, N. J., and died at Sabathn, Punjab, India, September
2, 1857.

He married (2) at Lahore, India, March 22, 1866, Eliza Hornbuckle.

Rev. John Newton 2 , D.D. was one of the pioneers of the mission work of the
Presbyterian Church in India. He went out in 1835, and died in 1891, after
fifty-six years of missionary service. His six children were born in India; the
four sons returned to India as missionaries after being educated in the United
States, and the two daughters married missionaries. Only one of these is now
living (1912).

I quote the following from "The Encyclopedia of Missions," 2d edition, 1904,
p. 536 — a short sketch of the life and work of this good man :

"Dr. Newton went to India as a missionary of the Board of Foreign Missions
of the Presbyterian Church of the IT. S. A., in 1835, arriving at Calcutta in
June of that year, accompanied by Rev. James Wilson and his wife. Setting
out from Calcutta in a native boat on the Ganges they began their long journey
of 1,200 miles to their chosen field at Ludhiana.*

* Ludhiana : A town in the Ludhiana District of the Funjab, India, situated about three
miles south of Sutlej River, and seventy-three miles southeast by oast of Amritar. Altitude,
812 feet. Population in 1891. 46,300, of "whom 30,300 are Muslims and 13,000 Hindus. Station
of the Presbyterian North India Mission (1834), with (1003) four missionaries and their
wives, six missionary women, fifty-four native workers, nine out-stations, nine places of
worship, forty Sunday schools, four day schools, two boarding schools, one industrial school,


His labors were various. Always foremost with him was the direct preaching
of the Word, and that hand-to-hand effort by conversation with individuals,
which he felt to be one of the missionary's most effective methods. He was a
powerful and attractive preacher, both in English and in the vernaculars.

Dr. Newton took with him when he first went to India an old-fashioned wooden
printing-press, which he set up in a little house secured for the purpose, and
thus laid the foundation for that publishing establishment which, during the
next fifty years, was destined to issue about two hundred and sixty-seven million
pages in ten different languages.

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