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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 116 of 131)
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316. 1. Henry*, b. ; was in Fayetteville, Pa., the last known.

317. 2. Archie*, b. ; was in California.

318. ix. Sylvia 7 , b. Oct. 29, 1844 ; d. in Ohio, about 1873.

288. DANIEL BRYANT NEWTON 6 (son of Dudley 5 , Asahel 4 , Maj. Israel 3 ),
born January 14, 1812, in Avon, Livingston County, N. Y., and died September 4,
1897, at Ypsilanti, Mich. He married, May 22, 1835, Lucy W. Spencer, a native
of New England, with an English ancestry, but then a school teacher, of York,
N. Y. She was born September 1, 1813, and died May 9, 1887. Mr. Newton
was a farmer. In the autumn of 1845, he moved with his family of wife and
four children to Michigan, and settled first on a farm he had purchased in the
township of Superior, where he remained until 1870, when he exchanged the
place for city property in Ypsilanti, Mich., and moved to it, for the remainder
of his life. Mr. Newton was a man of great faith in God. He first joined the
Baptist Church, and later the Methodist societies in the towns where he lived.
He had a superior musical talent and gave much time and study during his early
manhood to music, taking courses in voice culture at Boston, Mass., and Roches-


ter, N. Y, and developing a voice of great compass and power. He possessed,
too, mechanical genius, and constructed several excellent violins, which he used
at singing schools and in church choirs, and he kept up his practice, both vocal
and instrumental, throughout his life. His children, the first four born at
York, X. Y, the others in Michigan, were:

319. i. Rosalia 7 , b. July 25, 183G; d. Dec. 11, 1SS0 : m. April 29, 1858, William

Moore and had : Ida A. 8 , b. 1S59 ; m. 1879, W. I. Penniman.

320. ii. Regixa M. 7 , b. June 10, 1S39.

321. tiii. Albert Daniel 7 , b. Aug. 21, 1841 ; m. Harriet L. Wright.

322. iv. Charlotte L. 7 , b. April 23. 1814 ; d. Dec. 29, 1862.

323. tv. Elliott M. 7 , b. Sept. 16, 1846 ; m. Lucy E. Wheeler.

324. vi. Flora A. 7 , b. Aug. 26, 1S50; was living in 1911; m. (1) 1871, Monroe Woolsey,

and had four children; m. (2) 1S94, George B. Gregory, and has another

321. REV. ALBERT DANIEL NEWTON 7 (son of Daniel B. G ), born
August 21, 1841, at York, N. Y. ; married at Ann Arbor, Mich., February 7,
l s 72, Harriet L. Wright. He became converted at the age of 16, and while he
wanted to become a lawyer, he felt in duty bound to give his life work to the
ministry, and was ordained Deacon at Kalamazoo, Mich., by Bishop Matthew
Simpson, September 13, 1S74; ordained Elder at Niles, Mich., by Bishop Gil-
bert Haven of the Methodist Episcopal Church, September 17, 1876. He held
several pastorates, and is still in the work. His children are :

325. i. Ixez Allexe 8 , b. July 27, 1S78. at Grand Rapids. Mich.

326. ii. Bertha Louise 3 , b. Jan. 20, 1880. at Nashville.

327. iii. Lulu Marie 8 , b. May 9, 1888, at St. Johns.

323. ELLIOTT M. NEWTON 7 (brother of the preceding), born September
16, 1S46; married March 22, 1869, Lucy E. Wheeler. Their children are:

328. i. Mart L. 8 , b. July 23, 1870 ; m. 1S93, Samuel Arnold of Ohio.

329. ii. Aarox Tracy\ b. Nov. 6. 1871 ; m. 1898, Mirtie Ford of Wheaton, 111.

330. iii. Juxia Luella 8 , b. Aug. 9, 1875.

289. JEREMIAH NEWTON (son of Dudley 5 , Asahel 4 , Maj. Israel 3 ), born
August 23, 1813, at Avon, N. Y; died at Ypsilanti, Mich., March 21, 1902;
married January 23, 1838, Esther J. Dean, daughter of Orange and Julian Dean
of Caledonia, N. Y., where she was born July 27, 1819.

About 1S43, Mr. Newton moved to Ypsilanti, Mich., and purchased a farm
almost within the present city limits. Here he acquired considerable property,
and here he died. His children were :

331. i. Helex Ann 7 , b. Nov. 23. 1838 : d. Feb. 23. 1848.

332. ii. Dudley Dean 7 , b. Oct. 29. 1840 : d. Nov. 23. 1856.

333. iii. Fraxces 7 , b. Jan. 29. 1843 ; d. Feb. 23. 1S44.

334. iv. Charles Fraxcis 7 . b. Jan. 28. 1845; m. May 9. 1867, Minnie J. Boughton,

who had two children, and d. Feb. 3, 1885. He in. (2), Sept. 28, 1888,
Alice A. Greston. and had three children. Mr. Newton is in the employ
of the Michigan Central Railroad. Children :

335. 1. Esther D. 8 , b. Jan. 29. 1868 : d. before 1911.

336. 2. William- B.\ b. Sept. 23. 1869 ; d. before 1911.

337. 3. Helen P.\ b. Jan. 7, 1894.

338. 4. Fred J. 9 , b. Aug. 12. 1895.

339. 5. Ruth L. s , b. Mav 19. 1897.

340. v. Judsox 7 , b. Aug. 14, 1851 ; d. before 1911 ; m. Feb. 9, 1879, Marie Stilson.


341. vi. Harold Dean 7 , b. June 6, 1856 ; d. two or three years before 1911 ; m. Sept.

23, 1890, Henrietta M. Johnson of Manistee, Mich. Children:

342. 1. Mildred Esther*, b. Dec. 14, 1891.

343. 2. Dean Johnson*, b. Aug. 15, 1893.

344. 3. Katharine Frances*, b. Jan. 28, 1898.

345. vii. John 7 , b. Sept. G, 1860 ; d. Oct. 9, 18G0.

292. EEV. ALONZO NEWTON 6 (son of Dudley 5 , Asahel 4 , Maj. Israel 3 ), born
April 3, 1822, in the town of York, near Fowlerville. N. Y. ; died at Naperville,
111., October 7, 1891; married at Boston Corners, N. Y., Mary A. Hemenway,
daughter of Hiram and Aurelia (Cary) Hemenway of Utica, N. Y., and Free-
port, 111. She was born at Boston, Erie County, N. Y., August 13, 1833, and
died .

Mr. Newton went to the public schools and later taught in them. In the spring
of 1843 he was converted and felt called to preach. In 1844 he entered Lima
College, where he continued his studies for several years, during which time he
was licensed to preach by the Methodist Episcopal Church, and later was an
ordained clergyman of that church. He held pastorates and lived in the follow-
ing towns: 1851, Boston Corners; 1852, Collins; 1853, Clarence; 1855, Gowanda;
1856, Williamsville; 1857, Lancaster; 1858, Covington; 1859, Ashbury and
Fowlerville; 1861, Smethport, Pa.; 1863, Machias; 1865, Marilla and Elma;
all except the one in New York State, as I understand. In the autumn of 1865
he removed with his family to Illinois, and held the following charges : Council
Hill, Foreston, Lanark, Cherry Valley, Belvidere, Marengo, Woodstock, Palatine,
Kingston, Creston, W 7 yanet, Freedom, Mokena, Durand, Downers Grove, Naper-
ville. His children were:

34G. i. Granger Filmore 7 , b. Jan. 5. 1856 ; m. at Wyanet. 111., Dec. 25, 1881, Minnie
Albright, and had two children:

347. 1. Carrie Belle*, b. Aug. 17, 1883.

348. 2. George Alonzo*, b. Dec. 20, 1885.

349. ii. Minnie Aurelia 7 , b. April 3. 18G1 ; m. at Wyanet. 111.. Feb. 15, 1882. Rev.

J. A. Whipple, a Methodist clergyman, and had: 1, Viva C. s . 1883; 2,
Mary Louise 8 , 1884; 3. Charlotte Adel*. 1886; 4. Helen Irene*, 1887; 5,
John Grant 8 , 1891 ; 6, Newton Dean 8 Whipple, 1893.

350. iii. Clair Alonzo 7 , b. Feb. 17, 1S72 ; in. June 15, 1895. Cora N. Lehman, daughter

of Jacob F. Lehman, b. April G, 1872. Mr. and Mrs. Newton reside (1914)
at Naperville, 111. Mr. Newton compiled, and in 1911 published, an exceed-
ingly interesting history of "The Colchester, Conn., Newton Family.
Descendants of Thomas Newton of Fairfield. Conn.. 1639," and their
settlement in New York State as contained in old family letters and many
other documents. It was a reverent thing to do, and is well done. His
family will ever be grateful that they have so intimate a knowledge of their
forebears. We all regret that we know so little of the daily life of our
ancestors, that we may come near unto them. I have been permitted to
take from this compilation the vital parts which I lacked to make a com-
plete whole in the many fragmentary statistics I had gathered of the
posterity of Thomas Newton of Fairfield, and I bere make acknowledg-
ment, and thanks for the courtesy. Mr. Newton's children are :

351. 1. Violet Clarie*. b. Nov. 17. 1897.

352. 2. Glad us Man*, b. May 19, 1900.

353. 3. Evahin Lueile*. b. Dec. 10, 1901.

354. 4. Mildred Cora*, b. April 16, 1905.

355. 5. Claire Bernice 9 , b. April 29, 1910.

293. EEV. NEWELL NEWTON 15 (Dudley 5 , Asahel 4 , Maj. Israel 3 ), born
April 3, 1824, at Avon, N. Y. ; died at Stockbridge, Mich., February 1, 1904.
Burial in Oaklawn Cemetery, there. He married (1) March — , 1853 ("my 29th
year"), Sarah C. Williams, born February — , 1827; died at Dixborough, Mich.,


February, 1867. He m. (2) Emily L. Smith, who died one and one-half years
after. He m. (3) Susie E. Talcott, who died at Brooklyn, Mich. He m. (4)
Thirza M. Daily, who died about 1897.

Mr. Newton was educated in the public schools and Lima Seminary, near his
home in New York State. He lived with his father mainly till his 29th year
when he married. He was converted in 1843 and felt called to preach. He
entered the Genesee Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1854, and
was ordained Elder in 1858, by Bishops Baker and Janes; was twelve years in
that Conference. In 1866 he moved to Michigan, where he remained the rest of
his life. He held pastorates at Weathersfield, Belfast, Collins Center, Honeoye,
Sardinia, Java, Wales, Holland, Marilla and Eagle, in New York; Dixborough,
Lima, Unadilla, Brooklyn, Franklin, Milan, New Boston, Sheldon, Freel, Sheboy-
gan, Iaseo, Southfield in Michigan ; after which he was superannuated and went
to farming. His children [three by the first wife, the last two by the last wife,
I think] are:

356. i. Carrie E. 7 , b. Oct. 24, 1855 ; m. Omar A. Backus, reside in Stockbridge, Mich.,

and have a son, Clair* Backus.

357. ii. Durbin 7 , b. Jan. 9, 1857, at Collins Center, Erie County, N. Y. ; was living in

1911; m. Eva Manning, b. at Erchfont, Wiltshire, England, April 4, 1861,
and has four children. He moved with his parents from New York to
Michigan in 1S6G. In 1872 he entered the State Normal School at Ypsilanti,
Mich., taking the classical course, and was graduated June, 1877, and
immediately began work as a teacher of public schools in northern Michi-
gan. In October, 1885, he entered the law school of the University of
Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich., took the degree of LL.B. in June, 1887, and
was admitted to the Michigan bar. Upon leaving the University he settled
permanently in "Detroit, Mich., in active practice of the law, where he has
continued until the present time (1911). His children are:

359. 1. Angelica 8 , b. July 19, 1896 ; d. same day.

360. 2. Dudley", b. July 27, 1897.

361. 3. Eva\ b. April 9, 1900.

362. 4. Sarah Mary 8 , b. Sept. 24, 1901.

363. iii. Martha 7 , b. April 27, 1862 ; m. Prof. Herbert G. Lamson.

364. iv. Clarence 7 , b. Nov. 9, 1873; m. May 14, 1895, Maud Grover, and had a

daughter; m. (2) Aug. 26, 1900, Verbie McLaughlin. Child:

365. 1. Lucille 8 , b. Jan. 17, 1897.

366. v. William F. 7 , b. Aug. 9, 1875; m. Jan. 15, 1896, Jane Sarah Heeney. They

are farmers living in Fowlerville, Mich. Children :

367. 1. Martha J. 8 , b. April 11, 1897.

368. 2. Thomas W. 8 , b. Oct. 7, 1898.

369. 3. May M.\ b. Aug. 16, 1900.

370. 4. William H*, b. Oct. 20, 1901.

371. 5. Thcressa M. 8 , b. Oct. 20, 1903.

372. 6. Walton A. 8 , b. April 11, 1905.

373. 7. Newell James 3 , b. July 24, 1907.

295. AURORA DUDLEY NEWTON G (Dudley 5 , Asahel 4 , Maj. Israel 3 ), born
March 12, 1828, in the town of York, Livingston County, N. Y., on the farm
where in 1908 he had lived the eighty years of his life, when he was in perfect
health of mind and body. He married (1) October 7, 1851, Elizabeth Fraser of
York, N. Y., who died August 31, 1853, leaving a son. He married (2) March
17, 1864, Henrietta Clark of Caledonia, N. Y., who died September 22, 1868,
leaving a daughter.

Mr. Newton was educated in the public schools of his district, and at the age
of 18 taught in the town of Caledonia. It seemed to him a duty to remain on
his father's farm, and he purchased his brother's interest in it and it became
his permanent home. A Republican in politics, he was elected to various town
offices : Assessor, 1866-1870 ; Commissioner of Highways, 1870-1879 ; Supervisor,
1881-1887; Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Livingston County two


years, and member of it five years. His townsmen wished to send him to the
State Legislature, but he refused the honor. At the age of 15 years he united
with the Methodist Episcopal Church and had held all of the offices therein as
layman, and in 1899 was Recording Steward of the Fowlerville charge, Genesee
Conference. He was a grand old man, who made a success of his life by being
ready and willing to do whatever came next to hand. His children are:

374. i. Walton Aurora 7 , b. July 19, 1853 ; m. Dec. 3, 1879, Delia Gillette of Lansing,

Mich. At the age of 14 years he entered the mercantile department of
B. F. Dow & Co., merchants and manufacturers of engines, threshing
machines, agricultural implements, etc., at Fowlerville, Mich., learning the
business and later becoming manager of the business, and traveling for it
all through the West. In 1879 he located in Lansing, Mich., and entered
the business for himself. Since 1SS3 he has confined his business relations
almost wholly to Lansing and its tributaries. Republican; Methodist
Church ; and right dealing represents what he stands for.

375. ii. Stella Henrietta 7 , b. , 18G- ; m. March 17, 1897, George McKnight.

They were living in 1911 in Caledonia, N. Y. No children.

376. ASAHEL NEWTON 5 (descendant of Thomas 1 of Fairfield), born
June 1, 1758, at Colchester, Conn. ; died May 30, 1834. His great-grandson, Mr.
Jervis O. Newton, writes: "The earliest history which we have been able to
obtain concerning the Newton family is, that they took a prominent part in the
settlement of Colchester, Conn., in the early part of the eighteenth century. It
is said they were descended from Thomas Newton, at one time of Fairfield, Conn.
Asahel Newton is the first of whom we have any authentic record." He was a
soldier of the Revolution. The "Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolu-
tion" 1880, pg. 176, contains the name of Asahel Newton, in the Company of
Capt. Eells, enlisted May 5, 1777, term three years, discharged May 5, 1780. The
family history of his service, more in detail, states that he was at the storming
of Stony Point by "Mad Anthony Wayne"; one of the picked men who led the
way. Also, he was one of Washington's body guards and was present at the
surrender of Comwallis at Yorktown. He married February 19, 1784, Versalle
Booth. I suppose they lived in Colchester. They had ten children ; the fifth was :

377. v. Erastus 6 , b. Feb. 22, 1795, at Colchester, Conn. About 1810 he went

to Sherburne, N. Y., and there m. on March 28, 1820, Julia Hatch. They
had four children. He d. March 25, 1867. His second child was :

378. 2. Lyman Marshall 7 , b. Nov. 10, 1822; d. Oct. 14, 1894. He m. April 18,

1844, Elizabeth Gooding, who d. Nov. 1, 1855. They had two children
who are now (1906) dead. He m. (2) Oct. 7, 1856, Frances M. Jones
of Rochester, N. Y., who was living in 1906. They had four children,
one of whom d. before 1906, the three others being :

379. 1. Frances E. 8 , b. ; resides in Chicago, 111.

380. 2. Jervis O. 8 , b. ; is m. and wife living (1906) ; is cashier of the

State Bank of Chicago, 111., corner of LaSalle and Washington Sts.

381. 3. Anna J. 8 , b. ; m. Bisbee ; resides in Elmira, N. Y.

382. ISRAEL NEWTON 1 (probably descendant of Thomas of Fairfield) was

born , 1788; died , 1864. He came from Voluntown, Conn.,

to West Greenwich, R. I., where he and his wife are buried. He married
Nancy Saunders, before the removal. [There were living in Voluntown, Conn.,
in 1790, only four heads of families, one of whom was probably his father or
mother, namely : Desire, Isaac, Jabez or Matthew.] He may have had more than
the one son here given : viz. :


383. i. Henry Saunders 2 , b. Dec. 29, 1815, at Voluntown, Conn., and d. at Plainfield,
Conn., May 31, 1900. He m. April 20, 1837, Susan M. Merris, daughter
of William and Annie (Coats) Merris of Exeter, R. I., where she was b.
April 20, 1822. She d. at Plainfield, Conn., Dec. 25, 1882. Mr. Newton
was a farmer in Plainfield, Conn. His children were :

Henry F. 3 , b. ; unm. and living in 1911, in Plainfield, Conn.

John 3 , b. ; d. .









Horace 3 , b. ; m. and living in 1911 at Providence, R. I.

Otis P. 3 , b. June 22, 1840, at Hopkinton, R. I.; m. at Coventry, R. I.,

Dec. 1, 1870, Huldah D. Nichols, daughter of Giles M. and Celia E.

(Davis) Nichols of Coventry, R. I., where she was born Nov. 3, 1851.

They were living in 1911 at Edgewood, Providence, R. I., where he was

station agent for the N. Y., N. H. & H. Railroad, but has now retired

from business. Their children are :

387. 1. Arthur G. 4 , b. Sept. 10, 1871 ; has been twice m. ; was living in 1911 at

Providence, R. I.

388. 2. George H. 4 , b. Sept. 14, 1873, at Summit, R. I.; m. Bertha Congdon,

daughter of Clark Henry and Martha (Kenney) Congdon of Middle-
town, Conn. They were living in 1911 in Providence, R. I., at No.
292 California Ave. Mr. Newton is employed as mechanical engineer
for the Brown & Sharp Manufacturing Company at Providence, R. I.
His children are :

389. 1. Raymond Congdon 5 , b. .

390. 2. Kenneth Henry 5 , b. .

391. 3. Willis B. 4 , b. July 29, 1877, at Summit, R. I. ; m. Mabel Shippee. They

were living in 1911 in Providence, R. I.

392. 5. Jane 3 , b. .

393. 0. Annie 3 , b. .

394. 7. Susie 3 , ft. .

These three sisters were living in 1911 in Providence, R. I., the first
two m., the last unm.

395. CHRISTOPHER NEWTON ( ), born February 26, 1738, at

Groton, New London County, Conn. ; died at Newport, N. H, February 19, 1834.
I bave made no effort to trace eitber Cbristopber Newton or his cousin Isaac of
Newport, N. H., because they seemed so surely to spring from the original
Connecticut Newtons. It should not be difficult for those most interested to
trace them, having the few facts I am able to give here. Being born in Groton,
Conn., the town records should show the names of his parents, and at that early
day there could have been hardly more than three generations in America behind
him. Very probably the first of them was Thomas Newton 1 "of Fairfield," whose
posterity was quite numerous in Colchester, and New London County, Conn.,
generally. The name, Christopher, I have not found earlier than this one. In
1790, the First United States Census shows this Christopher Newton at New-
port, N. H., — family, "1-2-5," another at Woodbridge, New Haven County,
Conn., — family, "1-3-3," another in New London County, Conn., the county he
came from, — family, "1-0-1."

He removed with his family of wife and five children in 1779, from Groton,
New London County, Conn., to Newport, N. H. Another son, Hubbard, was
born at Newport, N H. He became one of the early settlers of that town. He
took up land on the "Unity Road," where he established a homestead-farm —
which afterward came into possession of his son Erastus — and where he died.
He was moderator of the town meetings for nine years, and one of the select-
men two terms.

He married in Connecticut, February 26, 1766, Mary Giles, daughter of Hon.
Benjamin Giles of Groton, Conn., where she was born November 12, 1745, and
died at Newport, N. H, May 14, 1821. Their children were :

396. i. Martha, b. April 9, 1768; m. at Hebron, Conn., Dec. 20, 1785, Aaron Mack,
who was b. Jan. 11, 1761. Their one child I know of was
1. Polly Mack, b. Nov. 23, 1786.


397. ii. Mary, b. Nov. 29, 1770 ; m. Lemuel Church.

398. iii. Margery, b. Nov. 2, 1772 ; m. Dea. Jesse Fay of Alstead, N. H.

399. iv. Abigail, b. March 13, 1775 ; d. March 22, 1800 ; m. Feb. 10, 1793, Rev. Enos

Bliss, b. Nov. 25, 17G5, son of Ebenezer and Abigail (Cooley) Bliss of
Longmeadow, Mass. They had three children :

1. Nauby Bliss, b. March 17, 1794, at Brandon, Vt.

2. Florella Bliss, b. Jan. 15„ 1790, at Cornwall, Yt.

3. Alason Bliss, b. April 17, 179S, at New Haven, Yt.

400. tv. Erastus, b. April 4, 1777, in Groton, Conn. ; ni. Betsey Beckwith.

401. tvi. Hubbard, b. Jan. 1, 1780, in Newport, Vt. ; m. Abigail Lyon.

400. ERASTUS NEWTON (Maj.) (son of Christopher), born in 1777; died
at Newport, N. H., January 4, 1852; married, November 22, 1801, Betsey Beck-
with (daughter of Jabez and Elizabeth Beckwith). She lived to be 91 years
old. Six children.

Mr. Newton had the homestead of his father, where he lived. The farm is
on the "Unity Road" — Unity being a town south of Newport. He was Major
in the militia. He gave three of his sous college educations and they became
professional men. His children were :

402. i. Christopher Giles, b. Jan. 15, 1803; d. at Lawrence, Mass., Feb. 3, 1871.

He was a graduate from Middlebury College; studied law at Newport and
Washington, N. H. ; removed to Lawrence, Mass., having practiced in all
three places. He m., June 9, 1835, Harriet Hubbard of Washington, N. H.
Their three children were :

403. 1. George A., b. .

403a. 2. Erastus N., b. .

403b. 3. Ellen L., b. .

404. ii. Harry H., b. Oct. 9, 1S04 ; m. Angeline M. Beckwith, his cousin, daughter of

Jabez Beckwith. At date of marriage she was "of Lowell, Mass." The
names of their children were :

405. 1. Erastus, b. .

40(5. 2. Austin, b. .

407. iii. Elizabeth, b. , 1806; m. Milton Wyman of Cornish. Children: 1,

Arthur; 2, George; 3, Newton; 4, Frances; 5, Anna Wyman.

408. iv. Erastus, Jr., b. Sept. 10, 1810; and d. at Lockport, N. Y. Lawyer. Mr.

Newton was graduated from the college at Schenectady, N. Y. ; studied
law at Geneva, N. Y., with Judge Gardner. After being admitted to the bar,
he spent two years at Burlington, N. Y., then removed to Lockport, N. Y.,
where he settled and became prominent in the profession — had a wide
practice, and where he died. He m. Caroline Zeley. Their children were :

409. 1. Minnie B., "dau. of Erastus and Cordelia," b. ; m., as his second

wife, Nehemiah Day (son of Enoch and Mary A. Day), b. July 10, 1827.
He' was a member of Congress; resided in New Haven, N. H. His
children were by the first wife.

410. 2. Erastus, b. ; was graduated from Yale College, 1S74.

411. v. Louisa, b. Feb. 7, 1812; m. Feb. 10, 1840, Joseph Barrett, a farmer from

Fitchburg, Mass. ; b. 1813, son of Benjamin ; soldier of the Civil War,
and had five children.

412. vi. Austin (M.D.), b. Aug. 23. 1814; d. at Washington, N. H., Nov. 17, 1853.

He m. at Washington, N. H., Dec. — , 1841 or 1844, Julia McQuesten,
daughter of Dr. David McQuesten of Washington, where she was b. April
22, 1825. Left a widow, she m. William F. Newton (426), a cousin of her
husband. Mr. Newton studied medicine with his wife's father, Dr. David
McQuesten, in Washington, N. H., and was graduated in 1840 from Dart-
mouth Medical School in Hanover, N. H. He began practice in Washing-
ton, N. H., and remained there throughout the remainder of his life. His
children were born there, namely :

413. 1. David A., b. Aug. 3, 1845; an active farmer in the west part of Newport,

N. H., for a time, and later was engaged in trade there. He was a
soldier of the Civil War, serving in the Second Massachusetts Heavy
Artillery, and also in the quartermaster's department at Hilton Head.
He m. Nov. 6. 18G8, Miriam L. Fletcher (dau. of Timothy S.), b. June
30, 1848. Children:


414. 1. Frederick Chapin, b. Aug. 28, 1870.

415. 2. Marion P., b. Feb. 2G, 1876.

416. 3. Willie A., b. Nov. 30, 1878.

417. 4. Dixi Crosby, b. Aug. 7, 1879.

418. 5. Juliette, b. June 3, 1882.

419. 6. Flora A. 5 b. Feb. 3, 1884.

420. 2. Dixi Crosby, b. Oct. 3, 1848 (named for the distinguished physician who was

for thirty-two years professor of surgery in Dartmouth College, .D.D.,
LL.D., and b. Feb. 8, 1800) ; was a merchant in New York City, where
he d. April 13, 1866.

401. HUBBARD NEWTON (son of Christopher) born January, 1780, at
Newport, N. H. ; died there February 15, 1847, aged 67. Lawyer. He was
graduated from Dartmouth College, 1804; read law with Samuel Bell at Frances-
town, N. H. ; began practice in Newport, N. H., in 1806 ; removed to Amherst,
N. H., in 1836, succeeding to the practice of Edward Parker, Esq.; returned
after five years in Amherst to Newport, N. H., where he died. In Amherst, he
appears to have taken a prominent part in town affairs — as moderator of the
Annual Town Meetings, Justice of the Peace, on committee to apportion pews
in the Meetinghouse, gave address at a political banquet in a Whig victory,
etc. He was one of the organizers, and a trustee of the Newport Academy.

He married, November 25, 1802, Abigail Lyon, daughter of David and Abigail

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