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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 122 of 131)
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superintendent of electrical railways at Beaver Falls, Pa., Syracuse, N. Y., and
is now superintendent of the electric railway lines between Hartford, Conn., and
Springfield, Mass. His residence is in Enfield, Conn. Children :




Willis Thayer 8 , b. July 9, 1904.
Julia Woodbridge 8 , b. April 7, 190G.

184. CHAUNCEY GUY NEWTON 7 (son of Chauncey W., No. 174), born in
1871; married at Hamilton, Ohio, October 20, 1897, Annis Rachel Fitton, daugh-
ter of "William Fitton. Mr. Newton was educated at the State University,
Columbus, Ohio, as a mining engineer, and is now (1914) president of the New-
ton Coal Mining Company at Dennison, Ohio. The family reside at Uhrichsville
(twin city with Dennison), Ohio. Children:

188. i. Chauncey Guy 8 , Jr., b. May 6, 1901.

189. ii. Jane Louise 8 , b. Nov. 2G, 1902.

190. iii. Nan 8 , b. April If), 1904.


Reference is to Numbers.

Alexander C, 182.
Archie, 1G2.
Arthur L., 123.

Benjamin, 8, 21.

Chauncey A., 112.
Chauncey G., 184, 188.
Chauncey J., 17.
Chauncey W., 174.
Clark, 88.
Clyde, 117.
Clyde A., 153.

David, 159.
David A., 145.
David O., 8G, 113.

Earle F., 177.
Elizabeth, 7.
Emma B., 18.
Emma M., 175.

Flora, 24.
Florence, 151.
Frances H., 178.

Georgia, 90.

Helen, 160.
Henry, 9.

Henry E., 124.
Henry St. C, 183.

Hezekiah, 6.

Isaac, 12.

James B., 91, 158.
James C, 114.
James O., 144.
James T., 122.
Jane L., 189.
Jessie G., 115.
Joseph, 20.
Julia E., 92.
Julia W., 185, 187.

Katherine, 181.

Lewis, 87.
Lesser, 152.
Lillie M., 146.
Luella, 150.

Mary A. E., 85.
Mary E., 147.
Mary L., 168, 180.
Mary L. M., 109.
Matthew, 1, 2, 3, 5.

Nan, 190.
Nannie C, 93.
Naomi, 10, 25.
Nellie G., 156.
Newman, 22.

Paul H, 116.
Paul M., 176.

Robert D., 157.
Robert L., 110.
Ruth, 154.
Ruth A., 125.

Samuel, 173.
Samuel D.. 179.
Sarah C, 111.
Solomon, 15.

Thankful, 13.
Theodosia A., 148.
Thomas, 14.

Walter O., 149, 167.
William A., 89, 108.
William, 11.
William W.. 16, 19.
Willis T., 186.

Zarah, 23.

Surnames other than Newton.

Albien, 56.
Allen, 175.
Arnold, 90, 126-133.

Bacon, 28.
Barmore, 96.
Bailey, 61.
Belle, 90.
Bobo, 17.
Baird, 145.
Brown, 27, 42-47.
Byrne, 147.

Carnut, 17.
Carter, 26.
Chapman, 75.
Churchill, 42.
Clark, 13.
Cooley, 52.
Coon, 75.
Cooper, 109, 110.

Denison, 33, 34, 63-84.

Elam, 150.

Ewen, 79.
Evard, 91.

Fairweather, 85.
Farr, 52.
Fitton, 184.
Fitzgerald, 76.
Fraim, 145.
French, 111.
Frisbee, 13.
Fritz, 55.
Fuller, 80.



Gardner, 19.
Grimes, 113.
Guion, 179.

Halley, 173.
Hargrove, 130.
Hayden, 97.
Hearrell, 98.
Henderson, 18.
Higgins, 61.
Hummerson, 29.
Houston, 131.
Howard, 133.

Jennings, 19.
Jeter, 149.
John, 19.
Johnson, 6.
Justice, 108.

Lankton, 13, 26-34, 48-73.
Lawrence, 85, 94-105.
Littell, 19.

Martin, 27, 38-41.
McKinney, 26.
Mills, 33, 67-73.
Morse, 48.

Noble, 45.

Patterson, 62.
Poole, 128.

Raymond, 68, 73.
Reece, 19.
Richards, 58.
Robinson, 19.
Rumple, 144.

Sanders, 93.
Shelton, 93.
Snow, 43.
Spital, 173.
St. Clair, 174.
Stevens, 86.
Summers, 95.

Thayer, 183.
Tyler, 13.

VanDusen, 47.

Waldron, 77.
West, 3.
White, 152.
Wood, 10.
Woodbridge, 174.


6935. JOHN NEWTON of Dorchester, Mass., 1632; freeman, 1633; removed
to Dedham. He had lands in Dorchester set off to him "Next to Koxbury," in
1633, and in 1637 other lands in Dorchester were granted to him. He was kins-
man of Edward Alleyn of Dedham, who, dying suddenly at Boston, where he
was a representative to the General Court, 1642, by nuncupative will gave his
estate to John^ewton and another relative. He married and had a son:

6935a. i. Henry, bapt. — , 1643.

6936. JOHN NEWTON of Colliton, Devonshire, England, Chirurgeon [i. e.
surgeon], in his will, dated April 3, 1646, and proved April 24, 1647, mentions
and provides for "My wife Alice," gives to his "daughter Mary," "my son
Anthony and my daughter Joane, or their children," and if his "daughter Mary
die childless," etc., then to Edward Newton, son of William Newton of Waddon
in the Parish of Southley. "Also I give unto Anthony, my said son, and Joane
my said daughter, which are now in New England, six pounds a piece, to be
paid by Mary my said daughter, within a year after my death. The residue to
my said daughter Mary, whom I make mine executrix." The will was proved
"by the oath of Mary Stocker als Newton, natural and lawful daughter of the

It is supposed the son Anthony, in New England, was the same person as the
one mentioned by Savage, in the following fashion: "Newton, Anthony, Dor-
chester, of Braintree 1640, engaged 1652, in sett, of Lancaster, was freeman 1671."
And by Farmer: "Newton. Anthony, Lancaster 1652, freeman 1671." I have
little news of this immigrant Newton. I record what I suppose to be his descend-
ants — have not tried to gather them, merely to eliminate them from the record
of those of Richard Newton 1 of Sudbury.

6937. ANTHONY NEWTON 1 was an original member of the church at
Milton, Mass., when it was gathered April 24, 1678. He signed the covenant
with eleven others from the church at Dorchester. His wife, "Sister Newton,"
was admitted by letter from Dorchester, Oct. 2, 1681. It is stated by Hon.
Newton Talbot of Boston : "I am a descendant of Anthony Newton of Milton.
He must have been in that town for many years, as he was voted land from the
'new grant' not as an original settler, but as one who had claims as an early
townsman." I have no authority as to his children except the son :

6938. i. John 2 , b. , 16 — ; d. , 1678. Abstract of settlement of his estate :


Vol. 12 : p. 29 23° : May : 1678
Power of AdniinistracoG of . . . the . . . Estate ... of John Newton late of Boston deced.
is granted unto his ffather Anthony Newton. . . .

Vol. 12 : p. 31 14° Septr 1678
Power of Administracofi of . . . the goods ... of John Newton late of Boston glazier
deed is granted unto Sarah his Relict. . . .


The following Newtons appear on the Milton church records. I suppose they
are related to Anthony Newton of that town, but do not know :

6939. EPHRAIM NEWTON, m. Ruth , who was admitted to the

church at Milton, March 10, 1689. Their daughter,

6940. i. Abigail, "dan. of Ephraim of Milton," m. at Dorchester, Dec. 17. 1095, James
Puffer. They had four children, and he died before Nov. 18, 1718, when his
widow was appointed to administer on his estate.

6941. JOHN NEWTON, born about 1688; died at Milton, February 16, 1774,
aged 86 years. It would seem that he had no immediate family, or had outlived
them, when he made his will in 1767. Pompey, his negro man, died at Milton,
August 3, 1780. An abstract of the will of "Mr. John Newton," and guardian-
ship of his negro man, Pompey, follows :

Vol. 76 : p. 46. Suffolk Co. Mass. Probate.

In the Name of God. Amen I John Newton of Milton . . . New England Yeoman,

being advanced in Age but of perfect Mind & Memory, . . . Do make . . . this my last
Will. . . .

I give to my Two Kinsw[om]en Viz. Abigail Lyon & Ruth Downe ... my Dwelling
House & Barn. . . .

I give my Negro Man Pompey his Freedom . . . six acres

I give to Elizabeth Buck Daughter of Isaac Fennath. .. .

I give to the children of Ephraim Hall deceased

I give to the Town of Milton. . .

I give to the Revd M r . Nathaniel Bobbins. ..

I give to my beloved friend Thomas Lyon ....

I give to Mr Bichard Bailey. . .

I give unto Benjamin Parminter Hannah Marsh and Martha Gumming....

I give to the children of Esther Baily deceased. .. .

I . . constitute . . . my loving Friend . . . Richard Baily . . . Executor. . . .

. . . Signed ... in the Presence of us the Subscribers, William Wheeler Justus Soper,

Samuel Soper.

[. .. Second Day of April . .. one thousand Seven Hundred & Sixty Seven.]

. . . the aforewritten Will being presented for Probate by Peter Talbot, William Wheeler

Justus Soper and Samuel Soper made Oath

Boston March 4, 1774.


Vol 78 : p. 603.
Boston 17* h December 1770 John Ruggles of Milton . . . Tanner . . . appointed . . .
Guardian of Pornpey Newton of Milton who is adjudged by the Inquisition of the
Select Men ... to be a Person Non Compos ....

[Bondsmen] Samuel Henshaw William Tucker

6942. THOMAS NEWTON, "the Attorney" at Boston, came there in 1688
from New Hampshire. He was Secretary of that province until 1690; 'was
Controller of the Customs at Boston; Judge of the Admiralty, and Attorney-
General for the Province of Massachusetts Bay. He occupied this last position
during and after the witchcraft prosecutions. "His opinion must have led to
the cure of the infernal delusion, for in January, 1693, he wrote to Sir William
Phipps, the Governor, that of the fifty-two charged at Salem, at that court, the
three convicted should have been acquitted like the rest." [Savage.] He was
born in England, gentleman, "June 10, 1660, being Whitsunday," and died at


Boston, Mass.," on the Lord's day being also Whitsunday," June 18, 1721. He
was one of the original founders of King's Chapel, Boston; was a member of
its vestry 1698 and 1699, and warden in 1704 and afterwards. A mural monu-
ment was erected to his memory, in that church, by his great-grandson, Edward
A. Newton. The library of Thomas Newton, advertised for sale soon after his
death, is said to have been the greatest and best collection of law books which
had ever been offered for sale in the country. The Boston News-Letter, in the
mention of his death, says in part : "He was educated there, [Eng.] and entirely
beloved there and here by all who knew him. One who carried himself hand-
somely to all, and just . . . affable and courteous . . . inoffensive conversa-
tion, of strict devotion toward God. . . . The funeral was attended by His
Excellency the Governor, Gentlemen of His Majesty's Council, with other prin-
cipal gentlemen, merchants, and others." In a descriptive list of seals attached
to the correspondence of David Jeffries, Esq., treasurer of Boston for many years
during that period, that of Thomas Newton, Attorney-General, appears on a
letter dated Boston, January 28, 16S9, to the Hon. John Usher, Esq., with shield

badly broken: "Crest, an arm vambraced and embowed, grasping a ?

[It is hard to say what this was meant for; perhaps a wand, or perhaps a shin
bone.] Newton of Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, bears, two shin bones in saltire.
Crest, an arm vambraced and embowed, grasping a shin-bone."

Mr. Newton married. [It seems to me in England, but may be not.] His
wife, and widow. Christian Newton, mentions in her will, "my part of an Estate
in Old England at my Father's Death belonged to me," and "my Estate at
Plastow in Old England." [There are two towns Plaistow in England, one in
Sussex County and one now a part of larger London. Her mention of and
bequest to "my daughter Thompson," not mentioned in the will of her husband,
would lead one to think she might be her daughter by a previous marriage. I
do not know.] Their children as given in the two wills were:

6943-6946. 1, Hibbert 2 ; 2, Elizabeth 2 ; 3, Christian 2 ; 4, Hannah 2 , and "daughter
Thompson" — which was probably her married name. The daughter
Christian 2 , only, was married at that date, 1728. Abstracts of the wills
of Thomas Newton, Esq., and of his widow, Christian Newton, follow :

Vol. 22 : p. 176
In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Newton of Boston . . . Esq. being weak and
Infirm in Body but of Sound and disposing mind . . . Doe make . . . this my last Will . . .
I . . . bequeath unto my son Hibbert Newton and to my three Daughters Elizabeth Chris-
tian and Hannah Newton Twenty shillings each ... I ... bequeath unto my wellbeloved
wife and dear Companion Christian Newton ... all the . . . remainder of all my real
and Personal Estate . . . and . . . Appoint . . . my . . . Wife . . . sole Executrix. . .
In Witness whereof ... I have . . . Set my hand and Seal the Sixth day of March . . .
one Thousand Seven hundred and Twenty ... in the presence of Samuel Lynde Jos :
Marion Samuel Prigg

The will of Thomas Newton . . . approved and allowed . . . Dated at Boston the fifth day
of June Anno Domini 1721.

Vol. 2S : p. 396
In the Name of God amen I Christian Newton of Boston . . . widow and Sole Executrix
of Thomas Newton of Boston . . . Esq* deceased ... Do make . . . this my Last will . . .
first ... I commit my Soul into the hands of almighty God . . . and my Body to be
. . . buried According to the order of the Church I have always lived in and now Dye
a member of ... to my son Hibbert Newton unto whom I paid the Eegaeie his Father
left him, in Consideration he has had my part of an Estate in Old England at my
Fathers Death belonged to me, I give and bequeath a fourth part of the House and
Land at the South end, ... to be Equally divided between him and his three Sisters
Elizabeth Christian & Hafiah ... I give ... to my Daughter Elizabeth ... I give to my
Daughter Chistian Wainwright ... I give ... to my Daughter Hannah ... I give to my


Daughter Thompson . . . She will at my Death have all my Estate at Plastow in Old
England ... I give to my Grandson Thomas Newton my Weding Ring and the two Books
of Docter Hammons' his ant Elizabeth to keep them for him till he be Sixteen ... I make
. . . my Daughter Elizabeth Newton . . . the . . . Executrix to this my Last Will ... In
Witness ... I have ... Set my hand & Seal the 19* h day of March . . . 1727/8.


Tim° Clarke

Row d . Houghton

Henry Howell

Benjamin Deming
presented for Probate . . .

proved . . . Boston . . . ffebruary 10 th 1730.

6943. HIBBERT NEWTON 2 (s. of Thomas 1 "the Attorney"), born probably
sometime during the decade prior to 1700. It is stated of him, there being little
traffic with Nova Scotia in winter, "That season was always spent by Hibbert
Newton in Boston, his native place." He was appointed Collector of Customs in
Nova Scotia in 1711, and held his office at Annapolis, on the Bay of Fundy, where
he died in 1751, having made his will the year before. He married Hannah
Adams, daughter of John Adams of Boston, where she was baptized, September
17. 1699, and was living in 1750, when she was made executrix of her husband's
will. Her father, John Adams (s. of John and Avis), was at one time lieutenant-
governor of Nova Scotia, but subsequently (1740) returned to Boston, where he
died. He was a brother of the celebrated Matthew Adams, the friend and patron
of Dr. Benjamin Franklin. The children of Hibbert 2 and Hannah Newton are
mentioned in the will of their father, an abstract of which follows :


Vol. 46: p. 237
In the Name of God Amen, I Hibbert Newton Collector of his Majesty's Customs at
Nova Scotia in America . . . make this . . . my last will ... I bequeath unto my . . .
Wife Hannah Newton, . . unto Each of my six Sons and three Daughters Thomas,
Phillips Hibbert, William, John, and Henry, Christian, Hannah & Mary . . . my dear
. . . Wife Hannah Newton to be ... Executrix ... In witness ... I have . . . set my
Hand and Seal . . . the fourth Day of May . . . One Thousand seven hundred & fifty, at
Boston . . .
in the presence of

Tho". Aston Probated . . . fifth . . . June . . . 1752

Gregory Townsend

The children of Hibbert and Hannah Newton I give in the order mentioned
in the will, which is probably not the order of their births; it being customary
in wills to name all sons first.

6947. ti. Thomas 3 , b. ; see below (?)

6948. ii. Phillips 3 , b. ; commissioned July 29, 1751, first lieutenant in Reg.

40; commissioned again April 8, 1702, captain lieutenant in Reg. 48.

6949. iii. Hibbert 3 , b. ; commissioned Oct. 15, 1754, first lieutenant in Reg. 40.

These are on a list of British officers serving in America 1754-1774.

6950. iv. William 3 , b. - — .

6951. v. John 3 , b.

6952. tvi. Henry 3 , b. , 1732.

6953. vii. Christian 3 , b. .

6954. viii. Hannah 3 , b. .

6955. ix. Mary 3 , b. .

6952. HENRY NEWTON 3 (Hibbert 2 ), born in 1732, at Boston; died in
1802, at Halifax, N. S. He succeeded his father in 1751 as Collector of Cus-
toms in Nova Scotia and resided there until his decease. "Thus the father and
son held possession of the same office, successively, for 90 year."



He married Ann Stuart, daughter of Gilbert Stuart [a Scotchman, who came
to this country in 1746, settled first at Narragansett, afterwards at Newport,
R. I., where he married. About 1783 or so they moved to Nova Scotia. He was
also the father of the celebrated painter, Gilbert Stuart]. After the death of
her husband in 1802, Mrs. Newton came, in 1803, to Massachusetts and opened
a school for young ladies at Medford, and afterwards in Boston. She died in
1822. The one child I know of is :

6956. i. Edward Augustus 4 , b. May 1, 1785, at Halifax, N. S. ; d. at Pittsfield, Mass.,
Aug. IS, 1862, aged 77. He m. 1815, Sarah Tileston Williams, daughter
of John Chandler Williams of Pittsfield. She d. 1836, at Rouen, France.
He m. (2) at Newburyport, Mass., 1837, Susanna Cleveland Tyng, daughter
of Dudley A. and Sarah Tyng. Mr. Newton came to Boston late in 1803
and engaged with the mercantile house of Stephen Higginson & Company,
on Fosters wharf. In 1805 he was sent on business for them to India. He
continued exclusively in the India trade till 1826, when, having acquired a
competency, he retired from business and resided permanently in Pittsfield.
He was a member of the governor's council in Massachusetts with Govern-
ors Davis and Briggs ; for a long time president of the Agricultural Bank
at Pittsfield ; a member of the Episcopal Church, and of the N. E. Hist.
Gen. Society. Of his children, I know only of his daughter, b. at Pittsfield :

(>957. 1. Elisabeth Stuart*, b. Sept. 9, 1838 ; d. June 24, 1891, at sea while making

her second trip to Europe. Never married.

The following Pittsfield Newtons I place here, not knowing whether they
belong to this family or not, namely :

6958. EDWARD E. NEWTON, born in 1828; "a man of independent spirit";
a trustee of Williams College.

6959. MISS LTJCRETIA NEWTON, who gave an organ to the church before

6960. GILBERT STUART NEWTON [see No. 6952], "nephew of Gilbert
Stuart, the painter," died September 3, 1835; married August 22, 1832, Sally
W. Swan, daughter of William Sullivan and Sally (Webb) Swan. She was
born November 10, 1810. She bore him one child. She married (2) June 25,
1840, William F. Oakey of New York and had eleven children. The child of
Gilbert S. was :

6961. i. Anne Stuart, b. 1833 ; d. 1863.

In an article giving some of the descendants of Percival and Ellen Green of
Cambridge, 1636, is the statement that Benjamin Green, born 1713, married 1737,
Margaret Pierce. He was in mercantile business with Asia until the expedi-
tion against Cape Breton. He acted as secretary, with military rank, to Sir
William Pepperell. He remained at Louisburg after its capture, filling several
offices until 1749, when he removed to Halifax, N. S., where he continued in the
public service, and died in 1772. His widow died in 1779. His daughter Mar-
garetta, married John Newton (6962). She died 1763, without children. "Char-
lotte [sister of Margaretta], married Henry Newton (6963), collector of customs
for Nova Scotia. She died in 1782, and left a large family." [Was this a first
marriage of Henry Newton 3 (Hibbert 2 ), and was the John Newton his brother?]


6947. THOMAS NEWTON 3 (Hibbert 2 ). I have nothing whatever that I
surely know relates to him. The following administration of the estate of
Thomas Newton (see No. 6969), late of Billerica — the date and the account —
"for stockings, Butter, etc., sent to Cape Breton for the Dec'd," particularly,
lead me to think this might be the son of Hibbert 2 , collector of customs at that
period, 1711-1751.

6964. THOMAS. NEWTON 3 (grandson of Thomas 1 the Attorney), to whom
his grandmother bequeaths her "wedding ring, and the two books of Doctor
Hammond," would need to have been born by 1712, or before, if he were not
sixteen years old in 1728. In 1746 he would have been about 34 years more
or less. Perhaps he was the Thomas Newton of Billerica, below (No. 6969).

6945. CHRISTIAN NEWTON 2 (dau. of Thomas 1 the Attorney) is given
a bequest in both her father's and in her mother's will. She married, then of
Boston, February 11, 1723, John Wainwright, son of John and Elizabeth Wain-
wright. He was born June 19, 1691, and died September 1, 1739, aged 48. He
was graduated from Harvard College in 1709 or 1711. Merchant. He was long
examining clerk and held other offices of trust in the town of Ipswich, Mass.,
where they resided. He was a member of the Artillery Company, 1714; colonel
of regiment; Representative, 1720-1730; Justice of General Sessions of Court,
1723. A man of worth. He was survived by his wife and two children. The
names of the children were:

6965. i. John Wainwright.

6966. ii. Fkancis Wainwright.

6967. 1. JOHN NEWTON of Boston, by wife Mehitable, had a son,
6967a. i. Samuel, b. Jan. 23, 1678. [Savage.]

6968. 1. GEORGE NEWTON of Ipswich, Mass., about 1676, 1677.

6969. THOMAS NEWTON of Billerica. [See No. 6947 and No. 6964.]

#15.901 O. S.


Thom s : Newtons Know all men by these presents, that We. William Manning. Jr.

Administrate Bond of Billerica. Yeoman. Isaac Manning Labourer and Nath 1

Fees 1' : Reg r . Pattern Yeoman, of Cambridge. Etc. are firmly bound unto

Lett 1 ' Delivd : Samuel Danforth Esqr. Judge of Probate. Etc. in the full
Ent d Lib. 24 page 143 Sum of Five hundred Pounds.

Billerica £16 dated nineth day June. 174<>.

Bond £500. annoque Regni Regis Georgii Secundi Deisno Nono.

June 9, 1746.

William Manning this day admitted Administrat r of the Estate
of Thomas Newton Late of Said Billerica. Deceased.
(Usual twenty-eight lines of printed conditions.)


Sealed and Delivered

in presence of us.

Will™ Manning fan* [L.


Daniel Barrett

Isaac Manning [L.


And r . Boardman Jur

Nathi Patten [L.




Tho s Newton's Inventory

6/ pd Ent'i Lib 44 p. 394.

Nov. 3, 1746.

An Inuentory of the : Estate of Thomas Newton Late of
Billerica. Decos'i as the Same was apprized by us, the Sub-
scribers July 1. 1740. In Bille of the old Tenor >,

To money Seventy pounds Ten Shillings 8 d 70—10= 8

To two Guns at 12=10=00

To a pair of Boots & an old pa 1 of sho c 02 — 15 — 00

To two Sheep 02—10—00

To about 4 pounds of Sheep s wool att 01 — 10 — 00

To two old Sillies & Tackling & a Sickle 02—08 . 00

To a Steel Trap 01—15—00

94— 4— 8

Enoch Heddor jur

Willm Stickney [ Apprizers.

Jer Abbot

Middlesex ss. October 27, 1746

The above named ("apt. Enoch Heddor Mr William
Stickney and M> Jeremiah Abbott personally appearing
By the oath to the truth of the above Inventory.

Sworn. Before Me Benj Tompson : Justice of ye Peace

Middlesex ss Novr 3 1746 William Manning Juff the
administ 1 ' — exhibited the within written Inventory on oath —

S. Danforth Jr Trob.


Thomas Newton's administ rs Acct —

Fees all paid

Entd Lib 44 p. 395.

Nov 7. 1748

An acct of W m Manning Jun r . administr — of the Estate of Thos Newton

late of P.ellerica in the County of Middlesex Deced Intestate

The Said accountant chargeth himself with the Inventory of Said Deced's

Estate exhibited into the Probate office for Said County Novr 3 174(3

amounting to £94.4.8.

and the Said Accountant craves allowance in his Discharge as follows — Viz.

Paid to Nicholas Sprake 14/11 To Benj n Chamberlin's admin* 40/. f 2 — 14 .

Fees paid when admistra" was taken 1 — 00 —

Swearing the apprizers — • 6 —

To the apprizers and for attendance on thorn 1 — 18 —

For stockings Butter &c. sent to Cape Bilton for the Dec'd .... 2 — 1 —

For mourning apparel provided for a friend of. the Dece'd 20 — —

For Sundry Journeys to Cambridge Boston &c &c. for Trouble in

adminis — ■ 8 — —

Framing this acct Examining the same allowing it 1 — 4 —

Rigistring & Copy 0—12—0

Recording the Inventory, Administrig the oath to y e adminisf &c — ■ 6 —

Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 122 of 131)